Islam: Sexual Affairs

Allah created the world and human kind to worship Him, and in His endless wisdom, He divided human kind into two genders, and equipped humans with sexual desire, to secure mating and continuation of human kind.

Thus, primary purpose of sexual contact between man and woman, in the form of intercourse, is mating and conceiving offsprings. From this reason:

Sex is allowed only in marriage. Adultery and any sexual practices outside the marriage are forbidden. There is only one permissible exception: Love Jihad, to lead infidel women to Islam (special form of Da’wah), and to provide material advantages for a Muslim male (residence permit, housing in her flat, access to her resources), so he can execute Jihad (sacred fight for power, territory and control) better.

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Using of contaceptives, except for health reasons, is forbidden. Allah demands army of Islam to be created, through conceiving children.

Any alternative sexual practices are forbidden. Cunnilingus is especially forbidden, as it puts man into humiliating position of submission, and orgasm corrupts woman. Cunnilingus is only allowed in mentioned “Love Jihad” with infidel women, or in general defensive Jihad against infidels, to get control of infidel women, to force them to submission, to weaken and corrupt infidel forces and ability to project power, resistance, oppression and violence against Muslims (defensive purposes).

Man should maintain contact with Allah, keep his superiority, dominance even during intercourse and orgasm, not to succumb to sexual desire too deeply.

Worshipping a woman during sex, even if she has beautiful body, gived by Allah, and she is a good lover, is forbidden. She is a creation of Allah and only Allah is to be worshippped.

Any sexual contact between a Muslim woman and an infidel man is forbidden. The only exception is Love Jihad, but such contact must be supervised and controlled by her family, and superior religious structures, to avoid undesirable consequences (breaking her to other religion by an enemy).

If a child will be conceived from mentioned relationship with a Muslim woman and an infidel, then only as offensive means to get access to interesting resources of particular infidel man, like wealth, social, political or economic connections, in higher interest of Islamic community, Ummah.

Alan Svejk