Islamic Series by Alan Svejk: Discover World of Islam

Today, Islam is everywhere: it’s so simple religion, if you are a believer, but so complex matter and even nightmare, if you are an infidel fool, who makes the things difficult for himself, or herself, not seeing, that desired peace and freedom is so close, granted by Allah to all believers, who are liberated once and forever, from all doubts, thoughts, fear, endless analyses, just losing time, losing life, losing faith and opportunities.

In the special series, you can see the immense beauty, wide advantages, endless rewards and impressive simplicity of Islam from many different angles, inspiring you to submit to the will of Allah, gaining peace, freedom, truth, protection, morality, purity and destiny, and you will never want to go back, because Allah is the Creator of all, including you, and He made you with intention, and love. Indeed, in life, you need only Allah, the Provider of All, and nothing, no one else.

Keep close to Allah, and you will never be lost in the world, never defeated by all the vultures, wolves, rats, circumstances, losses and fear.

Path of Islam: Towards Peace, Freedom and Destiny
“Life is really easy and pleasant, if you are a believer.”

Faces of Islam: Those Who Found the Truth
“Wherever you turn, there is a reason to praise Allah.”

Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom and Destiny
“Woman is a fascinating creature of Allah. But worship only Him.”

The Turkish Files: Empire Between East and West

Voice of Lebanon: Tales of a Distant Land
Voice of Lebanon - Yara Shiraz Carole Samaha Ramy Ayach - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Rise of Czech Islam: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

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