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The religion of Islam raises much of interest today. European citizens are eager to know more, as they feel, that Islam and Allah are the key factors of their future, their success, acquiring freedom, peace, morality and happiness, finding purpose for their lives, and becoming the persons they always wanted to be: balanced, concentrated, powerful.

Tales From A Mosque V - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsMore and more of them discover daily, that Islam is exactly what they wanted, needed and desired to liberate themselves from fear, insecurity, and doubts, generated by ruthless postmodern society, full of consuming, decadence, lies and corruption, where is no place for salvation, hope, safety and sustainable future. What can an individual gain by submitting to Allah Almighty, praised with 99 names? What is so tempting about Islam, what ultimate advantages it brings? These questions are answered extensively in Tales from a Mosque series, describing various events in an Austrian mosque, where both Muslims and non-believers meet, trying to find peace and happiness, and Imam Faraj, together with his female aide Fatima, devoted servants of Allah, they enter various wordly affairs.

One of the most crucial events in the modern history of Islam was definitely the conversion of a Czech top fashion model, Marketa Korinkova, who started new life in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, being called as “The Islamic Princess” or even “The Mother of All Czech Muslims”, and her high reputation, her shining example and inspiration for men and women grows worldwide, as it was the will of Allah, that she uses all her gifts, talents and skills for so called Da’wah, Islamic activity, to inform the world, that there is a way to freedom, peace, happiness, morality, truth and destiny: by submitting to the will of Almighty Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful. The circumstances of her conversion, her fascinating life tale until today, is described in The Maryam Affair series.

Faces of Islam V - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsIslam has grown in many different environments and regions, as Faces of Islam confirm, providing good advices, how to survive and prevail in various life situations, if you can rely on Allah, the only reliable and trustworthy guide everywhere, who never leaves you, unlike weak scared selfish humans, and He is always willing to lead you on the Straight Path. To win in life is no coincidence, or luck: and Islam teaches its believers, how to be the best persons they can be, to do good deeds to worship Allah, to take care of their vicinity, and to make the world as whole more sustainable. In Islam, you are a member of 2 billion comunity, and you can always feel as a part of community, never left alone.

Women of Islam V4 - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsSeveral key female persons of Islam are described in Women of Islam series, presenting their important missions in various branches of life, and confirming, that women in Islam are highly respected and appreciated, as they have high honor and live morally, they enjoy freedom, and they can change the world for better, using their special skills and unique talents, plus their sensitive nature, caring for others. In Islam, every person has his or her purpose and mission, and no one is higher than others, no one is oppressed or left alone in the corner. Islam is the religion of unity and equality between all brothers and sisters, who submitted their wills to Allah, regardless of nationality, education or wealth.

Path of Islam V - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsFor any man or woman, in any stage of life, there is always an option, how to win in life: simply to return to Allah, who created all mankind, so this step is like going home, completely natural and desirable, without any reason to ever turn back. Path of Islam is straight, simple, and highly satisfying in thousand of senses: it makes an adventure of life, and allows discovering more and more treasures and rewards every single day, if one believes in Allah, puts Him at the first place always, loves Him, and worships Him. To be a Muslim, it’s a blessing: but even non-believers, just by doing good deeds, are worshipping Almighty Allah, and sooner or later, they will discover the light in darkness, accepting Allah’s loving embrace.

99 Names of Allah V - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs S

The best way, how to remember all fascintaing features of Almighty Allah, the only one entity to be worshipped and feared, is to read, study and memorize 99 Beautiful Names of Allah. Only reading this list makes an immediate impression on both believers and non-believers: and every reading provides new layer of understanding, how ultimately powerful Allah is, and most importantly, what endless benefits only He can provide for the mankind He created. Indeed, these names clearly confirm, that there is no one like Him, and any man or woman should bow only in front of Him, if life should become, what it was intented for: to live for Allah, to do good deeds, to follow your destiny without any doubts or struggle, so you can gain inner peace, freedom and change the world.

In these days, the Czech citizens are scared of so called Islamization, brought by mass influx of refugees into the Western Europe, whereas the collapsing West secretly hopes, that so called V4 countries will remain an island of decadence, corruption, emptiness, social engineering projects and atheism: but like always, the fools are wrong, as Islam grows inevitably everywhere, East and West, all lands belong to Allah, and in His endless generosity, Compassion and Mercy, He offers non-believers to find the Straight Path, to follow sacred and beneficial Islamic values also in political affairs. O Czech Republic: you are also a land of Allah, so bow in front of Him, go back to Islam, accept His wise guidance and leadership to sustainable future, when the destiny of Czechs will be fulfilled, and the Islamic Czech flag will wave proudly for centuries to come, never surrendering to adversaries again… Rise of Czech Islam

the-turkish-files-v2-islam-muslim-allah-istanbul-ankara-turkish-constantinople-conquest-ottoman-empire-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe Republic of Turkey, a 80-million Islamic country, divided between Europe and Asia, influences the future of the world heavily, as Turkey is located just between the Western world and the unstable Middle East. Details of the fascinating Turkish society, culture and challenges can be found in The Turkish Files.

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsWho would guess, that inside the 70% atheist Czech Republic, there can be an Islamic enclave found, an island of worshipping Allah? The small spa town Teplice, near the German border, is called “Small Kuwait”, and that is no coincidence, or slander: Islam is on the massive rise here, and construction of the first mosque here is inevitable, as Muslims are coming here in thousands. See Teplice: The Islamic Czech City, where CCM Wahhabis spread the tentacles of Allah’s glory.

Al-Andalus: Islamic Spain Belongs To Allah
Granada, Alhambra and Maria Kukucova Must Be Liberated”
Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus (IFLA)
Islamic Republic Of Granada (IRG)

But Islam is more than a mere religion. It’s also matter of culture, lifestyle, also dominance, control, power, influence and wide interests of many worldwide countries.

Islamic State March Against Europe - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsThe terrorists from so called Islamic State, who are blamed for misusing and the religion, became the symbol of next generation terrorism, unprecedented in history of insurgency and guerilla warfare. Using various means, like ruthless violence, mastered propaganda, classified knowledge, stolen advanced U.S. military technology and complex social pressure in civilian environment, their intimidating black flag is slowly infestating the world, and even perfectly equipped and trained Western security and military forces are hardly able to contain this ultimate threat. The primary goal of Islamic State is clear: Europe, while this series reveals their strategy, combat tactics and their secret malicious plans.

But where the truth lies? It can’t be excluded, that so called terrorists were created or influenced as pawns of superpowers and multinational companies, particularly in the defence industry, who simply use them for their interests. Read more about this option: Under The Black Flag.

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