Islamic Bondgirl Alison Doody: Called To Jihad

The James Bond movies are indeed a lasting phenomenon of the Western decadent culture and corrupted mass entertainment, to keep the sheep distracted by “bread and games”: since 1962, the franchise is still running, and 25 movies was produced already, whereas women, called Bondgirls, are the basic part of this glamorous, shiny, but questionable world of secret agents with licence to kill, clandestine Intelligence operations, and shiny lifestyle of good dresses, travelling the world, eliminating inconvenient people for the higher interest nonchalantly, evil terrorists, conspirators, traitors, enemies of democracy and state, while enjoying the best drinks, driving the best cars, simply becoming the social leader, so the multinational companies, sponsoring the franchise covertly, can get closer to the hearts and minds of their buyers and spread their message of mindless consumerism effectively.

Every James Bond movie has at least one of such Bondgirls, usually infidel bitches, obsessed with their independence, originally fashion models mostly, but usually, there is more of them (up to ten, in Moonraker). Without any doubt, to have a role in a Bond movie can be a breaking point in the professional artistic career for any such woman, and the Bondgirl status is highly desirable for any hungry fashion model, as it can bring her everlasting fame and tabloid media attention.

But the fame passes one day, and they often disappear, together with their beauty, as they are aging, only their former shining presence remains on the movie reels, preserved forever. But a woman can’t live only from her nice memories, and the life simply goes on… and in present world, where many people are converting to Islam inevitably, from various reasons, even several Bondgirls became the devoted Muslim women.

At least these Islamic names are publicly known: Alison Doody (View to a Kill, 1985), Famke Janssen (GoldenEye, 1995), Anne Lonnberg (Moonraker, 1979), and Sophie Marceau (The World Is Not Enough, 1999).

Islam is the only complete and perfected religion, fulfilling dreams and satisfying deepest desires of everybody. No wonder, that people from all levels of society are discovering it, and accepting it, submitting to the will of Allah: from VIPs to beggars, and they all become your brothers and sisters, bowing and prostrating to Allah beside you in a mosque, with shared values, as all Muslims, regardless if rich or poor, famous or unknown, bow only in front of Allah, and they all enjoy the rewards, favors and blessings of Allah, the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, while He provides them everything they need.

In case of Alison Doody, this woman was born literally with a golden spoon in her mouth. Coming from an extremely wealthy and influential aristocratic Irish family, she was granted many unique gifts of Allah, including physical ones, like seductive beauty, 175 cm of height, shining blonde hair, and her professional future of a fashion supermodel was more than certain: indeed, she had no reason to struggle for low-grade fashion jobs, like thousands of others, and there was no other option for her, than full-size international success, because she could stay positive and relaxed, backed well in material sense.

And she made the deepest impression indeed. She looks like a real VIP from the first sight, an elite of the society, a leader, which is admired and followed by many, who has firm values, so she avoids all the bad decisions and common mistakes of fashion models, who often succumb to the fake glamour of endless VIP parties, sniffing cocaine and becoming drug addicts, sleeping with questionable men, who can lead them astray, although these liars promised them good business contracts and paradise originally, in order to get between their thighs.

It was the ultimate protection of Allah, what kept Alison Doody from all these worldly destructive temptations. She simply made it through her young life, when her beauty was absolute, and you could hardly find a woman, who is more pretty, who better reminds an expensive race horse, like her, that distant world of Monaco, aristocracy and royalty, where the people are living in the other reality: living in the chateaus, drinking the most expensive wines, abel to buy anything, cruising the Mediterranean on luxurious yachts with 1 million USD pricetags, and playing the charity game, using the tabloid media, to “build their personal brand”, to be liked by the plebs public.

alison-doody-islamic-bondgirl-james-bond-007-actress-equestrian-elite-aristocrat-irish-islam-muslim-allah-convert-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnd her key role of an evil Bondgirl, in “View To a Kill” (1985), simply suited Alison Doody, her overall background and aristocratic mindset. She played herself in all senses: as an experienced equestrian and fashion model, the horse riding dress fitted her just perfectly, that tight white trousers and dark jacket, she had respect indeed, and she was introduced to a Sheikh from Middle East there, like if her future should be predicted in certain sense (but Islam denies such witchcraft, predictions and mysterious coincidences: all worldly affairs are only in the hands of Allah, and no other influences are admitted).

From artistic angle of view, the concept of Alison Doody’s role of Jenny Flex in the movie was rather questionable, as her motives to support the Bond’s archenemy Zorin were not explained, and she was not his mistress, just a follower, a ruthless henchwoman with kind face, who risked too much for her boss, even if she could much more safe opportunities in the world.

In the end, she was even sacrificed, and it’s hard to believe, that she would be so devoted to him, a young shining woman, just like that: but this is, how ruthless, corrupted capitalist Western society always works, pawns will be sacrificed without mercy or regret, as they are fully disposable and replaceable.

The top artistic hour of Alison Doody came four years later, when she played the main female role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), playing a covert SS operative, and she showed more artistic expressions, even speaking much more lines. Indeed, she looked great, a 23-years old woman on the top of her feminity and beauty, using her fashion modeling experience just perfectly, to create a sinister, deadly, but sexy enemy: indeed a perfect inspiration for later FEMWAR (Female Warfare) Special Forces units, executing so called honey traps, seducing men and women in the higher interest.

phe-xx-the-operative-ultimate-parfum-of-your-feminity-taste-the-vip-illuminati-conspiracy-seduce-serve-homeland-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut you are young and beautiful only once, and women have indeed a limited date of expiry, in terms of physical beauty and fertility, producing their powerful female pheromones, although The Wu Corporation from China is rumored to present a new, very special anti-aging product portfolio for modern women, based on their ultimate scientific invention, an artificially manufactured female pheromone, produced previously as PHE-X (military version, for clandestine seducing operations), PHE-XX (civilian, deliberately limited effectivity) and PHE-AA (Anti-Aging elixir, exact details still not released).

In spite of these ruthless rules of nature, it’s hard to believe, that Alison Doody is still in her 40s in practical sense, and one would say, that it’s not so high age… she was born on 11 November 1966, so there is still one month remaining before her 50th birthday, which means a big breaking point for any human life.

That’s a good news, because every day, when you can feel good and young, counts… moreover, she prevented aging by several medical interventions on her face, like her acting competitors, who simply need to stay young forever, to get roles, to be accepted by strict audience, who can hardly forgive too visible aging, who demands everlasting youth.

Still, these were only temporary measures to prevent the inevitable aging process, so Alison Doody was searching for something more substantial in advance, and accepting a faith was one promising option, because if you are submitted to God, you have no time to feel pity, because of aging or losses, as every event and situation in life is created from His will, including your birth and eventually, death in worldly sense, to face your Creator, and to be judged, according to your previous worldly deeds.

Indeed, Islam helped her to cope with aging just perfectly, and now, she is ready to accept her fate, to let go her youth once and forever, when her fateful 50th birthday will come.

Unlike many others, who failed, she had many dreams fulfilled indeed, but a human, and mostly a woman, is never completely contented, and she wants always more, she wants all the girlish dreams to continue forever, if possible, so she is willing to believe all fraudsters, who promise her such ultimate achievement.

But with Allah, you simply accept everything, what happens, without judging, whether it’s good, or bad, like miserable infidels. Allah allows you to let go lightly, as he is the One, who provides you everything: your life, your talents, everything you have, including achievements and physical possessions, food, water and love. So, what sense it would make, to complain, if you are fully submitted to His will, as His slave and servant?

Indeed, Alison Doody is a woman, who always makes good decisions, inspiring others, as an undisputable social leader. You should believe her and follow her example, to taste Islam, and then, you won’t be willing to go back, liberated from all the oppression and fear, eventually getting everything you always wanted, including freedom.

When Alison Doody was approached by Woman’s Destiny, an Islamic fashion brand, backed by powerful Saudis, she agreed to become their media face without any hesitation, showing other women, that with Allah, the whole life, not only youth, can be beautiful and adventurous, if you are willing to accept anything that comes, not trying to fight it. And Islam always provides simple and effective advices, how to cope with anything, and doubts are not present in mind of any devoted Islamic believer.

This particular fashion brand serves to promote worldwide interests of Saudi Arabia, executing so called “Superior Woman” programme, to promote orthodox version of Islam, called wahhabism. And when Alison Doody was offered to become the key managing asset of this plan, it was the task, given directly from Allah, and saying “no” was out of question, as any Muslim is obliged to obey the jihad challenge. And this Islamic fight has many faces: not only feared Islamic terrorism, but also Da’wah, Islamic missionary activity, a sacred duty of any Muslim, and fight against your own weaknesses, doubts, and vices.

Today, Alison Doody has an important mission, as any Muslim: another immense advantage of Islam, because you always know, that you have purpose, as Allah created you in His endless wisdom with very particular intention, so you don’t have to wander in the world, “searching” for your place and destiny.

Her example also serves to prove clearly, what is the real position of females in the Islamic society: that they have respect, they serve to Islam well, they are so important to bring upcoming generations of Soldiers of Allah, and they can achieve tasks, which men can’t, using Taqiya as their ultimate weapon.

And today, Alison Doody, an aristocrat, an actress, a successful woman, is a general of such unstoppable Army. So, how could she feel obsolete, outdated and expired? Her real mission in life has just began: to bring thousands to Islam, to change the world, like Marketa Maryam Korinkova, allegedly also a participant of Superior Woman programme, who made her big moves in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Alexandra Pianka, who later became an Islamic ambassador in China.

Now, with Allah, Alison Doody’s tale and life is complete: what is transient wordly fame against worshipping Allah, doing good deeds to please Him?

She simply made a good choice. And now, it’s up to you, to find your destiny… with the ultimate guidance of Almighty Allah, the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

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