Islamic Bondgirl Anne Lonnberg: Nordic Islam

When you lose your youth and beauty, opportunities and juice, strength and might, and others steal the ability to touch the pulse of present time from you, while you are confined in your nice sweet memories about who you once were, before you became old and used up, there are only two options remaining: either to watch for slowly incoming death, observing all the dramatic changes of the world with fear and terror, unable to understand them and cope with them, or to accept Islam, and to become immune against the decadent, corrupted infidel Western world, who likes to create obsession, desires and eternal doubts in people, to hold them on short leash, to distract them with eternal thoughts, overthinking and analyzing, bombarding them with permanent and merciless propaganda, called advertisement, reminding you all the time, how fragile you allegedly are, and there are threats everywhere: diseases, problems, economic crises, dangerous sects, thieves, military conspirators, treacherous politicians, drunk drivers, North Koreaterrorism, effectively making a slave from you.

And the world is changing, indeed: while the youngsters are embracing all changes, welcoming them, trying all new things, you are too rigid, you would like to have everything the same, like before, as changes are bothering you. And sooner or later, you will watch people with fear, and hatred, envying them everything, what you have lost.

In case of women, who were the most beautiful and shining only once, for quite a short period of time, before merciless competition steals good men from them, this change is the most painful. And if you are an actress, a publicly known person, so your younger, former and past appearance is preserved everywhere in the media, and people are really disappointed to see you in person today, then the “free infidel world” will become a prison for you.

Impressive figure of Anne Lonnberg, dressed in Moonraker uniform

Cute Anne Lonnberg, Moonraker

Indeed, a Swedish-American actress and musician Anne Lonnberg (*1948) suffered such a fate. She consumed her youth and beauty in the 60s and 70s, when she also lived in France, meeting with Lenka Filipova, starting her artistic career as a romantic female musician too, and she shined indeed: her person was made immortal by having a very substantial role in a James Bond movie, called Moonraker (1979), which was about dreams of exploring and conquering space by human kind, about obsession with new alleged opportunities of growth, which seemed limitless, and even sky and other planets seemed to be no limit. Moreover, after immense success of Star Wars (1977), the James Bond franchise needed to react properly for audience’s actual desires for space exploration and conquest, because fools like to dream about other planets, when confined to the ground, not able to fly, scared of making bold moves, rather accepting convenient, common life, never becoming a star themselves.

In the movie, Anne Lonnberg, while on absolute top of her beauty in life, played a shining and ruthless member of a dangerous criminal organization with immense power and bold plans, which decided to eradicate the whole mankind, using extremely strong poison from a plant, only preserving the highest quality individuals, safely hidden in a space station, where the new epoch of human race will begin, and all losers will be removed from human genes.


Watching James Bond, who is about to die, with amused smile

Without any doubt, Anne Lonnberg was perfectly qualified for this demanding task, as she impersonated the best example of a North European, Nordic beauty: a blonde with blue eyes, tall and slim, like a proper fashion model, walking like a queen, decent all the time, her face showing balance and decisiveness, but willing to submit to you, if you are strong enough, wiling to cook for you and to love your children, if you perceive her to love you and to believe in shared future. Indeed a dream of any man, and even after 40 years, no recent male viewer can be immune, seeing her on the big silver screen in FullHD definition.


Her cover job: a beautiful museum guide, and tourists like her

At first, she seems as a cute and innocent museum guide, explaining the history of Venezian glass industry to unsuspecting tourists, only to become shockingly ruthless later, when she watches poor James Bond, fighting with giant anaconda, and she has so nice, amused but decent smile, absolutely not willing to help the poor Intelligence operative with high reputation, and she is not pleased, when he defeats the snake, using forbidden poisonous equipment. Such unsporty behavior!

Kissing her ultra-male, to create new breed of human race

Kissing her ultra-male, to create new breed of master human race. The fool is really lucky.

And the cameraman paid very high attention to Anne Lonnberg in detail, so she became a symbol of the whole movie, and former Swedish Nordic superiority, because such elite women were born only there, before the Swedish politicians decided to change Sweden into fully multicultural and multiracial society in the 1970s, importing masses of immigrants from all the world, changing the country once and forever in this questionable social engineering experiment, with Islam on massive rise as result: and one day, Anne will taste this change herself, in full.


Pledging allegiance to Hugo Drax, and his evil plan

The Nordic white Europeans were once elite warriors, Vikings, and the world feared them, and their ruthless conquest of all continents. But in the 1960s, something happened, when vast supplies of oil and other raw resources were found in the region, so the Northern Europe became extremely rich, and with this wealth always comes corruption and strange ideas, how to allegedly improve the society: here, it was massive women empowerment, and males got into serious decline there, with massive rise of female influence, with unforeseen consequences, and Islam became the only chance of Northern men, to rediscover their strength again and redeem themselves.

Anyway, Anne Lonnberg appeared in a movie last time in Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988), 40 years old, and then disappeared from the movie industry forever, as she was not willing to mutilate her body by endless medical interventions of plastic surgeons, to stay competitive as a female actor, like other Bondgirl Alison Doody did.

The world continued without her, and she had to go on as well, reconciling with her aging, as any woman, with hope of living her American dream further.

But the United States, once a leading superpower, changed through time, crumbling and collapsing after their futile crusade against Islam, called War On Terror, which could be never won, exhausting America, and destroying its society slowly, which never recovered from the economic crisis of 2008, effectively marking the final fall of giant, with concurrent massive rise of China in the world, taking geopolitical positions from the weakened Americans, and literally buying the vast national debt of USA.

Around 2010, more than 60 years old Anne Lonnberg started to think about relocating to Sweden, as she was half-Swedish ancestry, to escape from the bad mood in the States, where she could see her future no more. So, she visited Sweden, particularly Malmö, where she wanted to resettle, because of beautiful architecture and overall quality of living.

Soon, to her deepest shock, she found about the disturbing situation there, that there are quarters with over 80% of inhabitants of immigrant descent, particularly Rosengård, suffering with massive white flight (=white people leaving the excluded neigborhoods)where even police and firefighters are not willing to enter, as it’s alleged no-go zone, where non-Muslims are not allowed, and attacked with stones by gangs of immigrant youth, as the “integration” into the Swedish society failed, and these young people have no jobs and opportunities, spending their time in the streets, promoting the only firm point of their lives: Islam.

The U.S. citizen Anne Lonnberg decided to stay in Rosengård, to understand the situation, as she couldn’t believe, what happened there, and she wanted to find out, why, to make her personal opinion, by avoiding some prejudices.

It was really foolish decision in infidel terms, but Allah knows the best. She should be warned, when the realty broker strongly discouraged her even from going there, let alone living there, and he was even not willing to accompany her there, to make a preliminary inspection of an offered flat, spacious and cozy, but rented for minimum price… for a reason.

Equipped with many suitcases and keys, she found, that the only taxi drivers, willing to take her into Rosengård, are naturally immigrants and Muslims themselves.

“It will be better, if you cover your hair, fröken,” the symphatetic taxi driver advised her, but Anne rejected. It couldn’t be that bad, or could it?

The reality surpassed all Anne’s darkest expectations. This was other kind of dream, than in Moonraker: kebabs, hijabs and Islamic hairdressers anywhere, simply Islam ruled there, it was an empire of Allah, like Teplice, and since the first moment, Anne, a Nordic woman, was afraid of Muslim men, without any particular reason at first, as they left her quite alone, only observing her and laughing, as she was old for them, and hardly to be perceived as a young Western slut. Anyway, she was one of the few white Europeans in this quarter with very bad reputation.

Still, the tension was rising inside her, because anytime she went out from the flat, she met with a group of youngsters, who seemed really dangerous, apparently willing to cut your infidel throat without too much doubt, and fear of being reprimanded, as the quarter was apparently willing to cover many crimes against infidels.

elin-krantz-sweden-immigrant-crime-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThen, one day, a week since she came, Anne Lonberg read about sad case of Elin Krantz (*1983-2010), a beautiful Swedish blonde with blue eyes and ironically a Swedish multicultural activist, believing in helping the immigrants without limit, who was brutally raped and murdered by a black immigrant of Ethiopian descent (a non-Muslim with violent history from the U.S.), becoming a strong warning example in many senses, and proper rhetorical ammunition for all right-wing activists and politicians, who called for larger security in Western Europe, for stopping the massive immigration flow, and with vicious smile, they pointed at the fact, that “multicultural revolution eats its own children”.

elin-krantz-sweden-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut whoever read more about this tragic case, must agree, that it was Elin Krantz, who caused her bad fate herself, by making very bad choices and decisions, being naive and overlooking strong warning signs and literally red lights. To use the public transport, completely empty, at four o’clock in the night, without public supervision, it would be very unwise move everywhere in the world, attracting all potential criminals, rapists and murderers, lurking for easy victims in the city, even provoking them for committing a crime, simply giving them tempting opportunity they can hardly resist. And when such man occured in her vicinity, she literally helped him further, with her shocking passivity and ignorance, which he could translate as open invitation for modern multicultural and interracial sexual intercourse.


Last minutes of Elin Krantz, and last chance for life. The man is openly following her, and she ignores it.

Why didn’t she take a taxi, why didn’t she call her family to pick her up from the club? Why did her foolish “friend” left her, so she was alone in a tram? Why she even took this dangerous and risky trip, not seeing possible dangers? Why didn’t she call the police immediately, or informed the tram driver, when the man started to follow her openly, even bothering her still inside the tram? And why she didn’t cover her shining long blonde hair, to be less exposed? If she would wear a hijab, to be protected by Allah and all the Islamic community, Ummah, indeed, everything could end differently.

Anyway, Anne Lonnberg was really scared, that similar experience can happen to her also, although she was old, not the shining beauty like 30 or 40 years ago, still, at least she could be robbed and assaulted, and she was thinking to leave the flat immediately, not to provoke the fate, at least to move to a safer quarter of the city.

She did what she could, she tried to be tolerant and welcoming and modern and open and multicultural… but her fear was simply too strong, although local Muslims didn’t do anything to her directly. They were only loud and different and menacing in her imagination, managing the quarter according to their values. So where the truth was? Were Muslims a threat, or did they want just to promote Islam in their place of residence, offering corrupted and weaks Swedes a chance for better life, sent there as a blessing of Allah?

She went for a walk, to make a decision, meeting that gang of youths again, hangin’ and chillin’ at the deserted child playground. And to their utmost surprise, after a few minutes of watching them from a bench passively, Anne Lonnberg approached them, asking them a simple question: if they will hurt her, and if she bothers them, provokes them to attack, just because she is different?

The Muslims really laughed, but their leader, the oldest of them, around twenty years, said:

“We are not so bad, as you think, fröken. There is nothing to fear. We just live Islam, it’s our sunshine in these grey depressive streets, for us, but you infidels too, so we set our rules here, according to Islam, to show you a positive alternative, an example to follow, another culture to inspire your infidel society. You are so wrong about us. We don’t hurt anybody, we just don’t like to be oppressed, because then, we have to defend. If the infidels outside let us alone, to manage things as we like, then all is good. And have a look around you: do you see someone, drinking alcohol? Or women, dressed lightly, like sluts, provoking men? No no, rules of Islam make the society more healthy.

But if you have fear, that you will be attacked, then, there is most simple solution. Accept our rules, and take a hijab, cover your hair. Then, no one will touch you, and you will have respect, if you will be protected, if you show modesty and obedience to Allah, not provoking our temptation, bad thoughts and anger. Then, you will become a part of the community, and you will enjoy it here. Where are you from, anyway?”

Anne answered, and then, the man recommended her to visit the nearby mosque, to receive more advices, how to cope with Islam in the city, and whether there can be a place for her too, under this conditions.

And as Allah’s Compassion and Mercy are limitless, even for aged women with bright past, there was enough love of Allah even for Anne Lonnberg, so she decided to become a Muslim herself, because Islam is much more, than mere protection. But she will be forever safe, unlike poor Elin Krantz, who should discover Allah sooner, settimg another strong example to Western women, that they need Islam.

Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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