Islamic Front Of Liberating Al-Andalus (IFLA): Morocco, Spain, Granada, Alhambra, Andalusia. Liberation Irredentism Conspiracy Muslim Morisco Rebel Revenge Revival Emirate Religion Islam Rights

January 2, 2018, at 526th anniversary of shameful “Day Of Surrender”, it means Fall of Granada and end of Emirate of Granada, the last Islamic territory in Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain)

several impoverished Moroccan Muslims, descendants of Moriscos

activist group, influence group, public interest group, historical research, revisionism, irredentism, criminal conspiracy against Constitution and territorial integrity of Spanish Kingdom

1) Spanish citizenship for all Moriscos and expelled Jews (since 1492)
2) return of unlawfully seized property between 1492-1609
3) liberating Granada and Alhambra for Allah, Ummah and Islam

4) Banning Isabel TV series with Michelle Jenner, as it insults Muslims and provokes religious hatred
Michelle Jenner isabel Queen Castile 1492 Alhambra Granada Occupation Catholic Christian Fall Muslim Islam Al-Andalus Reconquista - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 3
5) Releasing innocent sister Maria Kukucova from Spanish prison

There Is No Victor Except Allah (La Ghalib Illa Allah)
La Ghalib Illa Allah There Is No Victor Conqueror Except Allah motto slogan Nasrid dynasty Emirate of Granada IRG Islamic Republic Granada - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

Initial: Public Relations, street prayers, political activism
Later: Lawfare, Active Measures, Assassination, stolen Time Displacement Equipment (TDE), provided by North Korea

Legal deputy:
Iveta Klimesova, Lawfare specialist, China, Hong Kong, PLA asset

Special Military Advisor for Executive Action:
Marek Chlibek, Special Forces Czech Army, French Foreign Legion, Russian SPECNAZ, combat experience from Gulf War, Yugoslavia Civil War and Sierra Leone
(planning of possible executive sanction in the past, using The Device, particularly assassination of so called Catholic Monarchs, Queen Isabella I. of Castile and King Ferdinand II. of Aragon, to prevent the fall of Granada Emirate in 1492. Suggested either a silenced pistol – Walther PPK with Brausch silencer, high-caliber sniper rifle – M82, a plastic explosive – Semtex COLOR, or Biological Warfare agents and toxins, like Weaponized Anthrax)

Main opponents:
Security forces of Spain: Centro Nacional de Inteligencia CNI (Spanish Intelligence service), Directorate de Policia Nacional (Madrid, Spain), Grupo De Operaciones Especiales “Granada” (Special Operations Group “Granada”, an elite Special Forces unit of Spanish Army)
CNI Centro Nacional De Inteligencia Spain Intelligence Service North Africa Maghreb Operative Spy Conspiracy Terrorism - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2

Security forces of Morocco: DGST (Direction générale de la surveillance du territoire), DGED (Direction générale des études et de la documentation)
Catholic Church, Vatican, group of cardinals with Spanish Inquisition ties

Order of the White Serpent (Illuminati, need Alhambra open for occultist rituals)

Main allies:
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (financial support)
Omar Bin Ghazali, ARC News, Qatar (“unbiased” journalism)

Grand Mosque of Granada (spiritual relief)

Wu Corporation, Shanghai, China (suspected, providing rooms at Hotel Alhambra Palace, Granada, for free)
Wu Corporation Multinational China Chinese Conspiracy Global Dominance Illuminati Executive Military Special Forces Czech Prague Scandal Controversy Media - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs
Faris Al Kooheji (Bahrain): Legal Support

Sun Meiying, BCTV World News, China (undermining Western society, Chinese Conspiracy, to achieve Chinese global dominance)

DPRK – North Korea, Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader (provided access to classified military hardware, see above)

Czech Special Forces (Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, Active Measures department, instructions for Lawfare)
Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation (access to historical works and research)

Designated as a terrorist organization by EU, U.S. and Morocco (since March 2018)

Establishing of IRG – Islamic Republic Granada, a 2018 revival of Granada Emirate, using legal means
Islamic Republic Granada IRG Emirate Kingdom Revival Spain Al-Andalus Alhambra Liberation Revisionism - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy
Small IFLA Logo:
IFLA Islamic Front Of Liberating Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Alhambra Initiative Morocco Spain Group Organization S2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy
Large IFLA Logo:
IFLA Islamic Front Of Liberating Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Alhambra Initiative Morocco Spain Group Organization 2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

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