Islamic Guidelines For Countering Infidel Social Manipulation Through Food and Apparent Gifts

Social manipulators, belonging to corrupted and decadent infidel society, always try to surprise you, or rather to catch you by surprise, because in such time pressure, when you are forced to reply immediately, in seconds, not to lose face, and thus without ability to think the reply and strategy calmly, you rather accept their foul game, not able to see the real dimensions of the offered suggestion, or situation: be particularly careful when offered food and even apparel or accessories from them, however strangely and innocently it seems.

You may ask, what is so bad and risky to accept a food from someone?

The problem is, that if you accept it, and even eat it immediately, to be a “nice grateful recipient of the gift”, to taste it obediently, you allow them, to control your eating, when, what, the nutrients you accept, the contents… so you give them a factual control over your body, your temple, however apparently marginal and innocent it can seem, but it corrupts you, and that is, how factual enslavement begins, in such apparent small details, which allow them, to discover your weak spots and moments.

Given Food / gifts are tests of your integrity. Reject it firmly and clearly, without apologizing, even without explanation, to keep the vultures away from you. To accept a gift is a weakness, and they will use it against you very soon, stealing more and more freedom from you.

Not speaking, that if you are a MUSLIM, there can be subversive, forbidden ingredients added deliberately or by accident, like alcohol, pork and animal blood, which traces could be on the badly cleaned, on recently used tools, used to prepare the food, because infidels are generally tolerant to filth.

Don’t accept home-made food by treacherous infidels, who are NOT your friends, who CAN’T be trusted! Don’t believe their false assuring, that there is no pork, or alcohol! Or do you believe infidels more, than brothers and sisters in Islam, which you should meet instead???

WHY do you even spend time with infidels anyway, participating in their sick celebrations, forbidden for Muslims? Why are you losing time there, being prone to be corrupted with their sick ideas, concepts, opinions and lifestyle???

When the infidels say, “it’s my birthday, you HAVE to celebrate with me”… what will you do? Or you don’t know, that in Islam, any idolatry, including such celebrations, is not permitted??? Not speaking about Xmas (festive of shirk, forbidden polytheism, denying the foundaton of Islamic faith, oneness and uniqueness of Allah), also New Year and all infidel celebrations…

Allah likes to test His believers in various fitnah, in order to give them limitless chances to earn a lot of credit.

Accepting the gift from an infidel, if not for Taqiya purposes… you FAILED-

You should be ready to reply, that you are on the diet, to get out of the trap, and that you don’t need those things, as you have enough. You have to fight for the borders of your freedom, as the rats like to test them.

If you are a Muslim, then keep your Muslim identity strong, showing to the infidels, that they have NO CONTROL OVER YOU, as you are submitted ONLY to the will of Allah!

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Alan Svejk