Islamic Guidelines Regarding Forbidden Alcohol and Related Products

It’s forbidden for any Muslim:

To consume alcohol, even by “accident”, when alcohol is contained in a food or drink without Muslims’s explicit knowledge (soup for example). It’s his or her explicit duty, to always check consumed food for presence of alcohol and pork, preferably to consume packed food, or food prepared by himself or herself, controlling used ingredients

It’s highly recommended to avoid food and drinks, prepared by corrupted and unreliable infidels, who can even commit deliberate sabotage against Islamic believers, adding alcohol into food maliciously

If alcohol is consumed by mentioned mistake or offensive act of infidels, repentance has to be made, and such mistake not repeated

To handle, sell, give, obtain, manipulate, ease to obtain, or tolerate consuming alcohol to/by other Muslim, is absolutely FORBIDDEN, under ANY circumstances. Any Muslim, who commits such act, is considered as an accomplice in this heavy sin

To handle, sell, give, obtain, manipulate, or ease to obtain alcohol for an infidel is generally forbidden too, except reasoned and extraordinary cases of taqiya

To manipulate with empty bottles, where alcohol was present, is generally allowed, for purpose of cleaning and throwing them into trash

To manipulate and use parfums on Muslim’s body, containing alcohol, is allowed, as this product has other oríginal purpose, than drinking and intoxication

Alan Svejk