Islamic Jihad: Struggle of Mujahideen. Muslim Islam Righteous Defence Mujahid Combat Paradise Victory Effort Defensive Conquest Liberation Conspiracy Domination Europe World Army Combat Warfare

(Emirate of Granada, Al-Andalus, Islamic Spain, before its fall in 1492, later revived as Islamic Republic Granada, or IRG)

Jihad has many forms, including struggle of Islamic believers not to succumb to omnipresent seduction of dunya and fitnah, because Allah likes to test His believers, giving them many chances to earn a lot of credit, and Emirate of Granada failed, so it was punished by Allah, and crushed by infidels, with the permission of Allah
Another duty is to defend Islam in righteous cases of self-defence
Those engaged in Jihad are called mujahideen, and if they fall, they will be allowed to enter Paradise immediately
On the other hand, Islam doesn’t need terrorists to win and conquer the world: most of them are created artificially by the enemies of Islam, to damage the pure face of the only complete and perfected religion, and every religion simply has its radicals, including Christianity and Judaism.

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