Islamic Practice – CZ Islamic Agenda

– minarets for mosques
– dog restriction (from parks and public transport, with raised fines)
It was enough of oppression of Muslims in Czech Republic, who have to meet thousands of these unclean, filthy creatures in the streets.
– adhan allowed
– new mosques, near Prague Castle and Teplice (with two minarets)
– acquire direct political power
– full conquest of Teplice, Islamic enclave
Eman Ghaleb mayor of Teplice
– importing respected Islamic scholar(s) from Saudi Arabia, able to issue fatwa regarding controversial steps of the Czech Islamic community (like that possible apostasy with Christians in 8/2016)
renaming the Mecca Club in Prague, to stop insulting Muslims
– deploying active Islamic assets into the Old City quarter of Prague, to counterweight the wide Jewish influence (both historical and present, social, political and economic) there. Promoting disarmament and intensive police/social control of local Jewish armed militia, which operates quite openly there, like if the Old City would belong to them, and the same rules and laws, like in their state of Israel, would be valid there… but this land belongs to Allah, like every other territory, so Muslims should be seen there in large, to alter the public opinion about the place, incl. tourists.
– recognition as religious group with full rights, including Islamic cleric(s) in the Czech Army and prisons, to provide spiritual relief to Special Forces operators and prisoners.

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