Islamic Practice – Infidels – Taqiya

In special and reasoned cases, it’s possible to relax the Islamic duties for any Muslim temporarily, if he or she is under risk of persecution, or imminent threat against physical integrity, welfare or general Islamic interests.

However, these extraordinary measures need to be well considered, as their application in higher interest can cause steady erosion and decline of Islamic faith, by compromising the vital Muslim identity. Maybe it’s better to fight with infidels in sacred war of Jihad openly, and accept fate, not fearing death, than to dodge and avoid fighting cowardly.

The Oran Fatwa controversy

Remember, Allah hears, sees and knows everything. He will judge you, according to your deeds. But He also makes things easy in life.

Under applied Taqiya:
Lying to infidels is permitted (lying and stealing from infidels, or rather “borrowing for the price of eternal repayment”, is generally allowed)
Hiding and denying Islamic faith is permitted, if it can bring tactical advantages for infiltrating rear of infidel enemy (for example, European converts, impossible to distinguish from general EU population physically, thus perfect for infiltration purposes

Islamic Practice / Infidels

Alan Svejk