Islamic Practice: Jews and Israel

Islam has wide relationships and ties with Jews, both in history, and present. There were cases, when believers of both religions were stood side by side in fight, defending important strongholds: Jerusalem (Palestine) against Christian crusaders (1099), Granada (Islamic Spain / Al-Andalus) against Christians (1491). Also, there were cases, when both religions were equally oppressed, forced to convert to Christianity or to expulsion (after Christian conquest of mentioned Granada Emirate).

Anyway, the Islamic community, Ummah, remains deeply divided in their opinion about Jews and the state of Israel today, and many deep and bloody mutual conflicts and feuds are still unresolved (particularly Gaza/Palestine, and issue of holy sites of Jerusalem). But there is a serious paradigm shift in mutual relationships today, caused by massive rise of worldwide influence of China (and generally Asia), which takes many influence and geopolitical positions in the world from the Jews, and Israel.

In history, capable and clever Jews were able to maneuver effectively between many rulers, regimes, adversaries, persecution and oppression, to preserve their influence and power. But China is very different kind of player, as she uses inconspicuous soft power, proxies and cat’s pawns, not arms, wars, direct interventions and threats, like the foolish Americans. And the Jews are losing in this undeclared war for influence, and future of the world, as China is simply completely immune to all their tricks, even using it against them.

Soon, if Allah will permit it, it’s possible, that new relationships between Islam and Jews will be created, to find common interest in countering merciless Chinese influence, and creating sustainable future for both religious groups on the world geopolitical map, and particularly for Jews, who are much lower in numbers of followers and power of human mass, which can be very important, as the might of China is highly related to their numerical superiority. The Muslims have it, but Jews not.

Regarding the shameful historical defeats of Arabic/Islamic armies in past wars with Israel: in wars, victory or loss is always relative, and most importantly, it was not Israel, who defeated armies of Islam. It was Allah, who allowed it, who brought them these apparent losses, as He had His reasons for it. Not others, but only Allah has full control of the world, which He created, and He has no partners in rule. And Allah is wise, the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful, He knows the best, what is good for His followers, even if it can seem as temporary loss, oppression and pain.

Thus, it makes no sense to fear Israeli alleged military might. Only Allah is mighty. And He decides the end of all affairs. So Muslims should fear only Him, not that ruthless Israeli commandos, who are just another servants of Allah in practice, like everybody, regardless of flags.

People of the Book, and particularly Jews, deserve respect. If they will submit, leave the occupied territories of Palestine and clear holy sites of Jerusalem of their armed presence and incursions, pay the religious tax, the peaceful coexistence of both religions could be possible, with the permission of Allah, and the sustainable future of Jews, now endangered by China, can be secured by Islamic might and help of Allah (see later chapters of The Mosque Tales for more details).

Nataly Hay should be made an ambassador of goodwill between both groups. She serves both Israel and Islam well, and her effort to create bridge of peace through culture is appreciated:

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