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It was the end of November, and Dubai finally started to relieve from another extremely hot summer of Arabian peninsula. The temperatures stabilized to pleasant level for human body, the Emirates became easier place to breathe and live, many local people even started to freeze from cold, as they were used for immense heat, particularly during Autumn nights in desert, where they searched for relief from hectic life of this glamorous megapolis, shaping the face of the world, playing a big part in world events, trends and style, showing immense wealth and Islamic culture to countless curiuous and passionate tourists from all over the world.

islamic-princess-maryam-marketa-korinkova-islam-muslim-allah-dubai-emirates-uae-dawah-destiny-sheikh-woman-fashion-model-czech-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsMarketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam, the Islamic Princess, former Czech top female fashion model, who became a Muslim here, in the seducing Emirates, and started another epoch of her inspiring life, this time under wise guidance and protection of Almighty Allah, loved these trips into the desert, the magical evenings and nights there, when the whole world and its endless lights disappeared, and there was only her, the silent desert, and black sky with thousands of stars above her.

Then, she felf so much tranquility and peace, as she lived Islam, the religion of peace. But here, lost in endless desert… it was simply absolute calmness, when your body and mind finally relieved from all that worldly pressure, dreams, needs and fears, delivered by ruthless media with endless flow of disturbing news about wars, terrorism and violence, eternally ringing telephones and bothering social networks, so you could finally relax, to be who you wanted to be.

It was so hard to return back to the city sometimes, after such magical, even mystical moments of awakening and deepening perception, when human senses, unbothered by technology, could return to their primary state of instincts, where the mind was suppressed. But the city opportunities had to be used, and Maryam had a very important mission, given by Allah himself: nothing less, than to change the world.

In the past, Maryam served to Allah just perfectly, becoming His most effective tool to execute His will, how to spread His fame and gain countless new worshippers, as Maryam executed a very special version of da’wah, invitation to Islam, in Dubai, working as a VIP hostess in an exclusive night club, Armani Prive Lounge, allegedly the best club in the whole world, where she explained endless advantages and rewards of Islam to the most influential VIPs of the world, coming here to enjoy the unique atmosphere, socialize and to feel well.

With Maryam’s distinctive contribution, they could find something extremely valuable there, much more precious, than all money, big villas and shiny cars: Islam, the only complete and perfected religion, leading to peace, freedom and destiny, where you could find endless treasures, not speaking about loving embrace of Allah and vast Muslim worldwide family, Ummah, where all are brothers and sisters to each other, regardless of money, education, origin, race, or social status.

Any mosque you visit in the world as a Muslim, you will meet your brothers and sisters there, standing, bowing and prostrating with you in front of Allah, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip. How could any Muslim feel lonely, isolated, lost, wandering and forgotten, like thousands of infidel fools of the atomized Western society, drinking devastating alcohol to wash up their endless misery, which they have chosen?

In Islam, you have purpose, you have a mission which never ends until your last breath, where is no place for boredom and emptiness: to worship Allah, to serve Him as best as you can, to do go deeds for Him, yourself, the community, and the world.

Also Jihad, sacred Islamic struggle, is the duty of any able-bodied Muslim. But Jihad has many faces, not only that violent form of Islamic terrorism, emphasized by corrupted Western media deliberately, to damage the pure face of Islam: Jihad is also the personal struggle of any believer, to keep his or her faith strong and resisting corruption of the worldly temptations, and also spreading the faith, using persuasive but truthful words or pen, is a form of Jihad. This is exactly what Maryam did in her new life at the Emirates, to please Allah and to liberate many wandering souls from the decadent West.

The management of the Armani Prive club, and the fashion designer Giorgio Armani himself, saw the immense opportunities in Maryam’s missionary activity there, although it would seem hardly compatible, the club life and da’wah. But in practice, all guests found in the club, exactly what they were looking for, be it worldly entertainment or spiritual enlightenment: so everybody was fully satisfied, and the status of the club in the VIP ranks yet rose.

The unofficial title of Islamic Princess, which Maryam received by world media and public alike, originated from two reasons. Firstly, her reputation, respect and appreciation in the Islamic community rose massively, she was shown as a good example for any modern Muslim, and the Czech Ummah even started to call her “Mother of All Czech Muslims“, although the woman, or rather still a girl, was barely in her mid 20s of age, and worshipping of anybody, except Allah, is forbidden in Islam, so even Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is forbidden to be displayed, to avoid idolatry, and Muslims are generally forbidden to decorate their apparel and homes with pictures of any living thing, or the angels won’t enter such homes.

But all what Maryam was, it was Allah who made it from her, and He is the most powerful, incomparable with any human mortal. He is the one who can make miracles and give the best to anybody, so immense success and breaking chains of weakness in life can become the reality.

There were also disturbing rumors between Emirati people, that Maryam secretly married the ruler of Dubai, vicepresident and prime minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, thus becoming his third wife, after junior Princess Haya bint al Hussein of Jordan, who was still quite young and shining, emphasizing female affairs in the Islamic world, thus arising concerns of the Sheikh, whether this women empowerment can’t jeopardize the future of the Islamic country and society, traditionally ruled by men, whereas women were dedicated to take care of the family and home.

The Sheikh simply needed a proper counterweight to highly ambitious Princess Haya, who could easily connect with his senior wife, Sheikha Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum, who kept low profile, against him. And two women in triangle with one man, they always connect in the end, although they could be competitors in love originally, hating and fighting each other.

And there was nothing more suitable for this demanding mission of restoring the balance of Sheikh’s power inside the family, than Princess Maryam. Although she came from nowhere, Czechia or what forgotten corner of Earth, she was perfectly qualified for the task, as she was widely experienced in Public Relations, working as a top fashion model and studying elite Charles University, with Marketing Communication field of study.

She became a person of interest for the Sheikh soon after arrival into Emirates, as her public speeches were most persuasive, he was also impressed, when she became a Muslim, and he offered her an official function in his personal staff: to be an advisor in Female Affairs, as he felt, that this issue will influence his country, regardless if he likes it, or not. So he needed someone trustworthy and experienced in the issue, as Maryam came from the West, and she could inform him openly, what all that female revolution means, particularly in connection with Islam and future of Arabia.

Later, when the situation in the Sheikh’s family got allegedly yet more tense, and he received highly disturbing information, that Her Royal Highness Princess Haya of Jordan has her own assets inside Emirates Counterintelligence service, with access to most critical surveillance files, and he felt, that some big move has to be made, to contain the threat of possible female conspiracy against him, with vast possible consequences for the whole country, he allegedly summoned Maryam to him, into Zabeel palace, where he resided, and he discussed the situation with her in private, completely openly, although it was risky, as she was an outsider with suspected Israeli connections, and the Sheikh could have many justified reasons to doubt about real her intentions and mission in the Emirates.

And this serious suspicion was partially right: Maryam was originally an asset of a joint Czech-Israeli military/Intelligence operation, how to launch a new series of revolutions in the Islamic world after controversial “Arab Spring” in 2011, which destabilized the whole Islamic world, with hope of weakening and damaging the archenemy of Israel: the country, where Islam was established long time ago, Saudi Arabia.

The original bold plan of Operation SKINNY PUPPY was this: to get Maryam into the Sheikh’s vicinity, so she will become his secret lover, as she was a shining young woman, but vulnerable inside (hence the code designation “puppy”), looking for a fatherly figure, and she will conceive a child with him, as he won’t be able to resist the natural male need to protect her, and adapt her as his cute “daughter”.

Then, the bribed tabloid media will start an avalanche of rumors and slanders, forcing the Sheikh to resign from all his official functions, whereas enemies of Al Maktoum family will be backed in various ways to be able to take over control of the UAE, and adjacent countries, where Israeli Mossad made similiar preparations, will follow in overthrowing the alleged corrupted rulers, with hope, that this dark wave of revolutions will reach Saudi Arabia as well, supported by spreading highly explosive rumor, that Saudi oil supplies, the source of immense wealth and worldwide power of Salafists, are becoming critically low. And that could disrupt, even cripple the whole axis of Islamic power in the world, to the undisputed benefit of the Jewish state.

The Israeli and Czech planners counted with Maryam’s conversion to Islam in advance, and she actually made it to the Sheikh, as both covert parties manipulated her in various ways, so the plan seemed to be working, and finally, the Sheikh allegedly decided to take the risk, and to trust Maryam, to let Allah decide the affair.

But in the end, it showed, that the Czechs and Israelis were just pawns of a covert, powerful corporate mastermind, who was apparently always circling around Maryam, having their own plans in the affair, but remaining hidden from the scene, just watching, observing, analyzing, pulling various levers from behind, so all parties served to the interest of these corporate conspirators with rumored Illuminati and Chinese Communist Party connections.

However, soon, this dangerous monster will leave its dark burrow, showing the head of a poisonous snake to Maryam, who will have to rely just on Allah to protect her, to deceive the deceivers, as Allah is known as the best of deceivers, as Qur’an states.

It was Friday afternoon, when a column of three armored white Land Crruisers V8 left the lively streets of Dubai, occupied by eleven women, dressed in abayas and hijabs, together with one man, wearing traditional Emirati male dress, to “blend in”: Marketa Maryam Korinkova, sitting in the first vehicle, in company of a team of heavily armed members of a VIP Executive Protection unit, provided by Princess Haya herself, as she had her own interests in Maryam’s affair with the Sheikh, and she needed to keep constant control over Maryam.

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThat could imply, that Princess Haya was somehow connected with the corporate conspirators, as the VIP Protection Unit was provided by Wu Corporation, a multinational Chinese company, originating from Shanghai, with key subsidiaries in Salzburg and Teplice. Or was is just a coincidence, and Princess Haya was played as well?

While the third vehicle provided cover and backup from behind, the second one had passengers of European ancestry, like Maryam: two women and one man, but it was quite normal in the Emirates, that foreigners came here for work contracts, to provide their skills, so it raised no surprise, or suspicion.

On the front passenger seat, a young woman, around Maryam’s age, former member of an elite counter-terrorist Rapid Intervention unit of the Czech militarized police, now serving as a personal assistant and armed escort of Wu’s top executives, with a HK MP5 submachine gun on her thighs and finger ready near trigger, with reserve ammo magazines, loaded with highly devastating dum-dum ammunition, in reach.

Behind her, a pair of male and female, both around forty years of age, and the female, with bright blonde hair, hardly to be seen under her hijab, seemed as a leader here, so when the vehicle was passing the streets of Dubai, crossings and highways, where famous Burj Khalifa tower dominated the scenery around, the interior, hidden behind darkly tinted bulletproof windows, remained silent, as she wanted to be it that way, enjoying the view, watching particularly Burj Khalifa, in deep contemplation, like if this structure would be somehow important to her personally.

And it was indeed: the key Dubai Offices of Wu Corporation were located there, and also the apartment, where Maryam lived, on 102nd floor, plus the Armani Prive Club, where she worked, on 144th floor.

Maryam, sitting in the first car, was also silent, in doubts, whether it was a good idea, to participate in this… let’s say, a party in the desert, some decent barbecue and relax… but she could hardly relax, full of tension.

For some time already, Maryam felt, that something big will happen, and soon… she didn’t know, what this new affair will be, but her tension was rising day by day, although she tried to keep her daily routine of work and relaxation, to live stabilized life, which could bring desirable results.

She tried to calm herself, that Allah takes care of all her affairs, and her fate is fully in His hands only, not in the filthy hands of some mortals and mad worldly players… but still, she felt the same, like long time ago back home, in Czechia, when the Spring was approaching after long harsh winter, and the life was awakening inside her again, she wanted to live fully, to breath, to love, to make love with somebody…

If Maryam was here, right at this place, in this car, right in that moment… it was the will of Allah, she thought, so everything is absolutely right, no reason for any anxiety, or even fear, because a Muslim fears only Allah.

Maybe the problem wasn’t this particular high-profile meeting, which will have immense consequences for the world, by the way… maybe it was, what will happen, and soon, and it will need the whole woman, as this new exam will be most stressing, and Maryam knew, that she will maybe have to call for the help and protection of Allah from all her lungs. And there was only one such ultimate female exam in life..

Two weeks ago, when Maryam started to have a bad girlish feeling, that she might be pregnant, as the initial symptoms were quite clear, she turned away this thought initially, as the contraceptive she used in the form of patches on her body, was always reliable.

But when more days passed and the menstruation or any typical signs of incoming period were not coming, she started to admit, that the most simple way to solve the unexpected situation will be, to buy a pregnancy test, and then to see a doctor, because it never happened to her, that period wouldn’t come, moreover, with the contraceptive chemical in her body system, which caused “her days” to come exactly on time, like clockwork.

When the test turned to be positive, indicating pregnancy, she still considered it just as some mistake, and visited other pharmacy, buying the products from three different multinational manufacturers, to be sure.

But one after another, the tests showed the same result… like clockwork.

When Maryam fully realized, that she most likely is pregnant, she remained only unpleasantly surprised at first, as she totally relied on her medicine, that she controls, when to conceive a child… together with Allah, of course. But it seemed, that a mistake happened, or it was simply the will of Allah, as everything.

Or… Maryam remembered meeting with Nikola Dotkova with shady connections… the “accident” could be also a deliberate action of somebody. To exchange her patches for a placebo, a fake, an ineffective substance, or to disable the chemical, so it stop preventing a pregnancy… but why?

Did someone want her to get pregnant with the Sheikh? Israelis, maybe? Or that ruthless fools from Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, who wanted to make their fame on her? Or is she starting to be paranoid, like many women, suffering from various psychological problems during and after the pregnancy?

Her mind was still not hit with realizing the full extent of the event, so Maryam, still quite concentrated and able to think logically, just minutes before it will literally collapse, crushed completely by the surprising news, took her diary, and started studying several previous months.

At least four people could have access to her CC patches lately: the female colleague from Czechoslovak Models agency, who provided her accomodation after arriving at Dubai, at the first place, together with her boyfriend… but wait, the CC patches were delivered in the packs of three, and she had to visit a doctor every three months, to get another prescription paper, and only then, she could pick a fresh pack of medicine up from a pharmacy, as it was a regulated substance… and one patch still remained in the box.

Maryam examined the package… it seemed absolutely genuine. The fraud would mean, that someone would have to make a replica of the patch only, not the box… and the patch was simply a patch, what interesting evidence could be found there? Or was some other chemical used to disable the contraceptive effect?

The only way, how to find the truth, was to send the last remaining patch to some laboratory, to check, whether her crazy suspicion is true, so she took the phone and called to the Burj Khalifa concierge desk, to arrange the check for her, of course, discreetly.

If she is pregnant, if it was the intervention of Allah, OK… but Maryam wanted to solve this mystery, at least next time, she can buy another type of patches, to prevent similar “accident”…

She almost started to smile, when the shock hit her with full force, together with a wave of panic, anxiety and fear.

She is pregnant. Alone in the Emirates… with a man, who denies any official connection with her… she is not ready… she ate bad unhealthy things during impregnation… there will be problems… big problems… and more problems… he will suspect her of a trap, a fraud, that the child is not his… and how will he react to the news, anyway? The whole marriage seemed rather a tactical move from him. It was not so much about love…

Fortunately for them, Allah created females with various defence mechanisms, so they are able to resist collapse, and they are able to survive not only the shocking news, but the pregnancy and the child’s birth. So, ?Maryam, exhausted with all heavy thinking, she simply fell asleep, and when she woke up, it all seemed like a bad, distant dream…

The cars stopped suddenly, just after sunset, being far from the millions of shinng lights of glamorous Dubai. The doors opened, and Maryam was awoke. But only one woman left each vehicle, to examine the vicinity, whether it’s safe for the protected persons to get out as well.

When these sentries found no signs of a threat, as there was only endless vast desert around them, without any sign of life or prepared ambush, the atmosphere eased, and it all started to seem like just an innocent barbecue in the desert, so baskets with meat, food and all the necessary accessories left the car trunks, and the dinner was prepared on two big blankets: one for the security team, the other for Maryam, and her company.

But the young Islamic Princess was always aware of her Islamic duties as the utmost priority, as there was nothing more important in life, than worshipping Allah, her sole master and creator. And it was time for a Maghrib prayer.

Maryam and other eight Muslim women made their wudu, obligatory ablution before prayer, and prepared their praying rugs, checking the Qibla direction towards Kaaba, located at Mecca, Saudi Arabia, while the trio of European infidels was observing them indifferently, sitting on a blanket.

One woman from the security team stood in front, to lead the prayer, as this was not their first shift together, and Maryam stood between them, like if she would be one of them, not their valuable client… and she indeed was one of them, she was a Muslim, and there are no differences between Muslims, when they bow in front of Allah, the only deity they worship, bowing only in front of Him…

When the evening prayer ended, together with voluntary rakats and du’a (invocation of Allah), the desert was full of relaxed female chit-chat, and smell of freshly prepared lamb meat was seducing. But before Muslim women started eating, they praised Allah again, for the gift of food and everything Allah gave to them. And if He took something from them, be it property, loved ones, even youth, beauty, health or life, it was better for them, it was their destiny, and only a fool would disbelieve decisions of Allah, like those infidel fools, eternally complaining, babbling, not able to submit to their creator without slightest doubt in their heart.

Allah gave something unexpected to Maryam, who simply took it that way, and repeated any time, when doubts came: it was the will of Allah! Some conspiracy with CC patches and all those fools behind it mean mothing!

Allah decides, and only He influences her life! Only He is entitled to judge her! Only Him she should fear!

When the dinner was consumed and strong Arabic coffee was poured into cups, for good digesting and mood, Maryam and the European pair sat few meters from the others, and the meeting started, as she was the one who proposed it, moreover, time of those two could be easily quantified… in millions of dollars. In an hour.

They were the top executives of Wu Corporation, at least for the media and the world public. The real big shots behind them were probably high representatives of the Communist Party of China, or mystical Illuminati, or Special Forces of the Czech Army, or Jews, or who knows, and behind them, above them all… was Allah, of course.

“You approached our Dubai offices, and presented your interest in one of our special products, while refusing to fill our basic questionnaire for clients,” the older woman started business conversation. “Maybe you are surprised, Maryam, why we two are handling this negotiation about a potential, let’s say, contract, and not some low-grade assistant with important face instead, as you would expect?”

“I can well imagine, why,” Maryam sighed. “Because you want to use me, or rather misuse me, for some important economic or even political interest. Like one thousand other infidel fools before you… but I admit, I expected someone much more lower positioned, than you.

Anyway, I wonder, if this will ever end, this sick game of you, infidels?

What’s wrong with you, people? Never doing anything good to anybody just like that, because you don’t have brothers or sisters, always just calculating profits and gains, always building backups and safety networks and B-plans, not trusting anyone, always watching over your shoulder, expecting a knife in your kidneys, scared of losing your money, scared losing your face, your self, your image for others, obsessed with mirrors and trinkets and technological toys, riding with sick speed to nowhere and back, loving madness and sins, adultery, worshipping sick deviated idols, destroying yourself by alcohol, drugs, gambling… really, you should convert to Islam, to free yourself from this heavy burden, from this sick life of yours!

For me, it would be really much better, if some low-grade assistant would be handling the negotiation. Because if you two are here, it means, that you see me as a potential part of something very important, which could bring some extremely high values to you, or your company, or China, or who knows.”

“But the same consideration applies to you,” the older woman remained calm. “What you ask from us, is not something you can simply buy. Don’t forget, we are speaking about a ‘special product’ here, available only for the few chosen! Not even for some enthusiastic fool, who takes money from savings and stands in line, like idiot, to get a new iPhone first, thinking, that he or she deserved it, freezing in front of an Apple store at midnight!

You need this product of ours, from whatever reason, but we know, that there must be an extremely valuable personal interest behind it. And connecting all ends together, from both open and restricted information sources… there can be only one real reason, why you made this move, approaching us, risking very much in many senses.

Because you know, who we are: they call us a modern, state-of-the-art corporate sect, which brainwashes people, to make devoted slaves from them, serving for Chinese masters, Illuminati, Jews or who… and these accusations are true indeed. This is, what we do… so, if you knew all that in advance, and you still approached us, knowing, that you can’t win over us, even with your Allah, that we will play our fine game with you, and we are fucking good in this game, you know that, the world knows that.. then, dear Maryam, you must be very deep in some very interesting, uhm… girlish trouble, and you need our special product to help you.”

Both executives with immense world importance started to laugh, like idiots, and Maryam just stared at them. Those two were really something… but maybe it was the reason, why Wu was winning. The people there, they were relaxed… and you can hardly beat a fool, however dangerous he is. There were public rumors, that those two fools are secret lovers, although she was married with a tax evasion big shot, and he was dating a top Czech fashion model from Czechoslovak Models agency, Marketa Vlachova.

But to be honest, Maryam used a similar tactics to get close to the Sheikh herself. The whole world thought, that she is weak, fragile inside, easy to break… the fools never realized, that she deliberately wants to be seen this way, because many ambitious fools around started to show their cards, trying to push her towards their interests, not realizing, that this is exactly, what she wants, and if she apparently resists and presents denial or even fear, she only wants to look vulnerable and forced, because dumb fools will start to underestimate her.

But those two… it was different league, than simple female deception.

There were rumors about human augmentation, misusing some deepest psychological and medical procedures, even against children, inventing some special technology beyond human understanding, altered minds, brainwashing, some sick X-rays, nanites or what… making slaves from VIPs, not buying people, simply erasing their minds and replacing thoughts with new programmes, while offering so sexy and tempting products on the global market, but behind them, there was devil… but people came to Wu voluntarily, like moths to light, because Wu knew well, how to sell sweetest dreams to people… they were rather salesmen and magicians, than mere scientists, maybe even fraudsters. But you were always curious, whether all that miraculous offers could be true, at least partially, meaning, that your most secret dreams could be fulfilled eventually… and there was only one way to find out: to become a client of Wu, risking your own self to have those foolish visions realized, or at least to attempt it.

And Wu was backed and pampered by China, No. 1 superpower of the world, replacing crumbling USA long time ago… the options of Wu were literally unlimited, without any borders, scientific or financial, they could obtain not only the best brains, most importantly, they were able to change them into the most loyal servants, followers, symphatizers, using all the information, all the access, offering, haggling, negotiating patiently, always trying to find weak spots, needs, dreams of assets, and then pushing hard, until everybody signed the contract, and let Wu to do what they wanted, but it was nothing less than ruling the world…

In business, economy, politics, military, Intelligence, the mission of Wu and China was clear: to rule absolutely, not suppressing or even eliminating the competition and enemies, not fighting with anybody, not shooting people, like that American foolish aggressors, instead, simply swallowing them, peacefully, softly, offering warm embrace to daughters, wives, until any male asset resigned, as these secondary assets simply helped Wu to get control of their primary targets… offering unique opportunities of scholarships and apprenticeships for world VIP children, to suck them and turn them to their side inconspicuously… it was a master work of an artist, horologic effort, likened to ants…

Many people saw the Chinese, and Asians in generals, as ants… working always as a perfectly organized and structured team, sharing the same mindset, acting as a group, like connected with some telepathy, always preferring group interests before an individual… unlike the Western society, who pushed a single person in front. This strategy allowed big victories in the past, but today, it meant only doom for the West, when the Chinese dragon was awoken, taking everything from everybody.

Still, the participating people, the clients and employees of Wu, were always satisfied, always praising Wu for opportunities, fulfilled dreams, or even simply opening eyes, just by participating in their recruitment process, opened for absolutely everybody.

It’s true: unlike all that other corporations, who demanded languages and University education strictly, Wu had only one demand: so called special skills, without ever explaining, what it means exactly.

Wu Corporation: Do You Have Special Skills?

Young and old, pretty or nasty, dumb or clever, men and women, Muslims or Christians, University graduates or manual workers, everybody could try to get a good job at Wu, and everybody was leaving their Dubai offices happy and full of enthusiasm, with their eyes opened, enjoying life more, with improved mindset, being grateful to Wu, eager to return again, to try again, yet more devoted to get a job there, in this dream company… how was that possible?

Wu Corporation: Your Dreams Begin in Dubai

Was it a New Age cult, or was Wu really so positive, helping people? Or was the truth somewhere between, like always?

One thing was certain: Islamic Princess Maryam was sitting with the top executives of this influential, mysterious, magical but extremely dangerous Wu Corporation in a desert near Dubai, and both parties had interest in each other.

What could it be, so tempting, offered by both sides to the other? What could Maryam need from them, and they were the only one entity in the world, able to provide this special product for her?

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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