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It’s late evening, and the endless desert around, so calm, so tranquil, seems so distant from mad, often un-Islamic Dubai, shining with millions of lights into the darkness. But even here, at this island of peace, you can’t start turning your eyes in the direction of decadent megapolis, hidden behind horizon, illuminating the sky, where many important deals for the future of the world are made.


And you desire to be a part of them, to touch the gold, distributed there, to secure personally sustainable future, whereas other part of you, submitted to Islam, advises you to be rather nobody, but never to stop worshipping Allah, and only Him, as He is incomparable with any worldly achievements, transient success, like big villas, shiny cars and impressive amount of virtual money on virtual bank accounts: as infidel, you live for illusions, you die for illusions.

marketa-korinkova-maryam-islam-convert-czech-prague-europe-fashion-model-dubai-united-arab-emirates-uae-sheikh-al-maktoum-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsMarketa Maryam Korinkova, called “The Islamic Princess”, originally a Czech elite fashion model, who became a part of a high-profile conspiracy game, she made big success in the Emirates, with massive support of feared Israeli Mossad and Special Forces of the Czech Army, and secretly wed the ruler of Dubai, prime minister and vice president of United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, she sits on a soft silk cushion, watching two persons on the other side of a small fire, which enlightens and warms faces, because nights in desert are colder during winter months, even in Persian Gulf states.

And who are her companions? Two highly positioned executives, or rather masterminds of mysterious Wu Corporation, an extremely powerful multinational corporation, originating from Shanghai, China, and very effective executive tool for promoting interests of Chinese Communist Party worldwide, or Illuminati, or who knows.


But they don’t even try to hide the fact, that it was them, who played with Maryam, like if she would be their puppet, just one pawn of many, whereas the Wu corporate rats are pulling levers from distance, using various inconspicuous fronts and bribery, to achieve unknown goals, but if those two particular top executives were involved, and directly, if they were willing to meet Maryam and discuss mutual interests, it had to be something extremely valuable, and most likely deciding the future of the whole world.

But there was a deep abyss and strict dividing line between those three: Maryam was a Muslim, she converted to Islam here, in the Emirates, in famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, hiding her immense beauty under Islamic hijab once and forever, whereas the other two were filthy, sinful infidels, shameful disbelievers, who denied to acknowledge Allah, their Creator and sole Master.

Indeed, Maryam found Allah in this Middle Eastern land, and it was quite easy, natural, in an Islamic country, where Islam was hitting your mind, soul, heart and all senses from all sides, all the time, day and night, and you would succumb, sooner or later: or rather it was her destiny, this submission to the will of Allah.

But how could it be, that those two disbelievers should become a part of her Straight Path as well, and maybe quite an important one?

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein Emirates Dubai Al Maktoum Wife Equestrian Conspiracy UAE Sheikh - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsMaryam was pregnant, and this situation was changing everything. She was the third, secret wife of the Sheikh, and he wed her, to provide suitable counterpart against his two previous wives, senior Sheikha Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum, and junior Princess Haya bint al Hussein, who threatened his position of power now, particularly Haya, who got dangerous connections even in the extremely powerful Emirates CounterIntelligence service, and who knows where else, promoting subversive, imported ideas of women empowerment and decadent Western female “liberation”, threatening to disintegrate healthy, conservative, traditionally Islamic society of United Arab Emirates, just as corrupted U.S. aggressors and insatiable, ruthless imperialists planned.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Fashion Model Czech Emirates Dubai Sheikh Wife Bride Secret Child Heir Conspiracy Israel Special Forces Illuminati China - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsBoth two original wives could easily connect against the Sheikh, and his power against them was limited, as they had secured their positions of power and influence well. And this fact really disturbed the Sheikh, until this Maryam showed up, like if she would be a perfect gift, sent by Allah, to help the Sheikh to resolve the situation, and maybe to experience the feelings of pure love again, as Maryam was a young, cute, pretty, seducing, but vulnerable and fragile inside, looking desperately for a fatherly figure in her life: hence her codename, given by foreign conspirators, SKINNY PUPPY, or Asset A102 (designation by Czech SF/SPECOPS, who delivered precise personal file of Maryam, including deep psychological assessment, to Israelis).

She could be hidden blessing, or destruction, as the Sheikh knew about her Israeli connections, but in the end, he made the decision: in order to get upper hand in the family and Emirates again, he accepted Maryam as his secret third wife, and also capable advisor in Female Affairs, how to counter the other two, much different generation and with completely different cultural and social background, than she, because Maryam was originally just an ambitious common Czech girl, but educated in very beneficial field of study: Public Relations and Marketing Communication.

And it was Princess Haya herself, who literally delivered Maryam to the Sheikh in the end, as she had allegedly her own interest in the complex “Maryam Affair”. The question remained: what was the personal agenda of Maryam, and what Allah demanded from her after this high profile connection, except her reputated Da’wah, Islamic missionary activity, which she executed in the most unusual place, the famous night club of the world, Armani Prive Lounge, located at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world?

When Maryam found, that she was pregnant, she perceived it as ultimate blessing, but also the most demanding test of Allah. And then…

Just when she was able to regain her stability again and accept the fact, that she will be a mother under complicated consequences, when father of the child can’t make any open, public connection with her, at least for now, something happened.

One day, just when her body started to adjust to the pregnancy, she started vomiting in the morning and her tastes changed, she simply went to sleep, quite tired after another demanding day in Dubai, dedicated primarily to worshipping Allah, of course, as such is the purpose of creating the human kind.

And during the night, this young, pretty and inspiring upcoming mother had this very unusual dream.

“Maryam…!” some unknown male voice, so clear and so loud, so deep and so hollow, almost inhuman, and so urgent, pronounced her Islamic name suddenly, shocking her completely, like if he would be just besides her bed.

She wanted to wake up immediately and to cry for help, but she couldn’t: she was too deep in her dream. The only thing was to rely on protection of Allah and His angels, who guard you day and night, and to face this unknown, unexpected nightmare.

“Hear the order of Allah, and listen well!” the voice said decisively, slowly, and commandingly.

“Allah demands to put Princess Haya down, out of Emirati structures of power. She is a threat to Islam, and you are chosen as a tool of Allah, to eliminate Haya’s negative influence in the Emirates, damaging righteous interests of the traditional Emirati society and people, thus their sustainable future, without forbidden novelties in the faith and Western decadent ideas, bringing erosion to the religion. Indeed, Allah is wise, and He gives many chances to His believers, to earn a lot of credit.”

Of course, that Maryam was always highly jealous of Haya, feeling even hatred towards her, from many reasons, she had to share her husband with her, and bad side of the fashion model’s personality desired to get rid of her, and get higher in the ranks, to be number one in the end, and effectively become the Queen of the Emirates.

Maryam was in so advantageous and unique strategic position, that such immense achievement, much excessing all bold girlish dreams from Harlequin romance novels about noble princes on white horses, could be really possible… with the permission, help and blessing of Allah.

But Princess Haya was still something like her big mother here, although physically much smaller, against 177 centimeters tall fashion model: still too big, too powerful in all senses.

In comparison with Haya and her overall might, Maryam was still relatively nobody, the older colleague could literally crush her, like a cockroach, she even proved it, by literally kidnapping Maryam from her flat and threatening her to expel her from the Emirates forever, and this feeling of being a slave of someone was making Maryam partly uneasy, and partly angry, willing to eliminate her competitor anyhow, not to be only the second woman in Sheikh’s bed.

She had this secret personal dream, which kept her going even in this complicated times, full of uncertainty, that the Sheikh will come to visit her family one day, and she will be able to introduce him as official husband… oh, Allah, they would be surprised, all neighbours and friends, when the ruler of Dubai, together with his massive cohort, would come to the distant Islamic Silesia, where Maryam was born! They would be surprised, how far Maryam made it, in the vast world, full of opportunities!

But before sweet victory, there was a war to fight and win. The confrontation between both women would happen anyway, sooner or later. This feud had to be resolved, and if Maryam will have upper hand, by launching a surprising offensive, she can win… with the permission of Allah.

“Indeed, I am a servant and slave of Allah, and I obey His commands without exception,” Maryam replied to the voice calmly. “But I have no means to use against Haya, and she has literally an army of assets in her disposal, to use against me. And the Sheikh, although my husband, will hardly stand on my side: in the end, he will sacrifice me easily, because I would just serve to my original purpose, to be a female counterweight to dangerous Haya, and expendable chess figure against her, which can be sacrificed easily, to send a female message.

The Sheikh doesn’t know yet, that I am expecting his child: and I am not sure, whether to tell him. I could become very inconvenient for some interests in such situation…

If I should succeed in such demanding task, which Allah Himself assigned to me, I need some support, allies, or help… or does Allah want me to use my poor future child as a weapon against Haya? Couldn’t this innocent creature be saved from this war and madness, oh Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful?”

But no one answered her, it seemed, and Maryam regretted her hesitance and excuses, and too much thinking. She really didn’t show as an obedient servant of Allah this time… but Allah always accepts repentance, she remembered, and it warmed her heart. She will rectify her mistake, her weak moment!

Then, instead of vocal answer, she got a sign suddenly. A big corporate logo, striking, aggressive, red and orange, right in front of her eyes.

Just “WU” was written there, in big letters.

Maryam woke up, and ran to find a piece of paper, to write it down quickly, before she could forget the advice.

Then, she fell asleep again, and she would consider it just as a strange dream, if she wouldn’t wake up in the morning, finding the “WU” note, made with her own hand.

And she understood in that moment, that it was indeed a sign of Allah, and she has no right to ask questions, only to obey His command, to the last dot. Moreover, Princess Haya was also her personal interest. Oh, how grateful was Maryam to Allah for this particular assignment, in the name of higher good!

And it’s those corporate rats from Wu Corporation, who can, or should help her somehow. Indeed, if somebody was powerful enough, to remove whole governments, in any country of the world, it was them. Countless disturbing rumors were circulating about them… and most of them were spread by themselves, as they had many media on their payroll, well knowing, how to play the media game for their favor.

LR Health Beauty Systems Germany Illuminati Conspiracy MLM Multilevel marketing Ales Buksa Stb Communist Police - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsMany years ago, they started as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, called LR Health and Beauty Systems, allegedly established by German Illuminati themselves, under leadership of controversial Czech entrepreneur Ales Buksa, allegedly a pathologic liar and StB (Communist CounterIntelligence service) high-profile collaborator, in the rank of executive agent for deployment abroad, which main weapon was sharp tongue, ability to promise even the blue color from the sky, and sell it to the naive fools, together with sweet promises of future gains.

Buksa, coming from a pampered Czech Communist family, infiltrated the Illuminati ranks by very beneficial marriage with an older, but very wealthy and influential West German woman, and it was StB, who ordered him to seduce her, and bring her to the wedding altair, providing her complex personal file, in order to persuade Illuminati, to work for Communists (in fact a red version of Love Jihad).

Love Jihad Submission Woman Female Infidel Islam Manhood Muslim Destiny Demand Desire Dawah - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Later, the company expanded, using massive Chinese capital, with clear goal: to conquer and rule the world, but it was not clear anymore, who serves who, who is leader, and who is servant: obsolete Illuminati, hidden in their medieval castles in Bavarian Alps, like rats, or aggressive, steadily expanding, unstoppable Chinese, feared by many?

Ales Buksa LR Health Beauty Systems Germany Illuminati Conspiracy MLM multilevel marketing executive agent communist police marriage wealthy woman - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs(Note: Buksa, allegedly close to bankruptcy today, owing millions of EUR, had to pawn his “chateau” in Malenovice, Islamic Silesia, and all other property, but he still plays a successful man in deserved retirement. There is also a rumor, that it was Buksa, who conceived Lenka Filipova‘s daughter Lenny, who later converted to Islam, as Illuminati wanted to have the loose ends tied: the membership of Filip family in Illuminati ranks had to be “bound by blood”)


Maryam studied Wu corporate website carefully, searching for some way, how to contact them discreetly. And she found something very suitable, particularly for her. But there will be a big price to pay for Wu’s help: you paid not with money for “Special Products” of this unique company, you paid with your soul. Literally.

Anyway, now, she was sitting with Wu’s big shots here, in the desert, having a “party”, together with eight female members of heavily armed security element, with their hair and necks covered with hijabs, watching Maryam and both executives closely.

The older woman against her was wearing a nice white winter sky jacket from Prada, with fur hood, which Maryam noticed in recent Prada collection, with immodest price tag of 4900 USD. But for these people, money meant nothing anymore. Only their own dreams.

Ivona Selnikova LR Health Beauty Systems MLM Multi Level Marketing Morava Silesia Ostrava Martin Chodur Conspiracy China - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsHer name was Ivona Selnikova, originating also from Islamic Silesia, and she was the Executive Director of Wu Corporation. Recently elected as a Woman of the Year, it was that despised multi-level marketing (MLM) and alleged corporate sectarianism in LR Beauty Systems company, allegedly established by German Illuminati themselves, what brought her immense personal and managerial success in the new millennium. Later, the mighty and rising Chinese came, copying the unique sectarian, PSY-HR, gambling psychology and MLM strategy of the company, highly efficient for massive growth, getting control and influence, so Wu only allowed Ivona, to play her perfected game on much bigger, international, even global scale (if Allah will permit, the gambling and casino connection will be mentioned in upcoming part in more detail).

Ivona Selnikova LR Beauty Health Systems Illuminati Germany Conspiracy Silesia Ostrava Martin Chodur Executive MLM multilevel marketing - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsA bogus blonde, but extremely intelligent and educated, who graduated from not only one, but two Universities, earning two Master degrees. Aged over 40, doing just anything to remain young and pretty, including highly extravagant move of obtaining a lover, who was sixteen years younger, than she, a Czech B-Class male singer Martin Chodur, but this move was rather strategic, to access structures of social power in Silesia through him, using him as her perfect puppet, who simply fell in love with her, willing to do absolutely anything to pamper and protect her, indeed a devoted servant for a top executive, and Estrogen Mafia elite.


Ivona’s mouth was full of porcelain, so she needed to present her perfect, shining white artificial teeth, which cost the price of a decent car, all the time, smiling, like mad, because smile sells, as all that corporate instructions say.

“We are business people, we simply connect offer and demand together, we create and use opportunities, and we offer opportunities,” Ivona resumed the conversation. “What we want to suggest you, Maryam, could be extremely beneficial for you, and also for that Islam of yours. You want to please your Allah?

Yes, we have a plan, how to make the most from the cooperation with you, a person in very unique position, as we see it. And believe it or not, you were in our interest for very long time. Maybe we even helped you to that place, where you are now, so you are exactly where we wanted and needed you. Or was it just Allah, who got you there? What do you think?

You have your interests, and you want a special product from us, to help you in a certain… situation. But you will definitely agree, that in this world with unlimited opportunities, available for anybody with sharp mind and seeing eyes, the achievements are limited only by your own imagination?

So, here is the deal: we will give you the special product you need, you will help us to promote it, and our company, and in the process, you will gain many points for Islam, by putting down Princess Haya, your personal competitor, who jeopardizes Emirates with importing women empowerment and similar sick Western ideas of social engineering… that would please that Allah of yours, no?” the older woman put a rhetorical question.

“All sides will be satisfied, many poor souls saved, and you will be rewarded by Allah,” she continued yet, talking like an experienced saleswoman. “What more should you ask?”

“Sounds too good to be true… because you are an infidel, hardly having any interest in the righteous victory of Islam over the world, and liberating all who need it,” Maryam doubted. “But it was the will of Allah, that I came here, that we are sitting here now, we can talk, and I will listen to your proposition carefully, before making premature judgements, because not me, Allah will decide, what to do.

In fact, not only me, but also Allah is present here with us right now, listening to you carefully, because I am His slave, obeying His command, and He sees and hears everything.

I just wonder… I had this strange dream recently, and somebody was talking to me similar way, like you now, about Princess Haya. Is it a miracle, or rather some secret, classified military technology? Some brain waves?” Maryam was disturbed.

“Who knows,” the executives smiled with secrecy. “Would it make any difference? Take it as a sign. You want to remove Princess Haya from rule anyway, she is the last obstacle for you, to become the queen of the Emirates. Very simple numbers… and we are well informed, you can imagine.”

charles-aznavour-nikola-dotkova-lenka-filipova-special-forces-fashion-model-secret-covert-clandestine-intelligence-operation-czech-army-or-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThey “forgot” to remind that tiny Assault Device, still present in Maryam’s residence on 102nd floor of Burj Khalifa, installed by Nikola Dotkova, an asset of the Czech Special Forces, who pretended to be a tabloid media reporter, threatening Maryam to release a lot of devastating dirty laundry about her, to push her towards Sheikh, like Haya did later. Indeed, many parties had interest on this connection, and Allah maybe too: otherwise, He wouldn’t allow it.

“Anyway, you won’t be disappointed, together with Allah,” the female executive promised firmly. “We do clean business, to satisfy our customers beyond their imagination! And regarding Princess Haya… who knows? Maybe she approached us, and asked for a way, how to put the Sheikh himself down. And who knows? Maybe we created such way, and sent… for example, you? A perfect battering ram, an ultimate operative, who knows only a part of her real mission, purpose, and also value? Who fights for her fortune, like a proper woman?

But let’s forget all old slanders, that useless conspiracy gossip! What happened, it happened… now, let’s live in the present: you have a chance to strike back, to do your deserved revenge against all oppressors and dirty masterminds, including that treacherous Israelis, who let you down in the end, and in the process, to make something good for the Sheikh, for the Emirates, for Islam, and of course, for yourself!

Girl, other women would literally kill, to be at your place, and to have such powerful friends, who can help you to achieve the most demanding goal: become a ruler!

Can you imagine, how old is such a dream? Whole ages, the complete history of human kind! And it persists, it’s everlasting, no technological advancement can remove it! Maybe some contemporary fools exchanged reality for virtual world, losing themselves there, becoming slaves, sheep, objects… but some of us women are different, we live for power! Me, and you too! Even if you would certainly say, that all power belongs only to Allah, and He is the only victor!

Can you feel, how perfect is everything in your life, right now? Indeed, your Allah is so generous to you! The people out there, so small, so insignificant, so miserable… and you? A Princess, and soon a Queen maybe, with our help! Can I consider myself as His servant too? So, why shouldn’t you appreciate me? And why shouldn’t you cooperate with us?

But you know well, what we want from you, before we will give you all the gifts!

So, Maryam: the time for advance repayment is now, before we will fulfill all your secret dreams. Pay now… and pay with hard cash of information!”

Of course, that Maryam knew the general conditions of this very unique and immensely influential company, like everybody, as they stated it very widely on the Wu website. Their controversial “basic questionnaire” was very reputated, but many ambitious fools appreciated simplicity and low barriers to get a perfect job.

Wu never demanded any education, schools, or languages: just so called Special Skills, never explaining, what it means, but attracting people from all over the world into Dubai, where their main corporate offices were present, where all the recruitment process took place:

Your Dreams Begin In Dubai. Wu

Without saying a word, quite coldly, like if nothing would be in stake, Maryam reached for her Prada handbag, and presented a stack of papers to Ivona, who accepted it with victorious, satisfied smile, when seeing the title of the document: it was literally a human soul in paper form, indeed a very special and dear gift, with endless value.

“Well, well, look at that… and I thought, that she is your best friend???” Ivona said with deep amusement, and her male colleague started laughing loudly. “You are giving us Zuzana Jandova, Miss Czech 2008, on silver plate, identifying her ‘dirty laundry’, weaknesses and secret dreams… not bad! I mean, for the start!”

Zuzana Jandova: Elite Fashion Model

“I think, that Zuzana deserves a chance,” Maryam explained her reasons. “I am doing this for her, to help her, not to damage her, or destroy her. People know, that you are the ones, who bring opportunities, and she desperately need one, to restart her stagnating professional career. I don’t want to watch her struggling with circumstances, and this way, I can do something good for her. I know, that she is searching, and I want her to find.

Indeed, she was my best friend, she was always nice to me, and although she is still infidel practically, so there is an abyss between us now, Allah has His plans with her, that is most certain, and I am His tool myself, executing His will with my own deeds. So remember, infidels: this girl belongs to Allah, she will be submitted to Him one day, and she is under His protection. Treat her fairly, and she can serve you well. But don’t hurt her, otherwise, nobody can protect you against resentment of Allah.

I wish, that someday, Zuzana and I will prostrate in front of Allah together, being close souls again, like we once were. I feel, that she is my sister, and you need a friend, if you are a Muslim, or disbeliever. Here, in the Emirates, whom can I trust? Too big game is played with me, and people approach me with unknown intentions.

If you will be satisfied with her, if you will use her… I would like to ask you, to deliver her to me, here. I want to bring her to Islam, to accompany her on the final stage of her path, personally. She deserves it.”

“This revelation comes just in perfect time,” Ivona exchanged looks with her male colleague. “There is a concept for so called ‘Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE’, very fine plan, and a fashion model is needed for it: a classified mind control test, executed by Special Forces of the Czech Army.


Using your insider information, Maryam, we will examine, whether Jandova can’t be our girl. If she is… then believe us, that she will receive many, many perks in the worldly sense, and her career will literally skyrocket. We can even secure membership in the Munich lodge of feared Illuminati for her.

Good beginning, Maryam, indeed! But you know our rules, and we can make no concessions from them, as it would bring erosion into our corporate values, the reason of our success. We want you to fill the ‘basic questionnaire’ too, and we insist.”

“I can do it, because you will never own me, even if I will reveal my apparent secrets,” Maryam said indifferently. “But you know, that I belong to Allah only. My mind, my body, my heart, it’s all property of Allah.”

“Allright, deal is done,” the older woman complimented Maryam’s pledge. “Now, let’s start already, it’s getting late and there is still a lot to discuss. My colleague will explain the technical details of the product. As you know, he is in charge of ‘Special Projects’ division of our company.”

Will Maryam become another victim of Wu magicians and fraudsters?

“I am a manager, maybe a little bit of salesman, not a scientist,” the man said modestly. “But who cares about some complex details anyway? You simply want to know, whether we can provide you the results you need: you are pregnant, and you want to be assured, that your child be born healthy, not damaged or even destroyed by omnipresent electronic radiation of cell phones, Wi-Fi, and so on. You are a responsible mother, willing to protect your child from these devastating influences, using all means possible.

But how? That’s a question for million dollars! Active jamming is forbidden by law, and you, a citizen, are literally obliged to allow that nasty radiation waves to come through your body, and brain.

Can you feel it? That devastating energy, invisible waves, hitting your brain, heart, all body organs? Do your internal organs like it? And your womb, carrying your future child, your ultimate responsibility?

This is, what the doctors are warning about, that mobile phones can be dangerous for health, but everybody ignores them, sleeping with their beloved phones just beside the head, on the nightstand, because they are addicted…

But try to stop these waves, start an active electronic jammer, to protect yourself and your body, or use too much of aluminium foil,  as you would like to get rid of the nearby Wi-Fi, and a police commando will assault your house, accusing you, that you break the communications act, disrupting national security, or something, and you have to stop, otherwise, you will be fined, and if you won’t stop, you will be jailed…

As you can see, a human has no right to defend against unhealthy EM radiation, as such act is always detected, and reported, even too extensive use of dumb aluminium foil, which doesn’t emit any energy itself.”

“But that is terrible!” Maryam interrupted the presentation. “You can only leave the civilization, or hide behind walls, if you don’t want to have your health damaged? That’s not fair!”

“Walls can’t protect you completely, because they are always passable through, as the wall also needs to breath, to compensate the weather outside,” the man explained. “Even a plate of steel armor allows the radiation to pass through. Only certain materials block the emission, but again: too extensive use of them is detected, and reported to the authorities as hindering national security.

So, imagine, that you would like to stop the EM radiation going through your body, because you want to stay healthy, and you would cover your whole body with aluminium foil, although you would rather suffocate in practice, because you breathe through skin too, and the cover can be never complete  anyway, as you need to leave space for eyes, ears… but let’s omit these details to simplify the problem.

Nice plan, because you have allegedly right to stay healthy… but not to block the comms, important for reasons of preserving national security!

So, from the angle of view of the state interest, you actively and deliberately try to jam the communication frequencies, critical for connection of state forces, but not only Militarized Police and Military, also firemen, paramedics… it means many lives in stake.

And you are jeopardizing those lives and state interests, by disallowing the EM radiation, transmitting cell phone signal, to pass through your body to its destination successfully! For example, the intended receiver is a policeman on duty, who needs to get the order to breach into a flat immediately, to save a dying senior, a grandma, who fell on the ground and she is choking!

If this senior dies by suffocation, and you were standing there with that aluminium cover, blocking the signal… aren’t you an accessory, an accomplice to death by accident, although unintentionally? Still, there is certain connection from legal angle of view, between you and theoretical death of that poor grandma: if you wouldn’t block the comms, the policeman would get the message of critical importance, and the poor grandma could live.

The court’s duty will be to prove, that your act had, or could have, direct consequence in blocking the message, and thus becoming probable cause of death of the grandma, contributing to it from some percentage, whereas it could be averted, at some percentage, if the policeman would get the message, and you wouldn’t be blocking the signal… the doctors will provide testimony after autopsy, whether the grandma could be save by intervention in time, or it would change nothing, as she was lost in advance, and even rapid intervention wouldn’t help, because she had more health problems and she would have to be transported to a hospital in certain number of minutes…

Anyway, you will have troubles, even without a senior dying because of you. But even dressing into that aluminium armor to protect your health is problem, and you will be forced to remove it. At first, they will explain you peacefully, why, pointing at that grandma example… and if you won’t comply, you will be forced.

You remember that infamous case, when that Czech fool drew that insect’s antennas onto the heads on politicans, depicted on several election posters?

Dumb insect’s antennas… he was fined for the crime of the century, and he refused to pay the fine. So he was sent to jail.

Can you imagine? You paint an antenna on a poster, whereas not living in some Khmer Rouge tyranny, and you end in jail, with thieves and criminals and rapists. It’s ridiculous, but real!

Still, did some dumb painted antenna jeopardize life of anyone? Maybe someone could die by laughing, seeing that politician fools ‘improved’… but aluminium foil? Oh, sister, it’s much more serious crime! It directly jeopardizes lives.”

“Good, that you mentioned this case, colleague,” the female executive smiled so widely, that her artificial ultra white teeth shined through desert. “The accused ‘antenna man’ was our covert operative, and it was no coincidence, that the case ended on the judge’s table of a wife of a former powerful politician, former Minister of Interior, Ivan Langer, who had some unfinished accounts with us.

This is, how we delivered him our decent, funny, rather innocent revenge. But he got the message successfully, and he disappeared under the ground, like a mole, not harming us and our interests in the defence realm further.

And there is that asshole Miroslav Kalousek, chairman of National Defence Commission, who sticks his filthy nose into our affairs, particularly The Dark Sun nuclear weapons programme. For him, we had something much more unpleasant. A fine, but pretty nasty, very painful trap… but what else to do with such a fool?


The idiot complains, that we don’t want to allow him for ‘proper inspection of ‘Project 257’ nuclear weapons facility, but North Korean ambassador could participate even at festive opening, and that’s insulting for him as the chairman of NDE, who has to supervise development and operation of Special Weapons of Czech Military, WMDs, in the name of public interest’.


Thus, he makes an idiot from himself already, but he still hadn’t enough. So, you know, what happened, Maryam?”

“I think, that this information is really not public,” the male executive intervened, and tried to stop Ivona with decency. “Moreover, I still didn’t finish my presentation.”

“You can finish it later… to scuttle the fool once and forever, we leaked a ‘highly disturbing’ information, that rumored elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, operating the mentioned nuclear silo, among other things, established a new operational department, called Family Incest Warfare, misusing children against parents, and vice versa.

‘I understand, that to preserve national security, even controversial means need to be used, as the terrorist archenemy, the Islamic State, is insidious beyond tolerance, threatening safety of our citizens, and sustainable future of the Czech state,’ the fool said during next Commission meeting. ‘But this time… our brave Military went too far, and I demand full investigation, who approved such controversial action. The minister of Defence is the first, who will be very seriously asked about the issue, and very extensive reply will be demanded by the Commission.’

Then, during following press conference, one of countless journalists on our payroll asked a question, whether Kalousek himself, known as serious opponent of the Unit’s Unconventional Warfare measures, hasn’t created this disturbing but fake evidence, to push the Defence minister to the wall, so the Chinese, who have Kalousek allegedly on their payroll, would get more defence contracts from the Czech Military…

Can you understand it? The Chinese! It means we, Wu Corporation, the largest defence supplier of the Czech Military, who also fully controls the Unit, and more than half of operators and soldiers are working for us as private contractors, either in EXFOR Paramilitary or VIP Executive Protection Unit, including the Unit’s commander himself, who can be found in our Prague offices during the work days, wearing an Armani suit with two thousand dollars price tag, narrating his old war tales from Iraq proudly!

Everybody knows this fact, how widely the infamous military-industrial complex rules the miserable Czech Army, and now this idiot Kalousek starts to make waves… so, his own political party, with half of the executive board on our payroll as ‘economic advisors’, called his act ‘unacceptable unsanctioned partisanship’ and they even threatened to cancel his party membership, so he will be forced ‘to stop to damage the public image of the party’… the politics is filthy world indeed, but full of fun, when you pull the levers!

What you said about the world of infidels is maybe truth, Maryam. But where is fun in Islam? You take it too seriously, so many duties, you can’t do this and that, you have to do this and that, otherwise you are a sinner and you have to repent… no, religion is nothing for me, so don’t even try to convert me. I am very happy as very rich, and very powerful infidel!

I know, that I am only a pile of flesh and blood, who sticks together by some miracle, so I want to use the unique gift of life for myself, selfishly, not to thank the nature, or Allah, all the time… I call life a miracle, a lucky coincidence, nothing more.

Why should I lose time, worshipping someone, who can’t be seen, whose existence was never proved? What makes you believe, that the Qur’an is truly words of Allah, and Allah Himself is true?

How can it be, that Prophet Muhammad comes, he says, ‘Allah spoke to me through His angel, so hear the message, and write it down’, so Qur’an is made, and you believe it… I understand, that people, who miss something, need to believe in some supernatural power, divine interventions, but… why do you consider those, who doubt about your lore without serious evidence, based just on some traditions and narrations, as inferior people?

I think, that you simply use that Islam to generate more power for yourself, that’s all. But that is fine for me, unless someone of your people won’t blow me up, using our famous ‘Semtex Color’, an improved version of classic Czech plastic explosive, sold in pallette of merry colors to hipster terrorist groups and urban guerillas, who want to preserve their visual identity in all senses, because they want to be chic, cool and sexy, these ‘Vintage Terrorists’, whose we supply with equipment.”


Maryam had a simple basic rule: never to ‘discuss’ Islam. She spoke, when someone listened to her, but when some fool started to present his or her criticism of Islam, even decent, it was a red stopping light for Maryam, she was leaving the particular person immediately, because those arguments were pointless, never to be won, only creating enemies, religious conflicts, feuds and hatred.

“If Allah blessed you with healthy body, abilities and talents, if His angels are protecting you against any harm, you should consider blessed by Allah, and praise Him,” Maryam said sedately. “If you do good deeds for the people, you please Allah, even as an infidel. Now, if you will excuse me for a moment. Religious duty calls.”

It was the time for an Isha prayer.

“So, where did I stop,” the male executive tried to remember, when Maryam returned to their blanket. “Yes, that EM radiation is not healthy for humans, we all know that, but firstly, we can’t stop using those devices by ourselves, pour lives are too dependent on them, and secondly, even if someone would like to go off-the-grid, it’s not possible to escape the EM radiation by using active measures, jammers of any kind.

It means, that by living at the majority of civilized world, you simply have to accept the fact, that EM radiation enters, and damages your body with unknown extent, or maybe the corrupted governments try to hide those disturbing numbers deliberately, so the slaves won’t stop to use the electronic devices, because the state need them to be connected to the Interrnet all the time, under constant control and surveillance, as some conspiracy theoretists would say.

OK, so, let’s say, you are a woman, and you want to have children, because to have children, it’s the primary task of any woman, although the decadent postmodern society tries to persuade the women, that they are free to use their life any way they like, that children have enough time, career is important, and it’s allegedly sexy to be selfish, consuming mindlessly…

But you want to be a woman, as Allah likes, so you want to fulfill your female destiny.

Still, you live in the world, infested with harmful EM radiation. And you know, that EM can damage the proper development of the fetus inside you. You want to avoid it, to assure, that your child will have higher chance to be created and born healthy… but how to achieve this task?

It was said already, that no active measures are allowed, only to live in some distant mountains, or what. But wherever is the mobile signal, there is EM radiation. And you don’t remain at those places just for few minutes, or hours, like under the sun, when sunbathing on a white sand beach at Carribean!

You are there all the time, nonstop, the whole day, even when you sleep, those EM waves are going through your body… imagine, days and weeks and months and years are passing, and 99.9% percent of time you are exposed to EM radiation… it doesn’t sound too good and positively!

The critical mass of the society, 30%, obtained cell phones twenty years ago. Twenty years under this nasty eternal sun of EM, both we and they are contaminating the world with this EM shit, the fools even demand more signal available, so more and more powerful relay towers are built by cell phone operators, and the environment is yet more plagued… 

But solutions are scarce, or even impossible, it seems… with one exception, called PRS, or Personal Radiation Shield, a special product of Wu Corporation, very beneficial for human health, particularly for upcoming mothers, like you, but from various reasons, the product has, and has to have very limited availability, even exclusivity for the few blessed ones: not only to promote it by using favorite ‘scarcity effect’, also, to avoid natural counteractions by state security forces, who really wouldn’t like, if any fool would use it. If only a few people, OK, the state ignores them, they can’t disrupt operations of security forces, but a mass wouldn’t be acceptable.

PRS doesn’t work as a mere block of the EM radiation: it’s completely passive, so its use can’t be easily detected by the authorities, or anyone, as it deliberately masks its function by emitting certain kind of ‘fake bio electrical energy’, which will be displayed on common scanners as completely corresponding to human body, so you won’t protrude from the crowd, as your body won’t report strange EM values to the devices of state security organizations, for example, at airport checkpoints, where every human body is tested for the presence of explosives, unusual jumpiness and other warning symptoms, indicating a suicide bomber, or a drug smuggler.

The advantages of this masked, covert, inconspicuous usage are very obvious: everybody will leave you alone, you won’t raise any suspicion, you won’t become the enemy of the state, provoking interest of the authorities, you will remain decent and passive citizen, accepting all the EM shit from the air, as such is your alleged duty, at least apparently. They will leave you alone.

But your child will be protected, and your body as well. You will have higher chance of survival and longer life of both, as one threat from the environment will disappear in the case of both of you.

Indeed, you will be a good mother, who makes the best for her child. You will do good thing.”

“Sounds fine, but where is the guarantee, that PRS, as you call it, isn’t harmful any other way, if I will have to wear it attached to my body all the time? Wouldn’t I just exchange one health threat for another? And what if the device will be some devil’s invention, who will make another Wu slave from me?” Maryam was full of doubts and questions.

“In your case, Maryam, the answer is the most simple: if it’s the will of Allah, that you should do it, and take this questionable blessing from us, then you should probably follow the command of Allah,” Ivona offered her answer. “Regarding possible health risks… well, even by wearing that black ‘abaya’ of yours, manufactured in Bangladesh or where, where some nasty chemicals are used to color it… or the food you eat… or that contraceptive you use… risks are everywhere, in everything.”

“In practice, the PRS is in fact only a miniature slice of our extremely conductive special alloy, in contact with your body just on one square milimeter, a mere container for nanites,” the male executive finally presented the invention, in size of a larger post stamp, hidden in a cute plastic case, masked as a memory card, to raise no interest during transport. “The released nanites are specially designed to remain in the marginal level of your skin, not entering your internal organs. Thus, only the skin is under certain level of health risk, but this level is acceptable, otherwise we wouldn’t dare to offer the product commercially. Clinical tests were made, and the product was declared without known harmful effects for human health. I even tested it myself, to feel the difference.

As you certainly know, human skin reacts very substantially, if some problem or irritation occurs. So, you would certainly get a warning sign, that your body system doesn’t accept the nanites, or doesn’t tolerate contact with the alloy, which is something between metal and glass.

Moreover, any PRS piece has only limited effectivity in terms of time, it uses a miniaturized biocell as energy source, so the whole product needs to be exchanged every several weeks. So, even if there would be some problem with particular piece, some manufacturing mistake, the sustained harm would still not be critical.

Imagine, that people lived decades in asbestos-infested homes, built by communists, breathing this shit all the time, and still, the cancer levels between them are not some dramatic numbers.

Of course, that there are yet more challenges, as you said, Maryam. For example, you are not able to identify, what is inside the package, as it’s miniaturized, manufactured using nanotechnology, absolutely beyong any possibility to dismantle and check, and it’s designed deliberately this way, to prevent reverse engineering and stealing industrial secrets of Wu Corporation. And there is an in-built biochip indeed, necessary to operate the nanites, which can contain hidden function.

But we don’t do such things, from simple reason: we don’t need it. We have another measures, how to get people onto our side, onto our control. And we also have specialized inventions for this task: it’s called The Device.

I admit, that wearing our product on your body, you could feel under our control, to some extent. But when you use that contraceptive patches… aren’t you under the control of Glaxo-Smith-Kline, or what manufacturer? You allow them to release shit into your body, and let’s be honest, that contraceptive chemicals also aren’t some angel touch for you organs!

But you do it, you believe them, because using their product brings you advantages. You are somehow informed about the risks, and your mind considers them as acceptable, otherwise you would reject to use the product.

Well, this is certainly the same case. If GSK would add some mind-controlling, brainwashing chemical shit into exactly your package, as they know your name from the receipt, and Israelis or Illuminati or Chinese Communists would like to hold you under their grasp… you couldn’t do nothing about it.

It’s your choice, but to be completely honest, the reason, why we two are here, isn’t your use of the product at the first place. If you will decide not to use it, so be it, no problem for us, we don’t even care, one client more or less, main importance of PRS for us is not the functionality anyway, rather other values… the reason, why we are here, is, let’s say, related options of effective Public Relations for all sides, including Islamic community.

We explained you all the details very extensively, unlike GSK, who only give you some leaflet with million of admissible side effects, to be covered, and then, they don’t care… just try to sue them, that their product damaged your health! And you will see the show, what their ruthless PR team will do with you!

Whoever tried it, ended very badly, if he or she didn’t react to all well-meant warnings. Because GSK doesn’t possess only army of PR specialists and lawyers, paid with Devil’s gold, they have even other, and much more unpleasant, let’s say, assets… like Wu’s feared ‘Internal Affairs’ department. Not speaking about Executive Action department of Special Forces of the Czech Army, rumored to execute even assassinations in the name of national security!”

“Enough of this babbling, we are just losing time,” Ivona decided. “You certainly understand the unique advantages of PRS now, Maryam, and we will give it to you, as a gift. Take it, use it, or leave it on the shelf, if you are too scared, or if you will leave the safety and welfare of your beloved child in the hands of Allah, it doesn’t matter.

But there is a very important event, where we want to present the PRS, and create some nice controversy, so you will help to achieve our important goals. And you will do this favor for us, that is another part of our price for our wide favors. Plus, it will help you to gather necessary social resources to put Princess Haya down, because YOU will create a controversy there, acquiring immense social power from it!

In less than fourteen days, there is a key annual technology convention, taking place in Dubai. Many new inventions and alleged miracles will be presented there, all that miraculous, but rather fraudulent start-ups, and all the technology and social media big shots from Silicon Valley will arrive, including that Jew, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, and many other key Jewish entrepreneurs with extreme importance for the world nowadays, including that fools from Google, who can influence the world only by changing the order of search results in their search engine.

And they will all visit a supporting event, which we are organizing. We took care of it, using our powerful front organization, called ‘World Women United’, creating a big campaign, which cost us many millions of dollars, persuading all participants of the convention and media alike, that some extremely important product will be presented there, and directed especially to females, who are perceived as future elite of Information technology, a group with massive social, but also financial potential in the IT.

We are speaking about billions of dollars, which will be offered and spent by all Western governments for economic incentives, workplace grants, women and mothers inclusion, etc. And our key men from San Francisco want to touch this kind of money, you can imagine! So they will come, together will the most important world media.

You can imagine, how important person you will become after the evening, not only speaking there, but doing the show! Next day, your picture will be literally in all newspapers, and in any world country, not only women will know your name, plus, that you are an ambassador of Islam! That will please Allah, indeed, that will spread His fame!

You must say something extremely controversial, to achieve this effect. Slander the PRS, call it devil’s invention, slander our company, slander me personally, anything… it doesn’t matter! We just need an explosion of controversy there!

We prepared some notes and preliminary suggestions you can use, when preparing your speech. We will help you to finalize it, but it will be the most powerful, when you will speak your own mind, your own heart, not reading it from some paper. So we don’t want to intervene too much, we will only supervise, but the task is yours to prepare, and execute.

Do this for us, Maryam… and believe me, that there will be almost no unfulfilled dreams remaining in this world, in this life, for you!”

“That seems like an easy task… but how can this preposterous show help me, to get rid of Princess Haya?” Maryam was curious.

“Girl, you are truly a devoted servant of Allah, or your own interests!” Ivona laughed. “The reply is very easy: our Intelligence resources found, that Princess Haya has allegedly Jewish ancestry. And there are also some disturbing Palestinian connections, which she can’t afford to be revealed. But you know these present tabloid media, like ‘Heavy Slander’, they are merciless…

So, do you think, that this dirty laundry could be enough, to send her back into Jordan with shame, so she will vacate the Sheikh’s bed for you, Maryam, future Queen of the Emirates?

And the child you are carrying… imagine, that he or she will be a legal heir of the Dubai throne, if we will make some slight adjustments, regarding removing all other competitors out of the way, using scandals, gossip and seductive operatives, if you get my meaning…”

Maryam stood up, completely believing this most beautiful girlish dream.

“If such will be the will of Allah, then it will happen. All glory belongs to Allah,” the girl said decisively, feeling utmost gratitude to Allah, Her creator, who rewarded her with so many gifts.

“Now, excuse me, infidels,” Maryam said coldly, grateful only to Him, not them. “It’s time to give some voluntary ‘rakats’ to Allah, and also du’a. There is a lot to thank Allah for, not you! You were only sent by Him to deliver the message. All the perks you are offering me, it always belonged only to Him, and you obtained them only with His permission, with clear intent to give them to me.”

When Maryam left them, Ivona watched her with disdain, whereas the female bodyguard of hers, called Lucy, a former member of an elite counter-terrorist unit of the Czech Police, carrying a submachine gun on her shoulder, moved to the fire, close to burn out, and started to study the Maryam’s documents with indifferent face.

“In the end, you have to become a god, to rule dumb men and women, who want to believe, that some supernatural being is responsible for all events,” Ivona said into the night, under black sky, full of stars, that a poet’s heart would be pleased, but Ivona’s harsh tone ruined the romantic atmosphere. “We just give them, what they want. Where is demand, there is offer. Where is dumb sheep, there is a shepherd. Where is a deer, there is a hunter. It’s still just business.


The girl doesn’t know, what will happen there, and what crime she will commit for us there… forcing Silicon Valley fools, alleged masters, to eat grain from our palm, like our miserable puppets!

Now, let’s leave this scary deserted place, and get back to Dubai, which never sleeps! Moreover, I didn’t pay for the reputated presidential suite in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the most luxurious hotel of the world, to remain empty… and you will be the one, who will warm the king size bed for me, colleague.”

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