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Even if you serve as an elite member of the Czech Militarized Police (PCR), you are still not so different from other hungry people, who desire for a proper professional career, climbing the corporate ladder slowly, but certainly, up to the stars of success, making your name to be known and respected by the superiors.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsFor Alena Malarova, a young Czech police officer, called by her friends “The Squirrel”, as she admires this cute animal, who even likes to decorate her with squirrels, the service at the extremely important Vaclav Veskrna International Airport Prague showed as a perfect career choice, as you can feel very important there, meeting the whole world daily, when sitting in a passport control booth, where all the travellers from all over the world, including the most exotic destinations, rich and poor alike, have to present you their passports, to show you demanded respect, because you are the first proof of Czech state superiority for them, after they landed in Prague, so you can enjoy a lot of respect even from big shots, because in these corrupted infidel lands, not Allah allegedly rules, but them, who got state authorization.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2 AStill, Alena’s body is very small, only some 160 centimeters, just two inches above the demanded minimum height for women to be admitted to the Czech Militarized Police, in practice a modern paramilitary organization, so she would hardly make a big impression in the outside world, if standing besides a tall fashion model, but make no dumb mistake in judgement: this woman is practially a perfectly trained warrior, soldier and even assassin in practice, able to handle various weapons with more than effective skill, from combat knives to machine guns, even light anti-tank rocket launchers (to stop vehicle ramming attacks), and she won’t hesitate to neutralize or even eliminate you, if she will get an order from her superiors, or if she will perceive you as a threat to public order, which must be properly neutralized, in the sacred name of higher interest.

Then, she will calm her crying painful conscience and bad dreams by assuring herself, that she just followed orders, like all those, who committed crimes as members of an executive force, who got so much questionable authority by alleged people, to decide, who will live, and who will be perished from the scene forever, and the gift of like will be taken from him, or her, forever… but the Geneva Conventions state clearly, that no such excuse can be taken into account, when anyone is taken to responsibility for using excesssive police or military force, be it old wartime Nazis, or a modern police officer.

militarized-christmas-police-militarization-isis-islamic-state-terrorism-czech-pcr-combat-urban-g36c-firepower-devastating-military-grade-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs-sAnyway, the airports are critical parts of Western infrastructure nowadays, so they are obtaining high degree of overall protection, and security personnel, assigned to serve there, needs to be perfectly handling even submachine guns, using pistol ammunition, like HK MP5, and assault rifles, using military-grade splintery rounds of small caliber, like HK G36C, to be able to eliminate potential terrorists quickly and effectively, with as low collateral damage as possible, as civilian losses seem bad for the media, always sniffing for a chance to write some filthy slander, jeopardizing public security with their poisonous tongues, damaging carefully built “public picture” of the Police.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 16And all these “advanced” post-9/11 measures for alleged “better public safety”, including dramatic changes in police apparel and tactics (towards regular military uniforms and Special Forces operations: see Alena’s head cover, a beret, used usually by elite Special Forces military units), are called in summary as Police Militarization, and some evil, pessimistic tongues perceive using military weapons, munitions, tactics and measures as dangerous, materializing feared artistic visions of Police State, where the citizen’s rights are suppressed in the name of the “safety” mantra, effectively, like during Nazi and later East Germany, infested with snitches, surveillance and ruthless police commandos, ready to instant assault against alleged enemies of state, where courts became rather formality, and prison sentences were harsh.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 3So, even Alena Malarova, an apparently fragile and innocent girl, is trained to handle such advanced projectile weaponry with devastating effectivity against any lively threat or pest, not only common 9mm pistols, like in the “old times” before 9/11, as the airport had to harden its security precautions after recent crushing wave of terrorist attacks in Europe, so even special ammunition, designated for Special Forces use, started to be delivered into the magazines of Alena’s service weapons, like hollow point bullets, dum-dum, poisoned, or even incendiary projectiles: just every means is used to stop the terrorist threat.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS by Alan SvejkBut from Alena’s personal angle of view, those sad events are even positive, however controversially it sounds for civilian fools, because such disturbing events, terrorism and violence in the streets, it means good living for all security personnel, good professional opportunities and secure, fully sustainable future, both in financial and career sense, as many security contracts are available, when the Western war machine and military-industrial complex runs at full speed, not speaking about wide love opportunities, when serving in mixed airport security patrols with elite male paratroopers from the Special Forces of the Czech Army, 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion, suspected to have also a clandestine civilian part for executing full-scale black operations, including assassinations, kindappings and general Active Measures.

“If there would be no terrorists,” a CIA official once said, “we would have to invent them.”

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 25Ruthless men indeed, those paras, always having index fingers near trigger of their G36 assault rifles, loaded with devastating 5.56mm splintery ammunition, ready to seriously hurt any filthy terrorist from omnipresent Islamic State. Recently, in a very controversial decision of the Czech government, these elite soldiers, trained for a regular warfare and counter-guerilla operations in the hills of Afghanistan, were called to “help” at the airport, shopping malls, city centers… was such radical step towards militarization of the Czech society really necessary? But dumb infidel sheep always got, what they deserve, and what they voted for in free elections.

But for a sensitive, emotional woman, like Alena, full of desire, these men could show a higher dimension of love, reminding her, what masculinity really means, after meeting all that weak, soft male fools of present times, degenerated cowardly civilians from the streets of large cities, with their minds brainwashed with estrogen and pheromone propaganda, their bodies weakened with female hormones from drinking water, literally wiping the male gender, if not using a proper protection.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 22Of course, that working as an immigration officer at the airport has also setbacks: Alena and her colleagues are literally in the first line, people are breathing at them closely, whereas many infections can be airborne, the police operators have to touch hundreds of various passports daily, and those things can contain various diseases, including lethal ones, even ebola or anthrax, because the holders of the passports are from many exotic locations with various degrees of cleanliness, hygiene and medical care.

Still, the feeling of might is worth all the risks absolutely, when you feel like somebody, because a police officer, it’s an superior being everywhere. And Alena enjoys such good position as well… why not, anyway? She is a young girl, and she has dreams.

Whom would she be, if not serving in police ranks, anyway?

Some girlish loser in a cold corporate building without windows, with her skin pale and ears tired of permanent noise in “open space office”, a nobody, like thousands of such girls in Prague, coming from small villages to escape their families, their pasts and fates, to grant “a new start” for themselves, as a girl is young and pretty only once, and shortly, and she needs to use this sweet period of life time for maximal achievements.

But here, at the airport, if she is given wide authority by the state?

Alena Malarova is the one, who decides about life and death of people as part of her work, she has their fates in her hands, literally: only one slight move of her small palm, and the sharp deadly bees will start flying from the barrel of her CZ 75 service pistol… she can feel like a goddess indeed, and you can hardly resist such seducing feeling. Who tasted it once… he or she can’t go back, and who once killed, who tasted blood, like Marketa Vselichova, a Czech Special Forces assassin, too.

Moreover, few years ago, as a promising cadre of the Czech Ministry of Interior, Alena Malarova participated in a special Public Relations project, when dating a B-class social star of Czech showbusiness, called Karel Fryd, nickname “Plush Toy”, as he was a cute boy once, when making his “15 minutes of media fame” during the Czech version of “Big Brother” reality-TV show in 2005.

Jakub Horak Ivan Langer Police Ministry of Interior Czech Prague CZ advertisement Public Relations conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairThe Czech police is paying various PR and advertisement specialists secretly, like the reputated creative magician Jakub Horak, to come with good PR projects, original and efficient ideas, how to make the Police more likeable, and Horak is the man of very original ideas. So, during the epoch of a previous Czech minister of Interior, Ivan Langer, he suggested to create a high-profile star couple, consisting of a media star, and a female police officer, showing to the public, inspiring the audience, that women can fulfill all their dreams in the police ranks indeed, to attract more recruits.

“Some dumb citizens are concerned with recent alleged police militarization, not willing to accept, that the ‘updating of firepower’ is only for their sake and higher good, so we can protect them against countless terrorist threats! So, we need a nice, innocent diversion, to redirect the attention, let’s say, more desirable way,” Ivan Langer explained the demanding assignment to Horak, when they were drinking an expensive whiskey in a VIP bar of Prague, “SaSaZu”, in a very relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by some corporate gold-digger sluts, who like to keep close to those in power, and both men had rather informal, friendly relationship, and this is, how the best jobs and business contracts are achieved in corrupted Czechia, and elsewhere.

You simply have to know people, to party with them, to play golf in Marienbad with them, and then, just wait, golden ducks will start falling from the sky, right into your hungry mouth, because the expensive bitches you want to fuck, they won’t spread their legs just to any fool!

“Like in a good movie, my good friend, LOVE always works the best, as diversion, love can catch full attention of fools, because all of the people desire for love, that’s a basic human need, like air, food or secure housing,” Horak had an idea, with his extensive 25 years experience in highest business structures of Czech advertisement and PR.

Martin Jaros Qatar Executive Manager Creative Advertisement International Czech Corporate Public Relations PR Islam Muslim Qatari Wahhabi protest - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIn the small Czech elite marketing pond, only Martin Jaros, now working as a top executive for a mobile operator in Qatar, exceeds Horak with his creative skills and international achievements: but Jaros now has his own problems with Czech Wahhabis from Teplice, connected with Bosnian and Qatari Salafi structures, who started to push on Jaros, to convert to Islam, to stop “just exploiting the Muslims, taking money from them, living with them, and still remaining filthy infidel.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 19“So, my brother, make a secret audition, select a cute police woman, who looks like a sexy party girl as civilian, as a social leader,” clever Horak suggested to Langer. “And assign her to a mid-size male media star, so she will be presented in the mass media, and public will recognize her! Her media success and wide public visibility will remind all the fools, that police can be a perfect career choice, where you can be somebody, and you will obtain high social position, not speaking about love, money and respect!”

(There is a rumor, that Horak also “created” the current motto of the Czech Police, “To Help And To Protect”, obtaining a royal wage of 50.000 USD of taxpayers money for it, whereas he simply “borrowed” it from a movie about cops in Los Angeles, who used similar noble proclamation on their police cruisers widely, and Horak only slightly altered it, to avoid natural accusations of plagiarism)

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 5Anyway, it happened, that Alena was chosen in the audition, as she fulfilled all requirements, allegedly “for special tasks of high national security importance”, whereas Karel Fryd became her lover, as the masterminds needed.

Although Fryd was an alleged media star, and the whole country recognized him, as he looked like a cute boy from a boy band, he was pretty broke, without a flat, without steady income and financial security, so he later moved into Alena’s appartment, obtained using a mortgage, located in Prague-Dolni Chabry, or Prague-Horni Mecholupy, or which distant forgotten hole at suburbs, they are all like the same: and only a dumb fool, foreigner or villager from Islamic Silesia moves there, losing all opportunities and “vibe” of the lively city center!

Still, the particular residential building was new and quite chic, to sell it successfully to dumb fools, desiring to own a flat, and Czech people are obsessed with bold and extravagant developer projects, even in such distant, cursed and small holes, that it takes you an hour, to get into city center. But fools still buy such flats, like mad, the demand is led by rich New Russians, mafiosi and fake blonde sluts with fake tits, lashes and nails, with stuffed bras, like that bitch Lana Del Rey, sponsored by rich lovers or dads, who will buy just anything, just to “own some property in the Western paradise”, to raise their social level.

It was the Czech bank rats, who persuaded the Czech sheep in a massive advertisement campaign, created by mentioned Jakub Horak many years ago, that “every decent responsible citizen needs to OWN a flat, and renting is only for fools”, even if the price is extremely high in many senses, that you have to take a mortgage, to lose your freedom and calm sleep, and to get indebted for twenty or even thirty years to come. But banks need to get you on the endlessly active leash, so you will pay them various “fees for services” forever, so their management in Giorgio Armani suits and business costumes, plus hungry shareholders, can get even fatter.

For Alena Malarova, a state employee with her stable income of more than sufficient amount, to get a mortgage was completely easy and natural. She deliberately chose a ground floor flat, with a small adjacent green garden, which she wanted, to have more living space and air, not just a mere balcony. She made all the extensive interior decorations herself, even building a small swimming pool outside, using help of her VIP friends, and also a Police colleague, Tomas Kucera, an assault dog handler from the elite URN Rapid Intervention Counter-Terrorist Team, who participated in the controversial 2014 Police Raid Against Czech Mosques, and later also in a canine incident with Czech Wahhabi Muslims, to create a nice place to live.

Anyway, the new flat didn’t bring her luck in love life, and there was a certain stain in Alena’s heart, an unhealed wound.

When they were still in a previous rented flat with Karel Fryd, things were OK between them. They were dating for several years together, much longer, than bold planners of the Interior Ministry anticipated, for their ingenious PR campaign, serving to get public favors and “better public perception of the Police”, to be successful.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 17They were a perfect couple indeed: she, tiny, slim and cute, shining in her original dresses and vibrant colors she loved, but dangerous in her daily job, accompanied by Karel, a cute boy with perfect smile, working as a male fashion model of course, who later entered the subculture of bodybuilders, losing his former famed cuteness, after using anabolic steroids, which change even your face, either temporarily, by mere water retention, or permanently, if you play with human growth hormone (GH), very favorite substance to misuse in sport in the last few decades.

It allows immense muscle growth, but for a high price indeed: also other parts of your body are growing irrevocably and irreversibly, like nose or jaws, plus internal organs, so you can easily remind a real monster, having muscular and well defined abdomen without fat, but it’s strangely protruding and big, reminding a pregnant woman, as the enlarged organs are deforming it terribly, and this horrible aesthetic defect can be seen on all top bodybuilding contests for the last 25 years at least.

But mad boys like Karel, or Jiri Borkovec, a self-claimed winner of Mr. Universe 2011 international contest, they are willing to pay any price for intimidating muscularity, to attempt to cure the deep complexes of their body, their temple, the only thing a person really possesses in the world, and still relatively.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 10Alena’s soul was pure, so she fell in love with Karel quickly and deeply, because you simply felt so great as a woman in Karel’s company.

Not only he raised excited and wide attention everywhere he came, also jealousy and desire from all women around, if he was in a closer female company, but he was also entertaining, highly pleasant companion, original and exciting, so as a girl, you felt in a complete paradise with him at your hip, you were never bored, like with many fools.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 12Alena appreciated the blessing to have such great creature in her life and bed, so she tried to be a good girlfriend: modest, but well dressed, shining, having her own striking feminine style, supporting Karel in his media projects, to gain more fame and attention of key Czech tabloid media, like “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine… and it was easy for her, she belonged into the same society, like him, into same social circles, she had even a lot of same friends from Czech VIPs, who liked to gather “acquaintances of power” for potential future needs.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 7She wanted to believe, that this fairy tale will continue endlessly, that they will even get marry one day, staying together forever. Like a lot of girls, she was a little bit naive, but she had a lot to offer to Karel, who had hardly some professional perspectives, as a mere personal trainer, because this job only sounds sexy, but in practice, you are still a nobody, and dirty business deals with steroids can hardly bring you a sustainable and stable future, whereas other jobs are not for you, a media star, who has his or her “public picture” to protect, together with deep arrogance and obsession…

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 20So, Alena tried to show and prove to Karel every day, that it’s also in his best interest, to count with her, to stay with her, regarding not only company and support, even material security. She was a clever woman, never saying openly, that he is rather a loser, and only she has a future. She wanted him to make a good choice by himself, only indicating and showing him the truth: that with her, with the useful support she had in all senses, not counting the police protection, they could have sustainable and happy life together.

But like many men, although they are generally perceived as primitive and dumb by women, thinking allegedly only about sex and female bodies, Karel started to feel the pressure, that she is taking the relationship way too seriously, that she simply counts with wedding and marriage for sure, even without a word spoken. Still, only Alena’s body and eyes spoke clearly enough, because she was a honest, modest Czech girl, who wanted some basic things from life.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 15When they were still in the rented flat, it was quite easy for Karel to “evade” the issue, to avoid it, to deny it. But when they later moved into Alena’s new appartment, owned solely and clearly by her, he started to literally choke there, as it was solely HER land, everything belonged to her there, including HIM, and he started to feel like a slave in chains, who can’t breathe, who can’t do what he wants, although the outside world shines with sun and endless opportunities… but only if you have freedom.

To be honest, Karel’s relationship with Alena was rather pragmatic, than passionate, as he could have absolutely any woman, with his cute boyish face, which opened all doors for him, and such vast options for mating would corrupt any man. Still, he was a relatively good boy inside, it was natural for him to take care of his lover, however, Alena’s particular beneficial social position and money on her account were also an important factor, influencing his heart and mind, in decision to be and stay with her, to devote his time, energy and resources, including sperm, to her.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 9Indeed, dating a police officer brings immense advantages in all senses, you can imagine. But particularly Alena was not only the power of an uniform, her influence didn’t end when undressing the belt with 9mm service pistol, because she had vast social connections in the “outside world”, and all doors were open to her too, allowing Karel to slip in also, and vice versa, so they worked in perfect synergy, helping each other, like it should be between lovers and spouses.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 14Still, in the new flat, from Karel’s personal angle of view, disadvantages of the relationship with Alena, which he never intended as something extremely serious and ultimate, started to get stronger, and bothering both sides. Money and perks were good to enjoy, but as a man, in the end, always, you will find, that FREEDOM is the most precious value you can have in life, not some woman, however beautiful and sexy. The freedom is allegedly free, but it’s so easy to lose it, you even give it to various rats voluntarily, in futile attempts to deserve their gratitude.

Anyway, as the visions of future started to differ between Alena and Karel, and the abyss between them started to grow, various conflicts, clashes and misunderstanding followed, until that degree, when Alena stopped to care anyhow, and she simply let it all go, because she needed to stay focused, balanced and concentrated for their demanding job, which could influence security of the whole country, for example, if she would think about something personal, letting some terrorist to slip into the country, because she didn’t pay the proper attention to him, too distracted by private affairs.

Unfortunately, the final event of their relationship was rather bitter, excluding any option for future reunion between them.

Following Alena’s graduation at Police University, she was automatically promoted to a lieutenant, obtaining highly desirable officer’s rank. And you can imagine, that such ceremony is very festive, so you want to be accompanied with people you love, to feel good on this great big day, to celebrate your special achievement, influencing your whole future career, properly.

Alena asked Karel to accompany her during the event, it was natural for her to ask him and no one else, she still trusted him as a friend, and he pledged to participate joyfully, because like all media fools, he loved public events, where he could “show up”.

But other people didn’t like to see them together again, particularly Alena’s police colleagues, self-claimed protectors of her, who indicated to Karel clearly, that they can’t accept and tolerate, how he behaved towards her, how he disappointed her, and it’s their duty to protect not only the citizens, but their beloved female colleagues at first.

In the end, this unsanctioned effort of other policemen completely ruined the ceremony for Alena, even group photos from the event, because the officers tried literally to push away Karel from Alena, using elbows and open physical pressure. But she didn’t notice this secret male war during the event, when she could still stop it, only afterwards, when she saw the photos, which were completely spoiled, fucked up.

She knew in that moment, that it’s over, because she can never go against the will of her friends and colleagues, and Karel used this perfect opportunity to get out of the relationship conveniently, silently and forever, maintaining alleged innocence in the affair, as it was “them”, other people, who broke their love, not him, not his private plans and dreams were the cause of the crash.

Of course, that Alena Malarova didn’t stay single for long, as she was too dependent on male scent and manly embrace, and there was always many men in the security branch.

But she rather avoided police colleagues, hunting in military waters instead, dating with soldiers of the Czech Army, who served at the airport, at the extraordinary times of elevated terrorist threat, when military reinforcenements were to called to protect critical places of infrastructure, like airports, embassies, top state offices, nuclear plants, etc..

Still, no one of the “other men” could replace Karel successfully and completely, no one could mimic the unique entertainment and happiness, which only he could provide. Moreover, all the places in Prague reminded him to her, so it was very hard to let him go from her mind, if everything in her life was somehow connected to him.

But what could she do? It was over, she had to move forward. And work was the best way, how to forget all pain from spoiled love. But you can’t stop to remember, at least sometimes.

So, it’s another boring, endless police work shift, but you need to stay awake, in full attention, ready for any situation, which can arise, and Alena is again processing the long endless row of foreigners from non-EU states, as she was assigned for handling foreign nationals, “aliens”, as called in police jargon, because of her wide language skills.

Every person, who approaches her glass booth, is scanned by Alena’s eyes very thoroughfully, although the automatic system, connected to many obvious and hidden cameras around, is able to recognize, whether the visual data of the passport, and appearance of the person, are similar, so her principal task is mainly to scan the passport with a machine, and let the advanced IT system to do its job, like controlling the person is various databases, whether the visa is valid, whether there is a pending warrant, so he or she is wanted by INTERPOL or domestic Police as a criminal on the run, whether he or she is present in database of potential Islamic State terrorists, or generally marked as a “person of interest”, so his or her occurence is immediately reported to the authorities, and he or she can be detained on the spot, or let go, but watched, to reveal terrorist cells, connections, fronts, places of hiding, illegal transactions, etc.

But Alena herself doesn’t execute the potential arrest herself, this high-risk task is for other colleagues, especially trained and equipped with assault weaponry, particularly the Rapid Intervention Team (SWAT) of the Czech Police, always present at the airport in plentiful numbers, ready to detain even a dangerous terrorist without fear.

Anyway, if such special occassion would arise, Alena would only hold the immigration process for a minute, asking the person some additional questions, to occupy the attention, whereas the detaining team can arrive, to make arrest unexpectedly, from behind, so no larger resistance will be deployed by the person.

“Next!” Alena shows with her hand, making initial eye contact with her upcoming “customer”, waiting in the row patiently, with passport ready in his or her hand. Indeed, it’s her job to watch even their psychological state, as many drug couriers and smugglers, called “mules”, or terrorists, can compromise themselves just with suspicious behaviour and nervousness.

“Next!” she says again, and again, hour after hour, day after day.

Airbus A380 Emirates UAE airplane transport passenger civilian Dubai - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsA lot of Arabic people just came, when a huge Airbus A380 airplane landed, arriving from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. But it leaves Alena cold, she was in Dubai many times, she travelled the whole world, using the discounted flight tickets, provided to selected employees and security personnel of the airport.

“Next!” Alena continues decisively, like a well working machine, but now, she has to pay utmost attention to Emirati nationals, and generally Middle Eastern people, as they are all on the general “watch list”, and it’s a police duty to pay them “extended attention”, in effort to prevent (Islamic) terrorism, after that most infamous case in August 2016, when treacherous Islamic State terrorists, operating stolen heavy weaponry, managed to breach the improvised defenses of Prague, reaching the city center, and destroying the historical Old Town hall, using a suicide bomber, in a surprising armed assault, which even Czech elite Special Forces and Militarized Police elements were not able to contain.

“Next!” the police officer Alena Malarova challenges another, and another Arabic people, with their skin dark from hot sun of endless deserts of Dubai, with brown eyes, which can be dangerous, because those people, they live ISLAM, it’s more than just another religion, it’s a way of life, as the Islamic believers are submitted to the will of ALLAH (see The Islamic Lesson).

The extensive security and Intelligence training, which Alena obtained, was never directly aimed at Muslims and Islam, at least not oficially, labelling them as enemies openly, because that would be “religious discrimination”, a forbidden practice, illegal in the West, a violation of “human rights”, declared by the Constitution. But of course, that in practice, if you served at a Western airport, like Alena, then any Muslim, any person with an Islamic name, was a clear suspect, not to be taken lightly.

“Next!” Alena says decisively, and she can’t hide her surprise, when she notices a woman, waiting to be processed.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Fashion Model Czech Emirates Dubai Sheikh Wife Bride Secret Child Heir Conspiracy Israel Special Forces Illuminati China - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsShe is so beautiful and shining! Tall and slim, unlike most of the women of the Middle East, and pretty, like an fashion model, although she covers her beauty in a loose abaya and bright hijab obediently, wearing distinctive “Arabic” makeup, but her face seems rather European, and it puzzles Alena.

As an immigration officer, Alena is used to meet all kinds of strange people here, but now, she can’t stop the feeling, that this woman is somehow familiar to her. Maybe a frequent traveller? Or isn’t she some Czech national? Because then, she most likely chose a wrong line, she shouldn’t be here, this line is only for aliens.

Diplomatic passport United Arab Emirates UAE immunity protection state ministry foreign affairs ambassador - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsHowever, to Alena’s utmost surprise, the matter is cleared the most unexpected way, and immediately, when the woman presents a red DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT of the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, together with a shining smile, whereas Alena watches her with serious face, when she sees the name in the passport, which sounds very Czech: Marketa Maryam Korinkova.

Now Alena knows exactly, who the person is, and when handling the extremely rare passport, which has literally the price of gold for any holder, she makes her moves slower, like always, when she has a suspicion: WHERE and HOW could this CZECH woman GET AN EMIRATI PASSPORT? Moreover, the DIPLOMATIC issue???

No, it’s not Alena’s daydream from hunger. When she opens the passport, on the second page, which seems like the interior of a mosque, except Arabic text, there is also English translation:


1. Diplomatic Passports of the United Arab Emirates are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2. This passport is valid for all countries of the world
3. Holder of this passport is an officially registered Islamic believer (Sunni Islam, Maliki school of religious law)
4. Any kidnapping attempt towards the passport’s holder will be replied with merciless aggressive response of military and police forces of UAE and its allies, without regards to national borders or international law, never paying a ransom or negotiating release
5. Any person, who provides protection and support to the passport’s holder in a case of necessity, will be generously rewarded by the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum himself
6. In case of passport holder’s death, proper steps for Islamic handling with deceased must be taken, and nearest UAE governmental entity notified without delay.

How long is it, just a few years, when this woman, Marketa Korinkova, later accepting an Islamic name Maryam, lived in Prague, like Alena, being just another Czech girl, like thousands of others, apparently nothing too exceptional, studying at Charles University, working as a fashion model for the elite Czechoslovak Models agency, under command of Vaclav Dejcmar, the owner!

The media asked him about Marketa Korinkova once, and he replied:

Vaclav Dejcmar Czechoslovak Models Fashion model elite miss czech - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“When I was considering to buy the ‘Czechoslovak Models’ agency in 2011, as the previous owner, Milada Karasova, decided to retire from the demanding Czech fashion scene to the Italian region of Tuscany, to have some rest from all the work stress after almost twenty years of owning this most prestigious company, I arrived at the CM headquarters with a support team of experienced accountants and corporate lawyers from Kenner, Bach & Ledeen, to make the necessary due-diligence
(=mapping all of the company’s operations before taking it over).

However, I was quite hesitating, whether I should also check the human portfolio, to see, what kind of personal assets the company had right in that time, whether it’s a moral step… but let’s be honest, it was them, the models, who were and are generating the general income for the company.

Zuzana Jandova Katerina Motovska Jan Motovsky fashion model wife widow conspiracy murder missing disappearance Nice France Russian mafia - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIt was Katerina Motovska, former Czech top fashion model, known nowadays as a professional widow, even suspected from orchestrating the mysterious disappearance or even assassination of her husband Jan Motovsky, was assigned by Milada as my executive assistant during the primary tour through the CM company offices, she suggested me, that merely one woman from the current CM fashion model portfolio is a fully sufficient reason, why I should definitely buy the company without any doubts, and she assured me from all her heart, that I will never regret this choice, on the contrary.

So deeply appreciating was Katerina’s personal opinion about this particular fashion model, and of course, it provoked my curiosity, who the person can be? So enchanting, making so deep impression on others?

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Fashion Model Czech Prague Dubai UAE Emirates Convert Islam Muslim Allah Mosque Elite Winner Miss - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsI remember, that when Katerina showed me the professional portfolio of Marketa, her ‘book’, as they call it in the world of fashion, I literally lost my breath, and I called the lawyers immediately, to stop the due-diligence process, because I am buying the firm, my decision is final, so they can all go to have a deserved lunch, and to collect their royal wages, as their services are no more needed here. If this company has such jewels in its ranks… it simply has to be mine, regardless of costs and challenges!

I am most certain, that just everybody, who knew Marketa personally in that time, who was watching her on fashions shows and anywhere, was fully persuaded, that this girl will make it very far in life, that she will achieve big things, conquer big challenges, that her name will be known by thousands, and even internationally, fulfilling the principal dream of any fashion model, with at least a little bit of ambition in her restless heart, full of dreams.

But in the end, Marketa surpassed all of our wildest imaginations, and we are all proud, that she once shared her professional trust, time and effort with us, setting a shining example for new girls, coming to CM agency, to find not only a job and opportunity, but also maybe their destiny.”

It all seems like yesterday, and still, look at her now: she comes here, to Prague Airport passport control, just like that, with hair covered in Islamic hijab, holding an Emirati diplomatic passport in hand, meaning, that she is not only CITIZEN of the Emirates with FULL CIVIC RIGHTS OF THE UAE, indeed extremely difficult achievement for anybody, but she must be also extremely important for the Emirati state, so they put her under HIGHEST LEVEL of direct Emirati DIPLOMATIC protection!

Now, her bags can’t be seized by any foreign authorities, INCLUDING CZECH authorities, and she is excluded from any strip search! She has IMMUNITY, can’t be fined or detained, even for a dumb street speeding or wrong parking…! Like an ambassador, a high official of a state, operating in a foreign land, representing the highest interests of his or her homeland there, with authority given directly from highest places, enjoying the deepest trust of domestic elite!

Alena remembered, that lately, there were many strange rumors, circulating about this particular woman in the VIP circles of Prague, between all that “Golden Youth”, alleged celebrities, fashion models, actors, DJs, beauty queens, entrepreneurs, drug dealers, party people, artists, millionaires, prostitutes, gamblers, impostors, aristocrats genuine or fake, various fools, fraudsters, and so on, simply the elite of the Czech society, like that famous Harry Jelinek, who managed to sell the Karlstejn castle, a Czech medieval jewel, which he didn’t own, to a hungry, dumb and naive American business tycoon, or Joseph Svejk, the eternally drunk, extremely dumb, but unexpectedly valorous soldier, who helped to establish the sovereign Czech state in 1918… by accident!

Maybe exactly this fool would appreciate the totally crazy claim of some self-proclaimed Czech VIP informers, that this particular Emirati woman allegedly secretly married the Sheikh of Dubai himself, becoming his third, secret wife, as Muslims have a quota of four wives allowed, and the marriage allegedly happened from some extremely important geopolitical reasons, concerning the whole Middle East, its future, including Saudi Arabia!

And that aforementioned Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an alleged elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, was allegedly directly involved in this alleged Operation SKINNY PUPPY, regarding the Emirati woman! That’s how they allegedly called their nasty conspiracy, with its principal goals unknown, but paid generously from the taxpayers money, through Unit’s rumored black, fully unaccountable funds!

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThere was even a National Defence Commission hearing about this particular issue, regarding exactly THIS woman and Czech military participation, taking place in the Czech Parliament, called by the Commission’s chairman, Miroslav Kalousek, where the Minister of Defence himself was questioned thoroughly, as the evidence clearly indicated, almost confirmed, direct and wide participation of the Unit in the affair! Even the nationwide media informed about these bold suspicions!

However, Alena realized, that if the woman REALLY HAS such passport, confirming her extremely high position in the Emirati society… couldn’t be this apparently foolish claim be… even true?

And only Alena now knows this hot fact, like the first and maybe the only person in the Czechia, except sniffing spies from Czech CounterIntelligence service, BIS, with headquarters in Prague-Stodulky, of course, as those dangerous, omnipresent fools have their eyes and ears everywhere, in this modern Orwellian state, full of mass surveillance, where everybody is a suspect, watched all the time, allegedly for “safety of citizens”.

Anyway, shouldn’t Alena contact her female friend from the most reputated “Heavy Slander” tabloid magazine, to sell the secret, when it’s still fresh?

Just to let her friend know, to pass some juicy gossip, when it’s still hot and sexy, so the masses can be entertained with fresh news from VIP social circles… such small business deals with the journalistic rats like Pavel Novotny were quite common in the Czech security and Intelligence community, and relatively innocent, therefore, more or less tolerated by the superiors, if it wasn’t concerning the matters of national security, because in corrupted Czechia, any secret is leaked, sooner or later, and no one can do anything about it.

While Alena is considering her next move, the airport IT system takes several seconds to process the data from the Emirati woman’s red passport, and check them. In the end of this complex process, a large sign for Alena as operator will occur on the computer screen: in most cases, the color is green, meaning, “Everything OK, let the person go”. Sometimes, it’s red, or “Hold the person for questioning or detaining”, as there could be only a slight problem with expired or invalid visa, etc.

But in very special and VERY rare cases, there was a BLUE color.

Like now.

“Welcome back to Prague, Mrs. Korinkova!” Alena says with wide smile, forgetting any ideas to contact the press instantly, as the Czech CounterIntelligence service was just notified automatically by the data processing system, that a “VIP person of interest” just arrived at the Vaclav Veskrna Prague Airport in person, and proper steps to “handle the affair” need to be taken. But as an outsider, without access to the most delicate state secrets of utmost importance for higher interests, you will hardly ever know, which these are, were and will be, as no Intelligence service shares the details of their clandestine, most delicate operations and unique knowledge, just like that.

“You know, I met you personally, some time ago,” Alena makes completely civilian, innocent and friendly girlish smile, when she returns the passport to the waiting beautiful Emirati woman, not mentioning or indicating, how much she is impressed by this interesting meeting. “In Café-Café, where all the social elite of Prague gathers, and you were sitting there with Zuzana Jandova, you remember? Anyway, you may proceed, everything in order! Enjoy your stay in Prague, and have a nice day!”

The Emirati woman just smiles, and nods. Not because she is so distant and unfriendly, but her own mind is dark now.

She just landed in the land of fitnah, belonging to unbelievers, infidels, kuffar, generally enemies of Islam, where the local Czech Ummah, the Islamic community, is weak and divided, not even able to assert minarets for their mosques, infested with erosion of half-Islamic apostasy, without respected universal leader, who would issue general fatwas, to provide proper religious opinions regarding local issues, and only Eman Ghaleb, a young Muslim female, can maybe change that one day, if Allah will allow.

She was born here long time ago, but now she realizes, how much she hates it here.

She feels pity, that she travelled here, that she left her Dubai paradise. She makes a promise to Allah, never again to return into this filthy land, with His permission!

But firstly, she needs to take care of many things here.

And what will happen now… it will shake the whole country thousand times.

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Marketa Maryam Korinkova: The Islamic Princess

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