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An extremely important transport hub, the Prague Airport, named after Vaclav Veskrna, famous Czech President and a rumored Communist CounterIntellienge StB operative, who “invented” the controversial term “humanitarian bombing”, it doesn’t have a dedicated mosque for the travelling followers of Islam, worshippers of ALLAH, like in Islamic countries, for example, Istanbul in Turkey, but a ‘shared’ praying room instead, to satisfy spiritual needs of all flying believers at one place. Or maybe to test the religious tolerance.

All Muslims, regardless if Arabs or non-Arabs, rich or poor, young or old, men or women, from East or West, have the same duties, regarding their faith, their way of life, and the most visible obligatory activity of any Muslim, which has to be executed five times every day, to worship Allah both spiritually and physically, is the Islamic prayer, or salat.

Regardless where a Muslim is, whatever he or she is just doing, however allegedly important or pleasant it is, if the time of prayer comes, all worldly activities should be interrupted without mercy, and connection to Allah made again through prayer, to remind the Muslims again and again, what is really important in life, and why the human kind was created, what is its mission: to worship Allah.

Islamic prayer, which is dedicated solely to Allah, is the only opportunity, when Muslims of both genders are bowing and prostrating in front of any entity, as Muslims worship only Allah, the only deity, who has no partners or siblings, He is one and unique, and there is nothing and nobody above Him, so He is ultimate being for the lives of all Muslims, not their spouse, lover, children or parents.

All Muslims, strong or weak, men or women, have only one real master, who is worshipped by them: it’s Allah, and no worldly force, no oppressive government or invading infidel army can change that.

The prayers need to be made at precisely set times for any place on Earth, executed in precisely set manner, differing only slightly between maddhabs of majority Sunni Islam, its schools of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh).

Indeed, prayer is extremely important in Islam, and so called street salat, executed in the streets of cities publicly, if local capacity of mosques is insufficient, or it is necessary to “send the Islamic message”, is the most persuasive tool of Islamic Public Relations.

For example, after the infamous 2014 Police Raid On Czech Mosques, when Czech Muslims gathered near Czech Ministry of Interior in plentiful numbers, to show their peaceful protest against the very questionable raid, to pray together in unity, to show, whom they really worship and respect, and that even military-grade assault rifles, pointed at them by masked “heroes” of the Czech Militarized Police (PCR), with fingers near triggers, ready to fire long bursts of devastating 5.56mm splintery projectiles into the bodies of peacefully praying Muslims, even aiming at present women and children, as the raid was deliberately executed during most important Friday prayers, can’t change that.

However, a Muslim simply must to pray, when the time comes, even when present at questionable places, even when in complicated personal conditions. There is hardly an excuse to omit an prayer, and Allah knows everything, what you do: if you worship Him properly, like He ordered you to, even in sickness, even under oppression and denial, then you will be rewarded.

Even Muslim women, who are generally advised to pray in privacy, not to be seen by unrelated men, are allowed to expose themselves at a public place, if there is no other option than executing the prayer there: salat is simply very important Islamic duty, regardless of gender differences.

But prayer is not some bothering duty to fulfill: it’s the most pleasant and enjoyable activity, and being connected to Allah, it’s the best feeling in life, above anything else, which the transient world of dunya can offer.

“Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala,”
 Islamic Princess Maryam remembers her sole Lord, when she puts her praying rug on the ground of the Prague airport’s ‘praying room’, which is empty now, well isolated from all the worldly noise outside, and it’s good, because she is preparing for a prayer, one of the five pillars of Islam, so she is concentrating her thoughts away from worldly affairs only towards Allah now, leaving her luxurious Prada suitcase aside, as it’s fully of worldly, transient possessions, who mean really nothing, anyway.

However, Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most High, demands certain conditions to be met, if a prayer should be valid.

So, firstly, she needed to complete the necessary wu’du, ritual ablution before prayer, in an adjacent bathroom, where she even removed her heavy “Arabic” makeup from her pretty face, as it needed to be corrected after many hours in the airplane anyway, and there is general opinion in the Islamic community, that if wu’du should be complete, for the following prayer to be valid, as certain necessary conditions are required to be fulfilled, like intention, proper cover of the body and cleanliness, so the female makeup has to be removed, and only after ablution applied again.

When she is ready, using a specially manufactured Islamic compass, Maryam identifies the Qibla direction, towards Kaaba (spiritual and geographic centre of Earth in Islam), located at Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and positioning her body in this particular direction, like all Muslims of the world during prayers, she makes two “introductory” rakats (praying cycles), as Muslims should make these, before sitting on the floor of a mosque, and Earth is one big mosque.

Still in Qibla direction, she raises her palms, closes her beautiful brown eyes, thinking only about Him now. Then, she starts to whisper with urgency:

“O Allah, the Most High, the Most Exalted! It was Your will, Your infinite wisdom, Your reason, that I, Your insignificant servant, was born here, in this infidel land, long time ago, not realizing, who I really am, that I am not one of ‘them’, those ‘kuffar’, unbelievers, infidels, that I belong solely to You,” Maryam talks to Him, because He always listens.

Later, it was Your will to liberate me from here, from the infidel oppression, from omnipresent sins and filth, allowing me to find You, beloved Allah, to find my destiny in serving You and You alone, in an Islamic land, dedicated to You, called United Arab Emirates, in beautiful Dubai, far from here, where mosques stand proudly and muezzins call to prayer.

It was Your will, to send me on this present journey, beloved Allah, and now I understood Your message and intention clearly: You want me to make the final choice, to leave this fitnah once and forever, to stop making compromises, because there is nothing like ‘half-Islam’, there are no deviations or novelties in the faith allowed, eroding the ‘deen’, which You gave us peoples, our blessing, our way to Your light, to liberation, to freedom, peace and destiny!

O Allah! In Your endless Compassion and Mercy, forgive all my sins and moments of weakness in faith! Forgive me all my doubts and previous succumbing to worldly temptations, because You always remind me, how ultimately wise You are, that I can rely on you fully, unlike on weak, fragile humans, and that You do everything for my good, all that apparent losses are hidden blessings, as I always find in the end, so I never question your wise decisions!

I trust you absolutely, Allah, I gave my fate solely into Your hands, and fully. You decide my fate, and I accept it without complaining, because I know, that You love me, You created me, You gave me the beautiful gift of life and health and all I have, and I love You, like no one else, so strongly, as a woman can love!

So, I will do the proper step, which You request, without slightest doubt in my heart, because I belong only to You, o Allah, my only Lord, my ultimate love, who has no partners, there is no other deity, and You are the only one entity I worship! The only one, in front of which I bow and prostrate! Only You are the greatest!


My Lord, you like to test your believers, giving them many chances to earn a lot of credit. So, you sent me here, to serve You, like I serve You in distant Dubai, because I dedicated my life towards You and no one else!

In Your infinite wisdom and knowledge, You warned me in advance, Allah, that there will be many trials, vultures and wolves, waiting for me in this corrupted land, who will try to misuse me for their un-Islamic interests and sick conspiracies, but You also assured me, that You will be watching and guarding all my steps, removing all obstacles from my path, You will lead me towards my destiny and Your big plan, as You are All-Hearing, All-Seeing, All-Knowing creator of mine, and You are also the best of deceivers, as the own words of Yours, the Qur’an, are stating!

I know, Allah, that You and Your angels will be protecting me against all threats and temptations, so I am scared of nobody, nothing, I fear only You, and I stay dedicated only to You.

You are my everything, Allah! All I want, all I really need! You are my life, and I follow the great example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, which you gave us Muslims in your limitless generosity!

O Allah! I am Your servant, Your slave, and I will fulfill Your command, because I can’t be ever grateful enough for everything You gave me!

I know, Allah, that You always encourage us believers to talk to You. But today… I am too ashamed, to ask something from You!

Please, forgive me, my Lord, that I am just an insignificant servant of Yours, weak many times, failing, not perfect, like You, making mistakes, and still, I have wishes towards You, I demand something in my heart, from You!

Allah… today, here and now, I am asking for Your Mercy and Compassion, as much, as I never did previously!

With your permission an blessing, please… let me live back in the Emirates, or any other Islamic country!

Allow me to stay there forever, until my last day, until the last breath You will grant me, not having to travel into infidel lands again!

Not having to smell this bad air of sin, corruption, adultery, decadence, atheism, denying You, Your uniqueness and oneness, worshipping fake idols instead of You!

I know, Allah, that I am Your mere servant, and I serve anywhere You need or want me. But… I am not happy here, not happy to be so far away from you! Not calm! Not satisfied… between ‘them’, unbelievers, who claim with utmost insolence and lie, that this land belongs to them, not You, and local Muslims are staying silent, it seems, doing not enough to liberate this land, to spread Your fame and wise guidance in all affairs, personal or public alike!

I know, that You are with me anywhere, but I want to be as close to you as possible all the time, as close to the centre of Earth, where Islam was born with your permission 1400 years ago, as possible… when I have to travel so far from the sacred Arabia, of course I realize, how precious You are to me again, but… a Muslim belongs to an Islamic land!

And I am a Muslim, submitted to You!

Please, Allah, please… allow me to live and die between my brothers and sisters in Islam, the Ummah! Between them I belong, You know, how I feel between them, how my heart is always happy and pleased, meeting my brothers and sisters, living with them, facing same challenges, eating with them, praying with them in a mosque, standing in perfect rows, hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder!

And my future, still unborn child, which I carry under my heart right now, the blessing from You, which You granted me, in Your limitless generosity… allow it to live in Islam from its first breath!

O Allah! Islam is my life, my destiny, and I will make it a destiny for my child, raising another devoted, reliable follower of Yours, showing him, or her, with Your permission, what is really important in life, and what is the purpose in life: to worship You!

I want to have as much Islam as I can get in my life, and also for my child… but here, it’s hardly possible!

I know, that you are sending me here, to make the sacred da’wah for You, to spread Your fame, to help local people to find You, and their happiness and destiny in Islam, like I did, so the things can change here for better.

I know, that life is a trial, and we believers are tested by You, whether we are worthy of Your affection and rewards.

Still, Allah… please, let me live and serve You in an Islamic land! I want to live happily, but here, it’s just unpleasant memories and pressure… many bad things… I want to live Islam! I want an Islamic future, because Islam, YOU, it’s more than the sun for me! And I want to grant this ultimate gift also to my future offspring, or offsprings, next generation of soldiers of Allah, dedicated to YOU, like I am!

I understand, Allah, that as Your servant, I don’t choose my assigments and places, destiny and events, you set it all for me, in Your infinite wisdom and inspiration.

But if I truly desire for something… it’s not money, perks, houses, cars, luxury, or worldly things! I just want to live Islam with every breath, to fuse with Islam, so I want to walk only on Islamic land, dedicated to you!

Of course, there is so many people who desperately need Your liberation… here, and there, East and West, and You chose me as a tool for such noble purpose, for which I should be absolutely grateful… now I am so ashamed, that I even ask you for something, because my service to You is so easy, in comparison with other brothers and sisters, who die for you in defensive Jihad, who lose families, killed by infidels in endless battles!

Who suffer under Russian bombings in Syria, or in Palestinian Gaza ghetto, oppressed by Israelis! Who perished, defending holy Jerusalem against Christian crusaders! Who fell, defending the fabulous Al-Andalus! Who made the ultimate sacrifice, when conquering Constantinople, to cleanse those lands from infidels and their shirk for Your fame!

All the mujahideen, men and women, giving their property and life for the righteous defence of Islam!

Allah, let me stay and serve in an Islamic land! There is all I need, all I want! There I am happy! This is my dream: maybe wrong, maybe foolish, maybe You need me elsewhere… but if You can grant it for me… let me live and die in Islam! 

Now You know everything I really want!

And I will try to be yet better servant of Yours, of course, because Your mere listening gives me immense power and confidence… o Allah, you gave me another valuable lesson today, my beloved Lord, explaining me, what it means to be really submitted to You!

Maybe I need to deserve such large rewards at first! So, Allah, with Your permission: let me start here, where I am right now, by using the time and chances, which You are offering me! I need to think only about You, and then I will stop thinking about all the mess and filth around, so I will feel as great, as in the Emirates!

Allah, my mind is not perfect, but now I feel, why You sent me exactly here, and what should I do: to make new relationship with one particular person, which occupied my thoughts and my life too much, too long, trying to take me farther from You. But you know, that those subversive efforts always failed, as there is no one like You, so all those foolish games of infidels mean nothing!

This person is nothing in comparison with You, o Allah, although she maybe thinks so, in her utmost arrogance, thinking, that she still owns me, rules my life, that she has some imaginary rights over me… but I will never prefer her over You, Allah, and I will prove this to You very, very soon, with hope, that You will be pleased with Your small servant… me!

Let me please You, Allah… and maybe then, You will please me, Your insignificant servant, like You always do, because You are the best teacher and guide.

Allah, allow me to refresh my old pledge towards You again, because there is never enough of reciting the Shahadah!

Do you remember, Allah, when I said it for the first time?

It was in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, do You remember?

Oh, of course You do, You were there with me, listening to my pledge, because You hear and know everything, and Your angels protected me on my way into that ‘masjid’…

Do you remember, how my body was trembling, when the Imam told me, that this is the most important decision of my life, but all I wanted was to say it already, to officially become the person who I really am, A MUSLIM, never doubting about it?

And You remember, how I told the Imam with complete certainty in my heart, that this really is, what I want!

That I want to make this pledge, here and now!

And he saw the decision of my eyes, so he nodded and told the other present Muslims, that their presence is demanded, so they started coming closer to us, to become my witnesses, silent, watching me closely, maybe thinking: who is this woman? And what kind of Muslim will she become? What good will she do for the Ummah, and the world…?

And I never regretted that choice, do You believe me, Allah? Not for a second… You are the best in this worldly life, and hereafter! You allowed me to find the way into your loving embrace… and I can never be grateful enough for everything You are giving me!

And You are so generous and kind and loving to me, only because I said once:

‘Ashadu an lā ilāha illa llāh, wa ashadu anna Muhammadan rasūlullāh.’

‘I testify, that there is no deity except Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.’

I am saying it again, I don’t know for how much time, but with the same certainty in my heart, like in that first time, and now!

O Allah… thank You for creating me, and my destiny!”

After Maryam renews her pledge, she checks her Prada wrist watch: it’s just time for obligatory Dhuhr prayer, it’s exactly quarter past noon of Czech local time.

And Maryam, the Islamic Princess, once called just Marketa Korinkova here, rumored to be the third, secret wife of the Sheikh Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, vice president and prime minister of the Emirates, knows her Islamic duties well.

When she finishes, adding yet two voluntary rakats, to please Allah, to thank Him for listening, she gathers her belongings, returning to the noisy crowd of tourists, pushing towards the exit of the controlled zone of the airport, into the main hall, where their relatives, friends, colleagues and drivers are expecting them, or nobody is waiting for them, if they like to travel alone, or arrive secretly.

She walks around customs desk, before the last big door are opened in front of her. She makes a deep breath, remembering Allah…

And then, she is outside, in the world not protected with walls, checkpoints, passports and luggage controls, anti-terrorist laws, barbed wire, soldiers and submachine guns, again.

Her eyes are searching somebody in the restless crowd of waiting people, waving with big signs and logos of Prague hotels, taxis and surnames, to attract the right person, whom they are expecting.

And there she is!

The person, which Maryam knows, and she knows her very well. They both know each other, and very deeply, almost intimately.

Her mother Ivana is there… and she is carrying a message from Allah in her hand, proving, that He really listens, when you speak to Him.

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Marketa Maryam Korinkova, Islamic Princess

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