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Indeed a touching reunion!

As soon as Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, former top Czech female fashion model, who found Allah and her destiny in the Emirates, converting to Islam there, accepting a new Arabic name of Maryam, or “mother of Prophet Isa/Jesus, leaves the last doors of the controlled zone of the Veskrna Airport Prague, she notices her mother Ivana Korinkova, waving with some newspapers, to be distinctive in the crowd of all that other waiting fools, like drivers from Taxi Mafia of Prague, who expect their persons of interest too, as Ivana is not as tall, as her daughter, a fashion model…

But the Maryam’s mother has certainly other, and most persuasive feminine qualities, making a powerful, shiníng source of female sexuality and motherhood from her, even at her advanced middle age…

Like long black hair, naturally dense and rich, dark skin, which tans easily, like if she would be a mysterious Middle Eastern beauty, well shaped and firm body, with nice sporty limbs, massive veins visible on strong forearms, with small firm buttocks, with slim knee joints, her long legs of a trained runner impress with well defined muscles on calves, but with girlish slim feet, and she possesses large, mature, heavy breasts, indeed a great decoration of any woman, just perfect for a testing male palm, with wide beautiful nipples, which hungry men like to suck, to feel like being caressed by their own mother again, simply in heaven, almost back in womb, innocent, protected, with their mind clean, not filled with worldly problems and worries…

Ivana was a professional sportswoman once, and these physical qualities and unique mindset of winner, who never gives up, are lasting inside her, even at this later age around 50 years, when she could be grandma already, as her ovaries ceased to product eggs, able to be fertilited by male sperm, thus she lost female fertility forever, such is the inevitable fate of any woman, and her monthly menstruation stopped, as feared menopause came, generally bringing hormonal instability to older females…

But Ivana doesn’t seem to be affected by this issue, to suffer with it or care about it, she is in perfect physical shape, healthy, feminine, demanding and having plenty of sex, like much younger women, and enjoying physical part of life, in all senses, not having to worry about contraception and getting pregnant undesirably, with some B-class fool… now, she can contain unlimited amount of sperm inide her body, enjoying endless sex, but without such undesirable consequences

Plus, her work as a teacher at a Grammar school, for kids up to 15 years of age, where she teaches Czech Language and Physical Training, means, that omnipresent children around are making her still young, as she spends so much time with them, enjoying their juvenile energy and games, not confined with adulthood, thinking the same way, as the they think, to understand their special needs and challenges, which they are facing, to be a good advisor, lecturer, support and help…

To be a teacher, it’s rather a life mission, than mere job, and Ivana always made much more for children, than she had, according to mere work duties, so she is very favorite between them, literally thousands of children remember her and greet her in the world. Anywhere she goes, she meets them, successful in life or failed, but they always thank her, being grateful, even later criminals and drug addicts, for everything she made for them, inspiring them to choose a good future profession, to avoid bad company, to improve relationships with their parents, to change questionable life decisions, etc.

Iveta Korinkova - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs (2)

Older sister Iveta (*1984)

But sociopaths like her, they always make more for others, than for their own family, they always show their best face outside, to make proper “outside impression”, which is critical for them, but at home, they are much different, and much worse, far from ideal parent, so Maryam (*1988) always lived in her shade, being suppressed socially and sexually alike by her mom, even as an internationally recognized, successful fashion model, as mom always openly preferred her older daughter, Iveta Korinkova (*1984), who made quite a media career, working as a TV presenter at NOVA TV, also admired for her shining beauty by many fools…

Because unlike her mother, or her older sister Iveta, Maryam is made from different pastry, her nature is rather soft, girlish, too emotional and fragile, full of doubts, dreaming too much, not hardened, not dedicated, not resistant, her face is rather European, her hair brown, like every average girl around in Czechia, her body is tall, but not so strong, rather thin and slim, as she needs to control her food intake heavily, to keep her body weight low, around 52 kilograms…

So, her female body lacks nutrients, particularly protein for feeding the muscles, it’s making her yet weaker, hardly to compete physically with her mother, who still enjoys her physical and mental superiority, and likes to prove it to the poor daughter, humiliating her, stabbing her with nasty long knives into the back without warning, lowering her self-esteem, never appreciating Maryam’s body, beauty and life successes, on the contrary…

Ivana likes to remind her all imperfections, keeping her down, like still a small, weak child, stepping on her, not willing to allow Maryam to leave the motherly control and grasp, to leave Ivana, like if she would revenge on the poor child, that Maryam’s biological father left her during pregnancy… but these times of factual motherly oppression and denial of Maryam’s own strength and identity are over now, as Maryam now serves ALLAH, she is submitted to Him, becoming His slave, executing His will, because any woman needs Islam, and He always takes care of His believers, never allowing anybody to oppress them.

The Emirati woman smiles, when she notices her mom in the crowd, but something is wrong today, after she spoke with Allah in the airport’s praying room few minutes ago, her heart is distant, remaining detached towards the familiar person, who always loudly pretended to be a loving, perfect mom, particularly for the outside world, but she was always oppressing her daughter and hurting her covertly…

And her poor daughter couldn’t reject and leave her, because as a child, you are dependent on your parents for too long time, you can’t just walk away from them, like a mature and free person, you don’t have anywhere to go, no one would believe you, no one would and could accept you, no one would give you a new home, new chance, if you are young, submitted legally to your parents, so if they misuse their power over you, it’s a nasty crime, but Maryam is now a Muslim, her mind is remembering only Allah, who provides ultimately warm embrace to her… not this woman, not this… infidel.

Indeed, many things between them were never correct, never right, but Maryam was too weak and ignorant, too submissive, to pay them larger attention, except endless night or crying and self-hatred. Or maybe she tolerated all the faults and fouls of her mom, because she loved her, and she tried to believe, that all those unfair, cruel crimes are proofs of proper motherly love???

But in the end, there is always a happyend, if you have Allah in your life, the ultimate guide and teacher, the remover of all obstacles, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, never rejecting you, always listening to you, and The Almigthy Allah learned Maryam, not to make compromises, corrupting and eroding you, making you available to be enslaved by all the rats, vultures and wolves around.

When all the bad memories run through her mind, a wave of cold sweat goes through Maryam’s beautiful body, reminding her, how big fool she was, pretending, that everything is correct, that she has “the best mom in the world”, even advocating her publicly, forgiving all the motherly deadly poison in her life, never listening to her best friend Zuzana Jandova, who won the Miss Czech 2008 national beauty contest, and whose mother left the family, betraying them, leaving Zuzana, as the oldest child, to take care of her siblings, forcing her to mature too soon…

zuzana-jandova-fashion-model-czech-elite-top-special-forces-illuminati-test-mind-control-army-operation-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsHer mother hurt poor Zuzana so much, that her soul and mind were damaged forever, she was perceived as “too different” and “strange” by the people around, not understood and even rejected by the general society, also because of an apparent visual problem with her left eye, so she reminded rather terrifying creature, when seen in close vicinity, and many years later, she even tried to commit suicide…

But there were rumors in the Czech tabloid media, that this shocking event was rather a result of a failed Illuminati classified mind control test with military (Special Forces) background, as these dangerous masterminds of military-industrial complex promised a new good professional future for Zuzana, many perks, including international career, backed by the powerful Chinese, and money, if she, designated by them coldly and mercilessly as mere Test Subject 002, codename BLACK WIDOW, will allow them to test new PSY procedures on her, using a system of keywords for mind programming, including very dangerous KW 76, or Keyword 76, which means… an order of superior power for the submitted test subject, to commit suicide, or to terminate himself, as said in the nasty security community newspeak…

But Ivana Korinkova never left her family, as such covert sociopaths like her, they need permanent and devoted company, they need reliable victims, they need slaves to exploit, people accepting all the negative energy with passivity, unable or unwilling to defend, and the most beneficial people for such malicious, but deeply satisfying purposes, are their own children, weak, unable to defend, or to leave, unable to recognize, how harmful the relationship is for them.

In modern terms of Western society, soaked with “Human Rights”, this questionable parent approach, making children damaged in many ways, could be called Child Abuse, but there will never be anybody, reporting it to the authorites, or some human rights NGO, as those parent manipulators will always persuade you, that the mistake is yours, YOU are a bad child, who FAILED and DISAPPOINTED, who had all the PREREQUISITES, given by them generously, but never used them properly, unlike your older sister, making pain for your poor mother, and you should be glad, that she still accepts you, forgives you your endless mistakes, like if she would be Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

Indeed, those fools like to play gods, obsessed with control of other people, playing immensely complex PSY games, watching and studying their victims carefully, until they find a weak spot, and then, they start pushing this red button, like mad… not primarily to hurt, but to secure control, changing moods from warmth to ice quickly and deliberately, to make you uncertain, full of tension, never sure about the mood of them…

It’s not hatred which forces them to live like this, behave to others like this. Either someone hurt them the same way, when they were young, and they copy this sick behavior, without noticing, without realizing, as many victims of bullying become oppressors later in life, or this is their very questionable vision of proper parental love, too excessive, unhealthy, full of madness, which makes children choking, taking drugs or even committing suicide, although they had apparently no reason, as their mother will explain to the neighbours and friends, because these people, they always need to look nice, and innocent.

Maybe one day long time ago, they were indeed cute, innocent squirrels: but today, they are small Napoleons, generals, obsessed with power and might, using their children as a tool for satisfaction of feeling power.

There was a New Age cult once, and its seductive female leader asked one potential recruit, who was in fact attempting to infiltrate the cult, and she knew that, she wanted to use him for her purposes, but at first, she needed to manipulate him, to get him under control:

“Do you like being lame? Who took the power away from you?”
she asks thoughtfully. “Who made you so powerless, that you become so obsessed with control? With thinking everything through, instead of feeling everything?” she slaps his forehead, to wake him up.

“Who hurt you so much, so you don’t want to feel that again?”


“Hello, mom,” Maryam greets her mother with rather cold voice, and both women embrace. Fortunately, the older woman doesn’t notice the tone, because she is always self-involved, always fully certain, that inside her world, everything is fine, just others are full of issues, and she never forgets to remind them the fact, to humiliate them, to worsen their mood, because those, who are held down, who are tirelessly oppressed with small pieces of irony, mockery and criticism, they are the most easily controlled. Then, just change hurting them with occassional signs of alleged cordial affection, and they will come, like obedient dogs, willing to submit.

“Oh, my lost hijabi girl, I missed you sooo much!” the mother kisses her daughter everywhere, smelling her heavy Arabic perfume, showing deepest affection publicly, to draw the girl into her personal grasp again, using signs of alleged affection as a weapon, also, to make a good show for the foreign people around, to be in the center of social attention, because emotion always make people attracted, and inclined to lose themselves, to be conquered and ruled by others, serving them as pawns.

“Was the flight OK?” Ivana asks with apparent cordial interest, but Maryam knows, that it’s just a rhetorical, social question. Mother doesn’t care anyway, she is most certainly thinking about something, and someone else right now. Why should she waste time, thinking about her daughter, whom she knows so well, so she can switch her mind into fully automatic mode, to conserve time, energy and effort, and to give all these precious resources towards something, and someone else, who is REALLY important for her?

And if Maryam would be so terribly naive, and she would reply honestly and truthfully, that the journey was terrible, her mother would make that kind of look towards her, like saying “I told you that it will end this way, you dumb girl!”, “I told you to travel merely in business class, always!”, “I told you to take another flight!”, “I told you to come tomorrow, today it’s not good for my private programme, you are ruining it!”, and thousands of similar sentences, to send a clear message:


So, the daughter rather lies, saying, that the flight was OK, partially, when she remembers that painful moment, where her Emirati brothers and sisters in Islam, members of the vast Ummah, left the plane, breaking down into all directions, ceasing to exist as a single, united group, helping each other, how Ummah should be, to please Allah, leaving her alone in this fitnah, infidel world… to be tested by Allah, her Creator, how she will prove herself in this filthy world of atheism, omnipresent shirk (=polytheism), denying Allah’s uniqueness, oneness, because He is the only one deity, worthy of worshipping, He has no partners, sons or daughters, and only Him you should fear, only in front of Him you should bow and prostrate.

Indeed, there is a huge difference now, making paradigm shift in the relations between mother and daughter: Maryam has Allah, the ultimate guide and protector, there is nothing above Him, He is the only deity, He has the ultimate power and control over everything, which He created, and with Him rests the end of all affair…

So, as a Muslim, you only submit to Him, as the only Lord, and then, you are free from oppression of all that malicious worldly masterminds, whereas Allah loves you, and accepts your love, never rejecting you, misusing it against you, like all these sociopaths and manipulators around you… and there can’t be better feeling in the world, than if your deepest love is really accepted, so give it all to Him, not to people, and then you will see, what kind of immense miracles will start happening in your life, if you will keep Him always at the first place. ALWAYS.

When Maryam was still in the plane, before she spoke to Him, she had that terrible infidel thinking, that she will ask her mom, to move into the Emirates to live together, because Maryam doesn’t want to return to infidel Czechia anymore, and it seemed too radical, to lose mother from her life, regardless how bad she was… but now, Allah shows her, how terrible mistake would such unwise suggestion be, in all senses.

Even if mother would do it, she would only continue oppressing Maryam in Dubai… but the most funny thing is, that if you ask a sociopath for something, if he or she sees, that you are attached to something, that you have attachment and desire to some thing or event, they never fulfill this wish, or at least they spoil it somehow, sabotage it, because they want to keep you disappointed, frustrated, resenting yourself, denied.

Indeed, attachment is the most devastating weapon of sociopaths towards you. If you reveal them your emotions, your desires, it means your weaknesses… they will turn them perfectly against you.

For example, if you share a dangerous secret with them, because they always play good listening friends, to extract such critically important intel from you, that you are afraid of spiders to death… you can be absolutely sure, that next time, you will find a spider in your clothes, or at home, in your car, on your hair, in your dreams, in TV, in a magazine, in a tale they will be narrating, because such are the rules of strategy of tension.

Those people, they need to materialize your nightmares, to get control over you, over your thoughts, your behavior. So tell them your fears, and they will make hell from your life.

They are really experienced, and you can’t win over them, ever, with merely one exception: to have Allah on your side. Then, their power disappears, because anything they try, you will just remember Allah, that He is your Lord, that you obey only Him and everything in life is His will, so the spells of the worldly rats will stop to be effective, as you will lose all the general fear, what will happen, how things will end… in submission to Allah, you don’t have to care about such things, He decides it anyway, so rather concentrate on worshipping Him, to be a good servant, pleasing Him, deserving rewards.

“Oh, what are you reading, mom?” Maryam rather switches her attention, playing caring daughter for a change, when she examines the magazine in the hands of her mother, and she can’t resist to smile. “You didn’t start reading this tabloid media trash, did you? Aren’t you too intelligent and still too young for some cheap gossip, issued for primitive, miserable masses, who dream about stage lights and transient 15 minutes of media fame? Or just some reading, to pass the time?”

“Oh, this? That is the newest issue of ‘Heavy Slander’ magazine, they are writing about you there, as my colleague at school informed me in the morning, so I had to buy it!” her mom explains with passion and excitement. “You know, that I collect all news articles about you, so one day, my grandchildren can know all your successes and achievements! But let’s talk later, now let’s go, he is waiting for us!

We can’t keep him waiting too long, you know, that he is a highly positioned executive here, at the airport, so he can’t leave the work just like that, many people are depending on him, on his managerial decisions, the whole airport operations… but he wanted to welcome you here with me personally, imagine! He likes you, you know that? He is willing to make sacrifices for you, for us both, not like that other rat, your biological father, who betrayed us… oh, never mind.”

The daughter is apparently not too pleased, hearing about “him”, Ivana’s boyfriend, a rich and important executive, whom her mother likes to use as an additional extortion and manipulation weapon against her. Maryam never liked the man, she doesn’t know why exactly, there was simply no chemistry between them, or maybe she was too attached to her real blood, so she never accepted him as an “alternative” father, and he felt this rejection and distance.

He is maybe a good and honorable man, taking care of her mother, pampering her, as a princess, but rejecting Maryam as she rejected him, from very simple reason, she is a daughter and blood of an other man, in fact a factual competitor and predecessor in Ivana’s bed, still dangerous, still a threat, because they are connected with a child… there will be always a door for reuninon open.

So, it seems, like if they both would hate Maryam for sins, which she didn’t committed actively and willingly, making her to live in the world of oppression and denial, her mother deploying the manipulation process permanently, which is simple: except permanent mockery and humiliation, show the subject, that you like somebody else more, to raise envy, jealousy and resentment (like the test questions of The Gronholm Method).

Simply instigate it, by spreading poisonous rumors, how one side is hating and rejecting other, and then enjoy the mutual hatred between those two, when you will do the same with that other person, whereas you stay positioned in the middle between them, where is always most of the power concentrated.

Then, “mediate” communication between them, inserting fake information, deepening tension, slandering each other, “revealing” alleged bad emotions and hatred at the other side, to keep both sides at eternal war, but affected towards you, like their ALLEGED ally.

This way, you will always concentrate most of the love and affection from both sides, while preventing them from making undesirable alliance and getting love somewhere else. YOU need to have MONOPOLY for love, which they get in life.

And of course, if you are a mother, never forget to slander the father, create a vision of him like main oppressor of the family, so the child gets detached from him, attaching towards you yet more, searching for love just by you. And of course, concurrently, tell the father, that the child is miserable and disappointing, so he will be rejecting it too.

And WHY all of that? Because you want to have CONTROL of emotions of the people around you, to be able to CONTROL them.

Or an example from corporate environment: you start to work in a cool company, being quite close collaborator with the boss or owner himself, as you are loyal, proactive, and you believe, that you will be appreciated, as you proved yourself, and it really seems so, the boss takes you an personal discreet assistant, sharing many alleged insider secrets with you, giving you “special tasks”, so you fill like an aspiring prince(ss).

But you are very wrong in your judgement: more you show affection to the company, and the boss, like an obedient dog, ready to execute all orders, and to go even beyond theem, just to be noticed and to deserve gratitude and perks, plus to keep the job, as you need the money, you will be punished for your unhealthy attachment.

So, one day, you meet an unknown, but cool looking and self-confident person in the office, and when you ask the boss, who it is, he says: “I consider empoying him”, without any further explanation, so you are surprised, wondering, that he completely ommitted to inform you, or ask for your usual council, even if you have alleged high position of his private advisor?

(=Read Islamic Guidelines for countering such “surprising” events of infidel social manipulation)

Then, few days later, again without advance notice, you have a new smiling colleague in the office suddenly, and the boss, seeming in very good mood, informs you with joy, that he hired this new person, to “help him” with the same “special tasks”, like you are supposed to do, even mentioning, that he gave the new person 50% higher wage, as these tasks are very important… like if the boss would completely omit you, acquiring a new black horse, betraying you totally, stabbing you in the back, stealing your territory and dreams!

And you are destroyed, anger and immediate decision to leave the company is changed with obsession to prove your value to the boss, as you need the job… you became a slave, and the boss will use this situation cleverly, changing moods and approach towards you permanently, from cold to hot, humiliating you in some moments, while praising the other person, your competitor, conspicuously…

And in the other minute, like if nothing would be happening, again sharing big secrets with you, sharing his very private fears and thoughts, like in the “old good times” of alleged trust between you, before that new person came, ruining your happiness… but you will be too weak to mention the apparent betrayal of the boss, that he humiliated you, because you can’t afford it, because you are afraid, that you would be dismissed from the job, losing everything, which you achieved, that it is all only temporary setback.

So you stay silent, pretending that nothing is happening, but boiling inside, you fail the test, and now, you are even willing to go beyong the edge of legality, when serving your boss, because you are a nothing else than a puppet of your treacherous chief… and you can imagine, that THIS can have serious consequences for your future, when you will offer your head and neck for some treacherous, ungrateful rat, who has no problem to betray you, just to keep you on the short leash, but you still continue in this abusive relationship, like a dependent slave and idiot without own will, who doesn’t control his or her fate…

Or another example from corporate offices. You start complaining to your boss, that you are cold there, it’s winter and heating is insufficient, you freeze, you suffer, work hours become pain for you. But you are making very big mistake, giving deadly munitions to your boss towards you, when.revealing your weak spot, suitable to be exploited, to have a perfect lever against you, to keep you down, like a proper fool, a worthless abused slave…

So he not only doesn’t solve the issue, on the contrary, he forces you to freeze there yet more, inviting you into his frozen office just in your white representative shirt, simply lightly dressed, not in a coat and gloves and cap, and keeping you there for an hour deliberately, and unexpectedly, because he suddenly wants to discuss some critical company issue with you, his big important advisor, revealing a tempting big project, where you could play a major role, as you have full trust of the boss, so stay and listen well…

And meeting like this are influencing your career there, you know that well, so you can’t just leave, saying like a weak fool, that you are freezing there, if your professional future could be at stake right now, and many big opportunities can be acquired during the meeting, if you will hold there just a minute, or next quarter of an hour there… wheres the boss will be very systematic, going through the issue very thorougfully, without any unhealthy rush, not to make some bad mistake, asking you many additional questions, to support your losing of body energy and heat yet more, though sweating… and minutes will run, your body will start to lose temperature rapidly, and cease to function properly. even a high risk situation for your health can arise.

Then, when you will have enough, and the man sees your white frozen face, knowing, that you are on the knees, where he needs you, as he wanted, you finally leave in full scale hypothermia, you are scared of collapsing, walking barely, palms frozen like ice, your body trembles and shakes, your heart is stopping beating, you barely make it home, with terror and fear inside you, but his face is sooo satisfied…

Then, you will become sick and weak, you lose your health, sharp edge and momentum, and that is, what your boss wants, to keep you on the short leash, down, submitted, damaged, but he will be always innocent, calling you like mad, interested so deeply and cordially, how are you, if you feel better, sending bouquets of flowers and big packages of chocolate bonbons into hospital or home, even visiting you there, carrying healthy oranges with vitamins, to help you, like a caring mother, and small gifts, to “help you”, but also to corrupt you with cheap trinkets, so you feel obliged, to invade your privacy, to get control yet more of your personal time, space and life…

The same person, who caused problems for you in the beginning, now pretends to try to solve them in your sake, to show you “nice innocent face”, because they allegedly “care for you”, after they showed you their bad side, so it needs to be properly compensanted with some artificial, fake sweetness, so you won’t leave the game.

And one day, when you will return, healthy again, but weakened in position inside the company, as other people took over your work duties, guess what?

Not a happy end! You will meet a new colleague in the office, who just graduated, and he is sooo talented, very big asset for the company, you will be sooo cordially introduced, and the boss will laugh so wildly, seeing your bitter face… and there will be another round of the nasty game, when your apparently nice moments of alleged power, success and respect will be changed with bitter defeats, humiliation, anger and hatred, when you will literally destroy yourself.

Not your boss will destroy you, with his subversive action: YOU will destroy you, with all the negative feelings, influencing your health and mental state.

It’s like in a casino – sometimes, the gambling rats need to let you win, to awake your obsession again, otherwise, you would leave, if being an eternal loser, and they would lose power over you, but they need you to stay and then return with more money, powered by desire and belief, that you will finally win, to be and remain their slave, as they play you masterfully, using deepest knowledge of human psychology in the gambling environment, including deployment other gender to seduce you to further gaming and higher, more risky stakes (particularly seductive women, see Laska LLC U.S. business company, owned by Maria Petlickova, former Czech fashion model, operating in Las Vegas).

(=Fortunately, Islam forbids gambling, so Allah again knows well, how to protect His believers against doom and manipulation!)

To get more control, your manipulative boss will also acquire more and more influence over even private life of yours. No work hours from 9 to 18, you will be voluntarily spending evenings with him, vising clubs and pubs, because you think, that it’s good for your career, he will call you day and night, as you are so critical subordinate for him allegedly, sending you allegedly important and allegedly urgent emails, which you need to reply immediately, as a proper loyal employee, for your own sake and career opportunities…

He will be asking for extra work meetings during weekends, because you are allegedly so much important advisor, so critical for the company operations and success, and he will be deliberately playing dumb and incapable, to make a fool from you, and you will provide these extra services and time for him gladly, for free, of course, with vision, to improve your position through enhanced loyalty, not realizing, that the bitch controls your life, your time, testing, if you can say NO! or not, so that you will have to keep him in your mind all the time, because he will bother you and occupy your thoughts all the time masterfully, but in those extra meetings, he will praise you conspicuously, making careful notes on paper, like if your ideas would be critical for the future of company, and his own…

And not only he will call and bother you all the time, also other colleagues, to provide extra levers, who have your trust, particularly other gender, who are his slaves too, instructed to behave somehow towards you, showing affection and admiration, while spying on you, reporting to the boss, what you said about him, the company and other people, so he can see, whom you hate, whom you are afraid of, to use these emotions and people against you…

This is, how you start living in a giant prison, and every golden coin you will get for it, will be literally paid with blood, as deals with Devil have also the same price: your soul, and even body (health)… all these heart failures of employess, their ruined marriages, children on drugs and even suicides, it didn’t happen just like that!

This is, how infamous Corporate Sectarianism work, it gives immense power to the company, but at the same time, people are becoming slaves… this is, how the masterminds create their devoted armies, willing to do just ANYTHING for them, and the company.

This is, how Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, originating from glamorous Shanghai, gained immense strangth in global scale, just by using their special PSY knowledge, originating from three basic sources: MLM business, sects and casinos, to build an immense empire of power, where people are devoted to the firm literally to death, with their minds completely brainwashed by permanent, never ending pressure from all sides, and well organized PSY games, as the rats know their subjects well, they study them carelly, observe them closely, test them permanently…

And if you are not willing and/or able to say NO in this life, private or professional… you will have MANY SERIOUS TROUBLES, and soon.

On the other hand… your fear, that you will lose the job, is powerful, and you will maybe really lose it, because if you are not willing to become a slave fo the boss, you are maybe not suitable for him.

Although it is not the only job in the world… but if you are fixed, too attached, it’s hard just to leave, like poor ancient Moriscos, humiliated Muslims, which couldn’t leave the Spanish Al-Andalus, their home, which fell to infidels in 1492, eroding Islam with their corruption from dunya, even converting to Christianity, to be allowed to stay, although it’s a basic duty to any Muslim, to emigrate into an Islamic land without delay or concessions, if he is religiously oppressed…

Again, you create your fate yourself, just by staying there, in this oppression and exploitation (and Moriscos, victims of circumstances and own bad decisions and weakness, as well).

When Maryam realizes all this, still listening to the waterfall of attacks and mockery from her own mother, she only sighs, knowing well, that it’s in her best interest, and also to obey the command of Allah, to cut all the ties with this person, as you can never win here, and more you try to discuss the issues with them, more attention you are willing to pay to that issues, the more you prove your attachment, and that you are inclined to be played, so you only make the fire stronger…

They just use your own energy and anger against you… indeed, the only way is to remain SILENT, not reacting, not accepting the game of others, because SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

And in Islam… why should you listen to these filthy infidels, who try to misuse you? Indeed, Allah recommends in his infinite wisdom, NOT to take unbelievers as friends, not to trust them… and now you see, why!

Brothers and sister in Islam would never do such things, because they are also submitted, and if not, behaving and playing nasty games like infidels, you will know, that they are apostates, and they MUST be rejected, removed from your life, whereas you will never make the same sins, like them, never tolerating it, as you would become an accomplice.

Of course, even they can test you, become a fitnah, for example, drinking forbidden alcohol in front of you, claiming, that falsely, that “Allah doesn’t see it”, awaiting your reaction.

And what should you do? To remain silent, let them, even when seeing them doing forbidden things, heavy sin against the faith? Or to make your voice heard, but ruining the atmosphere, losing alleged friend?

But if he or she is corrupted… is he or she even worthy of some affection?

Should you tell them, or remain silent, not to get involved?

All these are so complicated thoughts, and Maryam knows, that those are not Islamic, because Islam is simple, there is never some big thinking and neverending discussion, like in the immensely complex infidel world, where you are under constant stress of incoming massive wave of information and permanent changes of everything, new laws are issued all the time, this is suddenly forbidden, or allowed, or obligatory, and you need to submit immediately, you need to know the changes in advance, it’s your citizen duty, as “Ignorance of law isn’t an excuse”, as the lawyers from Kenner Bach Ledeen like to say… you never know, what is good and what is right just in that moment.

Yesterday, it was good to be a macho, powerful man… today, good men cook, obsessed with their looks, using plenty of cosmetics and even plastic surgery, take care of kids, and reject war, becoming soft puppies, asking for allowance to insert their dicks somewhere, who women secretly despise as weak.

Yesterday, you loved freedom… but today, you voluntarily become slave of all the gadgets, IT, mobile phones, Internet and social media, ignoring surveillance and data mining.

Yesterday, it was normal to let children play outside, but now, it’s too dangerous, and if you do it, you are not responsible parent…

Yesterday, you rode your bike without a helmet, you skied without helmet, but now, it’s too dangerous, so if other parents see your child without a helmet, they will consider you irrensponsible, even dangerous for the proper education your child, reporting it to the teacher, so in the end, you can even lose your child, because you “threatened his healthy development”… indeed, those Western social engineers are cute.

Yesterday, it was normal, to be a man, OR a woman. Today, there is maybe 100 different genders and sexual identities, some people allegedly even don’t have a gender, and decadent United States and Norway even allow people to CHOOSE their gender…

Yesterday, you didn’t separate home waste, but now, if you don’t do it, you are bad, you are destroying the nature… whereas all the waste ends in some big furnace, to be burned, sorted or not, but the waste management firm gets fat grants from the state, allegedly for “environment protection”… if you ever thought, that waste management is a filthy, marginal business, then wake up: the communal waste can generate more proceeds, than drugs or firearms, but without any risks, if you know the rules well, pushing the breasts of “Green” infidel obsession properly, so the tasty milk will come out, to please hungry children…

Yesterday, you didn’t needed to study the details on food packages, but now, you need to read calories, salt, if there is deadly palm oil, how many “E” additives, allegedly harmful, and allergens…

Yesterday, Russians were beloved liberators of Czechia, friends from the same Slavic tribe, almost brothers, and United States were an aggressor. Today, the Czechs admire America, despising Russians, and also the history textbooks were decently rewritten, to reveal the truth and eliminate myths

But in Islam? NOT A SINGLE WORD of Qur’an, the basic foundation of Islamic faith, was changed for 1400 years, and there is no fool, no priest or clergy, allowed to enter into your relation with Allah, who would be authorized to “explain the faith properly” for you, making some deviant novelties in the faith. That’s the kind stability a human needs! Not like mad, ever changing world of those crazy infidels…

So, Maryam forgets all this endless mess overthinking, letting it go from her mind, redirecting her attention, leaving infidels to live in the world of universal confinement.

That shiny magazine in mother’s hand is attracting her, like if Allah would want to move her attention there. So the Emirati woman gets curious, what news can be in the magazine about her?

And “Heavy Slander” is always too well informed, rumored to have very deep ties into the highest ranks of Czech security apparatus, including national CounterIntelligence service, BIS, military and police, through its chief reporter Pavel Novotny, the most reputated tabloid journalist in the history of the country, without any doubt.

As he is known to be protected by very highly positioned benefactors, he can release a lot of truly explosive material, which would be never allowed to be published otherwise, and the circle closes: Novotny acquires yet more power, and everybody, including VIPs, rather clear his way, never becoming a obstacle for him, that would be very unwise move, making rather friends with him, as he can seriously influence their lives.

Only one small slander about you in the magazine, and whole nation will laugh at you, so you will lose any social power and respect. He can even ruin your life completely, as he likes.

This immense influence is absolutely unsanctioned and unauthorized by the state, but in practice, you can imagine, that Novotny is in fact a pawn of special state interests, otherwise, he would be never allowed to accumulate and hold such immense power, reaching highest levels of politics, where one “Special Issue” of Novotny’s magazine, full of juicy revelations, speculations and  treacherous slanders, is enough, to force a whole government to resign…

They will simply remove the prime minister as primary target, digging some filth around him, some secret mistress occurs in the public light suddenly, perhaps, insigating resentment and desire for revenge in his disapponited wife, who changes into a deadly lioness, tearing her “beloved man” and his life apart in her endless anger and humiliation, and the affair is perfectly inflating, hitting more and more victims, heads start to fall…

Plus some alleged proofs of alleged corruption are published, some nice fake evidence, manufactured in some secret Intelligence agency lab, and all the government in the country will soon collapse, as everything is connected: when a big master falls, small pawns start deadly fight for power, destabilizing whole society and its defence capabilities against internal and external threats, like in the long bygone Al-Andalus… read, why and how it happened, and what should be done to prevent it.

Anyway, the local Czech media stopped writing about Maryam long time ago, from reasons beyond understanding of common citizens, discussed only by various conspiracy theoretists, who disappeared from time to time, when getting too close to the truth, becoming too inconvenient for the masterminds at the higher places, thus all the obstacles and pests were needed to be removed from the scene decisively, eliminated by mysterious, well trained assailants

Or killed in apparently inconspicuos car accidents, which was a favorite assassination tactics, known to be used by Czech Special Forces assassins, like Marketa Vselichova, a Czech Special Forces asset in Syria, who eliminated many Islamic State terrorists there, before ending in a Turkish prison for supporting and instigating Kurdish terrorism, and her famous signature sniper rifle, The Syrian Shark, ended in a publicly inaccessible museum, to relax after long, unsanctioned private war without any sense, except releasing the suspected madness and alleged obsession of Vselichova with violence.

No wonder, that even such drastic measures need to be used, if success of a classified joint Czech-Israeli military operation is in stake, together with higher interests, national security, state secrets… and the Emirati woman, now using protection of an Emirati diplomatic passport, given by the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum himself, the ruler of Dubai, vicepresident and prime minister of UAE, is apparently an important part of these high-profile games and immense conspiracy, where also mysterious Illuminati and dangerous corporate rats from distant China are allegedly participating.

“Show me that new article about me, mom,” Maryam asks suddenly, as she feels, that Allah wants her to read this particular text, although He generally doesn’t like consuming corrupted mass media, as they are fitnah, taking His followers farther from worshipping Him, towards the transient world, the dunya.

So, her eyes start jumping on printed lines without too deep attention, as there are still loud crowds of people around them, walking here and there, together with immense noise.

There is a big, older portrait picture of Maryam, wearing a hijab of course, taken at Dubai, at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, on 144th floor, where Armani Prive Lounge is located, the most luxurious club of the world, where she works as a special VIP hostess, doing sacred da’wah (=inviting VIPs to Islam).

“CHERCHEZ LA FEMME”, the main article title says (=meaning in French, “look for a woman behind every affair”), and Pavel Novotny, the man of extreme media importance, far beyond national borders of small Czechia, is the author. Of course… that will be something really juicy… like always.

“Oh girl, you can read the article later!” Ivana is impatient, never giving you a room to breath, or time to rest, always keeping you under pressure, so you start doing mistakes, never doing things as you want them to be, never giving you, what you want, always taking happiness from you, because those, who are permanently deprived, are controlled most easily.

“Now, let’s go to the car, let’s ride home!” Ivana says decisively, she is the still factual leader of the family, after all. “I will cook something good, we can make a barbecue in the garden, it’s so nice weather today, blue sky, like in Dubai…” the mother makes sweet promises of ideal mother-daughter relationship… and you are inclined to believe such nice visions, fulfilling your dreams, but in reality, these are far away from the harsh secret truth about your mother.

“No, mom, thanks… I have a ride already,” Maryam rejects the suggestion firmly, although she wasn’t given a choice in fact, Ivana rather announced next action to her. “I want to make my own programme for today. We will meet later. I will be here for a week.”

But her mom knows well, what tactics to use, to force her daughter to submit, change her mind, after being persuaded, that such change is in her own best interest. And how to achieve it? Simply, to redirect the energy, change the game rules, and use well known Maryam’s weak spots against her…

“Marketa… you are pregnant, aren’t you?” Ivana asks suddently, after she watched Maryam very conspicuously, for a long minute, to make her nervous, asking, what is happening, and then, shooting a sharp projectile without warning, which will have devastating effect in such atmosphere of tension and uncertainty.

“Why???” Maryam is surprised, from very obvious reasons. Is her mother reading her thoughts, or just guessing? Or just firing into the air, provoking? What is her secret intention? She will know soon.

“Just… how to say it decently… because your face is… different, more round, and your ass is somehow wider, than it used to be,” Ivana likes to pretend to hesitate with saying the unpleasant truth, creating horrible tension and expectation inside you, and then, suddenly, she is really merciless in her statements, again using her terrible tactics, criticizing body of Maryam, to lower her self esteem.

“Or… maybe you just got fat a little bit, didn’t you? Again? Maybe too much of that lazy life, eating too much of sweet Arabic delicacies, without sport, it makes you bad… but you know, how movement is important, don’t you? I would expect, that an experienced fashion model would know, how to take care of herself, so she lasts on the scene… but Iveta, your sister, she is thin, like a rod! Maybe you let yourself go, resignated, failed, tired,” Ivana finishes with the most shining smile of total victory, as she knows, what will most likely happen.

Now, it’s the most wise for Maryam, who experienced such unpleasant moments many times, to say nothing to the poisonous criticism, not to try to defend, not to counter attack, not to get provoked, not to become angry and aggressive and confrontational, because exactly that is, what the sociopathic mother wants and needs for her purposes, to derail you, and to continue “working on you”… Maryam would only give further ammunition to her, but this time, Allah is watching her, protecting her, giving her basic defensive advice:

Stay away from filthy infidels!
Don’t listen to their lies!
Burn the bridges!
Cleanse your mind!
Keep only your Lord there!
Then, you will be forever safe!

Also, it’s critical, not to say the name of the man, who will come to pick Maryam, as her mother is able to call him openly or secretly, playing sweet caring mom from movies, saying: “Oh, I like you so much, mister, you are so fine young man… why don’t you bring Maryam to our house, let’s spend time together, like a family, you can meet your future mother-in-law… who knows? Maybe one day, soon… and I haven’t seen my baby girl so long, be nice and don’t take her from me, you know, how family is important, we need to stick together, not to play solo!”

And all male fools are literally jumping into this perfect feminine trap, playing knights, falling in love with rather sexy Ivana, imagining, how great it would be, to fuck not only Maryam, but her sexy attractive mature mom as well, secretly, so it would be yet more exciting, this dark family affair, as she sends those very clear signals deliberately and cleverly, like an experienced deceiver, that EXACTLY YOU is the right man, who deserves her beloved daughter, who deserves her own respect… and personal affection!

And every fool loves to feel special, it’s stealing his sanity with guarantee, when someone clever persuades him about this useful lie, awaking his imagination, that great sexy vision, ultimate feeling of male sexuality, that you will be just finished with one of the women, after ejaculating into her, full dose of your sperm, hitting right on target, with your dick still erected, shiny and full of her vaginal fluid, as you were just inside her, copulating like mad, releasing the male steam and obsession, millions of your gender cells, ready to impregnate and spread your legacy, in an explosion of orgasm and total relief, and then…

While you will just go to the bathroom, so satisfied, calm, balanced, relaxed, feeling great, young, strong, manly… almost naked, showing your masculine body proudly… and other woman of the same blood, like your dick tasted a minute ago, will notice your impressive figure, promising a lot of pleasure for her, and she will call you suddenly from her door, inviting you inside silently, as she’s just a woman, not a saint, not able to resist to the power of a REAL MAN, like you, because you know all the “red buttons” of her, which make miracles, when pushed by REAL MAN…

So you will listen to the call of a Siren, entering her private bedroom with certainty, with deep male self-confidence and balance, stepping into her boudoir, her secret feminine world, full of magical seducing scent and concentrated pheromones, not letting a great chance to be a big man, who has literal harem at home, to pass, not hesitating, not losing time with shower, as real man is a creature of action…

Simply inserting your freshly “used” dick into the other woman, becoming a connection between two desiring, widely open vaginas, willing to accept your manhood, those which belong to mother and daughter, and they both are submitted to you, they like to lie under you in submissive position, because you are a conqueror, a REAL MAN, so they both will mark your dick with their vaginal “sauce” at once, as you rule them, and control their sexuality, they spread their thighs any time you want, any of them…

You feel like powerful, mighty king, and maybe, one day, there will be a “troika”, when you will all have sex together, and both women will pay you the utmost attention and care, caressing you everywhere, your big dick will become their shared god to worship, so you will feel like in heaven, and you will insert your big stick into both of them like mad, changing the connection like obsessed, just to enjoy the feeling, of having and ruling two devoted females at once, and they accept, that they are not the only one… playing by YOUR rules.

Tall fashion model Maryam, a little bit romantic, emotional and soft, fragile, and Ivana, strong, dark, mysterious witch with firm touch… those two parts of your old dream about ultimate love will connect together, finally, and you will be HAPPY and satisfied…

Indeed, Ivana knows perfectly, how to play not only with Maryam, but all her boyfriends, female friends, simply anybody, to control life of her daughgter completely…

“So, you said, Marketka, that Hakim will come to pick you?” Ivana says then, when they are drinking coffee in a nearby café, still at the airport, and she says it apparently just like that, like if she wouldn’t know exactly, as she has all the present Czech contacts of Maryam perfectly mapped, using not only Intelligence, which Maryam releases herself, in that weak moments of trust between them, and she will pity for this unwise, rash sharing later…

Also, the mother makes her own precise, systematic research between Maryam’s friends, extracting information from them with mastery, making allies and informers on all sides, because everybody likes attention and flattery, and Ivana can be indeed irresistible and charming woman, if she wants, playing sexy woman and seducing mysterious witch towards men, and understanding, wise and disreet older friend towards females.

“Hmmm, Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani… why not, he is a good boy, trustworthy, firm, manly, decent, handsome, smells good, dresses good, rides good car, lives in a big house, he has respect towards others, he’s coming from the ruling family of Qatar, his mother is my good friend, he’s working in Prague as a VIP and celebrity dentist, after he finished the Charles University here, where you two met, but unlike you, he has a stable, lucrative and very perspective job and professional future…

No wonder, that you want stick to him, to save yourself, because look at the mirror, your own career is failing, money is running out, contracts disappearing to competitors, because you simply don’t have the skills and resistance to be a successful fashion model, you don’t have that kind of responsibility towards your body, you get fat so easily, always eating something, unable to stop, and now face the cruel truth…

Just see the results of your sedentary lifestyle and passivity, letting your best years to slip through your fingers! Just have an unbiased look at your belly, touch it, it’s so soft, and that is so bad for you! It wasn’t like that before, you know that, even through that abaya I can see it, that nasty rolls of fat, which control your body now, when you are sitting, but you know about them too, you only try to deny them, not able to solve the situation, like a responsible woman would, to start a diet, because you are so weak…

And look, your thighs… oh, no, WAIT… isn’t it a cellulitis there, and pretty terrible example? Girl, swimsuit is not for you anymore! This will never disappear, anymore! You are in deep trouble…


How could you show such a melted, fattened body on a catwalk of a fashion show again? Admit it, girl, you are finished, the dream is over, this VIP world of beauty is not for you anymore, you stole all the chances from yourself, just by being irresponsible, you drowned all your immense oppotunities for success in sweet and fat food, to which you can’t resist, which you love more, than anything else, (=EVEN MORE THAN ME!…)

Because you are so weak, you always were, never able to finish things, you always ran away in half, when things got harsh… you are a half-woman, a half-Muslim, everything doing just in half, like that Islam of yours, but inside you, you are still weak, and Allah will hardly help you… (=ALLAH IS REJECTING YOU TOO, BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTHLESS!…)

Do you think, that people don’t know, that your alleged conversion to Islam is fake, a pretended lie? That you just needed to be more attractive for Emirati men, who were willing just to fuck you, but not to marry you, as a Western slut, so you took a hijab and abaya, as a part of your Islamic charade, thinking, that no one will notice the truth? That you are still a miserable, desperate slut, who only sees the gold, the money?

But even under that hijab, you still remained infidel, celebrating Xmas and birthdays with us, although these are not allowed in Islam… do you think, that nobody knows, how you made the money in the Emirates in the beginning, fucking with Pakistani gastarbeiters (=foreign workers) in the slums of Dubai?

Not speaking about your ridiculous and reckless public statements, that you were born in sexy Prague, to be accepted between those VIPs, even if you came from distant, filthy Silesia, despised by them?

Your life, it’s one big lie! Can you look at your face in the mirror, can you accept yourself? Or you want to throw up?

Anyway, to step on the fashion show catwalk now, to be seen by the people and media again, you would only embrass yourself, and me, so for your own good, for your future, you should rather sit in some office, arranging papers, making coffee, answer telephones, there you can hardly spoil something… but then, why I supported your University studies??? So many years… to become a fucking secretary??? This is a very nice gift from my grateful daughter, indeed! I thought, that you will become SOMEBODY! That you will make me proud, forgetting all the sacrifices, which I had to do for you!

Oh, this is, what I call spoiled life, thrown away! Ending as a dumb secretary, which means nothing, who is nothing, because that is all you can handle! BEING NOBODY AND EVER FAILING!

But Hakim… he is your last chance, he could bring you stability and security, which you lack and need so much in your unstable life, so you can become a house wife, cleaning smelling shit of your children daily, seeing your famous shining sister in TV daily, drowning in jealousy and anger, remembering with sadness and depression, who you once were, and who you could be, if you wouldn’t be such failure, so you will start drinking vodka secretly, thinking, that ALLAH doesn’t see your sin… yeah, I can imagine Hakim, as my son-of-law well,” Ivana to continues to “cast the iron”, as she not only hits Maryam again, she also presents her opinion about a suspect, because exactly Hakim…

He reacts to her game very well, willing to come into the family, and become a devoted Ivana’s puppet, so she can obtain yet more influence over her daughter, who would be under permanent control and surveillance from two perfectly cooperating sides at least, even in distance from her mother, who could issue “good advices” to “good boy” Hakim anywhere. always standing on HIS side, not hers…

“You know, dear Hakim, my Marketka is a nice girl, but she has some tiny girlish… let’s say, issues,” Ivana will talk with the curious man, drinking coffee together, just two of them, suggesting, that “… only you can help me with my complicated daughter, my hero, and I will repay you well, including access to my sexy body, at least sometimes!”

“Children are worries, but I am sure, my good boy Hakim, that you would be able to be a very important man in Marketka’s life, even the most important,” Ivana makes her clever flattery, to manipulate him perfectly.

“She likes you, you know that, my boy? Listen, she told me this, the other day, with very serious voice: ‘Mom, I will marry this man one day, I feel it, that he is the fateful person of my life’,” Ivana will play alleged conspirator, relaying fake information, just to get Hakim to her side, to be one of her countless puppets, to awake madness inside him.

The flattered Hakim will now listen to her very carefully, as mom naturally knows Maryam perfectly, she can share some good tactics, how to conquer her, the Islamic Princess, and she can even help with that demanding task… if you are THE REAL MAN.

“Hakim, you are so nice, so decent man… my heart is always pleased, when I meet you… oh, please me more, you should visit us more often, Marketka will be glad to see you, she spends too much time alone, isolated from the world, she needs help, but she is too shy to ask, maybe a man could help her well, to be alive and loving again, because she doesn’t listen to me, she ignores me, I don’t have her respect, but a REAL MAN could,” Ivana lures him to execute some action, to deploy some effort, to be a man, because a proverb says, that motion creates emotion.

It will be just good, if Maryam will be permanently bothered by an persistent admirer, who is fully under Ivana’s control, as this courtship will be sucking energy and time from the daughter, so all the other fools, who could liberate her from oppression, at least in theory, will be blocked, whereas the “chosen” man by Ivana, if rejected by Maryam, will be simply caressed by the mother, who will make coffee, bring tasty sweet cakes, cook great food from him, to be a good seducing hostess, wearing her best and most sexy dresses with deepers cleveages, never forgetting to expose her large breasts to the chosen fool, when she bends over him, apparently just serving coffee innocently, and always reminding to him, that he needs to be persistent, patient, to rescue the cursed Princess from her chateau of ice…

Therefore, he will never regretting staying in this strange game, as she will assure him, that he is slowly winning heart of Maryam, making good progress, only he only needs to hold on a little bit longer, apply some manly persistence, and also moderate pressure, as “… I shouldn’t tell you that, Hakim, it will be our secret, OK?

You see, Marketka likes to play a cold queen a little bit, but she will resignate soon, if she will see, that you really want her, and you won’t let her be, never giving up, because the real man, the real hunter, is simply chasing his chosen prey, so long, until she falls, exhausted, resignating, willing to submit to him…

And Marketka is in the good age for marriage, maybe even too old already, so she is starting to get quite desperate, you can imagine, that the last good train is leaving, so who will come first to the girl, she will literally fall into his firm embrace, becoming a good, devoted wife, giving birth to many healthy children, you can fuck her day and night, any time, she will be always accepting you, never rejecting you… she knows her female mission!

She won’t play some sick career game, putting family aside! She is a well-bred girl, always knowing, what is good… you will only show her the way, because…

To be completely honest with you, dear Hakim… if I can trust you… well, Marketka was never REALLY in love, can you imagine?

She simply never met that kind of a fateful man, who could change her life, making her really laughing, happy, contented, taking care of her properly, being there always for her, as a secure and devoted partner, and passionate lover… I think, that she is just still waiting for the right man patiently, as she believes in fateful love, the only one, you know, which kind of ultimate affection I mean, simply all or nothing, no compromises, no spoiled girlish dreams, which turned into dust, forgotten under crushing weight of circumstances…

Only the brave will prevail, as she will test you thoroughfully, if you are worthy of her deepest female love, she can’t give herself to some loser, you can imagine, and I am sure, that you agree with this responsible approach, only confirming, how good mom she will be one day… but YOU have all the skills, I know that! You should definitely try… and the rest between you two is in the God’s hands!”

In fact, Ivana will make a good deal with the man: I will help you to get my girl, but you need to do, what I tell you to do… OK, my friend? And she will also give him a perfect opportunity, where he can prove to himself, as he is insecure deeply inside… and men simply love challenges, even if it can mean their doom, as they are so competitive, obsessed with races and measuring forces, even through confrontation, either in sport field, or war…

But now, when clever Ivana sees, that the daughter is too sturdy, at least temporarily, it makes no sense to keep the same game, it is time to change tactics again, and to show, that she is not afraid to leave, making a final strong scene, leaving lasting impression after her.

“OK then, so you know what?” Ivana stands up, throwing the magazine in front of Maryam. “Do, as you want! Spoil your life yet more! But one day, you will be sorry, you ungrateful bitch, who ruined my life!” she sizzles with real poisonous hatred, like a serpent, and leaves without saying goodbye.

Usually, Maryam would start crying, but not today, not under ultimate protection of Allah. Some power simply erases all negativity from her mind, all the influence of vultures, suggesting her, to start reading already, instead of contemplating and losing time.

So… what are they writing about her, and how does this affect not only the whole Czech country, also the whole world?

How can it happen, that a single woman can change world?

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The Maryam Affair: Marketa Korinkova, Islamic Princess

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