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Indeed, Wednesdays are the most favorite, even festive days for many Czech citizens. The reason is, that every Wednesday morning, like clockwork, a new issue of Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, hits the news stands and city streets in large, shouting with distinctive cover, full of big red letters, as the cover always attracts the potential buyers the most.

Heavy Slander Gossip Magazine - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs VSoon, the magazine literally floods the whole country with fresh, most juicy, shocking, but entertaining gossip, audacious mockery, questionable accusations, criticism of celebrity outfits, bold speculations and suspicions, VIP surveillance reports and original celebrity research, supported with highly dubious evidence and testimonies of very shady people, who maybe even doesn’t exist… exactly that kind of perfectly suitable content, which allows even all Czech losers, marginal fools, corporate slaves of mindless consumerism…

To feel as a firm, well established and important, active, participating part of the society, when sharing their own deep impressions, opinions, additional rumors and comments with their friends, schoolmates or colleagues, when drinking refreshing morning coffee together, confirming, that they are well informed about latest development in the world around them, that they hold their finger on “the pulse of the present epoch” firmly, they have the momentum, and thus, they deserve social respect from their peers and social vicinity, and should be followed as natural social leaders.

Many people even started to dress better on Wednesday, wearing their best clothes of world fashion brands, spending money with generosity, like kings and queens, to reflect their good and enthusiastic mood, their renewed belief, that any new day, a God’s gift, can be a new great chance for you, how to change your life, achieve big goals, be somebody, and become the person you always wanted, and supposed to be… if you are a part of the flow.

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsNeedless to say, how much does Heavy Slander, secretly owned by the Chinese multinational Wu Corporation with suspected Illuminati ties, profit from all this big public commotion, hitting all spheres of the society, and also devotion of the readers, be it in terms of money, or gathered universal social-political influence.

Indeed, even in decent Czech society of middle social class, it’s no shame to read this “tabloid trash” nowadays, on the contrary, many Czech current love pairs and spouses met simply the way, that they just started occasional conversation with a stranger above the pages of latest Heavy Slander issue, and it was so easy to start talking freely, to overcome natural shyness and fear of rejection, because the readers of the magazine, they are like a religious sect, a single nation of devoted followers of Pavel Novotny, the chief reporter, and his unique artistic and journalistic style, which has no competitor in all the Czech lands, from Teplice to Silesia.

Pavel Novotny - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIndeed, this man knows his special job just perfectly, how to hit the general audience the hardest, in all senses: visual, emotional, sensual, factual. Therefore, Wednesday, set as publishing day of Heavy Slander, was not chosen by coincidence: people are back in the work process completely, but not too tired or relaxed before the weekend, so they are fully concentrated, ready to process the served information, and share it further, like a virus.

Also, there is still three work days remaining, when affected person and offices can be forced to issue press statements, regarding to published revelations and accusations, not able to use the useful excuse, that no one is present in the office anymore… you can bet, that if a spokesperson of a state office would say so, the responsible director can pack the personal stuff the second day, as the higher places always try to find a suitable scapegoat, to be thrown to wolves outside, in the sacred interest of protecting good name and image of the organization, whereas a single individual can be sacrificied most easily.

Novotny knows all those rats from politics and government very well, he knows their thinking, mindset, psychology, interests, weak spots, and particularly fears. There are rumors, that Wu Corporation’s Showbiz Center, a part of their Media Operations department, keeps a precise personal file on every single person, who just once and barely touched the Czech politics, business, arts and generally public life.

It’s completely enough, when your name occured in any news once, caught by precise Wu’s search algorithms, and you can be certain, that careful and diligent Chinese will start gathering all the information about you, even for many years, without apparent and direct purpose, to have proper useful levers against anybody, regardless if apparently important, or not, simply ad hoc, if needed for a certain purpose, because even peasants can sometimes mean critical difference, if properly bribed, extorted, persuaded, seduced… everybody has a weak spot. But to identify, find and use it effectively, to hit the human targets without errors in tactics, which could make them run away or making undesirable counter-moves, you need to gather a lot of sensitive information in advance.

Czech Crown Jewels Copy Stolen Conspiracy Fake Replica 1942 Prague Castle Reinhard Heydrich SS fraud media - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsYou can also imagine, that such database has literally limitless value, in all senses, as it’s not dead, passive, non-liquidable and theoretical asset, like Czech Crown Jewels, for example, which only rest behind an armor glass on a velvet cushion, having no practical usage, and no one can use them for any welfare of the state, except certain visual effect, not speaking about suspicion, that these are mere replicas, as originals from 1346 were stolen by Nazis in 1942 and lost, never found… but Intelligence is an universal commodity, which can generate immense proceeds every day, every minute, it allows you to control the world around. Therefore, Intelligence services hold immense power in any society, be it infidel or Islamic, democratic or autokratic.

For collecting, processing and analyzing of vast amounts of such “raw” information, with possible jewels and diamonds, hidden in dark, fog and mud, Wu has their feared Internal Affairs (IA) department established, in fact a private Intelligence agency, even with rumored executive authorization (=it can deploy physical means and coercion against human assets).

The data-vault itself, to protect the critically important and immensely valuable data from leaking, stealing, tampering and misusing, is placed at an underground bunker, equipped with all possible defence measures, including anti-missile system, mine fields, traps, patrols with dogs, snipers and automatic fast-firing cannons, located at a secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice, which is under factual control of Wu Corp., as modern Western military forces deploy privatization of state defence, and together with corporate entities, they are widely participating in infamous military-industrial complex.

The vault is completely cut from outside world, without Internet access, and old-fashioned human couriers are allegedly used for delivering and extracting Intelligence files and fragments of information, carrying especially manufactured, ultimately encrypted USB flash disks of miniature size, possibly even implanted into the bodies of couriers, using human augmentation, so the whole Intelligence operation of Wu Corp. seems yet more intimidating, and all politicians and officials are starting to sweat, only when they hear name of the company, or they see the Wu Corp’s company logo.

And believe, that they see it often, it’s not a coincidence, it’s deliberatele strategy, from most obvious reasons, because if only the mere fear of your enemies makes them flee, you can call yourself a dignified successor of famous Sun-Tzu, the reputated Chinese military leader, maybe to be praised and promoted by highest ranks of Chinese Communist Party, which has an ultimate goal: to secure Chinese Global Dominance, using all means and assets, like control of critical world resources: raw materials, transport, and telecommunications.

And imagine, what happens, if YOUR alleged personal file, with many intimate and sensitive details of course, gets accidentally leaked, and you read about YOUR person, that you are marked as “terminate with extreme prejudice” (=former employee or asset, to be assassinated, executed), like it happened to Lucy Lao (1981-201?), once a most trustworthy Wu’s asset, who allegedly defected, but it could also be intricate Intelligence game of Wu, to secure more trust for their covert operative, as such is common Chinese and generally Communist tactics, when sending alleged defectors into the West, to get control of foreign groups of influence, including guerillas.

Lucy Lao: Terminate With Extreme Prejudice
WU Corporation China Internal Affairs Department Executive Order Terminate With Extreme Prejudice - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 2

There were even cases, when people immediately committed suicide, or died from natural causes suddenly, just after reading similiar strong “message”, because their sudden fear and stress was so terrifying, devastating and unsustainable, which the experienced rats from WU, masters in PSY games, were able to arise in them.

In the end, no assassination operation was even needed, as the “inconvenient” people, called then “marks” (=persons of interest, designated for elimination), often terminated themselves voluntarily, catching the personal message and understanding its special contents very well.

Series of such events happened in the 1960s, when Czech Communist CounterIntelligence Service StB, predecessor of contemporary BIS, orchestrated alleged discovery of alleged war-time chests of secret Nazi documents of extreme importance, submerged by StB operatives with scuba diving training into a Czech lake (Operation NEPTUNE), and releasing fake “revealed” new evidence into the Western media, about alleged war crimes of particular West German politicians with former alleged Nazi ties, to disrupt the government of West Germany, and to prevent Nazi war crimes investigations from being lapsed (=the really funny fact was, that the chests were empty, as the promised delivery of the documents from Moscow was delayed).

As you can see, the big game, where many lives are at stake, often takes apparently innocent form of gossip magazines… but there is much power distributed in the mass media, and this is, how you can project immense influence in the society, if you have secured access to distribute information for masses, if you can control and alter information flow.

To achieve this demanding task with very promising following opportunities, you need to hit even the most important people, who don’t read the tabloid media, either by ignorance, omission, principle or deliberate denial, as they attempt to “escape the truth”, and they are not willing to become the consumers of “the only real truth”, which you have created for higher interests.

But no one escapes, as Heavy Slander is deliberately distributed in two versions: the common, general “sale” version is designated as “A”, sometimes distributed in the streets even for free, if the most intensive hit of the society is needed, like during that nasty Salzburg Affair (Austria), whereas “B” version is rather a visually beautiful and persuasive brochure, using even subliminal messaging widely, made with clear intention to influence the minds of VIPs, so it’s manufactured specifically for their mindset, different from common masses, and this brochure is delivered free of charge, either by post, or human couriers, right to the “target” person, to his or her home address, or place of actual residence, even abroad, even secret, to the house of a lover, to a deserted shack in the woods, anywhere… no, you can’t escape from Wu’s “truth”, and you will understand, that there is no place to hide, if Wu needs you!

Or maybe you will be flattered, that you are a real VIP, and it’s confirmed, if they are chasing you with so much persistence? So. why not to submit, and listen to their interesting suggestions for good business?

This special strategy for subversive, unsanctioned influence on public affairs was originally invented by Sicilian Mafia in the 1970s, when the “Cosa Nostra” mafiosi started using corrupted journalistic assets, but it was widely updated and improved by Wu, to use most advanced, state-of-the-art methods for deepest and widest psychological effect possible.

marketa-maryam-korinkova-sex-lies-emirates-special-issue-slander-gossip-magazine-islam-muslim-convert-uae-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIt’s estimated, that several thousands copies of such “brochures of influence” is distributed every week, both to regular “customers” and specific persons of “ad hoc” interest, published even in several languages, if such need for a foreign media Influence Operation arises, and sometimes, the apparent draft of the issue, unique and different, “tailored” for a particular person, is delivered deliberately in advance, to force the persons to do some action, desirable for Wu’s interests, or to refrain from an action, and to become Wu puppets, in order to avoid publishing of their dangerous dirty laundry, which could have devastating consequence for their life, family or career, like the depicted specimen.

But common fools, the dumb sheep “citizens”, who vote for the most treacherous rats in every “free elections”, raising hands for “more protection and safety” through more mass surveillance and police militarization, will never know, what is happening, of which nasty game they are a part of, unwillingly, as their primary interest of their corrupted, crumbling, decadent Western civilization, is only entertainment, sex (or rather Internet porn) and food… “bread and games”.

No wonder, that the primitive masses can be so easily controlled.

islamic-princess-maryam-marketa-korinkova-islam-muslim-allah-dubai-emirates-uae-dawah-destiny-sheikh-woman-fashion-model-czech-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsSeveral kilometers south from Veskrna Airport Prague, where Marketa Maryam Korinkova, a former Czech top fashion model, who discovered her destiny in the Emirates, converting to Islam there and accepting Allah as her sole master, becoming “The Islamic Princess” in many senses, is just opening a fresh Heavy Slander copy, given by her mother Ivana as a “welcome gift”, after arriving to Prague once again…

There is a tall corporate building, that terrible modern kind, rather a corporate prison, without possibility to open the windows, to feel the fresh air, to hear the singing birds, but swarming with surveillance cameras, tracking systems and sensors, and at its last floor, in a large private office with breathtaking view of Prague and even distant mountain regions of Czechia, still with snow caps at the tall peaks, there is another copy of the same Heavy Slander issue, lying on a very expensive office table, made from nut wood, with intricate Asian decorations.

A commonly looking man of middle age, dressed in a recognizably expensive business suit, who is sitting behind the table uprightly, he doesn’t seem to be too interested in the tempting content of the magazine. He only watches the cover, where a beautiful woman with brown eyes is depicted, and she seems very serious on the photo, wearing a hijab, Islamic head scarf.

They are using the strange codename “SKINNY PUPPY” as her internal designation here, apparently of military origin, also Asset A102, at Wu Corporation’s Prague office, which is unexpectedly modest and not too important, in comparison with Wu’s main Czech site, one of three most important Wu’s world affiliates, located surprisingly at distant Teplice, a small city by the German border, but it’s no wonder: the most valuable treasures of Wu Corp. are present just there, in the Western Bohemia, hidden deep in the dense woods, deep underground. From there, Wu is changing the world, be it their ultimate research, operations or inventions.

But the chosen codename for the girl isn’t an attempt for mockery: the depicted beautiful Muslim woman is critical for most important Czech state interests, including national security, without her knowing it.

They are using her, as their valuable pawn, moving her carefully here and there on the chessboard, lifting her up or pushing her down, as necessary, so she reaches all the designated goals of Operation SKINNY PUPPY, a combined corporate and military conspiracy, where except Wu and Special Forces of the Czech Army, particularly Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, also Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad is participating.

The primary goal is nothing less, than to use this single woman, one of the many similiar pawns, to change the world in many senses, on many layers, starting at the Middle East, by inserting the girl like a hot knife into the butter there, into the highest social circles of glamorous United Arab Emirates (UAE), where much of the local power is being accumulated and distributed.

sheikh-mohammed-bin-rashid-al-maktoum-united-arab-emirates-uae-middle-east-persian-gulf-islam-muslim-allah-wife-princess-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsSome preliminary and secondary goals of the operation were achieved already, she has the deepest favor of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who sends her rich bouquets of flowers regularly, having deep emotions towards her, he even married her secretly, accepting her as his third secret wife, to counter the previous two, she is also gaining wide general attention at the Emirates, because of her da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity there, not speaking about her immense female beauty, but there is still much to do, before the great finale, which will shake the world affairs, and possibly fate of human kind, if you are bold enough to dream without limitations, like these corporate rats, who were given ultimate tasks by their distant Chinese masterminds: China must prevail!

But only a few people, positioned the highest in Wu’s corporate managerial structure, are informed about exact goals and means to achieve this demanding task, and also, about all details of this particular operation.

The man behind the table is probably one of them, but he doesn’t have a name, or official work position, any formal executive title assigned, although Czech people are generally obsessed with work and academic titles, to feel like “somebody”, and to understand level of factual power of others.

Still, all local employees of Wu approach this man with respect, calling him only “sir”, and rather avoiding direct eye contact with him deliberately, not to be perceived as “provoking anarchist elements against Wu’s corporate harmony”, although most of them even don’t know, what is his real purpose here, his responsibility or mission. But if they don’t need to know… then, why to tell them such information? There is a useful rule: You only can’t reveal to the enemy, what you don’t know.

And despite this unclear position in the company structure, this man is not an object of typical office gossip and slanders, as there is virtually no gossip at Wu employee ranks, heavily infiltrated and supervised by feared, omnipresent and ruthless Internal Affairs department, or IA, having eyes and ears everywhere, literally, and if you climb at Wu’s corporate ranks, you don’t want to have your shining career spoiled, just because you talked, like some dumb fool, who forgot the basic rule of success in life, work or love:

(Silence is golden)

In Wu Corporation, you talk, only when you are instructed to talk. In Wu, you reveal secrets, only if it’s in the interest of Wu, to influence the outside world. Any human asset of Wu is trained and encouraged to be selfish, self-involved, perceiving himself or herself as big rising star of the company, with unlimited options of career growth, and this is the pure truth there, only at Wu… plus, this is the way, how the Chinese are able to squeeze the best from people, who bring the best ideas for the company, finding new original ways, how to win in all challenges… just because selfishness is so powerful factor for work efficiency of any individual.

They don’t ask for any diplomas, education or languages here, they don’t care, who and how old are you, what you know or not, what you have or not, how do you look, what you wear.

They don’t care about your ALLEGED self, a pure projection, created by the society and given to you forcesfully, accepted by weak you, regardless if true. But you let the society to put you into a box, to exist under some classification, wearing a label, accepting wearing a label, living with strict limits.

wu-corporation-main-offices-dubai-your-dreams-begin-here-china-chinese-business-conspiracy-illuminati-fashion-model-woman-female-v2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIn Wu Corp., there are other rules valid. The only factor, which decides, whether you will get a perfect corporate job, is to have so called “Special Skills”, and be willing to give them into service of the company, without compromises… and they are able to find these inside you, using advanced PSY testing, be it their famous questionnaires, used test questions of The Gronholm Method, or multi-layer testing.

Anyway, this particular man behind the table must be quite important, sitting alone in such nice, spacious, simplistic office… but there is no computer, not even telephone, no stacks of paper files, like in every other office, only several beautiful flowers, so it doesn’t seem like a typical corporate prison cell, designated for hard work, it rather reminds a strange conference room, for this special man and his visitors, either from WU’s ranks, or outside world.

His female assistant just entered the door, entering without knocking, or prior approval, those are the rules here: Don’t Be Shy! Don’t Be Hesitant! Do it! All doors of WU are always open for YOU! Your work is IMPORTANT! In Wu, NO ONE is a loser!

But don’t expect some young, shining fashion model, at her position: this woman is rather fifty, than forty years old, not distinctive, completely common, even commonly dressed, like some miserable mother from a poorer neighbourhood of Prague, tired of life, badly paid, barely making her living, because rents are high nowadays, and food to feed the family as well.

You would miss her in the crowd easily, ignoring her as a completely marginal person, without any importance for corporate operations, and that is exactly the purpose, why she is here, so she remains inconspicuos, hidden, together with many secrets of Wu Corporation, always under pressure of foreign elements, be it Intelligence assets, or various rats, who want to touch Wu’s immense “family treasures”.

Strange rules are valid in Wu Corporation, and that is the reason, why the company made it so far, now even to the threshold of total world influence, when all their efforts will merge into one giant stream of unstoppable power, hitting all corners of the planet.

“A58 arrived, for the appointment at 13.00,” she informs the office man laconically. Indeed, to keep secrecy, they don’t use names here, when talking about external “assets”, which Wu uses to accomplish their goals.

“Good, let him in,” the man orders.

After a minute, somebody knocks on the door loudly, although there is a clear sign outside: DO NOT KNOCK.

The office man only stirs his head, like not believing such insolence, ignorance and dumbness. But this is just the beginning, as the visitor enters into the room with vigorous military march, although he is strongly overweight, hardly reminding a soldier.

Josef Svejk Elite Soldier Special Forces Grandson 2017 military medal - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“Herr Generaloberst!” he salutes, smiling like a complete idiot. “Conscript Joseph Svejk is reporting for duty, sir, as you ordered, in the higher interests of Czech national security! I report obediently, sir, that during my big travel from Liben here, nothing special happened… eh, only, as it’s so long distance, so many stops of the underground train, so I got thirsty, as any tourist on long journey, because I rather avoid these distant quarters of Prague, far from my beloved home, so I had one beer on the route, just one, or maybe two, definitely not more than three, I promise, and I talked to local mafiosi by the next table in a local pub, a little bit, quite fine buddies, who invited me for a rum, or two, to reinforce our new big friendship, but also to refresh myself a little in both physical and social sense, to keep my combat efficiency at 500%, before this big meeting with you, which will change the Czech national history, no doubt about that, like always, when I am at military service, because I am a proud, skillful, talented, merciless and most devastating part of the unstoppable Czech war machine, crushing all enemies… sir!”

The man behind table remains silent for a minute, just watching that strange creature, who invaded his beautiful, clean world, and it’s hard to recognize, whether it’s only a daydream, or rather a nightmare.

Josef Svejk Soldier Elite Special Forces Medal 2016 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“So, this is the famous Joseph Svejk: the dumbest soldier, who ever served in the elite Special Forces of the Czech Army, by some terrible, fatal mistake! Indeed a proper successor of his famous grandpa, known by the whole world, presented as the worst soldier in history! This is SOME family, indeed a national elite!” the executive says then, with voice full of wondering.

“Always drunk, narrating most sensitive military secrets in the dark pubs of Liben, the worst quarter of Prague, full of criminals, and cheap women, whose temporary affection costs just a shot of local diluted rum!” the executive stirs his head again, not believing, what he is experiencing.

“I see, that all the shocking tales about you didn’t lie, or exaggerate at all, Svejk!” the manager stands up, and his voice becomes really angry suddenly. “Your are really a rare example of complete idiot, who should never be allowed even a kilometer from the gate of nearest military base! Didn’t you understand the big sign outside, made just for infinite idiots like you, saying clearly ‘DO NOT KNOCK’, even in two languages, together with German ‘Nicht Klopfen’?

Don’t you know, you lousy fool, that according to the Czech military customs, when you are not wearing a uniform, you don’t salute to anybody? But you would know that, if you would only walk around the easiest boot camp for girls, located somewhere at Jince training grounds, but you of course never did, because they would never find a uniform, fitting to the ‘manly body’ of yours! They would have to redesign all the obstacle courses, for you to fit into confined spaces, not to be stuck under the barb wire, not to demolish all the climbing towers, under ‘decent’ weight of your body of barrel shape!

And don’t you know, that if I am not wearing the uniform here, it’s for a reason? Not for all idiots to salute me, to blow my corporate cover? Or do you think, that I just forgot in the morning, that I am still an officer of the Czech Army, taking the civilian apparel, this Armani suit with two thousand dollars price tag, just by mistake? And I need an idiot like you to remind me???

Do you understand, you stupid schmuck, what military-industrial complex means? It means, you terrible brainless monster, that a part of the week, I am sitting here, as a Wu Corporation’s mysterious executive, and then, other part of week, I sit in a proper military uniform at the secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice, and I do important work for the state defence interests at both places… or is this unusual duplicity of modern military life too hard to understand for you?

I always wondered, why the SFC, Special Forces Command, tolerates you in the elite SF ranks, even sending YOU for the most delicate assignments! Are they so dumb, or crazy, like you??? Or is this dangerous anti-social disease of yours, like complete foolishness and regular alcoholism, infectious?

The higher places always told me, that the ultimate foolishness of yours is allegedly a perfect cover for the most delicate executive action… but maybe they should reconsider! What do you think?”

“I report obediently, Herr Kommandant, that this matter was already taken care of, to the utmost satisfaction of all participating sides,” Svejk tried to please the deeply angered officer. “Since this morning, I am no longer an official employee of Wu Corporation, where I started very modestly, in the canteen, selling orange juice, sandwiches and healthy salad to executives, but later making a good career, being promoted generously, reassigned into Fashion department… and I am also no longer a liaison officer of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, because… I am getting married, and very favourably, moving from dark and filthy Liben into glamorous Liechtenstein, high in the mountains, into the aristocratic chateau of my future bride, Baroness Von Kessler!

The Army career brought me big fortune in the end… and all that military medals, which I definitely deserve, will come maybe later, when there will be some more wise, and appreciatory command, who will clearly understand all my undeniable merits, rewarding me properly, as I deserve, decorating my proud chest, because it’s in our old family tradition, to be valorous soldiers, to be standing on eternal guard for the safety of lousy, cowardly civilians, who are too scared to take a rifle, to shoot some other fools for peace, and the world must see, that I not only continue in the glorious legacy of my respected predecessors, but I also surpass them, using my wide special skills, which found deepest appreciation in Wu’s corporate ranks!

Anyway, Herr Generaloberst… it’s a big honor for me, a common soldier, to be allowed to talk to you directly, although too late for any more promotions and commendations of me! You are a legend in the Czech military ranks… meeting with you, face to face, without mediators and similar rats, it’s the most satisfying reward for me, and I will remember this conversation into the end of my days!

the-dark-sun-nuclear-retaliation-weapon-of-the-czech-military-icbm-missile-rocket-silo-teplice-specops-base-secret-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBecause you are the abolute top of executive military structures, a member of The Inner Circle of rumored top-tier military conspirators, who really rule this state, as all that urban myths are saying, who even wrote that famous letter to Kim Jong-Un! The commander of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army for executing special tasks in the civilian environment, consisting of thirty specialized departments and four hundred core operatives and operators, feared by whole Europe, with its fingers reaching even highest circles of U.S. Department of Defense! Having control of all Mossad and Israeli Defence Forces communications, through spiked TELCO hub at Haifa city! Managing and operating Czech nuclear armament, being one of the eight critical persons, needed to issue a launch order! And much more, but a common soldier like me, who hardly remembers his date of birth, can hardly know all the details of this immense conspiracy!”

Outside those doors, if someone would say something like this… he or she would be immediately marked for elimination: quick, efficient, ruthless. But no one would believe this fool, anyway, so why to waste with poisoned bullets, or strangling wires on him?

“Just slowly with that pathetic goodbye speeches, you triple idiot,” the officer halted Svejk in his joy. “I didn’t call you here, just to shake your hand, and to thank you in the name of the Army, for all the spoiled operations by you! For all the leaked secrets, and all serious mistakes you have made, jeopardizing Czech national security! Only luck was protecting this poor state against your horrible existence, damaging our Military more, than any enemy bombardment and saboteurs, bringing us doom!

Anyway, the command has one more mission for you, Svejk, before you will leave to your Liechtenstein paradise. Of course, that they are making big fatal mistake by selecting YOU to take even the slightest part in it, but it’s their decision, so be it… I won’t say, that it’s the last assigment, because it brings misfortune, so…

But before we will start with the details… you know, what really interests me? How is it possible, that ANY woman chooses just YOU as her husband??? Such a strange, terrible choice, don’t you think? Don’t you wonder? Just have a look at yourself! Moreover, an aristocrat? Or is she completely out of her mind, giving her property to poor fools, to calm her feudal conscience, that she and her blue-blooded family exploited poor peasants for centuries?”

“Well, Herr Generaloberst… if you are a man, I mean, a REAL MAN, like ME, you can have literally any woman in the world,” Svejk explained openly. “And even an aristocrat from a luxury chateau is still just a woman. It’s like in the Army: you have to know your enemy well, use good strategy, proper tactics, including knives and poisons, like we Special Forces do, and then, victory will come to you, you can conquer any land you want, you can raid and pillage…”

“So, what kind of strategy did you use on her? Some purely foul play, I presume? Brainwashing her, using our famous pheromone bioweapons? It was you, who stole that vial of PHE-X V4 from the lab, wasn’t it? Don’t try to tell me, that she succumbed to your ‘natural’ charm, which is absolutely non-existent, as we both know!” the Colonel General insisted.

“You see, Herr Kommanadant… any success in love begins with successful general life, when you do, what you love, when you are quite contented,” Svejk started his theory. “This is, what I found in military service, because it was written in my craddle, as all men the famous Svejk family are soldiers, there is no other choice for us… and you know that moment, when you come somewhere, feeling suddenly, that this is exactly your place, where you belong, where your destiny is waiting for you, all is suddenly different…

And you never go back, your life changes positively… so, when this happened to me, believe it or not, I could have any girl, be it a Czech slut, or a foreign aristocrat, because females, they are not rational creatures, they are driven by instincts, emotions… they FEEL… they KNOW… they don’t care so much about your body or intellect or property, but they must feel from you, that you are balanced, happy, that ou are going on some good path, not for money, but to happy life… then, believe me, Herr Generaloberst, you start reaping the flowers, they literally offer themselves…

But naturally, there is a slight difference between some dumb, cheap Czech slut, and a VIP aristocrat… but like in every military operation, you simply need to be clever… well, I will rather use different word, ‘effective’, in my special case.

Tales from a Mosque 19 islam muslim allah austria austrian salzburg ummah 2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAnd everything in the world is connected: it can serve to your good, or against you. So, when I was sent for a classifed military assignment into Salzburg, you remember, during Operation ALPINE INTEREST, there was that famous VIP wedding, spoiled in the end, because it was found, and revealed by our Heavy Slander mag deliberately, that the groom loves another person, that mysterious Muslim woman, in fact an Austrian Intelligence operative, Fatima was her name… but in spite of that failure, shame and embarassement, there was good party at the chateau, some people simply were not willing to go home just like that, without some fun, there was so much of delicate food and drinks… we had to prevent it from decaying, that was our civic duty… by immediate consuming, naturally!

And there, I met this Austrian aristocrat, called Baron Von Schwarzenberg, very old, but willing to share many interesting tales from VIP spheres, and I countered with many fascinating tales from my famous Liben quarter, like that funny incident, when a bus, full of Sicilian mafiosi tourists, visiting Prague, made a wrong turn, ending in our Liben quarter, at Elsnitz Square, dangerously close to the worst local pub, instead of planned Prague Castle, and very amusing things started to happen, like a completely demolished pub and several stabbed persons, as we simply couldn’t find the common opinion with the wild Italians, whether Czech girls or dark Italian girls are prettier…

So, we had really good time with old Baron, discussing many matters of love, life, and philosophy, realizing, that things are the same everywhere, at East and West, people are the same… and there was also this Baroness Kessler, I didn’t notice her at first, she was rather silent, drinking some expensive vintage wine and merely listening… anyway, in the end of the evening, she approached me, introducing herself politely, and she asked me, to accompany her the next day. Maybe she just liked my tales, and only wanted to have yet more fun… hiring me as her clown.

But Herr Generaloberst… in situations, like this, you can easily recognize real soldier from dumb civilian, and the first one sees the world like eagle, grasping all opportunities firmly, not allowing them to slip… so, I didn’t say some bullshit like ‘Of course, Frau Baroness, at your unlimited service’, like any foolish peasant, a submitted loser.

So, instead of such weakness, I said decisively: ‘I would like to spend an afternoon together, Frau Baroness, but I have an important appointment high at the Alps tomorrow. However, you can accompany me there, and I will introduce you to somebody.’

You see my ingenious strategy, Herr Kommandant? I clearly told her, that things will be according to ME, because I am a man, I LEAD, I don’t care, who she is, but a woman must only follow, that is my creed.

She can join, to follow ME, if she wants, and I also teased her with some mysterious journey into the Alps, and some interesting social meeting there, because women like surprises and secrets, so never tell them the details of your plans together, always hide something, they like it, and then, they follow you, as a source of good, interesting moments!

So, we made the deal, to go together, and second day, she arrived with her luxury Mercedes Maybach limousine to my hotel, driven by her personal driver, and she was dressed… well, what can I say, she looked good, like some rich lady, but you would know me very badly, estimating, that I was embarassed, because I look and dress rather like a beggar… maybe dress makes a person, but there are means, how to redirect attention, and use apparent disadvantage for your final crushing victory!

So, I came downstairs, carrying a big box, and I looked very busy, not admiring the Baroness, her beauty, or her dress, because women must know, that you walk on some path firmly, with devotion, not to be easily distracted by any woman, like some unstable, weak slave and mere follower of others, who is under too much influence of them, and particularly women, who like to test you, by creating deliberate temptations and provocations, just to test check your personal integrity… again, you need to prove your manhood here.

Anyway, women are naturally curious, so Baroness asked me, what is inside that box?

Instead of replying, explaining like a fool, spoiling the surprise and tension, I only showed her: there was plenty of nuts and carrot, kilos of them.

And she was wondering, why do I carry it? Or, is it the refreshment for the trip? It won’t be so long…

And I said only: ‘You will see’, ordering the driver to take the southern direction on highway, towards the Hohen Tauren, and Hochalpenstrasse… you know, Herr Generaloberst, to that famous mountain road, with breathtaking views of Grossglockner, the tallest peak of Austrian Alps.

So, after some two hours, we arrived at EdelweissSpitze, the highest point of the road, got out of the car, and I said to Baroness: “Follow me”, passing the tourist chateau, to her surprise, helping her over the big stones, so she was maybe thinking, where I am taking her, off the road to some dangerous Alpine abyss… but is is good to get a woman into a situation, when you have the control over her safety, she will naturally incline to you more, you will become her hero.

After few dozens of meters, we stopped, and we heard very loud whistling.

It was a forward patrol, and in seconds, there was the whole colony of local Alpine Marmots around us, and all that big ground squirrels started climbing on me, to get to the tasty nuts and carrot in the box!

aqua-andros-protection-female-hormones-drinking-water-product-anti-aging-wu-corporation-china-multinational-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnd I told them: ‘Our little friends, I came to check the well of our famous company product, AQUA ANDROS, which you are supervising for us, to assure our customers of highest, natural quality. And it’s our good Czech custom, never to come with empty hands! So, here you have, some refreshment, not to slander me, that I forgot! The winters are harsh and long here, so you need to eat properly!’

Alpine Marmot Whistlie - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsAnd I started to feed the cute furry animals, with love and affection, not forgetting the smaller marmots, who whistled loudly, to be noticed, not to be forgotten, so they could eat, and grow, to be big, like others.

When the Baroness saw me with the joyful happy Marmots, how I am taking care of them, she only told me, with very serious voice: ‘Herr Svejk, I wonder, if there would be a little bit more space in your wide heart for a woman… for me?’

Well… and I guess, that’s how it all started… and now, I will marry this woman, she is a widow, around forty five… what is more to say? Route to happiness and life success is sometimes long and complicated, sometimes very straight and easy. Depends of angle of view, I guess…

Fortunately, I won’t be so far from ‘our’ military affairs, because the Baroness has a very interesting charity foundation, called The Kessler Foundation, which can be useful for additional widening of our social and economical influence across whole Europe.

Tatana Kucharova Krasa Pomoci Foundation Fashion Model Czech Senior Retired Fraud Conspiracy Illuminati Legal Testimony Heritage Theft - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsWe will simply copy the strategy of Tatana Kucharova, Czech Miss World 2006, who created very good business, by sticking to poor senior citizens, like a bug, pretending to help them to cope with advanced age, when they are lonely, weak and grateful for any help, so she can persuade them to alter their last wills, so she will get the access to immense heritages… but we will combine it also with the power of Spiritual Occultism, promising the seniors the eternal life, if they will help to finance our alleged special research on immortality… needless to say, that all these funds will be used in our black military operations. War is expensive game!”

“Good, that you still a part of the team, Svejk,” the Colonel General appreciated. “But remain in the present yet, fool. There is this thing we need you to arrange today: it consists of three parts, all of them related to Operation SKINNY PUPPY, in which you participated directly, even visiting shining Dubai, given generous pocket money from taxpayers coffers… do you remember, you miserable, corrupted bastard, that you spent whole week there, drinking at the bar of five star ‘Ritz-Carlton’ hotel, like if there should be the end of world tomorrow?

Do you know, how much the final bill for ‘healthy refreshment’, as you declared insolently in your after-action report, was? Instead of paying it, we considered rather sending your lifeless body to the hotel management, so they could make a lot of juicy steaks from you… but wait, the pork meat is not particularly favorite in the Muslim lands, so…

Firstly, you will relay all your work agenda to your successor, a new elite asset of the Unit, designation Asset A25, codename ‘WOMAN’S DREAM’, who will become Marketing Manager of Woman’s Destiny fashion brand, following your termination of employment.

You will do this task right after this meeting, and I mean immediately! Understood? Not that you will disappear into the nearest worker’s canteen, like always, flushing your life misery with beer! Don’t forget, that Wu knows everything about your moves, you can’t hide with your vices!

Secondly, you two will attend a high-profile meeting with Israeli Intelligence assets, regarding the mentioned operation, which will take place this evening, at Parizska street, at ‘Barock Restaurant’, so it’s quite on short notice… they asked for an immediate appointment, and we estimate well, why so much rush: the reason is the new issue of Heavy Slander magazine, or its content, to be exact.

And thirdly, you will supervise and accompany A25 into his first real action, which will take place just after the evening meeting with Israelis: you two, and them, will move to an Iranian restaurant nearby, called ‘Sultan’, located at Milosrdnych street, where A25 will approach A102 directly, because we need her for some special purposes tomorrow, whereas other present assets of ours will execute additional tasks outside… well, I will explain this to you later, it doesn’t concern you or A25 too much, anyway… you just do your job.”

“Excuse me, Herr Kommandant… but isn’t it a mistake?” Svejk was wondering. “You want to tell me, that Mossad operatives, the Jews, I presume, will go into an Iranian restaurant? Just like that, for a lunch? Isn’t it… strange, and even risky for them? Why didn’t they choose some local Jewish restaurant, with kosher meat, like ‘King Solomon’? Or maybe they want to be multicultural, trying new exciting tastes of Orient?

Still… shouldn’t we recommend something safer for them… like KFC, which is just around the corner, at Kaprova street, or McDonald’s, so they can have a nice walk through fabulous Old Town of Prague? They offer these new and very tasty Chicken Nuggets there, as a special seasonal offer, I tasted it yesterday, and let me tell you, Herr Generaloberst, it was not so bad, if you use that special sauce…”

“Shut up, you four dimensional idiot! Your dumbness must be really infinite, like in a fairy tale, out of any medical charts, Svejk!” the officer said firmly. “Don’t you realize, you first class moron, that they are REAL Mossad operatives, not some dumb tourists? They don’t go into ‘Sultan’ restaurant for testing some dumb food, but to execute some special, very dangerous tasks there, in the name of Israeli higher interests, and of course, they will risk their lives, entering this hornet’s nest of Shia Muslims… like A25, and you!

And do you know, Svejk, that there will be even shots fired this evening? We decided to create a small, but beneficial… incident, to have proper levers against both Jews, and Muslims!

You can prove, how brave you really are, after all that endless boasting… when real bullets will start flying, and real bees will start stinking people around… clever or dumb alike, without any mercy, without recognition of alleged innocence, or alleged military merits!”

“If such big things will be happening at the Old Town today evening, Herr Kommandant,” Svejk said with very serious voice, “then I report for the duty at first line of combat! If I would catch a bullet, when at duty for the state… there would be definitely a medal for me! They would have to give it to me this time, because any hospital is obliged to report wounds from firearms to the authorities immediately, it’s a serious thing!

My valor would be soon known publicly, journalists would come, asking, how I feel, cheap girls of Liben would bring me bouquets of flowers and home-made cakes, to please their big famous buddy, a pretty Ukraininan nurse would be taking care of my heroic wounds… yeah, that’s exactly what I need! I AM IN!”

“No, this can’t be real,” the Unit’s commander again stirred his head. “This can’t be happening… anyway, we have a volunteer for this special purpose already, who will be shot deliberately, by us, but the blame will fall either on Muslims, or the Jews, as we will like.

And this particular man, a real soldier, member of 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion, who would get the medical discharge awyway, as he is unfit for further duty… there will be this nice public tale, that he, a highly decorated defender of Czech freedom, was just walking with his girl, being on vacation in beautiful Czech capital, roaming through the magical Old Town, when some religious extremists started shooting each other, and he, poor man, getting in the middle of them, caught an accidental bullet… that will be pretty disturbing event for Czech masses, getting both Czech Wahhabis and local Jewish Militia of Old Town into big troubles, exactly as we want them, to use them as our pawns… and this man will get your medal for being wounded during fulfilling military duties! You will end with empty hands… like always, Svejk!

Oh, I like your sour, bitter face so much… show me that expression again! PLEASE! That’s an order! This is making me good, SO GOOD… seeing you disappointed, almost crying, as another military medal is running away from you, leaving you as a miserable, undecorated civilian again, and forever! This is a satisfacton!

Anyway, I won’t lose more of my precious time with you! This futile attempt to explain the whole intricate action would cost me a year of life in nerves, and my hair would become grey soon… A55 is on her way, she will explain you all the details, but she can’t participate in the meeting directly, because at least two other assets, present during the evening, know her personally.

And before she will arrive… let’s use the time, we are paid for it… so you know what, Svejk? Accept my personal gift, a copy of Heavy Slander magazine, latest issue, still fresh from printing works, smelling so nicely, as we use only high-quality paper to manufacture this media miracle!

Here you have one, even with my personal signature, see, here… so you can show to your enthusiastic grandchildren, deeply admiring their granpa, highly decorated military hero… but only in his dreams, and fairy tales!

Don’t be shy, come on! Just read, to know, what is happening in the world… just educate yourself a little bit, you fool!”

And as Svejk is a dumb, but devoted soldier, he knows the basic military rule: never oppose to orders of superiors in the chain of command, but obey them! So he starts to read, slowly, as he was never too good in reading, hardly making it through educational clutches of very demanding Practical School of Liben!


Written by Pavel Novotny

As the world expects the upcoming annual technology convention in Dubai with impatience, as some critical invention or important announcement should be presented there, changing the future of human kind completely, there is wide renewed journalistic interest in Marketa Maryam Korinkova, former Czech top fashion model, living in Dubai nowadays and working for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, UAE vicepresident and prime minister, as his personal advisor in Female Affairs.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Fashion Model Czech Convert Islam Muslim Allah Prague Dubai Abu Dhabi Emirates UAE Sheikh Wife Child Secret Wedding - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe reason is, that Korinkova is rumored to be the chosen person, selected to make this critical speech or announcement, so the inevitable paradigm shift, related to the most important IT event, setting trends every year, where all technology big shots will be present, is probably somehow connected with interests and future of female gender worldwide: and it means more than 50% of world population!

A key Arabic TV station from Qatar and direct business competitor of Al Jazeera, ARC News, even sent a team of their elite journalistic assets to investigate Marketa’s Czech background, past and present relationships, so the Arabic audience can better understand the still mysterious and unexplained reason(s), why exactly Marketa, who converted to Islam long time ago, was chosen to become the critical messenger of Wu Corporation, extremely powerful Chinese multinational company, originating from Shanghai, rumored to be directly cotrolled and even established by Communist Party of China, using Wu Corp as an effective tool for achieving global Chinese dominance.

And don’t underestimate those omnipresent, inconspicuous Chinese: they are even suspected from launching the infamous 2008 Global Economic Crisis, using their “moles” (=internal agents of influence) inside Goldman Sachs, a key investment corporation of Wall Street… there, the avalanche was launched, by so called Analyst Zero, who persuaded some fifteen executives of GS, to start selling toxic assets, that bad mortgage bonds…

All of them knew, what will happen to the market, but there was so much money to be made, so they could hardly resist, and in the end, their apparent losses were paid by all people of the planet… whereas those managerial rats took their generous ‘Golden Parachutes’ (=payoff for a top executive, agreed in work contract), and got off the plane safely, before it crashed into ground, killing much more people, than 9/11!

Still, no brave G.W. Bush started any war as retaliation, not hunting the executive rats with military commandos, extrajudicially killing them, without court, like many so called terrorist, even with U.S. citizenship!

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnyway, this well known Chinese front, Wu Corporation, is an immensely influential global business organization, a member of Triad of MegaCorporations (Huawei, Alibaba, Wu), allegedly backed by mysterious Illuminati, participating in many business activities worldwide, including financial services (banking, Stratton Oakmont), casino gambling, telecommunications (Bezeq, Israeli Telecom), media (NUSHI Fashion Mag), fashion (brands like Woman’s Destiny, Hunter’s Instinct, Ruthless Rebel, Fallen Angel), raw materials mining (diamonds, De Beers Antwerp), corporate legal services (Kenner, Bach & Ledeen, New York), beauty, waste managementVIP tourism, advanced health care (Imprivata Health Systems), transport operations (Veskrna Airport Prague), even spiritual occultism (Baroness Kessler’s Foundation, Order of the White Serpent), but also industrial biotechnology, classified military and weapons research, including WMDs (weapons of mass destruction), like nuclear armament (The Dark Sun), deadly agents of biological warfare, toxins without any known antidotes (Red Leaf Biotech), pheromone-based bioweapons (by United Northfield subsidiary), even alleged time displacement equipment, or TDE (codename The Device), constructed at a secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice (Western Bohemia).

Omar Bin Ghazali ARC News Arabic Salafi Wahhabi Global Liberation Army GLA terrorism conspiracy Illuminati China Chinese Qatar - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsOmar Bin Ghazali, the key journalistic asset of ARC News and reputated TV presenter, recognized and respected across the whole Arabic peninsula, having favors of Qatari ruling family of Al-Thani, arrived into Prague yesterday, together with his experienced team, cameras, necessary equipment and plentiful support personnel, including a VIP Executive Protection element, to start with his deep research and thorough investigation at Prague’s historical Old Town.

Shalom Jewish Militia Prague Old Town Clandestine Jewellry Armed Protection Terror Israel Mossad Wahhabi Teplice Commando Covert Secret - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAlthough many were surprised, that he launched his extensive report with visiting famous Jewish quarter of Prague, it’s no coincidence, as rumors speak about a powerful, heavily armed Jewish militia, codename “SHALOM”, consisting of Israeli ex-Special Forces members, under alleged command of Aaron Gunsberger, owner of local “King Solomon kosher restaurant”, with suspected stash of forbidden military-grade weapons in the cellar, and controlling whole quarter, rumored to be the last Jewish stronghold in Western Europe, as Jews are slowly expelled into Israel from Europe, because of new massive wave of anti-semitism, related to recent massive growth of Islam in all Western major metropolitan areas, but no one is willing to name Muslim participation in alleged anti-Jewish efforts directly, although these are, quote: “Righteous retribution for Gaza and Jerusalem“, as some radical European Wahhabis claimed in their latest joint statement.

To maintain public order during the high-profile visit of the Qataris with suspected Wahhabi links, thus raising the level of general terrorist threat, the Czech Militarized Police (PCR) promises heightened supervision of their elite, heavily armed elements over the Prague Jewish Quarter, and reinforced presence around local Jewish historical sites, like the key synagogue in Maisel Street and the adjacent Jewish cemetery, to prevent any potential incidents between Bin Ghazali’s team, rumored to be accompanied with Czech CCM Wahhabis from Teplice as self-claimed “guides”, “translators” and “executive protection element”, invading the quarter openly, to provoke a conflict, whereas local battle-hardened Jews will be definitely on very attentive watch, ready to defend their homes even with weapons in hands, like during the infamous Islamic State armed assault of Prague Old Town in August 2016, which damaged Czech tourism industry heavily, shocking all the fools, who thought, that recent European wave of terrorism will never reach the safe Czech lands.

Anyway, only a week is remaining into mentioned Dubai Technology convention, and eyes of the world are slowly turning there, because the event can influence the future of the whole human kind, so the world is in unrest.

Many philosophers are asking, who gave Wu Corporation the questionable right to play with mankind’s destiny, and concurrently, disturbing rumors about the event are circulating in all social circles, speculations are wide, but there is no confirmed information, as Wu Corporation remains completely silent about the upcoming event, releasing no official press statement, and Marketa Maryam Korinkova herself took a week off from all her official and work duties, denying any comment to the affair, as our local Emirati journalistic asset Nikola Dotkova reports, thus becoming unreachable.

Korinkova, called “The Islamic Princess”, as she is known to be a devoted and shining ambassador of Islam, using her immense beauty, intellect and education to spread fame of Allah between the world VIPs, visiting Dubai, she allegedly even cancelled planned interview with Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV station, and such unprecedented move, considered even reckless by some security analysts, only confirms, that something very substantial will soon happen in Dubai, and it’s prepared in utmost secrecy, to have the most devastating effect, and reach.

Or, do the corporate rats try just to tease us, to widen the tension, to extend our expectations, making fools of us, like Apple corporation, before introducing a new iPhone, every year, when all that fake, miserable game with alleged “lack of supply” repeats, to use the ‘scarcity effect’, known by all school children, from the first page of any Marketing textbook?

However, the domestic Czech people are once again proud, that not only their famed ice hockey players, but also their common countrywoman, although a convert to Islam, will make the breaking announcement, in front of the whole world, billions of people, common peasants and presidents alike, reminding the small Czech country in Middle Europe to the world, that it has certain influence on world affairs once again, after existing in oppression of bigger players, invaded militarily by Russians and Poland (repeatedly).

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim convert Czech Prague Fashion model Miss - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsSince the breaking moment of her professional career, when Korinkova won an important international beauty contest several years ago, “Miss Motors International 2012”, in front of millions of excited viewers worldwide, she became one of the most important foreign figures and unofficial representatives of the Czech Republic, and wide masses are admiring her, even forgiving her well known, high-profile conversion to Islam, considered as extremely heavy, even anti-social sin in these devoted atheist lands, where alcohol, pork and adultery are ruling the minds and bodies of most of corrupted locals, sending even military forces to participate in Afghanistan invasion in October 2001, perceived as illegal and unlawful by some evil voices and poisonous political opposition.

islamic-tours-discover-islam-emirates-uae-dubai-allah-muslim-religion-culture-arabia-middle-east-sheikh-mosque-audience-confession-dawah-discreet-tourism-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs“You see, in glamorous Dubai, it’s really easy to succumb to the omnipresent temptation of seducing Islam, promising you to solve the whole life, bringing desired simplicity and peace, if you are not just a mere tourist there,” Zuzana Jandova explains, a Czech top fashion model and winner of Miss Czech 2008 national beauty contest, former best friend of Korinkova, reminding highly controversial travel activities of Desert Gate Tourism, an Emirati Wu’s subsidiary, inviting people to “discover Islam in the Emirates, and discreetly”, perceived as fully subversive Islamic effort against Western society, by luring Western VIPs to Islam.

In front of a Mosque, house of Allah

“I have to admit, that I respect Marketa more today, than ever before, although there is so much of religious distance between us now,” Jandova confesses, although she was also suspected from conversion of Islam, and she was seen and photographed in front of a Turkish small mosque, by an occasional Czech tourist, seeming to be very happy.

Zuzana Jandova Czech fashion model one eye illuminati secret society shadow government conspiracy army military special forces - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 6“Marketa found her balance in religion, as the material world and endless consumerism ceased to satisfy her,” Zuzana Jandova defends her friend further. “But what is most important for all of us, that she is a woman of the firm word, who can be trusted, who does many good deeds, to please Allah, to be a good Muslim woman, taking care of others, and her vicinity, whereas many Western people see Islam only as Islamic terrorism, but those who commit it, they are not majority of 2 billions of Muslims, who are peaceful.

I think, that Marketa is representing our country well, even as a Muslim. I even think, that treacherous Emirati elites forced her to convert, to allow her to make a professional career there, but she still retains our values and customs in her heart, at least partially, I saw her celebrating birthdays and Xmas, and two months ago, near Café-Café, even kissing some Arabic man passionately, letting him to embrace and touch her very closely, which are things forbidden for non-related Muslim men and women… anyway, her religion is her personal matter, but she still represents our country. Or whom else from the Czech herd with so much of international reputation do you remember recently, except that dumb sportsmen?”

But there are some malicious tongues, claiming, that the Muslim identity means devotion to Allah at the first place, and submission to the state only second… moreover, it has to be reminded, that Omar Bin Ghazali has suspected Salafi connections, that his older report about Czech CCM Wahhabis provoked a full-scale diplomatic incident between Czechia and Qatar, resulting in Bin Ghazali’s temporary travel ban into Czech Republic, as he was labeled as “risk for Czech national security”, guilty of “instigating Islamic radicalism”, and Bin Ghazali is also rumored to be a high profile media asset, or at least a high-profile clandestine sympathizer of Global Liberation Army (GLA), one of the countless Jihadi factions of the Islamic world, operating on many battle fronts, including Libya and Northern Syria, suspected to be financed by Wu Corporation, through their extremely controversial “Terrorism Financing” services.

Another disturbing fact to remember is, that overall relations between Qatar and Czech state can be defined as ‘complicated’ for at least ten previous years already, and that is yet very modest and decently whitewashed definition, since so called Qatari Prince international affair (2004-2005), which Qatari government later denied as a deliberate provocation of the Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS, whereas Czech journalists talked simply about generously bribed Minister of Justice, Pavel Nemec, who let the prince, a member of the Qatari ruling family, named Hamid bin Abdal Sani, to be released from prison, where he was for alleged molesting of Czech underage girls, and the Prince quickly disappeared from the country, allegedly using a valid Qatari diplomatic passport with a fake name, to slip through the strict passport control of Veskrna Airport, where security precautions were strongly tightened, after 9/11.

But Nemec himself defends his controversial step until this day, that he acted in the higher interest of the Czech state, to avoid potential international embarassement, as the girls came into Prince’s luxurious mansion not only voluntarily, they were expressively sent by their own parents, who maybe loved the golden trinkets and oil money too much, so Czechia could be presented by strictly Islamic and merciless ARC News as a land of widely practised sodomy, incest and sexual exploitation of children by their own parents, and it was allegedly also necessary to get rid of vast legal pressure by mentioned Kenner, Bach & Ledeeen global law firm from New York, employing the best penal law specialists worldwide… by the way, it’s another Wu’s subsidiary, interesting coincidence… is some fool even surprised? The Chinese can be found anywhere, these days, and it makes many people literally crazy.

Anyway, the recent work visa request of Omar Bin Ghazali created high tensions, it became even a political affair in Czechia, commented widely by highest politicial and social places, creating even a slight thunderstorm, where maybe even some official head could fall down by accident, and the director of Visa department of Ministry of Interior gets particularly under fire for his actions, which will be thoroughfully watched by many curious eyes, waiting for any mistake, useful as ammunition for endless political clashes between left and right.

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsFor example, Miroslav Kalousek from National Defence Commission, rumored to be bribed by the Chinese, suggested rejecting the short-term work visa for Bin Ghazali, quote: “There is nothing to talk about, unless the Qatari prince doesn’t come back to Czechia voluntarily, to be lawfully detained, and to serve the rest of the prison sentence, as decided by independent Czech court, so the relationships between our countries can be rectified, after that shame in 2005… or we will send a Special Forces commando to catch the prince, like some terrorist, as the Czech Parliament recently allowed Czech military assets to be sent abroad on short notice, without any voting in Parliament, only approval by government is enough, so such foreign raids can be easily executed by our military heroes, and if someone will complain, that we breached some laws…

Then just have a look, how Israelis are kidnapping and executing the enemies of Israel abroad, in day light, like in 2010 in a Dubai hotel, and no one ever takes such clear law breaches to an international court! And how our American allies breached Pakistani national borders mercilessly, in their hunt against Osama Bin Laden!

Let’s get inspired by this swift, merciless approach, to never allow some foreign fools to smile into our faces again, humiliating our national flag, and our judicial system, like Qatari Prince and his local bribed puppets once did!

And we, proud Czech citizens, we don’t forget! No amount of oil gold can change that, remember that, all external and internal enemies of the Czechia! We will show you yet… soon! There will be no more shameful events, like 1968 Soviet invasion, or yet more humiliating three Polish invasions (1920, 1938, 1968)!

Now, not a single boot of an enemy soldier will touch our sacred national ground again, without being punished quickly, righteously, mercilessly and painfully! Remember, that our nuclear armament is fully operational, ready for launch all the time, to unleash hell, as retaliation of any breaching Czech national integrity from outside, and no aggressions against peaceful Czech lands will remain unpunished!”

On the other hand, Martin Stropnicky, current Minister of Defence and devoted political and personal adversary of Kalousek, rumored to be bribed by Iaraelis, to promote interests of Israeli defence contractors in the Czech realm, presented much more moderate approach.

He denied such preposterous suggestions, commenting the issue, that “… let’s stay with our feet on the ground, people! Good relationships with Qatar can secure many great perks for our country, for example tourism, money from rich Qataris, which allowed Teplice to become a beautiful spa oasis, and this affair was not connected to current government anyway, so we have no reason to open some old shameful and spoiled cases, not caused or influenced by us!

I am saying, and my political party ANO 2011 agrees, that we should welcome Mr. Bin Ghazali here, only to watch him closely with our extensive mass electronic surveillance, as he ‘somehow’ appeared on the terrorist watch list of our domestic CounterIntelligence service, BIS, but it’s most likely just a computer mistake, a mere glitch, and we will present our deepest apology to Mr. Bin Ghazali, if our allies, United States, will stop designing the Global Liberation Army, which he openly supports and promotes in his evening reports from ARC News desk, as a terrorist organization…”

Anyway, our well informed source reports, that Marketa Maryam Korinkova should arrive into Prague these days, probably to spend some time with her family, in peace, before all that fame and commotion in Dubai will happen…

“I am almost completely certain, that Korinkova doesn’t know the exact content of the announcement, and maybe it still doesn’t even exist, to prevent leaking outside,” a security analysts from multinational STRATFOR Private Intelligence Company states. “It would be really foolish from WU benefactors, to let her walk freely in the world, if she would know all the secrets, what will happen there exactly, because an information leak is always possible, for example, through a cyber attack, and it would spoil the whole event.

Plus, the explanation, why she was chosen, can be very simple: because her social position across the Middle East is so high, and she has general respect and trust there, people know and recognize her, and particularly women, so they will believe her, because she is one of them… she is not called ‘The Islamic Princess’ just like that, ask any Emirati, or even a very conservative, orthodox Saudi! She brought some balance and stability there, braking too bold efforts of women empowerment in the Arabia, not to disrupt traditional Islamic societies, so she is appreciated even by local men, who see her as a good Islamic example for their own women, daughters and sisters.”

And that could be valid even literally, because our well informed, generously bribed source from highest levels of Emirati Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared very disturbing news with us, that a diplomatic passport of the UAE was allegedly issued to her, allegedly after direct order from highest Emirati places, it means either the Sheikh’s office, or the UAE’s president and highest commander of Emirati military forces, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan…

If this news is true, it could mean, that she is either a dual citizen of Czechia and UAE now, or she even considers giving up her original Czech citizenship, to become merely an Emirati citizen, as a friendly employee of Kenner Bach Ledeen‘s subsidiary of Prague gave us an interesting tip, that in several days from now, Korinkova has an appointment in this reputated law firm, with a specialist for state citizenship issues…

“Sister Maryam got the UAE citizenship, because she asked for asylum there, citing religious oppression, inability to practice Islam freely, in these filthy, corrupted infidel lands… and many of us will follow her example,” is a very disturbing talk inside the Czech Islamic community

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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