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It’s so good feeling to be back in the big social game, Maryam thinks, when she finishes reading of latest issue of “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine, where she was clearly described as a key woman, who is not only a mere VIP, but also extremely important for current world affairs, having confirmed access into the highest parts of the society, not only Czech, but internationally, even globally, and not passively, she is a very active element there: and according to the latest issue, very substantial event for the fate of the whole human kind will happen in Dubai, soon, and she will play a crucial part there!

But whoever Maryam is, whatever momentum she has right now… it’s very important, to remember, who gave it to her, it was solely Allah, and nobody else, not luck, coincidence or some worldly rats, players, conspirators, or journalists like Pavel Novotny, who can either raise you to the social stars, or to destroy you, as they like.

But from some reasons, this time, Novotny is favorable towards Maryam, maybe after an intervention of Allah… unlike the last time, when Heavy Slander threatened Maryam through their female asset, Nikola Dotkova, that she needs to submit, otherwise, very bad things will happen to her, she will be finished, her career ruined, when very unpleasant “truth” will occcur in this key Czech tabloid magazine, read by whole country, even abroad.

The only thing, that Maryam did for defense again those treacherous rats, was to rely on Allah, her creator, and He never lets His believers down. So, the situation turned, and very favorably to Maryam… it’s He who helped her, who protected her, so you can always rely on Him, you can speak to Him any time, and He always listens, unlike that weak, unreliable humans, who let you down so many times, as they are “busy”, it’s “too late”, they are “sleeping”… but Allah?

He is always there for you, very close, so He sees and hears everything, He knows everything, only He decides the end of all affairs and your destiny, His angels are protecting you from harm, and all apparent losses in your life are only tests, to show you, that the wordly affairs, wealth, even health and life, those are only temporary gifts, but something much more precious awaits you in the hereafter, but only if you will worship Him properly… then, immense advantages and rewards are expecting you, out of any imagination… it’s paradise.

No wonder, that Maryam, a devoted Muslim, she loves Him so much, as much, as a woman can love… although this is a very special kind of love, Allah is not a man, He doesn’t have a gender, He is the one and unique, creator of all, He has no partners, no sons or siblings, He is the only deity, the only one entity, worthy of worshipping. And whoever you are, it was only Allah, who created you, who created your destiny and fate for you.

And you still ask, fool, what is your purpose here, in the world? The answer is so simple and natural, like Islam: you are here to worship Him!

Maryam feels much better now, than just after disembraking the Airbus A380 of Emirates operator, when she stepped onto this filthy infidel land, which is still waiting to be liberated by Islam, and she was feeling so lonely, far from Her beloved Lord and all brothers and sisters in Islam, far from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the centre of Earth…

But it’s not the news article, what pleases Maryam: it’s always only Allah, not alleged and temporary worldly achievements of dunya, which mean nothing, in comparison with His favor and affection, which you can deserve easily: just worship Him properly, listen to His commands obediently, as you are His servant!

When Maryam raises her beautiful brown eyes from the magazine, back into the world, she has a feeling, that many people around are watching her, recognizing her, even pointing their hands at her.

“Look, it’s her! The Princess!” Maryam hears behind her clearly.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Fashion Model Czech Emirates Dubai Sheikh Wife Bride Secret Child Heir Conspiracy Israel Special Forces Illuminati China - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIndeed, people know her here, from the past media attention, when she won an international beauty contest, and the present, as there was a big picture of her in the magazine, to remind her to the hungry audience, and she is really easy to recognize: she is tall, slim, former top internationally recognized fashion model from reputated Czechoslovak Models agency, she wears a distinctive hijab, an Islamic head scarf, quite unusual in these infidel atheist lands, but even the scarf, symbol of modesty and obedience, can’t hide her immense beauty, emphasized by distinctive Arabic makeup and exotic, heavy perfume of mysterious Arabia, which can’t be bought in a store, manufactured by some multinational company… no, you need to know secret experts, having their private alchemy labs hidden, deep in small streets of Dubai, who can make absolutely unique fragrance just for you, so it will reflect perfectly, you who are.

Her citizen name was once Marketa Korinkova, she was a common Czech girl, but nowadays, they call her “The Islamic Princess”, here and in Dubai as well, in her new home for the last several years, because she is publicly suspected to be married to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai, prime minister and vice president of United Arab Emirates, where she converted to Islam, in the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located at Abu Dhabi, where the Imam recommended a new Islamic name for her: Maryam, meaning “mother of Prophet Isa/Jesus, symbol of her new Islamic life, meaning full submission to the will of Allah, which results in peace.

But what they don’t know, that Maryam si pregnant, and this future baby will stir… of course, only with the permission of Allah… the highest levels of Middle Eastern politics and relations, just as the treacherous military planners from Czech Special Forces and Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad planned, hoped and anticipated, in their joint bold operation, how to get an efficient battering ram, allowing to influence the Islamic world widely.

They sent her there, to seduce the Sheikh, to become his puppy, his protege, his daughter, his lover, his wife, by showing her alleged weak and fragile inner side… but sometimes, alleged weakness can be the most devastating weapon, particularly when used by a female on apparently hard male, who likes to presents his muscular chest, but inside, he is full of hidden desire… like the Sheikh, like anybody.

And the rats knew very well, why to send exactly her. They were searching for a woman with perfectly corresponding psychological profile, shining on surface, but vulnerable inside, for ability to manipulate her properly… and they found, eventually, so Operation SKINNY PUPPY started several years ago, and today, it’s close to another big breaking point, as the wedding between Maryam and the Sheikh was just the beginning.

Maryam would say, that the child was a gift of Allah, but it was them, who exchanged her contraception patches for a placebo… their fingers are long and ruthless, they use people as their pawns, not hesitating to commit various crimes, including murder“in the name of higher interests and national security”, as they call it pathetically, like using some magic mantra, excusing all crimes, and nothing stops them, including national borders, or alleged morality.

However, they underestimated Maryam! She improved their plans yet, little bit, without their knowledge and authorization, or maybe it was a coincidence, or another ultimate intervention of Allah?

Anyway, no military operation goes exactly according to the plan, ever… you need to be flexible, open minded, always to be ready to improvise, to use new chances, which occured, not to perceive complications and changes as problems, but gifts, how to make yet more from your plans.

But Maryam is not their mere pawn anymore. Now, she plays her game, or to be exact, His game, as she is a tool of Allah, and He is known as the best of all deceivers… moreover, any woman, expecting a child, changes from a fragile girl into efficient, even ruthless lioness, defending her future offspring valiantly.

If Allah sent her just here, into this infidel land of filthy kuffar, which she hates, as it’s not her home anymore, because there is no adhan, call to Islamic prayer, to be heard in these streets… then, she has a mission here, in His name, and her own sake, plus sake of her future baby, who will become a devoted follower of Allah too… if He will permit.

But now, she is still at the Veskrna Airport Prague, finishing her cold coffee, travellers are moving around her through the long corridor, most of them relaxed, loud and merry, smiling, expecting big adventures in foreign lands, or here, at magical Prague, and Maryam, with the help of Allah, she completely forgot her mother Ivana, who came to “welcome” her, leaving her just a few minutes ago, but it seems like eternity, only to bite her with her classic poison of a covert sociopath, who likes to be beautiful for others, foreign people, strangers, but nasty and cruel towards her family, and who knows, whether such is her very questionable vision of motherly love, or some very deep problem from her own youth, her own childhood… or is it simply normal infidel behavior?

Yes, there is a vast abyss between them nowadays, Maryam is a Muslim, but her mother not, she is another local atheist, denying uniqueness and oneness of Allah, and this lost older woman, she will most likely never convert, she is too enclosed in her world of lies and wrong assumptions… or maybe Maryam, known for her da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, should try yet more, yet harder?

What do you say, Allah? Would this infidel, wandering woman, full of covert poison, sins and denial, would she deserve Your unlimited mercy, and favors? Not to be burned in hell, like all those infidels?

It was NOT HER, who gave me life! It was YOU, O ALLAH!

So it’s completely natural, who has my real gratitude, whom I love more: of course, that YOU, O ALLAH!

And her mother means nothing, in comparison with Almighty Allah, although there was a time once, when Maryam admired her, loved her, accepted her even with her mistakes and cruelty, being passive and letting her to hurt her, as she liked, she even advocated her, saying to her social vicinity, how immensely great mom she had… but Allah liberated her from this oppression and denial of truth, and from all other oppressions, dependence on material world, full of mindless decadent consumerism, corruption… indeed, Allah liberates, He takes power from all oppressors, who hurt you so long, knowing your weaknesses well, exploiting them to their endless advantage endlessly, like vultures…

But Allah? Why should He hurt you, if He created you with ultimate love and perfection?

HE is the one, whom you should love the most! Not your (infidel) mom! Not your children, not that imperfect, transient humans, who are just weak piles of flesh and blood, submitted to His will!

Being a servant of Allah brings you real freedom, it makes your life an immense adventure… just try it, you will never go back!

When Maryam contemplates, someone touches her shoulders, and she feels so much loved suddenly, closing her eyes with long rich lashes… like if it would be Him, and she is enjoying the dream called life so much, because with Him, life is beautiful, easy, simple and enjoyable… and every Muslim has a mission, a purpose, a very important one, like Maryam!

Not like infidels, living like empty animals without deeper sense, except satisfying their endless desires, diseases and obsessions!

“As-salamu Alaykum, sister,” a male voice says around her, greeting her, wishing her peace, but Maryam wakes up from her dream suddenly, pushing the hands away from her very swiftly, as it’s not allowed in Islam for men and women, to touch each other, if they are non-Mahram, unrelated.

Even apparently innocent friendly touches, even handshakes are not allowed between non-Mahram men and women. They even shouldn’t remain alone together, as it awakes fitnah, temptation for sin. And this is one of the reasons, why Muslim women wear hijab, why they pray always behind men: not that they are second-grade humans, but they simply got this special ability from Allah, to provoke men with their seductive beauty, disturbing social harmony.

“Oh, Hakim… it’s you!” Maryam recognizes the man, easing a little bit. Because in this infidel land, you are glad, if a Muslim brother stands at your hip, ready to protect you, if you a member of Ummah, the world Islamic community, like him, because all Muslims are brothers and sisters to each other.

“Wa Alaykum As-Salaam,” she replies cordially, then.

Indeed, things are different here, rules are so much more relaxed, corrupting the society. People touch each other as they like, sleep with each other as they like, they undress themselves to nakedness easily, including women… it’s not Dubai, it’s not an Islamic land, it’s not her home.

Once, she was like them… but not anymore, and Islam, it’s for life, it changes everything, the way, how you see and perceive the world, inspired by the example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and commands of Allah.

Hakim sits at the opposite side of the table, taking former place of her mother. He watches Maryam, and she watches him.

“I was just thinking about Allah,” she confesses to Hakim.

“And you realized, that Allah sent me, to make you happy?” Hakim smiles.

“Maybe… but He wouldn’t like, that you are touching me. You know, what I mean… we are not a husband, and wife. This is not permitted,” Maryam says very seriously, and she resembles her mom, a teacher at a Grammar school, favorite by hundreds of her pupils in the past, and today alike.

“Then take me as a ‘fitnah’, a test, a temptation,” Hakim says calmly. “The same temptation, as you are to me,” he takes her suitcase, standing up, because he is a leader. He is deciding, and she, a woman, although a princess, is expected to submit to Him.

And Maryam submits to Hakim’s lead voluntarily, because she respects him. She sees a Muslim warrior, looking at him, at his strong young male body, he is indeed a perfect ambassador of Islam. Not a male Western fool, weak, full of fear, afraid to take, what he wants, like a proper hunter.

But this man, Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani, he is so much different… because there is a real royal blood inside him, he comes from the ruling Qatari family of Al Thani, and in certain case, under very unique conditions in the future, he could even become a heir for Qatari royal throne one day… and it means something, if you just look at his eyes, and you know the truth, because eyes never lie.

This is, what fictious mafioso Tony Montana from “Scarface” movie (1983) teached all viewers, and Hakim admires him so much, that he even adopted his name as his own, for use at Facebook social network, not only to keep his privacy, but also to be hidden in this Jewish fitnah, swarming with deep interest of Intelligence agencies, mining the personal data like mad.

“You see, I was thinking about you a lot lately, brother,” Maryam shares her feelings with Hakim, when they walk towards the exit, and she goes half of a step behind him, deliberately, to indicate him, that he is the leader, and she accepts his lead, although it’s not a custom in this land, where females have alleged gender equality.

“And I asked Allah: what is the purpose of Hakim’s presence in my life? Should I keep the Islamic rules, and keep him far enough from me? Even under the conditions here, in this Czechia, the infidel land, which are stressing for me? And Allah knows, that when I am here, and you are close, you touch me, Hakim, my brother, whom I trust, then I feel better, safer, protected, like if Allah Himself would be touching me… then, isn’t it Allah, who is touching me, instead of you? And in such case, shouldn’t I allow Him… or you?”

But Hakim doesn’t answer, and deliberately. Because real men often don’t listen to women, who often test their integrity, by attempting to drag them into their endlessly emotional world, where no strength can win, where truth and logical thinking mean nothing, where you will always lose, fool, where anything you say, is a wrong answer… even if she is a Muslim, a soldier with hijab.

When they approach Hakim’s black Mercedes, he loads Maryam’s luggage into the trunk, sitting at driver’s seat.

“Where are we going?” she asks him, when sitting next to him.

“Tell me the first place in your mind, quickly! Don’t think, just say it!” he smiles with mystery.

“You mean… any place?” she doesn’t understand at first. “Karlstejn! I saw some picture lately, somewhere, and I remembered, that I was there the last time, as a child, can you believe it? And what is really interesting, that part of the castle’s extramural settlement, including the access road into the castle, belongs to a friend of mine!”

“So, we are going there,” Hakim announces to surprised Maryam. “It’s the will of Allah,” he pushes the button, starting the engine.

“That is really strange, when I think about it,” Maryam watches the passing streets, houses, forests, fields, meadows. “I mean, Karlstejn… it’s so important place for the Czech national history, but now I realize… not for me, not anymore, because I was just granted the Emirati citizenship, I have an Emirati passport in my handbag, it’s not a dream, and next week, I will abandon my Czech citizenship, with the permission of Allah, because I want to live and die in the Emirates… if Allah will allow me!

It means, that this country will become foreign to me completely, just a distant dream, when you don’t believe, that it’s the truth anymore, or maybe your imagination… not speaking about Islam, that I am not submitted to the Czech executive authority at the first place, but only to Allah.”

“Inshallah… that’s interesting news,” Hakim keeps concentrating on driving. No, he won’t make a fool from himself, by asking, how did Maryam do it? How did she reached such impressive, even impossible achievement? Hakim knows well, how things go in Qatar: just several hundred thousands of Qataris are living there, and more than two million of foreigners are working for them… and Maryam even didn’t tell him, that the issue of her passport is very special, it’s a diplomatic version!

Maryam thought many times, that she should tell Hakim, what is her personal situation, what happened in the Emirates. But wouldn’t she insult him? Wouldn’t he reject her, as she belongs to an other man, at least by law?

However, her body… it’s still hers… those old, infidels animal instincts are still living inside her…

But now… situation changed. Regardless if he wants or not, Hakim became a part of her world… because Maryam is not completely sure, who can be the father of her upcoming child.

Yes, it’s terrible, it was a heavy sin, but it was also the will of Allah: she slept with both men, in approximately same time around the moment of her conception.

With the Sheikh in Dubai, during occassional visits at his Za’beel palace, and with Hakim, when she visited Czechia… and when she tried to calculate the exact day of conception, it was just between “last” visit at the Za’beel palace, and leaving to Czechia, meeting Hakim, right there, at the airport, like today, and spending a night with him, the first from seven following… as a young man, he was a very different lover, in comparison with the Sheikh, a man of age… it was not only one “sexual contact” during the night and day, rather three, or four… and it means a lot of sperm, entering reproductive internal organs of Maryam… and this could have consequences!

Of course, that these things are firbidden in Islam! But in this land of fitnah… it’s hard to keep your faith, and it’s so easy to succumb to omnipresent temptations…

It simply happened, and Maryam asked Allah for repentance many times afterwards… but He didn’t punish her, to her surprise! Like if He would want the things to happen exactly this way, that she succumbs to the charm of this Qatari man!

Maryam is a good Muslim, she sees the world, and all the events, through the optics of submission to Allah… so, why could Allah want her to commit that sin? To become a bioweapon, literally, who can expect a child either with Sheikh Al Maktoum, or this Hakim Al Thani, a member of ruling Qatari family?

Allah must have some big plan… with both of men, probably, or even with relations between both these extremely powerful and important states… and now, Maryam stands between them, holding immense power and opportunities in her hands!

Now she understands… this is, why Allah sent her to the distant Prague! That time, and today! Not to make her suffer in these infidel lands… but there is this man here, working as a dentist, an alumni of famous Charles University, like she… and with royal blood!

Just like the Sheikh Al Maktoum of Dubai…

O Allah, you are truly the Mastermind!

When Maryam gets out of the car, just when the massive tower of medieval Karlstejn Castle can be seen in the hills above, she inhales deeply, so excited, that she can serve ALLAH, who makes your life an immense adventure, full of so interesting and pleasant surprises!

Now, Maryam sees Hakim differently. She is much more relaxed. She even gets closer to him, hip to hip, so they touch slightly, when they ascend to the castle, almost alone, it’s still a working day, so most of the usual masses of tourists are missing from the location, but of course, she is a decent girl, so she pretends, that these touches are just a coincidence… but she knows, and she smiles…

Now, she is NOT dependent on the Sheikh anymore. This other man is also her useful pawn! She can literally choose between them… of course, Allah will make this choice for her… but she can have power over them both… for Allah, and herself!

She used her special female equipment, her womb, very well, to please Allah! Now, two very powerful clans of two Islamic states will have to take her seriously!

And if the Qataris would accuse her to be a slut, who seduced their son… she can always say, that he pushed her into sex, seduced her, that he almost forced her… how many camels would his family have to pay to her family?

Maryam had to smile, when she imagined the funny situation, when her mom will go to Doha, Qatar, to negotiate the appropriate number of camels, taking them back into Czechia…

And Hakim’s mother will say, that he needs to marry Maryam… but she is married already… she committed adultery, without any doubt, very heavy sin indeed… couldn’t they even stone her to death, according to the strict Shariah Law?

But it happened in Czechia, out of Qatari or Emirati jurisdiction… and she still hadn’t the Emirati citizenship, then… she was a Muslim, so… what?

No, they won’t do it… they will all be glad, if the affair will be resolved silently. But until the DNA tests will be made, and the truth found… she can play with both men.

It can be a risky game… Maryam is a little bit scared… who knows, what all those powerful people could do to her, and to her baby… but then, like always, when anxiety comes to her, she remembers Allah, she remembers all mujahideen, dying for Allah and His cause… and she knows, that if you are a Muslim, you are serving Him, as His tool, and He will decide, how long you will live… so why to be scared? Why to try to escape your destiny, you fool?

Allah wanted it all exactly this way, she assures herself in the end, and smiles again.

“It’s good to see you happy again, sister,” Hakim thinks foolishly, that it’s his merit, that all clouds disappeared from Maryam’s face… and he is partially right. If only he would know all the details!

But Maryam will have to tell him, sooner or later… but when would it be the best moment? Allah will decide! Now, let’s enjoy the view!

She feels strange… after all that years in Dubai, her eyes and mind are full of Islamic architecture, Arabic calligraphy, minarets and domes of mosques, so this is so strange for her…

This is not her home, she doesn’t belong there, and soon, God wills, it will become also the factual reality, as her appointment at Kenner Bach & Ledeen law firm is just three days from today.

And she doesn’t go there to consult abandoning her Czech citizenship, not to ask for advice, whether it’s a good idea… rather to use their formal, efficient  help, so the application will go smoothly and quickly, to be valid immediately, upon announcement to the Czech authorities.

And as she has fully official Emirati citizenship now… yes, her future child will be an Emirati citizen! The child won’t connected with infidel Czech rats in any way… this part of her life will end soon, and she won’t ever return… if God wills!

Maybe her child will ask her one day… maybe it will find her origin, desiring to get to know the place, where its mother was born, to track the trail of its parent, its ancestor.

What should she tell to the child? To forbid it going here, or to let it be, to let Allah decide the matter? Or maybe this land will change into an Islamic paradise, one day, soon enough, before her child will mature?

Maryam only hopes, that her children will make good choice, always knowing, that Allah is the most important. And then, it will be much easier to make good decisions, to stay out of troubles.

Well, parenthood, it will be a challenge… now, when she is walking here with a son of the Qatari royal family, it’s easy to see the advantages for her personally… but all these will cost a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, a lot of tears, as such is the female life, when her children leave her, maybe never returning back home again, from the path of Jihad, to make ultimate sacrifice for Allah, as infidels never stop trying to destroy Islam… and she can’t do anything, just to accept the will of Allah, and thank Him for everything.

She and Hakim are in the castle already, standing on the rampart, watching the impressive scenery around.

“You said, sister, that those houses under the rampart belong to a friend of yours, and the road into the castle as well,” Hakim remembered, when it was too long silence between them, and he felt as his male duty, to keep control of the atmosphere, and conversation. “But I thought, that this castle is a Czech national monument? So, how could a part of it belong to any private citizen?”

“Most of the people don’t know this interesting fact, and the state rather keeps it out of any official books, because people would be really angry, if they would know the truth about their beloved historical jewel,” Maryam looked right into Hakim’s eyes, and in that moment, her voice became soft, patient, explaining, like if she would be talking to her future curious child, which she loves, and she want to give him or her the most precise explanation, so the baby can learn about the world. “Did you ever hear about Miss Million, brother? That special beauty contest.”

“Miss Million?” Hakim wondered. “Yes, but I thought, that it’s only a media duck…”

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Josef Polasek Invekto Miss Million Beauty Contest Prize Fashion Model Elite Czech Prague - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2“No, it’s completely real!” Maryam revealed the truth. “I was the winner of 2012 year! The man, organizing the fashion models contest, where the main prize is one million Czech crowns (=44.000 USD) is some Josef Polasek, calling himself Mr. Invekto, and many people think, that he is crazy… but no wonder, after inheriting such immense wealth!

He was just a boy in 1992, when his family, or father’s side to be exact, got the vast family property back, stolen by Communists. It was more than a hundred of real estates across the whole country, most of them of high value, large residence houses at the Prague city center, located at the best adresses, like Parizska street, Na Prikope, Venceslas Square, full of VIP flats, vast and valuable office space, even some shopping malls, not speaking about three perfectly restored baroque chateaus, including their inner decorations, like historical paintings, furniture, accesories, rifles, memorabilia, all hundreds of years old, with priceless value in all senses, and mentioned parts of Karlstejn castle complex… indeed, the price of it all was absolutely impossible to quantify, but definitely several billions.

You can imagine, my dear brother, what happens, when people, who had nothing yesterday, suddenly become so wealthy, that they can buy anything, anybody, that they need an army of accountants and employees and guards just to manage so immense wealth… so, Josef’s father soon succumbed to alcohol and gambling, maybe also to some women, and the mother became obsessed with a thought, that he will divorce her, finding a new mistress, and she will lose everything, because all of that was father’s money…

Well, the family, quite happy before, totally disintegrated, and Josef’s mother even ordered a hit on Josef’s father, she hired a Serbian mafia assassin, because she knew, that if the Josef’s father will die, she will inherit the property, together with Josef, who was too small to be able to manage it, so she will be the appointed legal administrator, she will have all the executive rights…

The assassin succeeded, but the police caught him, and he marked the Josef’s mom as the person, who ordered the murder… the police arrived to detain her, but she was not willing to end in a prison, so she rather jumped from the roof of their family villa… and Josef became an orphan with billions of property.

You can imagine, how many hawks were encircling the poor child suddenly, reporting as good uncles and aunts, willing to take care of the poor child… well, all this pressure was too much for Joseph, and he collapsed, his mind was somehow damaged forever. But he survived.

You can also imagine, how much problems he had with human relationships since then, as everybody wanted to steal money from him, all that ‘friends’, or rather bugs… and particularly women, when he grew up.

So, he decided to use the money, to make a proper show, to become a showman, who is popular… did you know, that most of the comedians are highly depressed people? Anyway, Joseph became a fashion photographer, without a school, without a talent, but he simply wanted to have access to pretty women, to be liked by them, to be allowed to enjoy their company…

Later, he started organizing a very special alternative to the official Miss Czech contest, and he named the event ‘Miss Million’, from very clear reasons, explaining, that he wants to help the girls to get some real opportunities in the fashion modeling, so they got not only the generous money prize for personal use and paying their debts, he also secured some high-profile contracts abroad for them, particularly in Shanghai, China…

But his contest worked differently, than the others. As a woman, a fashion model, you didn’t compete against other women: Josef simply chose the woman, which he perceivced the most shining in that particular year, and he invited her for a weekend photoshoot.

The rules were simple: you, him, the camera, his atelier in the vast family villa, or some added exterior, and 60 hours of time together, to create arts, to make conversation, to drink wine, to watch movies, or just to ride in his limousine, whereas he was showing you his favorite places…

I must say, it was the most strange photoshoot of my life… maybe even scary. I mean, to be alone there, with a man, who is, let’s say it decently, mentally not completely stable… when the evening came, and that vast house was so silent, so dark… but it was just a test, if you are a Queen enough.

And the photos… oh, they are so great! My favorite pieces… his ‘different’ thinking’… the result was so special, all that emotions are there, in the face, that you fell pampered, like a princess, soon to become millionaire, but you are also scared, whether the price won’t be too high, whether he won’t hurt you somehow… and you are still only a fragile woman, full of fear of male violence.

However, if you succeeded, if you didn’t run away… you were made the Miss Million, and from his villa, at Monday morning, you went directly to a bank together, to collect the money.

And there was also a special, very nice bonus: Josef had this strange custom, to buy cars for the girls from Internet dating sites, who were willing to meet him, to give him their precious time, as he called it, regardless from what reasons, and he liked their company. This is real, not an urban myth!

So, in the end, you were leaving the weekend party with a million in your pocket, in a brand new Skoda Fabia car, in the price of another 300.000 CZK, always in the golden color, Josef’s favorite… not bad, not bad at all…” Maryam smiled.

“The man is really crazy,” Hakim wondered. “To give cars to sluts from Internet dating sites… But it’s his money…”

“He allegedly wanted to create the ultimate visual arts, and to invest the money into ultimate personal experiences, to get to know women, to reveal all their female secrets, to understand them properly, to be able to recognize, if a woman really loves him, or if she wants just the money,” Maryam explained. “But I don’t know, how it ended, whether he found the love he was looking for, or not… and I don’t read Czech tabloid media for long time. Maybe I should write him on that FitnahBook, just to ask him, how is he… but maybe he would think, that I ran out of money, playing a friend to get some from him, like others… yeah, he must have a terrible life! Always suspecting all people around from a foul game!

He told me once, how many long letters he gets daily, full of photographs of cute innocent children, allegedly with cancer, full of heart touching tales of diverse human tragedies, with details so precise, that you start to suspect, that it’s all just a manufactured lie, and how many people are ringing on his doorbell every day, crying with open palm… and everybody just wants money… no one cares about Josef! Only Allah could help him, if he would accept Islam!

I think, that he considered moving abroad, far from here, so no one will recognize him, and he can be free at last, finding some real love. But can he do it? It’s not easy to leave this fitnah land, where you can feel as somebody, you have some social power. Or maybe to become some Count Monte Christo? Some mysterious aristocrat, organizing the party of the century, to execute his secret revenge, against those who hurt him?

But people will know, sooner or later, that you have the big money in your pocket, and they will go after you, all that ruthless mafiosi, for which a human life means nothing… here, at Czechia, Josef was relatively safe, but abroad? He would disappear without a trace, like Jan Motovsky, never to be found. That would never happen in Prague, where all the criminals are under close surveillance of attentive locals!”

“My mom told me, that there is a big article about you in the latest ‘Heavy Slander’ magazine… it was your mom, who called her in the morning,” Hakim changed topic of conversation towards them two, from some foreign fool.

“You should know, sister, that the whole Ummah is so proud of you, here, or in the Qatar! You are truly a shining ambassador of Islam… this is, what I was instructed by other brothers and sisters, my friends from all over the world, from Morocco to Indonesia, to tell you… and I must say, how proud I am, that you chose to spend your time with me, that you gave your affection to me…

Although I don’t have so much money, like that friend Josef of yours… you know, I am a mere dentist, not long after University graduation… but it’s my money, my family doesn’t give me anything, and my portofilo of patients has many interesting VIP names already. I am only 27 years old, and the right man should make a career until 30 years of age, then, to establish a family. so I guess, everything goes quite well, with the blessing of Allah…”

When Hakim said this special word, “family”, he stepped yet closer to Maryam, and said with serious voice:

“I know, Maryam, that you have your life in the Emirates, that you have very important tasks there,” he said with respect. “But I believe, that Allah connected us two for a reason! Maybe to become a husband and wife one day. However, in this moment… I am just glad, that I can be close to you, and you can count on me. Who knows, what next does Allah have for us? But let’s live in the moment, in the present.”

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islamic Princess Muslim Allah Dubai UAE Emirates Qatar Doha Emir Son Al Thani Fashion Model Czech Prague Elite Convert Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2“One selfie, for the memory of this special moment!” Hakim said, taking his latest model of iPhone, and making their picture together.

“This is not permitted,” Maryam protested, but she had to smile for the photo, as her fashion model’s instincts were still working. “Images of living things are idolatry! Taking them is not permitted, keeping them is not permitted!”

“Oh, what is this, some Wahhabi rules? Fortunately, girl, Allah is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, willing to forgive your sins, if you make proper repentance,” Hakim hid the phone, becoming an obedient Muslim again. “Anyway, let’s go! We need to make some shopping yet, before the evening. I have a surprise for you! And it will be a time for a prayer soon!”

Maryam wanted to say something, before Hakim took the phone.

But maybe there will be yet better opportunity, to explain to Hakim, what is happening, and what maybe started not in distant, glamorous Dubai, but here, in his Prague appartment, few months ago…

For now, she will follow, keeping close to him, like a good, devoted and clever woman, watching him, his mood, waiting patiently for a good moment… and then, she will hit him so hard. Because it’s not only about her now…

The envelope, addressed to Maryam, labeled with the name of a reputated clinic laboratory BIOGEN, reached her mailbox at Burj Khalifa lobby long time ago, but Maryam never collected it, never opened it.

She was certain, what is inside: confirmation of her suspicion, that someone exchanged her contraceptive patches for a placebo. Some rat, who wanted her to get pregnant… with the Sheikh.

But it doesn’t matter anymore… Allah altered the conspiracy, as He wanted.

Just a few kilometers from Karlstejn, a middle aged man, standing at the last floor of a tall office building, is watching the beautiful view from his private office. He is an infidel, so he doesn’t want to leave this Czech land, on the contrary: he loves it, maybe even too much, willing to commit many crimes in her defence.

“Creating good, by commiting bad”, it’s a well known motto of the Czech Special Forces, and its reputated assassins.

There is nobody, who would control them, who would supervise them, who could stop them. Not even the Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, serving only as their puppet, or Ministry of Defence, and the details of their black operations will never reach any court,  no soldier or officer will be ever prosecuted for their crimes.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS by Alan SvejkIf the tabloid media are writing about Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, it’s only when the Unit wants and needs to be reminded, and Pavel Novotny, critically important journalist, only writes, what they want him to write, as he is one of their endless puppets.

How did they obtain him? Very simply, and not too expensively. They just combined decent extortion with decent financial bonus… and Novotny was reasonable, understanding, that they can help each other, the Army and him, but he will always hold only a shorter end of rope.

special-unit-c102-psyops-executive-action-ex-special-forces-czech-assassination-targeted-killing-military-assassin-army-islamic-state-terrorist-terrorism-syria-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairHe knows well, that any bad move would mean his removal from the scene, and ending his professional services even with so called extreme prejudice. Particularly car accidents and drowning are favorite methods of elimination, when Czech Special Forces assassins from rumored Executive Action (EX) department need to get rid of a pest, jeopardizing the Czech national security…

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs“The team is ready for the briefing, sir,” a female voice behind the man says decisively, as this is a pure example of modern military-industrial complex, the office space belongs to Wu Corporation, where no losers and B-class employees are to be found. If you made it so far in their corporate structures, to work at this particular top floor, you know, that you have special skills.

But don’t just wonder, which these are, rather fill their Questionnaires and sample questions, to find the truth about yourself…

Instead of reply, the man makes a gesture of agreement.

In a minute, people are entering his office, slowly and silently, with respect. There is over ten of them, sitting at all possible places.

When they are all inside, the Colonel General, wearing civilian apparel here deliberately, looks at all of them: faces younger or older, men or women, but all with attentive eyes, ready to obey any order of the state defence.

“Soldiers!” the officer starts with sharp decisive voice, standing in attention stance, like speaking to a military squad in uniforms. “Today, we all are called to serve to our homeland, to contribute to the safety, freedom and sustainable future of our republic, and all of its citizens.

Don’t make the mistake in judgement, that we live in peace! It’s a war out there, just under these windows, war not only against terrorism, also war for power and influence. And we need to be a part of it, to grasp it, not to wait passively in trenches, like fools, expecting a bayonet attack, which will never come, because this is 21st century, this is the ‘4th Generation Warfare’ without clear lines, without uniformed armies, shooting and bombing each other, like in the past.

Nowadays, war is executed in expensive civilian suits, with smiles on your lips, using pens and intellect instead of rifles. Information Warfare, using corrupted mass media… Psychological Warfare, using human fears… extortion, bribery, corporate conspiracies and espionage, cyber warfare, economic warfare… you can name it all… this is real face of our recent world, we need to accept it, to adapt to it, to think differently, to put our uniforms aside, sometimes, like on this important day, when you will fight your war in the streets of this beautiful city, our capital!

The local situation is very favorable for our puposes. This evening, we will have several very useful assets at one particular location in the city center, so the Special Forces Command decided to use this unique opportunity, to extend our influence, to expand options of our ‘Operation SKINNY PUPPY’.

You will be split into three teams. Team Three will secure surveillance, and also armed backup for cases of necessity. Team Two will arrange an incident, when one of our men, a selected soldier from 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion, will be shot deliberately, and the blame will be thrown either at local armed Jewish militia, or at local Islamic Wahhabi radicals, as both of these hostile groups will be operating at Old Town today evening, near ‘Sultan’, the Iranian restaurant.

Michal Hrdlicka Special Forces Czech Army Asset Lucie Borhyova Conspiracy Military China Chinese Corporate - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsTeam One will secure social part of the operation, and let me introduce you one man, the newest addition into our elite military ranks: Asset A25, codename WOMAN’S DREAM, but you most definitely know also his citizen name, merely after seeing his face, as this man is well known from the mass media, in many various connections: yes, it’s a favorite of all Czech females, whose male fame is preceding him: Michal Hrdlicka!”

All present military personnel started applauding, with smiling faces. They were all brothers in arms, serving to the same purpose, and there was no place for solo players. The Military was always the team work.

“All teams know their missions, but all of you should know the key persons of interest for this evening. A55 was reassigned from Influence Operations to Internal Affairs department, so please, Nikola, take the word, and introduce all the objects to us!” the officer sat down, back to his table.

charles-aznavour-nikola-dotkova-lenka-filipova-special-forces-fashion-model-secret-covert-clandestine-intelligence-operation-czech-army-or-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsA young, shining slim woman moved into front, turning the lights off, and lowering the curtains, until the room became dark, and a hidden device started projecting pictures on the wall behind the girl.

“You all definitely know our key Asset A102, codename SKINNY PUPPY,” she started the introduction, and four various pictures of Maryam, recent or older, with hijab or without, composed together, occured behind her.

“You all read her detailed personal file, some of you many times, some of you know about her maybe more, than she knows… so what is more to say about her yet,” Nikola had a look at her notes. “She is a Muslim, and she is expecting a child. Don’t forget about it, when you will approach her,” she reminded particularly to A25. But this man, father of two children with two different women at least, had enough of experience with pregnant sluts. Indeed, he was well qualified for the job.

“According to our latest psychological assessment of her, she is stable now, and after she read the Heavy Slander magazine, she will be willing to participate in the Czech social life again, at least in limited way, which we will offer her, as the eternal thirst for media attention, so typical for fashion models, was awakened inside her successfully,” Nikola continued. “We don’t expect complications, when negotiating with her. But be careful of her companion, Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani, a former member of Qatari Military, an experienced kickboxer, who will play her overprotective brother, in many senses. It was Hakim, who reserved four places at famous ‘Sultan’ Iranian restaurant, located at Old Town, Milosrdnych street, for this evening.”

Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani Qatar Doha Emirate Lover Marketa Korinkova Maryam Muslim Islam Fashion Model - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsA collection of Hakim’s pictures started shining on the wall, but someone interrupted the presentation, raising his hand, that he has a question.

“Yes, A58?” the leading officer asked instead Nikola, willing to get rid of this dumb, disturbing pest as quickly, as possible.

“I am definitely not alone, Herr Generaloberst, who wonders, why Hakim, a Sunni Muslim, I presume, wants to go exactly into an Iranian restaurant, if there are those Shia or Shiite Muslims, or how they call themselves, perceived as apostates by Sunnis, and Israelis, the Jews, want to go there too? What is so interesting or important there? This wasn’t explained to me, but I really want to know all the connections, to understand the situation correctly, because this is really strange,” Joseph Svejk, the dumbest soldier, ever serving in the Special Forces of the Czech Army, asked.

“This data will be revealed later, in proper context, just be patient,” Nikola explained shortly.

“Now, let’s continue about Hakim,” A55 resumed her presentation. “Remember, that he takes his role of A102’s local brother very seriously here. So seriously… that it took them even into bed together.”

“And does he love her? I mean, really, honestly, from heart?” curious Svejk asked again, and everybody started laughing, when hearing another proof of his famous dumbness.

Colonel General only sighed. Such luck, that after today, he will get rid of this fool!

“Well, from his angle of view, Hakim is in complicated situation,” Nikola said quite politely. “Not only he still doesn’t know, that A102 is married with the Sheikh of Dubai, but he also doesn’t understand, how risky is for him, and his family, to keep any contact with A102, and her family. But he will find out soon, and it will be very painful, because there is still Maryam’s mother in the game, and if all that commotion, regarding the still unborn child will begin in large, there will be a lot of trouble… for him, and many opportunities for us, so he is under very close surveillance now, and his family too, particularly those living in Czechia, his mother and aunt.

I would say, that he likes Maryam, her family likes her too, they appreciate, whom she is, what she does, they would accept her as a decoration for his son, eventually, because she is pretty, she is a Muslim, she is a Dubai elite… but they would hardly allow their beloved son, to marry a non-Arab woman with non-aristocratic background.

So, in very vulgar words… they are letting him to fuck her, closing eyes, because at least she has some qualities, better than some Czech infidel slut, but they don’t understand, that this affair has very dark background.

Imagine, that one day, and soon, Heavy Slander will write, that The Princess is expecting a child, but there are two possible fathers: Emir of Dubai, or theoretically possible Emir of Qatar. That will be some explosive material! Imagine, how all that Emirs and Sheikhs will be pleased! That will be an immense international scandal!”

“Jealous Czech sluts would appreciate our Princess, how clever she is, fucking only with rich Middle Eastern royals, whereas they sleep with common Czech Johns with empty pockets and pre-owned old cars,” Svejk presented his manly opinion.

“Svejk, shut up, finally!” the Colonel General was angry already. “I knew exactly, that this important briefing will go wrong, if YOU are present here, ruining everything, and drunk like always!”

Woman's Destiny Female Islamic Fashion brand multinational China Wu Corporation Illuminati Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“Let’s consider this part of presentation as finished, as A25 will be the one, handling The Princess directly, and possibly Hakim,” Nikola suggested. “Your task, A25, is to introduce yourself as the Marketing Manager of famous Woman’s Destiny, Islamic fashion brand, and to invite Maryam, together with her mother, for the presentation of their newest collection, taking place tommorow, at 2 PM, at their boutique, located at Parizska street.

Don’t forget to mention this invitation in front of Maryam, Hakim, and Asset A101 too, simply openly! If the Princess would reject, we need the invitation to make it to the mother, who will definitely persuade Maryam to go there.”

Iveta Korinkova - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“Asset A101, citizen name Iveta Korinkova, codename LUNAR SMILE,” Nikola commented new set of photos. “She is older sister of Maryam, an B-class actreess, but also a TV anchor at important NOVA TV station. They keep quite cold and distant relationships, as their mother managed to make them almost enemies, she always says in front of Maryam, how far Iveta made it profesionally, and vice versa, to make them hate each other…

But today, they will meet, Hakim arranged this reunion, after given a good advice from the mother, his private advisor, pulling levers from behind, like a proper sociopath! She told him, that he could gain a lot of power over both women, or to be more exact, she is willing to share her own power with him, if he will listen and do, what she wants. In fact, he is working for her. She promised him Heaven and Earth.

With prior expressive permission of Colonel General, I can inform you, that Iveta is our internal asset. We used her, when planning Operation SKINNY PUPPY, to complete the psychological profile of the Princess. We explained to Iveta, that we can help her sister, who is insecure, and so on, if she will help us… that’s all you need to know.”

Vaclav Dejcmar Czechoslovak Models agency fashion conspiracy fraud 2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“Number Four of the ‘Sultan’ group,” Nikola showed another set of photos. “Vaclav Dejcmar, official owner of Czechoslovak Models fashion agency. Maryam knows him, she was working there, but she doesn’t know, that her sister knows him too, and Dejcmar with Iveta are even pretending to be dating together now… if you ask why, well, it’s simple, it’s how Czech showbusiness works, when covert male sodomites need to present themselves as straight, heterosexual males, and B-class female media faces need some powerful benefactor, a patron, to keep in the media, to present some support behind them, that they have good connections… Like Martina Gavriely and Radek Duda.

Karel Janecek RSJ fraud fraudster Counterintelligence Service StB BIS billionaire - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsPresence of Dejcmar will be beneficial, to deepen the tension between sisters. But it must be reminded, that except his strongly questioned sexual orientation, there is also his strong connection to Karel Janecek, alleged billionaire from so called RSJ Group, but rather a top class fraudster, who is strongly connected to the Czech CounterIntelligence services: in the past, StB, through his father, and present, BIS… which is connected to us, so the circle is closing very conveniently for us.

In conclusion, Dejcmar and Janecek are harmless pawns. They will make no obstacle for us, even with their alleged high social position.”

How miserable seemed Czech shopping malls, in comparison with shiny Dubai! How small and modest and cheap everything was… and people, who looked cheap and poor as well… and shop assistants, bored, who wouldn’t survive a minute in their job, if working in Dubai…

Maryam had to sigh every minute, feeling like a citizen from glamorous Prague city, who visits some local poor shop at some forgotten Silesian village in the mountains… and this was Chodov Shopping mall, the largest in whole Czechia!

How could she live here so long! How could she survive this small world, where you can hardly fly! Such a luck, that Allah liberated her! She now serves Him, her life has sense…

But a good Muslim should be modest, she remembered… so she tried to merge with crowds of all that poor cheap fools, but she was too distinctive, a tall fashion model with hijab, and many of those people read “Heavy Slander” just this morning, many of them were just discussing the news… and it meant her!

Some young fools even started shouting at Maryam, and she had to smile, when they met her… she was a real star, it was confirmed now. But it meant nothing, as those people meant nothing, and next week, they will be strangers for her, because she has a home already… six thousand kilometers from here, and You, Allah, was the one, who gave it to me, and for it, I am so endlessly grateful to You…

Of course, that Hakim felt so good in such a shining female company! Some other fools even asked Maryam and Hakim, to pose for their picture, and they did!

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islamic Princess Muslim Allah Dubai UAE Emirates Qatar Doha Emir Son Al Thani Fashion Model Czech Prague Elite Convert Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsHakim looks like a real ruler there, his stance is so firm, he seems so balanced… and Maryam is smiling so nicely, because she is enjoying herself, and life, even in this terrible infidel comedy… but with the young people around, all is different, and Chodov Mall is always full of school folks, who spend hours after school there, roaming the shops, or just sitting at McDonald’s and eating some shitty junk food… but the children feel good there, and the mall is always giving plenty of entertainment for them, even promising big expanding, so the cinema will be added as well, finally!

Maryam found some nice, fashionable pieces of apparel in the shops, so she will look great during the evening. And just when they went with Hakim into a local pizzeria, to have some refreshment after shopping, which is always exhausting, you know that, some young woman stopped them, she introduced herself as a journalist from a key Czech daily newspaper, but not a tabloid, “serious”, MF DNES, and asked Maryam to answer several questions, very politely, but you can never trust these media wolves, pretending to be innocent sheep.

Maryam assessed the situation around – the pizzeria was full of people, but not other school kids, these were local middle social class, and when the interview will be done there, she will be a star, a center of attention… let’s do it for Allah, for His fame! Let’s represent Islam! He wants us to walk through the world, sending a clear and simple message to the world: ‘I am an ambassador of Islam!’

“OK, but just shortly, we are in a hurry,” Maryam said strictly, she caught the elbow of Hakim firmly, to remind him, and the journalist, that he is her brother in Islam, her powerful protector, and she walked into pizzeria proudly, like a queen, feeling all the curious looks around her… it felt SO GOOD!

You see, in the Emirates, in an Islamic land, it’s not decent, to look at unrelated, non-Mahram woman, and her brother or father could even punish such insult, even violently. But here? No one minds, if you literally stare at women!

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islamic Princess Muslim Allah Dubai UAE Emirates Qatar Doha Emir Son Al Thani Fashion Model Czech Prague Elite Convert Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 3

The distant glass…?

When all three sat to a table in the center, so they will be well seen, and Hakim ordered non-alcoholic drinks, of course, the journalist put a portable recorder on the table, wearing distinctive sign of MF DNES, very reputated nationwide newspaper, which attracted all people around, who even started taking pictures of the group.

Firstly, the journalist was interested, who is Maryam’s companion.

And Maryam knew, what can happen: MF DNES had also their tabloid part…

“This brother is Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani, a son of previous Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Hakim is a very reputated dentist in the Czech Republic,” Maryam said then with large smile. “He is a Muslim, like me, a good friend. Any time I came into Prague, we meet, we talk, we go into a mosque together, to pray.”

“And you are here on vacation, Mrs. Korinkova? I mean, in Prague,” the journalist made careful notes.

Maryam had to laugh, when seeing the face of journalist, still pretending, that she doesn’t know, what will happen in Dubai next week. But these media rats, they are like policemen, always playing games with you, never saying openly, what they know or think about you. But Maryam studied Public Relations and Marketing Communication at famous Charles University! What could those rats achieve against her, protected by Allah and His angels?

“Not exactly. Business and pleasure together,” Maryam replied eventually, opening another question.

“Some fashion show?” the journalist still played dumb.

“Possibly,” Maryam indicated with secrecy.

“And maybe something else? There are rumors, that you want to give up your Czech citizenship… that you asked for asylum in the Emirates, citing religious oppression in Czechia… do you feel religiously oppressed here? Tell me,” the journalist started to reveal her real face of a wolf, who pursue his prey without mercy, until she falls.

“No way. I wear hijab here, and most of the people are accepting it as a part of my identity, be it my friends, family, or strangers in the streets. I got the Emirati citizenship as a reward for my special services for the Emirates. And I never asked for it, I never applied, but you could hardly refuse such token of respect, when offered. Emirates are my home long time, everybody knows that. When I started there, I was nobody, but with Allah’s help, I found my destiny there,” Maryam emphasized, and raised her voice a little bit, to seem agitated.

And it had proper effect, other people around started listening very slosely, and whole pizzeria got silent, even waiters stopped to move between tables, not to disturb the moment…

“Services for the Emirates… you mean in the branch of Female Affairs,” the journalist wanted to know, playing dumb again.

“Yes, and also da’wah, spreading of Islam, the only complete and perfected religion of peace, is a part of my duty,” Maryam said with so deep affection and love, that the pork heads and enemies of Islam around were literally frozen, and most likely, when they will come home today, some of them will start perceiving Islam differently, studying it, asking: isn’t there something, even for me?

“And that other rumors, about the technology convention in Dubai next week… where you should have a speech?” the media rat got to the point.

“Allah will decide, what will happen in one week, or tomorrow, or right now,” Maryam presented her clear Islamic view of flow of events.

“I mean… that speech, which you should made… regarding some breaking invention… that is true?”

“I can only repeat, that all affairs are in the hands of Allah,” Maryam insisted, but then she remembered also those corporate rats from Wu Corporation, covert owners of Heavy Slander, who offered her very good business: they will help her to put down Princess Haya Bint Hussein, the junior wife of the Sheikh Al Maktoum, very dangerous for Maryam’s personal interests, like becoming the QUEEN OF THE EMIRATES!

“However, it’s true indeed, that the top management of Wu Corporation approached me, and they asked me to make some speech,” Maryam added cleverly. “But I can’t comment, whether we made a deal, or not, and if we did, whether they informed me about all details, or not.”

“But something big will happen in one week?” the journalist insisted.

“Every day, something important happens,” Maryam answered unclearly, deliberately, feeling, that she said enough, and she should end the interview, with some grey, opened answer. Now, it was good time to disappear, to remain silent, to provoke more curiosity, not to be cheap and available, as the real celebrity is always distant, evading and missing.

Back in the car, Maryam kissed Hakim. Just lightly, on his face… but it was a kiss.

Because she was having so much fun today, in his company…

“Team one: Israeli Mossad assets, meeting at Barock restaurant,” the Colonel General resumed the briefing at Wu’s corporate building.

David Cohen Mossad Operative Executive Goldman Sachs Global Economic Crisis 2008 China Chinese Conspiracy Wall Street - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“This is David Cohen,” Nikola Dotkova changed the pictures, and face of a man around forty years of age occured. “He is one of the current main Mossad residents in Czechia, and he is a man from big crossroads, so the Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS was quite surprised, when he occured back in small Prague in 2011. Originally, he was born here, as David Kohn, but altered his name, to pursue big international corporate career. And when I say big… it’s not mockery, or exaggeration.”

“Watch the face of this particular man carefully,” Nikola challenged all present military personnel. “He is one of the fifteen key persons, who are responsible for launching so called Global Economic Crisis 2008, part of the Chinese conspiracy to achieve global dominance. He was working as a Goldman Sachs executive, a well known investment company, controlled fully by Jewish capital and management, and he was a critical part of deciding process, whether to start selling the toxic assets, that bad mortgage bonds, with clear perspective of destroying the whole market, and lauching an avalanche with immense consequences… we all know, also our parents, neighbours, people from all over the world know, how it all ended. Not Goldmans, but all taxpayers paid their gains.

It was them who started it… Lehman Brothers were second, but it was too late, and it brought them bankruptcy. Goldman Sachs made vast money from this crisis, but they rather keep low profile since then, because someone, including courts, could still call their management for responsibility.

For your information, when making this fateful deicison, there was five levels of pyramid of human assets. Level one: so called Analyst Zero, whose identity was never determined, or released by the U.S., possibly bribed asset of Chinese, and it was him, who brought and asserted his mathematic model with very disturbing numbers, that they need to start selling the second day. Level two: his superior. Level three: his superior, corporate lawyers, accountants. Level four: Cohen, and one female manager. Level Five: only one person: Executive Director of the whole company.

So, you can see, that our man was very high in the corporate food chain… still, three years later, he suddenly occurrs in Prague, working for Bezeq International, an Israeli TELCO operator. No wonder, that he disappeared from Wall Street, returning to Israel… just before Bezeq should be privatized, and you can guess, who bought the main packet of shares… of course, the omnipresent Chinese, ‘our’ Wu Corporation, to get control of Israeli strategic communications.

Our famous INFOWAR tale, which we spread, that we spiked a TELCO hub in Haifa, using our cyber warfare assets… well, we have much more, let’s say, convenient and easier access, through our Chinese friends, who are monitoring all IDF and Mossad comms.”

“Cohen was the direct recruitment and handling asset of A102, in Operation SKINNY PUPPY,” Nikola reminded then. “It was him, who negotiated with our Princess, promised her interesting business, and she trusted him. She did it, even with clear knowledge, that they will want her to convert to Islam.”

“Cohen is a well-mannered businessman,” Nikola said particularly to A25 and A58, who will be handling this part of the operation. “He never uses violence, or threats, rather soft words and persuasion. He will negotiate patiently, until a good solution will be found for both sides, of course, beneficial for the state of Israel. And I emphasize: Cohen is not connected in any capacity with the Jewish Militia ‘SHALOM’ of the Old Town. More about this organization later.”

Nataly Hay Israel Mossad IDF Israeli Defence Forces Jewess Conspiracy Belly Dancer Middle East Operarive Asset - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“But this following person is much more complicated,” Nikola revealed another batch of photos, and all audience could see quite nice-looking woman with long hair and shining white teeth, probably of porcelain origin. “Nataly Hay, but it’s rather her artistic name. She is a belly dancer, reputated across whole Middle East, even in Islamic countries, allegedly working for Mossad only as a Female Warfare skills trainer, using cover of an IDF captain, but who knows, what she is really doing there.

I met with Nataly Hay personally, in Tel Aviv, in a training camp of IDF, and now, she is most likely coming to Prague, to participate at today’s meeting… and this is strange, as she never visited Prague before, at least under her official identity… you asked about all the connections, Svejk, so maybe you start to understand now, even with your slightly limited intellect: Nataly Hay is a belly dancer, and imagine, where she will have her show today evening? At Sultan restaurant!

And now, why our Hakim wants to go exactly to Sultan? Is he somehow connected with Nataly Hay, or Iranians, is it just a coincidence, because Sultan is simply so famous, and Hakim forgot to realize, that Iranians are Shias?

But it’s important to know, that Iran has very unique geopolitical position in the world, someting like North Korea, as they are perceived as enemies and apostates by many of majority of Sunni Muslims, and Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians, it’s a different tribe… anyway, the Iranians need to be very tough, there was a bloody, long war with Iraq… and Iran has very reputated, and ruthless Intelligence service.

What if some of their assets persuaded both Nataly Hay to do her artistic show there, and Hakim, to come there? Why? Some provocation? Kidnapping or assassination attempt? Or is it too over-combined already?

Well, anything can happen today, so except Team One, present directly at the site, also Team Three will be at standby, ready to intervene, even with assault weapons, if necessary. Those Iranians are something like black horses here, and no one knows, what can be expected from them. But expect no mercy from them.

And shots will be fired this evening, at any case.”

Aaron Gunsberger Jew Israel Prague King Solomon Kosher restaurant ISIS Israeli Jewish terrorism Old Town Czech war Muslim Assault IS ISIL Wahhabi 3 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“This is Aaron Gunsberger, alleged leader of the Jewish Militia ‘SHALOM’ of the Old Town,” Nikola presented other pictures. “Always armed and ready to shoot, with cellar of his Jewish restaurant allegedly full of military-grade assault weaponry. If you will meet him today, clear his way…

Also, if you meet those three fools, Czech CCM Wahhabis, not too big friends of Jews, who should be present at the site, together with Omar Bin Ghazali, a Qatari journalist.

These are Dezider ‘Dezo’ Lakatos, Marian ‘Mari’ Olah and Feroslav ‘Fero’ Bily, all Islamized Gypsies from Teplice, all living on social welfare, having nothing to lose, nothing to afraid of… except Allah.

And regarding Bin Ghazali… if he will occur near you, clear the area immediately. And I mean it… we really don’t want to see your faces in the pan-Arabic news!”

“But what if he will come to Sultan… to eat some good Persian food, to see Nataly Hay dancing?” dumb Svejk asked a very disturbing question.

There was a moment of silence in the office.

“Then… Assets A25 and A58 will improvise again, and if things will get out of control, they will simply disappear from the scene.”

“And last question…” that idiot Svejk bothered further. “Herr Generaloberst, you still didn’t tell me and A25, what exactly should we discuss with those dangerous Israelis, the ruthless Mossad operatives? I am not too much informed about all the details of ‘Operation SKINNY PUPPY’… I was just a liaison during a single phase of the op, few long years ago, coordinating Nikola here and Pavel Novotny, during one week in Dubai! I have no competence anymore, no authority… I can discuss only nice weather with them! Or whether our Islamic Princess has natural, or silicone breasts! And I am betting my bottle of rum, that these are made of nasty plastic! They should forbid those nasty things!”

“Well, it’s very simple, Svejk,” the Colonel General took the word. “Just improvise, like always! You will be our revenge to them, they will be forced to negotiate exactly with you, the biggest idiot of any military force, ever, so they will remember, that those times, when they could make fools from us, ignoring our pleas for answers, denying our joint operations, are over! We don’t need those fools, as we have much more useful allies now: the Chinese!

And for all of you, who could be wandering, why there will be a shootout and one wounded today… we simply want to remind both to Jews and Muslims, who rules in these lands!

Not them! Not Jews and their militia! Not those Wahhabis, who shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the streets of Teplice! Us!”

“Now, if there are no more questions… dismissed, and good luck!”

When the meeting ended, all three teams dispersed in the Wu corporate building, preparing for their covert mission.

“I am taking command, man, as I was appointed as the team leader,” Svejk announced to poor Michal Hrdlicka, former TV star, who slept with the most impressive lasses of the Czech showbiz, but now, he was serving under a complete idiot in this strange military Unit, at least for today.

“Let’s go for a beer, before the action!” Svejk ordered. “We won’t shoot anybody today, anyway…”

Lucie Borhyova - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsWhen they were drinking the first “piece” in a nearby pub for working class, far from strict eyes of Colonel General, Svejk asked Hrdlicka openly: “Listen, you fool… did you really fuck and impregnate Lucie Borhyova, that sex idol of all Czech fools? Or is it media propaganda, so you could become famous, and she could keep at the VIP spheres? But tell me the pure truth, fool, or I will have you court-martialed!”

“That is pure truth, and we have a cute child together,” Hrdlicka confessed. “Woman like woman, a slut or VIP. You reconize the right pattern once… and nothing is impossible anymore. But in the end, all bitches are the same, a bothering weight on your neck, keeping you down, and you are glad, that you can get rid of them.”

“That’s exactly my opinion,” Svejk agreed with A25, although they definitely didn’t remind some brothers: one of them handsome, intelligent, slim, sporty, and other… rather not to tell, it was something just terrible!

“Let’s have another beer, and I will tell you about my aristocratic soon-to-be-bride, fool,” Svejk caught his infamous “saliva”, and it meant, that beers will fall into him, like apples in Autumn. “The slut from Lichtenstein maybe thought, that I am just some fool, some miserable peasant, and now, she will pay my beers… I mean… ALL of them… together with rum! Huh huh!”

“Listen, commander… it’s five o’clock now, and our important meeting with Israeli operatives is at seven in Parizska… shouldn’t we rather stop drinking, and get ready?” Hrdlicka suggested responsibly. “The Colonel General will definitely kill us, if he will find, that we arrived there under influence! There will be surveillance everywhere… and I had one alcohol mishap already, in Carlsbad, it cost me my great TV job, so I ended in the Army! Fortunately, Karolina Pliskova, a top tennis player, whom I fucked responsibly, forgave me! She is a good bitch…”

“So, let’s drink responsibly, and we will be just fine!” Svejk decided. “Listen, fool, this is SPECIAL FORCES, the Army elite, you understand? We don’t obey rules, we create them! So stop fucking worrying, and relax! Moreover, Colonel General instructed me clearly, you heard it, that I am the punishment for those Mossad fools… so, let’s them enjoy my company in full beauty! And it means some proper liquid refreshment, without any doubt!”

“Herr Oberkellner!” Svejk called a waiter. “Two more pieces here, and add two double rums, so you won’t wear your shoes!”

When the waiter came with requested drinks, and noticed Michal Hrdlicka, who fucked waiter’s wet dream, Lucie Borhyova, he said ruthlessly: “We don’t serve to such metrosexual dollies, like you! Go next door, fool, there is that VIP casino club, or what shit… there you belong!”

“Leave it all here, and run for another batch of rum, fool!” Svejk showed his big fist to the waiter. “This is a secret military operation, and this fool Hrdlicka is my subordinate! It means, that no one will steal his deserved beer, paid from taxpayers money, which could be his last one, because this evening, real shots of endless war for power and influence will be fired!

Understand? We will be under fire today… and you, fool? A mere cowardly civilian? Hidden here, serving beer to drunk fools, instead of going into trenches with us, your brothers in arms, jabbing enemies during bayonet charge, when the bugle calls!

Aren’t you ashamed? Any real man should be a soldier, like me, member of famous Svejk military family! And if someone in this pub has some doubts about my valor, come out now, you rats, and tell me your slanders right into my face, and I will explain you the truth!”

Some apparently inconspicuous and harmless senior citizen, former member of ACAP (Auxiliary Citizen Assault Police), drinking his beer silently in the corner, but hearing the whole excited conversation, he called sharp boys from Municipal Police, to “come in full force and restore public order at Mana’s Pub, but quickly”.

The evening was starting just nicely…

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