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During her life, any woman is at top of her beauty just once, and this sweet time of her absolute physical irresistibility is biologically connected with her best ability to conceive children, around 23 years of age, as the scientific rats are saying: her mind and body are mature enough and strong enough to sustain the pregnancy in all senses, whereas she is still fresh and young.

But in the decadent, corrupted Europe, almost no woman has children at this relatively low age. They postpone it, they wait, they travel through many distant holes, they build career, as they call it… because they don’t plan to have many children, they don’t want to build an unstoppable Army, which will conquer the world through Demographic Jihad, like devoted Muslims… for these lost European infidels, one child is sufficient, and two children optimal… three are too much, bothering, stealing freedom too much.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Fashion Model Czech Convert Islam Muslim Allah Prague Dubai Abu Dhabi Emirates UAE Sheikh Wife Child Secret Wedding - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsMarketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, was born 1988, and it makes her 29 years of age now. Her mother Ivana is right in certain sense, saying poisonously, that Maryam is late, she should be married long time already, because those “lost” five years, which Maryam sacrificed for her personal Jihad, particularly da’wah, spreading Islam, will be hardly compensated… but there wasn’t another option, as Maryam was still an infidel in practical sense, five years ago, still far from glamourous Dubai, Emirates, and her new life.

Indeed, such was the will of Allah, that her awakening and liberation came this late. But the world still has wide memories of who she was once, and how extremely beautiful and seducing she was back then. It’s the past now, a little bit, it’s not real anymore, such is the fate of any woman, but… this is The Islamic Princess, this is a part of her fascinating tale and exciting fate.

Two men are the reason, why there is a complex visual testimony about Maryam from this time: they are Vaclav Dejcmar, owner of Czechoslovak Models agency, where Maryam was working as a fashion model, and Josef Polasek, a billionaire and self-claimed fashion photographer, organizer of controversial Miss Million beauty contest.

Dejcmar, in his effort to get wider control of Czech fashion scene, he organized apparently a very marginal beauty contest in 2011, called Miss Charles University (Miss UK), where intelligent female students of this elite school should compete not only with their knowledge, but also physical qualities… and Dejcmar wanted to have access to them, as he liked to meet with interesting women, not only dumb dolls. His trusted employee, Lucie Malinikova, the agency’s director, was sitting in the jury.

Officially, the contest was ran by some young students of the University, complete amateurs and mere enthusiasts, and Dejcmar provided rather financing and support, so the contest could remain relaxed, not seeming too professional. And guess, who was between participants?

(before Miss Motors International 2012)

Covert Israeli visual test of MK, when considering her participation at “Operation SKINNY PUPPY”. Pretext: casting for a TV commercial, organized by Czech Dos Amigos fashion models agency
Her signature smile can be seen well, and she also introduces herself. It’s really cute, when she moves her hair behind ears.

Hotel InterContinental, Prague

It’s an extremely dumb report, with some student fool as an alleged presenter, but MK can be seen several times, although from some reason, the camera didn’t prefer her over other girls, on the contrary, rather cutting her out, probably to avoid presenting MK a clear favorite in front of the audience, too obviously, angering and discouraging all other participants (beauty non-professionals, unlike her).
There is a really nice “action” scene, when MK is walking in swim-suit, and camera follows her from behind… how often can you see a Princess like this?
MK also shows her acting skills, when she slaps the presenter fool, who entered female boudoir without invitation.
Some other sluts doesn’t look so bad, particularly their bodies.
Lenka Volfova, main competitor of MK later, can be seen, and she seem to have some previous modeling experience, although she is much shorter, than MK.
Notice a devoted Jewess (with glasses), who shows a huge medaillon with David star on her neck, even when wearing swimsuit.
Notice a man between the contestants. He was sent there as a deliberate subversive element by the sick feminists, who wanted to disrupt the contest, and using a media campaign, they achieved its cancelling in 2013, as the contest was sexist, according to them… another nice example of modern social engineering!

“Miss UK at Ocko TV” – November 29, 2011

Marketa as a TV presenter… not bad! The finalists of Miss UK got the opportunity to show their presentation skills, and the viewers of Ocko TV chose their own Miss.
MK proved her ability to remain calm and smiling under pressure of unscripted conversation with the male fool, in a live TV tranmission.
Notice, how she opens her mouth widely, when talking, to present her perfect teeth and smile.
Hilarious: “Do you have a boyfriend?”“I do.”“Are you satisfied with him?”“Well, definitely yes, SO FAR.” (=and where is the fool today? But he is certainly proud, that he once fucked an Islamic Princess, and hard, unprotected, ejaculating his infidel legacy into her daily… but he failed to impregnate her).
Lenka Volfova presents extremely deep voice… she studies Education and Teaching, so noble field of study, but she speaks as a slut from a strip club.
But to be honest, in comparison with Volfova: MK, with her endless artificial smiles, sounds so fake.
Hilarious: “As the proper Miss pageants, we support STOPPING OF CHILD WORK AT DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.”
Notice, that MK doesn’t wear her favorite push-up bra with extra breast filling, so she looks very flat. Was she sleeping that day, or what? Or did she want to look like a Czech “girl next door”? Was it an ommission, or a strategy? Possibly the second option.
Result: MK becomes MISS UK, as elected by Ocko TV viewers. She is SO cute and SO young there, not faking, for a change!
“Here, you have a gift package, including CONDOMS!”“It will ALL be used well.” (=yes yes, she liked to fuck back then! Like any infidel slut)
After the coronation, MK asks for a videoclip from Caro Emerald, “Night Like This”. It’s a perfect reflection, how she perceived herself, and her life back then, it means villas, swimming pools, high heels, money, yachts, invitations for VIP parties, dancing, smile, fashion model’s life of a star… many things changed later, as we know. Not everything, however.
Today, some are saying, that she is almost a saint, whereas others call her a slut. But the truth, like always, is somewhere in the middle.

Miss UK 2011 (Final Evening)

Report from the grand finale. Filthy infidels having fun! MK is seen several times, and she seems very civilian, well playing her game: “I am just a student, not a professional fashion model, fools”.
Fashion Models are masters at deception, indeed… but Allah is the best of all deceivers.

CASTING AND FINALE – high quality video clip

Much more professional and visually impressive version of both casting and finale. MK can be seen several times, and she just shines.
MK doesn’t wear a bra under her big evening dress, and her nice nipples can be seen well, her breasts are moving up and down nicely, when she walks (1:17)
See her moving and speaking on the stage (1:35)… there, she reminds her future self, speaking in the Emirates about Female Affairs and Islam, just perfectly!
Nicely round ass of the Princess (2:10), FULLY exposed at (2:04)
Notice Leos Mares, husband of Monika Maresova (2:34)
Moment of bitter defeat (2:38). Notice a moment of utmost tension in Maryam’s face, before the result is announced. She is literally frozen there, falling out of the role, revealing her fragile nature
The Jewess girl can be seen two times (showing “V” symbol with fingers, wears glasses)
Ass Katerina Kolomaznikova Miss Uk Academia 2011 hostess darling night club casino las vegas - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsNotice a blonde (No. 8, Katerina Kolomaznikova) at (2:11) with very good ass and body, including visible dimples of Venus and thigh gap or pussy gap, considered as one of the basic traits of ultimate female beauty, not speaking about her perfect round ass, impressive in tight jeans too (depicted). She was suspected to work as a “hostess” at Darling night club, Ve Smeckach street, Prague. Later, after a massive police raid against Darling, which exposed her, she disappeared behind the Atlantic ocean, working for Laska LLC at Las Vegas, Nevada, with Maria Petlickova, finding her living at gambling industry.

(after Miss Motors International 2012)

The following three very memorable videos, where MK is simply totally beautiful and impressive, were taken at the absolute top of MK’s beauty and professional prominence, which came just after mentioned international beauty contest, which MK won, with Israeli effective support, but before her departure into Dubai, where she found Islam, veiling and hiding her immense beauty forever.

As you know, after the fateful contest in Italy, and before the departure towards Dubai, MK spent one last week in Czechia, and she was very busy then, including her important trip into distant city of Bruntal (Northern Moravia), where the very special beauty contest, Miss Million 2012, was taking place, and where the main prize was… 1.000.000 CZK (=approx. 44.000 USD), plus brand new Skoda Fabia car as a bonus.

These videos are very unusual, and could be easily defined as “A Beauty and a Beast” style, as Josef Polasek, aka Mr. Invekto, a famous Czech billionaire and Miss Million organizer, is a “distinctive” kind of man, speaking with distinctive voice, and together with immensely pretty MK, they create a very stange, but well cooperating duo.

Notice, how different is MK here. Like a Queen, and Polasek, who inherited immense property, considered to be the richest man of the whole country, is making her fool voluntarily, submitting to her. It seems, that she had some advanced presentation training… it’s only some 9 months after the Miss UK 2011!

But she is somebody else here, and completely… what did the treacherous Israelis do to her??? Did she receive some mind control “help”, being brainwashed, during her preparation for Operation SKINNY PUPPY, or did she simply mature, as an experienced beauty professional?

But the difference is ABYSMAL… in the video, before handling the precious million check, Polasek presents her as the most beautiful fashion model of the world… and he wasn’t exaggerating too much.

Here, she is not cute, not girlish, not innocent anymore. She is a ruthless, ruling queen.

1.000.000 CZK by Mr. Invekto – Josef Polasek

Presentation of MK

Oh, those breasts seem nicely inflated! It’s after MK’s surgical procedure, to enlarge her breasts, to be more competitive as a woman, and model.
Here, Polasek mentions her wide fashion modeling experience, victory at Miss Motors, and particularly TV commercials, including that famous Vodafone commercial with Vojtech Dyk, which was used to stir the media interest about MK, as the (bribed) tabloid media, like Heavy Slander, published deliberate suspicions, that those two have an affair.

After the Invekto photo shoot

This is, how you know the Princess even today, with her hair clamped modestly, never seeing it into free, released state again. Polasek reminds the diamonds, which he showed to her, and which were used for photo shoot, imported from Sierra Leone through De Beers Antwerp, in the value of hundreds of millions, as he likes to collect these shining stones.
This Polasek fool was allowed to touch Maryam’s shoulder. a privilege, now forbidden for almost all men forever, except her husband (Sheikh Al Maktoum), and lover (Hakim Al Thani).


Literally only several days after these last videos of “infidel” Maryam were taken at Autumn 2012, she came into Dubai… and everything changed. Her life, and her self, as she found Islam there, and she turned her back to all the filthy infidels, submitting to the ultimate Lord: Allah, following great example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, discovering beauty of hijab.

And since that breaking moments of her life, many years passed. She achieved many incredible goals, far exceeding all her girlish dreams, becoming a Princess, an Emirati VIP citizen, a VIP bride and wife, and one day, soon, if Allah will be still generous towards her, if He will allow it to happen, she will become the Queen of the Emirates, and most importantly, the mother of an unstoppable Islamic army, the new shining generation of Muslims, boys and girls, which will liberate the whole world from infidel oppression, which will save the whole planet from sick infidel exploitation in the name of profit and transient financial gains.

But the most important is, how much she accomplished and accomplishes on behalf of the whole Ummah, the world Islamic community, how she showed as very responsible social leader, taking care of others, helping others, pleasing Allah on many occasions.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim convert fashion model Czech prague - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs ORAllah knows all her merits well, but for mortals, those are hard to quantify, because she simply changed the way, how female Muslims are seen and perceived by the world, she inspired millions, including poor infidel women, seeking for liberation, she brought many important VIPs to Islam, through her very special da’wah, and she reminded to all Muslim women with very powerful voice, who they really are, what is their identity, and what is their important mission, whom they should be, and what sick Western ideas of excessive women empowerment they should discard, in their own interest, and interest of the whole Islamic community, so Muslim women will be able to create sustainable Islamic future for the world.

Indeed, The Islamic Princess Maryam is a great gift of Allah for all Muslims, although she is a non-Arab, a convert, not a Muslim by birth. But her influence on social development of Islam, and current world affairs, can’t be called as marginal, or modest, as Allah gave her an important mission.

But there are still several mysteries, related to those last days in Czechia at Autumn 2012, and Maryam’s journey into Bruntal, where she spent full three days, out of any surveillance. The question is: were the omnipresent Chinese participating somehow on the beginning of Maryam’s new life? Were the Chinese somehow related with her “transfiguration”, except Allah, who decided all affairs?

With the permission of Allah, even these long forgotten secrets from the distant past, but very important for the present and the future, will be revealed.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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