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Near Palkovice village
Islamic Silesia, CZ

September 8, 2012

Just imagine, the place, where the world would be ending… how would it look like? Most certainly, if you would be a dedicated pilgrim, going there, to discover the truth about yourself, to understand yourself and your destiny, maybe even to meet your Creator, your last stop would be most likely in the picturesque Palkovice village, like from a movie, lying under mountains, close to the border, with fresh air, clear sky…

With those old men and women sitting on benches, in peace, rushing nowhere, not burdened with everlasting sexual desire anymore, with their grey heads full of priceless wisdom, which interests nobody anymore, because people want to believe, that the world is changing, they want to find the truth themselves, not believing to some old, outdated fools… only to realize, but too late, that regardless of technology inventions and advancements, all is still the same, all repeats, rich are becoming richer, poor are poorer, governments and ideas rise and fall, people believe the same lies again, girls are young and beauty in one moment, only to become old and used up later…

But there is a stain of modern life on the pure simplistic face of Palkovice. A bad, dusty road without asphalt, full of sharp rocks, leading through many curves upstairs, into the steep hills, and it doesn’t end in nowhere, but in front of a modern house, built with respect to the deep woods around, but still, it’s a large family villa, hidden in the landscape well, but whoever finds it in those dark forests, he or she must appreciate good taste and style of the owner, well chosen construction project, and definitely sufficient financial budget.

Who can live here? Maybe some VIP, seeking refuge and peace here, and indeed, if anywhere, here, all your dreams about peaceful life and meditation can be fulfilled…

However, the man, owning the villa, he is no isolated hermit, who wants to be far from the ruthless world. Many people are coming to visit him, their luxurious limousines hardly able to climb the local hills, where all roads like to freeze, but the man is apparently important, so many VIPs are willing to take this long, exhausting route, high into the Beskydy mountains.

Look, a black Audi A8 limousine is just going there! No no, it’s not a lost fool, or a stressed manager, who went to a weekend trip into a forest… even here, deep in the nature, where birds sing joyfully, celebrating their peaceful world without predators, where squirrels run freely, and their hunting territory seems endless, big business is conducted, and criticial decisions, influencing lives of thousands, are made, in privacy, so all parties can remain fully concentrated, choosing exactly the right option for their business interests.

The man, living here, he is not some old advisor, or fortune-teller, who knows allegedly everything. Aged around forty something, not more, he still looks young, he is slim, in shape, like some Yoga teacher, and he has an academic title of engineer, but he dedicated his life to completely different kind of business: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), apparently legal, but also known as Ponzi Scheme, or Pyramid fraud, resulting even in revolutions and street violence, when there is too much robbed and angry people (Romania, 1990s).

“The future belongs to Multi-Level Marketing,” he always said in his famous motivation videos. “It’s a paradigm shift! Everything is changing!”

Indeed, that’s true… when seeing his videos after mere three or four years lter, you realize, how terribly outdated those are today, and the man too, because soon, there will be that new young generation coming, that Youtube fools, admiring the “Wolf of Wall Street” movie (2013), easily persuading their peers, making good money, sending “old” fools like the owner of the house into merely managerial positions in the back, away from the main scene, because no one will believe and follow those old outdated fools, hardly able to keep up with the madly running world, anymore.

But now, it’s still 2012. Was the world so much different, then? And does anybody even remember, how the life was then, if all these wisdoms are saying, to live in the present, to accept the reality, not to think, how the life and things SHOULD be, but how they ARE?

Jiri Cernota Official Photo MLM leader Elite multilevel Marketing Conspiracy Illuminati China Fraud Fraudster - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsHis name is Jiri Cernota (*1969), and back then, he was a very important business and social figure in Silesia, the Czech border region with Poland, source of many disputes and conflicts in the past, which resulted even in three (!) military aggressions of the northern neighbour into Czechia (1920, 1938, 1968)… but understand, in this region, it relatively easy to make a distinctive business name, as the competition is lower in all senses, than in distant capital of Czechia, Prague.

On the other hand, the business competition is also much more ruthless here, as this is harsh territory of former coal miners, where the general level of unemployment is traditionally high, so elbows are used often, as many people simply don’t care, what will be tomorrow. In conclusion, nothing for soft and too sensitive dollies.

LR Health And Beauty Systems Germany Illuminati Conspiracy Ivona Selnikova Ales Buksa StB China Chinese Wu Corporation MLM multilevel marketing pyramid - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsOnce, Cernota was a part of so called Powerful MLM Trio of Silesia: namely Ales Buksa, Ivona Selnikova, and him, all working for reputated LR Health and Beauty Systems, originally a multinational MLM corporation, established by German Illuminati (Munich Lodge) themselves, represented by Baron Johann Von Strachowitz, and expanding into Middle Europe after 1989, when the Iron Curtain fell.

Jiri Cernota Baron Johann Von Strachowitz Illuminati Munich Lodge Fraud Fraudster MLM Multilevel marketing Conspiracy China Silesia Ostrava - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

With Von Strachowitz

Those three Silesian VIPs were able to control the majority of MLM business in the region, until there was a serious “generation conflict” between (older) Buksa and (younger) Cernota, regarding further strategic direction of the company, using modern means of communication techniques and generally present methods, so Cernota decided to split, making his own company, “BEWIT”, using his own style and know-how, presenting hmself as MLM coach with international reach and reputation, with hourly consultation rate of 5.000 CZK (=220 USD).

But alone, without massive and beneficial support and contacts of Buksa, LR and Illuminati, he never achieved such success, and his separate business could be easily called failure, hardly providing enough money to pay the mortgage for the Palkovice house. But he was free, at least, and for some men, freedom is the most seductive drug.

Ivona Selnikova LR Health Beauty Systems MLM Multilevel marketing Ales Buksa StB Conspiracy Silesia Ostrava China Chinese illuminati - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

With her young lover

Ivona Selnikova (*1973), the youngest of three, a shining nicely-looking blonde female, only 39 years old at 2012, she never explicitly stood on a particular side, as she was a clever woman, knowing, that the most of the power is always distributed in the center, not at the sides of belligerents. It’s simply much more clever, to wait, how the war will end, and only then, maybe, to join a side… when victory is certain.

She stayed with Buksa, but she kept friendly contacts with Cernota as well, and it was seen as beneficial for both men, to have an useful human link between them, someone trustworthy, able to mediate messages from one side to another.

Although both men were too proud to step back from their decision to separate their professional ways, the business and social bond between them was simply too deep, after almost twenty years of working in the same company, having their competences divided well: Buksa as the key executive, knowing everybody, possessing high social influence, playing big wealthy boss, and Cernota as a “black horse”, bringing new ideas, new concepts, particularly from America, where he travelled often, so the business moved forward, developing, persuading new and new fools to join and make entry investments, giving their money to the company, promised with immense financial gains… which never materialized.

Ales Buksa LR Health Beauty Systems Germany Illuminati Conspiracy MLM multilevel marketing executive agent communist police marriage wealthy woman - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSo, they maintained friendly contacts, even after the business split, but things were never the same between them, as former total trust disappeared. Fortunately for Cernota, Buksa, suspected to be the father of Lenka “Lenny” Filipova, a young singer from VIP Filip family, was not that kind of man, who would execute some preposterous “revenge” against a “renegade” and “traitor”, as he still considered Cernota as his certain future successor, accepting responsibility for the whole LR company, so it was more than wise, to keep the doors for possible future reunion still opened.

Occasionally, Buksa was coming here, into the hills behind Palkovice, mostly during weekends, to visit his old biz buddy, to have a friendly chat, to ask about the family, to praise Cernota’s villa, to drink a glass of red wine together… simply to show respect, his good will, positive face, and willingness to move forward, even as mere friends, not business partners anymore.

But today, not only Buksa sits in his A8, coming for visit. There is also Selnikova, and… yes, it’s no mistake, an young Asian woman, well-dressed, is sitting there as well?

And that’s strange, because LR always did rather local business, with their attention aimed at Middle Europe, it means Germany, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia… their reputation never exceeded those borders, although in one epoch, when the new Millenium started and everybody was full of confidence, they tried hard to expand further abroad, to “conquer new lands”.

But in other countries, there was simply different mentality, business conditions, even laws and legal system, and what worked in Czechia, totally failed in Romania, for example… it became simply too hard to control the company with such wide range of interests, languages, products, hypertrophied managerial structure, so Buksa rather ended this fruitless adventure and clear loss of money, recognizing his personal limits very well, never attempting again… and now, he was almost seventy years old, thinking about retirement.

“Like in the old times,” Buksa said, when all visitors got out of the car, and both men shook their hands, with wide smiles on their faces, as it’s very wise in business, never to show any emotions, no anger or denial, always staying positive and balanced.

Only then, Selnikova introduced the Asian woman, as there was always strong sense for patriarchy at LR, and no one was willing to change it.

Lucy Lao China Operative Corporate Conspiracy Illuminati China Chinese Asia Executive Stanford Elite VIP Intelligence Communist party - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“Jirka, this is Lucy Lao! She came from distant China to visit us… a young, hopeful executive, Lucy works for Wu Corporation, residing in Shanghai… Lucy Lao, this is Jirka, our former business colleague. He worked as Executive Manager of LR Company before. Now, he has his own business company, he specializes in manufacturing miraculous Essential Oils, and he also imports Persian carpets into Czechia,” she said politely, without any irony.

“Mr. Cernota, it’s an honor!” the Asian girl said with open enthusiasm and admiration towards Cernota. “I used your original thoughts about advanced psychology in business strategies in my graduation thesis at Stanford University… and my teachers were simply astonished! Yes, your thoughts made it even over the Atlantic ocean!”

“Come inside, friends, let’s have a small refreshment,” Cernota invited the visitors politely, but he didn’t seem too pleased with this particular visit, with the composition. Usually, Buksa and Selnikova were coming separately, only one of them, and it was much easier for him, to keep control over them.

If they came both, at once… like police officers, who always work in pairs… there was something stinking in the visit, Cernota was completely certain.

Maybe some old debt, which will be asked to be repayed, and soon? For example… those 8 million CZK, which Cernota once borrowed from Buksa, allegedly for establishing a new plant for manufacturing those essential oils, allegedly a new miraculous product, and which he still haven’t returned, he wasn’t able, as the demand for the products was simply low, and no advertisement campaign was able to persuade the Czech fools, what blessing can the essential oils be for them?

“Nice of you, Jiri, that you made some time for us,” Buksa appreciated, speaking slowly, like a feared father of a mafia family, when they sat in the large living room of the villa, with several large windows, providing impressive view of nearby mountains, and blue sky above them.

Whereas Cernota’s wife, also active in MLM business, now working for her husband as an executive assistant, was serving an aromatic Pakistani tea and delicious home-made cakes, Buksa made an inconspicuous gesture towards Selnikova, to take the word, as Cernota will be much more prone to listen to her, than to Buksa.

“Mrs. Lao brought very interesting offer for business cooperation, originating from powerful and rising China,” Selnikova started talking business. “But she, and her Chinese benefactors, they insist, that you need to participate as well, Jirka. They expressively want your methods, your knowledge, your procedures for executing business, and projecting corporate influence into society.”

“You mean… a joint business project?” Cernota seemed quite interested, and pleased with such trust, as the Chinese were rumored to be very solvent, serious and reliable players.

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs“Not completely: we are talking about practical assimilation of LR into the Chinese Wu Corporation, but preserving management structure of LR, and using key LR human assets at local Wu Corp’s executive leadership. The Chinese will pump 100 million CZK as immediate advance payment into the newly established conglomerate, which will use the Wu’s brand name,” Selnikova explained.

“The task is clear: to use our special experience, contacts, methods and expertise for expanding of Chinese influence abroad, particularly into Middle Europe,” she continued with enthusiastic voice. “Primary field of business interest: luxury fashion, and Mrs. Lao will become the key liaison between us, and the Chinese. But they are willing to give us wide freedom of decisions and actions. They only demand establishing a new female fashion brand, for a start… plus, they ask for total loyalty.”

Cernota had a curious look at Buksa, whose face seemed neutral. Would he be really willing to give up his company, literally his pampered baby, to some Chinese? But the older man was talking about retirement anyway… and maybe the cooperation with Wu Corp is the only way, how to develop LR structure further, fulfilling old Buksa’s dreams about international expansion.

“There will be much more, both investments and opportunities to grow,” Lucy added decisively. “This is just a beginning of a new day for all of us… Ivona Selnikova will be appointed as Executive Director of the whole Wu Corporation, as a woman on this key managerial position will be very useful for creating proper media juice, to achieve yet more social influence of Wu… and fashion is the most suitable tool for such a purpose, as our general business strategy relies on the media power heavily, and systematic acquisitions of high-profile media assets in the Czech region are completely inevitable, particularly from tabloid environment, to influence wide primitive masses.”

More was Lucy saying, more disturbed Cernota felt, and although he always felt great here, in his beloved house, now, it seemed, like if the walls would start falling on him… because some foreign rulers started their reign here.

Cernota knew people well… he was meeting many fraudsters, liars, maniacs, who always spoke about immensely profitable projects, but they always ended at this mere planning and dreaming phase, waiting, if some naive fool would believe those tales, willing to give them money as necessary “primary investment” to “make things running”… but this Lucy, every detail of her, how she looked, how she sat, how she spoke… she reminded China, unstoppable, massive, powerful, and only a fool would reject such an offer, to cooperate in Chinese rise to the position of No.1 superpower of the world.

“I am in,” Cernota said shortly, without some dumb asking, what exactly will they need from him. He wanted to show, that he doesn’t care about his Czech colleagues too much, but he is definitely willing to work for the Chinese, as a decisive, effective man, who always rides on the band wagon, who is able to make quick, operative, but correct decisions.

When more details of the upcoming transaction were discussed, and Cernota repeated his completely positive stance, Lucy seemed quite satisfied, even losing interest at business matters, and asking Cernota’s wife to accompany her outside, that she wants to have a walk in those unknown, exotic lands, that strange forests, so far away from her Asian home. Or did she want to leave the Czech trio alone, so they could talk privately?

“Good, that we all are back in the game again, together,” Buksa appreciated Cernota’s clear move. “I want to tell you, Jiri, that I made the final decision, and I pledged all my critical Intelligence resources and contacts in the state security community to the Chinese.

They are our future… there is nothing to think about, there is nowhere else to go. The Chinese can give us everything we ever wanted, everything we ever dreamed of, do you remember?

You see, two of my key subordinates visited the Shanghai headquarters of Wu recently… and to say, that they were only impressed, it’s too modest definition. After they returned from China, they said: ‘You come there, and the only thing you know, is, that want to work here… You don’t want just to sit there, passively, like a guest, you want to start working, to take part in some big project, which will change the world’… and it’s happening right there!”

It was generally known, that Buksa has the deep Intelligence background: it was Communist CounterIntelligence service, StB, who sent him into West Germany, several decades ago, where he married favorably, to infiltrate into higher levels of German society, to assert Communist interests at the West, including subversive activities and sabotage against dissident structures, disseminating enemy propaganda.

In certain sense, Buksa was very dangerous player, because of his connections at these levels of state executive apparatus. Although he never started gathering “dirty laundry” on people systematically, as such dangerous hobby can end with sudden unexpected death, by car accident or drowning, which are favorite, inconspicuous “pest disposal” methods of ruthless assassins from Czech Special Forces, Buksa could provide critically important and beneficial information, simply by making a call and getting the data “ad hoc”, for a certain purpose.

It was simply better, and more responsible, not to carry too much sensitive information in your head… to keep it as an integral part of your fragile body. In Buksa’s world… it was the arts, and the luck, to die from natural reasons, in blessed high age, in the middle of whooping grandchildren…

“If Mrs. Lao is away temporarily… maybe we could start serving clear wine to each other, what do you say?” Cernota remained realistic. “So, where is a big catch in this too beautiful, seducing proposal? Or did the Chinese magicians steal your rational thinking, friends? There is always a price for such gifts… in this case, I can’t even imagine, what we will have to do for the Chinese, but it will be definitely something very unclean!

You know, they like to buy pawns, it will never be a serious partnership, we mean nothing for them, they despise us secretly, as a weak, failing and losing Western civilization… still, you want to do dirty work for them? To be their slaves, paid with Devil’s gold? Not speaking about certain very disturbing part of the Czech Penal code: crime of high treason!”

“Well… the Chinese expect some nice introduction gift from us,” Buksa said clearly, instead of avoiding the topic, “whitewashing”, denying and hiding the truth. “They want us to prove, that we are capable hunting dogs, able to bring the right prey to the common table. The rest is just charade.”

“You mean… to mediate some local VIP contacts for the direct Chinese use?” Cernota was thinking.

“Exactly. We always did this… but now, it will be much more stronger and serious. Not taking small money from people, allegedly for ‘miraculous investments’, not making fools from old grandmas, who give us their life savings, and we never return it,” Buksa reminded their classic mode of business operation, just at the edge of legality.

“We are talking about big, fat whales… they request at least one of them, to provide initial big money for expansion, without raising suspicion, as moving of too large capital over national borders would create media gossip and undesirable interest of the sniffing Ministry of Finance, jeopardizing local Chinese interests. This is, what Mrs. Lao explained very clearly to us,” Selnikova entered the conversation. “We need to earn their trust, by accomplishing this preliminary mission… so you can call it as our entry test of capabilities and special skills, or test of loyalty.”

“I don’t have such a whale in my contacts book right now, I am telling you openly, if you came to collect it,” Cernota confessed. “Only small losers… yeah, my business doesn’t go too well, for now. So, I guess, we would have to go into the world and make some new acquisition… or you have somebody particular on your mind? Some big player from Prague?”

Did you ever hear the name ‘Josef Polasek’? He is from Bruntal city,” Buksa asked directly.

Josef Polasek Fashion Photographer Billionaire Bruntal Wealth VIP models - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“You mean that fool, that amateur fashion phographer, who inherited that immense property, allegedly the richest man of the whole Czechia?” Cernota remembered immediately. “Forget about him, Ales! We tried already, the sharpest business sharks of the whole Silesia, and so many times! We tried just everything to get him, to break him… the best human assets, able to sell refridgerators to Eskimo people… and we still didn’t move with him! No one!

Persuasive men, sexy women, ruthless mafiosi, renegade policemen, even cute blonde school children, playing his lost nieces, or even alleged victims of his alleged rape attempts and alleged child molestation! Yes, we went so far, staging dangerous ‘incidents’ and ‘conspiracies’, without any regards to the penal law or morality… we were really not saving the fool, because the immense money in his pockets, estimated very conservatively in the value around nine fucking billions, was SO tempting!

But there is NO way, how to persuade exactly him to open the wallet… you talk about whales, but this man is out of any charts. He has no family, no friends, no lever to use against him, and he is crazy, so all standard methods are failing!

Do you believe, that he has no credit card, unlike the last contemporary loser, registered at Labor Office? No Internet banking, unlike the last grandma? No home safe, so even a dumb burglary of his villa makes no sense, and all local thieves are literally avoiding him, even omnipresent pickpockets? Because in practice, he doesn’t have anything valuable!

He owns just one suit, and definitely not Armani brand, some fifty physical possessions, five cheap T-shirts, three pairs of shoes, and the cheapest ‘senior’ phone without touch display, even without Internet connection and GPS, for the price of miserable 15 USD… and deliberately, to stay modest, to live simplistic lifestyle, not to be corrupted by physical things, as he said in that recent media interview with ‘Heavy Slander’ magazine!

If Polasek needs the money, there is the only way to get it: he must come to a bank personally, his identity is verified by advanced biometric means, iris scan and palm veins scan, so any kidnapping attempt has no sense, and assassination as well, as there are no legal inheritors: if he would die, the Czech state will get all the wealth, until the last cent! So, there is nobody to make a dirty deal with… so, forget about him! Loss of time! Impossible!”

“Wait…” Cernota had an additional idea, and very disturbing one. “The Chinese… they gave you a test… to get THIS particular man on their side: Josef Polasek? And his money?”

“The Chinese want ALL, what Polasek has in his coffers,” Selnikova explained mercilessly. “And believe me, that their ‘special methods’ WILL succeed! He will remain paper owner of all property, again, to keep us low-profile, so nothing will change officially, at least for now…

But these Polasek’s generous resources will cover all needs of our initial black business operations, like bribery and extortion of the state officials, elimination of our business competition, be it by force or simple takeover, neutralizing of political enemies on the local or nationwide level, and so on.

Indeed, he will become a Chinese pawn, a front, and if things will go wrong… he will be used as suitable scapegoat and ‘uncovered conspirator’, as Chinese-controlled local media assets will write extensively, in a case of necessity.

Anyway, Jirka, see the matter from wider perspective: why should we let some idiot, to keep so much money, giving new cars to some dumb bitches from Internet dating sites, just because they go for a coffee with him? No no, these resources should be used for some beneficial cause, instead of being spent uselessly!

This is a question of sustainable future of the Silesian region, and the nation as whole. Does Polasek represent us well? Does he do something good for the community, using his immense wealth for helping Silesia to flourish? No! And such mistake needs to be… rectified, and soon! Not speaking about our personal advantages and perks!

I personally believe, that Chinese are the future of the human kind. It’s their epoch, which is coming. They are winning, and the Western civilization, which ruled the world so long, is collapsing, as its sickness can’t be cured anymore.

Now, we need to make the final choice: will we ride on the band wagon with the wise, balanced Chinese… or will we let all idiots around, to fuck our future, where we will remain passive, collecting just slivers of the cake? Not able to see the truth, to adapt to the truth?”

“Still… what you only indicate… it doesn’t sound too… legal,” Cernota wasn’t too pleased. He liked to minimize the risks, to be rather magician, player, than plain criminal and thief, because those are always caught as first.

“It’s all only about proper persuasion, that is our basic business model, or did you forget, Jiri?” Buksa reminded. “The particular way of persuasion we will use, is hardly illegal… it only needs… how to say it… to have proper ‘sense for modern methods’. And this is the reason, why we need you, friend, because I am… well… too old and too old-fashioned to understand and adapt these new things.”

PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“Moreover, the generous Chinese gave us an ultimate tool of persuasion,” Ivona said secretively, showing a small, unmarked vial with a clear liquid inside. “Look, this miraculous package was smuggled here, through Chinese embassy, via diplomatic mail! The Chinese call it PHE-X, it’s allegedly a result of highly classified military research: a bioweapon, based on artificial female pheromone!

But this miraculous substance, or at least this particular version, is not working out-of-the-box, as that would be too easy, as our Chinese friends said… so, before activating, it needs to be mixed with some precursor, a primer.

And you manufacture those essential oils for bodily application, Jirka… do you think, that you could make a proper substance, a mixture?

It needs to be combined with human sweat of a female operative, during the application, as Lucy instructed us. It’s still rather experimental product, but I was assured, that it works with devastating effectivity.”

Cernota was really surprised, watching the tiny vial with fascination. If these presented facts were true… not some fake tale… if he could analyse and then reverse-engineer the miraculous substance… there could be so much money! He could offer it to the Czech Military as an ultimate weapon of mass persuasion…

“Sure, that won’t be a problem,” he said without hesitation, but showing no open interest in the substance deliberately. “My product line of BEWIT essential oils uses various chemicals for desired psychological and physical effect. The new mixture can be prepared in… let’s say, two days, to make sure, that it will work correctly, so repeated testing is necessary.”

“Great, we knew, that we count on you!” Buksa appreciated the move with joy. “Because Ivona will need it, and soon.”

“What?” Cernota was really surprised. “I am telling you, we sent many sexy women to seduce Polasek… shiny blondes, decent brunettes, with big tits and asses, with small tits and asses, mysterious Asians, black gazelles, seducing wild Tsiganes, saints and sluts, shy students with glasses, reading Prevert’s verses, even some sporty fitness girls… and they ALL failed! Or do you want to try some intellectual bullshit on that fool?”

“Ivona won’t fail, be assured,” Buksa smiled with total certainty of a clear winner. “Consider it as my contribution to the welfare of our future business cooperation… through my security connections, and decent electronic surveillance… I found an Achiles heel of Josef Polasek. And we will use it… hard! Without mercy, hesitation, or doubts!

The fool came to the vast property, without any own effort or merit, anyway! Unlike us, who had to work hard for every cent! And the future of Silesia, land of our proud fathers and our children, is at stake… whereas the idiot Polasek squanders and blocks so many chances for sustainable development, like revitalizing our region, damaged by intensive coal mining for decades! And who will do it, if not us? The state doesn’t care…

There is simply no time to lose time, if we have such immense opportunity! The Chinese are expecting results immediately, in the matter of days. For them, working 16 hours a day is nothing exceptional, and they expect the same effort from us, instead of making cheap excuses. Indeed, sweet times of vacation ended, colleagues! But we are in a big action, once again! Like when I was young…”

“I don’t want to know anything more!” Cernota insisted. “You will get us all into trouble, into prison, Ales! You are breaking your own rules, to keep low-profile, always, never to succumb to the temptation, not to do any mad ‘big hits’!

‘Big volume of transactions, small safe gain into pocket’, that was your favorite business motto, you remember? This is, what you taught me so many years!

And that’s why we survived so long, and merciless hawks from the Police come only to have coffee with us, leaving us to be in peace! People never designated us as public enemies, because we were simply modest, never too hungry or greedy, never squeezing blood out of anybody, never pushing the victims of our decent frauds against the wall with knives on necks, so instead of us, another wolves bit the juicy pray, and they paid for it, instead of us… ! It was our modesty, which protected us!

Ales, wake up from this dangerous dream! You don’t care anymore, you go to retirement, so you stopped calculating risks, you want to make this big hit and disappear into Caribbean or where… but me and Ivona, we have still so many of productive years in front us! We need this country, everything we have is here, we can’t leave, we would die of hunger out there, abroad! No, I can’t take such vast risk, where I could lose everything… and I don’t want to spend rest of my middle age in prison, pasting paper envelopes!

Now, you rely on some unknown, smuggled chemical, delivered by the Chinese as some miracle, which should save us… but what can be the truth? It can be some illegal substance, and the Police will find it, notified by the Chinese treacherous rats, who can’t be trusted… and what will happen, when Ivona will actually use it?

Did they tell you, which exact effects it has on the operative, and the target? What’s the composition of the chemical? What health risks there are, either for Ivona, or the target? Because there are always side effects of any complex substance, used by humans!

What if she, or the target will die, because one of them has some unknown medical condition??? What will you do, then? Will you just erase Ivona’s number from your telephone list, and deny to know her?

Yes, I can hear you, saying to some police investigator, like some old tired grandpa, who is definitely innocent: ‘Well, lately, I have to admit, she was behaving strangely, her eyes were full of madness, she was obsessed with idea of getting huge money for any price… I suspect, that she started using some illegal pills, and those completely changed her personality and behavior… I tried to calm her, but she rejected me…’

And when they will ask you, if you knew about the crime in advance… you will say, as a very decent, innocent senior citizen: ‘No! Absolutely not! I would never guess, that she will do something so terrible! Such a tragic loss of young, great, inspiring life, one of the brightest minds of his generation… I liked Mr. Polasek, he was big blessing for the whole Silesian region, improving employment situation here, giving people hope and lead, and everybody appreciated him… please, punish that criminal Selnikova, and hard, she deserves it!’

Jiri Cernota BEWIT Essential Oils MLM Multilevel marketing meditation Palkovice Illuminati Conspiracy china - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs“Fool, you meditate too much, your mind consumes too much of that Buddhist, Yoga, Hindu or what mind corrupting shit,” Buksa ignored all wise arguments of former younger colleague. “Stay with us in this world, Jiri! You are a mastermind, like us, you know the rules of the game… these are ruthless times and circumstances, but there is a lot of chances to make good money. For example, to pay the mortgage for this nice house prematurely, to be without debts, free… what do you think?”

“I rather don’t think anything! Just give me two days to prepare that mixture,” Cernota noticed Lucy, returning from the woods with his wife, and she seemed very satisfied with the walk in the local forests.

If he will only process and analyze the unknown chemical… how many years of prison could he get? Zero, if he will “lose” the final mixture, not giving it anybody, or simply giving a placebo to Selnikova, who can complain to the Chinese, that the mysterious “bioweapon” is not working… an experimental product, anyway! Who could prove him anything?

But he had to take it into his possession, and to become an effective accomplice of the conspiracy… it could bring immense fortune, to get his hands on it…

Yes, life is a risk. Anything you do. What can you do about that? Nothing, that’s the rules.

Maybe he could test it on his wife at first…

Bruntal city
Islamic Silesia, CZ
September 30, 2012

So, you are here, Marketa, finally…

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Josef Polasek Invekto Miss Million Beauty Contest Prize Fashion Model Elite Czech Prague - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2Just leave your stuff here, at the entrance of my villa, I will show you a room later, and relax a little bit! You seem to be in deep tension… but I understand, that your last days were so exhausting, and there is still no time for a well deserved rest, as you need to use your current momentum, to win in life, to get all your dreams fulfilled, because woman is pretty and unstoppable only once in her life… before she will become too soft, lazy, rejecting change, making mistakes, succumbing to some fool, who will drag her down, into obscurity and aging…

Still, you found time to make this long journey here, into distant Bruntal, into this large Polasek family villa from 1920s, where I reside, alone, just with my faithful cat, named ‘Nappy’, far from glamorous Prague, where you live, because you are a clever fashion model, able to recognize the right opportunity, always keeping close to the resources… indeed, connecting with me, you can have everything, money, new car, and most importantly, next interesting contracts… this is, how a personal empire of female power is built, and you have it inside you, this special talents, I can see it in your eyes!

Allow me total honesty… I have to say, that you look so fucking marvellous today! Not only you look better at person, than in pictures, but particularly today, you remind a queen, who could maybe rule the world one day…

Hey, you want me to foresee your future? I am a fortune-teller, sometimes, using my own special skills! So, maybe an additional bonus for you? It would be an honor for me, to influence your life some positive way!

(No, thanks.)

Of course, that you are here for the money and the perks, not to listen to some alleged wisdoms of some fool… but I want to tell you so much!

You see, I watched you, and quite carefully, because I take this contest quite seriously… so, since last year, when your star started to shine… since your participation at Miss Charles University 2011, I started to have this strong feeling, that you, and you only should become ‘Miss Million’ for this 2012 year…

So many times I was sitting in the first row of a fashion show, where you were presenting some fashion on catwalk, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, for example… you didn’t see me, but I observed you, I studied you, because I feel responsibility, to choose only the best girl from them all, because you will represent me, in certain sense… my good style, my good taste for female beauty, and also the ability to find shining, pure diamonds, in the mud of cheap Czech sluts!

The question is: are you The One? The woman I saw in my dreams? This weekend will show… but I have to say, to admit, that I feel crushed by your female presence already… I saw you so many times, I mean, on photos, even personally, but today… you are simply shining, and it’s hard for a man not to succumb to your ultimate beauty… no, I am not just flattering! This is what I feel, and I never say what I don’t feel!

I think, that my good preliminary opinion about you was just right, when I see you in person now. And I am grateful, that you accepted my invitation… of course, you did it for the money, for the perks, but still, it’s personal, it will be very personal, because we will spend time together…

You could be with your boyfriend, to let him fuck you hard and without any protection, as you like it, to be full of his sperm, which contains so called prostagladins, making women happy… but you are with me, in this villa, in this distant hole near Polish border, and maybe he is jealous right now, angry, drinking, when he realizes, that I could offer you, let’s say, additional million, for a striptease, and another… 10 million for… having sex with me…!

Sure, I am not match for him, for his muscular body, for his intellect, he has a position, a good job, stable life and good future, he is sexy, that’s why you chose him… but still… you left him, to be here with ME… and you won’t share the money with him, it will be only YOUR money… now he understands, how does it feel to be betrayed, to be sold, to be left alone, for ‘higher interests’! That your love towards him, your feelings, have strictly set borders!

When you will return to him… will the things be the same? I know, you will say: ‘He loves me, he trusts me’… but in reality?

(He doesn’t matter anymore. I am leaving for the Emirates. He is the past, and he knows that. He can’t do anything about it. Our time together is used up.)

That is correct! You are leaving our beautiful Czechia, but a small hole, into the glamorous Dubai, so tempting with millions of lights… a new life is waiting for you there, and all the fools… like him, like me… will become the past for you, meaning nothing, as you said… why should you turn back, to the past, like some fool? You don’t go that direction!

Still, it’s so pleasant for me, to know, that instead of fucking with him, like mad, as you like it… you are spending your last remaining hours in Czechia with me, listening to my dumb, cheap, wothless feelings, opinions, theories and other neverending bullshit… of course, you will be paid more than generously for that effort and tolerance, more than 10 USD for any minute of your precious time… but from my angle of view… girl, these are the best invested money, however ridiculously it sounds!

If you would be in my position… believe me… you would find, that to buy someone’s presence and time is a good business… for any price. Life has put me into this big test, you see… so, I had to live with it! To learn… even through mistakes! You see, there was hardly some clever book in the bookstore, with title like: ‘How to be a happy billionaire, and not to get crazy from all that vast money?’

Demi Moore Indecent Proposal 1993 money bed sex - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2They say, that you can buy anything with the money… even love… and it’s truth! Did you see that movie, how was it called… yes, ‘Indecent Proposal’, from 1993, where Robert Redford offered big bucks, if Demi Moore will fuck with him, just one night together, although she was in deep love with her husband, Woody Harrelson?

The concept is interesting, don’t you agree? Everything has its price in this world! It even inspired me, to start with this contest… although in a smaller scale, as million of dollars would be too much, I think… moreover, is there a woman in this small country, worth of million of dollars? I would really meet her, but I doubt, that she even exists! Poor, small Czechia is not America, full of Hollywood stars! Only that kind of sluts would be worth of such money!

Anyway, you could expect it, what will happen inevitably… between a man with money, and a beautiful woman… you are here for mere ten minutes, and I am already making ‘special offers’ and indecent proposals, asking you strange questions… and you stay silent, just smiling lightly, sometimes… but understand me, having a beautiful shining creature like you in my house… inside my world… if you are a man, you want to grasp the chances! You need to say something, because… girl, who doesn’t ask, he doesn’t get anything!

Moreover, if I know, that you will soon disappear, not only from my home, from the bed of your lover, but also from this whole country, and you will never return the same…

Yes, I know your fate, believe me or not! My special talent gives me… certain special advantages… but these are not mere gifts! They are also tools of influence and manipulation… will you believe me, or suspect me from some fraud against you, with basic mission, to force you to lie down under me to make that terrible mistake?

But you are very lucky woman! I won’t insist so much, because… several days ago… something happened… and I lost my male virginity… which I didn’t want to lose, from very practial reasons… I wanted to remain pure, you see, out of all that nasty STDs, sexually transmitted diseases, very frequent in the society… maybe even you have one, that nasty HPV or much more serious HIV… because you fucked a lot, like any slut from Prague, and no one likes that fucking, bothering condoms… so, only virgins, male or female, are protected!

Now… I fucked up… too… like others… like you… so I lost my purity… I inserted my tool into some deep wet abysss… anything could be hidden there… virus waiting for me… a scorpion with poisonous sting, like at this nice picture, have a look… and now, I became a part of your nasty world of unlimited fucking… but maybe I will start to like it later, when the initial shock will pass!

Scorpio Bed Sex Man Dominance Poison - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic AffairsI can’t help myself… but I really like the picture… the style… instead of making me fear, it attracts me… because we men are like that, seduced by risk and dangers… it even awakes madness inside us… no, this media campaign doesn’t work for me… I like, how the female scorpion touches his back, nicely, softly, with love, but firmly, like a proper lover… and how satisfied the man seems, because he is FUCKING, and we men like fucking SO MUCH… and that horrible poisonous sting is just about to strike into his back… but what? Just a sting, and it’s done! At least he will die happy, quickly, without suffering, doing, what he loves… and if God will be on his side… he will even survive!

And if you should die… how many people are dying on the roads, in cars… or by cancer… I would say, that there are much serious diseases in the world, than HIV!

Moreover… you don’t fuck with scorpions, but with women… this is quite insulting, to make a nasty scorpion from her, no? What bad did she do? She hardly wants to infect him on purpose… maybe she is a bitch, a slut… but still… this is not too respectful…

Spider Woman Disease thighs luxury sex - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsWell, the female version, with that well dressed chick and spider between her thighs… but that spider looks so artificial, made from plastic… and do you know, what catches my attention immediately, on this picture? Her nice stylish watches, dress and shoes, her pose, and the stylisth interior, and I am thinking about a fashion shoot immediately … instead of nasty spider!

Anyway, Marketa, let me do initial assessment… considering, that you are finished with your boyfriend, thus practically single, and you are leaving for the Emirates, and you need money, like everyone else: so, I want to ask you, what is your price for having sex with me? And to be more exact, under same beneficial condition, like your boyfriend has, it means unprotected, with my ejaculation inside you? And not only one, but three numbers… one wouldn’t be enough to get to know you!

I am certain, that every woman has its price. So, tell me yours, so we can start… negotiating, maybe… or… you know what! Don’t say anything! I will guess, OK?

I expect an amount of ten million, and after hard negotiation, you will give me discount to five to seven million, because for these money, you can buy a nice family house at a Prague suburbs, which can last for your whole life, therefore, you can get a home: that kind of ultimate property, closely related to highly desirable security and stability in life, which every woman desires for so much!

That imagination, that even after fifty years from now, if we will make the deal, every brick of the house, will be symbolically covered with my sperm, and you will always remember, how you got the house, keeping it as a dark family secret… that really excites me! That would make me… even immortal, always living in your memories, regardless if you want it, or not!

And every man wants to leave a mark in this world… maybe I won’t impregnate you, I won’t burden you with my questionable biological legacy, but there can be other ways, how to make you to remember me… forever! Indeed, those money are not so bad, if you have them… sometimes!

And today, when you will sleep in the room for guests, I will dream about you, and I will think about your pussy: so close, and still so far away! I will dream about her warmth, how would she accept me inside, giving me pleasure… and I would do that moves… until the end, when you would accept my heritage, so generously… then I would love you! Then you would do something good in this world…. of course, for very generous repayment from me! So, what say you?

I imagine, what you will be wearing, when sleeping… some sexy nightdress… maybe you will remember your boyfriend, dreaming of him, how nicely did he fuck you yesterday, or even at this morning, your pussy is still full of his sperm, and you are desecrating my house with it, when you sit on my chair and it leaks through your panties… but that’s the rules of this decadent land: almost any woman you meet, was just recently fucked, and marked by some fool, who used his white marker, to tell the world very important message: ‘This bitch is mine!’

Every bitch belongs to somebody, either in the present, or in the past… I would like to hear about all your lovers so much… to hear the whole tale of your love life… whom your loved… why it crashed… when you felt happy, and when you were hurt…

(It’s not so much to talk about. My love life was mostly disappointing. I let several idiots to exploit me, to make a house maid from me. This last one… I even took care of his two dumb dogs, with crazy hope, that I will deserve his gratitude, and love… but he started to accept me as sure thing, a weak girl without value, who obeys.

And sex with me, or other woman? You could have it for free, if you wonldn’t think and behave like an idiot, Josef! You don’t know much about women, do you? What about selling you some internal knowledge, instead of mere sex?)

Ah, I like it… you are clever, and you don’t refuse me directly, offering me an alternative solution instead, not to make me angry… so the wolf can be fed, but the sheep remains whole… yeah, you women… you are clever, and we men are dumb, that is true!

I just want to understand it, that female magic, what makes men fools… that’s why you are here, so I can learn… but my effort discovered one big weakness of you women… you know, what it is?

Your emotional and sensitive nature, highly connected to feelings, makes you very supersitious, prone to all possible tricksters, magicians and fraudsters. It means, that always, when I take my tarot cards and I start speaking about predicting the future, any woman is like electrized, thirsty to know more!

The basic question is: if I read the cards, do I reveal the future, or do I create the future, by doing a self-fulfilling prophecy? Still, it’s deep inside your nature, to submit to a superior force… possibly God.

(I don’t believe in God.)

But why not to try? Look, the process is really simple: you will choose eleven cards from the deck. Four are the present, three are immediate future, four are more distant future.

The first card will tell you, who you are now… like a reflection in the mirror, the truth. Next three will show, what influences your life. Next three reply to very important question: what will happen soon? The next three, whom you will become, what your future will be… and the last, ultimate, final card: your fate, how people will remember you, how you will influence the world!

Maybe you are curious, if the cards will speak correctly, about that big change, which is expecting you? I mean, moving into the Emirates, into the big world… you are so full of expectation, I can feel it from you! And you would pay anything for a simple answer of a simple question: will you succeed there, or fail?

Will the fate show you a favorable face, letting you to climb to the real international stars, or will you be punished for your eternal excessive hunger, and arrogance?

Yes! I am right, now! I hit your weak spot! I can see it in your eyes… your fear, your doubts… but it’s not such a big arts, to read you… everybody would feel the same way… in your situation!

And who can help you? Friends, who know nothing about your situation, about your special challenges? To leave everything here, family, loved ones, old life, and start a new adventure… alone… and in Emirates… in different world, different culture… can you just imagine the competition of fashion models there? It’s the real world, the elite fights for contracts there, not the small Czech pond, where you can shine easily!

Just look at them: Alexandra Pianka! Larissa Thome! Emma Heming! Vanessa Hessler! Chloe Gosselin! Daniela Freitas! Abbey Lee… to name a few!

Let’s release the power of the cards, girl! Take it as my gift, because I don’t do it for money. I am as curious, as you are! I want to know your destiny… if I am already allow to influence it a little bit!

But before that, to assure the success of the seance, I need your assistance.

You see, I need to connect to you, to become your medium. To achieve it, I don’t need to touch you, so don’t be scared, that I will use the card reading as pretext to some indecent things… but I need to smell your sweat, because body scent is very powerful means of relaying energy into your vicinity. It contains those pheromones, to rise your sexual attractivity for men, and to eliminate your female competition!

If you could just raise your arms… yes, just like that… good… that’s it…

You see, that woman, who took my male virginity from me… some Ivona, an executive, who approached me, that she needs new set of professional portrait photos… I don’t know, how it happened… I didn’t plan it… I was happy as a male virgin, but pure for marriage… we were just working on that photos, and suddenly, she came to me… I mean, close… she wore some dress without sleeves… and when her naked armpit got close to my nose, as she was showing me something… she moved with her hand, and it was… I don’t know… something happened with me… when I felt that smell… it was like some mysterious flower, so heavy, so intensive scent… in that moment, all I wanted on the Earth, was her! I was like mad… unable to control myself… my manhood… like if I would finally realize, how seducing the woman is, and I am not able to resist, on the contrary, she is taking all my sanity from me… like if she would push thousand of red buttons on my body, all simultaneously… I would promise her just anything in that moment…. and in fact I did, when she asked me to visit some social event with her, like her companion, her knight, because she feels lonely, and she likes me!

You smell well too… but differently… more soft, more girlish… now, I have your pheromones in my nose… in my brain… and we are connected. Let’s do the card reading!

Let’s sit here, to this small table in the corner, which I use for my magical seances… I will lit a candle, you know, to create magical atmosphere… now, let me clean the cards at first… like that, with a silk scarf, it has to be done very carefully… so no foreign energy remains on them, influencing your destiny negatively…

Now, the cards are ready! I feel it! They are vibrating, eager to reveal the truth!

And what about some good music, to complete the magical atmosphere? Maybe this track could be good, emotional, and deep:

Can you hear it, can you feel the moment, when your destiny is coming to you?

Will you run from the truth, or will you accept it?

So, pick eleven of the cards altogether: one, three, three, three, and one. Just concentrate, and do it!

Good, that’s it! And now, put them aside, just like that, so they will form this cross, here, as indicated on the tarot pad… I can’t touch the cards, until they will reveal the hidden content… are you ready for the future, Marketa?

Just sit still, before that big revelation, and breathe…

Card 1 (Present 1/4)
Who are you now?

The Moon tarot - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsImagine, the Moon… so lonely there, on the night sky, it regulates the flow of water energy on the Earth, and water symbolises our emotions.

So, moon is pretty important, but except some poetic fools, no one appreciates it… because people are primitive, so they can hardly see your beauty, and most importantly, your importance…

The Moon seems passive, and weak. Dark clouds are hiding him, as they like… other people are controlling your emotions… because you watch them, you follow them, you want to be like them, instead of turning into your spiritual side, using your sixth sense, your instincts, where your immense power lies! Not they should control you… you should control them!

But you can’t, because you are not awaken yet, so you suffer, you don’t listen to yourself, you think too much, instead of feeling: I need to finish University studies! I need this contract, and this! I need to win this competition… this new iPhone… this Prada handbag… and then, will you be happy? Are you ever happy?

There will be just another challenge… and somebody will always tell you, that you mean nothing, achieved nothing, that you are nobody, some rat will always keep you down…

But one day… the marginal Moon will be covered by the Sun, so huge, imagine that, so it’s light and brilliance will be amplified massively. That day, you will win your life, your freedom!

And Sun… isn’t it God?

With Sun in your life, the things, hidden for you, will become clearer, when the light will illuminate them. Critical answers, that have been eluding you so long… will suddenly be revealed!

You see, the Sun is connected with lies and deception, not in a malicious way, but maybe you have been hiding things to protect people or even to protect yourself, creating obstacles for the Sun… and you allowed the others to do it, to hide the truth from you. But was that reasonable?

But when the Sun comes, it’s the time to shed light on what has been hidden. Get all those deep rooted emotions out in the open! Clear out your emotional closet with one cathartic sweep! The truth will be out and you will feel a lot better for it!

Hidden answers will be revealed. Senses will be at a peak. Listen to all your senses, and clarity will come! This will be a significant shift in energies for you, and you should seize this opportunity to cleanse and lift our spirit onto the next chapter.

You are just waiting for the Sun…

Card 2 (Present 2/4)

What influences your life? (1/3)

The Judgement Tarot - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThere is always transformation, rebirth and cleansing in life. You need to face up to mistakes of the past, or to process an issue that has been ignored or buried away out in the open. It’s quite scary thing, to confront things, that have been buried or suppressed, getting it all out in the open and facing it head on, to learn some lessons… then move on from it more easily and start afresh, without the burden of it… to be free from old stresses, more ready to pursue your higher purpose or vocation, and move on to the next emotional level with less ‘baggage’.

This card also represents big decisions… killing off the past and being reborn into the future… ‘nothing takes the past away like the future’…

But very often, you are doing The Judgement wrong. You judge not others, but yourself. You listen to the opinions of people about you, and you take those opinions as valid, literally letting people to judge you, even if they lie to hurt you. But you accept it, because you are too dependent on them.

It also influences, how you live. You want to be like them. But copying others, you will always fail… and the circle closes, as they will reject you, leaving you depressed, judging yourself.

Girl, stop doing all that judgement. Stop it. It’s hurting you.

Card 3 (Present 3/4)

What influences your life? (2/3)

Queen of Wands Tarot Mother Power Manipulator Leader Slavery - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsDo I need to explain anything here? Just have a look at that red color, at those eyes! Do you recognize her? It’s a powerful woman in your life, possibly your mother, or sister… she has large influence on things, and she always needs and requests your attention.

In her positive aspects, this lady is gregarious, sexy, full of energy and outgoing, a positive leader and role model, ambitious and creative. But there is much of negative aspects: she is overbearing, manipulative, pushy, selfish, even tyrannical.

And you let her, you tolerate it! Why, are you so weak? Or are you afraid of losing her alleged love and affection? Or that you will disappoint her, not being who she allegedly wants you to be?

You need to be this woman! Don’t follow her, stop suffering… become her, to take full control of your life! Be full of confidence and positivity in yourself, and you can achieve anything… now, you live in her shade, like a puppy, she is oppressing you, willingly or not, it doesn’t matter… what matters, that you allow her!

Card 4 (Present 4/4)
What influences your life? (3/3)

Princess of Swords Tarot Army Military Special Forces SPECOPS Mossad Conspiracy Knife Combat Murder - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThis is a strange, very unusual card, I don’t see it too often… do you see that combat knife? It could means something in relation with Army, Military, particularly Special Forces, as the knife is their symbol, you know, to remove some enemy silently, cutting throat, from behind, cowardly, from darkness, or it can be an Intelligence Service, there is the rope on her forearm, useful to harnessing people, to create victims, puppets and slaves… isn’t someone around you connected with such structures?

Generally, this card means rebellion, or conspiracy against you. See the broken chain on her wrist? Those people got totally out of control, they ignore all laws, morality. And all that eyes on her head? It can be surveillance, someone is watching you, what you do, what you think… maybe electronically… they watch you day and night, they analyze every move… to make a counter move, to keep you as their pawn.

Red color of her hair means blood, it means murder, as a tool to achieve goals, or remove pests. Those people, or person(s), are absolutely not afraid to use violence, maybe even towards you. Very dangerous! And do you see her hair on right side? It looks like a slub of snakes. Yes, there is more of them, those conspirators! And they work together, against you, but you are just their pawn, they have much bigger goals in mind…

She hides one eye… it could be also the mysterious Illuminati, who allegedly have simple agenda: to rule the world! Girl… in what mess did you get into? Please, just be careful, and trust no one!

Card 5 (Immediate future 1/3)
What will happen soon? (1/3)

Three of Wands Tarot Virtue Trip Journey - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsYes, the right time is now, you feel that! You need to broaden your horizons, the world is full of opportunities, you know that, just to grasp them… you are starting thinking big, you don’t lose track of the long game, bothered by daily problems! You made it this far, but now, its time to take it forward to the next level… your career and relationships alike! So, aim high and far, girl!

The cards are saying, make that big business trip into the Emirates, and accept anything what will happen there! Use this journey to reignite your relationship towads the world, your mission, and yourself… maybe even to find a new home… just think big and the world is your oyster… its time to look forward!

Forget all that small people around, that losers will mouths full of poison, jealousy and doubts, who keep you down… they mean nothing! This trip is going to liberate you, like nothing else in life! You will be reborn, there will be a new big chance, a new start for you, a new book!

Card 6 (Immediate future 2/3)
What will happen soon? (2/3)

The Chariot Tarot - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsYeah, you feel that, that the fate is coming into your life, driving it forward and its full steam ahead! The Chariot represents movement forward, but also madness, when you step on the gas too much, obsessed with speed, losing fear, risking everything, burning all bridges, closing eyes… the price to drive things forward to completion can be absolute! You rely on that protective helmet too much, but it obscures your vision of reality, and the truth…

At least you are the driver of the Chariot now, you are in the driving seat, holding the reins and controlling the direction of your life from the front, you stopped being a dumb passenger, dependent on others, having fucked your life by them… you go so fast in that speedy car, that even the fate, who seemed linked by others, is losing you, and you are finally free!

The black and white squares on your helmet represent the uniting of opposites to get to your end goal, so conflicting issues or people that have hindered you in the past, conflicting sides of your personality, that have got in the way of action, are united, and allow you to drive forward with purpose and achievement.

You will get ultimate power and control over your life again! But the only way to it, is to be reborn!

Card 7 (Immediate future 3/3)
What will happen soon? (3/3)

The Tower Tarot Destruction Change Move Moving Future - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThis is just the card for you, Marketa! The Tower represents your firm structure in life, your everlasting preference of stability, your routine, your mainstay, be it home, family, friends, partner, thinking, values or whatever is most important to you.

But now, big events will happen! A lightning will hit the tower, and it will fall apart… that devastation will make you free, it will shake the foundations of your life, support network and everything you took for granted!

When it will happen, and you will be standing in the rubble of our life, you will have the choice to select, how you rebuild it. You can rebuild it the same as it was, and face the same issues, like a fool, you can continue like before, you can still move in that cursed circle, or you can build your perfect life bit by bit, just by choosing carefully, where every piece fits.

And there is that male sign… it means your current boyfriend, who will disappear, together with your old life, your relationship will end, so you can be free again… you know, that it’s necessary and inevitale, to do this big cleansing. He has no value for your future life anyway… he will stay here, but not you. Let him, and let yourself be free.

Card 8 (Future 1/4)
What is your future? (1/3)

The Emperor tarot Father Fatherly - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsYes, men are important figures in life of any woman: father, boss, or fatherly figure, sometimes even a partner, who can be like a father figure.

This is a card about leadership, control and authority: all traits, which a proper man should have, so this example makes it easier for you, to recognize a real man from a loser.

Or maybe you need to have more control over your life? Do you need to follow your direction with a more forceful and organised plan? Do you need to examine the ground rules of your life a bit more, in order to drive where you want to be?

Or, is someone in a position of authority, able to do this for you and give you paternal guidance? Follow such a man, if you will find him in the world!

Or, is someone being too controlling in your life, or too overpowering? Are you being too controlling with others in your life? Yes, you need to get rid of that chains, girl!

Or, is such a figure your dream, your need? They way for completing you? Black color to white color?

You go into the Emirates… there, you will meet many powerful men, that’s for sure. One of them could become your fateful man… and if the card will be extremely precise… couldn’t he be a real ruler? An emir, sultan, president, or what elites they have there?

Girl, everything can happen there! All doors will be open for you, and even rulers are just men, prone to your magic and seduction!

Card 9 (Future 2/4)
What is your future? (2/3)

The Lovers Tarot - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSoon, you will find a place of balance and harmony in your romantic connections, maybe even with your family. There will be very powerful sense of protection and security around you, that will help supporting you through all the other stresses, that your new life in Dubai will bring.

However, this card can represent also the love, which you have, or should have for yourself. Your own personal belief systems will need to shake, to find, what is important to you, teaching you, how to honor and love yourself. It also means, to be the best version of you.

Maybe the block to finding love in your life, comes from the relationship, which you have with yourself?

This card is also about duality and the power of two, and therefore it invariably represents Choice! The choices, that will be given to you, or that you will face, will be potentially major life changing ones, choices that lead you into a whole other direction… all these kinds of big dilemmas you could face, but there is a sense of right and wrong with these choices too, and the most important choice, which you will make, will need absolutely no thinking and consideration… because you will simply feel it!

It could be even new religion, which you will discover in the Emirates… andf there, it means Islam.

Card 10 (Future 3/4)
What is your future? (3/3)

The Empress Tarot Feminine Relationships Love Pregnancy Friendship - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsWhat makes woman a ruler, a winner, whom you want to be? It’s onnecting with her feminine side. The Empress represents all, that is positive in the traditional feminine traits. She is the archetypal Earth mother and is caring, nurturing, creative and loving.

If you truly deserve for real power in the world, not to be just female sheep, then express your creative side, nurture your relationships and friendships, and do so with instinctual love!

Connect with Mother Nature if you can, as she represents future, stability, fertility, and can very often herald a pregnancy… maybe connect even with God, if you will feel close to Him!

The Empress can represent a powerful, Earth mother figure that you have in our life… a caring female boss, a nurturing friend, even your own mother. Look to such a person you may have in your life, for positivity, advice, nurturing and inspiration. But don’t follow her: become her, as it was said before!

She is strong and she acts from love, but she’s not afraid to speak loudly, to the crowd. She is connected to the Universe as a whole, so she can create positive things, and people around will notice, following her voluntarily, giving her power over themselves, protecting her against wolves, and that is the principle of her feminine power.

Again, if taken very expressively… the card can say, that you will become a ruler, an Empress in literal sense, if you connect with some very powerful man of the Emirates, or generally Arabic Peninsula. Just don’t aim low, don’t be modest, and accept only royals to your hip!

Card 11 (Future 4/4)
What is your Destiny?

Princess of Disks Tarot Pregnancy Creation - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsUh… what can I say… you selected THIS particular card… it leaves me breathless… it’s maybe the most powerful of them all… and it belongs to YOU now, Marketa!

I don’t remember anyone to select it before… like if it would be waiting just for you here… for two years, since I bought this particular ‘Rohrig’ Tarot pack!

You have so much of fertility and potential and creativity inside you… like those big, full, beautiful breasts of hers… and one day, when the right time will come, when the white egg inside you will finish development, your belly will literally explode, it will flood whole Earth with something from you… you will change the world! I am not joking!

This will be the beginning of a new day, for all of us… I know, that it’s so hard to believe, but… the cards never lie!

Or don’t you have this deep feeling, that you are special? The reason, why your love life is failing eternally, is, that you are too much different, chosen for big things, and all the fools, who would only disappoint you, never able to follow you, undestand you and support you, they simply don’t belong into this noble mission, because they would only hold you down, so the Universe removes them from you, not to be obstacles in your growth to the stars!

By the way, this card doesn’t mean only pregnancy… there is no clear definition, if the result will be good, or bad… so, you could do even something just terrible against the whole human kind… some big crime… or your child… children… will commit something… maybe some war crime againt humanity… it doesn’t have to be only positive influence… but it will be BIG!

And people will remember you, Marketa!

To change this miserable world, full of weak desperate losers… this is your destiny!

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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