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In those dark infidel times, before being liberated by Allah and accepting Islam in Autumn 2012, the Islamic Princess Maryam, called as Marketa Korinkova back then, was almost like all the other young Czech girls, roaming the streets and shopping malls of Prague, buying fashion apparel and cosmetics to be beautiful, searching and fighting for their happiness, meeting love, living love, losing love, having sex with many men, and hard, unprotected, letting men to suck their teats, accepting plenty of their white sperm into the body systems with pleasure, because it contains seducing prostagladin, a magical hormone, making women happy, when they let men to squirt their vaginas… but this is, how infidel life works, it means a lot of fucking, adultery and sin, whereas those fools call it “freedom”, “enjoyment” and “happiness”.

So, even Maryam, who always tried hard to be like others, to be like them, to be filed properly, to be a respected part of the society, she was fucking some fool, taking care of him and his two dumb filthy dogs, like a proper young infidel woman, who always needs to be in a relationship, never alone, not single, as it’s a social stigma and sign of losership there, and her decent social position was confirmed further, as she was studying elite Charles University, and working full-time as a top fashion model, for elite Czechoslovak Models agency, owned by Czech prominent socialite with long fingers into state Intelligence apparatus, Vaclav Dejcmar.

Maybe it was Marketa’s destiny to make it much farther in life, than all the other infidel fools and losers around her, including so called friends… indeed, she was chosen by Allah for a big demanding mission, called da’wah, and as a reward, her secret girlish dreams were not only fulfilled, but also thousand times surpassed, because Allah is the most generous, if you please Him by worshipping Him.

Still, even in times, when she missed Allah and His ultimate guidance, she needed to keep going in life, and music is a great infidel tool to support you, to make you feel good, when you need it. And several songs marked Maryam’s past very intensively.

Caro Emerald – A Night Like This (2009)

In the beginning on Maryam’s rise to international fame, as a finalist of Miss Charles University 2011 beauty contest, organized covertly by Dejcmar, Maryam was invited into OCKO TV, a “fresh” and “cool” Czech music TV station, aimed at young infidel people, to corrupt them yet more, using mass media propaganda, to insert decadent ideas of Western mindless consumerism into their poor heads, to “educate” them properly, since the young age, giving them fake idols, so called celebrities, to worship, instead of the only deity, the only entity, worthy of worship: Allah.

There, Maryam tried the job of a TV presenter during a live transmission, she quite succeeded in this demanding task, and when she was chosen by the viewers of Ocko TV as the new Miss, she was challenged to choose some favorite song of her, and Ocko would play it for her, as a winner’s perk.

With enthusiasm in her sweet girlish voice, Maryam chose “Caro Emerald – A Night Like This”, and this song became an interesting testimony, about who she once was, how she saw and perceived herself, her life reality, when still deep in the mud of infidel world, choking with emptiness and obsession for luxury goods and worldly success… long before she came into Dubai, United Arab Emirates, finding Allah, Islam, new life and her destiny there.

But Allah knew, who she really was, and whom she should become. Because with Allah, and only Him, depends the end of all affairs.

In the music video, three young pretty infidel sluts, definitely A-class fashion models, social leaders, like Maryam was, living somewhere in Croatia, at a sunny beach, they show their impressive lifestyle, which Maryam apparently adored: it’s summer, so meeting in a cozy street café at first, having typical girlish chit-chat, laughing, slandering, describing their latest sexual adventures…

And there is another adventure, that handsome male photographer nearby, taking pictures of another model slut, and one of the three sluts (blonde) passes his camera on motorcycle, spoiling a photo, so another fashion model slut from the primary group (brunette) notices him, and he notices her, they both seem interested immediately, they exchange deep looks… because they are young and obsessed with free-mixing and free-fucking…

Then, the bold sluts climb over a fence, to occupy a foreign swimming pool, adjacent to an impressive villa, jumping dressed into water, like proper rebels and fallen angels, having so much girlish fun, drinking alcohol of course… but then, they are surprised by a strict older owner (probably father or rather lover of one of them), who arrives, so they run away quickly, but “borrowing” his black vintage Mercedes car to arrive at some evening VIP party, feeling like young queens, dressed in shiny outfits.

And there is that photographer fool again… he meets the remaining two sluts, addresssing them by a pool… like if he would be willing to fuck them, particularly the motorcycle blonde, meanwhile… you know, why not to try elsewhere, to use all chances… and they seem pleased, willing to accept him, either socially, or between their widely spread thighs later… and he must have some big magic, because to entertain two sluts at once, without becoming a fool and target of female mockery, it’s an advanced arts for any infidel man…

The main slut has some tag with a keyhole and red string, which apparently has some big significance: it’s an invitation to another party, next day afternoon… when she comes back to her female friends, with this tag in hand, she inserts it into photographer’s jacket pocket, and she raises suspicion, that this main slut is some rich local elite, organizing the party secretly… or does she plan to simply gate-crash there?

Anyway, the sluts arrive there the next day, and he is there, he got the message… she notices him, he notices her… and he comes towards the female group… and they are dancing with the brunette slut, they are happy… and there is beautiful sunset…

In the end, sluts are sitting on a wall above the sea, to send the message, that no man will split their friendship, for life and death!

And that is the whole big tale… so SHALLOW… like whole infidel world… no wonder, that Islam considers watching “arts” like this as not permissible, as it leads to haram things.

These special tags, invitation to a party for selected elite, they have prominent role in the video clip, showing so deep division in the infidel society, where you desire to be a VIP, to be a part of the inner circle of the elite… it’s so miserable and humiliating, to hunt some VIP passes, like a fool… nothing so terrible like this happens in Islam, where all the brothers and sisters are equal to each other, regardless of their skin color and wealth, and if you want to be closer to Allah, than others, just worship Him more… you even don’t need some absurd VIP pass to speak to Him!

Ricky Martin (feat. Meja) – Private Emotion (1999)

Indeed, love is extremely important thing in life of any woman. The females are literally born to love, not to fight and destroy in eternal wars, violence and madness, like men. And every clever male singer knows well, that if he wants a generous and steady income for the decades to come, it’s enough to conquer female hearts with one good romantic song, and he will become a female idol in all senses, able to choose from thousands of devoted female fans, willing to do just anything for him, not speaking about sleeping with him.

Marketa was not different from other women: but in her case, the matter was yet more complicated, as she was always obsessed to be better in all senses, than others, to deserve social acceptance, so she couldn’t date and fuck just any man, some common street loser… it had to be some high-profile asset, some big reputated personality, not some poor student from shared appartment, with his heart pure, but his wallet empty, without keys from a decent car in his pocket.

In certain sense, her chosen man, who was allowed to fuck her, had to complete Marketa’s carefully build public image of luxury and success, so the demands were high… and inevitably, when Marketa was disappointed by the overall quality of the particular “merchandise”, she needed to find a suitable replacement, so she was changing her partners quite often… but again, it was nothing unusual in the infidel world.

Still, inside her, there was a dream about big ultimate love persisting. She maybe never expected, who this love will become one day: Allah and only Him, but she had this desire inside her, and it was always there, regardless who was lying on her, fucking her hard during sleepless nights.

This was her private emotion, and such was also the name of her favorite song. She listened this song before all critical fashion modeling jobs and photo shoots, to get relaxed, to be smiling, to be shining, to be positive. It was her secret social weapon.

Notice, that also in this video clip, there is a fashion model, so Marketa could easily identify with her figure… but this particular actress, French supermodel Aurelie Claudel (*1980), had even physical and type resemblance of Maryam… no wonder, that this song fitted exactly for Maryam’s heart, mind and style.

It allowed her to imagine absolutely clearly, that one day, she will also play in a high-profile music video, like this, copying the Aurelie’s shining example, acquiring immense media and social fame… Aurelie Claudel became in certain sense Maryam’s ideal to follow, and strong inspiration…

Later, in the Emirates, Maryam almost made it into Ramy Ayach‘s high-profile video, “Majnoun”, only to lose the audition to German supermodel Alexandra Pianka in the end, when treacherous Israelis betrayed her, cutting all her media and financial support without explanation… but then, Allah decided other way, and Maryam stopped to desire for worldly fame, except cases, when it could help Islam.

Moos – Au Nom De La Rose (1999)

There was always a powerful desire inside Maryam, to experience some exotics, some ultimate romance in a different, fascinating and seducing culture, maybe even from other time, in medieval, renaissance or baroque times, like living some tale.

Maybe there was always a big intensive dream about glamorous Emirates inside her, and she only followed her destiny, created by Allah. But she always wanted more, than mere love. She wanted ultimate feeling, ultimate fulfillment of her all desires, satisfaction of all her senses… and Dubai is exactly that kind of special place, able to fulfill all these wishes.

But make no mistake, fool: you pay the price for this luxury. Some of the infidel tourists in Dubai will never return back, as they were before, as omnipresent Islam of Emirates can hit and change anyone, nobody is immune. It’s like well known Jerusalem syndrome, when even completely atheist people succumb to ultimate atmosphere of this sacred city of three religions, soaked with religious affairs deeply, so they start to have religious visions, serious psychological conditions, and wearing white robes at the streets, made from bed sheets, like some self-claimed monks.

Anyway, this song had simply everything, which Maryam desired for: big love tale from distant historical epoch, unique mix of styles, there was a cute romantic princess with brown hair, another fashion model, riding on horse, and Maryam, a brunette, was also known as horse rider, even becoming a Princess later in life… together with so deep and seducing voice of the male singer, who was singing French, and that’s the most great language for any romance. Moreover, France is a Mecca of all fashion models, like Maryam was…

Doctor Rockit – Cafe de Flore (Charles Webster Remix) (2001/2011)

Romance is nice, but it’s complicated: you need a man for it, and other person in your life always steals a part of your freedom, you become dependent on someone else.

For Maryam, there was always this sweet vision of ultimate freedom and perfect feeling, found in following song, bringing relaxed atmosphere of streets of Paris, like nothing else.

She had this dream, that she will live there, as a successful fashion model, of course, and she will be happy, contented, she will roam these streets, listening to this song, smiling at strangers, and strangers will smile at her…

But dream never materialized, as Allah wanted her somewhere else. Still, the atmosphere of the song is a magic, a miracle, reminding you, whom you want to be, how you want to feel, living lightly, ignoring obstacles and alleged problems, moving in the flow, in one endless momentum.

There was also a movie from 2011 with the same name, “Café de Flore”, and although it was directed by a man, it was about a female soul, about female perception of the world, which can be really strange, but it’s always powerful and deeply emotional.

SONG 5+6
Queen – You Don’t Fool Me (Tango Cafe Remix)
Grace Jones – Libertango

There was always a secret, very painful spot inside Maryam: question of her father, who abandoned her mother Ivana, when she was pregnant, expecting their second baby, it means her, Marketa, in 1988… so you can imagine, that her mother always naturally blamed poor innocent girl for losing her partner and father of their two children.

This eternal silent blaming made big damage inside fragile girlish soul of Marketa, and her thoughts about her father were always deeply ambivalent: in certain sense, she denied and even hated him, as “advised” by her mother all the time, but concurrently, Maryam secretly desired for him, even sexually, as women are always the most attracted to men, which they can’t have…

Moreover, when her mother told her, that he left her, when she couldn’t have sex with him, during complicated pregnancy, there was some crazy desire inside Maryam, totally according to the “female thinking”, that if she will be willing to provide him, what he wanted, it means unlimited sex all the time, he will somehow return, and accept her as his daughter… he will love her, finally, she will deserve it… regardless of sacrifices, which she would like to do without hesitation, just for the family to be complete, to have father, source of dominance, authority, control, but also protection and security, which Maryam instinctively needed in her life, and maybe that was the reason, why she tried so hard to be accepted by the society.

Both her father and her mother found new life partners soon, after the split, but Ivana’s boyfriend was no man for Maryam, and no match for her biological father. He was maybe rich and loving her mom, but there was never any chemistry between him and Maryam, so he could never aspire to become her “substitute” father… and this situation was even beneficial for her mother, a covert sociopath, who always wanted to have power over people in her family, so all feuds and divisions were good from her angle of view, she even supported and insigated them, slandering all against others.

Anyway, “tango” songs were very favorite music background during many fashion shows, where Maryam participated as a fashion model. And she couldn’t help herself, but always, when hearing those emotional “tango” songs, she had to remember her father, imagining, that they are dancing together, so close to each other, like they never were in life, both in physical and spiritual sense… so her secret desire could be fulfilled.

(Eventually, as you know, this Maryam’s special psychological feature, or even weakness, general desire for strong fatherly figure, was discovered and misused by the treacherous masterminds of Operation SKINNY PUPPY, an immense international conspiracy, orchestrated by Czech Special Forces and Israeli Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, Mossad. Indeed, they found a suitable “father” for her, and their malicious interests: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Emir of Dubai.)

Sweetbox – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (1997)

Because one day, her father must recognize that big mistake, that he left his little innocent cute girl Marketa, who loved him… but one day, he will need her, he will remember her, he will understand, and she will rescue him, she will prove him her value, they will find a way to each other… and they will be reunited finally, once and forever.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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