Islamic Princess Maryam (38): Hidden In Shadows. Marketa Korinkova VIP Elite Fashion Model Dubai Emirates Amwaj Jewellery Muslim Islam Infidels. Prague Jewish Militia Israel Mossad Conspiracy

Somewhere at a trendy Prague suburbs, not so far away from the restless city center, located at the hills, overlooking the city, there is a modern residential building, a bold and chic construction project, called “The Green Meadows”, proclamating “unique connection with exciting urban life and calming green nature” in their seducing advertisements by marketing magicians from Saatchi PR, where you can meet either a cute squirrel, roaming the grass, or your fateful love, sitting on a bench and reading some book in deep contemplation, so to establish an initial conversation is easier, and you can tell your grandchildren a nice love tale one day.

This particular construction project by Jan Motovsky, who later disappeared in France without any trace, was built especially for VIPs, fashion models, celebrities, successful entrepreneurs, business people and capable gold-diggers, like Talitha Van Zon or Martina Gavriely, who made their fortune, just using female weapons, magic, lies, deception and witchcraft properly, and one of its countless rooms, hidden behind large windows, is full of shadows, illuminated merely by a lonely street light outside, where the Islamic Princess Maryam, once called just Marketa Korinkova, before converting to Islam in the Emirates, lies naked on her sexy round hip, on a king-size bed, with her beautiful brown eyes open, staring into darkness.

Once, she was an elite fashion model from reputated Czechoslovak Models agency here, dreaming about big girlish conquest of the world… but Allah, the only God, the Most Glorified, the Most High, had His own plans with her. He granted her everything she asked for, and much more: He sent her on an ultimate mission, where only Him will influence her destiny.

“You think about something, sister?” Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani asks, her lover, son of former Emir of Qatar, lying besides her, just to break the silence. What if she is crying, or something? You never know, any woman is unstable and unpredictable, like Spring weather: in one moment, she plays a cold queen, strong, independent, proud, like Katerina Motovska is, and in another, she just want to hide in your safe embrace, like a little girl.

Still, you shouldn’t ask her, if she is “OK”, as some male rules recommend, as it would make a loser from you. And Hakim is not a fool… still, it’s so hard not to get corrupted, as a man, if such a female treasure lies just besides you, so close, that you can feel her velvet skin, so warm and calming, and how well this creature of Allah smells with that heavy, seducing Arabic perfume, mixed just for her by a fragrance specialist in Dubai… you see her seductive female shapes, her symmetric pretty face, so tranquil, when her beautiful brown eyes are closed, you hear her slow, regular, deep breath, calming you yet more, she simply occupies all your senses, so sooner or later, you inevitably succumb to this ultimate feminine magic… and you will become a despised, rejected fool easily.

“Yes, I am thinking about my beloved home, six thousand kilometers far from here, the Emirates,” she replies. “About my beautiful, cozy apartment at Burj Khalifa, which I love so much, although no Muslim should be too attached to the transient world, to dunya, you know that well, brother, because that’s what makes us corrupted, taking us farther from Allah, and without Him, we are lost… but real pleasure awaits us only in Paradise, in the hereafter, this temporary world means nothing, and to get there, you need to worship Allah as much, as you can, because the Lord knows about anything you do, and His angels count your good and bad deeds mercilessly, but fairly.

Still, I love those magical evenings, standing on my large terrace, full of flowers, watching millions of lights of lively sexy Dubai, which seems so small, when deep under my feet, one hundred and two floors below, when the hot sun disappears and dark night comes, covers the whole Arabic peninsula, and the endless desert around Dubai becomes black and scary, so you are glad to be in the safety of your flat, which vibrates with good energy, positivity, optimism, faith in Allah and you, not being out there, in the cold, in darkness and loneliness, wandering, like a lost fool…

In such moments, how grateful I am to Allah for everything I have, that I can live such an exciting life, doing good deeds, having a mission, serving Allah obediently… but only Him, and no one else, bowing only in front of Him, and no one else! How much He gave me, and I am still learning to appreciate it, to thank Him enough!

I always feel, that I am exactly at the right place, when present there. Do you know that special kind of feeling, brother, when everything is exactly, as it should be, and you are calm and happy and content, just because everything is so right? Every evening is a miracle, if you are blessed to spend it in Dubai, and if Allah blesses you, guides you and protects you. Then, you are in peace.”

“This is also a moment of peace,” Hakim says with satisfaction, embracing the beautiful girl gently… but it’s a mistake, it’s too soft and unmanly, as Maryam is that kind of woman, who perceives male softness as weakness, and it provokes immediate female aggression and rejection inside her, as deep inside her, she knows, that she can’t tolerate such moments of male weaknesses and succumbing to fitnah (temptation) of her own physical body: such was the way, how long forgotten corrupted Muslims of Al-Andalus lost everything, just by being weak, just by being like infidels, unbelievers, mingling with them too much, and being infected with their deadly disease: feebleness.

If you are a man, how could you protect her reliably, and her offsprings, if having such weak and thus extremely dangerous moments of too much sensitivity and even sentiment, mercy with enemies, so instead of crushing them completely, to assure, that they will never return to revenge, you let them go, so they can recover, getting their strength again, connecting with your enemies, dedicating their whole life solely to annihilate you, to wash out the bitterness of defeat and humiliation?

No, Maryam can’t afford such luxury, to be in risk, to be accompanied by a weak unmanly fool on her important life path, influencing lives of thouands, millions, and not just in Dubai and Emirates. Moreover, when she will become mother, in the matter of months, as she is pregnant now, this issue will become yet more serious, as it will be her total responsibility, to secure survival and thriving of the offspring, under any circumstances… but no one knows about this “merry news” yet, except her, and Allah.

“You are wrong, brother,” Maryam gets closer to her lover, touching his face with her long slim fingers, but her voice is serious and detached. “There is no peace in those kafir lands, and there can be no peace in my heart. In the next room, just behind this wall, there is another young pair, like us: educated, pleasant, well dressed, well looking, but they are infidels, corrupted, filthy, denying Allah, and they are apparently peaceful, maybe, only desiring to have nice convenient life, not hurting anyone, as they like to repeat…

Let’s say, she is a fashion designer for that Woman’s Destiny fashion brand, very talented, she draws that models of bold future dresses all the time, she is persistent, she is making her professional name slowly, they are noticing her in Paris and Milan already, watching her work and growth closely… he is, uh, maybe a software engineer, you know, that technical male mind, who just loves the world of computers, finding his fortune and career there, because there is system and order and logics, unlike in the real, unstable world, too influenced by emotions and unpredictable events…

Yeah, you like them from the first sight, nice people, you think, you wouldn’t mind to be closer to them… she could inspire me with her creative artistic abilities, her imagination, and he would be a good male companion for a proper male chat, you know, about football, hunting, cars, or what you male fools like… we all could even spend a nice evening together, despite all that deep differences between us.

But tomorrow, when this magical evening and moments of alleged peace will end, they will wake up, and holding their hands, like devoted lovers, they will go to general elections, like responsible citizens, and they will vote for those VIP Czech politicians, like that Katerina Motovska, future Minister of Defence, who will send military forces into an Islamic land, like Iraq, Aghanistan or Libya, killing Muslims, as devoted and obedient NATO puppets, like Poland

Their Western corrupted mass media will call it ‘War On Terror’, ‘police action’, ‘peace keeping’, ‘justified retaliation for 9/11’ or which lie to cover their bad intentions and war crimes, whereas dead Muslims will be called ‘collateral damage’… and our kafir ‘friends’ will believe this disgusting propaganda, buying those lying newspapers again, letting those masterminds to brainwash them, to persuade them about ‘truth’!

And the questions is: where is the blame in the chain of events? Who caused it, who caused the death of Muslims: including all those women, children, elderly men, who could hardly defend themselves? Who should be taken to responsibility, and punished?

The soldier of Czech Special Forces, who pushed the trigger of his assault rifle, will say, that he only followed orders of his superiors. The Czech politicians will say, that they followed the will of people. And those two our neighbours behind the wall, who elected those politicians? They will say, that they are not interested about politics, they just live their lives, not hurting anyone…! They will say: How could we hurt anyone, just making an election vote?

So, who killed the Muslims, then? Who is responsible? Nobody, it seems! Any blame simply disappeared in the sea of infidel lies and excuses, poured as poison into your ear!

And somewhere in Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital, surely, there is this cute school girl, with that red ribbon in her hair, who plays with a doll and takes care of her pets with love, caressing their fur with her little palm… but in several years, a mature strong woman will become from her, she will be conscripted into Israeli Army, she will learn, how to use an assault rifle, and she will do what, then?

Yes, she will kill Muslims in Palestine and Gaza, mercilessly, calling it defence of her alleged homeland, she will beat peaceful Muslims with a baton in holy Jerusalem, to prevent them from entering Al-Aqsa mosque, to pray there, to worship their Lord, and she will say: What could I do? There is mandatory conscription into Israeli Army, I had to obey my orders and fulfill my duties to the state of Israel, my homeland…. And yet later, she will have children, and some day, they will be again in the Army, again killing Muslims, maybe your children, maybe mine…

Your son, Hakim! Shot by these Israeli war criminals like Aaron Gunsberger in green uniforms, and after that, they will go to collect their shiny medals, to decorate their uniforms, to be heroes of Israel, and to have deserved lunch after ‘good work’… and you will say nothing? You won’t feel the utmost urge to react by defensive jihad, to do something? You will simply accept it as the will of Allah, forgetting, that you ever had a child?

You still don’t care? You still think, that this evening is peaceful?

Indeed, those infidels are not our friends, and Allah advises us well, not to trust them, not to take them as friends, not to accept food and gifts from them… and this Czech infidel land corrupts everyone, this endless debauchery, endless fornication…”

“Like we just did,” Hakim reminded not too sensitively, that they made forbidden love just few minutes ago.

“I will make repentance for my sins,” Maryam sighed. “Allah will forgive me, I hope, because His Compassion and Mercy is limitless. He had His reasons, why He let me to commit such a sin, maybe to teach me something, so I can realize, why this behavior is bad. And I won’t be returning here anymore, if Allah will permit, not to repeat these sins.”

“You know what? I will make something for dinner,” she said with different, much more pleasant tone of her voice then, standing up, covering her seducing body of a fashion model with a Hakim’s T-shirt, barely covering her nicely round ass.

Maybe she said that final sentence to appease Hakim, as her openly expressed decision not to return here, ever, meant only one thing: their secret love affair, when he could consume, touch and appreciate her body unlimitedly, will be finished, ended forever, becomes a mere memory. She will be back in the Emirates, he will stay here… because it was easier to be a man and Muslim in these kafir lands, than home, in Doha, Qatar, where Hakim was born.

The only one still opened question was connected with Maryam’s pregnancy, still unbeknown to Hakim. She still waited for a signal by Allah, she still haven’t made the critical decision, whether to tell him now, or later, from the safety and distance of the Emirates, where another possible father of the child, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, could provide her ultimate protection in all senses, a shield against any possible enemies, because who knows, how the Hakim’s powerful family will perceive the whole affair?

On the other hand, the Emirati CounterIntelligence would know all the explosive situation then, all very sensitive details… and it means also Princess Haya Bint Hussein, Sheikh’s junior wife, Maryam’s main competitor in reign and bed alike, whose long fingers of power, influence and manipulation reached even such structures of the UAE government and executive apparatus.

But there could be only one Queen of the Emirates… and Maryam was firmly decided to take the rule, using any means, moreover, it was Allah’s command, to strip Haya from all her factual power, as she was classified as a subversive element, negative for Islam, like that Princess Ameerah al-Taweel from Saudi Arabia, bringing negative novelties and corrupted ideas of women empowerment and Estrogen Conspiracy into the UAE!

Hakim, not knowing any of this, checked his wrist watch. It was before seven o’clock, and they should be in ‘Sultan Restaurant’ at nine thirty, where some friends and a surprise for Maryam will be waiting, so they could still spend nice evening together, but out, in the heat of Friday infidel night, when Prague clubs are full of partying fools, and forbidden alcohol flows like a stream.

Like a proper woman, master of kitchen and cooking, an effective tool of social control, Maryam wasn’t losing any time. She started with checking supplies and ingredients in Hakim’s large modern kitchen, thinking with very serious face, what improvised culinary miracle she could create from it all: in the Emirates, she spent many evenings cooking, just for fun, to relax, to work with her hands, instead of mind, and to prepare for her future role of Sheikh’s official wife better. She wanted to be a traditional wife, not like that sick “modern women”, victims of social engineering monsters like Katerina Valachova, who literally shout and brag, that they don’t cook, like if it should be something sexy and sweet, to be deranged and miserable and lost…?

Hakim sat to the kitched table, watching the Princess, and she was so sweet, so cute, when she was opening all that countless boxes with curious and serious face, very concentrated and effective, examining all packages of ingredients, to find, what she needed for critically important chef‘s role… he will miss all this, certainly, all that small cute details about beautiful Maryam, which Hakim will realize only too late, overlooking them and her ultimate feminity, while it all lasted, while he had quite generous access into her body, bed and life, granted by Allah.

Indeed, Hakim felt blessed, to have this miraculous creation of Allah in his manly grasp, at least temporarily… in one week, this woman will possibly change the fate of the human kind, if Allah will permit, as the Annual Technology Convention 2017 in Dubai, where Maryam should have some critical speech, where some critical invention should be introduced, as the media informed, should start in several days… the world was talking about this event widely, speculating wildly, and tensions were high at all places, from vulgar people’s pubs to highest politics, from Austria to North Korea.

But Hakim couldn’t tell her all these things, feelings and thoughts, it would be definitely unmanly, he would feel as a loser, as it’s not natural for men, to open their souls too much, to share their mind, and to think too much, to be too attached to a woman… but he felt ashamed anyway, how this woman had to remind him, how far he got from Allah, in this land of endless temptation, fitnah.

And now, soon, if Allah will permit, Hakim will lose Maryam forever, she will leave him without any mercy, still pursuing her girlish dreams, like remaining in the Emirates, never returning to this infidel place, where she was born 29 years ago, as an apparent infidel, apparently as filthy as them all, but Allah created her with love, and He knew exactly, when and how to liberate her from this infidel misery… it was the will of Allah, that she became His important tool of da’wah, Islamic missionary activity, and her options, how to conquer the world, how to fulfill her dreams, how to become the woman she always wanted and should be, became literally limitless.

But Hakim will stay here, living life of an alleged Czech VIP, but nothing in comparison with the Princess Maryam, fucking another cheap infidel sluts, which were widely available, attracted to the exotica of Middle East, which Hakim impersonated well, in all senses… yes, these bodily pleasures, so plentiful here, these corrupted any Muslim man, who lived at this cursed filthy place, which still awaited liberating by Soldiers of Allah, like those CCM Wahhabis from Teplice, an Islamic city, swarming with Muslims from Persian Gulf, visiting the local famous spa, together with their children, plus local Islamic female elite, like Eman Ghaleb or Albatool Jahaf.

And these local cheap infidel women, they were even willing to listen about Islam, and Allah, they were impressed by it, thirsty to know the truth, so he could give reasons for his sins, that he is executing so called Love Jihad, the da’wah through fucking infidel sluts, like Angela Magdici once was, and his reward is body pleasure… moreover, it was all too easy, those girls simply wanted to fuck, they made no problems or excuses or elusions or complications, because that was the way, how it worked here… quite straightforward.

But in an Islamic land, even more relaxed, like Turkey? You shouldn’t even look at a strange woman, let alone to address her openly… but you were young and full of juice, you needed to realize it somewhere… in certain sense, these infidel lands were paradise, no wonder, that many Muslims were staying here, and gladly, reaping the beautiful seducing flowers, maybe thinking, like Hakim, that they serve Allah well here, by sleeping with that sluts, being ambassadors of Islam… but in the end, after all that intercourses, there was only emptiness remaining.

“Why are you so silent, brother?” Maryam interrupted Hakim’s contemplation from the kitchen worktop, turning her head towards the man, whereas she was cleaning some vegetables with a knife skillfully. “Did I take all the power and joy from you, with my feminine witchcraft skills, although these are strictly forbidden in Islam? Or do you think about inviting that young infidels from the next flat to dinner? To become our secret allies, so next time, when infidel mercenaries will invade a Muslim land, our neighbours, a secret fifth column, which we could create today, will make a rally in the streets, protesting passionately against war crimes of their infidel government?”

Sometimes, Hakim had this feeling, that Maryam disdains him, that she considers him a weak fool, as a local corrupted half-Muslim, like most of the Czech Islamic community, that she knows well, who he really is, that she sees deep inside him, into his rotten soul… only the existential necessity, that she is alone in this infidel land, scared, keeps her close to him, as she is a woman, she needs protection… but otherwise, she doesn’t care, on the contrary, she rejects such apostates, she despises them.

To be fucking an Islamic Princess… it was simply complicated matter, and sometimes not too pleasant for Hakim. Like today.

Sometimes, she was exactly like her mother Ivana: the same gestures, the same honey voice, but full of poison. And how unpredictable she was, like if she would be changing her moods deliberately, to derail you, to test your male integrity… in one moment, she was literally melting under your touches, sighing passionately, when you two were making love, and just after the intercourse, she changed into some irritated wounded beast, which you hurt somehow probably… and you didn’t know, why, how?

Because she never told you, keeping her secrets from you, remaining silent, like a stone, to derail you yet more, by not providing any explanation, so you started to drown in doubts, doubting even about your value, losing male self-confidence.

Or was it all some sick female test?

But why couldn’t she be simply a good person, like he tried to be towards her? Why all these futile games… moreover, if she is leaving forever? Why to spoil that last days, granted to them by Allah, to be spent together? Why shouldn’t it be in peace?

And it was exactly this evening, when you started thinking, what bad did you do, that she is behaving like this? She was like a sharp lioness, ready to attack after any pretext.

What could Hakim do, what could he say, not to be a fool? To strike his fist into the table swiftly and loudly, and to shout: “Behave with respect, bitch! I AM A MAN!” to remind her, where she belongs, even with the royal title of Princess and all the perks and public admiration? But she was in his property, on his turf, and it meant preserving his rules… no, wait, Hakim’s flat belonged rather to Allah anyway, like everything around…

In certain sense, he had to admit… Hakim was even glad, that this affair is ending. With appreciation, he remembered all the infidel sluts, who were simply nice, obedient, not creating any problems or streess for him, simply respecting him, even willing to fight for him…

Like that time, in a club, when Hakim got into dangerous conflict with some ruthless, prison-hardened Serbian criminal, who pulled a knife immediately, not caring about any consequences… and imagine, that slim blonde slut, what was her name, Zuzana, she was so brave, to protect Hakim with her own body, risking to be stabbed, shouting at the other fool to stop it, and he did, like under some magical spell… otherwise, Hakim would have to eliminate him, with a well aimed kick into head, but it would mean a lot of problems with the police, an investigation, courts… moreover, life was not an action movie, where you could defeat tens of adversaries without any injury, walking away into sunset in one piece, holding your girl’s hand. With knives, there was no fun… there was always blood, either yours, or his.

Those infidel bitches… they were not so bad, after all, Hakim thought… maybe they simply needed to be liberated, but they were willing and able to become good wives, he was certain about it, and many of local women indeed found their happiness with Muslims, rejecting local fools… but this Maryam, always sharp, like a knife, talking about infidels with disdain, how bad they are, reminding their sins and crimes endlessly, ruining good relaxed mood constantly, like some mad Wahhabi radical… always rejecting, always building walls and divisions and lines, always reminding, what is forbidden, not permissible for Muslims, how superior they are to the miserable, filthy, decadent and sick infidels… or was Hakim so much corrupted already, preferring infidel sluts over his sister in Islam?

Surely, any love affair was much complicated with a Muslim woman, moreover, in Maryam’s extremely high social position, even in Islamic structures and affairs. Thousand of Islamic rules to follow, thousand of bans. She was not some feminist… she was simply too obsessed to serve Allah well, to please Him, to be rewarded by Him, in worldly life and hereafter alike, to get into Paradise.

In one media interview, she even said, that “Muslims collect points” by worshipping Allah, surprising many readers, by expressing such strange perception of faith… or maybe she wanted to appeal at their basic human interest in “collecting”, like collecting stamps, leading them to the faith softly? Maybe it was not a sign of apostasy, but on the contrary, ingenious da’wah?

But maybe Allah was all, what she had? Unlike Hakim, who had good family, who was loved, accepted, admired… and what did she have? Her sister Iveta, who hardly spoke to her, who never supported her anyhow? Her mother Ivana, always having nasty plans with her, mouth full of posion, but hidden treacherously under her sweet tongue?

And her father, working as a top corporate executive of Hofmann-La Roche multinational pharmaceutical company nowadays, who disappeared long time ago, who maybe couldn’t breath there, in the household, or succumbing to his manly desires, fucking other woman and establishing a new family, like if Maryam would be nothing, not deserving a father, his care and love? This definitely had to hurt the girl, Hakim thought… she didn’t deserve it, like any child without a parent, but Allah is much more important, than some mortals, anyway. You don’t need parents, or any human in life: only Allah!

Still, Hakim meant almost nothing for her, it was the truth, and she said that completely openly… she loved Allah, who liberated her, whereas the infidel sluts worshipped and admired Hakim, and it made big difference for him, how he felt in their company… accepted, admired, appreciated, like any man wants to be… there was no fucking exhausting tension, like this!

To be honest, in that moment, Hakim had very strong desire to simply send Maryam away, from his flat, from his sacred kingdom, which she spoiled with some strange tension, negativity or what… did he deserve this? Why should he spoil a precious nice evening like this? He takes care of her, like a fool, and this is, how she repays to him? He is not another VIP fool from Armani Prive Lounge, the most luxurious club of the world, located at 144th floor of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, where people come to listen to Maryam, who executes her da’wah there!

They call her Islamic Princess, who will change the world… but who gave her right, to ruin Hakim’s good mood?

Hakim had to smile, when he imagined, that one day, the whole world would remember him as the only man in history, who rejected the Islamic Princess, ever, who literally kicked her out from his flat, like some cheap slut, who is worthless, after you fucked her, after you filled her with your hot white sperm, satisfying your bodily desire, and now, she loses any value to you, so what else to do with her, than to send her away, because there is that interesting football match in the TV…?

But you know, what is the utmost irony, fools? That if you do a “crime” like this, you don’t lose respect of a slut, on the contrary, she will respect you more, as you show her, that you don’t need her, that you are free and you live your life, as you want, not to let others, including her, to fuck it…

Anyway, what is more to say? Maryam will return to the Emirates, but Hakim will stay in Czechia, possibly even marrying here one day… maybe such was the will of Allah. Anyway, their journeys are splitting forever, and soon. So, why to feel any anger, or resentment?

But in that moment, Hakim notices something interesting: it’s a visible trail of his sperm, leaking from Maryam’s pussy on the inner side of her left thigh, because he ejaculated into her previously, marked her with his personal male legacy, and this scene excites him so strongly, that he forgets all bad feelings, in fact he forgets anything, he comes to Maryam from behind, embracing her with his muscular hands, pushing to her, so she can feel his hard manhood on her butt…

And Maryam freezes, because she is just a woman, and it’s deep in her nature either to fight or submit to male pressure, when the male energy desires to mate with her. Nothing between.

So, she slowly puts a knife away, whereas Hakim tucks her T-shirt up, until her round sexy ass is fully exposed. It looks so good! Hakim can’t stop admiring it, with his large male palms.

“You look so good,” he can’t resist to admire this female body. “I don’t remember you having such great seductive shapes, and so soft skin, it’s like a miracle, to touch it…”

“Well… I just got fat a little bit lately,” Maryam sighs with apparent like apology in her voice, and she thinks: soon, her pregnancy will be too evident, too visible for anyone, it will change her body, and people will notice. That could be really dangerous! Such luck, that she is returning to the UAE soon! She just handles a few important things here…

“No, you simply look better, more feminine, so beautiful,” Hakim continues to admire her body, touching all her seducing shapes, round ass, hips, and breasts, whereas she bends, and he inserts his manhood into her hot pussy, still wet and greasy from the last intercourse.

He touches her wrist, where he feels a bracelet. He noticed it before, it’s new, definitely, although it’s quite inconspicuous thing, nothing too shining, quite modest female decoration, as a Muslim woman needs to be modest and obedient, even the main media face of famous Amwaj Jewellery. He just hopes, that it’s not a gift from some other fool, who is fucking Maryam in the distant Emirates, like Hakim is fucking her in Czechia… if he would only know, who gave this gift to her, and what it is in reality!

The corporate rats, masterminds and conspirators from Chinese multinational Wu Corporation call it PRS, or Personal Radiation Shield, to protect a person from omnipresent electromagnetic radiation from all that cell phones, computers and Wi-Fi, using nanites, creating a protective layer on your skin, so the radiation doesn’t go through your body, your organs, damaging them with unknown extent. Very useful indeed, if you are expecting a baby, and you want to be assured, that it will be born healthy, not with brain damaged by this EMR.

The top Wu executives gave this piece to Maryam, as a gift, during their negotiation in the deserts far from Dubai, regarding their help to put down Priness Haya, Maryam’s archenemy, out of Emirati structures of power, out of Sheikh Al-Maktoum’s bed and dinner table, and they told her, that she can use it, or not, they don’t care.

But at the same time, they knew exactly, how to persuade her to really wear it, they were master fraudsters and deceivers, particularly that woman from Silesia, Ivona Selnikova, Executive Director of Wu Corp… only some disturbing news about EMR, occuring “incidentally” in the media, which Maryam read regularly, were enough (=this system for targeted persuasion of individuals, group and masses, was called USP-PSYOPS, a military cyber warfare means of influence).

Maryam hesitated, whether to wear it, moreover, when moving through all the advanced airport scanners and customs desks. What if those WU rats wanted her to be detained by the border police, or something? What if they made some conspiracy about her?

But even in prison you can do efficient da’wah, and if Allah wants you to be in prison, to work for him there, what you do? Does it have any sense to dodge, to hide in some burrow, like some rat? Listen to Allah, obey Him, and only Him! Trust Him, go, where He wants you to go, for your own interest, to serve Him well, and to be rewarded! The Straight Path of Islam!

But imagine, neither UAE or Czech airport security ever stopped her… and neither them, or Maryam, knew, what is the real purpose of the bracelet, a hidden, covert functíon, so to speak. No, not some cheap surveillance… something much more serious, although extremely miniaturized, manufactured using advanced nanotechnology.

But soon, the whole world will know… the world, where it’s completely impossible to find the truth, as it’s so tiny and hidden, that mere human eye can’t see it anymore… only the sea of lies and deception around you can be seen, created by thousands of masterminds, from goverments to Illuminati and terrorists, and you swim there, swallowing the water, poisoned with estrogen by those feminist radicals.

And above them all: ALLAH, the best of all deceivers.

Only twenty minutes after seven o’clock, the time of planned critically important meeting with Israeli Mossad operatives, conscript Joseph Svejk, the dumbest soldier, even serving in the elite Special Forces of the Czech Army, and his subordinate for this evening, former TV personality and reputated Casanova Michal Hrdlicka, they arrived successfully into Parizska (=meaning Parisien) Street, where the meeting should take place, at the local Barock restaurant, at a quarter, controlled by illegal Jewish Militia SHALOM.

An Ukrainian taxi driver, who took them here, who was on the payroll of the Czech Army secretly, driving SPECOPS operators when they need reliable transport, was a man of silence, discreet, never releasing any state secrets, but Svejk was complete opposite, babbling all the time, regardless of his current very heavy tongue, as the pub seance before action got out of control a little bit… in all senses.

He was just narrating a tale, how he started working in Wu Corporation, selling healthy sandwiches and orange juice to the white collars in the WU’s canteen, and those well dressed corporate fools, full of vanity, they despised him, an overweight fool behind the counter, who meant nothing for them, although in reality, he was a proud member of the famous Svejk military family, known around the whole world, although not in so good connections… but he had official qualification only as a salesman, although living in that big dreams about shining medals on his proud chest, about a highly decorated SPECOPS soldier, it means him, maybe even being promoted to an officer one famous day, but these nice dreams could hardly materialize, ever, because he was simply too dumb, and his deep, cordial affection to alcoholic beverages was too well known…

The driver’s telephone started ringing. He anwered, and passed the cell phone to Svejk.

“For you, A58,” the driver said in code speech, as this was a strictly classified military operation of a strictly classified military unit, never confirmed even to exist by the Ministry of Defence.

For a moment, there was silence in the car, very unusual anywhere, where that fool Svejk was physically present. But then it started.

“I report obediently, that it’s really not my fault, that the SWAT team of the Municipal Police Prague executed a regular raid against local criminals, escaped convicts and drug dealers in Mana’s pub, just when we were sitting there peacefully, Herr Generaloberst, refreshing with water and coffee before the combat action,” Svejk started his endless waterfall of excuses, completely ommitting the fact, that on the final bill, there was no water consumed, only beer and rum, which he preferred, and the consumed amount could be hardly called as moderate… not speaking, that this liquid refreshment was paid by taxpayers money, or to be more exact, through Unit’s black funds, obtained through occultist rituals, charity work and casino gambling.

“No, I wouldn’t call it a security breach, definitely not, Herr Kommandant, although we had to show them our IDs, and they took us to the police station hand-cuffed, but it was just an administrative mistake, such things happen all the time, and they apologized us in the end indeed, when they found about our covert identities, our top secret combat mission, which I told them, and they invited us for a draught of beer, because Police and Military are friends, we both are protecting dumb citizens sheep, who are too afraid to fight with enemies of peace and public order, so we toughened this brotherhood, and thus, we are a little bit late… anyway, those Municipal Police fools mean nothing! How could they be connected to Mossad, passing any information to Israelis, if they only collect fines for wrong parking?

What? That the operation is compromised? That I am suspended from the command? We are in Parizska already… cancellation? Returning to the base immediately? With all respect, that would be a big mistake, everything is perfect, everything goes well, I feel it, this will be a big success, another victory of our famous secret military unit, I will show those Mossad fools, what the Czech Military might means, our unstoppable war machine, crushing all enemies… what? That you are not interested in my feelings of a drunk fool? That this is an order, you say, Herr Offizier?

When we will fulfill our military duty, we will return immediately, Herr Generaloberst, I promise, but for now, let us work… moreover, what if you are an impostor, some traitor or military conspirator, pretending to be my superior, persuading me to cancel the criticial combat mission in highest state interest, retreat from the fight, and to jeopardize the interests of infamous military-industrial complex? No no, I am not such a fool, I am not swallowing this bait, fools!”

Svejk gave the phone back to the driver, and advised him to turn off the sound, because some fool tries to impersonate the high military command. But they were at the entrance of Barock restaurant already.

“Let’s go, fool,” Svejk ordered to Hrdlicka, and entered the venue boldly, smiling like a harmless fool, who maybe wandered here, into this VIP place for Czech elite, where the most substantial business and social transactions were negotiated, including shady ones.

“Listen, friend,” Svejk caught a waiter. “We have an appointment here, with some businessman, and a woman with long curly hair, really pretty, she is a Jewess, you know. Didn’t you see her, by the way?”

The waiter just pointed to the back, not willing to lose precious time with this strange fat fool, showing the direction, where a lounge bar was, to divide common VIPs from ultra VIPs and top celebrities, who needed extra privacy… to generate more interest in their affairs.

After small wandering here and there, visiting the kitchen and warehouse unwillingly, Svejk found the Israeli Intelligence operatives successfully, waiting there impatiently, but instead of strict military face, he was laughing, like a fool, when seeing them finally, like if he would meet his old beer pub buddies after long time of separation, possibly because of a prison sentence: very bad way, how to split cordial friends, but very usual in Svejk’s home quarter, swarming with small and big criminals alike: Prague-Liben.

“So, these are that dangerous Mossad fools,” Svejk said with utmost fascination, sitting on a chair, which squeaked under his “decent” weight, watching David Cohen, the main Mossad resident in Czechia, and Nataly Hay, suspected to be a Mossad “honey trap” operative, a Female Warfare operator, or even female assassin, but masked as a seducing belly dancer. Particularly the woman, young and pretty, caught his deep interest, it seemed.

Of course, that the Israelis were not too pleased, when Svejk started to compromise their identity loudly, as such security breach could result even in operatives’s painful death after very unplesant interrogation process by the enemy. But they were cold blooded, balanced assassins, like Karel Weidenthaler or Marketa Vselichova, never succumbing to emotions, anger, disappointment, or fear… moreover, who would believe this dumb fool Svejk?

David Cohen, forty two years old, married, well educated (Stanford University), maintained, well dressed, was a clever Jew, a shark in demanding corporate waters, able to count the right numbers quickly. This unique quality allowed him to make it very far in his previous corporate career: there were even rumors, that he was one of the corporate criminals, who started so called Global Economic Crisis 2008, misusing his high executive position in Goldman Sachs investment company ranks, bribed by the Chinese conspirators, who could get immense money and power from this worldwide crisis: every opportunity, how to weaken the West, played just for omnipresent and patient Asians.

Later, Cohen returned to Prague, where he was born many years ago as David Kohn, to work for Bezeq International, the key Israeli TELCO operator, transmitting almost all critically important comms of IDF (Israeli Defence Force) and Mossad, and Bezeq Int. was rumored to be under Chinese control, after unwise privatization in 2012.

Cohen, as the main Mossad resident in Czechia, was asssigned as recruitment officer, to execute negotiations with Marketa Korinkova, to persuade her to travel to Dubai, and do some “small favors” and “asserting interests” there, allegedly for Cohen’s employer: Operation SKINNY PUPPY, a joint operation of Czech Special Forces and Israeli Mossad.

“Welcome, friends!” Cohen said, smiling sweetly, passing the menu to Svejk and Hrdlicka, so they could study the beverages and food list, never showing any emotions to the opposite side during negotiation, always keeping his smile, as an offensive social weapon. “Great that you joined us… eventually. Traffic was bad, it’s Friday evening, so don’t apologize, please, we fully understand!”

After some innocent small talk, interrupted by Svejk’s argument with a waiter about quality of beer, served in the restaurant, Cohen went back to business. The time was precious, like always: the world doesn’t wait for slow fools.

“We asked the Czech SFC (Special Forces Command) for this meeting pressingly, because there is, let’s say, important development in our joint Operation SKINNY PUPPY, some new Intelligence was intercepted,” Cohen spoke softly and calmly. “Thank you, that you arrived, friends, and we can discuss the latest news, to find our common interests in the new affair. I am just surprised, that our collective friend didn’t make it here? Maybe he’s too busy?

Anyway, because the mutual relationships between us were always good, both our sides cooperated and helped each other widely, let me to perceive as natural, that you won’t deny my small wish, only to know your rank, authority and competence in the affair, so I and my colleague can understand better, how deeply you are informed, and whether you can decide things, because in the past, someone else was the liaison… the man, who is missing today. I just hope, that he is well, not crushed by all that big responsibility.”

“That’s good, that you used the past tense, amigo,” Svejk said with appreciation. “You see, this particular operation started in 2011, you remember, with that covert visual test of our future Princess Maryam at ‘Dos Amigos’ modeling agency, before that Miss Charles University 20011 beauty contest, where our asset shined for the first time, and that’s few years already.

How many things changed! Including the world, including us, and you… well, in certain sense, Operation SKINNY PUPPY outlived itself. It became active and open for too long, and it means, let’s say, natural changes came into the process, changing the operational conditions.

When it started, it was better times of cooperation between our famous countries, as you reminded, because nowadays, as you know, there is this paradigm shift, and powerful voices are resonating through Czechia, that we should abandon you, to limit the ties with you, and to orientate towards the Chinese, because they are the future, not you, after that big mistakes you made in 2010, including very powerful voices, like Katerina Motovska, next Minister of Defence, who presented her opinion clearly, that we need to have another principal military ally, instead of weakened, even crumbling Israel, as they say, plus, to appease Muslims, who are irritated by this connection, and it even elevates the general terrorist threat for Czechia… that Islamic State armed assault against Prague in August 2016 was a strong warning.

I just want to say, that this operation started under completely different conditions, than we have out there now. Let’s face the truth: in that time, we, the Czech Army, we were your vassal, your slave from NATO, we were a weak, defenseless puppy, with government full of weak treacherous politicians, who denied appropriate military spending… but these things changed, and we matured, like our Marketa matured, becoming a woman, a powerful creature.

Now, just eighty kilometers from here, in Northwestern direction, near Teplice, between deep woods, there is a secret SPECOPS base, where a missile with a nuclear warhead, called The Dark Sun, is waiting in an underground silo for a launch order, and it changes the whole game… and who gave this blessings to us? The Chinese, and North Koreans, they were helping us in this affair, unlike you, who tried to set back the development of our WMDs! And don’t try to deny it, we know well, what yo did! Using Chinese, we have eyes and ears anywhere!

OK, you had your reasons, why you wanted to hold us on the short leash, not allowing us to grow too much, out of your control, like our big father or mother… but you failed, and not only in this endeavor. Because what is Israel today? Only a shade of its former fame and influence, unlike the Chinese, who are taking all the power from you and the Americans, including geopolitical positions. How could you wonder, then, that we see those Asian as the future?

And do you know, that Operation SKINNY PUPPY is the last running joint project between you, and us? It’s a very memorable thing in certain way, but not for us, we watch forward, and the Special Forces Command cares about it almost no more.

This is the reason, why our mutual friend couldn’t come today, to indicate to you, that we have simply only very limited interest in the affair anymore, that this is not any priority for us… moreover, with his elevated official position in the ranks of Czech defence apparatus, not speaking about his rumored leading post in The Inner Circle, as you reminded, friend, it would be very unwise to participate at meetings like this, you certainly understand… don’t take it personally, things simply changed.

So, they sent us two instead, because I was the liaison officer of the operation during its critical phase in Winter 2012 in Dubai, oh, that’s so many years ago, and this fool Hrdlicka is my successor in the office, who will be handling the asset since today, as the SFC wants to have direct control over it, forcing you to consult all present and future intentions, regarding the Asset A102, with us… not like in the past, when you made moves behing our back, but who cares.

To assume the asset, literally, we will go into Sultan restaurant nearby, where she should be present there this evening, and colleague Hrdlicka will, how do you call it, ‘process her’. We were told, that Miss Nataly has her dancing performance there too… this could be a nice evening, you know, socializing, mingling, chat, drinking… making new friendships and alliances. With her, and you too.”

“That’s really good, that you will join us,” Cohen agreed. “But let’s discuss the current affairs first: you probably read the latest issue of Heavy Slander gossip magazine?”

“Yes, they forced me to,” Svejk said with disdain, because he hated reading, too much exhausting, too much intellectual activity for him, a simple soul. “Allegedly, there was some really disturbing information for you Israelis, so you called for this meeting… but which one, I don’t understand? Some dumb technology convention in Dubai, alleged miraculous invention, planned to be revealed there… it will be another charade, I am telling you! Those rats from Wu Corporation always lie, that’s their strategy, and I know something about it, because I was working for them for two long years! I mean, it was my corporate cover, infiltration of their structures… but you Mossad fools definitely know more about such things, like deception.”

“Successful business is always about charade and deception, like war or seduction of a woman,” Cohen acknowledged. “But what if I would tell you, that those Wu masterminds are planning something really terrible there, in Dubai, during the convention, and Korinkova is the one, who will be misused for this crime? We only want to know, whether you know about it, and whether you are planning to contain the situation somehow.

The situation is, that according to our Intelligence data, Wu Corporation plans to deploy a new bioweapon of mass persuasion there. And they will use our asset SKINNY PUPPY for it,” Cohen revealed, putting cards on the table.

“What?” dumb Svejk didn’t understand, like always. “You mean, that they will send her to rob some Dubai bank, using some telepathy, parapsychology, wicca, or to steal some miraculous American invention from the backstage? Are you serious, amigo, or making fun from me?”

“We are talking about an ultimate bioweapon here, about latest state-of-the-art scientific invention, very advanced, even too much, very dangerous for us all,” Cohen explained with more detail. “Nanotechnology, cloaked, undetectable, miniaturized, which should be allegedly carried and deployed by Korinkova, regardless, if she knows that or not. Or rather she will become the bioweapon herself, that’s another option, if they will deploy some medical intervention on her, for example at GHC Clinic.

Do you know about this? Are you involved in any capacity, in this conspiracy?”

“Fool, I am just a footsoldier, a grunt, this is too big game for me, moreover, I am retired from military service already,” Svejk informed Cohen honestly. “I would be the last fool to be informed about such a big thing, and this other fool Hrdlicka is too fresh meat, a fish!

But you said, that this alleged bioweapon works like some persuasion tool, or what? We have chemicals for that purpose, PHE-X, an artificial female pheromone, we used them for years already, we used it even in Dubai in 2012 against the asset, and the civilian version, weaker, is used even in casinos, as PHE-CA, they release the chemical into the air, to seduce gamblers for bigger spending, also in anti-aging, even as a perfume… so what is the difference between this verified and effective chemical, and this new alleged miraculous invention? I still don’t understand.

We have such toys already! WU’s Industrial Biotechnology division is making them for us, not speaking about deadly toxins, plastic explosives, APCs, tanks, and many other dangerous toys for big boys and girls…”

“Even us don’t know all the details,” Cohen confessed. “Wu is protecting this secret really well. So we don’t know, how the weapon operates exactly, and what is the miracle there. We only know, that Wu invested huge amount of money into this plan, so it should be something very big, helping them to achieve ultimate goals of Chinese world dominance, and it will happen in Dubai, probably to be used by Korinkova, during that technology convention, because many technology big shots from Silicon Valley will be present there, and this thing will be allegedly able to bypass all that extreme security measures, preventing any terrorist or criminal from entering the venue.

But of course, some of these facts could be a deliberately released false information, a smoke screen, to lead us away from the direction of truth. Still, we deny to underestimate it, because many of that Dubai technolology people are our pampered assets.”

“You mean that Facebook fool, Zuckerberg, or how they call him,” Svejk guessed. “Yeah, I remember, it was the New Years Eve, the last day of 2007, when I was drinking in my favorite pub peacefully, and there was this lass, who told me, that if I want to see her private and very interesting pictures, I need to go to some web address,, but the photos are hidden for strangers, so we need to become ‘friends’ first… and I told her: ‘Bitch, this is all too complicated, can’t you just show me your treasures directly, instead of sending me into some virtual fake world, like a miserable fool?’

Well, I didn’t understand, what she means with that Facebook thing… but I guess, that today, ten years later, we all know, what it all means, huh huh. I even heard some Millennial saying, that ‘Facebook is obsolete’ and ‘current generation is ceasing to use it’… eh, this world is really too quick for me!

I just wonder, if you suspect WU from planning such a crime of the century against your Jewish people, why don’t you simply stop them? Cancelling the convention, to protect your people there? Why all this hesitating approach?”

“Because, as I told you, we don’t know, what is the truth, it can all be some false information to deceive us, to exhaust our Intelligence resources, whereas the real thing will be happening elsewhere. It’s called diversion,” Cohen admitted.

“I think, that we all should have a drink… you know, to remove tension, doubts and overanalyzing,” Svejk suggested, smiling like an idiot. For him, only alcohol was a proper and universally useful cure for all problems in life. “Moreover, our other two friends here should also pitch in the fruitful discussion… like this cute Jewess girl on the opposite side of the table, who attracts my look the whole time, and I can’t deny this fact! So many rumors are circulating about her… they even warned me against her, that she is allegedly extremely dangerous for any man, can you believe it?

And can you believe, that the SFC was wondering, like fools, what exactly is she doing here? They have no clue… but I asked here and there a little bit, in my home quarter, called Liben, and now, I know!

Imagine, they call me the dumbest soldier of the Czech Army, ever, they discussed in the Parliament about taking my Czech citizenship from me… and still… I know more, than all that useless BIS Intelligence databases of theirs, all that super computers and advanced surveillance… just because I was born in the right city quarter, where you only ask in a pub, and sooner or later, you have your precise answer, like, how to repair your Skoda car, without paying to those car repair thieves! It’s magical, isn’t it, this nice folk traditions and culture?”

When Cohen translated Svejk’s speech to Nataly Hay, she smiled, showed her shining white porcelain teeth, and she wanted to know, what is that big revelation about her.

“Well, I am not sure, whether I should say, what I know,” Svejk was uncertain suddenly. “I don’t want to end like that Mordechai Vanunu, that whistleblower from Israeli Dimona reactor, who informed the world about Israeli nuclear weapons research, and he was at first lured by some female honey trap operative from Britain into Italy, and then abducted by Mossad…

But at least I would have a tourist trip to some Israeli black site or torturing chamber for free, and I could inform the SFC about latest interrogation and torture methods by Mossad… maybe there could be even some medal for me, you know, to compensate my suffering in higher state interests!

So, I will spill it mercilessly, if the girl wants to know the very inconvenient truth, which will blow her Intelligence cover in this land completely, effectively ending her career of an Israeli operative abroad… did you ever hear the name, Omar Bin Ghazali, fools? He is that Wahhabi journalist from Doha, Qatar, from ARC News, an Al Jazeera competitor… and he is very near, sniffing for all Jews of the Old Town quarter, as he wants to reveal their alleged conspiracy to the world.

Sorry, friends… they told us, that we won’t intervene this time, we won’t protect you, that this is your problem, your affair, not ours. But it will be probably very nasty… Bin Ghazali allegedly bribed several high-ranked Czech officials, and got his hands on very classified, very unpleasant documents about your Jewish Militia SHALOM, which allegedly operates here… maybe even Czech government will fall this evening, who knows… in any case, there will be another reason, to have another drink!”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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