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General Staff of the Czech Army
SFC – Special Forces Command
Tychonova Street 221/1
160 00 Prague 6 – Dejvice

Asset A55
Special Unit C102: PSYOPS
AMG – Active Measures Group
VU-102-C Teplice

Subject: Operation SKINNY PUPPY SFC62 – Update 10251/2017.A


the following message was intercepted by our advanced All Seeing Eye global surveillance technology. Please advise, whether and how to process it. To pass it to Spanish CounterIntelligence CNI? To warn them of possible upcoming terrorist and subversive activity on the Spanish national territory? They would owe us…

Asset A55


As requested by our corporate Chinese allies from Wu Corporation, our critically important defence supplier with certain interest in the affair, I hereby declare:

1) With immediate validity, the intercepted message has TOP SECRET classification, as ordered by higher places, it means Ministry of Defence level (Wu Classification: CODE 6 ORANGE)
2) All existing copies are to be destroyed, all personnel, who saw the content, are bound to eternal silence. Any information security breach will be reprimanded with the most severe and violent methods of extrajudicial punishment, incl. termination of service with extreme prejudice
3) You are entitled for a special financial bonus of 5.000 USD in addition to your regular wage, which was already sent to your private bank account

Thank you for your cooperation, A55.

Captain Vladimir Stefan
Liaison Officer
CZ Military-Industrial Complex


Burj Khalifa – Concierge Office
1 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Downtown Dubai
Dubai, UAE


Amin H. Nasser
President and CEO
Saudi Aramco Corporation
P.O. Box 5000
Dhahran 31311, Saudi Arabia

Marketa Maryam Korinkova
Personal Advisor of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Female Affairs
P.O.Box 9440
United Arab Emirates

As-Salamu Alaykum, dear brother Amin,

I thank Allah, the Most Glorified and Most High, for your admiring letter, and your deep cordial interest in a screenplay I wrote, with the permission, blessing and help of Allah, who demands some real Islamic culture to be created, instead of letting Muslims to be exposed to corrupted infidel media propaganda, full of naked unveiled bodies and fornication, executed by masterminds like Rihanna Medusa or Beyonce from Illumnati ranks of corrupted occultists, worshipping Shaytan, seducing Muslims to various sins, leading them astray, away from Allah, the only God, who has no partners or offsprings.

But if some Muslims have the urge to watch movies, which are full of fitnah… better to let them to watch movies with at least elementary Islamic rules preserved, to lead those people closer to Allah, including thousand of infidels, who need Allah, their only chance for liberation and salvation.

Indeed, a movie is an extremely powerful tool of da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, like the Jews use their actress Gal Gadot for the similar purpose, to affect millions of viewers, either today or in many following years, and this was also my original intention, to which I was inspired by Allah, because He wants the healing words of Islam, the religion of peace, to be heard by the whole world, East and West.

I am the most delighted, that in His limitless opportunities, which Her provides to His believers generously, allowing them to earn a lot of credit, He chose me, His insignificant servant, as His tool to execute this another great plan of our Lord, but He also has an important mission for you, brother, to provide material resources for the realization, because the business company which you control, Saudi Aramco, is the most valuable corporation of the world, with the permission of Allah, so Islam can grow stronger, new madrasses and masjids can be built around the whole world, so more people can learn about Allah, Islam and Prophet Muhammad, to worship Allah yet more, as we, the human kind, are created by Him, and everything, what we have, including oil supplies and all wealth of Saudi Arabia, are His gifts.

Brother Amin, I appreciate very highly, that you see the same vast opportunities of da’wah and leading people to Allah in this artistic vision, and you offered to realize the project, by providing all necessary funding, personnel and support, if Allah wills, so the result can be positive for Muslims and Islam, maybe even pleasing Allah, if done correctly.

I also appreciate, that you insist on my full control of the additional edits of the screenplay, so the artistic result will be, with the permission of Allah, exactly as I intended: to worship Allah with my work, dedicated to worship Him, but also inspiring His servants and slaves to be better Muslims, not to succumb to the trasient world of dunya.

You know well, brother Amin, that we women are sensitive and emotional, sometimes even too much, fragile, vulnerable and unstable, losing integrity, succumbing to the seducing Estrogen hormone too much, which is not about cold logics and detached stoicism, as core manhood, but rather about excitement, deep insight, intensity, and our powerful feminine sexuality is difficult to control, even feared by men, many of us women are even sexually addicted, obsessed with bodily pleasures, although we are more efficient in hiding and denying our vices and demons, than men.

Therefore, I hope, that in this case, my special female skills and creative abilities will be well used for spreading the fame of Allah, so more and more of lost and wandering souls can find His guiding light, endless Compassion and Mercy, men and women alike, as both will find something for them in the creation.

Now, with the permission of Allah, let me tell you more detail about the project:

As you probably know, brother, there are certain elementary rules, which need to be preserved, to make an artistic work interesting for the masses. Love is indeed a primary factor of attractive art, and here, it will be about an Islamic love, it will be inspiring, showing, how pure, decent and healthy is the Islamic love, in comparison with degenerated procedures of mating of unbelievers, those primitive animals without souls.

And there has to be some conflict too, like misunderstandings, betrayal, treason, mistakes, succumbing to fitnah and sins… some evil person around, jealous, full of envy, trying to set back and destroy their love, orchestrating various conspiracies against the beloved…

Also, the work should cover some critical Islamic issue, some fitnah, which is still not resolved, to create something like background of the tale.

With the permission of Allah, I chose the Al-Andalus issue, as I read a book about the history of Islamic presence in Spain recently, called ‘Islamic Tales Of Al-Andalus’, and it filled my heart with very ambivalent feelings and questions: should we Muslims struggle to get the mythical and long lost Al-Andalus back from infidels, or to ignore this defeat and humiliation, the worst event of Islamic history, simply to learn from mistakes of our ancestors, and instead of permanently turning back and weeping, like fools, simply to retake the land, which belongs to Allah, using the most efficient means, granted by Allah, like Love Jihad, Legal Jihad and Demographic Jihad?

Indeed, this issue creates big fitnah in Ummah, the world Islamic community, particularly in Spain and Maghreb countries, particularly Morocco. As I read, there is also very deep and persistent tension between Spain and Morocco, regarding this lasting Al-Andalus issue, which was reopened again in last two decades, as I understand, when the Grand Masjid of Granada was built in 2003, so close to Al-Hamra Palace in Granada, called Islamic Wonder of the world, symbol of lost Emirate of Granada, marking official return of Islam into those lands, belonging solely to Allah.

I would like to consult the issue of Al-Andalus with scholars from all over the Islamic world, to hear their opinion. In any case, in the movie, there will be both basic approaches suggested: first, mentioned methods of jihad and confrontation to recover Granada and Al-Hamra, and second, erasing this pain from the hearts and memories of Muslims, simply by hard work, struggling to make Islam to be victorious in Spain, so ‘La Ghalib Illa Allah‘, There Is No Victor Except Allah, the motto of Granada Emirate, can be truly fulfilled.

My basic artistic vision of necessary conflict in the work is also related to differences between genders: HE, a man, obsessed with war, fighting, conquering and dominance, not willing to tolerate any insult, will represent the first choice, and SHE, more tolerant as a woman, even a little bit weak and corrupted maybe, from his perception, will suggest simply to ignore some virtual memories, because all this life, it’s just a dream, a gift of Allah, but the real rewards await you in the hereafter, so why to spend the worldly life with any hatred, bad feelings and resentment, that some old weak corrupted Muslims, who are long gone, caused Islam to be humiliated, if Allah permitted it, as those people failed?

So, in short:

It’s summer, holidays, a beach in Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain), in the city of ALGECIRAS near Gibraltar (this city was not chosen by accident, as it was besieged several times in 14th century by infidels, as I read, until Muslims decided to destroy it voluntarily, to prevent its future capture, as they couldn’t hold it – symbolic significance, whether also Granada and Al-Hamra shouldn’t be destroyed voluntarily, before allowing it to be captured?)

Saturday afternoon, beautiful day, sunny, sky is blue, like on postcards. You see a group of young Muslims around twenty years, their parents originating from Morocco, but their sons hardly speaking Arabic, most of them unemployed, on social welfare benefits, corrupted with infidel world around them. They play football, shouting loudly, bragging, showing muscles, to attract interest from infidel women around, because they like to seduce them, using their Islamic exotica on them.

The beach is peaceful, people lying, tanning, the sea, nothing is missing… and there a small group comes, a young man with two young women in hijabs, also around twenty years, who follow the man from a meter or two of distance, because they are probably more orthodox Muslims, and they sit in the beach. The women remain dressed, just removing their shoes, to taste water with feet, but that’s all, so they look quite strangely between all that naked infidel bodies, and their brother lies down, enjoying the sun, ignoring them, the women are talking only to each other, but following him obediently, everywhere he goes, even without words and orders. It’s in their nature to follow a Mahram man.

One group ignores each other, until one of the local Muslims leaves other football players, when he checks the time, going to a nearby shower, and he makes wu´du, returning to the shore, dressing into a T-shirt and trousers, and he starts to pray, like the only one on the beach, attracting generla attention, even rejection, particularly from infidels, who expect some terrorist attack or what, fools.

One of the girls notices him. She is small, and not so slim, like a fashion model, rather feminine, curvy. She has pretty, soft feminine face, nice brown eyes, and her body is also soft and feminine, with wide hips, large buttocks and thick thighs. She symbolizes a Mother. Her name is RASHIDA AL-MAGHRIBI.

And the man, who prayed, his name is HAKIM AL-HAMRI, he noticed her as well, when she and her sister were standing in the water, preserving modesty and obedience, and it impressed Hakim. But he knows, when she observes her, that she is probably from more conservative Islamic environment, and he doesn’t know suddenly, if it’s even possible to address her somehow, as he is so impressed with her devotion to Allah, her modesty, and obedience, and female beauty… but usually, he talks to much accessible women.

He would like to meet her, to get to know her, but he is not sure, how to do it without insulting her, or her brother… so after he finishes with prayer, he starts to watch the girl and and her companion, he doesn’t return into the football game, he sits on a bench near that shower, watching those three, thinking, that when they will be leaving, they will go around him possibly, and there could be an opportunity to get closer to her.

And then, there is this big opportunity, or fitnah, for Hakim: when the man with women are leaving the beach, from some reason, Rashida goes in advance, leaving the others. Just few meters from Hakim, she comes, and sits on the next bench, cleans her feet and shoes from sand. And he hesitates, what to do, knowing, that speaking to her directly could spoil all the chances for success.

The right Islamic choice would be to speak to her (probably) brother at first, he realizes, to choose indirect approach, not like infidels, free-mixing and talking to each other directly. So he greets the brother with As-Salamu Alaykum, to start a common conversation, just like that, avoiding to speak about the woman, not to be too direct. So he rather ask the brother, where is he from, and so on, whereas both women remain aside, ignoring men.

Now, I am not sure, whether the brother will accessible and pleasant, or rather strict and denying and aggressive… it would be maybe more interesting, if there would be some problem, conflict, obstacle between Hakim and the other man, the brother rejecting to talk with Hakim from whatever reason, maybe  he is insulted, that Hakim asks about the woman, if he is his sister… anyway, Hakim should say, ‘I would like to get to know you, brother, your family, and your sister more.’

There will be this interesting contrast between this local Spanish-Moroccan Muslim from Algeciras, and these real Morroccan Muslims, desdendants of infamous Moriscos (Muslims, forcefully converted to Christianity, after fall of Emirate of Granada, and later expelled from Spain), who came into Al-Andalus to visit their relatives, some social event maybe, family gathering.

When Hakim is permitted to visit her family, to meet them, as Rashida is in good age for marriage, Hakim of course dresses well, and so on… and he speaks with her father and brothers there only, as there is gender segregation in Islam, so he can’t approach Rashida, before he is approved by the family, and she only serves refreshment for men and disappears, too modest, not looking at him, like proper Muslim woman, although inside him, the passion boils, when he sees her closely. But he knows, that a romance is more complicated in Islam.

Although the family men like Hakim at first, when the discussions about Al-Andalus starts, and he presents his strict opinion about Al-Andalus, that it should be taken back from infidels, such is the Islamic duty, to keep integrity of sacred Dar al-Islam, they reject this opinion. They say, that such talk only attracts and creates radicals, and creates bad image of Muslims, it damages Islam, and there is conflict between them, but Rashida hears everyhing from the next room.

The father, who is by coincidence an Imam in a mosque in a small Moroccan city, says: ‘Al-Andalus was fitnah then, and it’s fitnah today.’

In the end, the young men says: ‘And what if I would get the Al-Hamra as a gift for your daughter Rashida? Would you still reject the idea?’

The Imam says, ‘You are too obsessed with symbols, brother. You don’t need Al-Hamra to get her heart: she is no Princess, just a good girl, good servant of Allah. Just be a good Muslim, and worship Allah, maybe you will succeed.’

But Hakim is young, he is hungry, he is not in complete peace… her family will instruct her, to keep away from him, as he is not a man for her, he has no money, no decent job, no future, nothing, he inclines to be radicalized, in their perception… moreover, he is not in their social circles, so they have no social control over him.

But she is that kind of woman, who wants to help people, who wants to understand, who are they, what they feel, and he is a brother of Islam, she wants to know directly, why her father rejects him.  Maybe this forbidden fruit even attracts her more. So she finds him, back at the beach, where he visits with his friends regularly, although it’s not completely permissible, and they walk, and talk, although they keep distance from each other, not looking at each other.

She presents the opinion, that he should me more in peace, he should forget Al-Andalus, to concentrate on worshipping Allah, not some old nasty tales… and he says, ‘But how, when I live there, with all this memories and symbols around, creating obsession inside me? The Spanish infidels celebrate The Surrender every year, their patron, Saint James, is called ‘Slayer of Muslims’… how can I tolerate this???’.

Anyway, they part ways, and Hakim, who at least has some mission in life, he starts to investigate, what could be done for liberating Al-Andalus. He wants to prove his value, ability and manly might to Rashida’s father, maybe also to his own family, and friends.

“I will liberate Al-Hamra for Allah, Islam and my love.”
“One day, she will be sitting on a silk cushion at the Courtyard of Lions.”
“This must be finally done, as Allah demands, after centuries of weakness, feebleness and ignorance of Muslims.”

Hakim’s investigation, determination and clear questions attract certain interest in the Islamic community, although they also try to stop him, to prevent any radicalism and negative interest of Spanish security forces. But he finds very surprising new allies: the omnipresent Chinese, who need the Europe in unrest and divided, weak, full of conflicts and fragmentation, to achieve Chinese global dominance, so they secretly support all subversive activities… and they offer him help.

Firstly, they say, it’s necessary to establish an organization, dedicated to the AL-Andalus goal. They suggest to call it IFLA, or ‘Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus’… he connects with other Moroccan descendants of Moriscos, using Rashida’s father’s contacts. He is willing to help Hakim in the Al-Andalus affair, but not to give him his daughter as wife, it seems. Or maybe he wants to test Hakim more, if he is worthy of affection of Rashida enough? Maybe he likes him, but he needs more proofs?

IFLA is established indeed, and it grows quickly, as many Spanish and Moroccan Muslims feel, that Al-Andalus needs to be liberated, and now, finally, they have a tool for this liberation. The problem is, that sooner or later, various extremists join the cause, it’s inevitable, and USA, EU and Morocco don’t like this subversive effort, even with suspicions of terrorist activity, probably orchestrated as a false flag operation by the Spanish Intelligence service CNI, to damage the Spanish Muslims, to label them as extremists and potential terrorists.

Anyway, the Chinese keep control of the affair from distance, pulling levers secretly… and there is this infidel woman, a legal counsellor, and she is paid by Chinese, to establish a precise strategy, how to conquer Al-Andalus back, using peaceful method of Legal Jihad, as she works in China, in Hong Kong, as a Special Military Advisor for Chinese Army in the matters of Lawfare.

She is a former elite fashion model from Czech Republic, turned into a top corporate lawyer, named Iveta Klimesova. She is most impressive physically, tall, slim and pretty, with bright hair, complete opposite of Rashida, and also much older, she is 34 years old, in a ten years long relationship with another lawyer, but it lost all passion already, they are like a brother and sister to each other, so she is highly depressed and unhappy, not satisfied with her life, although she makes very impressive professional career for the Chinese.

She thought, that it’s the right time for a child, although she doesn’t love her infidel partner anymore… but Allah prevents her from conceiving a child, He doesn’t want these two to be connected, they don’t belong to each other, so she slowly loses her self-value, thinking, that she is unable to have children, and she is scared to go to that doctors from GHC Clinic, to ask for artificial insemination, because she had that girlish dream, that everything in her life will be, like it should be: you know, a white prince on white horse, who comes, who gives her love, happiness, healthy children, future… but her real life is completely different, so Iveta quite drinks forbidden alcohol, even turning to forbidden witchcraft, through her best friend Petronela Lorencova, a VIP tarot card reader and occultist… she is even glad, that she leaves Hong Kong and goes to Algeciras, far from her confined, unhappy life under grey sky…

Hakim sees her total misery, he appreciates her help for the cause, and she is pretty, mesmerizing, positive, like an angel, but also seductive, you can hardly resist her sexual magic, so with the permission of Allah, Hakim will execute Love Jihad on her, to liberate her. We will show the world, what the Muslim men should do with all infidel women… if you want to sleep with them, OK, but you must do it in the name of da’wah, not just for body pleasure… serve Allah with whatever you do!

Anyway, Hakim, who is a black IFLA horse of the Chinese, covert, not to be exposed and targeted for easy elimination, as official IFLA leaders, sacrificed as scapegoats, he rises in the IFLA ranks steadily, and together with Klimesova, who could even get pregnant with Hakim, to deepen the conflict yet, plus Chinese advisors in Active Measures affairs… they will prepare the precise strategy, with one shocking intention:

To establish so called IRG, ‘Islamic Republic Granada’, a direct legal successor of Emirate of Granada.

To erase 525 years of painful misery of Muslims.

To start a new book of Al-Andalus, if Allah permits.

The family of Rashida of course knows, what is happening, although they have limited contact with Hakim now, they keep away from him deliberately, as Americans, EU and Morocco designated IFLA as a terrorist organization, and infidel Special Forces commandos and drones started to target IFLA leaders, to execute them without any court.

Anyway, there is much talk about IRG in the Islamic community, even Islamic Spanish newspapers like ‘Islam Hoy’ are writing about it, and Morisco descendants, like this Al-Maghribi family, they can’t believe this miracle, although it seems still as rather a dream. Some Muslims support the idea of liberation through IRG, other reject it, calling it impossible, futile, risky…

Also Spanish authorities and security apparatus intervenes in full force, as this subversive effort is against territorial integrity of Spain, it means the most serious crime against Constitution of Spanish Kingdom, and the Royal pair of Spain, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, they make joint proclamation to IFLA, inviting IFLA leaders to the negotiation table, to avoid bloodshed, as also terrorists from Islamic State and Global Liberation Army joined the Al-Andalus cause, probably ‘motivated’ by Chinese, to create more turmoil in Europe, using Muslims as the Chinese cat’s pawn…

The IFLA Muslims demand apology for all Christian and Spanish crimes against Moriscos, launching literally a legal war against Spanish government, against state offices of Granada municipality, even against organization, administering Al-Hamra palace… they are systematical, ruthless, unstoppable, they don’t fear infidel militarized police, courts and prisons, they fear only Allah.

But their primary effort is to erase shameful 525 years of history, and using Klimesova’s legal skills, to assert the idea, that IRG was established BEFORE Muhammad XII., the last sultan of Granada Emirate and despised traitor of Islam, signed the shameful Treaty of Granada

Rashida’s feelings about Hakim will be mixed. On one side, she sees warrior inside him, a strong man, whom she could love… on the other hand, she is scared to connect with him, as he can be killed in jihad by countless enemies, not only infidels, even some Muslims are against IRG idea, and she will remain alone with potential child, or children… she will have these doubts, whereas Hakim will be sleeping with Klimesova, who will mess his life with her infidel female instability and too much independence… but she is helping the cause, so Hakim tolerates it.

Then, the media will take an intimate picture of Klimesova and him together, very close to each other, in some club, everybody can see, that they are lovers, and Rashida sees it, realizing, that Hakim has an nfidel mistress, she will reject him, crying, there will be serious conflict between them… and there is this other man, Alaa, who loves Rashida for years, who has a good job, an University education…

Rashida’s father is thinking about solving this issue with marrying Rashida with Alaa, to prevent her to succumg to Hakim’s magic, who is now really despised by Rashida’s family… but he becomes a hero for some Muslims, when he goes into Madrid, to negotiate with Spanish authorities on behalf of IFLA and Moriscos, and he makes this bold demand, that the Royal pair of Spanish kingdom must be present there, to guarantee, that all future deals will be kept… not like those Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile, who broke the Treaty of Granada after several years, and this time, Muslims won’t allow the sad history to be repeated…

As you can see, the Chinese advise Hakim well, to create yet more publicity of the issue, and also, to provide protection for Hakim, who is now an ambassador of good will, appreciated by both sides…

Brother Amin, I said enough. I will pray to Allah, that our Lord will allow us, His obedient servants and slaves, to turn this artistic vision into reality, at least on a movie reel, so there can be new discussion about AL-Andalus issue, and maybe some inspiration, how to solve this issue once and forever… all wrapped in an exciting love tale, to attract masses of Muslims and infidels alike.

Brother, my last words are this: I am aware, that the conservative Islam rejects the idea of fiction in arts, as it’s considered lying, which is not permissible, except justified cases of Taqiya. But I believe, that Allah will make the final choice, whether this project should be allowed, or not…

Walk in protection of Allah, brother Amin! And if Allah will permit, I will hear from you soon… much of work is in front of us.


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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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