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Just one hundred meters from ‘Barock Restaurant’ in Prague’s Parizska Street, where the Mossad operatives just met with liaison officers of the elite Special Forces of the Czech Army, to discuss latest developments in Operation SKINNY PUPPY, regarding Marketa Korinkova, or rather The Islamic Princess Maryam, originally a top Czech fashion model, later a big social player in the Emirates and main media face of Amwaj Jewellery, a strange group of people gathered, some of them obviously of Middle Eastern descent, originating from Qatar, and some were Czech locals.

The Qataris were definitely a professional journalistic team, as they had a big camera with ARC logo with them, and in the middle of the group, placed at the end of Parizska street, just close to the Old Town square, Omar Bin Ghazali was standing, a Qatari journalistic ace, reading his last notes for the upcoming record, which will be broadcasted into the whole Arabic and Islamic world, from Morocco to Malaysia, and besides him, a tall, pretty, most impressive woman, definitely a fashion model, with hair and neck covered with hijab, symbol of female modesty and obedience towards Allah, the only God, the Most Glorified, the Most High.

When everything was set for a transmission, and the ARC central in Doha confirmed, that the long-distance connection with Prague is working, the local Czech Muslims, CCM Wahhabis from Teplice, devoted brothers in Islam, who were operating as guides and unpaid, voluntary security detail, not afraid to use even violence to protect the reporter against any threats, they placed themselves around Bin Ghazali, to provide complete shield for him, as it could be expected, that Czech passers-by and plentiful Czech enemies of Islam could try to disrupt the recording somehow: indeed, the local Czech major population didn’t like Islam and Muslims at all, on the contrary.

Not speaking about local Jewish Militia SHALOM, illegal, never allowed by Czech authorities to be established, let alone to be heavily armed, watching the Qatari group from decent distance, not to be accused from creating an open provocation or religious intolerance, but very attentively, including their alleged leader, Aaron Gunsberger, an ex-Special Forces operator from Israeli elite “Sayeret Matkal” commando, suspected from war crimes in Gaza and Palestine by the international courts, now running local “King Salomon” kosher restaurant, with its cellar allegedly full of military-grade weapons and explosives, even anti-tank rockets, allagedly to “protect Jewish landmarks against terrorism and desecration”, and under the jackets of the Jews, dozens of them gathered here, from all the local restaurants and jewellry shops, to “send a message” to Muslims, that this is allegdly a Jewish Quarter and a Jewish land, you could sense weapons, loaded with live ammunition.

Surprisingly, the ruthless assault units and heavily armed counter-terrorist patrols of the Czech Militarized Police (PCR), with faces masked cowardly with black balaclavas, to get rid of any personal responsibility for caused violence on the human targets, occuring in combat sights of their G36C assault rifles and H&K MP5 submachine guns, were nowhere to be seen, like if they would avoid Parizska street deliberately this evening, not willing to intervene, from whatever reasons, only to supervise, using their covert human assets, dressed in inconspicuous civilian apparel, but with clear and very questionable orders: not to influence the inevitable flow of events, even if human lives will be at stake, unless ordered directly from higher places (=understand, Ministry of Interior level).

The basic reason of this tight control of the Czech security apparatus was, that there could be another high-profile and immensely serious diplomatic incident with vast political, social and economic consequences, like that fateful Armed Raid Against Czech Mosques in April 2014, which the Minister of Interior barely survived at his official chair, and which seemed as a great humiliation of Muslims, who were just praying at their mosques peacefully, and suddenly this merciless police SWAT commando was pointing their submachine guns at them, threatening to shoot them (or to be shot, as the video record from the event, taken by one of the Muslims, is hardly audible)…

But in the end, it was the Ministry, who was hit with following backlash, like ruthless demands of CCM Wahhabis to find the culprit(s) of this extreme cultural insensitivity, intolerance and provocation, be it inside the Czech Militarized Police or Czech judicial system, it means a court, a judge, which issued and signed alleged executive order to “secure the evidence with immediate validity”, so the assault had to be executed allegedly immediately, even during Friday congregational prayers, very important for Muslims, when the Cerny Most mosque was full of innocent women and children

And imagine: all this extreme insensitivity, commotion, violation of religious and worldly rights of Muslims, plus a brutal police raid, which reminded infamous 17th November 1989 and Narodni Trida massacre of peaceful protesters against corrupted Communist regime, executed by the SAME police assault units, which only changed uniforms, updated equipment and combat tactics, to be “up-to-date”…

It all happened only because of some insignificant book with alleged anti-Jewish content, allegedly translated and distributed by the Czech Islamic community, which is known to be weak and fragmented, swarming with half-Islamic apostates, who celebrate forbidden Xmas and mingle with infidels, taking them as best friends (like Eman Ghaleb), worshippers of unclean dogs (like Romana Cervenkova), hateful renegades (like Lukas Lhotan) and countless infiltrators from BIS, Czech CounterIntelligence service (like Ivana Benova or Tereza Lipanova), and these feeble Muslims aren’t able to assert even minarets for their moques…

The Czech Police threatened to shoot human beings and followers of Allah Himself, protected by Him, just for a book (!), a piece of paper, which means nothing, because proper Muslims read only the holy Qur’an, a gift to mankind from Allah Himself, and what can mean some worthless pamplet, written by a mortal, in comparison with ultimate wisdom of Allah, with His own unaltered words?

Still, the Czech Militarized Police ambushed the venue with military-grade APCs (armored personnel carriers), with their 30mm fast-firing cannons loaded with terrible and inhuman WIP munitions (incendiary/inflammable grenades, consisting of white phosphorus, which can’t be put down with water, causing devastating burns), like if those Police fools would be executing a full-scale counter-terrrost operation against Islamic State or Global Liberation Army… but these CCMs, Islamized Gypsies from Teplice, they have nothing to lose, they fear only Allah, so you could hardly get rid of them, making just some vague official replies and cheap threats of police investigation and prison sentences, if they will “bother further”

On the contrary, the CCMs welcomed all worldly “problems” with authorities and anybody, willing to become martyrs, prisoners, victims of Czech justice, its anti-Islamic verdicts, and Czech Police violence. The CCMs expressed even pity in their statement, which shocked the Czech public, that no Muslim was shot or even killed during the police raid, incidentally perhaps, or provoking the policemen to shoot deliberately, not obeying their orders, making suspicious moves into pockets, because that kind of martyrdom would create immense options of Islamic Public Relations, and shocking media subtitles like “Bloody Police Murder In A Czech Mosque”, reaching the whole world immediately…

And masjid is a sacred place of worshipping Allah, and whoever disrupts this peace, or even desecrates it with violence and blood, must and will be punished by Allah… imagine all that angered Muslim rallies over the world, from Morocco to Malaysia, all that burned Czech national flags, burned Czech embassies, attacked and beaten Czech citizens, boycott of Czech merchandise for export, not only famous Skoda cars, but also Semtex COLOR, the famous plastic explosive, favored by many terrorist groups… indeed, the Ummah can show her anger very loudly, without regards to borders, like in that Claudia Schiffer Affair in 1994.

Anyway, this evasive move of the Czech security forces, regarding Parizska street, was a warning sign, that something will happen today, something bad, and both parties, Muslims and Jews, will have troubles, but neither of them could step back from their values, and just to go home, to let the other party take their territory.

Indeed, something was in the air… and most likely, there will be violence. Too much of ruthless radicals, who aren’t afraid to die on their path of faith, and at one place, a small city quarter, it couldn’t end well… and the Czech Police cleared the “playground” for those parties deliberately, as instructed by covert masterminds, who had their own interests in the affair.

Bin Ghazali had several final deep breaths, to calm himself, and to make his voice slow. After reciting “Bismillahi Rahmani Rahimi”, “In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful”, it was time, to execute the will of Allah, and light of the camera illuminated his face.

“Far away from hot deserts of Arabic peninsula, far from Persian Gulf, there is an ancient infidel metropolis, called The City Of Hundred Towers,” Bin Ghazali started his presentation with decisive voice. “Here, twenty nine years ago, year 1408 AH, or 1988, a woman called Marketa Korinkova was born, but the world knows her rather under her Islamic name, Maryam, meaning ‘Mother of Prophet Isa/Jesus‘, which she accepted upon her official submission to Allah, five years ago, in the United Arab Emirates, in Sheikh Zayed Grand Masjid, Abu Dhabi, as suggested by the Imam, and present witnesses of her conversion.

With the permission of Allah, I was able to track and find these witnesses, who reported, that her Shahadah (=declaration of faith) was sincere, and they all felt, that this particular woman, enchanting anybody with her immense beauty, will achieve great things, as a Muslim… she impressed not only them, but the whole world later.

We all were witnesses of her quick rise to fame in the Emirates and generally in the Islamic world, whereas many asked: is she indeed a great ambassador of Islam, sent by Allah, to be a gift for Ummah, the Islamic community, to uplift us, to inspire us all, particularly our women, sisters, wives and daughters, to execute the sacred da’wah (=invitation to Islam) even towards the most important infidel VIPs of the world, as she deliberately worked at ‘Armani Prive Lounge’, the most luxurious night club of the world, where she had direct access to those VIPs…

Or is she an ultimate fitnah, a novelty, a temptation, a test, a corruption, disrupting our values, our traditions, our faith, our women, our society, like that Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel from Saudi Arabia, perceived by many as an ambassador of Shaytan (=Devil) with pretty face and seducing curvy body?

To find the truth in this ‘Maryam Affair’ is ultimately difficult, as many shady entities have their interest in her, she uses protection from highest political and corporate places, whose don’t want the truth to be uncovered at any cost, be it here, in Czechia, or in the Emirates, even in distant China, but such bold steps need to be made, as the world is expecting a big event next week, during famous ‘World Annual Technology Convention’ Dubai 2017, where Korinkova should allegedly make a critical speech, introducing a criticial scientific invention possibly, fateful for human kind, or at least for women, as all that rumors in the Western media are saying in their hype effort, probably paid by Chinese Wu Corporation, which is standing behind this research.

Maybe it’s all just inflated air, and nothing big will happen… but in case, that it’s the truth indeed, and our world will be really changed dramatically in just one week… shouldn’t we contemplate about our ‘old good world’, to understand its advantages and disadvantages well, while we still have time, granted by Allah, so we can make the correct decision, when that big change will be delivered to us, without asking us for permission or approval? But nothing in this world happens without permission of Allah, as the whole world and its beings are creations of Allah, and only Allah decides the end of all affairs, not any mortal masterminds, or luck.

Moreover, if Maryam was chosen by the Chinese infidels, to become their critical voice, regarding this alleged ultimate invention… you naturally ask, why? She is a well reputated ambassador of Islam, known for her da’wah… and now, why she should do this service for the ultra-infidel Chinese, who even don’t belong between People of the Book?

So, why? Is there some interest of Islam included in the affair, or some private, personal interest of Korinkova?

Did she do it for money? Hardly, as those would be Devil’s coins indeed, and if things would go wrong, the whole Ummah could condemn her strictly, and some Islamic scholars could issue even a fatwa (=Islamic legal opinion) against her, like they almost did against Claudia Schiffer in 1994. For fame? This risky kind of fame could be paid dearly, it would be better to go into movie industry, to become an actress, as she always wanted…

Maybe you heard the latest news from the Islamic movie industry, that Korinkova even wrote an interesting screenplay, a script for a marvellous planned movie about an Islamic love and jihad in Al-Andalus, and generous Saudis from Saudi Aramco corporation offered to sponsor it to be made, as they like to support Islamic culture…

Still, Princess Maryam is possibly willing to become a part of this suspicious infidel plan with unknown intent or results, instead of these much more tempting media options… does she serve Islam in this case, or did she become corrupted, going down from the Straight Path of Islam?

What do we know about her, anyway? Except, that she is allegedly our sister in Islam, chosen by Allah to become an Islamic Princess, or even a Queen, rising in the Islamic ranks quickly, probably backed by some very powerful entity, or entities?

There is still seven days remaining, and this time needs to be used well. So, after initial investigations and interviews in Dubai, with the permission of Allah, I travelled into this distant infidel city, arriving safely, after the infidel Czech government granted a short-term work visa for me, although they rejected it at first, to search for the truth here, to make opinion, and share my conclusions with you, viewers of ARC…

But if you want to reveal the truth about Princess Maryam, you need to start with understanding this famous city, her birth place, full of historical landmarks, admired by tourists, who come here in masses, you can meet crowds of them in the city center, from all over the world, from East or West, infidels and Muslims alike.

You need to know, that for centuries, this city was reputated for the advanced alchemy research and secret occultist rituals, how to manufacture gold from common raw materials, how to create and revive artificial humanoids, useful for warfare, to defeat any enemy army with superior, even supernatural force, as we would say today, and all this special research was organized and backed by local Jews, who made utmost prominence here, particularly during Rudolph II reign at 16th century, persuading the Czech rulers about their special skills, useful for thriving and defence of Czechia alike, promising unlimited possibilities of wealth and prosperity.

Although no such inventions were ever materialized, the Jewish influence reached immense levels here, like nowhere else, in no other European or world city.

Indeed, the Jewish presence in this city has extremely long and deep tradition, it’s visible even today, as this key historical quarter is full of Jewish landmarks, like a synagogue and a cemetery, just few steps from here, visited by thousands of tourists, and the tentacles of Jewish influence are well integrated in all levels of the Czech society: economic, political, even security and military.

Inevitably, this Jewish structures are influencing the whole Czech state, to help and protect Jewish interests, local or international, including interests of state of Israel, considered as very questionable legal entity by many, which oppresses Muslims in Palestine and Gaza, using violence.

When the state of Israel was ilegally established in 1948, the whole world refused to supply weapons to Israelis, who wanted and needed to start a decisive war with their Arabic neighbours, to “create a living space for Israel”. So, the Jews made desperate pleas everywhere, using all their worldwide social connections, knowing, that these weapons can create difference for many decades to come, maybe centuries, drawing a thick line between survival and victory, or painful defeat, even destruction, and that couldn’t be allowed by the world Jewry, who shared vast financial resources, to help ‘their homeland’ to be established, protected and preserved.

The Jews offered more than advantageous financial conditions of the proposed business transaction, because money always help to persuade any fools, but in this case, no other state wanted to be involved in the affair, with clear perspective of international scandal, rejection and possible punishment, if their support of Israel would be revealed, which could have serious consequences, as it was only three years after World War Two, and these delivered weapons could start another big war…

But the world was simply tired of warfare, deaths, suffering, the new front lines were just being drawn between the West and Russia, as ‘The Iron Curtain’, so any excessive involvement at Near East could create undesirable ‘second front’… maybe it’s what the Jews wanted, to attract attention of the world to their questionable ‘interests’.

So, even the money was not enough to get the desired and critically important support, at least in this case. But in the end, one party was willing to provide the demanded ordnance, from small arms, munitions and explosives to heavy armor and combat airplanes: the Czech Republic, or Czechoslovakia…

An artificially created state of two nations, Czechs and Slovaks, who generally hated each other, but connected together, to eliminate influence of their national minorities, calling for more rights and autunomy, even independence, like Germans and Poles in Czechia and Hungarians in Slovakia, thus jeopardizing the territorial integrity, not speaking about creating various guerillas with subversive mission of ‘liberation’, like ‘Freikorps’ in Czech border regions, launching regular guerilla war in Autumn 1938, with many victims on the Czech side, be it civilians or security personnel.

The reason of this generous gift was not friendship of the Czech people, it was all about so massive Jewish influence in the Czech society, including the military, and politics, where Jews were either present directly, or they had their well controlled Czech VIP pawns, like Jan Masaryk, son of the first Czech president, who later committed suicide under suspicious circumstances, where also the Communist CounterIntelligence service StB was suspected to participate, in 1948… indeed, this was very hot year both for Czechia, where the Communists took rule for upcoming 40 years, and Israel alike.

Another well known cat’s pawn of Jews in Czech VIP circles of Prague is reputated Filip family, where a Czech female singer Lenka Filipova originates from, as artists have beneficial access to all structures of power, and there is also interesting connection with Communist CounterIntelligence service, StB, the predecessor of contemporary BIS, as one of StB operatives, named Ales Buksa, is rumored to be the father of Filipova’s daughter, also a singer, using the artistic name Lenny, who is suspected from conversion to Islam, after alleged Mind Control procedures were executed on her by some conspirators inside Czech Army, which also wanted to get their hands on massive Filip family influence perhaps.

Even during the war and brutal Nazi effort to exterminate the Jews, the VIP Jewish structures of Prague survived relatively intact, because capable Jews always knew well, whom to bribe, where to push with money or secret Intelligence items, including Nazi officials and their families. They even sacrificed their less important human structures in the name of higher interest, in order to preserve their foundations of power: in 14th and 15th century, when there was a big wave of anti-Semitism through Europe, it means expulsion, or forced conversion to Christianity, it taught the Jews, how to cope with such situations, what procedures and sacrifices need to be made, so their power remains preserved, although completely hidden, covert, clandestine.

The Jewry always preferred darkness and cover, using cat’s pawns and indirect approach, against being exposed into light, so many of them quite rejected the present idea of establishing their armed Jewish Militia ‘SHALOM’, operating in this quarter quite openly, which will be described in detail later, as they perceive it as a symbol of fear, a symbol of upcoming defeat, they also disagreed with increased Police patrols of their local landmarks, not to seem scared and threatened…

And as Jews are expelled from all European cities nowadays, because of new alleged massive wave of anti-Semitism, allegedly caused by rising numbers of Muslims, the importance of Prague rises extremely, it’s even perceived as the last standing Jewish European fortress, as the general local Islamic community is peaceful, or rather weak, divided, fragmented, full of half-Islamic apostates and under massive Police surveillance and Intelligence infiltration, as mentioned before…

And the Czech Police presented their clear approach to local Muslims: ‘Leave the Jews alone, don’t bring any inter-religious conflicts into this peaceful land, or you will be in a lot of trouble’. But some of them, like the Islamic CCM Teplice clique from Western Bohemia, refused to obey this informal command of authorities, and they started to counter the militia openly, with official complaints, protests and activism… but also the Czech state launched its deep investigation of the militia affair, particularly National Defence Commission, led by Miroslav Kalousek.

Anyway, back in 1948, the Czech state had plenty of surplus weapons on its territory, and it’s the utmost irony, that almost all of these weapons was of German origin… and now, they should rescue Israel, the Jewish state, from annihilation.

Before the Communists took rule in February 1948, all went well for Israel. Even the Israeli pilots were invited into Czechia secretly, to train on the German airplanes, called ‘Avia S-199’, or rather wartime Messerschmitt Me-109G, equipped with less efficient engines, as supply of original engines was destroyed in so called Krasne Brezno explosion in Usti nad Labem, where a warehouse with vast supply of weapons and munitions exploded, killing Czech citizens, which resulted in wide anti-German riots in summer 1945…

And it must be mentioned, that Czech Jews are suspected from orchestrating this conspiracy too, except ‘Werwolf’, a Nazi terrorist organization, or even covert elements of Czech Ministry of Interior. Anyway, in the end, all Germans were expelled from Czechia, like Moriscos from Al-Andalus once, and controversy of this move continues to this day.

In the end, the weapons were delivered successfully, using covert transportation, out of all radars, and they really meant the difference, as we can see on the geopolitical map of Near East, and in historical textbooks, where Israel is still present.

But there could be yet more Czech gifts for Israel: there is also a rumor, circulating between Czech and Israeli historians alike, that Israel was able to construct their nuclear weapons at Dimona Reactor site, using blueprints and plutionium supply, obtained from Czechoslovakia, where a large cache of this treasure was buried at the end of the war, when the German engineers realized, that their nuclear weapon won’t be ready in time, to turn the result of war, so they hid the results of their nuclear research and manufacturing underground, as transporting it into the American occupation zone of conquered and defeated Germany could mean, that the Americans will capture it.

The mentioned investigation of Czech National Defence Commission tried to find the truth about all these affairs, to understand the depth of Jewish influence in the Czech society, to determine, how much is the Czech state, including critically important defence capabilities, influenced and dependent on Israeli will and connections, and the results, leaking into the tabloid media, really disturbed the Czech society.

It was found, that the Jewish militia existed here in the Old Town quarter for many decades already, under the informal name ‘Vont Organization’, it even occured in series of adventurous books for Czech boys, and a recent testimony exists, describing its 1992 operations in detail, including their alleged leader, named David Hons, also using an artistic name ‘Roman Tyc’, today a famous artist and guerilla activist in Czechia…

There is also a theory, that 1996 Disappearance of Daniela Kyrova, an aspiring Czech female fashion model and Miss Czech 1995 beauty contest participant, shocking the whole Czech society, was somehow related to this organization, although only rumors and no solid evidence exists, why the Jews could have interest to participate in this criminal event…

Allegedly, Daniela Kyrova had a wealthy secret lover, who was somehow important, or inconvenient for Jewish interests, so Mossad elements executed the kidnapping of his girlfriend, to hit him, where it was the most painful for him… or did she go with the Mossad assassins voluntarily, bribed or promised great professional future?

Several years later, she was allegedly seen in Switzerland, near Bern, but she never returned home, and no effort of Czech Police was able to retrieve her, or her traces… they failed here, like in case of disappearance of Jan Motovsky many years later, but there are rumors, that recently, the Czech Army allowed this lover to use their top secret military hardware, called TDE, or Time Displacement Equipment, in fact a time tactical weapon, to find, what happened during that fateful evening in April 1996, just before Daniela’s planned passing exam, when she had no known reason to escape from home.

As you can see, if these claims are true, the Jews were willing to use any means to achieve their goals, it means to preserve their influence in the Czech society, including sabotage of development and construction of Czech nuclear armament, causing wide rejection of the Czech defence structures, when this effort was revealed by Chinese-supplied global surveillance, with clear Israeli intention, to keep Czechs, their former principal military ally, as a submitted Israeli vassal: but nowadays, as Czech Republic is attached more and more towards Asia, towards China and North Korea, and Katerina Motovska, the widow of mentioned Jan Motovsky, will be certainly made the next Minister of Defence, the Jewish influence is weakened, diminishing, even disappearing.

Still, this influence is real, even regarding the Islamic Princess Maryam.

With the permission of Allah, I was able to retrieve certain classified documents from publicly inaccessible Czech military archives, revealing, that at least since 2011, Mossad watched her already, and in 2012, the local Mossad resident, using corporate cover, persuaded Marketa Korinkova to travel into the Middle East on the alleged expense of his employer, with task to infiltrate the royal family of Dubai, and it was the Special Forces of the Czech Military, who secretly delivered her complex personal file and detailed psychological profile to Mossad, even one of her closest family members allegedly cooperated with these unpredictable military conspirators, bribed with perks.

Now, the important question remains: is Maryam still in the Israeli grasp? Is she working for Islam, or is she still an Israeli pawn? And what about that omnipresent Chinese, who play their big game for world dominance nowadays, taking everything from America and Israel? What is their role in the affair? Couldn’t they just take over the Maryam asset, like they allegedly took over the famous Illuminati, making them their new pawns, so those dumb Illuminati infidel slaves like Rihanna and Beyonce puppets would be very surprised, who are their actual benefactors?

Indeed, these are most exhausting questions. Maybe it’s the right time to ask some people, who know Maryam personally, what they think about her, and her upcoming big show in Dubai.

This impressive woman, who agreed to be veiled with a hijab, to please Allah and the Islamic audience of this transmission, although it’s not a custom in these kafir lands of omnipresent naked bodies and sins, is Zuzana Jandova, a reputated Czech female fashion model, who won the Czech national beauty contest in 2008, who achieved a truly international modeling career, particularly in Milan, Italy, and she was probably the best friend of Maryam, before her departure into Dubai and conversion to Islam.

As-Salaamu Alaykum, sister. Thank you, that you are with us.

(Zuzana Jandova) Wa Alaykum Salaam. I am honored by this invitation.

(Bin Ghazali) Let me ask you at first: were you and Maryam in contact recently?

(Zuzana Jandova) We are supposed to meet next week, after she will visit the local subsidiary of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen law firm, to meet with a team of lawyers, regarding her final decision to surrender of the Czech citizenship. She allegedly asked expressively for Iveta Klimesova to be present during the meeting, as we all know each other from Czechoslovak Models agency.

(Bin Ghazali) So, are you saying, that she confirmed to you, that she really obtained the Emirati citizenship, although it seems as a very unique achievement by many experts, after mere four years of continuous residence in the Emirates?

(Zuzana Jandova) This is, what she told me: that we will meet, after she will ‘handle the citizenship matter’, Tuesday of Wednesday next week, before she will leave back into the Emirates. It’s a priority for her.

I am not sure, if she came into Czechia only for this, we are not sharing that much information, as we both live in different worlds and cultures now, but as I understand, she considers this move as a necessary step, to liberate herself from any connection with the infidel Czech state, who can hardly do anything good for her anymore, if she is protected by the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum now, the emir of Dubai, vicepresident and Prime Minister of UAE, working as his trusted advisor in Female Affairs, to counter the Estrogen Conspiracy in the Emirates.

(Bin Ghazali) And could there be a connection between giving up her Czech citizenship, and the convention just few days later, on Friday next week?

(Zuzana Jandova) What can I say… we all feel here, that Marketa’s career and social position will be influenced heavily by this event, but the country of Emirates will collect all the perks, not Czechia, her original homeland, as she wants, from whatever reason.

And it makes many locals angry: through time, they were able to forgive her, that she converted to Islam, very bad thing in these lands indeed, but they are hardly willing to tolerate or accept, that she is leaving this small pond forever, to become an Emirati woman without any official connection with Czechia, so all her upcoming and future perks and victories can’t be perceived as Czech national success.

This is, what I heard around me, from all sides, and Marketa knows about the situation too. But she is not willing to sacrifice her interests and dreams to please some Czech fools, and people have to respect that.

(Bin Ghazali) But she haven’t told you any detail about the Dubai WATC convention?

(Zuzana Jandova) Absolutely not. She didn’t mention it, she only spoke about the citizenship issue. To be honest, when I was speaking with her, for a moment, I even thought, that the convention is really nothing, a charade, she is not occupied by it anyhow, as you can see. People are asking her, but she absolutely avoids the topic… either it’s a big secret, or a hype, or she simply doesn’t care, or tries to be detached, not to succumb to emotions, because we women have tendencies like that.

I don’t know… maybe I will be more clever, when meeting with her personally.

(Bin Ghazali) And according your opinion, and opinion of your friends… what do you think about Maryam’s participation in this affair? Will it be good or bad for her?

(Zuzana Jandova) I would say, that she will surprise everybody. She is this kind of person, you know… not completely predictable. She makes her moves, her own decisions, follows her instincts, not afraid of breaking chains and safety nets. She doesn’t look back, what others think about her, and her life. She is not dependent on their opinion.

If she agreed to participate in this Dubai event, there will be definitely immense rewards for her… but serving to Allah was always a priority for her, we all know that, she was never willing to make compromises in this sense, when visiting Czechia, so if she goes there, she takes it as executing of the will of Allah…

And what you said about her being puppet of Israelis, or Chinese… that’s not truth, I don’t believe it, and if it would be truth in the past, then definitely not after next week, because as you can see, she is breaking all the chains of the past, ruthlessly, one by one, and she is not afraid to leave anything, anybody… except Allah and Islam.

(Bin Ghazali) OK, you knew her in her past… could she be someone’s pawn in the past?

(Zuzana Jandova) Look, I don’t want to slander her, she’s my friend… but everybody, who knew her before her conversion to Islam, can confirm, that she was once, how to say it with decency… a very ‘materially oriented’ person of ‘conspicuous consumption’… very obsessed with wealth, luxury, VIP status, world fashion brands and so on… but who is different around here, at the West? We all are obsessed with these things, look around you, and many people of Arabia are possibly the same, so I wouldn’t dare to call this feature of her as special or bad somehow.

For Marketa, it was rather like seeing some goals in front of her, behind marquees of Dior or Louis Vuitton shops here in Parizska street, to be motivated, to pursue them, and these trinkets were maybe confirmantion for her, that she goes right way in life, that her girlish plans are working, as she wants… because how many chances in life a girl has?.

She wanted to make big fashion career to get, where she wanted, you know, money, villas at the beach of an ocean, shiny cars, financial security, ultimate love with some VIP man… and her beauty was a weapon to achieve this ultimate female goal… but she is not the only one like that, I am no different, or any fashion model around here, and we all would be willing to do just anything for it, to sign ANY contract, with Israelis, Chinese, or Devil himself, it doesn’t matter for us, because we all are sick and obsessed witches, that’s the truth…

But I think, that she was simply not happy. She knew, that her life is not right, and no new shiny handbag from Prada could change that.

For example, that last boyfriend she had here, before leaving towards Dubai… he simply oppressed her, we all knew it, and she let him, because she simply wanted to be a good woman, it was her nature, not some aggressive witch, but this male parasite was just stealing energy from her… what I want to say, that I absolutely understand her desire to liberate from all these rats, who suck blood from you…

I met him recently, he still has that two filthy dogs, which Marketa had to take for walks, even as a very busy and successful fashion model, otherwise the poor beasts would suffer, and she is that kind of responsible tender, you know, who likes nature, flowers, and who takes as completely natural not only to admire and use these, also to take care of them, of all living things, plants or animals…

And he asked me, how she was, that he would like to meet her again, as they should allegedly talk, that there is allegedly something still unfinished between them, like emotions, or what did he vomit in his terrible disgusting speech… with all respect, some men are really sick, let me tell you that, he would only like to sleep with the Islamic Princess, and he hopes, like many rats here, that she is still weak, like before, that’s all… but some things changed forever in her life.

She was weak in the past, maybe, but she found her way out of this misery, unlike all the people here: Allah, and Islam.

I don’t believe that she could be corrupted anymore. We all know, how devoted Muslim she is. I don’t believe, that she would be lying to all of us.

(Bin Ghazali) So you don’t believe those rumors, that she converted to Islam on purpose, so it will help her in the demanding Emirati career?

(Zuzana Jandova) Well, this nasty rumor circulates here, in the VIP circles of ‘Golden Youth’ of Prague, like ebola, and I can admit, that as a devoted fashion model, a young woman, who will be shining only for a few short years, you are able to do really everything for your career, as I said before… moreover, if she planned to get out of here, not caring, that people will hate her, that she converted… I mean, who knows, what she experienced there. Maybe her Arabic clients forced her to convert?

Today, many jealous people are gathering slanders and filth about Marketa, because they simply envy what she achieved, that she liberated herself from this infidel misery of mindless consumerism, but I know her, I know, who she is, not a bad person.

She has that kind of good vibe… if you are with her, in her presence, you know what I mean, you feel simply good with her, she is positive and balanced, she is a model woman, I think.

I saw her little bit stressed too, when she told me, that she is leaving for the Emirates, and she knew, that it’s certain risk for her career, to make such big step into completely different culture… she is not that kind of cold-blooded planner, so she never told me: ‘Look, friend, I am going to the Emirates, I will convert to Islam there, and it will help me in my career perfectly…’

I met her just day before she left, I remember all, what she told me… she only presented something like prevision… yes, she mentioned Islam, but not as a part of her plan… she just understood, that conditions will be complicated there, in an Islamic society, and she has to be ready for various sacrificies, remaining flexible, not confined in her assumptions about Islamic world.

(Bin Ghazali) But she could make the decision to convert there, far from you, her trustworthy friend…?

(Zuzana Jandova) That’s certainly true. But you should rather ask her about this specific issue. I doubt that she shared her preliminary feelings with anybody here, she rather wanted to see the situation unbiased with her own fears and assumptions.

When she arrived there, she knew, that she is completely alone, without any support network. Maybe it was easy to find Allah then.

(Bin Ghazali) OK, and the last question: do you consider to particiate at the Dubai WATC convention personally? To be there, to see and hear, what will happen, with the permission of Allah, from the first row?

(Zuzana Jandova) Yes, I am going into Dubai next week. But not Marketa invited me… my employer sends me there, Woman’s Destiny fashion brand. So I can’t say in advance, whether I will be able to be physically present during Marketa’s speech. But I would like to, definitely yes, because it will be big… and she is my friend, so I would like to be there, to see, what will happen… yeah, I am so curious.” (smiles)

(Someone points at his wrist watch, to inform Bin Ghazali, that it’s right time to move to another location, for security reasons, as the Jewish Militia personnel is closing in, getting irritated by content of the Bin Ghazali’s presentation, which they heard)

“Whereas I was interrogating this fine young woman, indeed a shining creation of Allah,” Bin Ghazali reacts without fear, “the circle of uninvited Jewish audience of our journalistic group got closer, to tie the firm ring around us.

Brothers and sisters, further transmission may be difficult, but Allah and His angels will protect us from all evil intentions and actions of anybody… indeed, the local Jews are not pleased by our thorough investigation here, as it regards their interests, and as they are losing their war for power and influence in the world, defeated by the Chinese, they are becoming more aggressive and confrontational, like an injured animal, pushed into the corner, it seems.

And feared Czech Militarized Police is still nowhere to be seen, to maintain public order, probably even welcoming a potential bloodshed, to mark us as radicals and violent Islamic extremists conveniently… maybe they even persuaded the Jewish Militia to stand against us, to provoke an incident? But this is not, why we came here for, and Allah knows the truth.

Even a top-tier Mossad operative arrived from Tel Aviv recently, with her mission unknown, disturbing Czech security apparatus, probably sent to contain threat of revealing Jewish secrets here, but interesting rumors accompany her, that she is allegedly a grand-granddaughter of one of the Israeli pilots, who were training here in Czechia in 1948 secretly, as I informed you before, and although these men were strictly forbidden to leave the military base and to be seen by the Czech public, you can hardly watch young men… and this Mossad operative is the result, so to speak…”

(“Coward,” can be heard from close distance, shouted probably by Aaron Gunsberger, known to lost patience and to get angry easily. “Hiding behing a woman! Come out!”)

(Yet more agitated voices in Czech, English, Hebrew and other languages can be heard. It seems like a start of a melee.)

(“We don’t want any problems”, one of the Qataris replies. “Please, step back. Don’t touch the camera.”)

“This is Omar Bin Ghazali from ARC News, the best Arabic news agency, reporting directly from the field.”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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