Islamic Princess Maryam (41): The Bioweapon Dream. Marketa Korinkova Fashion Model Dubai Emirates UAE Conspiracy China Military Czech Special Forces Technology Invention Nanites Female Pheromone

Where is she?

It’s apparently some high profile secret meeting of Czech military conspirators and their Chinese corporate defence suppliers, including all parts of so called military-industrial complex, also the Minister of Defence Katerina Motovska can be seen sitting at the table, but Maryam doesn’t understand, why is she present there, she is a fashion model, after all, she has no interest in the defence industry, Army and such strange matters… but maybe she should listen to that blonde woman, who has some presentation there, while standing, although it’s so long and boring, too technical and detailed…

“The principal challenge of the weapon miniaturization was the size of the power source,” the blonde woman continues, showing some complex diagram with many numbers, and Maryam recognizes her suddenly, she realizes, that they met before… but where?

“Initially, it seemed, that the size of a standard soda can is absolute minimum, which can be achieved, and although the weapon was small enough to be smuggled into many key places, for example, Islamic State headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, such size was still hardly acceptable, because our vision was very clear: to make the weapon absolutely undetectable and invisible, to prevent any risk of intercepting and reverse engineering by the enemy, not speaking about another unique advantages, like spreading suspense and terror inside minds and heart of enemies, and advantageous propaganda.

So, for months, we struggled to compress the energy cells yet more, but we reached the point, when further downsizing simply prevented the chemical reaction inside the cells from providing sufficient power supply,” the woman says with serious voice, indicating clearly, that this status cost her plenty of stress.

“However, there was still one very tempting option,” the woman smiles again. “To change the power source completely, and to orientate towards using bio energy, it means, a human body of an operative, or rather carrier of the weapon, as a power source, particularly the grease in the skin.

But you can imagine, that it was immense scientific and manufacturing challenge, and initial tests on human tissue showed very low effectivity… until we changed the general behavior of nanites to be more aggressive, and altered the chemical structure of The Alloy slightly, adding more wolfram and cesium.”

When Maryam hears this strange word, “nanites”, she looks at a bracelet on her left wrist… is there some connection, or what? It seems like a normal bracelet, nothing too shiny or expensive, no diamonds used for decoration… Maryam remembers, that she is the main media face of famous Amwaj Jewellery, reputated across whole Middle East. So, why doesn’t she wear something more nice and exclusive, as a proper Princess? Strange…

And who gave this bracelet to her? Why is she wearing such a cheap trinket? A man she loves, perhaps? So she ignored the low financial value of the gift? Or… wasn’t it this blonde woman? But why? Yeah, they met somewhere… wait… in Dubai! In that desert… there was a picnic, or what…

“After wide laboratory and field testing, conducted on humans through our GHC Group, the weapon is confirmed to be fully functional, and it can be deployed any time, any place, and no sentries or scanners can detect it,” the woman said with utmost satisfaction, even victory in her voice. “I am sure, ladies and gentlemen, that you understand well, how substantial paradigm shift this invention means, for the whole concept of warfare: nobody will know, that the weapon was used, no one can catch an operative, no one can prevent any attack, and no one can know, whether it even happened, and where.

Imagine all the force of terror, when the enemy will live in constant fear, that the weapon can be deployed on him, he can do nothing to prevent it,  even if he will wipe out whole countries and all resistance… still, only one totally inconspicuous person is enough to defeat him… mere one woman, defeating whole armies, attacking the most vulnerable center and back of the enemy, critical parts of his human infrastructure of power, very precisely, like a surgeon, so his military and political might will collapse!

And not only his elite, VIPs, rulers, clergy, officials, generals, soldiers will start to call for peace and disarmament, even their wives, sisters, children, anybody… a fulfilled dream of all military leaders, winning without fighting, exactly according to stratagems of Chinese soft power, as our Wu Corporation, the premium defence supplier, believes in sustainable warfare, in weapons for peace,” the blonde concluded her presentation with utmost satisfaction.

“Well, we heard enough, I think,” Katerina Motovska said with quite indifferent voice, as she was known as ruthless and cold-blooded negotiator. “Maybe we should start settling mutual debts now, before we will start to celebrate with champagne. So, how much do we owe you, Ivona? And what are Wu’s conditions to let us participate in all advantages, provided by this miracle?”

“We offer you this toy as a gift, and you don’t have to ask about any price tag… but we demand additional 5 billion CZK of funds (=200 million USD) for the TDE development,” Ivona Selnikova, the Executive Director of Wu Corporation, said firmly.

“Are you fucking out of your mind?” some male voice reacted with anger. “Do you think, that we can just take big money like this from the state budget, which is ultra tight every year, and no one will notice? No one will start asking questions? We poured ten billion into this nonsense already! I don’t care about money, those funds are not mine anyway… but our heads could start falling, and this can’t be allowed! That would jeopardize interests of our political party, we could lose power, and next elections!”

“I think, that this is a misunderstanding, friends,” Selnikova twisted her head, like not believing, what she hears. “Don’t you understand, fools, that with PHE-NA in the field, the first bioweapon of mass persuasion in human history, your decisions and opinions are very relative, they have very only relative durability and validity? Because we can simply alter them?

Or do you think, that you are immune to the devastating chemical power of the weapon, which is airborne, as you know, so you are breathing it right now maybe, and it hits your nasal sensors, like avalanche, it goes directly into the brain? Or are you so ignorant and dumb, despite all that top Universities and education you have?

Look at my hand… see? The bracelet? Wake up… that 5 billion is just a token of friendship, so our mutual business relations can flourish! You will find some reason, why to allow more military spending, I am certain… if you want, we will help you again, we will orchestrate another Operation HARD PROOF for you, we will kidnap another Czech VIP celebrity, using masked Special Forces personnel, blaming cruel ruthless terrorists for this disgusting crime, when she will convert to Islam in live TV, like Monika Maresova did, confessing to her infidel sins, before her mock execution, following public anger and wide appeals to annihilate those terrorist monsters, it means more weapons for Czech Army, and inflated military budget… and once the TDE will be fully functional, all money will become only a number for us all, believe me!

And all that options… changing the history, using the first time tactical weapon… manufactured, owned and controlled by us… you can’t imagine…!

Why do you think, that we redirected our resources towards the development of PHE-NA? Because we knew, that many idiots like you need to be persuaded, so the right things can happen!

In just one week, PHE-NA will be used in Dubai, and the world’s most powerful men, the IT elite, will be hit! But I don’t want to extract the money from them, from foreigners! This was always a Czech national project, so to speak… people are collecting money for the TDE, like in the 19th century, when crowd-funding the construction of National Theatre, because they know, that with it, all the dreams can be fulfilled… Josef Polasek provided us 90% of his personal wealth, over 8 billion CZK… a single man! And you want to dodge now, even if the money are not yours, it’s only an accountant’s item?

Do you want to force us to destroy your whole corrupted government? Just ask, and tomorrow, ‘Heavy Slander’, our tabloid magazine with devastating media influence, will have a juicy article about all of you! Start packing your stuff and prepare for a long vacation abroad, some of you in sexy orange overalls, worn in prison! Because orange would suit you well, people!

I appreciate, Katerina, that you are hard and firm, that you stand for highest interests of the people and similiar bullshit… but understand… this game is played by our rules!

And don’t look at me this way again! I know, what you are thinking, how many assassins from Special Forces you have in your sleeve, which could be sent to hurt me, or my family, so I will be ‘a good girl again’… don’t you understand, that I am just a messenger, a link, transferring messages from China? I mean nothing, just a pawn, an actor, that’s the truth, and removing me won’t help you… China rules the world today, and China is the direction you should look at!

The Chinese gave you an unique opportunity, to participate in this world revolution, to stand on winning side, to create sustainable future for us all… and now, you want to be small and insignificant nobody like before again?

Miserable vassals of Israel, which tried to set back development of our nuclear weapon, so we would remain weak, as the Jews wanted us to be, and they showed us their real faces?

Obedient dogs of Americans and NATO, sending our troops into another miserable and illegal war adventures, like Iraq and Afganistan were, so the Americans can say, that the blame for those imperialist war crimes was collective?

Allowing treacherous Poles to desecrate our national borders with filthy boots of their invading forces again, like in 1920, 1938 and 1968, to steal the territory of Silesia from us, where I was born, where many generations of Czech coal miners sacrificed their health and lives for the future of us all, to build this nation?

Fuck, I am just losing my time here, with you, dumb losers…” Selnikova threw some papers into the air, simply leaving the room, and her entourage followed her.

After a minute of silence, Motovska orders everybody to leave the conference room, except one middle-aged man.

“Colonel General?” Motovska asks for his opinion.

“I would give her the money,” the officer, commander of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, elite paramiltary Special Forces unit of the Czech Army with immense combat reputation, says coldly and clearly. “What you can buy for this not so high amount… I mean, the world influence… it’s priceless.”

“And you guarantee, that the Dubai operation will go smoothly?” Motovska doesn’t seem convinced. “You understand, how much is in stake? And it all depends on just one woman, that Korinkova, that unreliable Muslim? What if she will get sick, or she will miss the flight, or she will decide to run away? What if she simply refuses to go, where she needs to be?”

Maryam wonders, that they are talking about her absolutely openly, even if she is still sitting with them in the room. Maybe they forgot her, overlooked her… it’s really strange to hear, what people are saying about you.

“What if, what if… you think too much,” the Colonel General says with rejection. “The Chinese planned every detail of Operation ANGELIC ARROW, and they invested vast money into it. But you know, what is the best thing? They don’t care, if it will succeeded, or not. They will accept the result with complete balance, without any emotions, and continue on their path to Chinese global dominance, like if nothing happened.

There are so many differences between us, and them… we are fragmented, divided, selfish, they are not only united, they are, like ants, like connected with telepathy, working and thinking like one cohesive group… we can’t recognize them from each other, for us, it’s one big organism, and it describes their reality well…

But if you insist… let me tell you, what is the principal difference between PHE-X, which was used previously, both in defence and civilian sectors, and PHE-NA, this new thing, meaning ‘bitch’ in Czech language, as you maybe noticed.

The names are similar, but make no mistake: there is a very substantial difference between them.

PHE-X is indeed a mere chemical. You can imagine it as a seducing perfume, containing artificial female pheromones. Wu Corp uses it not only on operatives directly, but also as an airborne agent of persuasion, for example, in casinos, in that famous gambling den, Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs in Monte Carlo, they simply distribute it through air condition and ventilation, to influence and seduce the gamblers to more spending. They feel better, even if losing big money, their life savings, and they are not tired, so they don’t leave, spending hours and hours either at gambling tables directly, or adjacent venues, where operatives like Maria Petlickova ‘process them’ personally…

But PHE-NA doesn’t contain any artificial chemical… only nanites, it means, microscopic robotic devices, manufactured using nanotechnology, able to manipulate and enter even single living cells, molecules and atoms.

These specially programmed nanites influence the body of a female operative, using the grease inside her skin as a power source, to create massive doses of her own pheromone, it means, genuine, organic substance, or rather its molecules.

And what is a pheromone? It’s a special chemical, produced during ovulation phase in a female body of fertile age, serving to two purposes: to attract male partners for mating, and to eliminate influence of other women. So, it’s airborne in nature, to influence her social vicinity.

But with PHE-NA, the nanites prevent the pheromone from releasing into the air, it’s saved instead, accumulated in inactive state, awaiting activation… the operative’s body becomes, in certain sense, a giant inflated biobomb, full of this powerful pheromone, altered by nanites for devastating effectivity in wide area…

And upon activation, it literally explodes, releasing all the molecules into the air, and only one such molecule in your nose is enough to secure the same effect, like a massive dose of PHE-X… it means signals of persuasion and submission, delivered directly into your brain.

Now, can you see the difference? The enemy can’t find any weapon, as the bracelet, or any similar thing, designed to keep permanent contact with her skin, so the nanites can enter her system, can be removed before mission. Even a thorough medical check doesn’t reveal any changes… all is so tiny, values and sizes, that contemporary medical equipment is not able to see any difference between normal body, and nanites-augmented body… maybe except special equipment of Imprivata Next-Gen Health Care Systems, which only WU possesses…

Now, can you understand the perfection of the creation? You can send an operative anywhere, into objects and places with highest security… and she will make it there, through all controls and interrogations, to set off the weapon… and can you imagine, how stressed the enemy will be? Can you imagine all that distrust in his ranks, if Wu will spread the propaganda about the weapon, and they will make some nice demonstration, like Americans did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki with their nuclear armament… in Dubai, perhaps, to assure the largest possible publicity and uproar?

By the way, Wu controls the activation. The operative herself can’t push the trigger. Only Wu will decide, when, where and whether the weapon will be used, so even operative doesn’t know exact details, and can’t alter or set back the mission. She even doesn’t have to know, that she has these nano ‘things’ inside her… maybe she just went for a common medical intervention into GHC Clinic, and something happened, when she slept under anestesia.

And this fact of covert, unaware assets provides another ultimate operational advantage: the operative can’t turn sides and betray, because you can’t reveal to the enemy, what you don’t know. You simply live your life further, and then, suddenly, one day, maybe… BOOM.”

Now Maryam, still listening to those two, becomes very attentive.

“But she feels, when the weapon is activated?” Motovska couldn’t believe her own ears. “She knows, what is happening, at least passively? And will she survive it?”

“WU refused to provide such details, to prevent information leaks,” the Colonel General explained. “They are not willing to give us such criticical information, which could be used against them and their interests, so we could be able to set back their operations.

So even if we, or anyone else, like Israelis, would stop the Dubai asset, it won’t help them, on the contrary, it could be even a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’: she could be only a scapegoat, a smoke screen, and someone else, another covert operative, who is perfectly hidden and unknown to them, not shown to all world media, will execute the operation, maybe even somewhere else… on the real target. The options are limited only with your creativity.

But what they told us: this is indeed a weapon of mass persuasion. Under optimal conditions, like air humidity and air circulation, one single operative can hit five thousand people, if the bioweapon is activated in an enclosed space with suitable flow of air.”

“My God,” Motovska sighs. “This is… I don’t know… just terrible. And what will happen with those people?”

“I can’t tell you this information, or any further details about PHE-NA’s effects and additional conditions for effective use,” the Colonel General rejected Motovska’s request firmly. “And believe me, that you don’t want to know, because you could be very tempting target for kidnapping and subsequent torture by many foreign Intelligence agencies, which will naturally attempt to acquire the most detailed information, how the weapon works exactly, its weaknesses, to invent some countermeasures, or to attempt to copy it… and no heavily armed VIP Executive Protection unit can be enough to keep you away from these vultures.

Be realistic… the most simple way is to get an insider. In most high-profile assassination cases of history, not a foreign assassin takes you down… it will be your own bodyguard, from behind.”

“Wait… but it also means…. that if Wu spreads the information, that I know these details…” Motovska realizes the unpleasant truth.

“Yes… now you understand, that to send them those five billion is not a gift into their coffers… it’s a fee for preserving of your happy successful life, let’s say. We all are WU slaves now… they own us. They control, if we live or die, what happens with us, just by releasing or withholdng Intelligence about us, either exposing or hiding our dirty laundry.

They don’t need any assault commandos of masked assassins! They avoid violence, although they have a massive apparatus for that. Why don’t they invade other countries, like Americans? Because they conserve their power, they let their enemies to come to them.

Still, only one short note about you, occuring in the central of a foreign Intelligence service, or in a foreign media, can be enough, to create a star from you, or to destroy you. And you will never know, what happened, who did it?

By the way, Katerina… who do you think, that got you into this seat of Minister of Defence? Your charm, your smile, your reputation of a ruthlerss widow and witch, who let her husband to disappear, using a black magic ritual on him?

No no… the Chinese controlled the whole affair of yours, your political career. Always. They created you, all that favorable articles about you, scaring our enemies… all that bold proclamations, that you control the Czech nuclear arsenal, and you wouldn’t be afraid to use it against treacherous Poles, who want to steal Silesia from us… all that nice headlines, like ‘We Love Her, Enemies Fear Her’… it’s all artistic work of Pavel Novotny, the Chief Reporter and CEO of Heavy Slander magazine… or Asset A17, as we call him, on the payroll of my Unit.

But he could create also very different slogans and articles… less pleasant for your public picture… you can imagine.

Four years ago, we delivered such nasty draft to our Dubai asset, it was called ‘Sex, Lies, Emirates’. Fortunately, she did, what the world wanted her to do, she ended in Sheikh Al Maktoum’s bed, so it was never released publicly. Still, we have it ready against her, the whole ‘Special Issue’ of Heavy Slander in this crushing style, like, that she faked her conversion to Islam, that she had no money, and slept with some male singer for perks and opportunities, that she even participated in prostitution… so she needs to submit, or she will be destroyed instantly. And what is the most funny thing? When her main modeling competitor in the Emirates, German supermodel Alexandra Pianka, found about our possible move, she even asked us to destroy her more, and ended as our operative in China and North Korea. Funny!”

“And why are you telling all this to me?” Motovska seems scared.

“It’s time for you to get… illuminated, so you can do the right decisions.”

But Maryam doesn’t hear the last sentences, she is a modern woman, always on the move, restless, never staying at one place for too long, like a cheap fool, who doesn’t know, what to do with her time, so she moved from a corporate building into some big television studio, full of people, where she feels really great, you know, a good place, where you can show yourself, to shine, to generate popularity and publicity for you…

“Hello! This is Lucie Borhyova, and a weekly magazine of TV NOVA, called ‘Celebrity Confessions’, where we try to find out truth about Czech or foreign VIPs,” a well built blonde woman smiles in front of camera.

“This week, after many requests of yours, countless letter and e-mails, which you sent, dear viewers, we invited Josef Polasek, or Mr. Invekto, as he wants to be called… a man, who doesn’t have to be introduced, but if you need help to remember, then… he is the richest in the whole Czechia, the sole inheritor of immense wealth…”

“Let me correct you, Lucie… I was the richest once, maybe. But it’s not valid anymore,” a man with long hair and glasses corrects the moderator.

“That’s true, because you gave all your wealth for very special purposes, which quite surprised many: special projects for defence of the state, particularly development and construction of so called TDE,” Borhyhova acknowledges. “But you still have something, no? At least to buy me a drink, or even a modest dinner, perhaps?”

The audience laughs, as Borhyova is something like sex symbol in the whole Czechia. Many men would give just anything to have her in their grasp, but Michal Hrdlicka and selected few (dozens) were the blessed ones only.

“Yes, some coins in my pocket… let’s say, around one billion,” Polasek smiles. “At least I don’t need so big wallet anymore, and I supported a good thing.”

“Oh… that’s good news, you really pleased me… so, today evening, our secret date? Deal?” Borhyova makes a seducing face of an experienced gold-digger, provoking the audience to another burst of laugh and enthusiastic whistling.

“But let’s start from the beginning: you, Josef, and women,” she changes her voice to mysterious and secretive. “We know, that you are a fashion photographer… I presume, that you learned something about women, when you gave them brand new Skoda Fabia cars, if they had a coffee with you, as all that urban legends about you say…”

“Well, that was long time ago… when I had the money… now, I need to save, just to see the filthy crowded beach of Egyptian Hurghada once a year, full of jellyfishes… like everybody in Silesia,” Polasek amuses some Czechs, particularly the national elite from Prague, and upsets others, Moravians and Silesians.

“You are also the organizer and sponsor of so called ‘Miss Million’, a very unique contest of fashion models…”

“That’s true… and the main prize is a million (=44.000 USD)… after taxation! I am not like those thieves from Ministry of Finance,” Polasek confirms jokingly.

“So tell us… who was the really best Miss Million? I mean, a woman, who really impressed you, who enchanted you, who surprised you? Who is still in your mind, even long time since the particular year?” Borhyova wants to know.

“Well, I chose only the best of the best for my contest, and all of them were… are… great women, who impressed me,” Polasek replies politely. “But if you ask me, who was ‘The One’, and who really occupied my mind, who disarmed me and surprised me… once, there was such a girl indeed, and I will always respect her, even admire her. I would even say, that she was… is… one of a kind.

Imagine, that she was the only one, who rejected the money prize, saying, that I should give it into some useful charity funds, for orphans, for education of talented children, for stray and injured forest animals, like squirrels, owls, marmots, and so on. She loves the nature, you know, more than all iPhone trinkets and Prada handbags.

She is that blessed and positive kind of person, who cares, who is not selfish, living only for herself. She knows, that we all are a part of something, and we need to support and protect our environment. So, to show her my respect, that she enlightened me, to do another good thing, I donated not only one, but one hundred million to projects, which she suggested to support.”

The audience applauds in respect, and Maryam’s heart starts to beat rapidly, like always, before the cameras direct towards her, and she gets into the glare of stage lights…

“That’s good, that you mentioned her… I mean, exactly today… just one week before that fateful convention of Dubai, which is expected by the whole world with utmost impatience,” Borhyova informs the audience. “I have to confess myself, Josef, that I wanted to have you here, in the studio, and today, because I really wanted to know, who she is… I mean, really, without all that masks, which we all wear in public… and you had the unique opportunity not only to spend 60 hours alone with her, in your family villa in Bruntal, during the Miss Million contest, but also, you explicated the tarot cards for her, foreseeing her future and fate. I wonder, if you want to share with us, what the cards said?”

“I don’t remember, sorry… it’s almost five years or so… moreover, if you are VIP tarot card reader, it’s like a doctor, or a priest… you keep secrets of people,” Polasek refused politely, pretending to forget. “But let me tell you this: what the cards showed, it really surprised me. Particularly the last card of the explication… I am telling you, she was the only person, who ever got this particular card from the deck.

What is happening now, or soon, in one week… it’s EXACTLY, what the card said many years ago. It even horrifies me, how exact and even LITERAL is the result… like if that particular card would get revived, becoming real, alive… like if this card would be created by the artist, who painted the deck, only for her!

And this particular Rohrig tarot deck, well known by all occultists, as it has immense spiritual power… its imagery is so powerful even in passive state, without any manipulation during a seance!

Can you believe, that since that day, I removed ‘her’ card from the deck, never to use it again? And it was good decision. What happens now… yeah, I know, what is happening… I know exactly… and she knows… I am connected to her.”

Borhyova was informed in advance, that Polasek is a little bit extravagant person, and this is exactly, what the audience wants: some strange experience, which will be discussed in all offices and schools tomorrow, spreading like avalanche.

“And could you tell me? I mean, only me, to whisper it into my ear?”

“I don’t know, Lucie… you are pretty, but I really shouldn’t.”


The audience whistles and shouts, that he should tell her.

“OK then, but at your own risk,” Polasek stands from his chair, going very close to Borhyova, his lips almost touching her ear. And to surprise of all, he takes a card from his pocket, showing it to Borhyova.

Maryam stands just besides them, because this really interests her. Yes, there was some tarot cards, but which one he means? She never believed to this witchcraft, so she completely forgot, what the seance in September 2012 with Polasek said… she thought, that it’s a mere fraud.

“See? This is Princess Of Disks,” Polasek says silently.

“She is pregnant?” Borhyova smiles, when she sees an apparently pregnant woman with large breasts on the card. “That would be something for the main news of TV Nova! Josef, don’t be a selfish rat, give this us this information, maybe I could kiss you for repayment… and who is the father?”

“Either the emir of Dubai, her secret Emirati husband, or son of former emir of Qatar, her Czech lover,” Polasek says seriously. “Right now, they are lying in a bed together, just few kilometers from here. She is tired, after the long day, long flight from Emirates, changing the time zone, making love with the man three times, so she fell asleep, and this all is her dream.”

“What?” Borhyova is really surprised.

“See her belly? It doesn’t symbolize only a child inside. In Dubai, there will be something like explosion… a revolutionary idea perhaps, spread between people… a new stage of Estrogen Conspiracy… and it will come from her belly. From her body!”

“You mean… a terrorist attack? Committed by her… a Muslim?” Borhyova is scared.

“I don’t know exactly, it can be either good, or bad, but such definition is very relative. But it will be big… and thousands will be hit, the most critical VIPs of the world, present there, at the convention. She will take control of them somehow. In just one second, by influencing them… therefore, she will change the whole world.”

“Anyway, we must inform the Czech Militarized Police… and Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS… that’s a duty of any citizen, if she or he gets an information about possible criminal or terrorist activity, planned, pending or running,” Borhyova says with her big blue eyes wide open.

“Do, as you like, Lucie… but they won’t believe you, and I will deny anything I said to you previously. I take my tarot predictions very seriously, and I will protect these secrets against anybody. Moreover, people think, that I am crazy, so my testimony is completely worthless,” Polasek returns to his chair, like if nothing happened.

The audience sees completely distracted, shocked Borhyova, who lost all speech, all that endless professional smile. Also the director of the broadcast notices.

“Stop!” he halts the recording.

There is a strange silence in the studio.

Maryam leaves, angry, that they overlooked her, although she was present there, and they stole the media fame from her, not directing the cameras on her, as she expected! She loved to be the center of media attention!

Oh, finally back in Dubai! It’s good to see Burj Khalifa again!

But what is happening? Why Maryam isn’t happy? Why isn’t she home, at her beloved appartment at 102nd floor?

She sits on a humble wooden bench, there, at Plaza, an outdoor part of Dubai World Trade Centre… it’s over 40 degrees of Celsius outside, and she is dressed in a black abaya, her hair and neck covered by a black hijab, so she feels the drops of sweat, flowing on her back, under her armpits, under her breasts…

Fortunately, a fountain is nearby, manufactured the special way, so the water evaporates on large stone foundation, cooling the vicinity… Maryam has a small bottle of water in her hand, so she has a sip, but she doesn’t feel well. Despite the heat, her feet and palms are cold, as ice.

No, that’s too modest definition, that she feels ‘not too good’… she feels very sick, like in no time in her whole life. She really doesn’t remember to feel like this, and she is scared, that she is maybe going to die, that there is some covert disease inside her, and just today, it started the final phase of killing of her body, because as a human, you are so fragile…

O Allah, what is happening? Do you punish me for my sins, weakness, feebleness? All that missed prayers, all that sins and sinful thoughts?

She wants to call the ambulance, or somebody around, to call the medical assistance for her… but she can’t speak, and she forgot her cell phone at home, or lost it. It’s not in her pocket, like always. And there is no one around… the Plaza is completely empty, all people are inside, there is that big technology convention, which will change the world…

And she is supposed to have a critical speech there! But how, if she feels so sick! She can’t even stand, she can only sit on this bench, under the hot sun of Arabic peninsula, watching the ground, and her slim feet. She feels like frozen.

Just today, this has to happen… but what can you do, if Allah decided? If Allah makes His will?

At least if she would survive all this terrible nightmare, which came uninvited… maybe it’s nothing… she is pregnant, so maybe it’s some related health issue, her body reacts to the new state, adjusts… she will simply wait here, on the bench, until she will get better, and then, she will get somebody, call somebody, get into nearest hospital, she will simply lie down, let them to make all the tests on her… and maybe it’s just stress… nothing!

But all this reasoning can’t calm Maryam’s fear of possible imminent death. Even prayers to Allah don’t help, and as she becomes more and more desperate of dying, she has strange thoughts, like:

What am I doing here, in this hot, glamorous desert hole? Once, I had life… there were calming forests, full of singing birds and running cute squirrels, you could breathe there, the weather was moderate, there was even snow in winter, you knew all the places, you knew the language and culture and people, you were a part of something… but here?

She is still a mere outsider, a convert, not a real aristocrat, a royal elite… she is not an Arab, she never will be, and the local Emiratis will never accept her as equal, she will be only a foreigner… she doesn’t belong here. She is only a guest.

In Prague, she had a life… remember? She had friends, she visited many social events, or she went just for a glass of wine with her female friends…

Wine! How long is is, since she drank wine the last time? And why did she stop drinking? Because she thought, that it’s allegedly right not to drink, because Allah said… Allah… who is Allah, and why is she submitted to Him, anyway?

In Prague, you went out, you drank with friends, you felt good… what was so bad about it? Why should Allah make her to stop doing that? And why can’t she have sex with a man she likes? And this rule, and that rule? Why did she obey? Why is she confined again?

She remembers all the streets of Prague, which now seem like a miracle, although when she was living there, she couldn’t see the beauty… how the city center is conveniently small, so you can reach all corners easily, all the clubs, where elite and VIPs gather, you have control… unlike here, in this crazy megapolis.

Here… who is Maryam? Only a ghost, isolated by the real world, infidels here and there, always circling around her, having nasty plans with her, extorting her, and she needs to build all that walls to protect her, as Allah said…

Maybe she is a bigger VIP here, than she was in Czechia, but it’s useless… she doesn’t enjoy it… she doesn’t enjoy all the money… when was the last time, when she bought something nice, roamed the shops, just to relax, to be with people? She lives empty life, so empty…

She had a boyfriend in Prague once… he was a loser, a fool, but it was somehow more real, more alive, than this fake Dubai glamorous dream… a ski slope in the desert, in a shopping mall, even with a mountain chateau built there… O Allah, how could you allow such a fitnah… the ruling people here, they don’t care about ecology and sustainable future… this is bad… and she still came here, like a fool, and tried to be nice for them, liked by them, so they will share their treasures with her…

And what good did they do for her? Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, her secret husband? He never acknowledged her as official wife, in all that years… he humiliated her, and she let him, she was weak and passive and submissive again… yes, she wanted some fatherly figure in her life… but what is this kind of protection? He makes nothing for her, and Princess Haya Bint Hussein, his junior and fully official wife, controls her life, spending most of nights in his bed, instead of Maryam!

And Sheikh’s children despise her, whenever they see her in Sheikh’s vicinity!

“Get rid of that filthy foreign apostate!” she heard Sheikha Maryam (2nd) once, a girl, who wears the same name, as Maryam, but they are definitely not friends.

O Allah, how could you allow this to happen? Or did I disappoint you so much, and you are punishing me, as I deserve, for all my sins?

And what do you want me to do now? You sent this pain on me, so I won’t go there, to the convention stage, I will lose everything… or you want to test me, whether I will be your efficient slave and servant, even in such hard conditons, so I will be entitled to enter Paradise one day?

Maryam hears someone coming.

“Oh, here you are,” she hears a female voice behind her.

It’s Ivona Selnikova, the Executive Director of Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, a Woman Of The Year, who sits on the bench beside Maryam.

“How did you find me?” Maryam wonders.

“I have this cute application in my smartphone… I can see all movement of ‘persons of interest’. You know, the All Seeing Eye is a very advanced surveillance tool, using geolocation of subjects, through GSM and Wi-Fi networks, but also super computing power, for instant behavioral analysis, processing all content of your comms, and facial recognition by security cameras around you, so I can know your exact PSY state.

And now, you don’t feel very well… your face is completely white, and no technology is necessary to see that,” Selnikova replies indifferently.

“That’s true, I feel really bad,” Maryam sighs. “But since you are here… it’s better. You know… rather not to be alone, even if I should die perhaps.”

“I won’t call an ambulance for you, because in fifty minutes, I need you to be somewhere, you know that,” Selnikova says without mercy, checking her wrist watch. “And don’t worry. These are only side effects of pre-activation phase of our weapon, which you carry inside you. You may remove the bracelet now, give it to me. It’s not needed anymore.”

“And my baby?” Maryam is scared suddenly, when she remembers, that she has something more inside her, than a bioweapon, which they inserted into her without her approval or knowledge. She gives the bracelet to Ivona obediently. A Devil’s invention indeed… but it can still bring her fame.

“Just keep calm, don’t succumb to stress. You will be fine, put yourself together,” Selnikova says, but Maryam doesn’t believe her. Those Wu rats lie all the time!

“I don’t know, Ivona… I don’t feel well… I can’t even stand… maybe it went all wrong… maybe my body reacts in an unforeseen way… should I apologize to you now, that I will most likely set back all your big plans, spoil billions of investments?”

“You just need to understand, why we are here… not because of some Chinese conspiracy… this is our female revolution, how to win in the world, you see? It’s above all nations and interests and miserable small feuds… it’s an existential necessity, so we women will rule… and you, you are our weapon, Marketa… you are a carrier of our message… that men there, in the hall, they have the immense power, they rule world, and if we will get control over them, using you… who will control the world, then? Us!

Sister, this moment will change history.. and who am I? They call me with many names, but I am just a woman, have a look at me, if I will remove this expensive business suit… what is below all those social layers? A mere female body… mere pile of flesh and blood… plus my emotions and dreams.. nothing more!

We all want to do something good for this world, for our lives, for our children… and you understand it very well right now, carrying a baby inside you! Imagine, that you do it for your future offspring… what will the world be, when he or she will be born? Still full of wars and violence, caused by males, like before?

Forrget any distrust and hatred, sister! Just go there, do it, and you will see, the world will be improved! Imagine, one day, your baby will be in yoiur embrace, and you will remember, what you did for his or her calm sleep and happy life… you will be proud, and all people will appreciate and admire you, long after your demise from this world!

In all the textbooks, your name, your picture, even your grand-grand grandchildren will be proud about you, because you made the right choice, you stood for something, not wasting your life, like all that fools outside!

These days, these minutes, we all are writing history, just by making good choices for all human kind… and most visible part of today’s events will be written by you, Marketa! My name and role in the chain of events will be soon forgotten… but not yours! You will have a star role in this big blockbuster movie!

I told you, we will fulfill all your dreams… all you need to do, is to go there, and fulfill your destiny!

And by the way… after this, you will be elected as Woman of The Year, the highest status of any woman of the world… there is how much, three billion women in the world, and just one of them is The One… YOU… since that moment, when you will hear your name, when the election results will be announced, there will be nowhere higher for you to go anymore, only the blue sky and Allah will be higher, than you!

All that alleged princesses and queens and royals and aristocrats and fashion models and Misses and alleged elite… nothing, in comparison with a Woman of The Year! Imagine! No, you can’t imagine! You don’t know, your mind is too limited for understanding the ultimate experience like this!

Then, you can retire, on the top, to concentrate on your family. We don’t need you anymore, we will let you go, because you deserved it. After all that years since 2011, when you worked for us, knowing it or not, going here and there… you are tired, and you deserve the rest… just go there, and be the best version of you! The whole stage of the world will be only yours for the most important minutes of your life!

Remember, Marketa: you need to make some shocking speech. You must raise emotions in them, so the weapon… tool of sustainable future of us all… will work properly.

It’s now or never! Will you let all your girlish dreams to pass?”

Like in a dream, Maryam stands up, her long legs are walking, although she can’t control them, it seems.

But the legs know, where to go.

Now, there is a big long corridor, full of people, who greet her, somebody stops her, to control her makeup, she feels soft touches of a brush on her face… “You are good to go, sister,” a voice says…

And she already hears the immense noise from the main stage of Trade Centre Arena, where someone just said her name loudly, announcing her arrival.

She already sees all the flashes of cameras, thousands of viewers, who wait only for her, their eyes on her body…

Maryam is completely calm now. She smiles so happily, so positively… she is so relaxed, connected to the world, her body is light, weightless, entering the brightest light of thousand of stage beams, directed only at her, and the applause is overwhelming… it’s all like a dream!

Or did she just die, and this bright light is the afterlife?

But there is still one important thing to do… she touches her shoulder, feeling the fabric of her hijab…

Someone touches Maryam’s shoulder.

“Sister, we need to go. It’s almost nine o’clock, and friends are awaiting at Sultan’s restaurant at 9.30.”

It’s Hakim, her brother in Islam, her lover… but he is not a part of her vision!

That idiot! He spoiled her dream, just when there was some important message to be revealed, what she has to do in Dubai! But she missed it!

Maryam quickly finds a paper and pen, to make some hasty notes about her dream, but she remembers only fragments. And the most important part of revelation is missing: the end!

She had so unique opportunity to see the future… but she sinned, slept with this fool, committed fornication, and Allah punished her!

Hakim, you idiot… like all males! You really need to be removed from rule, you spoil everything, with your dumb, mindless, insensitive, primitive approach, like some prehistoric animal! The world will be better, when we women will manage the world affairs, instead of you, fools!

This part of the dream Maryam remembered very well… at least something!

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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