Islamic Princess Maryam (42): Last Fashion Show. Marketa Korinkova Elite Fashion Model VIP Emirates Dubai Amwaj Jewellery Fatima Bint Ali Al Dhaheri UAE Muslim Islam Royal Saudi Arabia Celebrity

Without any doubt, Maryam was born for the most impressive showbusiness and media career. Be it fashion modeling, VIP da’wah (Islamic missionary activity) or later movie industry, screenplay writing and acting, that was always her destiny, created by Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most High, so He granted her many gifts and talents, even sparks of obsession inside her, created by harsh treatment and questionable education by her own mother, herself a powerful sociopath, who forgave no mistake and weakness of her daughter, and also by betrayal and departure of her father, leaving the girl full of unsatisfied desire for ultimate love and protection.

All these factors shaped this bright, intelligent and beautiful young woman, unique between millions, destined for great achievements, into the person, who had one very special skill: she only used the flow of events, to get to the top, not some aggression, struggle, fight and warfare, like others.

This is the reason, why many people, either Muslims or infidels, either from East or West, appreciated Maryam as clearly positive, inspiring example for their daughters, because this was fully peaceful, sustainable approach, feminine, not adapting that terrible male features, like many contemporary women, who played small emasculinated kings, to get where they wanted, but almost all of them failed, because inside them, they were still only little girls, only wrapped in apparent steel armor of gender equality ideas, but with messed minds with social engineering and aggressive feminism, and they became too distant from their own gender role, always ending exhausted and resigning, defeated by others quite easily, conquered, exploited and misused by completely miserable beta men, who broke them, who ruled them. Such irony, that alleged queens ended to be defeated by miserable pawns, who returned them, where those women “warriors” apparently belonged: into submission.

Unlike them, much more balanced Maryam projected no power into the world herself, to conserve her energy, and instead, she only let others to play their filthy games, whereas she positioned herself in the middle, softly and inconspicuously, where always the most of opportunities can be found, and when the masterminds saw her there, apparently weak, vulnerable and easy to control, useful for their goals, they incorporated her into their evil plans, without realizing, that in the end, Maryam had the control of events and her destiny, to get, where she wanted, using dark waves of various interests and conspiracies as lifts, and still, no one saw her as traitor and enemy, because she simply maintained her independence, like only a few blessed ones in this world.

She was clever, but not too calculating: she combined intellectual powers of her mind with mere female instincts for best result, avoiding to overanalyze things. So, for example, in 2012, when she rejected the generous money prize of famous ‘Miss Million’ beauty contest, as the only winner in its history, she maybe lost one million CZK (=44.000 USD), but acquired something hardly quantifiable: positive VIP reputation, and a very powerful ally and supporter, Josef Polasek, once the richest man of the country, who stood behind her for many years to come, always making great advertisement for her, always emphasizing her noble aristocratic personality, which rather helped orphans to get education and provided medical help for injured forest animals, instead of buying another Prada handbag, or a diamond necklace.

The money would be spent, sooner or later, but Polasek’s support as patron and protector could remove many obstacles from her life path, today or after ten years, maybe until the end of her life. Still, she never contacted him again, never spoke to him again, never asked for anything, even in that bad times in Dubai, when her money were running low and there was no modeling contracts for her, as Israelis ceased to support her without any explanation: still, she knew, as a clever woman, that her complete absence from Polasek’s life, where only nice memories, fascination and girlish mystery remained, will keep him as her faithful male servant, who doesn’t need to get orders, only to be inspired to make good choices… but if she would ask him for the slightest help directly, all magic would be lost forever. Once you choose to play the queen, you must remain in this pose forever, and there can be no exception for that.

Slowly, in certain way, Maryam became an improved version of her own mother Ivana, who never made a media career, who was too concentrated on obsessive micromanagement of her own family, missing the big picture and ignoring opportunities in the outside world, who remained confined in too small social game, where she felt like a queen, moving people like pawns against each other in a great chess battle, but she became no VIP, no real social leader with media influence and thousands of devoted followers, like her daughter Maryam.

But you would be very wrong, if you would think, that Ivana felt inferior somehow, seeing her daughter in all the world media, and making some painful comparison, being jealous… no no, these sociopaths, they think differently, they are never defeated and humiliated, they never drown in doubts about themselves, they never hurt themselves, instead, they turn all the aggression and lust for power and control outside, towards others. Ivana only thought, how to use Maryam for her interests, and to continue squeezing her, to feel like a strong and dominating female, a motherly figure… who still has full control of her daughter, who is in fact nothing in comparison with her, as Ivana saw it with her special mindset, moreover, she still had physical superiority over her daughter, who was taller than she, but lacking her immense, super-female physical and spiritual power.

For example, in the Grammar school, where Ivana worked as a teacher, some VIP parents from a nearby wealthy suburbs, they started discussing, whether it’s right, that Ivana is wearing abaya in the class, narrating to their sons and daughters about fascinating culture of the distant Middle East, the Emirates, and Islam, allegedly to awake cultural understanding, wide knowledge and global thinking inside the kids, not to promote the religion, exactly as multicultural education guidelines by Katerina Valachova, the Czech Minister of Schools, ordered… but the kids always asked Ivana about Maryam and Islam, the little rascals were so curious, because they saw Maryam in the social media all the time lately, and Ivana was yet more impressive figure for them, as she was The Mother in all senses.

She could narrate them for hours, why Maryam wears that hijab, why she has to pray five time a day, why she can’t drink alcohol, eat pork and sleep with men without marriage (fornication), who is Allah, why Muslims worship only Him… some of the kids even started to reject the pork ham, very favorite food in infidel Czechia, as they followed Maryam’s example as an undisputed and sexy social leader instinctively: if she didn’t eat it, it was probably unhealthy and bad.

In other classes, there was a mess, the teachers had no control, as many of these children, addicted on Internet and modern technological toys like tablet computers, were diagnosed with ADHD (=Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), simply couldn’t be silent and calm for a minute… but when Ivana was teaching, with her impressive maternal calming speech and perfectly built figure of an Arabic female warrior in top physical shape, there was silence, and the kids listened to her quite deep, calm and slow voice with opened mouths, because anything she said, was so interesting, if she had their respect and admiration!

The parents were not sure, if such powerful influence on their kids is right, if Ivana was mother of the most prolific Muslim woman of the contemporary world, and they were afraid, that Ivana can be also under the spell of Islam, transferring the “disease” on their beloved offsprings, indoctrinating them with Islamic and maybe even Islamist and Jihadist propaganda, as several Qatari families from distant Teplice city suddenly transferred their children into this particular school… even BIS, the Czech CounterIntelligence service, took certain interest in the affair, and put Ivana under surveillance, “to be sure”, that this school won’t become a lair of future Islamic extremists and radicals, blowing Czech historical landmarks up, and damaging the Czech tourism industry.

Anyway, after any next violent attack in the world, committed allegedly by merciless Islamic State or Global Liberation Army terrorists, you can imagine, what the reaction in the school was… the dumb Czech infidels simply saw all the evil in Islam, connecting the violence and terrorism with the religion of peace, although terrorism was the biggest fraud of human history, created by Intelligence agencies and various governmental conspirators from security apparatus and military-industrial complex, to get more money, contracts, bribes and influence, to create unrest and divisions in the world deliebrately, so they could control the dumb brainwashed sheep (=“citizens”) better.

So, in August 2016, just after the Islamic State terrorists blew up the Old Town City Hall in the historical center of Prague, using a female suicide bomber with the pockets of her special “Black Widow” dress filled with Semtex COLOR, a plastic explosive with terrible destructive reputation, Ivana came to her beloved car, a cute and practical Audi A3, a gift from her rich boyfriend, and found its paint nastily scratched with a key, a very disgusting, treacherous and miserable kind of revenge, as the car couldn’t defend against such damage.

And do you know, who paid for this crime in the end, according to the “law of falling excrement”? It was, naturally, her daughter.

“That Islam of yours, have a look, how many problems it creates for me,” Ivana launched devastating volley of aggression, when she called Maryam into the Emirates, using Skype computer application for video calls. “You are so selfish, far away from here, and what about me, who has to live here with all those people, who hate you, and Islam? I am the one, who suffers, whereas you play the Islamic Princess, like in a fairy tale! You don’t care about me, your mom? Do you know, how much I sacrificed for you?”

But in reality, to the outside world, Ivana only confirmed her ruthless reputation of an alpha-female, when she simply didn’t care about material things, impressing many with this stability and detachment… they expect her to cry, to run into a car paint shop, to have the paint repaired immediately, and the culprit would maybe repeat the attack soon… but Ivana didn’t do anything, she didn’t react, she didn’t care.

One of her school colleagues, a wolf in lamb’s clothing, who was in contact with that suburbs social elite, asked Ivana openly, when they were drinking coffee during an intermission: “I noticed, Ivanka, that the beautiful car of yours is scratched. So terrible! People have no respect to property nowadays!”

She maybe expected, that Ivana will release all the anger and resentment and disappointment openly. But Ivana said with complete detachment: “I don’t care, it’s not mine anyway,” and imagine, she even smiled, like if talking about upcoming holidays! Simply completely opposite reaction, than expected.

No wonder, that her respect in the social vicinity yet rose, and many started to challenge her, either to enter municipal politics, or to run for the director of the school, as both these places needed real leaders, a very limited merchandise in this world, and Ivana proved her qualities in this sense clearly.

Maryam never wanted to be like her mother, but you can hardly escape such family influences and heritage, you simply carry them deep in your genes, in your DNA… and her close people knew her two very different faces.

First, it was the public face. All that professional shining smiles, enchanting presence, flashes of cameras, curious journalists, simply the media world, where Maryam excelled… and second, melancholy and sentiment, discontent, like saying: “You are oppressing me, you steal energy from me, I am just losing time with you, you small miserable worthless rats, who don’t belong to a woman of my size and importance.”

Usually, people would despise such a person soon, but Maryam was a star, and people understood, that such changes of mood maybe belong to the stardom and celebrity status, so they were attracted yet more to her, feeling, that keeping her close can also bring them into the glare of stage lights.

However, her choice of boyfriends completely copied the well-established approach of her mother: it means, rich and plain men, who oppressed females, making house maids from them, and both women deliberately bent to this shameful handling, they even required and loved it, it excited them, in certain sense… there was some dark desire for submission and maybe even humiliation inside them, although they were queens.

So, if you were a good man, willing to take care of them properly, they hated and rejected you as weak… but be bad towards them, and they will start to worship you, respect you, staying with you for years, like faithful obedient dogs, willing to swallow any insult, and then to come back to you, licking your face…

Always, when Maryam took that two dogs of her last boyfriend for a walk, it means before her fateful departure into Emirates and conversion to Islam, when she started avoiding these filthy unclean beasts, she was full of anger: “How can this fool think, that I am some house maid? I am a top Czech fashion model, very successful, very busy!”

But outside, in the park, she was the most loving dog handler you have ever seen, kneeling to them, caressing their furry heads, talking to them with soft voice, like if the beasts would be her own beloved pets…

For Maryam, the public show was always the place, where she felt the best in life, where all bad feelings, doubts and bad memories fell from her, where she could be truly herself. At home, she felt isolated and confined and weak… but outside, between people, she was like a sun, happy and contented, a natural leader, using energy and interest of others to shine.

Any time, when the doors opened and she entered the beam of stage lights, she started really living, really breathing… and people admired her.

She loved that moments, you know, before entering the show, when all the faces will turn towards her, and she will smile, like a queen, walking, like a queen, being a queen… like if she would become and overshadow her mother in these moments. No wonder, that she felt happy, after all that years of oppression, submission, exploitation and lies by her mom!

She never visited this “Sultan” restaurant at the Old Town quarter, but she was in the venue once, yet before the rebranding, still under another proprietor, when it was called “Karma”, and it was a Lebanese restaurant, visited by many Muslims, particularly on Thursdays, when there was a live music, and most importantly, a seducing belly dancer, only lightly dressed, revealing her physical features widely!

Indeed, these Lebanese, they were no Wahhabis, insisting on veiling women strictly… on the contrary, and later Iranian owners continued in this tradition, inviting belly dancers for live seducing shows, to attract more visitors, Muslims and infidels alike, including tourists, roaming the Old Town in masses.

In Iraq, for example, there was this brutal sectarian violence between Sunni Muslims and minority Shias, as the Iranians (Persians) were, but not here, in peaceful Prague… well, almost, not only because of the upcoming event, regarding the venue, which will come into the chronicles of Czech security community as Shootout At Sultan Restaurant, where CCM Wahhabi Muslims from Teplice and local Jewish Militia “SHALOM” allegedly participated, but most importantly, in October 2008, very near from the restaurant, at “Monarch Wine Bar” for VIPs, there was this shocking murder of Vaclav Kocka Junior, a member of the most reputated and feared Czech mafia family of worldly hustlers, executed by Bohumil Duricko, a former StB operative, and leaseholder of AXA Hotel, who allegedly defended his pregnant girfriend… using a 9mm pistol, whereas evil voices were claiming, that some highly positioned political figure simply ordered a “hit” on Kocka.

The whole shocking event was well covered by the Czech media, because it happened just after the launch of a book, regarding former Czech prime minister, who was present at the site, together with his wife and Prague’s social, political, economic and showbusiness elite, without any idea, that the party will end in bloodshed… anyway, it’s just strange to see all that happy, smiling faces, even future murderer and his victim together, just hours and minutes before fateful event… Duricko planned to celebrate his 50th birthday the next day, he planned a big party… and instead of eating a cake, he ended in a grey prison cell, to stay there for ordered 13 years…

But Maryam doesn’t care about such things and boring history lessons, she lives in reality, in present moment, like any proper Millennial, she has her own, and very important agenda… she knows, that managing her entrance properly can make her a queen, so she enters the venue boldly, with smiling face and positive body language, and indeed, people are noticing her, a Muslim in quite colorful Islamic dress, which she wears only here, in the infidel lands, preferring simple black apparel in Dubai…

The reason is very simple, the black color is worn by the ruthless assault elements of the Czech Militarized Police (for example, see Alena Malarova‘s battledress), and people somehow connected this color with aggression and violence, all that questionable counter-terrorist operations, including highly shocking and controversial Armed Raid Against Czech Mosques in April 2014…

Anyway, Sultan restaurant is crowded again today, Muslims and infidels in plentiful numbers, and timing is just perfect, as any proper queen comes a little bit late, like the last person, not to be overlooked and overshadowed by others… Maryam’s entree can’t be more bold and distinctive, because the particular table, which the owner Reza reserved for her group, it’s located directly next to the small podium, where the music band plays some Middle Eastern melody, and Reza is waiting for Maryam and her entourage at the entrance, as they are his VIP guests for today: usually, only his closest friends and colleagues are sitting there.

“Welcome, friends! Your visit is an honor, sister Maryam,” he says cordially, because this is Prague, not Iraq, and the handful of local Muslims rather stick together, instead of discussing sectarian differences between them.

“If you don’t mind, I have seated some very good VIP friends of mine to your table too, as this table is for twelve persons, so it will look better, if completely full. They are good people, you will like them, I am certain,” Reza promises to Maryam with complaisance… yes, even as a Muslim man, he is addressing her, a woman, as the group leader, alhough she has two men in her company.

“And who are those people?” Maryam asks, because she likes to have control. She is not willing to go there without obtaining Intelligence in advance. She doesn’t like surprises, when social control is in stake.

“You know Michal Hrdlicka, that TV moderator? He comes here quite often, a regular guest…”

“I accept your guarantee,” Maryam replies, not indicating any surprise or emotions. But this is just perfect… there will be pictures for the media! And she will be depicted as the main star of the evening! Reza will have perfect advertisement for his venue… paying the bill for today’s dinner will be out of question! And what pleases more, than free lunch?

“You will have your private crew, serving only your table,” Reza informs Maryam. “So, shall we? Let me take you to the table.”

Maryam nods, she catches the left elbow of Hakim, encouraging him to lead, at least at this stage of the entree, when she needs to seem protected by men, a pampered princess… now, she can’t be dominating, that would be contraproductive. She needs men as shield between her and the world: men, willing to do just anything for her, if she plays cute weak girl, who needs to be protected. And this is the game, which she knows perfectly… it even reflects her own life, where father was missing.

Indeed, several people are sitting at the large table already, and when they recognize Maryam, very well known from the media, they all stand, to greet her, to show respect, like if she would be some ultra celebrity, and it pleases her heart.

(If only she would know, why so much respect! But who cares? What decides, is the result, and effect!)

Maryam recognizes Hrdlicka immediately, but also David Cohen, Jewish corporate elite, whom she knows very well… she smiles at him shortly, her old friend and business partner, but she will ignore him. After all, he betrayed her, and Israelis as well, when she struggled in the Emirates, and they cut all promised support from her, without a single word of explanation or apology. For Maryam, these people ceased to exist, and she is not Allah, she doesn’t forgive to traitors.

Cohen is a Jew, but this is Prague, not Jerusalem… enemies can sit at one table, moreover, Maryam knows numbers well: if Reza, an another Muslim, knows Cohen, and takes him into this Iranian restaurant as a VIP guest, then it’s safe for her, to be friendly to Cohen as well, as he is therefore confirmed as “friend of Muslims”, and her personal brand won’t be damaged, if she will be seen with him… moreover, she knows, who Cohen is, a local business elite…

Imagine that pictures, she, an Islamic Princess, with local media star and sexual idol of many women (=Hrdlicka), and business elite (=Cohen). This is simply perfectly combined! She, between all these poweful men… not speaking about Hakim, her lover, a VIP dentist, a Qatari citizen, a Muslim elite, who neglected building his personal brand, but Maryam will be glad to help him, as it’s also in her personal interest!

Maryam wasn’t informed by Hakim in advance, who are the “friends”, which they are supposed to meet today. He insisted, that it’s a surprise, and Maryam wasn’t so miserable, to insist on knowing more details… but she explained to him, that she has certain social position, and it means, that she can meet only with certain kind of people.

Hakim knew it, of course, and he assured her, that her social standards will be preserved.

Outside the restaurant, when Maryam saw her older sister Iveta Korinkova (*1984), together with Vaclav Dejcmar, the (paper) owner of elite Czechoslovak Models agency, where she once worked as a fashion model, she is very satisfied. Dejcmar’s personal brand is more than satisfactory for her purposes, he is local social and business elite, and her sister, quite a popular moderator of morning broadcast of TV Nova, the key private TV station, will be also useful.

Maryam feels no need to analyze, why her sister is here, who organized it… her mother, or was it Hakim’s own activity and idea? Maryam sees only the important fact, that these people can be useful for her.

As she likes to have control, she could manage the whole evening herself, you know, to organize exactly that kind of positive companions, who would perfectly supplement her personal brand… but she felt, that too much pressure and obsession for control wouldn’t be good.

Sometimes, you need to trust Allah, who knows, what is the best for you, and He is helping you… so Maryam didn’t contact her primary ally in Prague, Zuzana Jandova, a local modeling elite, who could be very useful in this sense, but to be seen with Jandova too often could be harmful for Maryam’s public picture, she would seem too dependent on her…

But family is important, so nobody can wonder, that after arriving from the Emirates, she wants to meet with her sister, as priority… she confirms herself as a family type, not a selfish bitch, who prefers VIP instead of family, and it again reinforces her personal brand.

Understand, that both Maryam and Iveta are media professionals. For them, it’s completely normal, to meet many people, some of them completely dumb and useless and worthless and unpleasant, but still, these women will be smiling at them, because you never know, who from even those losers can rise to fame one day, and you need to be smiling for the cameras, to seem positive, always, because you never know, who is just looking at you… concurrently, if someone will be too bothering, getting too close to them, the women will be openly aggressive, because they know well, that demonstration of power can set back many rebellions and problems, yet before the forest fire can expand, and all respect of others would be lost.

So, for Maryam is absolutely no problem to smile at her sister,to embrace her cordially, although their relationship is cold at best, and vice versa: both of them only see the perfect opportunity, to help each other: Iveta is also a local actress, and she needs to get some proper role in a A-class movie, to be profiled as a media star. And together, working in synergy, two celebs can be useful to each other.

Anyway, when attentive Maryam notices, that a waitress is assigned to their table, she immediaely waves at Reza, who stands nearby, to supervise the mood and special demands of his guests, and to fulfill all their wishes.

“Brother, I need you to assign a man to this table, a waiter,” Maryam says clearly. “Other woman in superior position over me, it means, standing when I am sitting, and thus attracting all attention instead of me, is not acceptable for my social status.”

Indeed, she doesn’t beg, she rather orders, and Reza obeys immediately, apologizing for his mistake. Even for him, this high-profile VIP visit is a lesson, what mistakes to avoid next time, so he is not offended, on the contrary, he is grateful to the Princess, that she explains him the VIP rules.

Maryam is a clever woman, and she simply can’t allow any other woman to steal attention from her. And the waitress is almost as tall, as her, only she has much larger breasts, hips, ass and thighs, a curvy female figure, unlike slim Maryam, thus seducing many eyes around, and that is not acceptable.

In such key moments, Maryam is very ruthless, if her public image is in stake, and it’s necessary to remove a competitor from the scene, quickly, but without being ruled by emotions. She succumbed to negative feelings and disappointment only once, during that Miss Charles University 2011 final evening, when she fell off the role for a second, losing her smile, when the result was announced, and she was not a winner.

She will never repeat such mistake: one loss means nothing, but if you humiliate yourself by showing negative emotions on your face, only then you are really defeated. And people will notice, that you don’t have the mindset of a champion, a victor.

And a proper Princess needs to make demands, anyway! What kind of Princess would she be, just sitting there, like some Cinderella, smiling, but overshadowed by all that men around, who will “make shoulders”, in her presence, overshadowing her? No, it’s better to be authoritative, demanding, even cruel, because it’s better, to be feared, than loved.

When the lights are dimmed, and the belly dancer starts her show, Maryam simply stands up, makes a slight gesture towards Hakim, to follow her, and leaves to the bar at the other room… again, she can’t tolerate to be overshadowed by anybody.

And guess, who is standing there as well, his Canon professional camera in hand, like always?

“Oh no,” Maryam can’t resist to laugh. “It’s you, Josef? Such a small world!”

“Marketa!” says Josef Polasek, once the richest man in Czechia and fashion photographer, who seems to be surprised very pleasantly too. “Imagine, that I had this feeling, that I will meet you today, can you believe it? That’s so nice coincidence! Or rather the power of tarot cards!”

“Don’t start with this witchcraft again, please! I am a Muslim now, as you probably noticed, and only Allah defines the future, not some magical cards or occultist rituals,” Maryam says with quite a strict voice, but also with smile on her full lips, to show, that she is not insulted, because Polasek has indeed a special position between all those infidels. “What are you doing here? Some pictures?”

“Yeah, it’s an usual Friday, so I roam the clubs, just like that, to meet some people, you know, to make some photos, if there will be a good opportunity… and look what happens, I meet you!” Polasek directs Hakim towards Maryam, to make their picture together.

And this time, Maryam doesn’t make any protests, that taking pictures of living things is forbidden idolatry, because Polasek’s presence will be very, very useful for her… she read the latest issue of “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine, just after she landed at Vaclav Veskrna Airport, and she decided, to use all such good publicity opportunities here. Also Dejcmar can be very useful for this purpose, as it’s Saturday tomorrow, and there will be definitely some very useful social event taking place, but she needs to choose very well, where to direct her shining presence…

“I have to confess to you, Marketa, that I was speaking about you in a TV show recently… that presenter slut Lucie Borhyova tried to extract secrets from me, but I was silent, as a grave!” Polasek makes a funny face.

“I hope so!” she pretends to slap his cheek, but she doesn’t touch him: it’s forbidden to touch a non-related man. “Josef, this is Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani, my brother in Islam and a good friend, he is from Qatar, but living in Prague, working as a celebrity dentist… Hakim, this is Josef Polasek… I told you about him and Miss Million today, when we visited the Karlstejn castle,” Maryam introduces both men.

When they shake hands, Hakim asks, like many people, whether the tale about brand new cars, given to sluts, just if they went for a coffee with Polasek, is true.

“This is, how you build your social reputation, friend,” Polasek explains the truth. “It cost me just one dumb million, to buy and give away three cars to some worthless sluts, but as you can see, even after many years, all people are remembering me, my special moves, as there is something striking and provoking in my personal brand, so I became an urban legend in certain way. And do you know, who gave me this good magic branding advice?

It was Marketa, and she didn’t ask for a single coin as a repayiment! Indeed, she knows something about Public Relations and personal branding, whic she studied at Charles University… mere one million, and it helped to create a legend from me, sluts are literally occupying the door of my villa in Bruntal… I can choose any woman I want, not like in the old times, when I had only money, but I was nobody, I had no respect, no love. Now, everything is much more balanced… by the way, Marketa, I have even a girlfriend, can you believe it? Yeah, life is much better, than before…”

“And is it truth, that you gave almost all your personal wealth for development of TDE?” Hakim wonders further.

“Sure! It was Ivona Selnikova, who persuaded me, that I need to do something good for the community, for Silesia, for the future of the whole Czech nation! And I feel better, not so confined with money, and so on…”

Maryam notices Michal Hrdlicka, who came to the bar as well, to order a drink. She scans him with her beautiful brown eyes, thinking, like a jaguar in female body, just before swift attack: how could she use Hrdlicka today? Maybe Polasek could make her picture with him together? Would it be useful? Maryam is not informed about Hrdlicka’s current position in the CZ showbusiness… she only knows, that it was him, who fucked the most substantial women in Czechia, including mentioned Lucie Borhyova from TV Nova, so he can be useful.

It’s right not to address him, and to wait, until he will attempt to make a contact… but Maryam is a woman, who knows, that she needs to control the flow of events, not to wait in some corner, what will happen, whether some noble prince will be willing to liberate her from a curse… so she sends very clear signals to Hrdlicka, using her beautiful eyes and long lashes, challenging him to speak to her, although two other men are around her, so they won’t be pleased, particularly Hakim. But Maryam will be yet more stronger, if these roosters will start provoking and fighting each other.

“Ms. Korinkova,” Hrdlicka enters the scene with confidence, greeting Polasek, and ignoring Hakim. “It’s so great to meet you! I am the marketing manager of Woman’s Destiny, the Islamic fashion brand…”

“Oh, really?” Maryam says without any apparent interest, like a proper ice queen, who is distant and not available for fools. “You have changed your career? From TV to fashion? Interesting.”

“And do you know, that the daughter of the Woman’s Destiny owner, her name is Anne Hasselblattova, she converted to Islam, like you… in Austria?” Hrdlicka informs Maryam, trying to awake interest inside her.

“Good for her,” Maryam still keeps her distance, althoug inside her, she feels, that this man is an asset, who can be very, very useful for her… but for what purpose? She is leaving this infidel place in several days, never to return again… at least she should listen to him, what he has to offer.

She heard about this fashion brand, of course. But it was established after she left Prague, so she had no contact with them, and surprisingly, they never contacted her, probably realizing, that she is simply unavailable…

Wait… this could be it! She could use them, to confirm her high social position… and then, she will disappear, showing her back to all this miserahle fools! But she needs to use the perfect local momentum, created by latest issue of Heavy Slander magazine, writing widely about her, which still circulates in those streets.

“I know, that you are busy these days, and so on… but you would really honor us by visiting the Woman’s Destiny boutique in Parizska street, to check the newest collection. The owner, Suzanne Hasselblattova, and her daughter Anne, would be really delighted! You see, Anne confessed publicly, that she is a Muslim, just recently… maybe, if it wouldn’t bother you, you could provide her some counsel, support, as her older sister in Islam, and also a specialist in Public Relations, as the brand lost some clients recently, when this conversion was announced… the future of the brand is a little bit uncertain now,” Hrdlicka explained the situation openly, hoping, that Maryam will apreciate sincerity and honesty.

Before Maryam replies anything, she watches Hrdlicka, thinking and combining.

He is a former top-tier TV presenter with reputation of a Casanova, now working as Marketing Manager of Woman’s Destiny, the Islamic fashion brand, allegedly owned by the omnipresent Chinese, who needed a tool to infiltrate the Middle East, and they decided to use fashion for this purpose.

The brand has three flagship boutiques: first of them, oldest, here, in Prague, in Parizska street, the most VIP street in Czechia, full of luxury brands like Prada, Dior, Cartier or Louis Vuitton.

Owner of the brand are a mother and daughter: Suzanne Hasselblattova, her former husband was a winner from Nagano 1998 winter Olympic games, a hockey player from Czech national team, later becoming a trainer, after his sport career ended, and who left to Japan once, leaving the family… it should be temporary, but it became forever, he never returned back.

Anne Hasselblattova is young, only nineteen or twenty years… and she allegedly converted to Islam… in Austria, in Salzburg, where the second most important bouutique is located. Except the last one, at Geneva, Switzerland, it was established, after the Chinese poured very generous money into the brand, in 2012 or 2013. Before that, Woman’s Destiny was quite nothing, but with Chinese support, they made their name indeed, even in Shanghai, the real center of world fashion nowadays.

“Yeah, I heard about this brand,” Maryam says then. “Maybe I could visit, to meet with the girl, a sister in Islam.”

Maryam is the main media face of Amwaj Jewellery, it helped her to build her personal brand in the Emirates… but it’s also wise to keep the back door open, not to reject a non-binding talk and negotiation with another business company, which is interested in Maryam’s professional services.

And Woman’s Destiny quite expanded lately, backed by the Chinese generously. Exactly that kind of multinational corporation, which Maryam shouldn’t ignore, on the contrary, to watch them very closely. To become their main media face… it could be very useful way to big players, to get desirable Chinese contracts: China has over one billion inhabitants, so your presence in the local media creates an instant star from you, recognized by millions.

“That’s great!” Hrdlicka was pleased. “Here, the business card! If you will have time tomorrow, around 2PM, you could come with Mrs. Ivana… I met with her recently, and she presented her deep interest in the Islamic fashion.”

“My mom? You know her?” Maryam wonders.

“Yes, my niece studies in the school, where your mom is teaching,” Hrdlicka explained. “So I pick her up sometimes, to take her to the ZOO, to the cinema, and so on, because her parents are always too busy, not willing to give their time to her… and I met your mom there. I noticed, that she was wearing an abaya, so I introduced myself, and I told her, that we manufacture such fashion, and she should visit our boutique sometimes.

Tomorrow, at 2PM, both Mrs. Suzanne and Ms. Anne will be present in the boutique, and they will be very glad to meet you, and your mom, who was invited already by me. We are planning to expand into the Emirates soon, and even into Saudi Arabia, as the latest collection incorporates Saudi cultural influences and traditions, and it’s called ‘Hidden Agenda’, like liberating Saudi women from male oppression, you know, a little bit of controversy, and provocation, to raise interest… we consider to choose the Princess Ameerah al-Taweel as our main Saudi media face… maybe you know her.”

All blood boils in Maryam suddenly. This is it! A perfect way into SAUDI ROYAL LEAGUE, the top Muslim elite… O Allah! You are so grateful to me, giving me so many chances, to earn a lot of credit…

“If Allah will permit, maybe I will visit tomorrow. Thanks for the invitation,” Maryam takes the card, and loses any interest in Hrdlicka, as the conversation is over, and she is returning to Hakim and Polasek with apologizing smile, that business is business.

When Maryam returns with both men to the table, she notices that belly dancer, sitting with Cohen and Hrdlicka, and some overweight man, unknown to her.

The best way is to ignore the other woman, and to concentrate on perfect smile, as Polasek just takes many pictures of the whole group, concentrating on Maryam, who sits in the middle, between all that powerful influential men, and it’s not a coincidence. It’s most certain, that tomorrow, the pictures will be showed at the Internet media, and on Monday in paper editions, flooding the streets. Perfect! Just as she wants!

“Do you know, that tomorrow, at the evening, Woman’s Destiny organizes a big fashion show in Parizska, and people are saying, that it will be a party of the century?” Dejcmar is just narrating, and Maryam is very interested in this information. Of course, she can’t start asking direct questions, like some cheap fool, but she listens very carefully.

“From my Czechoslovak Models, Zuzana Jandova and Tereza Lipanova will be on the catwalk. You can come too, I have tickets into the first VIP row, you know, to be seen… there wil be A LOT of photographers. We took care of it, just as the company wanted.”

“They want me to participate as well,” Maryam says, as a cold-blooded liar. “But I didn’t make my final decision yet… I will meet with them tomorrow, and…”

In that moment, several loud gun shots can be clearly heard from the outside, leaving almost all people at Sultan restaurant’s interior frozen.

But surprisingly, the whole VIP table stays calm, on the contrary, even merry and relaxed: Maryam sees a perfect publicity opportunity in the event, that she is almost an eye witness of a big crime now, the journalists will arrive soon, and she can tell them her testimony with dramatic voice…

“This is really beautiful,” Maryam examines the latest Woman’s Destiny collection the next day afternoon. “You designed it, Anne?”

“True. You know, painting was always my hobby, then I started painting dresses, just for fun… and look, in the end, I am the main designer of the brand,” Anne confesses.

“You are very talented,” Maryam flatters her, because she correctly identified the young woman as an asset.

“We would be very honored and delighted, Maryam, if you could participate at tonight’s fashion show, as the main star,” Suzanne suggests, Anne’s mother, a well maintained woman around forty years of age, still quite young.

“Sorry, Mrs. Hasselblattova… I am retired from fashion modeling… that was long time ago, it’s the past… moreover, I have other plans for today’s evening, to spend it with my family, you know… maybe we will come with my mom, as guests, to show you respect… but if you allow me, I would like to try some pieces of your collection… for example, this abaya with golden and silk decorations,” Maryam removes a dress from the hanger.

Maryam is clever, never accepting the first offer. Moreover, she will negotiate rather with her sister in Islam, not with this infidel woman. She will make an inside ally here, and easily… she will let Anne to persuade her to participate.

In a minute, all three women watch Maryam, like if she would be walking on a catwalk, smiling, presenting her perfectly.

“Wonderful!” Suzanne is enchanted. “You look so great, Marketa… and may I ask, are you still available for general business negotiations? It would be great, if you could help to promote Woman’s Destiny in the Emirates… of course, under agreed conditions, financial and so on.”

“I am the main media face of Amwaj Jewellery, as you know,” Maryam shows no deeper interest, like if she wouldn’t care about business matters anymore, because she lives completely different aristocratic life now, when she doesn’t have to think about money anymore, like miserable common folk. “But as I like your collection, I can wear it at some high profile social event in the Emirates, and to make a natural promotion for you… maybe just next week, during the WATC convention in Dubai, where I will have an important speech in front of several thousand people.

I don’t want any money as compensation directly… I mean, all my payoffs go to charity, as you probably know. But supporting charity causes in the Emirates, like Islamic education of girls, could help very effectively to your business interests…”

“Even to get to Sheikh Al Maktoum?” Suzanne asks openly. “He holds most of the most power in Dubai, as the emir, and UAE’s vice president and prime minister. And you are his personal advisor in Female Affairs… such position gives you a lot of power and influence on him.”

“Mom, you should try this dress,” Maryam avoids any direct answer. “I noticed, that you use Amwaj pieces in your collection… and this necklace… it’s Cartier, no?”

“Yes, we made the deal with Amwaj and Cartier, to supply some accesories and jewellery for us, because we don’t have the human and manufacturing capacity for such specialized products, it means also to buy diamonds and to process them profesionally,” Anne explained. “We manufacture the dresses, the shoes, the handbags, I mean our Egyptian plant, to save money… but the jewellery is outsourced, to preserve maximum quality of all of our ware.”

“Marketka, you should support Suzanne and Anne in Dubai,” says Ivana, Maryam’s mother, who wants to show her influence on her famous daughter. “I mean, it’s completely natural, to help friends, no? And Dubai is so competitive market…”

“I will see, what I can do,” Maryam promises indefinitely. “But understand, Suzanne, that I am rather out of this fashion business already, my interests are somehwere else, and my work for Amwaj is rather an exception, as Fatima bint Ali Al Dhaheri, the owner and designer, is my good friend, and I like her latest RUWAYA collection… you should meet with her one day, Anne, maybe you should show her some designs of yours… she has the manufacturing capacity to make it real, buying diamonds directly from De Beers Antwerp. You design some jewellery too, no?”

“Surely, let me show you… I will bring my portfolio,” Anne goes to the back office area of the boutique.

“Wait, I will go with you…” Maryam joins her.

When they are at the back office, watching Anne’s designs, Maryam sits on a sofa in the corner.

“Your mother is too straightforward to my liking,” she says openly. “She talks to me, like if I would be some infidel fashion model, hungry for money and perks, only willing to fill her private pockets… maybe there was a miserable time like this in my life, but Allah liberated me from this oppression of mindless consumerism and obsession with luxury brands… and the Lord made you free too, I heard? So why don’t you wear a hijab, sister?”

“Faith is still rather private thing for me, as I live in these kafir lands,” Anne explains, but she opens a cabinet, finds an Islamic scarf, and puts it on, to please her VIP sister in Islam, to show her, that they are indeed close to each other. “Allah liberated me, when I was pregnant at eighteen years of age unexpectedly, and my mom told me, that I am ruining both my and her life, that I should go to the GHC Clinic immediately, to make the interruption… but I didn’t do it, and today, I have my beautiful daughter, Nicole, who is the sun of my life… except Allah.

Imagine, sister, that I hid my faith for two years. I converted to Islam in a mosque in Salzburg, you know, because we were visiting our boutique there quite regularly, so I thought, that it will be more discreet, not here in Prague, with all that police surveillance around the Cerny Most mosque, and all that BIS informers in the Czech Islamic community… my mom would know immediately, and she would possibly kill me, as I thought.”

“Yeah, it’s complicated with moms sometimes,” Maryam shows her understanding. “But in the end, she accepted, that you are a Muslim?”

“She did… from strategic reasons, to build the brand effectively. She said, that it will be beneficial for us, as the owners, if we will be divided into two parts: she, an infidel, like them, Westerners, to keep close to them. And me, a Muslim, to infiltrate the Islamic community, to get more clients… so I could visit the mosque quite freely, she even encouraged me to do so,” Anne sighed with disgust. “I mean, my mom is not so bad… just damaged, hurt… as my father left us… and she never recovered completely. Before, she was quite drinking, but now, she is obsessed to build this business, you know, to have respect, to be a VIP… and Chinese are making her dreams real…

Our Chinese benefactors… and do you know, how we got to them? Very nasty tale indeed… when I got pregnant, one of possible two fathers, except my classmate from high school, was an executive from Wu Corporation… and you can imagine, that my mom didn’t let this unique chance to slip. She pushed him against the wall hard… to open the doors for her.”

“Same in my family,” Maryam acknowledged, ignoring that very interesting part with Wu Corp ostensibly, as she had a private business with them too. “Do those men realize, how they are hurting us? And how they destroy our mothers? Selfish, primitive animals, that’s what they are… and I am not willing to repeat mistakes of my mother. Anyway… Wu is financing your business operations? And why? To get more influence in the Middle East?”

“Possibly, I don’t know,” Anne admitted. “My mother is a player, not me. I am just a girl, who matured too soon… fortunately, when I felt the worst, I found Allah.”

“You and I, sister, we have similar fates,” Maryam checked her pretty face in a mirror on the wall. “We missed fatherly figures, so we chose Allah instead of weak, corrupted men, who only disappoint us in the end. And Allah, the Most Glorified, The Most Exalted, He won’t ever disappoint or leave us.. finally we have the certainty we always desired for.”

“That’s true,” Anned agreed. “Maybe it’s the will of Allah, that we two met, so we can help each other… somehow… maybe… one day? And maybe soon already…

Listen, sister, I don’t want to insist, or to put pressure on you… but you would really help us, if you would be on the catwalk today. We… I mean, the Chinese, to be correct… huge money was invested into this event. But Czech people, you know, they and Islam… we bribed everybody, all that multicultural people from NGOs, Czech government, many journalists and PR specialists, to correct the public perception of Islam, and our business… but it’s difficult.

The Chinese don’t care, but my mom does, although she understands, that in this land, our brand will be always rather failing… many people are not willing to connect their brands with us, they reject any amount of money, saying, that they would be finished… except Radka Fisarova.

But if you would come there, with your immense reputation… they would understand us better, that we are not enemies, on the contrary, that we are trendy, sexy and chic, and it would be good for Islam as well… and we could do many services as repayment and token of friendship for you, either today, or in the future, if you will need… we would be simply obliged to you, and grateful.

I want to help my mom, you know… moreover, this brand is my professional future, and she wants to retire soon, she is tired of this small pond, she wants to disappear into Italy from here, as Chinese have their plans in Milan too.”

“You know, what really interests me?” Maryam was curious, avoiding an answer again. “Why did you become an Islamic brand at the first place? It had to be absolutely clear for your business model, that here, in this kafir land, it’s a business suicide… and you were not backed by Saudis, or other Wahhabis, like Qataris? So, why?”

“The Chinese wanted it,” Anne replied. “It was a part of our deal: one hundred million of their initial investment into the company, but it had to be rebranded towards Islam in one year. Of course, that my mom knew, what it means for us… but she had no other choice. Either to accept these conditions, or bankruptcy… she thought, that she will simply manage the transformation, somehow, and she worked hard to find good persuading arguments, why even kafir women should buy our dresses, that there is that seducing exotica of Middle East, and our ware can make them sexy and irresistible…

We organized this event, to widen our media and public influence… you know, so big, to impress the whole country… the people will come, they don’t have any other choice, as all the VIPs will be there, and only loser would stay outside… we paid so much money to the top Czech fashion models, that they couldn’t resist… but only with you, the whole country could be really impressed.

And we could make some very positive introduction for you there, yet more improving your personal brand… you help us, and we will help you… that’s a nice Chinese proverb.”

“I don’t know, Anne,” Maryam sighed, pretending to be hesitating. “Don’t forget, that many people are despising me in Czechia, they see me as a threat, because I execute VIP da’wah, I spread more Islam into the world, I am an ambassador of Islam, and very loud one… and both you and me wouldn’t be pleased, if the infidel Czech audience would start whistling, booing or something, when I would be on the catwalk… it could ruin the whole event. And I would be jeopardizing my professional reputation as well.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Anne smiled. “Using effective help of Chinese ‘friends’, we have complete control of all audio of the event. We count with such subversive prospects in advance… and we won’t allow anybody to spoil our event, so there will be artificially added sound of applauding into the loud speakers, to cover any possible negative noise, so no sabotage will succeeded. The Chinese know very well, how to suppress any subversive elements… and political opposition.

Moreover, imagine… if you help them today, they will be grateful. And they have very long fingers anywhere… even in the Emirates. For them, religion means nothing. They only care about victory and global dominance.”

“Clever,” Maryam was impressed, calculating her options. “Let’s go back to our moms.”

When both young women returned into the boutique’s sale section, Maryam came to Suzanne Hasselblattova, and said with very decisive and authoritative voice:

“I spoke to your daughter, who is my sister in Islam, and she explained me, that your interest can be my interest as well. Therefore, I will be a model on your fashion show.

But I demand certain tokens of our new friendship: first, promotion of my person, as the main star of the event.

Second, I want wide media coverage of my presence, for my star branding.

Third, Woman’s Destiny will send one million CZK, as my alleged royal payoff for my professional services for the evening, which the Czech tabloid media will ‘find out after an information leak’, to a high-profile charity foundation… which one is the most attractive in Czechia today, for celebrity promotion purposes? Still Tatana Kucharova‘s ‘Beauty of Helping’? But I don’t want to support this one, she is in fact my competitor… find another one for me.”

“Definitely Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation,” Suzanne suggested immediately. “And they can be very grateful for your gifts… you won’t regret this investment. The foundation is also main partner for the event, with rumored Illuminati links, which we emphasized in the tabloid media and VIP gossip deliberately.

They in fact copy Kucharova’s business model, extracting money from wealthy senior citizens, altering their last wills, allegedly using it to finance black military operations. They offer official state forgiveness of sins of seniors, before these pass away, it means full legal amnesty of all crimes, if their personal contribution exceeds ten million CZK, and they give them a chance to support a good thing, sustainable future of the Czech state and reinforcing of its defence capabilites. When that Israeli A-class Hollywood actress Gal Gadot was seduced recently, in that media affair, during shooting of ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, by an assassin from Czech Special Forces… this money of Czech seniors backed the operation.”

“Sounds good…. my fourth condition, that you will offer the position of Woman’s Destiny main media face of the whole MENA (=Middle East North Africa) region, including Saudi Arabia, to me,” Maryam continued with her demands.

“I don’t say, that you have to give it to me in the end, but I want media to write this way, that there is certain competition between me, and Princess Ameerah… it will allow me to infiltrate Saudi royal structures, get attention there, and show them my influence in the Islamic world.

And fifth condition: Suzanne, I want you to call your primary contact at Wu Corporation, immediately, and tell him festively, that you were able to persuade me to participate at your today’s event, after hard bargaining. Simply inform your Chinese benefactors about your big success, that the event has its star now.”

“See, Marketka? You can make good decisions, after all… you are making your mom proud!” Ivana caresses her daugher on face, like if she would be a child.

For any fashion model, to hear her name in loudspeakers, it’s like the sweetest music. But today, in this kafir land, until it will be liberated by some devoted jihadists, perhaps one day, if God wills, it’s the last time for Marketa Maryam Korinkova, once a top Czech fashion model, but after this evening, only shining memory of her will remain in Czechia.

After all that years here, today evening, most likely, if Allah will permit, this is the last time, when her long slim legs are walking on the velvet of a fashion show catwalk, and she impresses the crowds with her beauty and mindset of a queen…

Although she will be glad to leave this infidel land once and forever in several days, she is still a sensitive woman, although a devoted Muslim, so she still can’t resist to cry, realizing, that one part of her life is definitely ending, and together with her youth, it won’t ever return. All will be simply different, and this is that breaking point.

And in that moment, when she realizes the agony of her old her life, she realizes, that this is real, that she is really leaving this land, there will be no way to return here, and her destiny will be set in hot deserts of Arabic peninsula, or anywhere, but not here, where she was born almost thirty years ago…

“Firstly, I would like to thank all people, who helped me in my Czech career, who trusted me, who supported me, who provided me opportunities to prove my professional abilities, and many of them are here with us today, during this great evening, organized by Suzanne and Anna Hasselblattova with perfect style,” Maryam says into microphone, her eyes full of tears of happiness and sadness together, when Leos Mares, the moderator of the evening, asks her to say a few words, as the main star, some goodbye wisdom, some message. Of course, that she starts with appreciating of her benefactors.

“I feel as natural, to give some small advice to all young hungry girls, like I once was, or maybe still I am… that you need to use your days well, that any success in life, it’s only the result of your good choices. So, don’t be seduced by haters and doubters, don’t listen to them, follow your dreams, but also, be ready to let go, don’t get attached to things, because it all means nothing, all that worldly trophies and achievements.

All, what is important, how you see yourself, how you behave to your body, what thoughts you allow to enter into your mind. Indeed, not others, but you decide, how your life will look like.

This country, and its people, will always be deep in my memories, in my heart, although we will probably part ways soon, and forever, as it has to be that way. I want to thank to all of you, who wished me luck in that distant land, in my new career, despite of all differences between us…

I hope, that one day, even as a foreigner, I will make you all, and this country, my former homeland, proud, because I am still moving forward, still pursuing my girlish dreams, and it means, that I must leave some places, some people behind me, but I am grateful for all, which this great beautiful country gave me.

So… my time here on the catwalk is up, and now, other girls will come to impress you with their beauty, energy, vibe, and feminity. I am making space for them voluntarily, leaving at the top… but it’s time. Peace with you all… Goodbye.”

It’s Vaclav Dejcmar, who approaches Maryam as first, and gives her huge bouquet of flowers, and she makes slight move towards him, like if she would like to embrace him, but she only indicates, as she is a Muslim woman, and any touching of a non-Mahram man is not permissible.

Her female fashion model friend, Zuzana Jandova, winner of Miss Czech 2008 national beauty contest, she follows, and both women embrace cordially.

The last, who come to congratulate, are Suzanne and Anne, of course. Together, with their hands connected, they bow to the audience, except Maryam, who bows only to Allah.

And then, she disappears from the catwalk, leaving her past behind her, never to look back, as there are still great achievements in the world to be conquered, because Maryam is still insatiable for more.

One day, and maybe soon, with His permission and blessing… there will be only blue sky and Allah above her.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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