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It was Sunday morning, usually very peaceful and calm, when Czech infidels liked to sleep at least until noon, after another night of heavy drinking and partying, to wash away the misery of their lives, at least temporarily, until the intoxication effects wore off, as these primitive decadent unbelievers, filthy dumb corrupted kafirs (kuffar), denied submission to the will of Allah, the only God, the Most Glorified, the Most High, and they were daily punished by Him for their sins, like shirk, idolatry, desecration, fornication, consumption of forbidden alcohol and unclean pork meat, very favourite in decadent, corrupted Czech lands.

So, local squirrels, living in the deep woods near famous Karlstejn castle, a touristic landmark, they liked these Sunday mornings, when they had good opportunity to roam their ground territory, undisturbed by loud insensitive humans, and to collect all the fallen nuts, radicles, seeds and everything, what picky squirrels like to eat.

But this Sunday seemed to be different: around 8AM, some strange people arrived in a car, stopped at the middle of a deserted forest road, and they set up a road block with barbed wire and a belt of anti-vehicle spikes for piercing of tyres, together with recognizably marked military check point, whereas curious cute little squirrels were watching these suspicious men, dressed in camouflaged battledresses, faces covered with balaclavas and heavily armed with assault rifles and even anti-tank rocket launchers on their backs, from safe haven of the tall trees.

An hour later, a column of several vehicles was stopped by these dangerous men, and after short explanation and small arguing, when the documents of the passengers were checked, the cars were turned back mercilessly, returning to the main crossroads, searching for a suitable detour, to get to their destination: but as their local guides consulted a map, only one road led there, so they had to realize, that their access is simply forbidden, prevented by strong and ruthless military and Police presence.

So, the civilian group, many of them foreigners of Middle Eastern descent, they left the cars, discussing the best solution of the unexpected situation. And in the end, they decided to improvise: so they prepared a large camera with ARC logo, and their apparent leader, a middle-aged man, dressed in business suit, took a large microphone.

The man, whose name was Omar Bin Ghazali, originating from Qatar, started to speak:

“Today, with the permission and blessing of Allah, another part of ARC News report about Marketa Maryam Korinkova from Czech Republic takes place between these deep woods and green meadows, not far from the key Czech national historic landmark, Karlstejn castle, near ‘Vonoklasy’ village, apparently small, forgotten, overlooked, hidden in a valley, with even poetic name, but critical in many senses, revealing many details about terrible conspiracy of military-industrial complex in the Czech Republic, which can be, and which is most likely connected to our Islamic Princess, regardless whether she knows that, or not, as this octopus with many tentacles reaches all places, where power and influence are distributed, here or abroad.

In this beautiful land, so relaxing, full of scent of nature and spring breeze, Allah teaches you to appreciate a value, which is the most precious of all: freedom, as in the last two days, Allah gave us all the opportunity to taste the infidel slavery and police oppression.

From Friday night until this Sunday morning, the whole journalistic team of ARC, including me, and our local friends, we all were unlawfully detained and very thoroughly interrogated by Czech Militarized Police, regarding so called Shootout By Sultan Restaurant, allegedly between Muslims and local Jews, where one Czech accidental passer-by was shot, and Czech Militarized Police sent massive forces as response, as the shot man, who fortunately survived, is a member of the elite Special Forces of the Czech Military, a paratrooper from 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion, who was on leave, walking with his girlfriend, admiring streets of Old Town quarter of Prague, when hit… and this fact really angered the local population.

The Czech politicians issued strict proclamations immediately, that ‘Any religious violence in the Czech streets won’t be tolerated’, and they naturally pointed all blame at us Muslims, or to be more exact, to our local CCM Wahhabi friends from Teplice, the Islamic Czech city, who are labeled as radicals, Islamists and Jihadists in these kafir lands, both from Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS and Czech Police.

But it must be reminded, that also many key Jewish figures of the Old Town quarter, where alleged illegal Jewish armed militia “SHALOM” operates, were detained, including Aaron Gunsberger, its alleged leader, who was present close to the place of incident, and he, together with all Jews, denied any participation of the crime, like us, and no proof of participation of any of the sides was found.

The assault weapon, or weapons, which fired the shots, was still not found, although the investigators of the Czech Police were working at the site intensively, and secured several spent casings. And whereas local politicians blame us Muslims conveniently, the local tabloid media remind the fact, that Gunsberger has a history of violence of all senses, and he was feared by the neigbours of his ‘King Solomon’ kosher restaurant, as he used the custom licence plate of his car with intimidating words ‘Mr. Rambo’, which is very expressive nickname, as ‘Rambo’, a fictional movie character, was a former member of U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam, a perfectly trained assassin and murderer of Vietnamese women and children, who, returning home traumatized from war, committed mass violence against U.S. police and military forces, which tried to stop his killing spree in a small American city.

Anyway, after the Sultan incident, the Czech government responded, as expected, according to a new, and very disturbing local custom: by sending heavily armed military commandos into the streets, just like they do after any major terrorist attack in Europe, allegedly as prevention and safety measure, but many citizens complain, that these displays of force are only awaking fear in people deliberately, so the sheep can be better controlled, if the city changes into apparent war zones, where masked commandos with assault rifles are walking, and no one ever explained their executive rights and legal status… why do they have to supplement the Police, which has also ‘upgraded’ assault weaponry in their arsenal, thus fully able to contain any terrorist threats?

Oficially, the soldiers are operating in mixed patrols with Czech Militarized Police, but their exact RoE (Rules of Engagement) were never revealed, or explained to the public by Ministry of Interior. Moreover, can a policeman give the orders to a soldier? Who is submitted to whom? Or do they operate under their own RoE, so both soldier and policeman can’t control each other?

Then, is it right, that regular military personnel, masked, without any identification number, with military-grade assault rifle in hand, is walking between people, mere civilians, in the center of the capital, just like that, although these security assets have different training, different perception of the enemy, and his liquidation?

Of course, that a soldier and a policeman sees taking lives very differently: the policeman is bound very strictly to preserve lives, and using of lethal power is the last resort to contain a threat, but soldier simply shoots anybody, whom he considers as threat, as such are rules of war: shoot, or be shot.

Moreover, it must be reminded, that combat tactics of the Army and the Police differs heavily. For example, used ammunition: the police uses generally 9mm pistol ammo with high stopping power, but short effective range (200 meters only), not to hurt innocent bystanders, but the purpose of military munitions, which has four times longer rifle range (800 meters plus), is not to kill an enemy, but rather to injure him, to incapacitate him, to cause serious wounds, that he is not able to continue fighting, and he needs urgent medical attention, so the logistic apparatus of the enemy will be more exhausted, there will be extra costs for lengthy treatment and negative Public Relations for war effort, when crippled soldiers will return from war home, so the fifth column of subversive anti-war activists like EGPD (Executive Group For Peace And Disarmament) will call for ending the war, and the adversary will surrender, or sign a peace treaty, withdrawing his forces…

For this purpose, small calibre, fragmentary, splintery 5.56mm ammunition is used by modern Military forces, it means unstable during flight, which disintegrates upon contact with human tissue, to cause more devastating internal injuries like dum-dum high devastating bullets.

And what does it mean? That military-grade munitions is a very dangerous toy, which definitely doesn’t belong into crowded streets. The length of central Venceslas Square in Prague is 750 meters, but effective range of 5.56mm bullet from a G36C assault rifle, used by both Czech Militarized Police and Czech Special Forces, is 800 meters: thus, any bullet, missing the body of a terrorist, will fly across the whole square, with high probability of hitting some innocent passer-by.

This fact really disturbs many local people, and the Czech political opposition, including National Defence Commission, but Ministry of Interior always responds with general clause, that this is matter of national security, that under raised threat of terrorist attack, these special extraordinary and only temporary measures have to be executed, it’s a matter of higher interests, and so on…

Anyway, except Old Town quarter, where the shootout happened on Friday, there is at least one more place in Czech Republic, where these commandos are operating right now: and it’s the perimeter of Vonoklasy village, as you can see deep in the valley below us. They even established road-blocks here, like in some war zone, preventing us from entering the Vonoklasy district.

You may ask, why? And how is this all connected to Maryam?

Some time ago, another shocking event happened here: an alleged Islamist terrorist group ambushed a local VIP, Monika Maresova, living here in the VIP quarter of the village, they kidnapped her by stopping her vehicle in this forest, took her into her house, and forced her to convert to Islam in front of cameras, and to condemn Czech military participation in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, where assassins from Czech Special Forces, like Marketa Vselichova, are operating unoficially.

In the end, they shocked the TV audience with a mock execution of the woman, and then they left, like ghosts, leaving one dead man at the site, a man from Bosnia, coming into Czech lands as a refugee in 1992, later allegedly suspected from terrorist links: apparently, there was some kind of conflict between terrorists, so they decided to eliminate the man, who possibly jeopardized their operation, or betrayed the group.

Needless to say, how much was the Czech public shocked by this treacherous attack against a single woman, calling for reinforcing of the Police and Military immediately… exactly as the military masterminds wanted, so this event was highly useful for their interests, and some evil voices are asking a disturbing question: couldn’t the military or police conspirators orchestrate it themselves, a false flag operation, misusing terrorists for defence interests, by emphasizing the alleged danger, plus, of course, to blame Muslims, and Islam?

But it’s still not over, as the soldiers are back here now, protecting Vonoklasy from unknown danger, isolating the small village from unknown threat. Or is it all because of us, and our unpleasant, inconvenient ARC investigation? Why do they prevent us from entering the village? What is so secret there? And what is happening with this land, that military forces have to be deployed into streets?

Or is it a part of the effort of military conspirators, to project more and more power and influence into the society, so their commandos will be more and more seen, influencing the country with their intimidating and permanent presence in public affairs?

It all started several years ago, when the fateful decision was made, to adapt the Czech Army for so called ‘4th Generation Warfare’, a substantial paradigm shift from regular forces and conventional combat tactics to relying on small, highly specialized units, useful of so called Unconventional Warfare, where the fight takes new forms, like Psychological Warfare, Information Warfare, Economic Warfare, Cyber Warfare and many others, where the combat hardly bears a resemblance with war movies…

The present belligerents wear business suits, instead of uniforms, there are no clear borders between friendly and enemy lines, and you can hardly recognize an ally from enemy, as all is mingled together. Instead of tanks and aircraft, rather daggers, silencers and poisons are used, but hidden under apparently friendly smiles and cordial handshakes, not under national flags and military marches, but corporate logos and elaborate media advertisement.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS was established as a covert, paramilitary part of official 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion, and with ten million of basic subsidy from black military funds, obtained from gambling, occultism and wealthy seniors, it started to grow quickly, although there was absolute plausible deniability of high military command and Czech Ministry of Defence: they never confirmed ‘The Unit’ to exist, to get rid of any responsibility, letting the conspirators to use any means necessary, including extortion, bribery, and even assassinations.

The first step to start accumulating power was acquiring a high-profile media asset: and Pavel Novotny, Chief Reporter and CEO of Heavy Slander, the key Czech gossip magazine, served for this critical purpose extremely well, allegedly obtained after decent extortion and bribed with cca 8.000 USD of initial ‘gift’.

Having such tremendous and universally useful ace in their sleeve, the Unit could start influencing many events, deploying Information Warfare techniques on Czech citizens… and they didn’t care, that this is a home front, and these people are not enemy, because for these conspirators and criminals, all rules ceased to exist, and they started to create them, as the Special Forces Command (SFC) gave them the free hand, and anything could be used to, quote: ‘Protect higher interests of Czech national security and secure sustainable future of the nation on world geopolitical map’.

Through time, the Unit divided into thirty operational departments, some of them even bizarre (Incest Warfare, Sectarian Warfare), and its personnel, officially mere civilians, out of any military databases and control of National Defence Commission, to more than four hundred operatives, operators and human assets: therefore, the nickname ‘400 Bandits’, or ‘Estrogen Mafia’. as there was that feared Female Warfare (FEMWAR) department established as well, sending seductive women to execute high-profile tasks on human assets, using even assault chemicals, like artificial female pheromone, like PHE-X, to persuade the targets.

The breaking point for Unit’s growth to massive power was establishing wide business contacts with the Chinese, particularly multinational Wu Corporation, a founding member of Triad Of MegaCorporations, originating from Shanghai, chosen as the key defence supplier, and even principal Czech military ally later, instead of crumbling U.S. and Israel.

With massive Chinese capital and support, The Unit became real monster, which could own and control absolutely any entity in the country, including Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS, Police, single politicians, political parties… there was nobody, who could feel as independent, as either Wu Corp or Czech Army were able to push anybody to the wall, creating ingenious pincers against any internal or external adversary, or to be more exact, pest: Wu Corp used soft power, and the Military… well, different methods.

Since this time, many unsolved murders occured, usually executed by inconspicuous drowning and car accidents, very favourite methods of The Unit’s assassins, who like to remain in shadows. But the primary purpose was to ‘send a message’ to people, that rejecting the conspirators will have consequences, and the criminals are willing to go beyond any borders of behavior and ‘solving issues’, using so called Extreme Control Means (ECM): understand, liquidating all opponents, obstacles and other pests, using so called ‘termination with extreme prejudice‘.

Like infamous Pablo Escobar, a narcobaron from Colombia, they offered you two choices: money, perks and advantages, if you would become their servant and slave, or much more painful methods of efficient persuasion, which could hurt not only you, but also those, whom you loved, like family, and so on.

They didn’t care about women or children: they used them against you. If they failed to turn you at first, they simply turned them, creating useful pawns… and then, you were pushed from yet more sides.

In 2014, the game became really dangerous for the safety of the world, when so called Inner Circle (ICE) of military conspirators, using The Unit as their tool to achieve unknown interests, decided to obtain nuclear arsenal for the Czech military, allegedly to improve defence capabilities of Czechia, to prevent any further foreign invasion, like in 1920 (Poland), 1938 (Poland again, plus Germany), 1939 (Germany), and 1968 (Russia, Warsaw Pact, including Poland again), whereas the Chinese provided necessary funding, and a new, very unexpected ally, North Korea and her Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, provided critical components of the nuclear weapon.

Surely, the jealous world was not pleased with this disturbing effort to create yet more of deadly arsenal of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), which make any nation extremely powerful, member of the elite ‘Club Of Ninc’, and Israelis even attempted to set back the development, but they failed, because in that time, all their comms were under surveillance of the Chinese, who privatized Bezeq International, the main Israeli TELCO operator, providing comms for both IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and Mossad, back in 2012, using corporate cat’s pawns and fronts.

The nuclear weapon, called The Dark Sun, it means a large intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with 9000 kilometers of effective range, with hydrogen-enriched nuclear warhead, consisting of three detachable parts of 10 megaton destructive yield altogether, and a launch silo, was constructed near Teplice, at a secret SPECOPS base, where The Unit resides, using old German design of V-2 rocket, suggesting, that the construction plans for the weapon could originate from wartime German WMD research.

Naturally, there was certain opposition to this radical move, it means to construct a Czech WMD: but you can imagine, that the ICE conspirators, using The Unit as their iron fist, were able to silence all opponents of the project, using either aforementioned methods of ‘decent pressure’, or repeating the favorite arguments about ‘higher interest of national security’, to persuade the common folk, who likes the firm rule of iron glove and nationalist slogans, flags and mass enthusiasm, that magic ability to crush any enemy with devastating arsenal is an existential necessity, in this unstable dangerous world.

Still, many Czechs wondered: why the Chinese are so generous, giving such powerful toy to them? But this miracle, like always, had very simple explanation: the Chinese allegedly made a secret deal with the Czech government, that they will provide the weapon of nuclear retaliation, in exchange for permission to construct yet more devastating and controversial invention, on the Czech national territory: so called TDE, an abbreviation of Time Displacement Equipment, called as the most advanced invention in the human history… or biggest fraud.

They called it simply “The Device”, and no one was ever able to determine, how exactly this extremely advanced machine works. Some say, that it’s a mere fake dream machine, other, that it’s even a time machine, but Wu Corporation defines it rather as a ‘time tactical weapon’, which has also offensive capabilities, to alter the minds of users, or their social vicinity, using so called ‘group conciousness’.

This is the league they play here, both Czech Special Forces and Wu Corporation, in their cordial cooperation, supplementing and helping each other, in perfect synergy, and Maryam was only one of their countless pawns, with simple, but the most demanding mission, which can have even worldwide consequences: to infiltrate the royal structures of Middle East, in which she ultimately succeeded, by marrying Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum secretly, entering the royal war in Al Maktoum family as a black horse, or rather a sharp black pike, but her task is far from complete yet, as there is still Saudi Arabia, the ultimately proud country, where Islam was established, which never lowers its flag half-mast, which influences the world with power of their immense oil wealth (Saudi Aramco), and conservative, orthodox Islam, called by those Western fools as Wahhabi, or Salafi.

Under all these circumstances, with all respect to Maryam and her certainly good intentions, it’s really hard to imagine, that she is indeed a pure soul, pure heart, which loves Allah ultimately, serving only Him, keeping her integrity and freedom absolutely intact, although she comes from a corrupted land, where military-industrial complex spreads its powerful tentactles massively, and no ‘person of interest’ is left alone…

It was allegedly the Czech and Israeli masterminds, who helped her to win Miss Motors International 2012, a beauty contest with strong reputation and crushing female competition, and there are also rumors, that they sent Maryam into distant Emirates, to extend the reach of this unprecedented conspiracy yet more, without any regards to international borders or keeping the game safe and limited.

However, when I was doing my research in these infidel lands, I heard a very interesting opinion, coming from high feminist European circles, that ‘… Marketa only uses all these fools to supply her with money and support, but she works for our female cause the whole time actually, as a high-profile mole (=covert agent of influence). She is the leading light of our upcoming unstoppable female revolution, the unstoppable dawn of matriarchy, as we claimed in our Declaration. She is our harbinger of liberation from oppression of violent, dumb, primitive men, who need to be removed from rule once and forever.’

However ridiculously it sounds, after thorough analysis, I must admit, that this option is more than plausible, as there is even iron logic… all the reasons and connections seems so natural. Or is it even the intention of Allah, that the world is to be changed, and women will have the upper hand? Or does Maryam simply see all the immense opportunities in building her fame, celebrity brand and stardom here, like Bridget Moynahan, an American actress, who made her bold move recently, calling for ‘creating weak, effeminate men’? And there is more of these radical women, who slowly remove their veil of alleged moderation, revealing their real intentions, plans and means, who won’t accept just limited concessions: they want all control, it means to rule the world.

It has to be reminded, that Maryam works as a personal advisor of the Emir of Dubai at Female Affairs, and it’s also a well known fact, that Princess Haya Bint Hussein, the main Maryam’s competitor in bed, at table and in Sheikh Al Maktoum’s favor, promotes such ideas in the Emirates… and there is also interesting connection with Saudi Arabia, where Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel imports subversive ideas of women empowerment and social engineering as well, supporting local women in liberation from patriarchy, so they can drive cars, acquire more and more rights, and so on… will Maryam let her rule there without serious competition in Female Affairs, or will she enter the Saudi female cause as well, and in large?

I am ending my today’s report with a simple conclusion: it seems, that we had the truth about Maryam in front of us the whole time, but we wanted to see some immensely complex conspiracy instead, because this complicated world, and our minds, reject simple solutions.

But in the end, only one woman, her bright intellect and her girlish dreams are remaining at the scene of world events, and everything else is just secondary sauce of countless private interests…

This is Omar Bin Ghazali for ARC News, reporting from the infidel lands.”

“Forget All, What Was Yesterday”

It’s a motto, which Maryam writes into every personal diary she uses, right on the first page, always on 1st January of any year, which brings new opportunities, but you need to let go all the old feelings, both achievements and failures: only today counts, if you want to be connected to reality, not to escape into sentiment, melancholy, memories, taking you away from your goals and bold plans, which need a complete, fully concentrated and conscious woman, who is fully aware of events and relations around her, to see all the opportunities for good moves and decisions.

When she has a breakfast with her lover Hakim on this peaceful Sunday morning, after just a few hours of sleep, as she needed to cleanse her mind with massive dose of sex, helping her to relax from all the exciting events of these last days in infidel Czechia, she remembers her personal slogan several times.

Yesterday, it was a big night, she was a star of the evening… but today, it’s a new day, when she needs to change strategy, to be rather nobody, to hide into her private affairs, to disappear temporarily from the public environment, as absence creates value, so she deliberately avoids reading the social media and news websites, not searching for fresh articles about her, like some obsessed fool and aspiring B-class celebrity. No no, she has to disconnect, and let Allah to create the big work instead of her, whereas she will take of small things today.

“Brother, I want to ask you for a favor,” Maryam says with very serious voice, watching Hakim, like if she would be considering, whether he is the right man for this big important mission.

Hakim only nods, saying nothing. He would be a fool without any integrity, saying something like “Everything for you, sister”… but does it mean anything anymore, these futile games for gender respect between her and him? In several days, this great creature of Allah will leave him in cold blood, returning back into Emirates, and maybe forever… but who knows, maybe Allah will connect them together again, one day? Why to be pessimistic and negative? A man shouldn’t give the fight before the finishing line.

“I need you to take me to the Vonoklasy village,” Maryam expressed her wish. “As you know, I should meet with my father today, but he sent me a message now, that I need to come to him, as he has allegedly some workers in the house, and he needs to supervise them… and only Sunday is the day, when his new family is not present home, visiting grandparents in Southern Bohemia, so the small reconstruction of their house can be done undisturbed by kids… and he allegedly can’t postpone the work, even because of me… indeed he sends a clear message to me, how much he appreciates me, his own daughter! But never mind, I will pay him a visit, if Allah wants things to be this way.”

Soon, Maryam and Hakim are going, and the ride goes well, it’s still Sunday morning, when the traffic is the weakest. In some forty minutes, Hakim’s black Mercedes leaves the main road behind Cernosice town, towards Vonoklasy village, small and hidden in deep woods.

“Slow down, brother,” Maryam instructs Hakim, when they are just passing the fateful place, where Monika Maresova‘s Range Rover was once stopped by alleged Islamic State terrorists, but rather assassins of Czech Special Forces in disguise, who decided to kidnap her, and to misuse her for their malicious causes. “Don’t run over a squirrel. You know, the little antsy beasties like to cross the forest roads, like this.”

Indeed, soon, just before the wheels of Hakim’s car, a cute squirrel with some big nut in her little mouth runs in front of them, and Maryam has to smile, satisfied, that she did some good deed today, just as Allah likes it.

And she feels good here, in pure calm nature, far from the metropolis, its lively streets, shops, obsession for luxury brands and spending, plagued by all that Wi-Fi signals, cell phones and non-stop communication, messing your mind.

“What is this?” Hakim says in surprise suddenly. “Police? In this deserted forest? Strange…”

Indeed, there is a road block in front of them, manned by a combined patrol of Czech Militarized Police and Czech Special Forces, and a policeman shows Hakim to stop the car at the designated point, whereas other members of the patrol are located strategically around, to stop the vehicle with crossfire, if necessary. Indeed, those are well trained assassins, not some green recruits… but at this deserted forest, it’s just strange.

Maryam wonders, that her father didn’t mention someting about such elevated security measures here. Maybe he doesn’t know? Or he doesn’t care? Or is it simply normal in this land nowadays?

“Good day. Please, your identification documents,” a policeman with a MP5 submachine gun on his chest says, when Hakim opens the window.

When both passports are given to the police officer, he studies them very thoroughfully, but letting no emotions to occur on his face.

“Where are you going?” he asks apparently just like that.

“Vonoklasy village,” Hakim replies.

“And purpose of your trip there?” the armed man wants to know.

“Family matters,” Hakim replies. “Can you explain us, what is happening here, officer?”

“Just a standard security measure, a criminal escaped from a prison,” the armed man informs them, but this explanation doesn’t seem too convincing. It’s generally known, that the Czech Police uses such cheap cover tales, when they want to breach the Constitution rights of the citizens, forbidding unlawful stopping, seizing and areal checks, or demanding identification from people, without justified cause.

They always say, that “a manhunt or investigation is pending”, to get rid of any criticism of illegal move, when they launch a nation-wide “security operation”, allegedly against driving violations.

Indeed, a mere claim about an escaped convict allows the Czech Police to build road blocks and to send sentries with assault weapons into the streets anywhere, across the whole land… to control anybody, otherwise, it would be a discrimination… this Orwellian Western world is really sick, making a parody from itself.

“Wait here, please, I need to verify your IDs,” the officer orders, and leaves to the soldiers. One of them, who seems as a leader, with face masked with a black balaclava, takes the passports.

“Romeo Whiskey, this is Juliett Zero Five. We have Code Tango Foxtrot here, over,” is what Maryam hears from the distance, whereas another soldier walks around the car, with his index finger near trigger of his assault rifle, but pretending just to have a curious look inside, whereas Maryam notices a patch on his shoulder, with clearly seen letters “Special Forces” and “102”, together with a chess figure of black horse.

It takes several minutes, before the policeman returns with passports.

“You may continue, everything in order. Have a nice day,” he says with apparently indifferent voice, but Maryam, a sensitive woman with her sixth sense, can feel, that not everything is in order.

She is certain, that the police wanted to make full check of the vehicle, including trunk… but when they found, that an Emirati citizen with diplomatic immunity is on board, they probably didn’t want to risk an international incident.

Are they really searching for some escaped convicts, or simply controlling all people, who want to get into Vonoklasy? Why? She must ask her father, whether such control is common here, or extraordinary, just today, when she is heading there…

And Vonoklasy seem like a common Czech village, small, boring and insignificant, when you arrive there, but the real treasures are hidden below the main road: a fenced, gated quarter for the VIPs, for Czech social, political and economic elite, which lives there, to be close to Prague, where all important events are happening, but in calm healthy nature, far from all that smell of car exhausts and stress.

Also that fateful house is here, where Monika Maresova lived, and where the terrorists took her, to broadcast their “show”… but other VIPs live here as well, including Maryam’s biological father, a highly positioned executive from multinational Hofmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company, who built this house for his new family.

Indeed, he left Maryam, her mother Ivana and sister Iveta long time ago, leaving them without support, protection, and girls without fatherly figure… how could Maryam forgive him, ever? So, they keep only very distant and cold relationships, hardly seeing each other, moreover, Ivana doesn’t like Maryam to get too close to him, as she always describes him as a shameful traitor and disgusting male criminal, she wants to have full control of all family relationships, micromanaging them in her eternal obsession for control, as a proper sociopath.

Surprisingly, unlike many women of VIP men, Ivana didn’t ask the courts for high alimony money, to have certain revenge and satisfaction, by “drying” the man from money. In fact, she rejected anything from him, finding new rich boyfriends instead, who provided necessary resources for her, and her daughters, without any legal foundation. And she never remarried, maybe to keep tight control over the girls, and never letting another man to get too close to them, to have any power over them… including ability to hurt them, when leaving.

But Maryam has much more complicated relationship with her biological father, despite of all his sins. And she is coming here today, with hope and wish, to solve this issue once and forever, if Allah will permit, as there will be most likely no other possibility in the future, as she is leaving towards her real home, the Emirates, in just four days, never to return into these filthy kafir lands, leaving also all the people here, including her family, as she is a Muslim, they are infidels, and she belongs into an Islamic land…

Moreover, her life, her future, it’s all being set at the hot deserts and futuristic cities of Arabic peninsula, like Dubai, not here, not in this modest Czech pond, not anymore. Moreover, in just two days, she will let her Czech citizenship to be cancelled… she is an Emirati citizen now, and it changes everything.

In front of a control gate with a security booth, Maryam gets off the car, telling Hakim, that she will make the rest of the journey on foot.

“Thank you for the ride, brother,” she says, closing the door. “I will call you later. It would be nice, if you could pick me up… or maybe I could take a public bus.”

Maryam laughs, when she imagines the hilarious idea: an Islamic Princess from the Emirates, riding with poor common folks in the Czech public transport, called expressively “socka” (=from social welfare, or social care, also the designation for an economically disadvantaged person, as said in the Western Orwellian newspeak: meaning simply poor people, losers).

They would stare, indeed… they saw Maryam in all the news yestreday, walking on the red velvet, they envied her, women jealous, men willing to fuck her, so they would hardly believe, whether she is real, riding with them, sharing the same low-life world with them, and being a direct witness of their miserable lives, their bad life choices.

And soon, she stands in front of a target house. Nothing so extraordinary in local terms, rather modest. But her father was never that kind of man, who needs to show his wealth and success to fools. He liked to keep all the treasures and secret to himself.

When he left Maryam’s mother, it came like a lightning from a clear blue sky: no warning, no conflicts, he simply disappeared, because he was always two steps ahead, and since that times, Maryam hates that song from “Everything But The Girl”, called “Missing”, although she plays it quite often, to hurt herself, or maybe trying to find some answers, to cope with her ambivalent emotions towards her father:

I step off the train
I’m walking down your street again
And past your door
But you don’t live there anymore

It’s years since you’ve been there
Now you’ve disappeared somewhere
Like outer space
You’ve found some better place

And I miss you
Like the deserts miss the rain

Could you be dead?
You always were two steps ahead
Of everyone
We’d walk behind while you would run

I look up at your house
And I can almost hear you shout
Down to me
Where I always used to be

And I miss you –
Like the deserts miss the rain

Back on the train
I ask why did I come again
Can I confess
I’ve been hanging around your old address?

And the years have proved
To offer nothing since you moved
You’re long gone
But I can’t move on

And I miss you –
Like the deserts miss the rain

I step off the train
I’m walking down your street again
And past your door
I guess you don’t live there anymore

It’s years since you’ve been there
Now you’ve disappeared somewhere
Like outer space
You’ve found some better place

And I miss you –
Like the deserts miss the rain

As soon as Maryam makes the first step into the house, all the melancholy and sentiment falls from her. He can’t allow herself to feel any anger, resentment, denial and desire for revenge, as emotions would cloud her judgement, and she would start making mistakes: no no, she must be nice, pleasant and decent “daughter”… before she will find out, what to do with this eternal riddle. She is not willing to leave place, and to keep her mind poisoned with this bothering cause, which is stil alive, still open, still painful.

Still, she is far from just forgiving all his sins, and “going further”. She knows, that there is something unresolved in their mutual relationship, and she can’t such small fragments of the past traumas to steal good mood and concentration from her.

So, what should this Muslim girl do with her Big Daddy?

At first, she simply observes him, without making any premature judgements, when she sits into large leather sofa in the vast living room, connected with kitchen, but also to the garden, as there are no walls, only large glass windows, which can be easily removed, so the house becomes full of fresh spring breeze.

Maryam is twenty nine, and her father is fifty one years old only, because in the 1980s, in the Communist bloc, there was this obsession, that “children were giving birth to children”, so the population could grow at exponential rate, they had free flats, jobs, money (=called “loans for newlywed”).

He was only eighteen, when Ivana, her mother, got pregnant with her older sister, Iveta… it was in 1984, and Maryam was born in 1988… in 1989, the Communist regime fell, and in 1998, he disappeared, to be quickly replaced by Ivana with her selection of “substitute” fathers… all of them absolutely boring and not attractive for Maryam.

The last boyfriend of Ivana, a top-tier executive from Vaclav Veskrna Airport… he was with her mother so long, but Maryam never liked him, not a little bit. He was not bad, just plain, empty, boring, dull, ignorant to fashion trends, even unable to dress at least a little bit well… maybe he was a good manager, but terrible company or even inspiration for a demanding young woman, definitely not becoming her fatherly figure, a shining example, how a man should look like, and how to behave, how to represent himself!

Man: Authority Dominance Control Warfare Competition Sexual Obsession Violence Primitive - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

Man: Authority Dominance Control Warfare Competition Sexual Obsession Violence Primitive

But when Maryam sees her biological father, she feels much difference in the perception. She feels… excited. it attracts her, that he is her blood, that they are connected, she would like to touch him, to feel his smell… to be attached to his energy, to feel safe in his embrace, to succumb to illusion, that he will be protecting her, never leaving, like a proper father should do, being a responsible care-giver for his loved ones.

But he left already, lomg time ago, never to return. Still, she can’t help herself, she loves him, that’s the truth, she even understands his reasons, why he left, and she even admires him, that he is a real man, leaving, if he doesn’t like the terms, that he doesn’t bend, like a fool… of course, he didn’t do it to hurt Maryam! Isn’t he even innocent, in the end?

In these moments, Maryam becomes a little daughter again, losing her mature intellect, like if she would return into the time, when she still had him, her big beloved daddy… she starts even to defend him, like a naive fool… not willing to see the harsh truth… but she still loves him so much, with unconditional love, which is hard to be cured, and it clouds her judgement.

Everything is so different about him, than about all other men. She likes all that small details and gestures… how he prepares coffee for her, how he stands, how he walks… how he smiles, how he talks, and merely his deep, slow, regular, balanced voice makes her to lose breath… she hardly felt such feeling with her lovers, only with this man, although she is mature woman now, she knows much about bodily love…

How can she hate him, if he enchantes her so much, and so naturally, easily, without any effort, like all that other fools, who tried hard with everything threy had, and still failed? He is a model for her… even as cold, as stone, because Maryam feels, that in his thoughts, he is not with her, but with his real, current and present family. But she is not insulted, as women are attracted to things they can’t have, by detached men, as these special things have much higher value in their eyes.

Moreover, if a woman sees, that a man is desired by other women… he can be nasty and dumb, but he will become irresistible for her, and she will be obsessed to steal him from all the competitors… female psychology and thinking is just strange, but what can you do, it moves the world.

Maryam hates this feeling, when she is attracted, but there is no response to her energy and burning desire… it hurts her female self-confidence, makes her yet more obsessed and attached, and he, Big Daddy, if he neglected so much of her education, if he denied all his love from her and gave it to others, he certainly needs to make some compensation for Maryam… then, maybe they will be even.

But what can this man do for her? She doesn’t need him… well… no, that’s not true, but let’s say, she can live without him… and he doesn’t need her, he hardly wishes her to her birthdays, and she even reminds him, although she is a Muslim, and she doesn’t celebrate such festives, as it’s idolatry… but she still desires for his attention, at any price, like a SKINNY PUPPY, that’s what she is, and those military conspirators knew well, why they choose this particular code name for her…

Should she educate him, or change him? But such achievement is hardly in her power… such an irony, she is changing the whole world, except this one man, her father… this is so ridiculous… doesn’t she do everything in life just because of him, so she gets finally noticed and appreciated by him?

But he doesn’t care anyway, it seems. He has his own life, where Maryam doesn’t belong… even if she would be Claudia Schiffer, and she would be sitting at this place, he would be the same, distant, detached and balanced, just when she is unstable and divided… like if he would know exactly, what to do, to defeat her, to humiliate her, to escape from her grasp.

It’s so sad, what happened between them… why the life couldn’t be perfect? A happy daughter with her big, strong, dominant, impressive father, who takes her hand and goes with her through life… but then, having such happy life, she would maybe stay in Czechia, never discovering Allah, six thousand kilometers from here… no, this was always the will of Allah… it was Allah, who made this man to leave, so there was an empty space in Maryam, and she filled it with the most beneficial master: Allah, not some transient cowardly mortal, who has apparently hard chest, but he is weak inside, like any human being, incomparable with God…

And this man… was he weak, or strong, if he left his old family, to pursue his happiness elsewhere?

Maryam remembers the first weeks of his absence, when she couldn’t understand, she asked thousand of questions, and her mother Ivana replied with anger… she wanted to know, whether the daddy has a mistress, but maybe it’s temporary, he will get bored of her, she will disappoint him, and he will realize, that his real treasures are at home… including that little treasure, Marketa… but he never returned, although he was single for a year or two… but Maryam still hoped, every single day, she made that wishes, that he will realize his fatal mistake, and he will retuern to her, he will ring the bell, and she will open, and how will embrace her, the way she loved, as only he was able to do, so she felt so safe and beloved, everything in her life was in order, when she had him…

But now, and for long time already, all these treasures belong to another woman, other children, and Maryam is sad, empty, feels rejected, and hurt… when she is sitting there, drinking coffee, watching him silently, she thinks, that it’s another most powerful lesson by Allah, The Teacher, The Guide, The Provider, that she needs to stop doing this, it only hurts her, and Allah gives her all the love she needs anyway… this man, it’s just an illusion, it’s her dream, her mere projection of some ideal man… only her body thinks differently, and that is bothering, keeping her thoughts back here, with this criminal, who left and betrayed. What did she do to him? How did she hurt him so much, that he had to leave? Couldn’t he make the sacrifice, for her? What did he think, that will happen to her? That it doesn’t matter, if he is there, or not?

But now, there is yet this new additional abyss between them: he is infidel, and she is a Muslim, submitted to the will of Allah… when she told him, that she converted, she expected a cold reaction, but he surprised her, telling her quite practically, that she is making a big mistake, because this is for life… it can’t be cancelled, and such choices are always dangerous, if you can’t get out of them.

But such was exactly the infidel thinking, the fools always wanted safety nets and B-plans, security, safety, certainty, insurance, alternatives, back doors opened… babbling about freedom, but not knowing, what the magical word even means.

When Maryam thinks about it, she is not sure suddenly, whether one of her thousand of reasons to convert to Islam wasn’t a desire to get rid of his influence in her life… because he was nobody in comparison of Allah.

Or wasn’t it some very important, even primary reason? Her memories are blurred already, it was five years ago, and she is not sure about anything, because this life, this world, it’s dunya, transient, meaning nothing… maybe she denied his influence in the matter, but it was always there… and again, she starts to admire him, that he was the one, who brought her to Islam, her liberation, even through apparent treason… but in the end, she always realizes, like in some curse, that her Big Daddy is the best, in all senses… from mortals.

Anyway, Maryam doesn’t like so much influence of this distant man in her daily life, she wants to be free and independent, not carrying this bothering weight of attachment to someone, who rejected her… it’s so preposterous, this man feels nothing towards her, and still, she loves him, like a miserable fool, humiliating herself, and more he ignores him, more she loves him, it seems… it even excites her, this feeling of submission and pointless desire, which can’t be fulfilled, and she is small, controlled, submitted, denied and rejected, to be full of intensive feelings, sighing with lust…

Maybe what attracts her towards him is even sexual. She can’t resist to imagine, that he is her lover, he touches her anywhere, he penetrates her… when she masturbates, she often thinks about him, altough she tries to suppress these forbidden thoughts, as these are really bad, unclean, sick… still, so exciting… she would like to know so much, what kind of lover her father is? Maybe that ultimate man, the only one, who could satisfy her deep bodily desire?

All that other men, which she allowed to touch her, were more or less losers in bed, like if they wouldn’t know… but this man… who else should know, if not him?

Suddently, Maryam wants to relieve her mind and soul finally, just by telling him directly. Maybe that could be her revenge: to derail him, to be intensive and full of sexuality… she is a woman, and he needs to understand, that she is not a girl anymore, still, he has responsibility for her, for her happiness.

And he humiliated her again, by not demanding the virginhood from her, as the principal man of her life, who had the natural right, and she would be more than glad to respect and accept that, and to submit to his manhood, because it’s her drug, her obsession, and she needs to taste it into last drop… but this selfish distant cold fool, he left her daisy chain for some foreign fools to be claimed, so they could feel like winners, who were the first… no, he really didn’t care, he was cold, but it attracted Maryam again and again…

She thought, that by letting others to grasp her and fuck her, she will revenge to him, but what happened? She only felt worse, and after these other men were done with her, ejaculating their questionable legacy into her, she rather sighed with disappointment, knowing exactly, what was wrong in her life: not them, but he, missing there, and this empty space couldn’t be occuppied, this wound couldn’t be cured.

Maybe she should visit him, when she was 16, and tell, him: “Daddy, I want ‘the first man’ to be you, and if you love me, don’t deny this wish from me, at least this time, because it’s very important for me.”

She would like to see him desiring for her, dying of desire, ruled by taste of forbidden fruit: her, her body smell, her pussy, which was off the limits, at least according to all laws, customs and taboos… but so close, so easily available… and then, she would have control over him, over his body, over his thoughts, over his desire… then, she would be a queen, a victor!

How natural and healthy even those sick thoughts seem, in comparison with her move in the Emirates, marrying a man, forty years senior from her, who only wanted to use her… as she wanted to use him… but it’s terrible, to desecrate the institution of marriage so much… would Allah approve this?

Maryam feels utmost hate to all men, who never provided her, what she wanted, and it started with this man… was it her mistake, or theirs? Where was the problem? How to liberate her from this curse? But certainly not this way… indeed, she has to make another moves, to help herself.

She will have to find out, what next chains around her to break, but not here… not with all these memories and bad, suppressed, deep feelings, feeling miserably… but is it certain, that she will be able to forget? Or will these emotions start to eat her alive?

And how can Allah liberate her from this oppression of her own mind?

O Allah, this is another big test of Yours, another big fitnah… but solution is nowhere to be seen… I need to look further, using Your guidance, for which I am so grateful, Your insignificant, but devoted and faithful servant, a little girl inside a woman, who was left alone and betrayed once, only to find You, her sole Lord, who is always with me, never leaving, never stopping to protect me, because You are superior to all, the only deity.

O Allah, you are so right… this is the land of fitnah, and I can’t be ever happy here. I need to leave, not to escape, simply to find my place, close to you, when all will be good. But here? Only bad memories, bad feelings, in this corrupted land.

She even doesn’t know, how she got out of there… but back in the village, she can breathe again, and the air so clean here, so pleasant for her lungs, that she likes to breathe just like that, and concentrate just on her breath.

It’s so strange to walk here, just like that, not to sit in a luxurious car with darkly tinted windows, like a proper celebrity, who has publicity, fame, respect, position, perks, titles, opportunities, influence, open doors, money… who knows, whether this deserted village even saw someone in hijab?

Maryam stands at an elevated point above the village, overlooking the VIP quarter. There is her father downstairs, somewhere, but she feels nothing. She just thinks about Allah, and she wants to disappear from here, from this negative energy.

When Maryam turns her head to the other side, she sees a soccer playground, when some young men are training, and two girls around fifteen years of age, maybe their fans, admirers or lovers, are watching them.

“Hello, sisters,” Maryam addresses them friendly. “Do you know, how to get to the nearest bus or train station?”

Girl are watching her in complete surprise, like if she would be a dream, or delusion: her unusual dress, an abaya, intricately decorated with golden fibres, her tall slim body of a fashion model, her pretty face with distinctive Arabic makeup, framed with hijab, only a small part of her long brown hair can be seen, her luxurious Prada handbag with 1000 USD price tag.

Of course, that they recognized her! It’s Maryam, the Islamic Princess, as called by all Czech media, a Muslim, who made a big professional career in the Emirates, who fulfilled her girlish dreams, who made great success just yesterday evening, at that “party of the century” at glamorous Parizska street, organized by reputated Woman’s Destiny fashion brand, there was that big fashion show with red velvet carpet, and she was the biggest star there, before announcing her retirement from modeling and departure from Czech land forever, in her touching emotional speech, which made many people cry, when they realized, how ultimate treasure is this land losing forever…

And these young girls, they are not biased, they don’t hate Islam, like their parents… but what is this VIP star doing here, in dumb Vonoklasy? Maybe she slept in that VIP houses today, where many celebrities live, and now, in the morning, after big party, she is a little bit disoriented, needs a fresh air maybe…

“The best choice would be to call a cab,” one of the girls suggests then. “It’s Sunday, so there are almost no buses in service, and train station in Dobrichovice is at least two kilometers away from here, maybe three. This is not Prague, you know…”

“And this road,” Maryam points at a dusty trail, suitable rather for off-road vehicles and squirrels, “where does it lead?”

“To Karlik settlement,” the girls reply. “But it goes through the wood… not wise for a woman to go there alone… and in that Islamic dress of yours… many intolerant rednecks around! There is a sheep farm nearby, owned by very strange people… and you know, what happened here, in the 1960s? A mass murder! It was even in television… but if you would wait half an hour, we can take you to the Cernosice train station, by car.”

“That’s nice of you, but I want to walk,” Maryam rejected the friendly offer. “Thanks, and peace be with you.”

Many years later, when Maryam will write her personal memoirs, she will dedicate quite a long paragraph to following event. She will write there:

“Surely, all what happens in life, is the will of Allah, and there is predestination for all of us Muslims. If you are a Muslim, you must believe in Him, in His angels, in revealed scriptures, especially the Qur’an, in prophets of Allah, especially Muhammad, the Day of Judgement… but also, that your fate was set by Allah, there are no influences, no bad or good choices on your path… it’s Allah who directs your steps and moves, exactly where He wants you to be.

However, my willingness to go into that dark wood, without any reason… absolutely lacking any rational substantiation… I can’t deny this feeling, that it influenced many things later. That it was somehow important not only for me, but thousands of other people, through my influence over them, and this was exactly, what Allah intended.

It was so quick and intensive… I had no chance to think, or contemplate, or wonder. It was like a reflex… but now, again, for the millionth time, I see the utmost perfection of Allah, who sent me there, to experience unexpected, to face my fears, to cleanse myself in all senses, and to see, what it seems like, to be protected by Allah…

Moreover, my allegedly memorable speech in Dubai the following week… believe, that it was highly influenced by this day, and by this particular event, that’s for sure. Because I didn’t prepare my speech in too much of advance, I wanted to collect some last minute experiences and thoughts, to wait patiently, what Allah will reveal to me… and only then to create a stance, and to present it in front of the world, to send a message from my heart… and if my speech really influenced the whole world, as they say… then, this change, this spark of movement, it all started in that dark wood near Vonoklasy… the last place you would expect.

But in Islam, indeed, that big revelation, for which you prayed for so long, can happen indeed anywhere… even at the most unexpected places. And only as a Muslim, you are ready for anything.

Maybe I knew that, felt that, so ignored all that well-meant warnings of those nice girls, whom I greet nowadays, and I went there, to face my destiny… there, in the wood, only there I finally understood, who is Allah, and what is Islam.

If I was a truly Muslim in my life at least once… it was there.

And Allah knows all, what you do, who you are.”

After five hundred meters of walk, when wood became quite darker and trail narrower, Maryam notices something strange in front of her.

Somebody is staying there. Just in her path.

Two of them, hardly to be recognized from the foliage, as they have those camouflaged battledresses.

But two facts are horribly wrong here: she is alone, and this is not a mixed patrol with Czech Police, which would provide at least some basic guarantee of legality: but those two soldiers, the same, like at the road block, they are standing there alone, watching her, as she is slowly approaching towards them, and many very unpleasant rumors are circulating about them, how they are not afraid to eliminate or neutralize (=murder) people, allegedly in higher interest

And she is an ambassador of Islam, archenemy of many locals, whose journey maybe ends in this wood, to be found a month later, drowned in a river, “without signs of alien culpability”, as they will write into final report after her autopsy, to put it between solved cases, as it was allegedly just a bathing accident: such is exactly their way of “creating good by committing bad”.

Or they can rape her, like those American “heroes” and “liberators” did in Iraq: she was only 14 years old, named Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi, and the rape wasn’t enough for the U.S. Army soldiers, they had to murder her family too, to get rid of inconvenient witnesses, and to execute them, as a questionable revenge for the Iraqi insurgency, and planted IEDs (booby traps) by the rebels, which hurt and killed American soldiers frequently…

But how can these U.S. fools wonder, if they invaded a foreign country? Did they expect, that they will be welcomed with banners? And what would you do, if a foreign Army would enter your national territory, babbling about “freedom”, “liberation”, “human rights” and many alleged noble ideas, how they want to help you… but aren’t their still just invaders and aggressors?

Anyway, there is many very bad things, which men can do to women. Maybe nothing will happen this time, and she will pass around the soldiers, maybe they will even wish her a nice day, and she will continue without any incident, because the SPECOPS soldiers are maybe better, than all these disturbing rumors in the tabloid media are saying… but Maryam sees only their eyes, the rest of their faces is hidden under balaclavas, so you can’t read their emotions, and these eyes are cold.

At first, Maryam wants to simply turn around, and to avoid this risky, unpleasant meeting, which could end very badly for her… but her long slim legs, controlled by Allah, continue walking.

Surely she is protected by Allah: but Allah sometimes gives you painful lessons, from reasons known only to Him, or maybe you didn’t worship Him enough, you made too many serious sins?

“Your documents,” says one soldier clearly. No “Hello”, introduction or asking politely. This will be bad, now she knows clearly… but it’s too late to escape from this forest trap… or a test of Allah, like everything in dunya.

When Maryam gives her red Emirati passport, one soldier is studying it carefully, not saying anything, and the second man moves rather behind her, so she can’t supervise his actions… she doesn’t know about military tactics, but she feels with feminine sense, that things are getting serious… and wrong.

“Do you have any weapon with you?” the soldier in front of her asks then. It’s apparently a procedure.

“No,” Maryam replies decisively.

“As you pose a clear threat, according to your overall appearance, we need to search you for concealed weapons,” the man says coldly. “Will you comply voluntarily?”

“I refuse to comply,” Maryam replies shortly, although she knows, that such disobedience can have very serious consequences for her. “I am a foreign national citizen with diplomatic protection of the United Arab Emirates. You have no right to stop me, and to make any inspection of me, or my personal possessions. I demand immediate release, or contact with the UAE Embassy in Prague, but averting any offensive action against my person in any case, as I am an UAE’s diplomatic personnel, with special protection, based on international treaties. This demand is unlawful.”

But who cares about such nicely sounding things and “rights” in this deserted wood?

“The lady refuses to comply to my direct order, while we are guarding a restricted area, important for Czech national security,” the man says with apparent pleasure in his voice. “She is a foreign citizen, she can be a spy, an infiltrator, her passport can be fraudulent… and she can have weapons or explosives under that loose dress. Will you follow us voluntarily, to the nearest check point, so your identity can be verified?”

“No,” Maryam rejects again, and she feels, how stress level inside her body rises. But maybe someone will be going on this road, and she will get help. But she definitely won’t follow these dangerous men, who have no identification numbers… there is something like “secondary crime scene”.

“All right, we will do it differently with you,” the soldier says, again with pleasure, and he waves with his hand.

After this signal, from concealed hideouts around, another three men occur between the trees, walking slowly towards Maryam. They were placed around, to provide additional security, it seems.

“Well well, what do we have here,” somebody says. “They send us to guard this place against dangerous Jihadists… and one super Jihadist, even with a tatter on head, walks right to us!”

“An alleged Emirati national with a fake diplomatic passport, it seems,” the soldier, who made initial check, reports. “Possible weapons under clothing. Refuses to be searched, refuses to obey direct orders.”

“I know this bitch!” another voice says. “She turns people to Islam, she spreads this cancer! And our government tolerates it! ‘Religious freedom’, they say! ‘Human rights’, they say!”

“Fucking bitch misuses her pretty face to fuck up our world,” Maryam hears. “And we have a perfect chance to stop it, to do something good for the higher interest: like cutting her throat, and getting rid the world of this serious pest!”

And suddenly, like in a sick dream, Maryam sees a combat knife at her hip, with its sharp ending towards her body, held by a hand in glove.

“See, bitch? Just watch! See that long slot on the blade? It’s called ‘blood slot’. When I will thrust this thing inside your body, this slot will allow your blood to flow out freely, by creating vacuum, so the blade can be easily removed from the wound. But it will be quick, right here… see? Into your right kidney, nicely, just one quick move! You won’t feel a thing. And you will bleed, like a pig… do you like pigs, don’t you, filthy terrorist?”

She just can’t believe, that this is happening, like any victim. She is just watching the whole scene, like if it would be happening to someone else. How could this happen to her?

But she is a Muslim. And Muslims have very efficient help for any moment of immense distress.

“Allahu Akbar,” Maryam says: God Is Greatest.

The soldiers seem very irritated by this move, maybe even afraid, that she wants to blow herself up, and their fingers literally push the triggers now, whereas the safeties are off, and rounds loaded in chambers. “Look! Look, who these terrorists are! Not begging for life! Not saying sorry!”

“I will simply pour the whole magazine into her, thirty 5.56 bullets… she can have a hidden detonator in her pocket… any further hesitation with commencing fire is jeopardizing our lives, she can activate an explosive device any second… we are fully authorized to use lethal force against her, and no one can say a thing… the bitch just sealed her fate, and she deserves it!”

“Allahu Akbar,” she says again, like a machine. She doesn’t hear them anymore. She only thinks about Allah, she is happy… as life is so beautiful with Allah.

What do some fools mean? Nothing! So why to fear them? Fear only Allah! With Allah in your heart, you are strong, like you always wanted to be.

And Allah protects you… but in this case, He didn’t send a squad of mounted warriors of Islam, who would cut the soldiers to pieces with their sabres, shouting Allahu Akbar as their intimidating war cry.

The help, sent by Allah to rescue Maryam from peril and imminent danger, just when the sharp tip of combat knife was about to touch her curvy hip, was so small, that it could fit into your palm.

It was one of the local curious and eternally hungry squirrels, the most audacious and bold of them all, who simply occured by Maryam’s legs suddenly, putting her little eyes on her, like saying: “Every fool, passing through this forest, which belongs to us animals, needs to pay a fee for safe passage, or you will be bitten and scratched with claws… and we spare nobody! So, what delicious food do you have with you, human? Show me, what is inside that handbag, at once! And don’t even try to hide something! I smell something very good there!”

Indeed, sometimes, Maryam carried some snack with her, for case, that she had no opportunity to get a proper meal. And just yesterday, she took this bag of nuts, she opened it, and maybe this squirrel sensed it with her sensitive nose.

Maryam kneeled down to the animal, opened her purse, and offered a nut, which the bold squirrel accepted right from her palm, and the beastie started to consume it immediately, standing on her back limbs and holding the nut in her front limbs, with her furry tail raised.

And when the other nearby squirrels saw, that their friend got something to eat, and it was safe, they didn’t hesitate no more, coming to Maryam, to get their share of the loot.

One after one, squirrels jumped down from the trees, and one of them even jumped on Maryam’s shoulder, to tease her, as a reward for her generosity towards the hungry forest animals.

The soldiers just stared at Maryam and squirrels, not able to understand this miracle, and to continue in their malicious plans.

“Fools, we can’t execute a woman just like that,” some soldier said. “Without court, in cold bloood.”

In the end, they let her go.

“You were lucky… but don’t wish to meet us next time!” she hears, when walking away, whereas the squirrels, her saviors, disappeared into safe havens of the nearby trees, like ghosts.

“Allahu Akbar,” she replies to soldiers, instead of saying goodbye.

Without any further accident, protected by Allah, Maryam reached the train station, and she can’t believe, that this really happened, or it was her dream.

For poor Czech infidel losers, who met her on her way back to the city, completely surprised, she was certainly a dream: a Soldier of Allah, an ambassador of Islam, walking between them without fear.

Every year, on this day, Maryam sends someone into this Vonoklasy wood, with the biggest bag of the most delicious nuts, to say thanks to squirrels… but all her praise and gratitude belongs solely to Allah.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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