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Indeed, capable lawyers concentrate much of the power in their hands, in the modern society of Information Age, which is based on law, legality, rights, regulations and rules, at least theoretically. These legal men and women are something like doctors, calming you, like an unhappy baby, warning you, like fortune-tellers, counseling you, like military advisors, and they promise you impossible, like all fraudsters and sellers of the blue color from the sky.

Once you expose your darkest secrets, weaknesses and primary personal interests into legal hands, you become a part of the machinery, which is out of your control, where you are a mere pawn, where you can be easily deceived and lured into various traps, to lose money, property, or even freedom… indeed, a wise modern citizen avoids these treacherous legal rats at all costs, solving all issues rather other ways, including letting all apparent defeats, losses and humiliations go, and taking the painful lessons for the future good decisions, not wasting energy and resources to rectify alleged injustice and apparent damage, as Allah takes everything you don’t need from you.

Still, then, one day, maybe, you simply need legal services, and you end in a nicely furnished office at some VIP address, praying, that the fate will be merciful to you, and the lawyer, which you will choose to represent you in a legal cause, will be something like angel, a pure soul, who fights like lion for your interests, even not taking payment for his or her service, because justice is primary for him, or her…

Marketa Korinkova, a woman of immense beauty, both in physical and spiritual sense, former top Czech fashion model, known as Maryam, the Islamic Princess, as she converted to Islam in the Emirates, becoming a Muslim, a devoted slave of Allah, veiling her beauty into hijab forever, stands by a large window in such a glamorous legal office, located at central Venceslas Square in Prague, indeed a good address, to be close to all the critical events of the Czech state, as Prague 1 is the most important quarter of whole Czechia.

It’s a multinational legal company, originating from New York, United States, which resides here, or at least its Czech subsidiary: Kenner, Bach & Ledeen has very high professional reputation in the Czech lands, including certain controversy, as they are suspected to participate in altering last wills and extracting property from senior wealthy citizens, in order to obtain funds for financing black military operations of Czech Special Forces, like infamous Gal Gadot Affair was, whereas the reward for the seniors is allegedly full state amnesty of their previous worldly crimes, if their “donation” exceeds certain value, particularly 10 million CZK (=412.000 USD).

Originally, it was Kenner, Bach & Ledeen, who helped Tatana Kucharova, originally a top Czech fashion model too, winner of Miss Czech 2006 and Miss World 2006 beauty contests, and her suspicious charity foundation, “Beauty of Helping”, to achieve similar goals, but later, the legal rats simply got a better offer from Kucharova’s main business competitor: Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, originating from Liechtenstein, which is connected to the Czech defence structures through its Executive Director, Katerina Motovska, also known as Princess of Swords, whose future official position of Minister of Defence is inevitable.

Maryam hired this reputated legal company, to help her to achieve a set of very special goals, regarding her person and highest levels of Czech government, and she demanded one particular lawyer to supervise her affairs, as this asset was the guarantee, that there won’t be any foul play, and Maryam will have all her bold plans executed both perfecly, effectively and discreetly, exactly as Allah demanded: and Allah also instructed Maryam, to insist on this person.

Indeed, this Tuesday, it’s a very big, important day for Maryam, a breaking point of her life: with her beautiful brown eyes, she observes the small Czech people down there, on the street, that infidel losers without power and influence, rushing towards their various small, modest, miserable life goals, not knowing, that just a few meters from them, some big change is happening, and it won’t influence only Maryam as a private person, but most likely, also the whole world, as Maryam plays a big game, moving inside the elite VIP league of the Middle East, like a pike, masked in apparent docile innocence, but always seeing for useful opportunities, how to use plans and interests of others for her own welfare, because she still pursues her girlish dreams, not willing to let them go… and Allah helps her in this cause.

She is just a young woman, apparently: fragile, vulnerable, emotional, sensitive, but she learned to use her feminity as an offensive weapon. She doesn’t move people, she lets their energy to move her… up, to the stars. And why? Because she’s a servant of Allah, who created her with a precise intention, and He controls her destiny fully.

She decided to submit to Him, to choose Him as her only master, after her treacherous biological father left her life, leaving her sad, weak and empty… indeed, she needed to fill this painfully empty space inside her somehow, once and forever, with a powerful figure of dominance, authority and control, traits of real manhood… but not with another treacherous, weak mortal, she wanted some absolute entity, the only deity, who has no gender, no partners, one and unique, who is eternal: Allah.

Why to serve thouands of various evil masters, as their pawn, if you can have only one, the most powerful ruler of them all?

With Allah in your life, there can be freedom indeed, but the real kind, not that fake infidel dream, when the fools remain under precise control of countless masterminds, from governments, through corporate rats to Illuminati, living under omnipresent surveillance, where supercomputers are becoming alleged infidel gods, with food and water poisoned with unhealthy chemistry, with electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi everywhere, with nature destroyed, just because of transient economic profit, so some bitches can buy a new Ferrari, or a diamond ring, or a fur coat, or a yacht, or a helicopter…

She feels excited, because when you love Allah, when you serve Him, when you live Islam, when you follow Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, only then the life becomes pleasure, when all good deeds are rewarded, when you see clearly, what is your mission, your purpose, and what has to be done… and when you don’t have to fear anybody, except Allah.

Every Muslim has a value: but Maryam, she was chosen by Allah to achieve big worldly things, before, if she will worship Him enough, her entrance into Paradise will be possibly granted, if Allah will allow it, as all this world depends on His will.

Many people say various things about Maryam, including slanders and filth, but it’s inconsequential: Allah knows, what you do, who you really are, and only He matters in your life, not some mortal fools, mere piles of flesh and blood, whom you admire, follow and obey in your foolishness, instead of choosing the real master, ALLAH, and becoming a part of His ingenious plan, walking on Straight Path of Islam, executing both Greater and Lesser Jihad for Him…

Maryam is happy and contented… she is not dependent on external things and achievements anymore. Her plans can’t fail, as all is controlled by Allah: all, what happens to her, is merely His will and His decision. Not other people influence her life, nor luck, nor coincidence, nor circumstances: only Allah, so worship Him, to please Him, and maybe He will please you…

Yesterday, on Monday, Allah ordered Maryam to relax, after all excitement and events of last days, so she spent the whole day in bed, letting Hakim, her lover, to fuck her through the whole day, filling her body with his sperm, containing prostagladin hormone, making women happy, it’s their secret drug of happiness and satisfaction, and the reason, why they hardly resist to sex… but today, Maryam is back in the big city game, fresh and ready, strong and balanced.

The door of the office opens, and another beautiful woman enters. She is as tall as Maryam, she was also a fashion model once, but later, she dedicated her life to the world of law, graduating at elite University of Western Bohemia, later even relocating into Hong Kong, to work for the Chinese and to study there further.

“Mrs. Korinkova, I am Iveta Klimesova, a Senior Legal Associate of the company,” the woman introduces herself, five years older from Maryam, quite a different visual type, with rather pale skin, unlike dark, tanned Maryam from Dubai, where the suns shines the whole year, but also with brown eyes and impressive 177 cm of height. She is carrying a thick stack of papers, which attracts Maryam’s attention immediately.

After they shake hands, Maryam makes a deep look into Klimesova’s eyes, and she catches both wrists of Klimesova softly, kissing her on both cheeks quite passionately, as she feels instinctively, that this other woman will submit to her bodily energy and vibe, becoming most effective and useful pawn.

And Iveta can hardly resist, as there is deep fear of Muslims inside her, so when Maryam touches her like that, when she attaches to her, Iveta gets into submissive position, which will be only deepened during following negotiation, when Maryam will present her dominance and superiority, forcing Iveta to submit, and to serve this Princess, this aristocratic elite, with utmost devotion, as she will be crushed with Maryam’s shining presence, with soft touches, soft words, but hard arguments.

“I was assigned to your legal matters, allegedly at your direct request, as they told me,” Klimesova continues, when both women sit down. “But I just wonder, why you chose exactly me? You must have known, that these affairs are not my specialty, I am in the International Economic Law, moreover, working in distant Hong Kong… so, allow me to ask you, why me?”

“From several reasons,” Maryam smiles, to confirm her good choice. “Firstly, I know you from Czechoslovak Models agency, where we both worked, so you would understand the common mindset of fashion models. Secondly, people talk very highly about you, they call you ‘An Angel Between Lawyers’, so I had full trust in you, regardless of your specialty or location… and thirdly, it was the will of Allah, as you have certain special skills, very useful for my case.”

“I would say, that the results aren’t too related to my professional abilities,” Klimesova was modest. “You must have rather very powerful friends at very high places, Marketa! Because to achieve something like this… in such a short time, with full support of two ministers of Czech government… well, I did my best, anyway, and I am bringing you the results today.”

Maryam had a deep breath. O Allah! You are the mastermind!

“And I have a good news for you,” Iveta opened the paper file quite festively. “All what you asked for, was granted by the Czech state, even more than that. However, it’s my professional duty, to inform you, that there is also certain danger in this case for you… maybe I am not paid for giving you my worthless personal advices, so I apologize in advance, but let me tell you this: you are playing very dangerous game here. I don’t want to see you falling down one day, knowing, that I helped you to this personal and media career destruction, to this ruining.”

“Depends on the angle of view, I think… sometimes, you must destroy the old, to create the new, to liberate yourself from chains of your comfort zone, because only beyond it, the real life achievements can be found,” Maryam replied without being insulted. “As a Muslim, I am forbidden from all forms of witchcraft, but long time ago, a man made a tarot card reading for me, and there was this card, called ‘The Tower’, a structure, which is hit by a lightning, and it collapses… the tower symbolizes your affections to routines, what you do, what you feel, whom you meet, that weak men, who keep you down, but without moving, you can’t advance in life… so, sometimes, the easiest way, to force yourself to get moving, is to destroy all the old structures, to burn all bridges and alleged safety networks.

Anyway, Iveta, I appreciate your positive stance, that you really try to help people, that you are a woman of integrity, as all that admiring people, your clients, are saying about you. And that you came from Hong Kong here, just to supervise my case.”

“A change was good for me, also visiting my family, after several months in Asia,” Klimesova sighed. “Anyway, everything is ready, I gathered all the documents and statements from the affected official places, and only a set of your signatures is needed, to finish the case. So, may I start to explain you, what is in these papers?”

“Please,” Maryam encouraged Iveta.

“Ok… so, first thing, before anything else, is to finalize your request for name change. As you supported your official application with an official document from Austria, from ‘Association of Austrian Islamic Communities’, or AAIC, signed by Imam Faraj, confirming, that you married Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the Emirates in 2013, he was the witness and the wedding priest, the state civic register office approved you to be renamed to MARYAM AL MAKTOUM.

However, as I studied various sources of Islamic jurisprudence, I found, that in more traditional Arabic societies, this step, it means taking husbands’s surname, can be considered as ‘haram’, forbidden, as any person belongs to his or her father, even accoring to Qur’an… you realize, that this move can make you serious problems in the Emirates?” Klimesova warned her client with good intention.

“Only Allah will judge me, not people from East or West,” Maryam replied firmly. “I need this name, to defend my righteous interests as a neglected wife of Sheikh Al Maktoum, whom I plan to divorce, with a lot of potential negative media publicity for him, if he won’t be willing to recognize me as an official wife, plus my baby must be born with his surname, so the Sheikh will be obliged to take care of it, under any circumstances, not able to deny me, and the child.”

“Marketa… do you realize, that you are literally playing with fire?” Iveta said quite silently, with very serious voice. “Emirates is not large-minded and generous Czechia, where women have all the rights and factual equality, and they win in cases like this, no one can touch them, their demands are supported by courts, they have wide public support of other women… but can you imagine, that we are talking about an traditional Islamic society, and particularly about the ruler of Dubai, UAE’s vice president, Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and whatever other titles the Sheikh has?

Do you have any idea, what the Sheikh can do to you, against you, as counter moves, to contain this threat of you, effectively and easily, also mercilessly? Like stripping you from the Emirati citizenship, with merely one phone call? ‘Easy come, easy go’!

Then, you will have virtually no rights in the UAE, they will even ban you from entry into the country again, and where will you go to complain? Which journalists will be willing to risk their careers for you? And the Emirati masterminds can do even worse things to you and the baby, like ‘losing’ it after birth… you know, like exchanging babies, an apparent administrative mistake, it happens, but with utmost consequences for you, as the DNA test won’t confirm the Sheikh as father, you will be marked as a Western fraudster, the media of Dubai will destroy you…

Not speaking about many other very unpleasant, painful moves against both of you, which I won’t even name! But men can go very far in their effort, to get rid of their inconvenient woman, who starts to claim her alleged rights! Such is reality, and you need to count with that!

Moreover, as you want to surrender the Czech citizensip concurrently… do you realize, how serious the situation would be for you, if you would become a stateless person?

The Ministry of Interior approved your request to give up the Czech citizenship, as they perceive you as a potential threat to Czech national security, as you are a high-profile Muslim, spreading the faith by your personal Islamic missionary activity, da’wah.. but they told me expressively, that once you will be out, they will totally turn their back to you, and there will be no second thoughts and touching return of a lost daughter of Czchia. No second chance, no reunion of lost lovers!

This is the content of an unofficial message I was instructed to give you, by the Czech government: there will be no going back for you! According to their opinion, you humiliated them many times in the media, you damaged the public picture of the country, you attracted undesirable attention of Islamic radicals to Czechia, you helped those dangerous CCM Islamists and Jihadists from Teplice to grow, becoming a motherly Islamic figure for them, and the Czech higher places aren’t willing to tolerate such subversive activities any more, regardless if you support them actively, or passively!

So, they offer you a deal: ‘Get out, we will make it easy for you, but don’t you dare to return here, ever… we will destroy you in all senses, without any regards to human rights and valid law.’

In the end, you can end in an airport terminal somewhere, without valid documents, being there stranded for years, like in that movie with Tom Hanks, ‘The Terminal’. That situation wouldn’t be good for your career, I think, and the baby you are expecting… that’s said very modestly!

You would be in a lot of trouble, and no other Islamic country would accept you, as the Sheikh, as your potential and very powerful enemy, can simply persuade them all, to reject you, that you are a liability, who extorts him, and you must be stopped, definitely not supported with some asylum.

He can even offer them various rewards, if they will turn their back to you, of course not openly, to be nice for all sniffing NGOs and human rights activits, just citing administrative reasons, legal obstacles, and other bullet-proof excuses, why you need to leave, not damaging their Public Relations face.”

“All these nasty things can happen indeed,” Maryam acknowledged. “I appreciate, that you see them in advance, Iveta, and you are warning me. But I am a Muslim, and not the Sheikh or anyone else decides my fate: only Allah. This is the way of our Islamic thinking: if I should end stateless, or in prison, or dead, or with my child lost, it will be only with permission of Allah.

But don’t forget, that in three days, there is that breaking technological convention in Dubai, where I will speak, with the permission and blessing of Allah. After that, I will be untouchable, even for the Sheikh, because I will have very powerful friends at many places… except Allah, of course.”

“If you say so… here, this is the expatriate identification document, which the Czech government issued for you, to your new name,” Iveta presented a special passport. “In seven days, after your surrender of citizenship becomes legally valid, just by signing these documents, you are obliged to cross the Czech national border, or Schengen area border respectively, it means one single time, without option to return back.

It’s valid for ninety days, when the Czech state will still provide standard citizen protection for you, although only limited, and outside Czech national territory: but then, once the passport’s validity will expire, and if you won’t possess any other citizenship… then, you are stateless, and no one cares.”

“I will still take this risk,” Maryam said without any doubt. “Just give me a minute, to say goodbye to Marketa Korinkova… who will die today, in certain sense, and Maryam Al Maktoum will be born.”

“Certainly,” Iveta agreed. “I can come back in a few minutes, if you like to be alone.”

“No, not necessary… just tell me, what do you think about ‘the third’ thing? That Spanish thing,” Maryam started to study the papers.

Iveta poured water into two glasses, and both women refreshed.

“Very complicated, very unusual, and very sensitive, I would say,” the lawyer woman replied eventually, indicating, that she doesn’t like to be connected to the affair, and most likely also her employer. “Moreover, I know nothing about Spanish law. You demand impossible from me here… much better choice would be to contact our local Spanish subsidiary, and you will know exactly, what can be done in the matter.”

“But you have some private opinion… some private legal theory, how to do it, in general sense,” Maryam insisted.

“Maybe, after I studied some resources about the issue… but don’t forget, I am just an employee of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen. They decide, where the company and its human assets will participate… and I am the most certain, that this is not the case. This smells with a lot of problems for any lawyer, because the other side will be hardly playing by the rules. You can become a public enemy easily, as you need to hit them hard, from all sides at once… and still, one negative article about you in enough, to destroy your professional career… nobody will take such risk.”

“But a capable lawyer could make his or name on this special case,” Maryam said secretively. “There is a big opportunity, to build strong professional reputation… and you took the risk already, by working for the Chinese, particularly for Chinese Army, as a Special Military Advisor, specialized in so called Lawfare, or Legal Warfare, which we Muslims call Legal Jihad. This is, what needs to be done in Spain, so the cause can be won… and you are the best Lawfare asset!

You don’t have to be involved: just create a detailed strategy, let’s say, a case study, an academic research, all described theoretically… give it to me, and you are out, there will be no damage for you, but I will praise your professional abilities very effectively, both between friends and enemies. Your career will skyrocket, I am assuring you!

Moreover, your future has been created by Allah already, it’s not about your choices! Just read this,” Maryam reached for her Prada purse, finding a thin paper book, giving it to Klimesova.

“What is it? ‘Forbidden Love in Al-Andalus‘? A screenplay?” the lawyer was surprised. “What does this to do with me?”

“Read the summary,” Maryam challenged her with cold voice.

When Klimesova finished reading, she stood up, filled with sudden anger and resentment. “You will never use my name in this… crap, full of lies! I am forbidding you to include me into your screenplay, or what is it… this is your generous, fair repayment for my services?

No, I won’t allow this, and I will do just anything to prevent you from publishing this anyhow… I will take legal action against you, unless you will remove my name from this… and where did you get all the private information about me? Which is not true, of course!”

“You mean, about your collapsing relationship with Otakar Hajek, which you date for ten long years already, who is on the Chinese payroll, investigated by Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS for possible high treason, as he allegedly supplied critical Czech state defense secrets to the Chinese, and your miscarriage of a child last year, when you found out about his secret vicious game with that Chinese female law student, named Tao?

Still, Allah was so decent, so He didn’t insert this interesting information into the screenplay, to make it more powerful, emotional and controversial… and Allah knows everything, some of your good friends too, willing to share,” Maryam indicated her information source, but her voice remained cold and detached, indicating, that her mission and faith are the priority, not some infidel woman.

“You bitch…” Iveta sighed. “You rat… that’s what you are, and all you Muslims… it’s completely right, that they call you a mortal threat for us… now I know very clearly, who you really are!”

“You are wrong, I am helping you here, to be liberated,” Maryam denied this negative opinion. “I don’t want to see you suffer, because you are not happy nowadays, and we both know that, sister. My repayment for yoiur services is your liberation and freedom… better than any money! Moreover, you can’t buy these things in a fashion boutique!

And see it from the good side: your reputation will rise, as I said. You will have perfect career… you will start a new life, with someone else, not continuing in this eternal misery. The fool of yours, Hajek, can’t even dress appropriately, he looks like a beggar! Like my alleged stepfather… both are losers, and we need to get rid of them, because they are only sucking energy from us, stealing our freedom, and we are staying voluntarily in this terrible slavery! But not me… not now, not anymore, with Allah’s ultimate guidance and protection.”

“You have no right to enter my personal life, my private affairs!” Klimesova was still angry. “You, or your Allah! I didn’t ask you for some help! I am happy, you know? I love him, I have many friends, who like me, I do the job I love…”

“Yes, you are full of love, but these rats are making you their slave,” Maryam insisted. “Only you don’t want to see it… so you drink, and you call it ‘social life’… but it’s close to the edge of regular alcoholism, that’s the truth. You are how old, thirty four.. and your life is becoming really fucked up. And why is that? Because you are submitted to some fool!

You call yourself a modern, independent woman… but what is the truth? You, an angel, a pure female soul, created by Allah with utmost love, and this primitive male beast is dragging you down, from the stars, so you will be nobody, a plain loser, like him… he wants to fuck you, to impregnate you, so you two will be connected forever, and you won’t be able to leave him, ever… he is fucking others, but you are so naive, so you believe him… you are too good for this cruel world around, Iveta, and Allah sees your suffering, He is helping you, and indeed, He won’t be asking for your permission, or approval, as it’s the most righteous thing to do… like liberating Al-Andalus from infidels, using Legal Jihad, and your knowledge!

It’s the will of Allah, that you help us with this task, and as a repayment, you will be liberated and reinforced in your career, as Allah is the Most Generous… you will be made a partner of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen company very soon, and it’s just the beginning, because with all good deeds you do, you worship Allah, even as an apparent unbeliever!

So He possibly wants to reward you, but don’t ask about His intention and motives, you wouldn’t understand, as He is above us all!

This movie will be made, using Saudi oil money, and you will be there, you will be famous… and imagine, that some great man will see you there, he will hear about you, who you are, how special you are, and he will like you, he will fall in love with you, willing to give you exactly what you want, so your girlish dreams can be fulfilled… he will come and liberate you, sent by Allah. Why don’t to give a chance for happiness, and accept God’s will?

You know what? Take it, read it again, in detail, so you will understand. And try to think differently about it… see the good things about it.”

“Sign that papers, please, so we can be done,” Klimesova tried to remain professional. “Here is also your University diploma with your new name, proof of your honorary doctorate title, given by Charles University to you in 2012, and the state medal ‘For Merits’, awarded by former president Vaclav Klaus to you in October 2012… all translated into Arabic and English officially, as you requested.”

Maryam was quite surprised, when she read the content of the “Education” package, carrying official seal of Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Dear sister Maryam,

I wish you much success and happiness in your new life, and accept these gifts from your secret admirer, who really appreciates, what you do for all us women, setting shining example and inspiration, that anything is possible for us, liberating us from male oppression.

Maybe you will forget us, but we won’t forget you. Remember, that you have the doors of my office always open, and I will watch the Dubai broadcast very carefully this Friday. Walk with protection of God!

Katerina Valachova
Minister of Education, Youth and Sports

“I think, that this is everything,” Iveta said with signs of fatigue in her voice. “You signed all the papers, so you are Maryam Al Maktoum now, an Emirati citizen, wife of the Sheikh Al Maktoum, having nothing to do with this poor Czech country anymore… it’s all fully official, and I should be honored, that I am the first person, who meets the new ‘you’… I guess, that if you are going to change the world soon, then destroying me, a small Czech woman, who never aspired for stars, like you, it means nothing, because when the trees are felled, splinters are flying, hurting people…”

“But why, Iveta?” Maryam wondered this time. “You were a great fashion model, you had so many options… you could be like me… but instead, you chose to be some corporate lawyer, who means nothing? You are 34 years old now, and instead having a family, you are still studying? When this eternal studying phase of your life will end, and you will start living?

I am telling you most seriously: he is the obstacle, he is killing your spirit! Don’t you realize, that people, whom we allow into our vicinity, they influence us so strongly? And Otakar is a loser, no doubt about that, despite of all his alleged titles and professional achievements… the Chinese wanted only you, I heard, so they only tolerate him there with you, as he accompanies you, like an eternal weight, and you even insist on it, like a fool, because you are allegedly a pair… pair of losers? That’s what you want to be, to become?

Sister, you should let another man to fuck you, to feel different male energy! What is so special about this Otakar fool? Look at him! What is his magic, that he made a powerless loser from you? Or isn’t he only a custom of yours, a symbol of your weakness, of your fear to be a real free woman, a Princess? Maybe you should be awakened, finally!”

“I am simply not, like you,” Klimesova replied slowly. “It’s nice, that you search for fault in others, like a proper sociopath, proper witch, and you try to give this dark gift to me… but some people simply have limits. Why can’t you let them be?”

“Because you, your knowledge and special skills, are needed for liberating Al-Andalus, which belongs to Allah and Islam,” Maryam took all her new documents and her temporary Czech passport. “Keep the screenplay, and read it. This is a big chance for liberation for you. And I expect a complete overview of suitable Lawfare procedures against Spanish authorities in seven days, so I can give it brothers from IFLA, who expect it very impatiently… long five hundred and twenty five years of infidel oppression must end!”

Time runs so fast, you can’t stop it: and now, it’s Thursday already, the day, when Maryam is heading back at the Emirates, her new home, never returning into Czech lands, with the permission of Allah, and she has to go, because the next day, on Friday, there is that big annual technology convention in Dubai, and she will play a major role there…

Maryam didn’t make some big goodbyes in Czechia, as almost all of the people of this country, her former homeland, mean nothing to her… but it’s so hard even for her, to accept the fact, that she is an official foreigner here suddenly, although she was born here, long time ago…

Now, she can forget the national anthem, as she is a mere tourist here now… and the temporary passport to cross the border once, issued by the Czech government, is absolutely the last thing, connecting Maryam and Czechia. Once it will expire, there will be nothing between them, like between lovers, who say goodbye to each other, after a passionate one-night stand, returning to their official spouses, as each of them belongs somewehere else, not together, and they know it…

Indeed, even her secret relationship with Hakim ends, and when Maryam is heading at the Vaclav Veskrna Airport, only one other person except Hakim is accompanying her: Zuzana Jandova, her fashion model friend.

Not her mother, or sister, or anyone else… Maryam chose this particular woman, as she was with her that last night in Czechia, before she left for the Emirates the first time, in autumn 2012, so she wants Zuzana to be there again, when she will say goodbye to Czechia…

When Hakim parks his car, and starts unloading Maryam’s luggage, the Emirati woman notices a grass area with flowers nearby, where also the ground can be seen, the Czech soil, and Maryam can’t resist to touch it for the last time, because now, when she will enter the airport area, there will be no grass anymore, only concrete floors… this is her last chance to touch the Czech soil.

She takes some material into her palm, playing with it, watching it… no, there is no sentiment inside her… she just needs to believe and adjust to the new situation. Big game with big potential risks and big gains will be played soon, and Allah will decide, how the affair will end: O Allah, I belong only to You!

Maryam drops the soil, cleaning her hand with a hankie, as cleanliness is an integral part of Islam… but she will make a wu’du yet, the ritual ablution, before her final prayer to Allah and boarding the plane, taking her to Dubai, which is standing there already, a huge Airbus A380 of “Emirates” flight operator… waiting for the Princess, being refueled and maintained by the ground crew.

Hakim feels as manly move, to say goodbye first, and as soon Maryam makes her check-in at the counter and gets rid of luggage, he disappears, as his male services are not needed anymore, and he knows, that to be the third with two females is miserable… and Maryam accepts, kissing him on face, thanking him for all the help and accomodation…

There is no property remaining after Maryam in this old country, her life is in the Emirates… what she is carrying inside her, the baby, his father is uncertain, but it’s the will of Allah, that Maryam will be still silent about the child… Allah will decide, when to announce it, and to inform one of potential fathers, or both of them… or none.

“How do you feel?” Zuzana Jandova asks, when both young pretty and tall women, attacting general attention, are standing below a big departures board, where all the flights are stated, including Maryam’s upcoming Emirates flight, and soon, there will be its boarding gate announced, so she will have to approach the passport control, then pass the security check, and all the necessary procedures before leaving, including last prayer in those infidel lands.

“I am nervous… they can still stop me or something, but I feel, that this is over, you know… that it’s really happening,” Maryam confesses. “Sister, I am so glad, that you will be in Dubai tomorrow too, if Allah will permit… it means much to me… you know, that someone will be in the audience… you.”

“But I wasn’t always a good friend,” Zuzana embraces Maryam, with apology in her voice. “I was selfish… please, forgive me, girl.”

“There is nothing to forgive,” Maryam’s caresses Zuzana’s face. “You are my friend…”

“I am sorry, for everything I have done,” Zuzana bends her eyes down, and they are full of tears. “They forced me… I betrayed you, girl… I didn’t want to, but I they gave me no other choice…”

“What are you talking about?” Maryam asks, feeling this strange, unusual tone of Zuzana’s voice. Like if something would be happening right now, although Maryam is almost out of here?

And then… she notices… and she realizes in terror, that since this fateful moment, her way back into Czech land will be closed forever, even for her as a tourist and foreigner, and her only chance is to move forward, but quickly, to rush to the passport control, to leave the Czech national territory immediately, because all hell just breaks loose in Czech streets…

Although the airport authorities are not too pleased, the final report of Omar Bin Ghazali from ARC News Middle East, regarding Marketa Korinkova, takes places just in front of the airport terminal, on sidewalk, attracting many travelling people with suitcases, who are stopping to hear his presentation, thus creating a security threat, plus problems for traffic.

“Just now, at these minutes, Marketa Korinkova is leaving the Czech country, to move towards her critical destination, Dubai, as in less than twenty hours from this moment, she is expected to make a critical speech there, possibly changing the future of human kind,” the journalistic ace says with serious voice.

“We still don’t know, what content of this message will be exactly, and we all can only pray, that it will bring something good to all of us, with the permission of Allah,” Bin Ghazali presents his cordial hope. “Although these streets of Prague seem still calm and peaceful, many people are talking about tomorrow, about Maryam, speculating, what will happen… and many governmental offices, including Czech CounterIntelligence, Czech Militarized Police and Czech Army, will be on highest alert tomorrow, ready to contain any situation, which could arise from Korinkova’s speech, as it could jeopardize Czech national interests, and she is not a Czech citizen anymore, so they can’t prosecute her for potential crimes easily. She is getting out of their grasp, she can’t commit high treason now.

Anyway, it’s my journalistic duty to make a summary of my local investigation now, which was quite dramatic, as you know: I was even detained, together with many brothers in Islam, and even with local Jews from illegal Jewish Militia SHALOM, as some unknown local masterminds wanted to involve us and them into another religious conflict, like in Jerusalem, to get upper hand, and to mark us, and them, as threats, which need to be contained.

Together with another incident at Vonoklasy, where the Czech Military built road blocks just before our visit, to prevent us from entering the village, you can see, that the Czech authorities tried to keep us on short leash, so the inconvenient truth about Maryam can’t be revealed, as she most likely serves to many critical interests, and it’s hard to say, whether she is a pawn, or a Queen.

But after extensive research, I made my opinion, with the permission of Allah: Maryam is a truly female leader, and if nothing else, she creates massive revolutionary waves between women of the world. There are even clear indications, that tomorrow’s speech will be related to female gender… indeed, this will be a big moment for world women, and a revolution can be expected, hardly to be contained by some police forces, as the world is pregnant with expectations, and big change is in the air, everybody feels the tension.

Korinkova was maybe chosen by Allah to be the one, who will push the trigger, launching some big change… but in this moment, only Allah knows exactly, what will happen tomorrow, and how it all will influence our world, our lives, our cultures, our future.”

Whereas the journalist is speaking, a young man around twenty years approaches him, and although the Bin Ghazali’s security detail prevents him from reaching the reporter, the boy, who looks like a courier, dressed in bright red color, tries to give something to Bin Ghazali.

Heavy Slander, the best Czech gossip magazine, sir! A Special Issue, just arrived from the printing works!” the boy shouts through the firm wall of other Muslims, so Bin Ghazali can hear him.

Bin Ghazali orders the boy to be let closer, and he takes the magazine with curiosity. Only one look at the cover is enough for Bin Ghazali, to freeze in utmost surprise. He just lists the pages, to be sure, and then, he takes the microphone back.

“Just in this moment, it seems, that the new issue of ‘Heavy Slander’ magazine reached the local news stands, and it’s dedicated solely to Marketa Korinkova,” the reporter announces. “And the content is… well… very modestly said, disturbing… it seems, that the Czech state doesn’t want her to return here, ever, and they used indeed a weapon of mass destruction against her, it means the power of press, the mass media, able to persuade and influence with devastating effectivity, able to create, or destroy a star in the instant… as I read, the local journalists are accusing Korinkova of alleged fake conversion to Islam, and participation in prostitution in Dubai… just have a look,” he moves the cover of the magazine closer to the camera, so it can be seen in detail.

Marketa Maryam Korinkova

Maryam sits in a premium seat of Airbus A380, at first class section, and although she is pleased, to be finally between all that Muslims again, many of them not only her brothers and sisters of Islam, but also citizens of the same country, it means Emirates, her mind is empty.

The plane is waiting for a permission of controlling tower of Vaclav Veskrna Airport, so it can rolling on the airstrip, and to start taking-off procedure. It’s full of Emirati people, who return home either from a touristic visit of Prague, or after business there… many of them are recognizing Maryam, smiling at her, greeting her, including flight attendants… but Maryam just wants to be out of here already.

Her last steps on the Czech national territory were far from festive and relaxed, indeed… she pushed away Zuzana Jandova, and simply left her, without saying goodbye, almost running away, when she noticed a man with big stack of Heavy Slander magazine in hands, and even from distance, she knew exactly, what is inside there, as she saw this particular cover in January 2013… they delivered the draft to her, to push her against the wall… several years passed, but they didn’t forget, and used it, to send proper Goodbye to her…

At least she is present at the Emirati national territory already, at least in legal sense, as the interior of an airplane is considered by international treaties to belong to the operator’s country of registration…

Maryam doesn’t want to imagine, what people in Czechia will think of her… she read the concept in 2013, and they definitely “improved” the devastating power with yet more slanders, to assure, that she will never come close to the Czech national territory again, as she is finished here… and now, the world media will take the news… and in few hours, even six thousand kilometers from here, she can be finished… the Sheikh could strip her of the citizenship immediately, as there will be their relationship revealed publicly, most likely… just as Iveta Klimesova warned her… but it will all happen too soon!

Will Maryam be even allowed, to make the speech tomorrow? How the people will look at her?

She must believe, that Allah, the best of all deceivers, will know, how to use this commotion for achieving final victory, as Allah is the only victor. Moreover, if it’s Wu Corporation, the Chinese, who organizes the event… no, they are not kind of people, who would believe in slanders… moreover, it’s Wu Corp, who owns the magazine!

It seems, that Wu Corp is standing behind all this, not the Czech government… the corporate rats are sending her message, that everything must go well tomorrow, otherwise, she will be totally finished, and deep inside the biggest mess of her life…

O Allah, I trust You, I trust Your moves, which You make for our victory…

The plane starts moving slowly, and Maryam simply accepts her fate, when the beautiful bird reaches the starting position at the end of runway.

And then, the turbojet engines of A380 are put into full output, and massive force pushes Maryam’s body into the seat… she sees passing landscape behind the window… until the cabin starts moving upstairs, influenced by the air pressure on wings, and the carriage loses contact with the ground, as the plane is airborne already, climbing towards the blue sky in steep ascent, and Czech villages near the airport can be seen, but all is getting smaller and smaller, until Prague finally disappears from sight…

Goodbye, you filthy infidels, Maryam thinks, and closes her eyes.

Now, she is alone… but free.

And the whole world is under he feet.

There is no safety nets downstairs, but she doesn’t need them anymore. She has Allah!

And the big show, where she will play the main role, with His permission… is just starting.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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