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What is so special about Islamic gardens? Indeed, they should remind Paradise, much more worthy place, than this transient world, dunya, where you have great chance to earn a lot of credit, granted by Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most High, the only deity, worthy of worshipping, the only God, whose generosity is limitless, and if you worship Him enough, maybe you will be admitted into the Paradise one day, where all resources will be plentiful, and what you missed in previous worldly life, will be given to you, if Allah will permit.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum rules, beloved by people and living quite normal life, despite of his responsible and demanding official positions as Vice President of UAE, Minister of Defence and Prime Minister, plus Emir of Dubai, there is a very nice garden in his private residence, Za’beel palace, famous with plenty of impressive peacocks, the aristocratic birds indeed, who walk there freely…

And His Highness can be seen between them, making his regular jogging for health in the mornings, before the terrible heat of Arabic peninsula starts, or very late in the night, when he, his guests and his cohort, are roaming the gardens, admiring the original floristic creations, enjoying the moments of peace, and discussing international relationships, latest world events of utmost significance for the homeland, or visions and challenges of further development either of Emirates, or even whole Middle Eastern region.

Some nights, his junior wife, Princess Haya Bint Hussein of Jordan, accompanies him, as she has very special position in the royal structure of the Emirates, both oficially and unoficially: there are even rumors, that Sheikh even fears her, as she has too many connections at many influential places, even in Emirati CounterIntelligence service, which controls all domestic electronic surveillance, and Princess Haya promotes women empowerment in the Emirates tirelessly, although many advisors of the Sheikh are warning him, that this liberation and revolution of females, perceived even as an immense Estrogen Conspiracy, with the basic goal to make matriarchy (=rule of females) superior and dominant in the world, can seriously disrupt whole Emirati, Arabic and Islamic traditional society, with unforeseen consequences for the future.

“Our way of life worked for 1400 years, since Muhammad, peace be upon him, brought the message of Allah for the whole human kind, and Islamic civilizations flourished this whole time,” the wise advisors of advanced age were saying unanimously. “So, why to change it now? Why to risk these subversive novelties, created by mere mortals and their preposterous minds, influenced by corrupted propaganda and Western ideology? What good can it bring? A paradise on Earth, as they promise us falsely?

Why to obey our Western infidel enemies, who want to disrupt our society, by importing these decadent ideas into our lands, into minds of our women? Why not to explain to our sisters, daughters and mothers, that by asking for more and more alleged rights endlessly, they are cooperating with the enemies of Islam, in fact?

Of course, that men and women were created as equal by Allah, and they have rights and duties to each other… but they are not the same, and it would be sick, if women should become men, and vice versa, as we see in the infidel lands!

The tension becomes stronger, and in the end, there can be even a civil war here… and Princess Haya will be the leader of revolution against you, Your Highness, because the conspirators needs such leading figures! She loves power, and she won’t hesitate to stand against you openly.”

But can this omnipresent movement of more than 50% of world population be stopped, if such substantial social, economic and cultural changes are happening everywhere, even in the adjacent, ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, alleged Wahhabi (Salafi) kingdom, imported there by another VIP royal woman, Princess Ameerah al-Taweel, whose importance over Saudi women rises every day, as she is backed and protected by both Israelis, who need to weaken their Saudi Islamic archenemy with internal divisions and strifes, and mighty Chinese, who need the world divided, in permanent conflict and in general unrest, so the Chinese can achieve global dominance, winning without fighting, using soft power?

For His Highness, it’s difficult, to make the right choice: should he actively contain this threat, wasting his energy in a very questionable struggle, which could even support and multiply his enemies eventually, or to let the Emirati society to develop naturally, without excessive interventions, to absorb Western decadent novelties, if they would be found as positive by the local citizens, and accepted, integrated, adapted? Should he make the choice for them, as the ruler, or let the people to choose… even it can mean their doom later?

Still, there could be highest price for some temporary and apparent gains in the end… but even the Sheikh has hardly power to stop this omnipresent movement, which comes from below, from foundations of the society, he even supports it actively, to “look nice” for the world, so Emirates can be perceived as trendy and progressive by Western infidels, who come to Dubai, brining money and keeping the economy alive and thriving…

He even had to make many confessions from his Islamic faith, like meeting with women daily, and they are not too much veiled, they try his patience, by veiling less and less, and he is too liberal, too tolerant, too ignorant, he even shakes hands with them, touches them, although it’s not permissible in Islam, to touch a non-related woman… he realizes, how weak those confessions make him, and that with any such incident, the women are yet more powerful, letting more and more hair to be seen under their hijabs, wearing shorter and shorter sleeves, so more skin will be seen… every piece of revealed female skin inside the UAE’s offices is a small victory of female cause, and further loss for Emirati patriarchy!

Indeed, the Emirati women, brainwashed by omnipresent Western propaganda around them, they want to expose themselves, as their sick, decadent, corrupted and filthy Western counterparts, because they see their bodies as perfect tools against weak, lazy, effeminate men of today, they want to use their powerful female sexuality to rule men, to assert their interests… they are not officially organized, they are simply connected with the shared female thinking and shared values… or possibly backed by some powerful feminist organization, which has one single goal: to make women to rule the world, so matriarchy will prevail, to the welfare of all?

But the Sheikh knows about this explosive situation for very long time already, and it really bothers him. So. several years ago, he made a substantial move, in his effort to acquire proper counterweight to rising influence of Princess Haya: he secretly wed his personal advisor in Female Affairs, a young beautiful woman, a 25 years old fashion model, although without royal ancestry, coming from Europe, who had special skills and talents, a convert to Islam, specialist at Public Relations, who could give him very useful advices, and who could be used as an indirect battering ram against Haya, as a cat’s pawn, and literally, as this other woman also had her hidden agenda, and the Sheikh understood the risks, if he inserts so much power and influence into her hands…

But her position of an outsider, out of the typical strong Arabic family ties and tight social control, had also advantages, as nobody could force her to keep these or that rules, no father or brother, no sister or mother, infected with some mind poison… and such special position could be very useful, when things would get critical, and Sheikh’s rule would be jeopardized.

Indeed, there was this rumor, circulating in the Emirates, that unknown foreign conspirators, possibly backed by Israelis, want to remove the Sheikh from rule, and they are willing to use very special methods to discredit him… including the aforementioned foreigner woman, sent allegedly as an agent of influence to seduce the Sheikh, to play his “lost weak daughter”, to use her charm, and to infiltrate his closest vicinity, including his bed… even getting pregnant with him, so her contraceptive patches were exchanged for a placebo secretly, to assure the success of affair, and perfect opportunities for manipulate the events further, deep into the future, whole upcoming decades.

Could Princess Haya be connected with these dangerous conspirators anyhow? It was possible, as a rumor about her arrived from Jordan, that she had someone of Palestinian Jewish ancestry in her bloodline, and thus, she couldn’t be trusted, and Sheikh’s marriage with her had indeed many critics, who disapproved this choice of bride very passionately… but they had to keep their opinions hidden, at least officially, not to be silenced by being removed from the Emirati royal court as subversive elements, so they maybe started to organize a fifth column, to get rid of allegedly corrupted ruler, who possibly succumbed to female influence too much, and therefore, he lost his ability to rule independently, and to accept responsibility in front of Emirati people…

These courtesans were determined not to repeat mistakes of ancient Muslims of mythical Al-Andalus, who succumbed to their women too much, and this feebleness had devastating consequences for the whole Islamic community, Ummah, for more than five hundred years to come, full of weeping for lost Islamic Spain, and magnificient Alhambra palace: some historians are even claiming, that Isabel de Solis, allegedly a Christian slave, captured in a raid, brought into harem of Abu l-Hasan Ali, was inserted there as a cat’s pawn, as an agent of influence of Catholic monarchs of Spain, to destroy the Sultan of Granada, and she ultimately managed this goal, accepting her new Islamic name of Zoraya.

The Sultan fell in love with his new concubine, like a fool, he expelled his first spouse Aysha (Aixa), indeed a very bad move… and this powerful woman was determined to create a painful revenge to him, which resulted in devastating civil war in the Emirate of Granada, just as Christian invaders were closing in from all sides, united and determined to annihilate the last remaining Islamic kingdom on the Iberian peninsula, and ending almost 800 years of flourishing Islamic presence there, in 1492, the most shameful moment of Islamic history: The Surrender.

It was the feebleness of Andalusi men and excessive power of Andalusi women, which destroyed the Emirate Of Granada, and the Islamic dream of Al-Andalus, which is liberated by IFLA‘s (Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus) Jihad now, and Islamic Republic Granada (IRG) is established there, as such is the will of Allah, the sole owner of these lands, parts of Dar al-Islam.

And five hundred years later, not only many Emirati men saw the rising female influence as negative, dangerous and destructive factor: even many women, who understood, that the Arabic society and culture simply shouldn’t be “improved” and “upgraded” with alleged Western inventions of social engineering, all that crazy medical experiments with innocent children and bold “revolutionary” projects in schools, created by academic fools and executed by players like Katerina Valachova, or Chinese conspirators, with effort to achieve Chinese global dominance, if the world will be divided and fragmented, much easier to be conquered.

So, this is, how the conspiracy was established in the Emirates: internal oppositon of Sheikh Al Maktoum’s rule was connected with foreign enemies with unknown intentions, and a dangerously wide front was created, where it was not clear, whether the effort is to damage Islam and Emirates, or to save it, to improve it, to make it an alleged “Paradise”, as this was modern world, where no walls or boundaries existed anymore, since the Iron Curtain fell in 1989-1991, together with price of flight tickets…

Everything was apparently open and accessible, countries and continents, millions of people moved here and there around the planet freely, for work, better future, tourism, escaping their old lives, thousands of airplanes were moving across the sky in any moment, day or night…

And nowadays, four years after the secret wedding of Sheikh and the European fashion model, code name “SKINNY PUPPY”, the situation was far from being contained again. New sources of instability occured permanently, and the Sheikh felt crushed with all these everlasting challenges, stressing him, as there was no simple solutions for these: a man will be always kept away from secret female world, full of pheromone, emotions, sensitivity, strange scents and eternal babbling, whereas you don’t want to hear, what they are saying about you, not sparing even a ruler from ruthless slanders and gossip.

Mohammed’s advanced age and immensely wide area of his work duties were also exhausting him, together with his many children from all the previous marriages, as many of these kids, or rather adolescents and young women already, were far from being decent Muslimah, none of them wore hijab, exposing their skin and bodies generously, adapting decadent Western manners, giving indeed a bad example to the Emirati women… indeed, maybe he will resign voluntarily in the end, to be replaced by someone weaker or more inclined to listen to the conspirators… this is, how empires are crumbling.

One of his many beloved daughters, Sheikha Maryam (2nd), was indeed the most promising asset for further spreading of the Western corruption into the Emirates. Of course, she always explained, studying an elite Swiss school for VIPs and royals, that those controversial moves are necessary for survival and sustainable future of the Emirates, that this is the reason, why not to veil her beauty, to be more likeable and acceptable by infidels… but Allah will hardly tolerate such questionable decisions, when she deliberately emphasized her large breasts in all dresses she wore, to provoke men, to awake madness, desire and lust for her curvy, well shaped female body inside them (=all daughters of Sheikh are indeed well equipped in this physical sense, Allah was very generous towards them).

It was Thursday night, when the Sheikh and his junior wife were walking slowly through the Za’beel garden, accompanied by many bodyguards, advisors, assistants and usual escort, which kept in decent distance, however, so the royal pair of Dubai had the privacy to talk freely.

The royal pair just stopped in front of a large water fountain, which provided not only suitable cooling of the air, as the water evaporated from its large stone base, but also perfect protection against eavesdropping and electronic surveillance, as the loud sound of falling water would disrupt any recording of any microphone, including the most advanced products, used by sniffing Intelligence agencies widely.

“This is the last chance to stop her, Mohammed,” Princess Haya said coldly, although it was still over 30 degrees of Celsius outside. “After tomorrow, she will be untouchable, with too many powerful friends, who won’t allow anybody to stand in her path, including you… and you know well, what needs to be done: just to make a call, to have her Emirati passport voided, and to ban her entry into the Emirates, when she will land at the airport, allegedly as the result of a mere administrative mistake, caused by an inexperienced employee of the airport security, a prepared scapegoat, who will be sacrificed tomorrow, so you will be innocent, and no one can say, that you orchestrated this ban…

She got out of any control, she is dangerous, and you have no idea, what she will do tomorrow, and whether it won’t be concerning you, your position, your reputation… she spent one full week in the infidel land, getting ready for her big moment… on your expense, on expense of Emirati people!

If you would allow her to do it, you risk too much, and you are becoming only a passive element, who waits for a court sequence, what fate will someone else bring to him… that would be so unmanly, and Emirati people will notice, how much power she has here in reality, how much she controls you, how much of open disrespect towards you she has!

It’s simple: from many reasons, her participation at the technology convention tomorrow, that planned speech with still unknown content, must be prevented at any costs… but it’s so easy, we are talking about just several hours of holding this dangerous, subversive element outside the Emirati borders for safety… then, the authorities can let her in, making many apologies, but it will be too late…

Moreover, the current situation is just perfect, just after the foreign tabloid media released a river of filth about her today! Many Emirati people will even expect, that you won’t allow such infidel trash into the Emirates, or at least, you will send a strong public message, as a man of firm rule, that her un-Islamic moves will be thoroughly investigated and not tolerated!

And of course, you should fire her from her official position of your advisor at Female Affairs, with immediate validity, to prevent general embarassment of your office, before people will start asking bothering questions, what kind of foreign reasons you hire!

You can use some innocent and coherent reasons for this ‘necessary move’, like saving costs, beneficial outsourcing, getting more reliable advices about key social, political and economic issues of today… thus, using a Qatari feminist think-tank instead of her, led by reputated Aysha Al Mudahka, a young woman too, admired by many in Qatar and across the whole Arabia and Maghreb, absolutely without any controversy related to her, whose effort is to liberate women the healthy way, by helping them to establish their own business and economic independence from their husbands and families, but also to help the economy to flourish, by engaging new work force, women, who can improve their surroundings and communities…

Don’t you see, what is happening here, my beloved husband? That foreign un-Islamic rats are playing their big game against you, using the foreign woman, an alleged Muslim, whom you allowed too close to you, as their main offensive weapon?

Do you know, what they wrote about her today, in the media? Very serious accusations! That she faked her conversion to Islam! That she is a… ‘light’ woman! They have even witnesses! Even her best friend spoke to the media openly, revealing many filth and sins of hers!

Any connection with her must be eliminated immediately, to avoid terrible embarassement!”

Sheikh was a wise ruler, who never succumbed to the first wave of swift emotions, clouding his healthy judgement. So he didn’t reply immediately, just enjoying the calming and cooling sound of water.

“It’s hardly a coincidence, that these devastating public slanders about her occured just before the convention,” the Sheikh was thinking loudly. “More people want to prevent her from speaking there, it seems… but why? As I was told, she should only speak about women and technology, which is also your interest… why don’t you support her, then? It’s also a part of women empowerment, no?

What bad can she do there? Will she criticize me, that I am an obstacle of development? No, definitely not, as I ordered millions to be poured into the IT sector and e-government, and I supported creating professional opportunities for women there, exactly as I should… or, will she start to ask for these changes more loudly, just because she has the citizenship now?

But she must be realizing, that her passport can be voided with one mere phone call, as you said… that would be a suicide mission, her end in the Emirates, and getting negative reputation of a problem maker, because this is not, how we do things here! The integrity of the ruler must be respected, so these loud steps have to be avoided, and I will do just anything to keep my face, as this is, what people are expecting from me…

So, I ask again: how can she hurt me, or the Emirates? Explain this to me better, Haya… because to make such serious decision, like making an offensive move against her openly, it would have consequences, as she is not a single woman anymore, an individual, she is rather a rider on dark waves, a mere tip of iceberg… you are talking about her very simply, not willing to see and mention all the structures around her, which are a part of her now!

Sure, it would be easy, to get rid of her, to arrange a small innocent incident with her passport… but I feel completely manipulated into this allegedly natural, tempting and easy choice, simply to get rid of a designated pest, who is to be blamed as the principal source of all my problems!

And what if these external enemies, waiting in permanent ambush for my mistakes, what if they want me to do exactly this step, so they will be able to criticize me, that I am a despot, a tyrant of women, that I am halting beneficial progressive ideas from being presented in the Emirates, that I am afraid of a mere thought, which could challenge my rule… don’t you see, how complicated this affair is? There is also Public Relations, which I can hardly contain completely…”

“You should know, that Mossad (=Israeli Intelligence agency for executive action abroad) also recommended us to stop this terrible conspiracy, while we can,” the Princess reminded, what her Intelligence sources told her. “They refused to say why, but they seemed very serious, that they collected some very disturbing evidence through surveillance. They even sent a liaison officer with this message…”

“So, we will listen to the Jews now? To the same Jews, who embarassed me and this country in 2010, killing a foreign national in a hotel at Dubai in broad daylight, using foreign passports, misusing identities of real living people of Western countries?” the Sheikh was wondering, even close to open anger. “They will say: ‘Do this, do that’, and we will obey, like fools… even if they aren’t willing to provide exact evidence, some clear proofs? This is, what I call disrespect!

This all is absurd, and too much of alleged coincidences… at first, Mossad says, don’t allow her. One day before the convention, the foreign tabloid media make a crushing move against her, to ruin her reputation, so she will be either barred from Emirates, or from the conference.

And finally, you approach me, Haya, at night, just few hours before the event, warning me, like if she could destroy me with merely one speech… how could such thing be possible? No one of you, it means Mossad, the media, or you, provided any significant evidence, only theories, slanders, opinions, warnings… and you want me to be a fool, by listening to your alleged good advices, by embarassing myself, when it will be written against me, that I was afraid of her, so I ordered all doors of the Emirates to be locked, not to allow her to enter, and to set back my rule eventually?

The whole world is coming to me now, and all are saying: ‘She is dangerous!’

Are you all crazy, or trying to manipulate me? Am I supposed to be scared of a single woman, who should make a public speech tomorrow? What kind of ruler would I be, if I would show my fear so clearly, to the whole curious world, watching her and us very closely now?

Isn’t she rather dangerous for private plans of somebody? Maybe she wants to block the alleged Estrogen Conspiracy in the Emirates, as she was always very negative towards it… and the clandestine conspirators don’t like it, trying to stop her by manipulating me, to become their cat’s pawn!

But regardless of all these doubts… Haya, I can’t do anything, and I can’t allow anybody to stop her. Do you know, why?

Because she is a ‘person of interest’ now! Plenty of people will be awaiting her, right at the airport, including crowd of world journalists… so, if there will be a problem, any problem, the world media will know instantly, and imagine that Western headlines: ‘Sheikh Al Maktoum is afraid of a woman’ or ‘The Last Middle Eastern Despot’ or ‘Women of Dubai are emigrating from UAE, to protest against anti-female policies of the Sheikh’…

We are a part of Public Relations game, regardless if we want, or not, and the media can destroy anybody easily, once their aim their negative attention at you… and more I will try to contain it, more censorship I will order to be executed on the media, more journalists the Police will detain as preliminary security measure… it will only support general resentment towards me, and my countless enemies, who are waiting patiently for years, to remove me from rule!

Moreover, you forget one very important factor in the issue: it’s the Chinese, who are organizing the conference, and if we won’t let her in, we will spoil their event, we will embarass them… do you realize, about whom are we talking about here? For them, in the Asian culture, keeping the face is critical… if they will lose this pampered diamond, they will go after me, as I couldn’t protect their toy, although it’s my duty!

You know, what I should do, as proper solution of the situation?

To send a column of official cars to pick her up, and to escort her home safely, to assure, that no one will disrupt her route, as all the blame would fall on me in the end! And if I really don’t need some new enemies, it’s the Chinese… more they seem hidden and meaningless, more you underestimate them, then, more you will suffer…

Just be realistic, Haya… they have their long fingers everywhere, and no wealth of Dubai can change that… they are playing a different league, than us, and you don’t want to be standing in their way!

So, there will be no cheap scapegoats… I can’t allow any incident to happen, on the contrary, I need to make an open statement for the media, how I appreciate her, how I am looking forward for tomorrow, how she is beneficial and inspiring… I have to keep my face too!”

“You should talk to her, at least,” Haya suggested. “You know, to be friendly, to wish her luck, and to get more info from her, what is planned. Because no one knows anything, only speculations are flowing.”

“That would be really miserable… a proper ruler doesn’t care, you know that,” the Sheikh denied the idea immediately. “There is also a speculation, that it’s all just hot air, a publicity stunt, a media game, a viral marketing for a new Chinese product, or something… and look, how many fools think, that the world is ending, or what! But my duty is to keep calm, not to react, not to play by their malicious rules!

I will let Allah to decide the end of this affair… and that cars for her will be dispatched! I want to send a message, that I have control over her, that she is my asset, you understand? That she works for me… I want to influence the Public Relations too, not just to sit home, and watching TV.”

“There are also rumors, that you… wed her,” Princess Haya said openly, changing the strategy. Never before she mentioned this issue… until this evening. “Do you realize, how deeply connected to her you seem in their eyes? She is considered to have a lot of power over you.”

“All this endless, eternal, everlasting female babbling, speculating, backbiting… you won’t make me a part of it!” the Sheikh continued walking, to indicate, that the intimate conversation is over.

Haya didn’t follow him, to show her open disrespect and disagreement… and the Sheikh couldn’t stop and wait for her, or to ask her, what is happening, as it would make a weak loser from him, to be too much controlled by a woman, too attached to her, too dependent on her.

Such were the strict royal rules of Za’beel palace.

When Maryam opens her beautiful brown eyes in the Friday morning, she feels utmost satisfaction and relief, as she is in her cozy apartment at Burj Khalifa, there was no bad dream in the night, and she feels very well, her body is strong and her mind balanced, her mood is positive, there is another hot sunny day behind the window of her residence at 102nd floor, the sky is blue and visibility unlimited…

She touches her soft velvet skin under the satin blanket… it’s a miracle of Allah, that this all works together, a mere pile of flesh of blood… but Allah makes it all alive, He creates you, and you need to use your days to worship Him, by doing good deeds… such simple is life, and only then, you don’t have to fear death, or other people, as Allah created destiny for you, not them, not luck, not coincidences… so believe in Allah and submit to Him only, and you will be forever safe and balanced, never losing His love, support, guidance and protection.

After favorite morning bath, to relax her body, to let the blood circulating in her veins properly, when she watches her pretty face in the mirror, doing her makeup, Maryam thinks, that the time is perfectly right, as full five years passed, and today, all her previous effort will be crowned, maybe, if Allah will permit, and it will be the right time to move forward in her life, and she knows exactly, where… O Allah, how grateful I am, for all your great guidance, advices and lessons! You are indeed a Teacher!

Allah chose her for a very important mission: and today, with His permission and blessing, she will be, in certain sense, the ruler of the world, at least for several minutes, during her critical speech, transmitted into the whole world… maybe the world will remember her forever…

She never had such extremely bold girlish dreams, she just wanted to be happy in life, you know… but with Allah, everything in your life is thousand time surpassed, than you ever imagined with your limited mind, but you have also more responsibility for others, and the world, so everything Allah gives you, in His limitless generosity, must be used well, for good purposes.

Allah gave so much of beauty, intelligence and talents to Maryam… and a perfect opportunity, to become a VIP woman. But she still has to remember her principal mission: to be His devoted servant, and to work for Islam. All the transient worldly fame must be gained for Allah and interests of Islam, as Allah is the one, who gives it all to you… and without Him, you are lost.

Maryam is so grateful to Allah for everything… and today, she will get an ultimate gift, with His permission. Just think: how many people in history, all that big historical figures from textbooks, had such immense opportunity, like she has today, with the blessing of Allah?

Before, there was all these divisions in the world, but now, with all that advanced communication technology, Internet and social media, you can become a public queen in the matter of minutes… if someone powerful is backing you, if you serve for some beneficial interests of masterminds… but Allah is the best deceiver of them all.

All that naive fools around her, they are thinking, that she is their pawn, but she indeed belongs solely to Allah… and today, when she will be speaking, it will be rather Allah Himself speaking, as she is merely His tool, to execute His will!

Maryam doesn’t care, what will happen today exactly, whether there will be some good, or bad ending. She doesn’t take any responsibility for the upcoming inevitable chain of events: but she knows, what has to be done, so the show will be powerful, and the world will be hit properly, as Allah demands.

She has only limited vision of exact content of her upcoming speech… why do you need some papers, if you have Allah? Moreover, this is that kind of improvised speech, without desk with paper notes… no no, you will have to speak freely, and to improvise.

She had this strange dream several days ago… that there is a secret bioweapon inside her body, which will be launched during the speech by the corporate Chinese rats. But on the other hand… isn’t even a mere thought a weapon of mass persuasion? Or the child, which she is carrying inside her?

The bracelet, which she is wearing on her wrist, could be important… in the dream, she was sick during so called pre-activation phase of the weapon, so she even couldn’t walk… however, now, in reality, she feels completely fine… but who knows? The event starts in two hours. So much time for various bacteria and viruses to weaken her body and to eliminate her… not speaking about possible human sabouteurs, even assailants.

Will she make her way there successfully? It depends on permission and will of Allah. She is so close, and still so far away from her dreams being fulfilled, and in full… but she is only a servant of Allah, submitted to His will, she belongs to Him.

In the dream, before her dumb lover Hakim woke her up incidentally, interrupting and ending the vision forever, there was also a message, what she should do, before entering the stage at the convention arena… the last thing she remembers, that she touched her shoulder… and then nothing. She has to hope, that Allah will advise her on the spot…

Five thousand people will be present there, all that VIP technology big shots of the whole world, and another millions of people watching in the broadcast… and her, alone, on the catwalk… but this won’t be her first time, when it was only her, and them, and how could she fail, if Allah will be there with her?

No, she won’t be alone today, and never in her life, anymore… regardless what will happen. Such is the peace of Islam!

To organize such a large event, as World Annual Technology Convention (WATC) at Dubai, it demands immense logistic effort, you can imagine… so, the loaded trucks of various Emirati and foreign suppliers are coming day and night, to deliver equipment, food and drinks, for thousands of visitors, many of them VIPs, who demand only the best quality service.

There are strict security measures deployed at the supply entrances of the convention center, to assue that no terrorist, criminal, gate-crasher or activist won’t get through. All is managed precisely, every single item, using bar codes and portable scanners, so every human and every package is immediately checked in the system, whether it’s registered and expected, and where it belongs.

There is an Indian national standing, a manager, scanning some big boxes, which just arrived… hundreds of thousands of people like him are working in the Emirates, having no civic rights, unlike in Europe, which would give them citizenship and full rights soon, even allowing them to bring their families, providing them wide social welfare advantages…

“Ten thousand bottles of ‘Perrier’ mineral water, sir,” a lorry driver informs him, when another delivery is unloaded.

“Jay!” the Indian man calls his colleague, waiting for orders nearby. “This package belongs into section V2, it means VIP arena. Four men from the VIP security detail will be guarding these boxes all time, and no one will touch them. The seals must be kept absolutely untouched, you understand?”

“Understood, sir, it will be done, exactly as you ordered,” the subordinate calls four other men in business suits, hidding automatic pistols under jackets.

Using trolleys, the boxes are quickly transported to their final destination, and curious eyes of the security cameras are watching them.

Ivona Selnikova, awarded with unique Woman Of The Year title, working as the Executive Director of Wu Corporation, organizing WATC social events today, also a key multinational defence supplier, is sitting at the bar, using the All Seeing Eye application in her smartphone, allowing her to connect to immense super computing power of Wu Corp data centers, including optical recognition (OCR) of all faces, licence plates, even way of walking of suspects, plus complex behavioral analysis of all subjects, to indentify potential security threats, and to predict future developments, like some fortune-teller.

With her, a man of the middle age, who seems not too interested in all that commotion and big expectation. Or maybe he wants to stay detached, not to succumb to all the immense stress.

“It’s here,” Ivona informs the man, when she checks the latest data. “Exactly on time.”

“And if they will check the content?” he asks.

“They won’t find anything. The substance is tasteless, odorless,” Selnikova watches her own glass of water with smile. “And it will desintegrate upon consumation quickly. No traces will remain in the urine…. and look! Our elite human asset is here! Finally!”

They watch Maryam, who approaches them with positive expression on her face, as a proper fashion model, coming to do a professional job, as best, as she can.

“Great that you came… ready for the big day?” both corporate conspirators smile, like if this would be merely a social gathering, without all that immense bets and billions of investments.

“Let’s do this,” Maryam replies calmly, and she sits down, ordering a water.

“During the speech, at the VIP hall, don’t drink the water… it’s poisoned by us,” Ivona informs her, quite with a light heart, like if nothing would be happening, not an immense conspiracy, where thousands will be hit directly, and the whole world then. “The chemical will literally freeze all the people in the hall during your speech. They will become defenseless, when the weapon will go out… they won’t be able to leave, to switch off their senses, to escape, to make any counter move. They will be your slaves… use your time well, and crush them, as we agreed.”

Maryam only nods. She really doesn’t want to become a part of some recorded evidence of the conspiracy.

“Remember, that whole audio system of the hall is under all complete control, enhanced by a state-of-the-art technology, for highest level of persuasion,” Selnikova continues in last-minute instructions. “What you will hear around you, it’s not the real sound of the audience, but artificially created sound environment of USP-PSYOPS, our complex support tool for mass persuasion, including sensory influence.

We will control all noise and reactions of the audience… and we will alter even your voice, adding some subliminal tones, to make it yet more effective on the targets. So don’t be surprised, if your own voice will sound strangely… we provide this special technology for our black music horses, like Rihanna, or Beyonce, so they can achieve immense media success, to serve to our interests well.”

The former fashion model nods again.

“Our technology will monitor, analyze and process your voice in real-time,” Selnikova adds yet. “Just a slight new emotion in your voice will be recognized precisely, and emphasized by the weapon for ultimate effectivity. Don’t fear to make dramatic moments in your speech, say any controversy, anything… just add powerful emotions into your voice, be dynamic, change the tone often, keep them them surprised, and we will do the rest.”

“You are so sick, and your inventions,” Maryam couldn’t resist to make a personal comment to it. “When I will slander you today, it will come from my heart… you don’t have to persuade me!”

“That’s right, girl!” Selnikova smiled, taking no offense. “We will keep our part of the deal… Princess Haya will be packing her stuff today, and very quickly, to leave the Za’beel palace once and forever.

And who will rule there? You! The Queen of Dubai, and the Emirates! There will be new folk tales told about you, and imagine all that grandchildren, coming to their respected grandma, you, to narrate them tales, when she was young and changed the world… and you will tell them, eyes full of tears, when you will remember this famous day, how you wrote history…”

“Allah will decide that,” Maryam replied firmly. “I will keep my part of the deal.”

“Well then,” the female executive seemed satisfied. “It’s time for you to go… the people are gathering in the hall already, as we speak. Wish you luck… and see you at the other side, where all our dreams will be fulfilled.”

Maryam finished her drink. “Allah will decide that,” she said again, instead of goodbye.

Imagine: a large, dark hall, with five thousands of occupied seats, illuminated by many stage lights, moving here and there.

A dynamic music plays, to energize the crowd, to excite them, to create expectation, even tension, like during any such well organized, high-profile event, a conference, a convention.

A fanfare announces the arrival of the host, which is nobody smaller, that the famous American singer, named Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, or rather just Beyonce, suspected from Illuminati and occultist membership, in Order of White Serpent.

The applause resonates through the hall.

“Welcome, friends!” Beyonce says with the most wide smile you have ever seen. “They told me, to go to Dubai, to make a small show for some computer fools… uh, leaders of the world IT elite, sorry,” she insults the audience deliberately, but all those VIPs start laughing.

“But today, for the money I was paid, I decided to make another show, than you would expect from me… I will be a speaker, or I can cook for you,” she says with promise in her voice, and there is another applause, and enthusiastic whistling of approval.

“We, ‘World Women United’, or WWU, are really glad, that you took such interest in our small gathering,” Beyonce changes her voice then, to much more serious and urgent. “Because there are important issues, and we need to talk about them… and when? Tomorrow? No, today is the right time, no further delays and hesitation. Let’s do it… let’s speak openly, about what is happening!”

There is a standing ovation, started by some in the hall, and followed by others.

“You see, as a singer, you always protect your reputation, your territory, not allowing any competitor into your realm,” Beyonce says then. “But this time, I will make an exception, because there is a woman, who certainly has something to say… I won’t say her name, so she won’t steal all fame from me,” Beyonce jokes further.

In the end of long corridor, leading to the stage, a tall woman is standing, dressed in simple black abaya, with her hair covered with a modest black hijab, she hears the distant explosions of applause and laughter from the hall, and she knows, that Beyonce only prepares the ground for her, for her famous upcoming entrance, so the audience will be properly hot, when she will come there, as the main star.

“Raise the temperature in the hall to 28 degrees of Celsius… now,” Maryam hears Ivona’s cold, balanced voice behind her. The woman has nerves of steel… and she is equally ruthless.

The temperature has to be raised, so all the people will feel thirsty, drinking from the bottles of water, prepared for them just beside their seats, completely automatically. And the secret chemical will be delivered into their bodies…

“Go, Maryam,” the tall Muslim woman hears her name, and some palm touches her back softly. “Now, or never.”

And her legs go forward, like in a dream.

With every step, she comes closer to the light, and immense noise in the hall.

Just a few meters remain, and all the lights will be on her.

But there is one more important thing, which she needs to do.

She touches her shoulder, where she feels the fabric of her hijab.

One experienced move… and the veil is released.

Maryam steps into the light boldly, and she moves with her head left and right intensely, like in that old advertisement for a miraculous shampoo, so her long brown hair flies freely, high in the air, revealing their richness, density and shine.

The whole hall is frost in utmost surprise, and people forget to breathe, seeing Maryam’s hair.

She did it, so she will be apparently close to them, and they will more likely accept her as a messenger. She needs to look corrupted, like they are, so it will be more easy for them to digest the critical message. She needs to be connected to them as closely, as possible, at this moment.

“Her Royal Highness Maryam Al Maktoum, junior wife of His Royal Highness Sheikh Al Maktoum, emir of Dubai!” Maryam hears the festive voice of Beyonce, followed by fierce explosion of applause and another standing ovation, much stronger this time, whereas Maryam reacts properly, she changes her expression into wide Hollywood smile, like in the old times, when she was a fashion model, showing some dresses and her shining beauty to some fools.

She even raises her stretched arms, like if she would like to embrace everybody around, or to send the message, that she will uplift all the audience, that she is the change, which the world needs so much… and she is finally here, to enlighten all darkness!

Those people around… they are also fools, but in some other way.

“Thank you, sister,” Maryam says then, turning to Beyonce, and taking the microphone from her.

“It’s great to be here, with you all,” she makes contact with the audience, as the rules of effective public speeches recommend. “It’s great, that so many of you are interested in our female issues, which influence all of us, men or women, influencing the future of us all. And today, we, together, maybe we will create this future, with the permission of God.

Before I will start, I would like to thank to Sheikh Al Maktoum, the ruler of Emirates, beloved by people and my beloved husband, for taking careful patronage over this great convention, where not only important technological inventions are introduced, to make our lives easier and more convenient, also some critical issues can be discussed in open, unbiased environment, where a positive change can be born.

Also, I would like to thank to all the great women from ‘World Women United’, for inviting me for this speech, and of course, to the top management of Wu Corporation, main corporate sponsor of the event.”

A moment of pause: Maryam deliberately lowers the volume of her voice, so the audience will start listening carefully, as it will sounds, like if she would be revealing some important secrets, which they can’t miss.

“You see, when Mrs. Ivona Selnikova approached me, and challenged me to make some speech here, I mean, about technology… I told her openly, that I know nothing about technology, that I have no idea, how my iPhone works, my computer, what is inside, how Facebook works, and all those services, which we all use daily, which are thus very critical for us…

Still, I remember, and you maybe too, that when I was a young little girl, in that blessed time of innocence and games, the people, sitting here, like Sergey Brin from Google, or Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, they meant nothing for my life, they had no influence on it, on me…

But later, something changed, something happened, and today, just have a look, they somehow got the option and alleged right to influence my life, as they like: only slight change of search results in Google, another kind of content in the news feed of Facebook… all these apparently marginal details influence my life tremendously.

Such is the power of these men, unsanctioned, unapproved, but real, factual, and immense, tremendous, we all know that, we have to accept that.

But it’s partially OK: we simply made business with these IT masterminds from Silicone Valley, we exchanged our time, freedom and privacy for speed and convenient life… and they are watching us, oh yeah, we all know that well, they observe any move we do, any click, even exact moves with computer mouse, speed of its movement, even movement of our eyes, to know us better, allegedly to tailor interesting ads for us… but the evil critical voices say, that these men want to know all the secrets and details about us, and we give them the most secret information about us, more than our own mothers know.

They are tracking our movements real time, they know about everything we do, where, with whom… but we think in our endless naivity, that it all doesn’t matter too much, as we don’t do anything illegal anyway… but inside us, there is that fear, whether the price for these attractive services isn’t too high.

On the start page of Facebook, there is this nice quote: ‘Facebook was, is, and will be for free. Always.’ But is someone of us really so naive, not to realize, that we indeed pay for this service, in fact? Not in direct monetary sense, but our personal data have unlimited value, and we give it in immense amounts to these new masters of our lives.

You would do anything to hide your darkest secret… still, Google knows about your secret sexual deviations, because you tell him… and will this Big Brother keep your secrets? No. He shares: with companies, with advertisers, with manufacturers, with Police, with Intelligence agencies.

This is reality of our lives. When did it all start? Can someone advise me, when the Facebook infection got between common folk?”

(“Ask questions, involve the audience!”)

“Oh, thank you… it was in 2006 or 2007, when the registrations were opened for worldwide public, so it’s ten years now… you remember, in that time we all had a Nokia phone… what was the type?

You know, I can’t remember now… maybe a Nokia 6300 with non-touch display, in golden color, without Internet, but I desired so much for Nokia 8800, you know, that luxury phone… only used for calls and SMS! No GPS, no applications, no Facebook, no chat… but it had that special tone, you remember? ‘Beep beep, beep beep’, and you were pleased, someone loved you, they sent you a message… and every SMS was quite expensive… we had quite a bill for cell services…”

(“Make them sentimental! Make them laugh! Relax them!”)

“Well, as you can hear… even a fashion model, even I know something about technology, and I don’t overlook the related challenges, even the dangers. And are there some dangers in the modern world, full of technology? Certainly!

Google and Facebook, plus all the others, they always show us only the good side of the technological advancements, that’s the Public Relations rule, to omit the unpleasant facts.

But we know well, what bad is happening: that terrible addiction, you spent countless hours in front of computer, or with your smartphone, always in hand… look around you, in any public transport, park, school, everywhere, there are just mindless zombies, staring at their phones, locked in the virtual, fake world… and this terrible change and decline of humanity, it all happened in just several years, and now, you can’t leave the phone from your hand, you can hardly disconnect, and every day, it’s all yet more strong, just be honest.

Does anybody even admit, that he or she is addicted? That it’s a problem? But why, if anyone around us is doing the same, therefore, confirming our ‘good choice of life’ in certain way?

Living between IT junkies, it’s easy to forget all bad things, if you share fates… and we all use the same apps and devices, Facebook, Google, inside an iPhone or a Samsung… we have our friends, our information sources, news, online dating, online education, music, discussions, online games, movies, and of course, Internet porn… you name it, and all is there, in that small thing in your hand! It’s so tempting, isn’t it?

The options are limitless in the permanently growing virtual world, and you could spend thousands of human lives just staring at all the interesting content on the web.

Well, of course, that we all realize, that we spend too much time, using these devices, computers, smartphones, gadgets.

We know, that we are addicted, but we justify, that we simply need to use it, because this or that action is the best made through a smartphone, not going somewhere physically, not calling somewhere… so, in certain way, these apps are saving our time, and we don’t have to negotiate with unpleasant, unpredictable people… that’s true… but at the same time, we lose whole days and weeks staring at phones, at neverending new content on Facebook or news websites, or just browsing the ‘Wikipedia’ for endless interesting articles…

We have never enough. We are insatiable for more and more new, interesting, content and information, we demand it, and they are giving it to us… until our limited mind has emough, it’s exhausted, and we are destroyed by information overload.

It’s a miracle, that we are still able to sleep, to disconnect from these toys and immensely complex, interesting and seducing virtual world, don’t you think?

But considering, how far the things got in mere ten years… in another ten years, every further day, disconnecting and retuning to boring grey reality will be more and more difficult, as the experience will become deeper and deeper, all that virtiual reality, or what inventions will be… drones for transport, nanites instead of medicine… you name it, and many of you welcome it, you develop it, because you have money from it, you have career opportunities…

Instead of selling hamburgers, you are big entrepreneurs now, all the college droupouts and losers are big kings now, establishing revolutionary start-ups, when there is the IT, with absolutely no barrier to enter, no education, and everybody can become an expert, just by using the toys intensively…

That’s certainly the good side, another good side, so you have the natural tendency to overlook the bad sides… and believe me, if there is some alleged big good in the world, there will be also the big bad concurrently, this is the law of preserving energy, invented not by some scientist from Silicone Valley, but by Mother Nature, or God, and this law can’t be bypassed, ignored, or erased, regardless how powerful your mind allegedly is…

Maybe you men like, what you do, how you live. But there is one more factor, ommited from all the sexy and chic advertisement campaigns, introducing new shining IT products:

What abou children?

Nowadays, we see kids around us, only three or even two years old, playing with tablets, and those favorite games, like ‘Angry Birds’, they are known to use gambling psychology, like in casinos, to force people to play more, to spend more time with the app… and these dangerous means are deployed on your children, without any state control!

All that bright colors, sounds, flashes… to make you addiceted, captivated, to steal more and more time and attention from you. The slot machines work the same way: to captivate all your senses, to awake madness and lust inside you!

And you said, that you never gambled, that you deny it? Whereas your children are gambling just now!

What will happen from these kids, who have their brains literally brainwashed with addiction from the lowest age?

And it was you, who gave them those tablets, those dangerous toys, to keep them ‘good’ and entertained, so you have peace at your home, the kids are niot crying, shouting and bothering, as they are staring at screens silently, day and night… and what will happen, when the toys will be taken from the kids, so they will be forced to live in real world? Will they even want to, if the real world is so boring, slow and not so colorful, as the virtual fake reality, made by man?

I am telling you: we are breeding the new generation of slaves, or brainwashed zombies, and many of you, sitting here… YOU are the ones, who are creating them!!!”

(The audience sighs in surprise, even shock)

“You are the criminals, who maybe don’t break the worldly laws, but you are killing us all, our humanity, our spirit, our biological purity, and what is the most horrible, also our children, our hope for future, our new generation… who, instead of taking care of their community, will be staring at screens, like zombies!

Mindless, brainwashed, with no social skills, undeveloped communication capability, with no empathy, not able to write with hand, not able to remain without electronics, without electricity, dependent on technology, like total slaves!

That’s, what you are making us!”

(Pause! Let the drama flow! And tension follows… big revelation is coming!)

“When I found, that I am pregnant, just several weeks ago, everything changed inside me,” Maryam reveals big secret, and the hall sighs in surprise. The Islamic Princess… she is pregnant!

“And naturally, I started to see many things differently, like all that electromagnetic radiation around us, from all that cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers… yes, it’s around here, everywhere, it’ going through our bodies, and our brains.

Is it really so harmless, as they say, calming us, like babies? Some scientist says, and you believe him? If you will get cancer, you will chase him, to make an complaint? What can you take from him? Who cares? No, there is no responsibility, only fake cheap assurances, which we all accept, like fools.

But with the baby inside me… yeah, I was not willing to be damaged. So, I tried to protect me, and my child… you understand this natural fremale thinking?

So, I shared my feelings and fears with Wu Corporation, which develops many interesting inventions, and they offered me, how they call it, a complex solution of my client’s needs!

These masterminds said: ‘Wear this miraculous bracelet, it will provide complete shield from EM radiation. You will be safe forever, and your child!’, they promised me, wearing white coats, like doctors,” Maryam shows her hand. “Like if all the problems, which we have with the environment around us, could be solved with some miraculous invention, which they call ‘PRS’, Peersonal Radiation Shield!

(Sounds of public condemnation, sighing, even whistling and booing)

“I am glad, that you realize correctly, what is the true face of our world: that the hardware manufacturers, service providers, they are our mastermnds, excluding our treacherous, weak politicians.

So many people have control of our lives… we like Ivona Selnikova, but… isn’t she concentrating too much power in her hands?

(Redirect attention from the Sheikh!)

It’s our female nature, to sense and feel various threats to our life, health and offsprings, although you men would call us cowardly, scared, too careful, superstitious…

But we have to say openly: we don’t trust those people, that they are working for the welfare of human kind! And we mean you, Mark, you, Sergey, and you, Ivona!

Many love you, like governments, the Police, Intelligence services, you give them all the valuable information about us, which they want, to oppress us, to control us better… but you are not our friends, and to be your client, to use your services, is the worst choice if our life!

We reject you, we even hate you, you are destroying our world in cold blood… we believe in trees, in nature, in soil, in flowing water, in singing of birds, in God.. but you offer us some disgusting super computers and electronic circuits, instead, instead of God!

Instead of our decisions, you make decisions for us! Where is free thinking, free will, freedom? All we see is only wires, processors, technology, hard disks with unlimited storage, to catch and save all the world, any step we people make, memory banks, Wi-Fi, countless networks, Internet of Things, connected cars, connected this and that… we are living in this spider net of electronic devices, destroying our brain, our bodies!

All that cancer cells from the radiation… you are accomplices of this crime on us, and no one prosecutes you! On the contrary, you get more money to develop yet more dangerous toys, you get even state medals and public appreciation!

We women think, that you need to be stopped, and destroyed, stripped of all your illegally acquired power over us, and we are saying openly: it’s time for us people to get rid of you, oif your control of our lives!

We need to trash all these computers and phones and SIM cards and accounts and passwords… do you realize, how much fear it creates for you, vision of losing your account, your password, the content, your virtual self?

You feel deeply scared by possibility of losing this sick virtual part of your identity… but it became a part of you, and this part is growing every day inside you, to become a real monster! And it’s the masterminds, who owns all the data, not you! They have control over it, over you!

You not only kill yourself, but using these toys and services, you kill others too, because the electronic radiation doesn’t care, who will be hit and affected by it, be it me, you, or my baby… will you say sorry, if there will be some birth defect on my child, or you will deny all responsibility conveniently?

What can we all do to stop you, if blocking the GSM signal actively is forbidden by the law? I was told, that I have the civic duty, not to create deliberate obstacles to the radiation emission and flow, so it can flood through my body into the whole world, and no one escapes: young, old, users or not users!

You criminals even want to deploy Internet from some drones or what, even into the most distant places… so no one will escape from this slavery with unforeseen consequences for health and mind…

What can we do with you? This is the question, mostly for the sisters, who are know to take care of vicinity responsibly, unlike men.

Sisters! We need to stop this madness, and there is the only way, how to protect our children: to remove men from rule, so there will be no more sick nventions, like nuclear weapons, no more wars, death and violence!

I am the most certain, that the solution of this complex problem is very simple, just as the nature likes it: simply by changing the rules, and moving those, who are more responsible, forward, so they can influence and decide things more!

And it’s us, not men!

We are publicly prosecuting you from crimes against human kind, Mark, Sergey and many others: your reign must finally end!

And Ivona, you need to make the final choice, where you will stand… and the Sheikh Al Maktoum, and all the responsible rulers… what side will you choose?

Sustainable future, protecting the environment, protecting us, our kids… or further dangerous experiments with our bodies and minds, without option for opt-out, in the name of economic gain, and personal success of some, so they can buy bigger houses, feels like kings?

I am making my choice clearly, and I challenge all those, who agree, to stand, to make a stance.

(Silence. Rows of standing people, brainwashed slaves, who lost their free will, who can only listen, nod and obey)

“We women, are sending an important message to all the rulers today: change immediately, or you will be removed from rule, one by one, and no one escapes our attention, and our judgement. In Peru or Sudan, anywhere, our sisters watch you, what you do, and they will not hesitate to make things right.

Everybody of you… instead of going to corrupted, manipulated elections, to elect just another batch of treacherous rats, who will disappoint you, now you have the choice, to make your voice heard, to become somebody, although the systems of those corrupted rulers kept you down.

But now, you can become a tool of change, and you can become the woman or man you always wanted to be!

Sisters and brothers… rise against your corrupted rulers! Liberate yourself! Break all the chains!


We must cleanse our families from electronic slavery… and raise new, pure generation, returning to roots of humanity, rejecting the technology.

All the children, born from me, if Allah will permit… they will stop these American Silicon Valley criminals with ruthless…


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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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