Islamic Princess Maryam (46): Under Surveillance. Marketa Korinkova Dubai Emirates Fashion Model Elite VIP Royal Sheikh Emir Al Maktoum Wife Bride Islam Muslim Allah Amwaj Jewellery Saudi Arabia

Since 2011, during six long years of Operation SKINNY PUPPY, an immense international conspiracy, you can imagine, that huge amount of various surveillance data was taken about Marketa Korinkova, later named Maryam Al Maktoum, called Islamic Princess Maryam, who was used by combined Czech, Israeli and Chinese conspirators to infiltrate the highest royal VIP circles of Middle East, as this is the Information Age of widespread, omnipresent electronic surveillance, allegedly in the name of safety, and protection against “terrorists”

Who are often artificially created as cat’s pawns by various Intelligence and corporate entitites, to commit immense fraudulent shows for dumb naive sheep, like Operation HARD PROOF (misusing Islamic State) or September 11, 2001 was, so the masterminds of Military-Industrial complex can make more money, keeping the sheep distracted by endless disturbing news about “dangers” and “threats”, and scared, not planning any revolution against their corrupted rulers, rather enjoying “bread and games”, life of mindless consumerism, where any critical thinking is considered as excessive luxury.

Anyway, poor princess! Where is any privacy in this sick world, full of wires? Who likes being spied on? Can’t a girl have innocent secrets, hidden from those NSA, BIS, NESA, GID, GIP, QST sniffing rats?

All her private call records, communications records, precise geolocation tracking data, personal letters, messages, documents, all was intercepted by an army of merciless electronic and human spies, thousands of various photographs taken, together with endless hours of footage from various surveillance and security cameras, equipped with OCR (Optical Recognition) systems, equipped with unlimited memory, so all your past moves can be saved for future potential use: in general, several thousand people were inside the surveillance grid of the operation, marked as Persons of Interest. And between them were:


Marketa Korinkova
(main asset)
A star and a VIP celebrity, admired by the infidel and Islamic world alike. Infiltrated the elite ranks of Middle East successfully. Primary location: United Arab Emirates

(An excerpt from an old diary, secured during a secret search in her Dubai appartment)

“Dear diary,
today, I felt really sad. It’s the autumn again, leaves are falling, streets are grey and sad… where is all the sun? And love is missing in my life so much… I called HIM, but he didn’t pick up. I know, that he is doing this deliberately, on purpose… he wants me unhappy, destroyed and humiliated, rejected by her own father, so I will lose all self-confidence and value, and I will submit to HIM… but why is he hurting me so much?

Isn’t it enough, that he left me in childhood, and I lost the father, so he can be free, to establish a new, better family? What so bad did I do to him? I was that innocent cute girl, which any father wants to have, to love, and to take care of… only this man doesn’t!

WHY? Or was I so bad? So worthless? This is the message he sends to me, by ignoring me? Or does he want me to be HIS slave? A sexual doll?

The most terrible thing is, how miserable all the other men look like, in comparison with HIM. I meet them, I look at them, but I search for HIM in all that faces… of course, I can’t be single, that would be a social stigma, unacceptable for a top fashion model, so I am always dating some fool, never sleeping alone… but my thoughts are not with those men, you understand? When they touch me, I imagine… oh, never mind!

By the way, I met with some good professional contact today. His name is David Cohen, and he is from Israel, but he was born here, in Prague. He offered me a good modeling job, and he looks very decent, very serious. He is also quite handsome, well dressed, well maintained, well smelling, drives a Mercedes S-class… but he is married, and he seems to be only interested in my professional services, not in my person.

Also, he is fifteen years older, than me… but I am not sure, whether it’s good or bad, as those immature fools of my generation can hardly impress me.

Anyway, there will be some new good modeling contracts, maybe. David seems quite like a big shot, working in New York for ‘Goldman Sachs’ investment company previously, that elite of famous Wall Street… maybe I will get abroad, to make a truly international career, like my friend Zuzana Jandova did, and I will get out of here…

Yeah, I am just losing time here, with fools and losers, that’s the reality… but imagine, what is outside… behind the borders… Milan, Italy… Shanghai, China… Istanbul, Turkey… the options for success and further career would be limitless!

But don’t worry, dear diary: I will take you with me there, so you can see the big world too! You are small, perfectly fitting into my handbag, you never complain, you never demand sex from me, when I have a headache… you are indeed a perfect companion!

You are my friend, you know that?”

Ivana Korinkova
(mother, a teacher at a Grammar school)
As this very special woman, and a reputated sociopath, had wide influence on general Maryam’s life, the conspirators paid utmost attention to her, spying on her both in Czechia, and in the Emirates, when she came to visit her daughter.

(Recorded conversation of Ivana with a female friend, via a spiked telephone)

(Ivana) “So, I had a coffee with Katerina Valachova recently, you know, the Minister of Education, and they want me to enter the politics, can you believe it? Allegedly, to work for the female cause, that’s how they call it…

Katerina said, to start slowly and softly, here, on the local, municipal level, and then, to head right into the Parliament, during the next general elections, as there is allegedly so strong demand for inspiring women there, as they decorate any political party posters, and these striking visuals can even win elections… it’s crazy, but for those people, nothing is impossible…”

(Friend) “And your daughter? Won’t it be an obstacle for your new interests? You know, her unpopular religion, Islam.”

(Ivana) “On the contrary, can you believe it? They want me to play an injured poor mother, betrayed by her daughter, so I am innocent, putting my hands away from her, at least officially, so there will be no problems with Islam for me, and my new political career!

They told me, that they have to create my ‘personal brand’, that’s how they call it… you know, a mother of a bad daughter, who disappointed me, who made mistakes, but I am a lioness, still fighting for family happiness, a healthy and sexy Czech woman… to generate publicity, you have to become a living tale, and this is allegedly a promising foundation.

You know, I was never in the media… why was I so foolish, to live only my small life, and to avoid all that structures of real social power?”

(Friend) “Girl, you were modest, too modest. And your family never appreciated it… the utmost female sacrifice you made for them! Where could you be today, if you would build your career properly, all that years, which you gave to them? And how they disappointed you, in the end… all of them!”

(Ivana) “What can I do, the critical choices had been made… but life is not over yet… maybe it’s time to make some new move… maybe even to meet someone new… you know, a man, a real man, not another weak effeminate loser, who calls me ‘honey’, like an idiot, who asks for permission all the time. That is so unmanly!”

(Friend) “What are you telling me, girl? That you are not satisfied with that recent fool… who was he, that top executive from the Prague airport? You said, that you want to marry him, to humiliate that treacherous ex-husband of yours…”

(Ivana) “I don’t know… it’s just not, what it like used to be, you see. There is no passion anymore… sex is cold and boring, every time the same positions… he spends too much time at work, as they prepare that big merger with the Chinese… better if I will do the split, than to wait, until he will have an affair with some young secretary, embarassing me… and you know what?

I will blame my daughter from this split, and loss of my alleged life love! You know, to keep her down, to have control over her! Huh huh!”

(Friend) “Girl, you are so sick… but cool… huh huh!”

Iveta Korinkova
(older sister, actress and TV presenter from TV Nova)
Cooperated with the criminals, to provide wide information about her sister, so a precise psychological profile could be created, where it was found, that Maryam is perfectly suitable for the planned operation. Iveta did this for support of her media career (theatre and TV), and without any regret, as the relationship between sisters were cold, after long and systematic interventions of their mother Ivana, who wanted to see them divided, rejecting each other.

(Part of Maryam’s complex psychological and medical assessment, created by Imprivata NextGen Health Care Systems and GHC Clinic, where she was registered as a VIP patient)

(Iveta) “I observed clear sexual attraction of the asset towards her father. He is the most impressive man of the world for her, and however ironically it sounds, more he hurts her, more he denies her… more she loves him, more she desires for him, as it confirms his might and manhood for her. Our female thinking is really strange sometimes.”

(Investigator) “Is she searching for a paternal figure in life, then?”

(Iveta) “She is, but her father remains an eternal curse for her. In certain time of her life, around sixteen or seventeen years of age, when she lost her virginity, she wanted him to know, that she is sleeping with other men now, that they stick ‘it’ into her, ejaculating their sperm into his daddy’s girl… she thought, that he will be hurt, that other men are fucking her, that he will be jealous, that others have, what he doesn’t have. But his reaction was completely cold and indifferent, and it really destroyed her.

She confessed to me, totally seriously, that she would like HIM to take her ‘daisy chain’ from her, withour regards to any taboo, legality or morality. But she was too shy to ask him… he would reject her anyway, but she still feels pity and misery from this fateful hesitance of hers… if you don’t ask for something, you can hardly get it!

And in the end, her ‘first time’ was more than disappointing for her, as she probably wanted someone else to be her first man… her sexual life is very unsatisfied, and her father is the principal problem, a block, an obstacle.”

(Investigator) “Is she able to achieve orgasm?”

(Iveta) “No. Definitely not during an intercourse, and oral sex is a problem for her too. She feels not safe, when a man is so close to her. She is always doubting, whether she is clean enough, and showing him the sexual organs for such a close inspection, it makes her uneasy… she can’t relax then, and regardless what the fools try, how self-confident in licking pussy they feel, in the end, they understand, that this woman is defective somehow… and their interest disapperars, hurting her.

This is, what her father made from her, she is full of doubts and insecurity. So she even doesn’t like cunnilingus. Mostly, she masturbated, as far as I know. Three times a day, usually, it was her typical dose. More under stress, or when she couldn’t make a serious decision.”

(Investigator) “Does she think about her father, when she masturbates?”

(Iveta) “Certainly. He is the principal object of her sex fantasies. She dreams about being sexually assaulted by him… that he will deploy force on her, breaking her resistance with his male power and physical superiority, without saying a word… but in reality, she would spread her legs, as soon as he would point at bed.”


Zuzana Jandova
(elite fashion model, Miss Czech 2008, an Illuminati member)
Best friend of Maryam, prior to her conversion to Islam. Jandova was offered Illuminati membership as a compensation for wide “help” for the conspirators regarding Maryam, and gained wide media attention: after alleged Illuminati mind control test, she allegedly attempted to commit suicide… for publicity purposes, to restart her career.

(An intercepted e-mail message from Jandova, never replied by Maryam)

“Girl, I am so sorry… I told those journalistic rats so much filth about you, I even made some things up, because they wanted it, they had it all prepared already, in advance, a whole thick file about you, they just wanted me to nod, to confirm what they knew… and why did I do it? Not to hurt you…

But maybe there was so much bitterness inside me, as several years ago, I was a ‘Miss Czech’ and you were nobody, but look now… and you forgot me, you ignored me, never helped me, although I asked you, to get me some work in the Emirates, you remember?

So I was jealous, full of envy… but it was a bad thing, you didn’t deserve it. Now, when I read the latest ‘Special Issue’ of that nasty ‘Heavy Slander’ tabloid magazine, called ‘Sex, Lies, Emirates: Marketa Maryam Korinkova’, I feel so ashamed, that I helped to create it, like a traitor!

Please, PLEASE, can you forgive me??? I am just a human, so I made a mistake… sometimes, you hurt your best friend, although you love her…”

Larissa Thome
(internationally reputated female fashion model, backed by Chinese)
Working for the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), this model kept occasional contact with Maryam, to serve as a backup lever against her, offering her alternative career in China, if necessary… and if Maryam would be fully compliant with demands of conspirators.

(An intercepted e-mail reply from Thome)

“You asked me, why I chose the Chinese… They simply gave me the best offer, the best conditions, they were fair and generous. All that Europeans and Americans, let’s face it, they are rats, lying to you, disappointing you in the end, they change the game rules all the time, keeping you in total uncertainty… but the Chinese, they always kept their word, all parts of the contract. And they don’t care about my political views: they just want me to do my job as a model. What more could I demand from a client?

No, people don’t hate me, that I cooperate with the Chinese communists. Nobody spits on me. And you know why? Because everybody in the West lives in quite natural feeling, that the Chinese only pretend to be Communists, to keep the historical traditions, but they play for money, for luxury brands from the West. Perfect for me, isn’t it?

But if you ask me, what is the reality in China… they are really powerful, and clever. I can’t imagine them as enemies. Even my nightmares are too modest for such an imagination. And worst thing is, keeping you in total terror, that you never know, what they think about you. They are always smiling… but it’s that kind of disturbing, insincere Asian smile, you know.”

Tereza Lipanova
(Czech fashion model, made a career in Germany)
A colleague from Czechoslovak Models agency, she was sacrificed later, to please Maryam, who always liked to see her modeling competitors falling down and destroyed. Maryam was always jealous, as Lipanova had better physique… but unlike pampered Maryam, Lipanova failed in life and professional career alike: trained as a Police undercover operative to counter Islamic radicalism, the masterminds used her to send a message to the Czech Militarized Police: ‘Keep away from Maryam! She is OUR Muslim!’

(Intercepted SMS conversation)

(TL) “Hello Marketa. How are you? Look, I have some problems with those Illuminati in Germany… please, could you help me to relocate to the Emirates, and to start a new life? I don’t have anything valuable to give you as compensation, but I would be really grateful for a chance for a restart… I would certainly repay you, one day.”

(MK) “Sorry Terezita, but I can’t support somebody, who cooperated with those gambling criminals, who took money from them. It would set very bad example here, in the UAE, and you would become my liability. What happened, anyway?”

(TL) “I don’t know. Like if I would lose all luck. I am losing clients and contracts suddenly, and I have problems with my face, some strange, big dark stain on my forehead, which I can’t hide under make-up. I look terrible.”

(MK) “Sorry to hear that. Did you visit a doctor?”

(TL) “Yeah, but they calmed me, that it’s only stress, and they can’t do nothing about it… I don’t understand, how all could get fucked up so much! The only good news is, that a fool asked to marry me… but he’s not my male dream. He is just here, when I need someone, not to be a lonely and scared little girl in a 177 cm tall body… but it’s miserable. I really fucked up. Anyway, thanks.”

Ivana Benova
(a top-tier Intelligence operative)
Although originally trained by the Czech security apparatus as a female assassin against Islamic State terrorists, using her large breasts as a battering ram, later, she was reassigned to Estrogen Conspiracy, becoming the main player of World Women United (WWU), a global feminist revolutionary clique, working directly for the Chinese. It must be noted, however, that Benova’s exact role in the Maryam’s affair remains an unsolved mystery.

(A paper letter, found in a trash bin near Burj Khalifa, where Maryam lived)

“Just see the whole female cause from the wide perspective, Marketa: we are talking about common interests of all women, all of us sisters. If you will become pregnant one day… then, living in peace and with perspective of sustainable future, such values will become utmost priorities for you…

I completely understand, that you have other interests and obligations now, but even in the Middle East, even in the Emirates, this is happening, our revolution, even in Saudi Arabia! If you will stand on our side, you can’t lose… both women and men will admire you, that you fight for a good and common cause! Imagine, how your public picture will thrive!

We have many allies even between Muslims, and there is plenty of positive publicity in the cause. We can help your brand to grow further, and in fully secure, safe, sustainable way, because we WWU are not just bunch of crazy witches, as they call us…

We are based on group conciousness, shared values and higher interests. It’s our basic effort to copy the mind, thinking and dreams of a completely marginal woman, to be exactly, as they are, to think the same way, to say loudly, what they think…

We are not some distant elite… this goes from below, from the lowest bottom of the society, and this is the reason, why it’s so powerul, why it will succeed.”

Lenka ‘Lenny’ Filipova
(daughter of a Czech singer with high social influence, a convert to Islam)
Maryam kept this contact close, as the Filip family controls immense empire of influence in whole Czechia, being connected even with Bavarian Illuminati… and by blood, which is the most powerful tie. Lenny is allegedly a daughter of a former operative of Czech Communist CounterIntelligence StB, who infiltrated these important structures in former West Germany, by advantageous marriage.

(A Facebook message)

(Lenny) “So, you are born into this VIP Filip family, with a golden spoon in your mouth… and all that idiots around are expecting, that you will be only happy and successful and leader, that it’s the only choice in your life.

And then, one day, you come home, saying: ‘Mom, I converted to Islam’, and she looks at you, with that special motherly look, you know… at first, she can’t believe… then, she says that I am dumb… then, she hates me from all her heart, calling me the biggest disappointment of her life and a threat for highest family interests… then, she is afraid of me, that I will cut her throat or some similar infidel vision of Islam…

I just told her: ‘Look at you, what you are, before you will judge me… and only Allah can judge me.’

Famous Filip family, those alleged ultra mega VIPs, it’s just a bunch of fools… I told her, that I won’t participate in this endless game of power, which we play for the last hundred years, or even more, connected to Jews, playing their cat’s pawns…

I explained to her, that I can’t support somebody, who kills my brothers and sisters in Gaza, who oppresses them in Jerusalem

And imagine… this rejection of Jews by me, it infuriated her the most! She said, that we need that people, to have sustainable future for our family… and I told her: ‘I don’t need them, I don’t trust them! Are we a family, or a club of fools, hungry for power, counting hidden gold coins in the cellar all the time? Where is all the love?’

But you know mothers: it makes no sense to discuss with them, as they always see you as a dumb little girl, who knows nothing about life…”

Katerina Valachova
(Minister of Schools, Youth and Education, Czech Republic)
Established through Maryam’s mother, this connection was always rather one-way, but Valachova, an integral part of the Czech government, a part of Estrogen Conspiracy, dedicated to higher interests of female gender, became a very efficient supporter of Maryam in Czechia, as she saw the Islamic Princess as shining and inspiring social leader, useful for female Public Relations.

(Official letter from the Ministry, intercepted by the Czech Post)

“I am fully open to any suggestions, how to introduce Islam into the Czech schools, to educate children properly, dear Maryam. We were discussing the issue with your mom widely, and she said, that she believes in persistence, and in good Public Relations: intricate, direct, simple, and merciless.

She made a good thing, wearing that ‘abaya’ (=Islamic female dress) in her school openly, to test the public reaction. The parents will complain perhaps, but there will be attention, publicity, and it’s exactly what we need. I will cover her, of course, against any official investigation! And the parents will get used to it, they will see it from different perspective, which we will show them.

Why not to advertise the Islamic lessons like ‘it’s the fastest growing religion’ and ‘Islam influences our world, so you need to get to know it, to make your own opinion’… yes, their OWN opinion, that is it! No brainwashing, no propaganda… just come and see for yourself, but you need to open your mind, not to be biased, ignorant!

You see, I am a Christian originally, but I am so disgusted with the Catholic church, with all that clergy rats, corrupted cardinals, thieves… always talking about modest water, but drinking heavy wine in litres.

By the way, I have to confess to you… I have a new… well, how to define him… no, it’s not boyfriend, rather a lover, as I am still married… but he is… you know… good.

And I think, that you know him: Michal Hrdlicka, that fool from TV Nova… I don’t understand, why he can be interested in a woman like me… maybe he wants to make a new career at the Ministry of Education? Through my bed? Hilarious!”

Maria Kukucova
(a fashion model, VIP gold digger, later prisoner and devoted Muslim)
This young woman, found guilty of murder of her rich British boyfriend, incarcerated in Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus) and converting to Islam in prison, was a person of interest for many Islamic activists. Maryam sent her several letters of utmost support, and managed to get a new top lawyer from Kenner, Bach & Ledeen multinational legal firm for her, Iveta Klimesova, to reopen her case, to achieve full absolution of guilt.

(A paper letter from Maryam, seized by Spanish Prison Administration office censors)

“Of course, that you are innocent, Maria! It was not you, who pushed the trigger, it was Allah… just as the Qur’an states!

That filthy infidel British rat oppressed you, terrorized you… all that wounds, tears, violence, infidelity with some sluts, all that fake promises… his fault! He got, what he deserved! Why should you feel any guilt, any blame? Allah creates fate for all of us… you, me, him… he would die anyway, it was his predestination!

You just need to be strong, sister! We won’t allow this to happen, that you are locked in some dark dungeon, whereas filthy infidels are enjoying the sun! We will get you out of here, but you have to keep your mindset positive, being fully devoted servant and slave of Allah… that’s all, that’s your most certain way out!

I am writing a screenplay about Al-Andalus now, and I am thinking, how to involve you there… you know, to become a part of the tale… that you, a beautiful, young, innocent Muslim woman, you need liberation, just like Al-Andalus… that you are the symbol of oppression, of chains, which need to be broken…

Brothers from IFLA, ‘Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus’, they consider you as their future spokeswoman, to create desirable contrast between them, dark Berber men from Morocco, and you, a blonde European… sounds cool, isn’t it?

As you can see, Maria, it was Allah’s decision and His will, that you are behind those walls for now, on the other side of the steel bars… but even there, you can serve Him perfectly! Remember that!

All misery will pass… and one day, if you will worship Him enough, you will be admitted into Paradise!”

Petra Kvitova
(top Czech female tennis player, Wimbledon tournament winner)
They met in the Emirates, when Kvitova asked for a female companion, during her visit in a mosque, to ask Allah for favors and success at tennis courts, and she demanded Maryam, known to be a respected local figure. Since that initial meeting in Abu Dhabi, both women became friends.

(A letter, intercepted by Czech Militarized Police during investigation of an assault against Kvitova, when a robber attacked her at her home, injuring her ‘playing’ hand, thus disrupting her sport career seriously. Also betting mafia participation was suspected)

“Of course, that you ask now, Petra: ‘Why Allah let this to happen to me? That’s what He calls protection and guidance?’ Maybe you even regret going into Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque with me, that you played with fire, that you should remain an infidel, not to play with divine power…

But understand, that Allah has intention with all of us, and we can’t choose our fate freely, He sets it for us, in His limitless wisdom, taking us to various trials and tests… and the real reward is not some new golden sport medal, but Paradise, incomparable with this temporary world!

So, we Muslims believe, that our sole purpose of existence in this ‘dunya’ is to worship Him, to deserve His compassion and mercy, so we will be admitted into Paradise, when our time will come… why should you keep thinking about sport career, success, money? What does it all mean? It means nothing, it will all pass, maybe Allah sent you a message, not to be too attached to sport, to victory, to money prizes, to youth, to health…

You asked me, whether I can stop any punishing actions and retribution against that rats, who organized the assault against you, that you don’t want to inflate the affair, and you will let the Czech Police to handle it. But I think, that a clear and loud message needs to be sent to the assailants, that such actions won’t be tolerated, that if they can’t defeat you at the court, so they hurt your arm with a sharp knife cowardly…

It’s not only about your hand now, it’s a trial of Allah, you have a great chance to do something for the community, for women, and to earn a lot of credit.

It’s the truth, that our bodies are fragile, and Allah wanted you to know that, so you will start thinking about your body differently, not stressing it so much, using it for highest sport performance. Allah created you with perfection, and you should be grateful for it.

I think, that you should definitely return to a mosque, and to stand in front of Allah again. You will see, what happens.”

Radka Fisarova
(local Czech singer and actress)
Maryam was very pleased, when seeing Fisarova in a TV show, playing a “fake Muslim”, but so convincingly, that she even surpassed real Czech Muslim women, and she encouraged Fisarova to become a real one, that her media career can become very successful, with blessing and permission of Allah.

(Excerpt from a paper letter, sent via a courier, to avoid sniffing Czech security and Intelligence apparatus. It was found several years later in Fisarova’s private correspondence, by her curious niece, and passed on to Czech tabloid media)

“Imagine, Radka, that those Czech fools, they always hear ‘Allahu Akbar’, the takbir, only from those Islamic terrorists, jihadists, rebels, insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing NATO invaders… and now, suddently, a woman says it, a Czech woman, with her soft, trained, beautiful female voice… how differently it sounds, but the content is still the same: that there is no greater entity, than Allah, who is the only deity!

If someone made a lot for Islam in Czechia, it was you, as your strong media brand gives it so much of credibility… Radka, my friend, come to the Emirates, get to know more about Islamic culture and society! Because you are born for this… what sense would it make, to escape from your destiny?

Naturally, that in the end, you can make a victim from yourself, I mean for the media, that they seduced you to convert, you know, Dubai, all the exotica, Middle East, Persian Gulf, Muslims, who brainwashed you… people will eat the bait, they will try to help you from the ‘evil cult’… you will have opportunities, you will have power!

It’s simply a good option for your career, and Allah certainly understands your reasons. He doesn’t care, why you come to Him, with which ulterior motives… He will listen to you, always, as the only one entity in this world. He has always time to be there for you… unlike all those mortals, and He can provide you immense rewards, fulfilling all your dreams, and surpassing them thousand times. So, why not to submit to Him… as you did already, by bowing in front of him?”

Angela Magdici
(a female prison officer from Switzerland, who fell in love with a Muslim inmate, setting him free, going into hiding with him)
Maryam, who has the University education in Public Relations and Communication, advised Angela, how to avoid imprisonment, and how to make the most of the affair, for her and for Islam. They met in St. Moritz later, a Swiss ski resort, as Maryam is an avid skier.

(A smuggled paper message, to avoid Swiss authorities)

“Islam always wins, Angela, and you made so great choice, by joining our side. See, how everything goes to your favor? They will never send you into prison, because women won’t allow it, they are claiming, defending you, that he brainwashed you, that he made you a Muslim… but at the same time, they envy you this romance.

Where is your guilt in the case? He used you… so, redirect all blame on him, and he will be perceived as yet more influential and dangerous man, you will help him to establish a powerful personal brand, so his future modeling career is certain… surely they will make a guarantee for him, at the court, and in the end, none of you will go into prison, as your public support will be too wide, and the Swiss authorities won’t be risking an affair, accused of breaking your human rights!

And imagine this hilarious news article headline in ‘Blick’ tabloid newspaper, to stir public discussion and cause great embarassement for the fools officials:

‘Although there is critically dropping natality in Europe, the authorities rather lock young people into prisons, than to allow them to make love and have babies, next tax payers.’

You are under protection of Ummah, the Islamic community, and the authorities will rather let you go with a conditional sentence… but you won’t accept it, you will make an appeal! You will ask for complete cleaning of your name! Believe me, they will like this bitter medicine, which you will deliver for them! Infidel fools…”

Lindsay Lohan
(an American A-class Hollywood celebrity, who converted to Islam in Turkey)
Lohan is one of the few female examples, outshining Maryam, in the terms of media fame and publicity, as she knows the showbusiness rules well, with perfect instincts, how to create desirable controversy and media interest. Maryam used the opportunity to infiltrate the highest media ranks, as acting and movies, it was always her girlish dream.

(an e-mail from Lohan, sent via an unsecured server, intercepted by Chinese hackers easily)

“I appreciate, that you offered me a role in your planned movie, Mrs. Korinkova. I would be honored to accept it, to show, how Islam made me a better woman, a better person. Will also some women empowerment ideas be introduced in your work? I mean, there could be additional publicity.

Anyway, I read the screenplay of yours, and it seems really intriguing. I was really surprised, that you really gave me a lot of responsibility there, or rather to my depicted role… but I accept it, after so irresponsible life.

You know, I was thinking… and now sit down, please… that we could do it in real life, what you suggested in your artistic work!

Imagine, that we would organize massive media attention, very easy move for me… and I would come to Granada in Al-Andalus, as a big star, originally from Hollwood, now from Ummah, claiming it as an Islamic land, belonging to Allah and a part of ‘Dar al-Islam’ once and forever… you know, to make some big provoking wave of utmost controversy, so the unbelievers will make some rash move, yet inflating the affair for our benefit… that would be something!

And then, you would in fact describe real events in your work! Sounds cool, huh?

It’s so great to work for Allah, using our special skills and talents… don’t you think? He gives us purpose, a mission… and then, life is also fun, when you find thousand of ways, how to humiliate and embarass our enemies!”

Linda Sarsour
(an Palestinian-American female activist, and very loud)
Maryam’s relationship towards Sarsour was complicated. She admired her bravery for public speaking, but at the same time, she considered her corrupted by the American society, where Sarsour lived, thus denying her, even criticizing her. However, maybe she did it for publicity purposes, to damage her female competitor? Or did both women make a deal, to pretend mutual animosity, to generate more publicity?

(an unknown informer sent a copy of this e-mail to Donald Trump’s presidential office, as Sarsour was a reputated critic of the controversial U.S. president, an alleged opponent of Islam)

“You know, how deeply I admire you, Linda, but there is something, what really disturbs me about you, and I have to tell you openly, because we are talking about representing the Ummah here, not only yourself, as a private person.

On your ‘Instagram’ profile, you have that really controversial photo of your beloved son, who got that gaming console ‘Playstation’ from you, together with that terrible ‘GTA V’ game, possibly as a birthday gift… you consider this as proper Islamic step, to give him such decadent infidel entertainment, and to celebrate a birthday, which is a form of forbidden idolatry? Shouldn’t he rather study the holy Qur’an, instead of playing this un-Islamic game, full of drugs, naked women, sins and violence?

I understand, that you love your son… but can this step be considered as good and healthy for his interests? You are hurting him, damaging him, corrupting him, taking him away from Islam and Allah, doing this… and I can’t remain silent!”


Codename TWO DOGS
This miserable fool, owner of two filthy dog beasts, whose name was erased from the records, because of low significance, later regretted deeply, that he let Maryam go. He was her final Czech boyfriend, before her fateful departure into the Emirates. Once, he had the permission to fuck her, as he liked, and to put the Princess into position of submission. Favorite sex positions were: cowgirl and doggy… (=as he loved dogs… got it, fools?)

(a message, delivered to Maryam’s mother, as he didn’t know Maryam’s current address)

“I think, that we should meet once more, Marketa… I mean, to talk, to see each other again. You left so quickly, like if I would mean nothing to you… but we had so good times together, you remember?

I admit, I was not always a perfect partner, but we both, you and me, we tried to improve ourselves… and the puppies are really missing you! Why not to take them into a park once again? They would be so pleased, they loved your company!

You say, that you are a Muslim, and there is a deep abyss between us now, so you see no reason to meet me again… but they say, that love overcomes all differences, and deep in my heart, I still carry wide affection towards you.

Maybe you could tell me more about Islam… who knows, maybe it’s my destiny too… what do you say?”

Undetermined Citizen of UAE
(member of the Emirati Military)
He was interested in marrying MK, but his Army superiors were against such move. Or it was simply the will of Allah, that she will marry someone else. Emirati CounterIntelligence naturally erased his name from all records.

“With immediate validity, you are ordered to cease all contacts with the foreign civilian subject, or to face serious consequences, including halting of your planned promotion.

Reasons of this decision are connected to the national security of the Emirates, and that’s all you need to know. Behave like an Emirati man, not like a fool in love… aren’t Emirati women good enough for you? That’s the message you want to send to the comrades in your squad?”


Ramy Ayach
(famous Lebanese singer, reputated across the Middle East)
There was allegedly a big competition between Maryam and German supermodel Alexandra Pianka, who will play the main role in Ayach’s upcoming music video, ‘Majnoun’, shot in the Emirates. Maryam and him met at a VIP party in Dubai, when she was allegedly completely broke, as Czech tabloid media slandered her later, and she allegedly used him, to get more opportunities in the Emirates. But the truth is hard to determine after five years, as all affected parties are silent about the exact chain of events.

“You told me, Marketa, that I should give the main role in my music video to Alexandra Pianka, that you only needed to make some PR media waves, and you were not genuinely interested in getting the role… so I did, as you suggested.

But let me tell you frankly, that I regret this choice nowadays, when I see the artistic result. Her excessive silicone breasts are ruining it all, destroying it, all the artistic message and impression… no one believes her, that she is naive and innocent, as she pretends, and they despise me, for my bad choice of the female counterpart.

When I see your smile, I know exactly, that YOU should play the main part of my music video… I would like to be connected with you, I mean artistically, to be inspired by you, to compose another great love song, using all my powerful feelings towards you, as perfect inspiration…

When I visited beautiful Prague, I was captivated, I felt like in that music video, ‘Tamally Maak’, made by my friend Amr Diab, many years ago, which took place in Prague. I know today, that I was searching for YOU in those ancient streets… and in the end, Allah connected us together, but I was too soft, and I should insist, that you become my star… not Alexandra, as there is nothing between me, and her.

She doesn’t have that female vibe, you know… but you… my Czech girl, who walks in my dreams… oh, how much I wish, that you would be here right now!

Let’s meet again in Dubai, I have a concert there soon, and you will narrate me about narrow, magical, mysterious and secretive streets of Prague’s Old Town… where such female treasures, like you, can be met, to change your life.”

(a French hip-hop artist, cooperated with Indila)
During that VIP party at “The Address” hotel in Dubai, in order to get closer to Ramy Ayach, Maryam allegedly used TLF as her cat’s pawn. A witness reported (=her flatmate), that she spent a night with him, but again, it can be merely a slander.

(a SMS message, intercepted by Emirati CounterIntelligence, as TLF was suspected of illicit activities in the Emirates: drug trade and organizing prostitution. Previously, he was incarcerated in France, after he allegedly robbed a Cartier jewellery store, to decorate his former mistress properly)

“Bitch, you mean this seriously? Fucking with me, like a filthy slut, and then disappearing, like a ghost? Accepting my gifts, like designer clothes and a Prada handbag from me, without saying thanks? Who do you think I am, some cheap fool? Come to my crib at once, so we can talk: but I won’t tolerate such behavior, you hear, white slut?”

Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani
(a VIP Czech dentist, a member of Qatari royal family, with theoretical right for the throne of the emirate)
He was a lover of Maryam, and a potential father of her child, together with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, emir of Dubai, her primary target. The future will show, how this situation will be resolved, how she, or the unseen conspirators behind her, will play with this advantageous situation, to squeeze both powerful men, and their families.

(A paper note, written by Hakim, found at a trash bin at Dubai International Airport)

“I was thinking about this foolish idea, that I will wrote this secret message, and hide it into your travel suitcase, so you will find it eventually, possibly at home, six thousand kilometers from here, far away from me, after our affair ended most likely, if Allah wills… I imagine now, how your face will look like, that expression you always make, when something surprises you… which is so cute, I have to admit.

I am so miserable, so unmanly, writing here my feelings, which I should keep for myself, as a balanced man of integrity, and a Muslim, submitted to Allah, not to some woman… it should be a mere affair, but I fell in love into you, I admit. It’s bothering, but pleasing at the same time… I feel strangely fulfilled.

Maybe you will think about me, why this fool bothers me, yet? Why can’t he simply disappear into the dark swamp of the past, never to be recovered and remembered?

If I will claim, that we belong together, will you be mad at me?

But I know, what you would say: ‘So, what will you do about it?’

And what can I do, with the permission and blessing of Allah?

Maybe I will just wait for a sign, patiently, leaving you to be, apparently…”

Faris Al Kooheji
(Bahraini VIP, member of powerful Al Kooheji family, entrepreneur)
There is a claim, that this connection and related electronic communication is fraudulent, orchestrated by the masterminds with Intelligence backgrounds, to have additional levers either against Maryam, or Al Kooheji, or both, or to provoke an incident. It must be emphasized, that Al Kooheji is closely connected to the defence industry of Middle East, where the omnipresent Chinese have their wide interest, and plentiful Al Kooheji family is the second most important in Bahrain, with immense connections, like Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein (a sponsor of Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation)

(SMS conversation, suspected to be faked, manufactured by unknown party)

(FAK) “I don’t understand, why you dont want to visit me in Bahain. Can you imagine, how much publicity for you and me could be here?”

(MK) “Sorry Faris, I am really busy now. And I like my home, my convenience, you know. Moreover, I don’t feel as right, to visit a man’s home… it’s like coming there, to be submitted.”

(FAK) “So I will meet you in Dubai, then?”

(MK) “Why not? There is this great fish restaurant I wanted to test long time, so let’s go there…”

Michal Hrdlicka
(TV star and socialite, who slept with the most impressive women of Czech showbiz, later suspected from the most surprising new career: in the Special Forces of the Czech Military, when he was fired from TV Nova)
There is another nasty rumor, that Hrdlicka’s task was not only to contact Maryam directly, during the party at Sultan Restaurant, but also to seduce her. It’s not know, whether he succeeded: but there is a seven hours gap on Sunday, between her leaving her father’s house at Vonoklasy village (around 14.00), and coming back into Hakim’s flat (around 21.00). Could she meet Hrdlicka in that time, letting him to seduce her?

(undated military report of Hrdlicka about Maryam, which leaked into Czech tabloid media eventually)

“The subject tries to use her ‘pregnant’ time as best as she can, possibly planning temporary retirement from public affairs, and concentrating on family duties. Also, there is an option, that she wants to disappear, before poisonous rumors will be released, to push the Sheikh against the wall, or Princess Haya. I am the most certain, that she plans to use her child as an useful tool for obtaining more power and influence.

The question of fatherhood remains questionable. There can be two possible fathers, or there is only one, but Maryam tries to ‘involve’ the second man into the affair deliberately, as no one of those powerful men can be certain, that the child is his, or not, at least until birth, when the necessary DNA tests can be made, and it can provide her many additional advantages, to manipulate them both, regardless of ‘guilt’, by creating tension and expectation, and also very useful protection for her:

Firstly, if she won’t accuse them from paternity openly, at least temporarily, they won’t have any unpleasant ideas, how to eliminate her influence on them, and their influential VIP families… the situation, which can be perceived as highly undesirable by many relatives (particularly Sheikha Maryam Al Maktoum 2nd seems to be very active here).

Moreover, she can send one man against another, just by saying, that he threatens her, and ‘you are the father of my child, so you have to defend me’… the options of classic female game are limitless here.

But she is not so foolish and naive, to extort them openly, after they ‘knocked her up’, got her into ‘girlish mess’… she will rather play an innocent girl, a victim of his (their) lust, who got into trouble, because of them (him), to receive additional layer of protection, as she will play a good girl, not some aggressive bitch, who wants to use the situation for her favor.

She will cover her intentions well, hidden from the men, until she will be ready to make her big move, when the situation will be the most favourable for her interests, and then, the trees will fall, and splinters will fly, whereas she will use all the commotion to her favor in all senses.

Regarding my sexual contact with the subject: she seems rather insecure in bed, or it’s her deliberate female tactics. Although she insisted originally, that I need to use the rubber protection, in the end, she agreed with unprotected sex, although she had to know, into how many filthy holes I have inserted my dick previously… and that such thing can be yet more risky in her status.

It seemed to me, that she likes to play an innocent girl, misused by others, that she even likes the feeling, or imagination, of being sexually assaulted, and dominated by a man, who overcomes her resistance, and he does, what she allegedly doesn’t want, like unprotected sex and ejaculation inside her, threatening her with possible pregnancy… which was not the case here, if she was pregnant already… as confirmed by GHC Clinic personnel.

In bed, she is rather passive, but devoted, just as her played ‘bed’ role suggests. But I have a feeling, that she does it for clear purpose, to suck all male energy from you, that it can be even some secret witchcraft procedure. Also, after I ejaculated into her, she seemed really satisfied… the GHC doctors reported her elevated sensitivty for influence of prostagladin hormone, inherent in male sperm, as the tests confirmed.

In conclusion: the subject seems very sensitive, but also clever and efficient female, who has control, but she deliberately plays weak. It seems, that she adapted certain layer of Chinese approach, made famous by Chinese military leader Sun Tzu: ‘If you are weak, play strong. If you are strong, play weak.’

Regarding my strategy, how to persuade her to sexual intercourse: it was very simple, actually. After the comrades in arms threatened to kill her in that wood near Vonoklasy, she became completely shapeless, willing to accept everthing that comes, avoid any fighting and losing energy, particularly hungry for protection and such resources. Maybe some female survival instinct?

I met her in the city center, allegedly incidentally, and invited her into my favorite ‘ethno’ cafe with Middle Eastern decorations, so she will feel comfortable, connecting my person with pleasant feelings of home.”


Ivona Selnikova
(Executive Director of Wu Corporation)
This woman is suspected to be the key mastermind of the whole affair, or at least a VIP ambassador of Chinese Communists, who struggle for Chinese global dominance. Originally, she remained hidden: only later, she started to negotiate openly with Maryam, prior to Dubai technology convention, which became immensely important for both women.

(a sound recording, made during a secret meeting of both women)

(Ivona) “You and me, Maryam, we are both from Silesia, the harsh region of coal miners, although you claim for PR purposes, that you are born in noble Prague. But doesn’t it make us related, even sisters, this same origin? You know, women close to each other, sharing something, with similar interests?”

(Maryam) “But there is a difference: you are an infidel, and a very nasty example, always plotting, to serve to your corrupted Chinese masters well… and they are not even ‘People of the Book’… they are ultra-infidels.”

(Ivona) “What do you say? ‘Infidel’? What does it even mean? All that crazy rules of Islam… why do you need them? Why don’t you simply love God, and let Him to do His great work?”

(Maryam) “Listen, all your efforts to create doubts inside me, regarding my faith, are futile. I don’t trust you, and I never will… regardless if you are my Silesian sister, or not.”

(Ivona) “Well then… let’s get back to the business. Listen, it’s very important: when you will meet the Sheikh next time, you need to arrange something for us. Tell him, that…” (BLACKENED)

Iveta Klimesova
(a fashion model, later an elite corporate lawyer, specialized at Lawfare, working as an advisor for Chinese Military (PLA) in Hong Kong, using cover of a student of International Business Law)
Maryam chose this woman as a key subject for interests of Islamic community, regarding liberating Al-Andalus, but the Chinese connection is there too. She used Klimesova’s assistance to handle her own legal matters in Czechia, and she used quite hard tactic on her, including threats of exposing dirty laundry. But the general opinion in the Czech Intelligence community is, that the Chinese wanted to get Klimesova into desirable pincers, using Maryam and her interests as a perfect cat’s pawn.

(an e-mail, sent by Klimesova, intercepted by Chinese Internet supervisors, managing the GFW, Great Firewall of China)

“Maryam, after our last meeting in Prague, when the first wave of my anger disappeared, I was thinking… who sent you, to be a messenger of destruction of my life? Why?

Aren’t you ashamed, that you play so nasty game with me, although I never did anything bad against you? But you don’t seem as a nasty cruel queen… still, in my case, you deployed such approach… why??? WHY ME?

I wonder, who sent you, and why? And what did they give you as compensation, to push me, to have a lever against me? Why am I so precious, so important?

Because I am actually no one, my beauty exceeds my professional skills, and my alleged Lawfare abilities is an inflated bubble, to be honest…

And suddenly, you come, talking about big international game… about my boyfriend Otakar Hajek, who allegedly sucks and makes my life miserable… about a Morroccan man, seducing me, impregnating me… about my assistance to some terrorists, to commit criminal conspiracy against territorial integrity of the Spanish kingdom.. what does it all mean?

I should never start playing with the Chinese, now I know that very clearly… your presence in my life is only a result of my bad previous decisions. But I wanted a chance for good professional career, like any modern young woman… why do they have to be so harsh on me, making a voodoo doll from me, pierced with needles? Because it’s my only value for them?

You said, that you want to help me, to liberate me from the misery of my life… maybe you really did, eventually. You opened my eyes, in certain way. But don’t ask me to thank you for it… the way you talked about my miscarriage was particularly awful, nasty and unfair! Aren’t you ashamed, to hurt another woman such painfully, hitting her at the most sensivite place? This is the game you play now? Leading people to Islam, playing a saint, promising them liberation… and stabbing others?

Or maybe I am too negative in my thinking… maybe you are not the reason of my misery and bad feelings… I am.”

Vaclav Dejcmar
(paper owner of Czechoslovak Models agency, mysterious entrepreneur)
Dejcmar always perceived Maryam as immense asset, and he made wide promotion for her, whenever he could, becoming her key supporter, possibly persuaded by Katerina Motovska, his assistant (see below)

(excerpt from an article in the U.S. edition of VOGUE magazine)

“Many people are asking me, whether I was the one, who created Maryam, the Islamic Princess, who surpassed even the wildest dreams of many generations of fashion models… those crazy voices say, that it was me, allegedly, who gave her the initial impulse for her quick growth for the stars, but I have to answer frankly: ‘No, it was not me. Or at least I am not aware of that.’

After I bought the CM agency in 2011, and I was informed about her, as the principal human asset in the company’s portfolio, they advised me to meet with her as soon as possible, to make sure, that Maryam is still a loyal part of the team.

You see, I meet hundreds of models in my job, but in her case… I don’t know, inside me, I was not sure, whether to meet her. It seemed to me better, to remain that mysterious owner, you know what I mean, only using middle men and women to communicate with her… and she never presented her wish, to meet me.

So, we were avoiding each other for several months. It was strange, but so exciting… you know… all the expectation… you were coming into the CM offices with tension… it was so strong!

And one day, she and Katerina Motovska, my executive assistant, simply walk into my office, and Katerina says: ‘Vaclav, this is Marketa.’

I stood up, watching this immensely beautiful woman very coldly, you know, deliberately, to remain distant, apparently not affected by her magic… and I knew, that I should say some extremely powerful, but short sentence, to make impression, as a big boss… not to lose my face, to get her respect.

‘I expect the best performance from all models, during upcoming Fashion Week Prague,’ I said then, with the most deep and slow voice I was able to use. ‘Do you feel good enough to become our principal model on the catwalk, during the final fashion show?’

‘I do,’ she said, looking at me with that immensely pretty brown eyes, and her voice was full of certainty.

I just nodded, and returned to my papers, like the conversation is over…

And when she left, I felt, how my back is full of sweat.

So much about Maryam, and me.”

Josef Polasek
(a billionaire, a tarot card reader, a philanthropist, a fashion photographer)
Maryam met with Polasek just before leaving for the Emirates, and he made a tarot card reading for her, using the most powerful Rohrig card deck, where he predicted many events quite exactly. Maybe he was the one, who influenced her the most, or his prediction… but at the time of the tarot seance, Polasek was already under influence of Ivona Selnikova, mentioned earlier… who played in Chinese colors already. Could Ivona give him exact instructions, how to ‘handle’ Maryam?

(Polasek’s letter to Czech Ministry of Defence)

“Dear Mr. Minister, I would like to ask you for an opportunity, to support the defence capabilities of Czech Republic with the immense wealth, which I inherited, with the permission of God, to make a good thing for the community and state.

I am willing to support any critical defence projects you will choose, in overall amount of 8 BN CZK (eight billion), under one condition, that sustainable future of the Czech nation will be secured by these, and there will be no other cowardly betrayal of our politicians, giving up our land to any enemy, like in 1938 and 1968.

As a compensation, I want to be profiled as a big key defence patron in the media, admired by soldiers, politicians and the people… and I want to help one female fashion model, which I like and admire, to the stars, international career and VIP social status… her name is Marketa Korinkova.”

REPLY by Ministry:

“Does this special offer of yours include potential development of Czech nuclear armament?”

REPLY by Polasek:

“Yes. Definitely!”

Katerina Motovska
(a VIP widow, later connected to military-industrial complex, becoming the Minister of Defence)
Connection between Maryam and this woman remains indirect, according to available information sources, but it’s confirmed, that Motovska emphasized Maryam’s importance and qualities, when working as executive assistant of Vaclav Dejcmar. Her real motivation could be Chinese interests, as the Asians promised big political career to highly ambitious Motovska… and they kept their promise.

(an intercepted voice call between Motovska and Zuzana Jandova, September 2012)

(ZJ) “Hello.”

(KM) “Zuzana? Hello. It’s Katerina Motovska from Czechoslovak Models speaking.”

(ZJ) “Well… nice to hear you, Katerina! How are you?”

(KM) “Fine, thank you! Zuzana, you will meet with Marketa Korinkova this week, as I heard?”

(ZJ) “Yes, before she will travel into Emirates. We should meet in Cafe-Cafe.”

(KM) “Great. Listen, I want to ask you for a favor… she believes you, you are her best friend… so help her to decide the right way, you understand? And I will get some good modeling contracts in Milan for you, as a compensation of your effort.

Do we understand each other well? This Emirates trip is important, and we want to make sure, that she will leave in good spirit.”

(ZJ) “Of course… and what job will you get for me? Like… seriously?”

(KM) “Sure! Help us… and we will help you, OK?”

David Cohen
(an elite corporate Jew, specialized at investment banking)
This man became a part of history. It was him, who approached Maryam with an unique business offer: to make some special services for Cohen’s recent employer, Bezeq International, an Israeli TELCO operator, at the Middle East. And she used this opportunity more than well, as history confirmed… Cohen, a Mossad resident in Czechia, deserved respect from all sides of the game, as he helped many to rise… including her.

(a surveillance report of BIS, Czech CounterIntelligence service)

“Around 14.15, the Mossad asset visited ‘The Yellow Spa’ restaurant, located by the Vltava river, meeting privately with a young woman there, identified as MARKETA KORINKOVA, born 17.05. 1988, birth number 885517/1142, working as a fashion model, studying the Charles university. The asset ordered a bottle of the vintage French wine ‘Bastille’, and a trout with La Crimosa creme filling, together with mushed potatoes and Armenian spiced vegetable salad.

Using a laser microphone, the surveillance team was able to hear their conversation: Cohen apparently offered her a special job, where she will receive special treatment and advantages, including staged victory at an international beauty contest, to create a powerful personal brand, including media profiling, and alleged affair with a Czech male VIP, to introduce KORINKOVA to the Czech media audience. Then, she will be sent to the Middle East for some unspecified tasks, probably with Intelligence content.

At 15.30, the asset, together with KORINKOVA, using the asset’s car, left towards city center together, where she got out near Venceslas Square, and she continued on foot into Cafe-Cafe, where fashion models, celebrities and similiar VIP entities gather. She met with another fashion model there, identified as ZUZANA JANDOVA, Miss Czech 2008, also TEREZA LIPANOVA, MARIA PETLICKOVA, MARTINA GAVRIELY, ALENA SEREDOVA, MONIKA MARESOVA, KATERINA MOTOVSKA and others (see the complete list in attachment). It was apparently Motovska’s birthday party.

As the team leader, I suggest following actions:

1) Request for KORINKOVA’s personal file for general assessment
2) Permission to follow the KORINKOVA asset further, including deployment of operational technical means (=bugs), so more details about her planned activities in Mossad interest can be acquired


“1) DENIED. In all following reports and updates, the KORINKOVA asset is to be named merely as codename SKINNY PUPPY, or ASSET A102, and all details of her identity omitted.
2) DENIED. An order from higher places. There is an interest on this particular person.”

Nikola Dotkova
(a B-class fashion model, later allegedly trained by Special Forces of the Czech Army in Female Warfare and honey traps: seducing men and women for various purposes)
Although Dotkova’s overall importance seems quite marginal in the affair, it illustrates well, how far were the conspirators willing to go, to force Maryam to end in the Sheikh’s bed. Also, Dotkova was the first asset of Czech Army, using so called Assault Chemicals, like PHE-X, in action… although in this case, the miraculous substance of ultimate persuasion failed.

(excerpt from a article, published in Heavy Slander magazine, written by Dotkova, as her cover was journalism)

“As a junior reporter of our famous and reputated magazine, beloved by readers, feared by celebrities, I was sent into distant Dubai, to see Marketa Korinkova, or Maryam, in action… is it true, that she turns thousands of VIPs to Islam there? Is it true, that she sleeps with the Emir of Dubai, as all that gossip says?

Since the first moment, when you enter the Armani Prive Lounge, the most luxurious night club of the world, located at 144th floor of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, where Marketa executes her missionary activity, you must admit, that your rejection and resentment towards Islam is slowly disappearing, as you become more and more corrupted by that immense, omnipresent luxury. Even the air smells well here, like in a Monaco casino… do they brainwash people here as well?

Anyway, they offer you the most bizarre experience, which your limited mind simply can’t process: half-naked sluts, sparkling champagne, loud music… and just beside all the worldly entertainment, you hear very serious voice of Mayam, covered obediently in hijab, who explains you allegedly immense advantages of Islam.

It’s very common question here, why to lose the freedom, why to submit to God? What can you get for such a step?

‘Allah doesn’t mind, if you are selfish, asking this question, ‘what is there for me’, as long as you are willing to worship Him. He is known as the best deceiver, and He understands you, like no one else, as He created you… He offers you a lot of gifts, if you submit to His will.’

After hearing these powerful words, you move few meters aside, where Western music plays, where the colorful lights make unbelievable seducing visual show, where you can admire millions of lights of Dubai, deeply below your feet… and you start having a feeling, that this must be a dream, this must be a heaven, where the impossible becomes possible!

When writing this article in my room at the local Ritz-Carlton hotel later, I am not able to determine, whether the whole place is real, or not? Was it just my dream?

I asked Giorgio Armani, who shows great interest and support in Marketa’s strange job there, and the famous Italian designer really surprised me, by replying me:

‘We just want to give our VIP guests the deepest possible experience, be it wordly or spiritual message. But we want you to find, what you are looking for, regardless what it is exactly, regardless if you even know it, and to make you leave not only satiated, but wondering, not believing your own senses.

I receive many reviews from people, who simply define our club as ‘A Dubai inside Dubai’… a miracle inside a miracle, a dream inside a dream, and everybody likes dreams, although those keep us from reality and hard work for the community. But who knows? Maybe in a dream, you will find your destiny. Why not to dream, at least once in a time?’

I asked Giorgio, whether he was ever present during Maryam’s Islamic lessons in the club?

‘Surely I was. I didn’t convert, I remain a devoted Christian, but I liked her. She offers simple choices, clear options, that’s all… and we should be grateful for that, in this complicated world with too much information.’

I asked a bartender then, how the degree of consuming of alcohol changed, since Maryam started to work here, as a VIP hostess: it’s a forbidden substance in Islam to be consumed.

‘It dropped significantly, that’s true. But she is not against it, she doesn’t mind, that alcohol is served here, as she perceives this temptation just as another test of Allah.

I heard her saying once: ‘Yes, you can drink! I can drink too, and to commit sins! Any sin I want… who can stop me? Who can prevent me? But does it help me anyhow? Does it solve my problems, my needs? Does it bring me closer to my Creator? No.

Life is about choices. Choose Allah, or succumb to lies, illusions, vices and seduction… so, have a drink, if you want… but in one way, or another, you will be a slave.’

By the way, she doesn’t drink coffee, only water, juice and gree tea. She said, that coffee is very bad for your stomach and inner peace.”

Aysha Al Mudahka
(a business activist for female liberation, Qatar)
Her body is round and soft, just as her eyes, soul and mind, so Maryam chose her as principal contact in Qatar, as Aysha has unlimited access to Qatari VIP society through her beneficial public activities, invited to the most high-profile meetings, as scared Qatari men want to have control over Qatari female empowerment movement, so they play her friends and supporters.

(intercepted by Burj Khalifa’s concierge office)

“INVITATION. Dear Mrs. Maryam Al Maktoum, I would like to invite you to DIIS, ‘Dubai International Innovation Show’, on 7-8 February 2018, where I will have a speech, as my special guest. I am aware, how careful approach towards women empowerment you have, but it’s desirable, to combine different opinions towards the issue, not only welcoming and enthusiastic: and it’s exactly what you represent, to create some healthy balance.”

Sara Al Madani
(VIP royal entrepreneur, Dubai)
Maryam doesn’t like her, and that’s a very modest definition. Sara is the only woman of the Middle East and Dubai, whom Maryam considers as serious female competition, because Sara has everything, including favor of the most powerful men of Arabia. However, Maryam is a player, never showing her real feelings or emotions towards someone, always smiling at people… even if she despises them, as her personal archenemies.

(this encrypted message, using a powerful 2048-bit cypher, sent allegedly by Maryam to Ivona Selnikova, was intercepted by Mossad, but it’s not possible to verify, whether the translated content is genuine, or fake)

“Ivona, I ask you for an additional favor, which is not related to my religion, but only to my female feelings, as I am also a mere weak woman sometimes, you see, and even I know the feelings of female jealousy, envy… and even hatred, when you can tolerate your competition.

There is this woman, called Sara Al Madani, and the Emirates are too small for both of us, if you understand my meaning. I want you to discredit her for me, using vast assets of your Wu Corporation… I don’t say to destroy her completely, but I want her to have her public picture damaged, so she will fall back from all public affairs, probably forced to move out from here.

If you could do this little service for me, I would be very, very pleased, as this problem bothers me for very long time already.

Moreover, I want to get control over her, so as soon she will be hit, I will openly stand in her defence, you know, playing a good friend, so she will become my pawn, and she will start listening to my good advices, like disappearing from the Emirati scene, and not blocking the view for me anymore…

Do you have any idea, how to do it? The bitch is well protected from all sides. Use of cat’s pawns is needed.”


“Girl, you are no angel, as I see 🙂 this can be arranged very easily. She will do business with a new company, linked to the terrorists apparently, and the sniffing Americans, informed by an unknown informant about new interesting business connection with possible terrorism financing ties, will get their prey…”

(famous female singer with Illuminati and occultist links)
This is the most valuable connection of Maryam, as Beyonce has ultimate social influence worldwide. But Maryam knows, how to negotiate with those celebrities… they either despise you, or fear you, so she cleverly chose the second option, indicating, that if she will start presenting Beyonce as a filthy infidel, the whole Middle East is off-limits for the singer. Only then was Beyonce willing to submit and support Maryam.

(a SMS conversation between Maryam and Beyonce, detected by Maryam’s Emirati cell phone provider, “DU”)

(B) “Maryam, you are that expert in Public Relations and branding? So, I need advice. How to be more liked by Arabic and Islamic audience, and not to have my neck cut by Islamic radicals one day?”

(M) “Make a new song, where you will present yourself as a seducing Arabic dancer, show your skin and curves, hidden under a transparent veil, to provoke madness inside men, and use some Arabic melody and music instruments. Corrupted Muslims will love you…”

Fatima Al Dhaheri
(Emirati banking elite and jewellery designer)
This woman likes to remain in shadows, for security purposes, as Al Dhaheri family, which runs a huge business conglomerate, Ali & Sons, has very powerful enemies, originating from series of serious feuds in the distant 1980s. However, she saw the immense opportunity to promote her private jewellery brand, “Amwaj – Islamic Master Jewellery”, if Maryam, a reputated fashion model, will be hired as the main media face. Maryam deliberately denied all money for the contract, giving it to charitable purposes, particularly education of talented Emirati girls.

(Fatima asked Maryam for her professional advice in PR branch. Maryam rejected at first, that they are friends and she doesn’t want to hurt Fatima with unpleasant truth… but later, she agreed. And she was very honest, as the listening operatives of Emirati CounterIntelligence noticed)

“I am not sure about this current personal brand of yours, Fatima… I mean, in shadows, hidden, unavailable. This is the new world, and who is not seen, he or she doesn’t exist… I admit, that it brings some new challenges also, but have a look around you: everybody rides on this band wagon. I am glad to help your Amwaj brand, of course, but you know well, that most of the sales and reputation, it’s not about a hired fashion model, it’s rather about personality of the owner, about her inspiring and interesting life tale.

There is a very typical example in Prague: Woman’s Destiny fashion brand, which is owned by three generaions of Czech VIP women. Every of them is recognized more by 70% of the Czech population, as the latest survey by Saatchi PR showed… it’s not like being seen on all corners, but simply being admired for some things.

Now, I will be completely honest: when I review your current personal brand, it… sucks. There are articles about you, which seem as a paid promotion, you only babble there about your banking experience, corporate life, but then you started to design jewellery, the family allegedly supported you, so you started to work in fashion full time… blah blah… this is so boring, and cheap! No one believes it. Everybody thinks, that your father paid for everything, so his little Emirati girl can play for business…

Moreover, there is no controversy, nothing original and interesting, like how it sexually excites you, when you wear the diamonds, how sexy you feel, how men want to fuck you, a rich Emirati bitch… you present yourself as completely common Emirati woman, a nobody, a loser, modest, boring.

In certain way, you damage the brand of your family, by this intolerable modesty. There is simply no power… how you expect people to respect you, to fear you?

Be a Rich Emirati Bitch, and unleash your sexuality, the feminine darkness inside you, your origin of witchcraft! Believe me, everybody will like you, and in case that some conservative Muslims will start to complain, you simply say, that you are under influence of Western propaganda, omnipresent at the Emirates anyway, that you are a mere victim of your extremely powerful sex hormone, estrogen… not actively asserting this decadence in the UAE, only succumbing to it, like many other women! Make a connection with them, be close to them, so they will follow you!

And people will appreciate your honesty and openness: ‘I am a woman, I want diamonds, luxury and to fuck, that is my nature. Don’t search for a saint inside me… but at the same time, I believe in God, I try to be good servant of Allah, I support many charitable causes of Islam… so, I am controversial, but you can’t condemn me competely, because except apparent bad side, there is certainly good side.’

Now you see the difference? Nature is about balance. And only those, who are hungry and loud, will get something in this world.”

Amin H. Nasser
(President and CEO, Saudi Aramco corporation)
Maryam correctly identified this man as the most powerful human being of the Middle East, as Saudi Aramco is the second most powerful corporation of the world (after Wu Corporation, China), and she maintained high-profile contact with him, when he offered to provide funding for her planned movie, about an Islamic romance at Al-Andalus.

(official letter with Saudi Aramco logo, caught by Saudi authorities)

“Dear Maryam, I would be deeply pleased, if you would come to visit me, and to discuss our mutual planned projects. I would like to meet you in person, and to make my direct opinion about you, and your artistic ideas. With the permission of Allah, I will be glad to welcome you here, in Dhahran. I am sending you an entry visa into Saudi Arabia, as an attachment. See you soon, God wills.”

Sun Meiying
(reporter, BCTV News, China)
This hardline Chinese communist journalist had full trust of Communist Party China (CPC), and she is often sent abroad, to promote Chinese global interests. As her principal mission is to create divisions and unrest in the Western society, so it can be weakened and underminded with Chinese infiltration, she often advocates Islam and women empowerment: and both these powerful movements are included in Maryam, who is often named as the most influential woman of Europe by the reporter.

“As Europe crumbles in fear under permanent wave of terrorist attacks, new leaders and alleged prophets emerge, and many religious organizations gain a lot of attention and new recruits. Islam is the most prominent religion there, but also Women Empowerment gets even a religious content, as European women feel, that only with men removed from rule, there can be peace, there can be sustainable future.

When the undisputed female leader, Maryam Al Maktoum, was asked, how the women plan to defeat the ruthless violent terrorists, she replied:

‘This endless circle of violence must be broken finally, once and forever. There will be no more military invasions and questionable incursions. All states will only defend their borders, and any state, crossing borders, to attack another, will be stopped by the world, both by military and PR means.

Regarding the terrorist issue, yes, we will invite them to the negotiation table, and we will discuss issues with them patiently, offering them maternal undestanding, until a solution will be found. We women are certain, that most of the terrorists are good people, who are simply not heard, so they make themselves heard with violence.’

Indeed, this woman got respect from both sides of the conflict, but she rejects all offers to enter politics. She allegedly believes in change from below, and she wants to remain below.”


Princess Haya Bint Hussein of Jordan
(junior wife of Sheikh Al Maktoum, emir of Dubai)
The archenemy of Maryam, and her main competitor in Sheikh’s bed, table and favor. Both women used indeed very nasty and ruthless means to destroy each other, but in the end, backed by the powerful Chinese, Maryam started to have the upper hand.

(an unknown source, probably a servant in Za’beel palace, passed this letter to the enemies of Al Maktoum family)

“Mohammed, my dear husband,

with all the sorrow and tears in my eyes, I need to inform you, that my position in the Emirates became unsustainable, and I have to leave you. I am returning to my family in Jordan, at least temporarily.

I told you, not to allow her to make that speech at technology convention! I warned you, and you didn’t listen! You underestimated her! It seems, that she made a deal with the Chinese: her speech for their help to destroy me.

Now, they are accusing me of having Palestinian-Jewish ancestry, which is not true, of course! They also accuse me of leading some imaginary Emirates conspiracy, having alleged wide ties with Emirati CounterIntelligence, breaking the law, deploying surveillance on people… I hope, that you don’t believe such shameful accusations of filthy infidels!

And what is the worst thing: she was announced as your junior wife publicly… new, fresh, shining… young, beautiful!

Do you know, can you even imagine, how you humiliated me? You lied to me! You denided, that you wed her, right into my eyes!

How can I trust you anymore?”

Sheikha Maryam Al Maktoum (2nd)
(one of many daughters of ruler of Dubai)
This young woman is the most powerful and devoted opponent of Maryam in the Emirates. Since the marriage between her father and Maryam was announced publicly, she started literally a ruthless battle against Maryam, although not from Islamic reasons: she is that kind of “modern”, corrupted Muslim woman, not wearing a hijab, who is a Muslim only on paper, but inside her, there is a Westerner. Anyway, she is not willing to tolerate Maryam inside the family.

(also leaked from Za’beel palace, from personal study room of the Sheikh… those courtiers are so unreliable these days!)

“Dear father,

I am begging you, to get rid of this infidel woman, full of lies and filth. I understand, that she enchanted you somehow, playing an innocent dove, or what, but you humiliate not only yourself with this choice of bride, also us, your children.

We are also afraid, that all the enemies of our family will connect together now, feeling, that you are weak and losing power, to remove us from the rule. Do you understand, that your dark desire could destroy us all, in the end?

I asked the advisors of your staff unoficially, what can be done in the matter, what options are there. They say, that divorcing her would be very bad idea, with her current influence… but no one can stop me simply to fight against her, to hate her. It’s my right.

Do you love her more, than me, father?

I challenge you, not to try to influence the upcoming events. There will be a female war, but in the interest of our family, you, my beloved father, Dubai, and the whole Emirates.

Forgive me, what I will have to do… but only Allah will judge me.”

Alexandra Pianka
(German fashion supermodel)
This Illuminati member never forgot, how Maryam humiliated her in that Ramy Ayach’s music video affair. Although she was allegedly brainwashed and moved into Asia by her new Military masterminds, to infiltrate highest VIP ranks there, in exchange for great modeling career, she is still full of desire for devastating revenge: but when all the media slanders about Maryam were released, it was too late.

(an e-mail to Laura Guerrero, the manager of Armani Prive Lounge)

“Dear Laura, I often remember those times in Dubai, under blue sky and eternal sun. Here, it’s only grey sky and smog, it’s disgusting. But money is good and opportunities too, and there is no bitch, making me angry, stealing peace from me… I am the tallest of women around of course, it’s funny.

And how are you? I heard, that she is leaving the club, to be a good wife of the Sheikh, as Emirati media wrote… but in Europe, there is completely different news about her, as I heard. It’s all ridiculous… and anything happens, she becomes yet stronger. I pray, that she will fall one day!

No, I can’t afford this negative mindset of resentment, I need to be positive and full of love… only if it would be so easy!”

Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel
(royal VIP elite of Saudi Arabia, a female guerilla of Persian Gulf)
This clever and capable woman with many connections tried to prevent Maryam from acquiring any influence in Saudi Arabia. But she failed…

(a paper message to her contact inside the Saudi CounterIntelligence, which he gave to his superiors for evaluation, to prove male loyalty)

“Brother, I was informed, that some Emirati woman of European descent, named Maryam Al Maktoum, is coming into Saudi Arabia, to use me as her cat’s pawn, on her rise to influence, and she wants to use the matters of female empowerment to this purpose, probably becoming either my alleged ally, or competition, attacking me, gathering all my enemies around her.

Now I really don’t know, what to do: if I will accept her, we become friends, she will only use me, steal all my secrets, and then, she will destroy me, by revealing my dirty laundry publicly. If I reject her, I will look as a conspirator and cause of disruption of female unity.

What best approach would you suggest, to contain the situation?”

Nataly Hay
(an Israeli Jewess, a belly dancer, suspected Mossad operative, code name “Princess of Haifa”)
There are rumors, that Israelis wanted to make proper revenge for so called Gal Gadot Affair, when a male Czech Special Forces assassin, Karel Weidenthaler, seduced Israeli most reputated Hollywood actress, humiliating Israel, although both parties were primary military allies originally. And from very particular reasons, the Israelis chose a highly positioned executive from Hofmann-La Roche multinational corporation as their target… Maryam’s father, her principal weakness.

(a fragment of Mossad comunication, intercepted by Chinese through Bezeq International, the key Israeli TELCO operator, spiked by them, after its unwise privatization, where covert Chinese corporate assets participated)

“Imagine, that a Jewish operative will seduce the father of the most prominent Muslim woman of the contemporary world, who is the object of her secret emotional and sexual desire. That will be a massive blow, and message to the world, that the state of Israel is still in the game, despite of all that negative predictions…”

Tatana Kucharova
(a fashion model, Miss Czech and Miss World 2006 winner, later active in charity activities)
So many years she and Maryam avoided each other, not crossing their paths… but one day, the open animosity between them had to arise, although not directly. But Kucharova became very devoted enemy of Maryam then…

(a secret message to a female journalist of ELLE, Czech Edition)

“Since that bitch publicly supported my business competitors, Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, almost all donors ceased to support the beneficial activities for seniors, organized by my charity foundation. I can’t offer them state amnesty, like those rats from Liechtenstein, connected to Czech government through Illuminati!

DO SOMETHING! Why did I pay all that money for you, to create my beneficial public picture???

They are writing about me now, that I extract property from the wealthy seniors, using lawyers, to alter their last wills, to transfer the ownership of immense heritages onto my foundation… I need to stop those slanders, ruining me in all senses!”

Maria Petlickova
(professional liar, fashion model, who claimed to conceive two children with David Coppefield falsely, later active in gambling industry)

(a hand written note, which ended in Katerina Motovska’s private archive, to push Petlickova against the wall, and to start working for the Chinese)

“So, you are playing a good Muslim woman now, Marketa… but the world would be much surprised, to know, who you were and what you did in the past… and the people have the right to know, don’t you think? I want a fee for my eternal silence, thousand EUR every month, which you will pay, so we will remain friends…”

Pavel Novotny
(the most reputated Czech tabloid media journalist, chief reporter and CEO of “Heavy Slander” magazine)
If someone was ever able to raise real fear in Maryam, it was this journalistic rat, feared by all Czech celebrities, as he was completely ruthless. But Maryam had Allah to protect her, fortunately.

(after Maryam asked him for improving their mutual relationships, asking, what he wants as compensation, he wrote her this paper letter as reply, but all the communications of Heavy Slander are under close supervision of Czech CounterIntelligence, BIS)

“Look Marketa, this is nothing personal. This is simply the job I do, and which I love: to raise or destroy people with my articles in ‘Heavy Slander’ magazine… of course, that you can try to bribe me, I never reject sweet cash, as everybody knows!

And I am willing to give you one advice almost for free… I mean… maybe if you would send me some sexy photos, like, what is under that Islamic dress of yours… yes, I mean you, and naked…

Anyway, listen: do you know, what is the best way, how to cope with the tabloid media, how to suvive them, if you are a celebrity?

Simply ignore them! But almost nobody can do it, and those who apparently do, are rather creating her personal brand… this world is indeed full of deception.

Anyway, I am sending you my account number, and I will be looking forward for your nice financial gifts for me… as the reason of payment, you can state, let’s say, ‘Celebrity Branding Advisory Services’.

And please, don’t forget that photos, OK? Be so kind! And I will certainly write something nice about you, Islamic Princess!”

Omar Bin Ghazali
(reporter, ARC News)
He is a Wahhabi man, and he doesn’t like women of power.

“As a journalist, I am bound to be open-minded, unbiased… but she is a woman, and woman doesn’t belong into public life. Maybe Allah created men and women equal, but not the same, and I can’t accept, if women want to become men, and to take their responsibilities, their positions… that’s simply not right, and I can’t tolerate it, or even support it.

I am fully aware, that this approach can result in termination of my work contract with ARC News… but some lines simply shouldn’t be crossed.”


GHC Clinic

1) Volleyball injury of Maryam’s elbow – suggestion to implant a GPS tracker secretly, during the medical intervention – denied
2) Medical report of Maryam’s breast enlargement – from size 1 to size 2, so it will fit to her slim body

Czech Foreign Intelligence UZSI
1) Surveillance bug installed on a Mitsubishi Pajero with Dubai plates, owned by Maryam
2) Surveillance report of visiting Zanzibar with her mother

Czech Militarized Police

1) Place of birth questioned: is it Prague, as she claims, or Silesia, as foreign media stated?
2) Investigation of Maryam mother, wearing an Islamic dress in school – but Katerina Valachova’s ministry supported Ivana, that it was education purposes, not promotion of Islam


Electronic CounterIntelligence (NESA), Emirates
General Intelligence Directorate (GID), Jordan
National Security Apparatus (NSA), Bahrain
General Intelligence Presidency (GIP), Saudi Arabia
Qatar State Security (QST), Qatar
Czech CounterIntelligence Service (BIS), Prague-Stodulky
Ministry of State Security (MSS), China
Wu Corporation (Internal Affairs department)

Used technology for data mining, tracking and influence:

All Seeing Eye Global Surveillance

Wu Corporation Supercomputing

(weapon of mass persuasion)

Custom-built spyware technology by Huawei
(member of Triad of MegaCorporations)

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