Islamic Princess Maryam (47): Bahrain Conspiracy Royal War Alexandra Pianka Fashion Model Dubai Emirates UAE Elite VIP Faris Al Kooheji Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa Love Passion Betrayal Middle East

Twentieth Century Fox

directed by Roman Polanski
screenplay by Maryam Al Maktoum


Tale of Love, Passion and Betrayal
Ruthless Male War for
Elite Fashion Model
Royal VIP Bride

created with financial support of:

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s office (UAE)
Federica Mogherini, European Commission

Katerina Motovska, Czech Ministry of Defence

Katerina Valachova, Czech Ministry of Education

Amin H. Nasser, Saudi Aramco Oil Corporation

Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation

Plot synopsis:

There are two most powerful families in Bahrain, a small but important monarchy of the Persian Gulf: ruling Al Khalifa family (BLACK), and ambitious Al Kooheji family (WHITE), reputated in business.

Both families are very numerous, and there is a continuous tension between them, originating from series of bloody feuds in the 1970s, when the oil wealth of the region caused many divisions and conflicts. Moreover, Al Khalifas are afraid, that Al Koohejis are plotting against them secretly, desiring to overthrow their rule, which lasts for more than two hundred years already (since 1783), by connecting with plentiful external enemies of Al Khalifas, both state and non-state actors.

Still, Prince Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, young son of Bahraini king, an elite military officer, aged 27, and Faris Al Kooheji, a reputated entrepreneur, aged also 27, are the best friends, running successful business in defence sector together, they enjoy their utmost wealth, youth, handsome faces and manly bodies, trained by much sport and horse riding, travelling the best VIP resorts of the world, hunting both deers in woods and the most impressive women of the world, Muslims and infidels alike, and not thinking about marriage, although counselled so by their older family members.

Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa

Faris Al Kooheji

Their private defence company, called Weapons For Peace, develops highly advanced, but sustainable modern weaponry and ordnance, so their business is under close interest of many ruthless players, from sniffing Intelligence agencies like MSS, Mossad or BIS, to politicans, militaries, and their business competition of multinational weapon manufacturers and merchants.

Indeed, this is a multi-billion dollar business, very ruthless, where no rules apply, except rule of the stronger… and you can’t even trust your sexy lover, who enchanted you so much, as she can be a covert honey trap operative, sent to lure secrets from you, in a classic espionage scheme, where your powerful sexual instinct, even madness for soft female bodies and their most seducing beauty features, will be used as devastating weapons against you… together with your vices.

One day, Faris Al Kooheji meets a beautiful German fashion supermodel, named Alexandra Pianka, reputated across Middle East, named “Princess of Dubai”: innocent, sweet, positive, intelligent, sensitive, loving and balanced woman, who likes to take care of plants, animals and people alike…

Who likes to read interesting books between top fashion shows and shooting of commercials and music videos, who likes to get to know the world with curiosity and interest, who likes to spend evenings in peace, cooking some good food, being with her beloved man, not at some glamorous VIP party, with strong maternal instincts, sending strong message about her destiny of a perfect loving mother.

Alexandra Pianka

But she is not exactly that dream physical female type for Faris, she’s too slim, and her artificially augmented breasts are too big, so it’s not a love at first sight… moreover, handsome and desired Faris has many sexy curvy mistresses currently, so he makes no immediate attempt to seduce Alexandra. But he doesn’t forget to share the news of a new interesting “dove” in his “herd” to his best friend Khalid.

Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa seems quite interested, asking Faris, to bring Alexandra to a VIP party, taking place at Ritz-Carlton five star hotel in the Bahraini capital, Manama, and to introduce him to her.

When Khalid sees Alexandra for the first time, he is captivated by her immense beauty, great body, softness, and innocence. He immediately makes a move towards her, and he chooses very questionable means of proving his manhood: he pushes his best friend Faris away, humiliating him in front of her, showing his merits, royal origin and feathers, like an aggressive rooster.

Faris tries to be generous, ignoring this unfair unfriendly assault, but he is not pleased, as there is that basic rule between men: BROS BEFORE HOES, meaning, that you should always prefer your male friends against women in your interest, as women come and go, but real friends should stay for life.

Tension arises between both men, just as omnipresent Chinese approach them, represented by their high-profile human assets: elite businessman Mei Yin Kang and Ivona Selnikova, suggesting a beneficial merger with their multinational defence supplier, Wu Corporation, the most powerful company of the world.

Except this division between good friends, caused by Alexandra, both men have different stance, whether to accept or deny the tempting offer of the Chinese for buyout: whereas wise and balanced Faris suggest to wait, to introduce a new weapon of mass persuasion, USP-PSYOPS, and to rise the value of the company significantly…

More aggressive Khalid wants to sell, as he wants the money to build his new most impressive palace, “The Bahraini Alhambra, where he wants to settle down with his future family… and after he fell in love with Alexandra instantly and desperately, he decided to marry her, and to have children with her, even against the will of his family, which is strongly against marrying a non-Arab foreigner woman, who is not an official Muslim.

Alexandra accepts his courtship, but she remains quite cold, as she likes Faris more… and Faris also discovers her charm and magic through time, but now, she is blocked by a very powerful competitor: his best friend, who makes no secrets with his future plans with her, to make a submissive bride from her, whereas Faris gives women opportunity to be independent and to pursue their own goals in life.

One day, Khalid openly asks Faris to support him in his love plans, to be his wingman, and in exchange, he offers to respect opinion of Faris, not to sell the company. Faris remains silent initially, as he considers, whether to betray his love, and to exchange Alexandra’s innocent and cordial love for good relationships with his male friend… or to listen to his heart, which is not reasonable, advising him to tell Khalid openly, that he can’t do such dirty bargain, if Alexandra is in stake, the only woman, which he ever really loved, as he finds with immense surprise.

In the end, Faris makes this fateful decision, he is a man of firm word, and he says openly, what he feels towards her. Khalid is not only angered, he is afraid, that Faris will steal his dream bride from him, as he noticed, how both are watching each other.

“I will give you 24 hours to change your choice,” Khalid plays a generous wise ruler then. “This woman means nothing for you, you never wanted her, and now you want to steal her from me, your best friend? That is called treason, and I would be very merciless with a traitor!”

Faris meets with Alexandra secretly, they reveal their mutual feelings to each other, and they spend a night on the Dubai beach, making love, unprotected sex, as they succumbed to their desire so much, just when she has her ovulation time (fertile days) and she takes no contraception, as she wants to keep her body healthy, not filled with unhealthy chemicals and harmful pharmaceuticals.

In the morning, before Faris leaves Alexandra, he tells her about the situation. And Alexandra is a reasonable woman, who tries to see through the cloud of her strong female emotions.

“You know, what is right,” she says. “If you would choose me, you would destroy everything, and this enemy would destroy you, maybe even your family. We can remain friends…” Alexandra suggests with apparent distance, but her eyes are full of tears, and Faris notices it. In the instant, he knows, how deeply he loves her, and he will fight with the whole world, to deserve her, and to be with her.

He announces his final decision to Khalid, who leaves him without saying a word, ordering Alexandra to accompany him to a VIP banquet, organized by Al Khalifa family, where the most powerful men of the world are present, including U.S. president Donald Trump, as Bahrain is an important U.S military ally in the MENA region.

When Alexandra sees this shiny ultra VIP world of highest importance for the world events, the utmost elite of the planet, she is corrupted, thinking, that she could belong there so easily… if she would marry Khalid. It was her old girlish dream to become a Princess… and Khalid can become a king of Bahrain one day, and she would be a queen then… it’s really hard to resist to these sweet girlish visions of happiness and power alike, when these seem so close!

Alexandra sleeps with Khalid that night, when she still has her ovulation, as she simply succumbs to that beautiful vision of future, which he and his family represent for her. And she rather forgets Faris, as he would be a very uncertain stake for her… they both could become persona non grata, and her shiny modeling career could be finished as well… if Al Khalifa would revenge for this rejection of their elite son and successor to the Bahrain throne.

Khalid then approaches Faris, saying nothing about Alexandra, bringing papers and team of Chinese lawyers, led by Iveta Klimesova, a former European elite fashion model, and Khalid is challenging him to sign the merger with the Chinese immediately, as Khalid doesn’t want to do business with him anymore, and such way of split is the only option, how to end their friendship and business relationships alike.

Iveta Klimesova

But Faris insists on breaking up the company into two proportional parts, so he can continue business alone, as he likes… but it would mean, that they would become business competitors, and they know covert dirty secrets of each other, probably connecting with former enemies, to hurt and destroy the other one.

But Faris wants to be a man, so he insists, even against Klimesova’s good advices, moreover, she shows open affection towards him. Again, both men split ways, Khalid doesn’t say a word, but there is an open hostility between them now, and the ROYAL WAR FOR ALEXANDRA PIANKA is just starting… mostly, when Alexandra finds, that she is pregnant, and both men can be the father of her child, as she slept with them in rapid succession.

Khalid gets to know this highly explosive secret, as Alexandra shared it with him, and he is angered into madness and violent rage, destroying furniture, even assaulting her, beating her… Alexandra moved into his house in the mean time, and he considers, whether to send her away, if she could be carrying his royal child inside…

When he calms down, he sees the matter differently, he decides to wait until birth, when DNA tests can be made. But his hatred towards Faris is yet stronger, and he is sending massive army of lawyers against his former friend, whereas Faris finds support and loving embrace in Klimesova’s company, and she helps him to counter brutal legal attacks of Khalid, as she is a reputated Lawfare specialist, working as a Special Military Advisor for the Chinese Army (PLA) in Hong Kong.

Soon, also both families enter the feud in large, and big general war is announced, approved by elders of both clans, to “clean the bad blood”… where both men will fight for their rights, their manhood, their love, and their potential child, as Khalid decides to prevent his opponent from getting Alexandra, even if the child will be of Faris…

Khalid, advised by his good royal female friend and occassional lover, Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, has a perfect plan, how to simply control the child as his own, to have a perfect battering ram against Faris, but only if he will be the official husband of Alexandra, so any child will be automatically Khalid’s, according to the law…

In any case, it’s very advantageous situation for Khalid, as Ameerah explains to him: whether the child is his, or not, it doesn’t matter, he can make much benefits of the situation, to damage his archenemy Faris, as Alexandra is submitted to Khalid, he is a powerful leader, a military man, an alpha male, and she, a very feminine woman, full of estrogen, it’s deep in her instincts to submit to such a male power.

So, Khalid challenges Alexandra to marry him immediately, before the child birth, and he pushes her against the wall, hard, changing promises of sweet future together with open threats of her quick and fatal professional destruction, by using sniffing and ruthless tabloid media on his payroll, to release a river of filthy slanders about her, liquidating her modeling and media career instantly.

What can she do, if such a powerful man wants her, and he insists, willing to do just anything to get her? She can escape, but there is nowhere to go, where she could be hidden and safe, he has control over her, moreover, she is pregnant, and she needs peace and security, she even understands his right to supervise her, if the child would be his.

She agrees with the wedding, but Faris sees as his primary duty to spoil it, to save his love, so he makes his big, but very controversial and dangerous moves, like hiring a powerful European witch, named Petronela Lorencova, able to execute forbidden black magic rituals, and he is also connecting with the Chinese, using Klimesova, his lover, as a secret mediator…

Whereas Klimesova makes her own moves, getting pregnant with him deliberately, to secure control means over him for the Chinese, as she is their estrogen puppet, sent against Faris. And the Chinese still want the treasures of the business company, as it could improve their offensive capabilities for global dominance… indeed, much is in stake, and there are no rules in love and war.

Petronela Lorencova

Petronela Lorencova is indeed a very powerful witch, except a beautiful young sexy woman, and when she sees immense opportunities in Bahrain for herself, she uses all her witchcraft skills to enchant Faris, so he will submit to her…

And she starts with an oracle’s prediction for him, as she is the most reputated fortune-teller of Europe, using the most powerful Rohrig tarot cards, but unlike famous Anie, she is not afraid of Muslims and Islam, on the contrary, she is trained by the elite Special Forces, how to exploit their weaknesses…

In her most detailed and persuading prophecy, Petronela reveals the most disturbing future, and this vision is so powerful and convincing, that it awakes madness inside Faris, and he is now decided to do absolutely anything, so this scary prediction won’t get fulfilled…


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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

Alexandra Pianka: The Emirati Fashion Supermodel

Petronela Lorencova: VIP Queen Witch

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