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The Bourbon Bar
Hotel Marriott *****
Prague, Czechia

“Ladies and gentlemen, the conference room opens in five minutes,” a sweet female voice announced from loudspeakers, and all business people, well dressed and smiling positively, occupying the bar, quickly finished their drinks, not to miss the beginning of a very important upcoming event, which will influence their professional careers, bringing many opportunities, if you are present at the right place at the right time, as such ultimate ability brings general success in life, business and love alike.

This evening was deliberately planned as half business, half pleasure, starting quite late, at six o’clock, to bring rather relaxing experience, to relieve poor corporate rats from immense work stress of last few weeks and months. So, today, they will start with work, and finish with fun, to keep things balanced and healthy.

“Working hard, playing hard”, that was their favorite motto, motivating them to wake up in the morning again and again, countless days of endless war for success, promotions, wage raises, better company cars, dream houses at the suburbs, being sent into some attractive foreign location, to start a new life, but under the blessing and support of their beloved multinational company, pampering you, if you proved your value and special skills.

But a blonde woman in her 40s, but still looking very good, sitting alone at the bar, talking to no one, she didn’t seem so excited, or rushing into the conference hall, like other ambitious fools. So, when the bar desk became deserted, full of empty glasses, the woman remained there alone, studying something in her smartphone: but it was not a typical model, some miserable but shiny iPhone or Samsung, it was a very advanced model with unique hardware and software features, providing its user very special advantages over all competition.

All the special functionality was hidden under “All Seeing Eye” application, allowing its VIP and strictly limited users to connect to real-time surveillance and vast information databases, regarding chosen persons of interest, to concentrate solely on them, as highest priorities, and not to be distracted by endless flow of digital data with lower value, as this was Information Age, full of information overload, where it became an art and necessity, to distinguish the important facts from bothering ballast, only consuming endless amount of time, distracting you from really important events, happening in the world, drawing a thick line between those, who lead, who create and control, who enjoy real freedom and independence, and those others, poor miserable passive elements, who only accept and follow.

“Excuse me,” a young female barmaid, a tall beautiful woman, asked the last guest. “May I ask… are you Mrs. Ivona Selnikova?”

“That’s me,” the blonde raised her eyes from the screen, scanning the girl, replying without some deeper interest.

“It’s a big honor to meet you in person,” the barwoman in her very late 20s expressed her affection. “I admire you so much… what you achieved… as a woman, one of us.”

“Oh, thank you,” Ivona smiled automatically, still without any interest, as she heard these expressions of admiration every day.

And no wonder: a wearer of unique “Woman of the Year” title, the Executive Director of the most powerful multinational business company of the world, Wu Corporation, which was a founding member of so called Triad of MegaCorporations, with their combined influence simply immense worldwide… and look, she was still walking between people, not accompanied by a squad of ruthless armed bodyguards with pistols and muscles under business jackets all the time, in the sights of assassins, mafia and business competitors. Was she so bold, or so unimportant? No, the second option was out of question… but boldness could be dangerous.

“No, I am not afraid of anybody, as all those rats outside know, that I am just a corporate puppet, a messenger from China with nice face, but fully replaceable, with someone yet worse,” Ivona replied in some interview once, when asked about this issue, as many people reported meeting her in totally common social situations, like shopping in a mall, siting alone in a cafe house, running through a public park in a sport suit, making people always very surprised, that it was really her, and that she was quite normal, like everybody else, modest, not requesting some special handling and privileges… at least openly.

Or was it just her intricate Public Realtions game, created by clever manipulative rats from Saatchi PR?

However, these special VIP features only raised Ivona’s public respect and interest from all social groups, between losers and winners alike, men or women, young or old, educated or dumb, ambitious or passive, she was an inspiration for anyone, and her very special title, which only one woman of several billions of the world could acquire yearly, was really deserved.

Usually, she was accompanied by her male colleague, the Executive Manager, handling rather business affairs, providing desirable male angle of view to her, to be complete, to be able to make correct, unbiased decisions by her estrogen female hormone and special female thinking. But he was already inside the conference hall, and she will come there later, as queens are always late, to raise the expectation, to raise their personal value and to strenghten their personal brand, including media publicity.

“You know, I am working here only part-time, as I started to study again, and I had some problems in life, with finance, with career… but it’s good, I like the job, you meet people, you learn about them, about their psychology, about the world,” the pretty barwoman confessed to Ivona, while cleaning some glasses, to keep the conversation going. “But one day, I will definitely apply for a job at Wu Corporation. I just want to be… ready, more experienced, knowing something about life. I lived in illusions too much, that solely my beauty can get me somewhere… and I fell on the ground, from all my dreams.

First, Germany, then, England, where I almost married… but now, I am back home, free, with some debts, starting again, from the lowest rank, but never mind. You need to cleanse your life from time to time.. when it sucks.”

“That’s certainly wise approach,” the blonde still watched something in her smartphone. “And what do you study?” she asked just from curiosity.

“Economics, Islamic banking,” the girl replied obediently.

“Oh, really? That’s interesting… and why did you choose such special field of study? You plan to go to the Midde East, to make a big career there?” Selnikova was quite surprised suddenly.

“Well,” the young bartender put away the cloth. “Except you, there is one more woman I admire, closer to my at age and background, as I am also a fashion model, from Czechoslovak Models agency.”

“You don’t say, that we have a common acquaintance,” Ivona laughed, showing her shining white teeth, a masterful work of a dentist at GHC Clinic for VIPs. “And what did you think during that famous technology convention of Dubai, where Maryam challenged me to choose the right side of our common Estrogen Conspiracy, calling us women to arms, and to fight with technology addiction?”

“Well, I just stared, I have to say,” the fashion model replied. “It was powerful, and everybody was surprised, that you didn’t feel insulted, or something, because she hit you hard in her speech. So people liked you yet more, that you are generous, like proper nobility… but Maryam really made an impression, and now, just two days later, all Prague and Czechia is still talking about it, praising her, that she was right, despite of being a Muslim, because when she removed that hijab of hers, she was simply a woman, who has something importnat to say, regardless of religious differences.

Some people agree, that we really need to disconnect, to unplug from Google and Facebook, as those are dangerous masterminds, stealing our data and souls, like Devil, and to break all that Internet addiction, making us to stare into phones all days…

Whereas others claim, that she only wanted to make a show for the media, and I read somewhere, that the whole audience in the hall was drugged during the event, as tabloid media reported, that someone poisoned the drinking water in the hall with some tasteless and odorless intoxicant, so all people, all that VIPs of the IT industry, they were under mind control, and there is a big Emirati investigation, the terrorists are suspected from the crime, but the Emirati Police found no trails and clear evidence so far, all the bottles disappeared, or what… there is a pretty conspiracy theory, and speculations circle through all pubs and cafés of Prague, like everywhere in the world.”

“This is, how you create worldwide publicity for the event,” Ivona said quite indifferently, considering the fact, that it was her, who knew very well about the dangerous content of certain batch of Perrier water, as she ordered this crime to be executed. “Tabloid media are just pawns of much bigger, hidden players… but you certainly know that… what is your name?”

“Tereza,” the girl waited obediently, until the older woman offers her hand for handshake. “I know Maryam personally, by the way. From the agency… but we were not so close… I mean, before her departure into the Emirates, all the fame, commotion… but I would lie to say, that I didn’t envy her.

We all Czech fashion models did, and some of us even slandered her widely, as she was shining too much, so we couldn’t tolerate it, to be so much humiliated by her, as she succeeded, and we failed, we never became international stars, like her, we never fulfilled our secret girlish dreams, like her…

It was us, providing filth for the sniffing tabloid media, and particularly her former best friend, Zuzana Jandova. Publicly, we really despised her for that, giving our hands away from her conspicuously… but in private, we wanted to embrace her, to thank her, that she restored order in our world, at least a little bit, so we could feel some nasty female satisfaction, when you feel your competitor damaged.”

Ivona watched and listened to the girl attentively, while checking her wrist watch, not to miss the event, to make a proper entree. Then, she simply raised her phone, and focused the integrated camera on Tereza’s face.

“I know, who you are,” she said then. “You are Tereza Lipanova… and we know, that you know her. This is the reason, why we spy on you. See my telephone? I just scan your face with OCR technology, like in a James Bond movie, it compares your photo with vast databases, both internal and external, provided by Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS, your name is revealed instantly, and I can open your complex personal file immediately, all the details about you, your life, all the filth and dirty wardrobe, hidden in your closet…

I can search for a keyword, execute basic and advanced analysis, using our supercomputing assets, to determine, what approach towards you is optimal, how to misuse your weaknesses, and I can see your exact position on the map, using GPS, Wi-Fi and other electronic tracking, including security cameras everwhere around, also equipped with OCR technology and face recognition… it even recognizes the way you walk, so no masking, wig, hat or sunglasses would help you to hide from us!

See? The red point on the map? Located at ‘V Celnici’ street right now? it’s your cellphone, reporting its position permanently and obediently, your little cute spy, which you carry in your pocket voluntarily, all the time, caressing him…

I can read your SMS messages, listen to your recorded calls, but I can even alter and fake your communications both ways, like sending a SMS to your beloved boyfriend, that you are finished with him, and many other interesting functions… a funny toy, isn’t it? So little it seems, and still so powerful!

The development cost… no, rather not to count it! It was a yearly budget of Zimbabwe! But you need to invest your money well… to multiply them. And with this cute invention… you have immense power of information.

A pocket Intelligence service, indeed an All Seeing Eye, watching everybody from the sky, it means satellites, and at your personal disposal, 24/7, as those machines don’t need to sleep, they never refuse your request… not speaking about real human assets of our feared Internal Affairs department, consisting mostly of former elite operatives of Intelligence agencies and Police, which I can call for additional analysis and information, or even executive action, it means thousand ways of elimination of all possible pests, standing in our way… including assassination, or in newspeak, ‘terminating services with extreme prejudice‘.

And why did those specialists and talents, who once pledged allegiance to the homeland, why did they change sides, starting to breach the law widely, and ruthlessly? Not for money, not for perks. We offered them simply more fun and satisfaction, unique ability to realize their ideas, to be somebody, to grow…

But let me tell you, Tereza, that ‘to know’, it’s not only a pleasant feeling. In certain way, I hate this invention. It ruins everythijng in life for you, like surprise, tension, expectation, illusions… you become empty, cold, distant, addicted on some occult wisdoms, provided by some technology, by lifeless indifferent machines, and the beauty of life is spoiled, because real life isn’t about certainty and total knowledge, it’s about joy and disappointment alike, about unexpected things, about not knowing everything, as it’s not natural.

So, I try to limit using the Eye, as much as I can, as I am not God, who knows everything, who created everything, so He has the right to know. And I don’t want to know… from very serious reasons.

Many times, some corporate fool approaches me, saying with that kind of most serious voice, like giving me a good counsel for free: ‘Hey, listen, he or she, your employee, it’s an Intelligence operative, sent to steal all the secrets from you, and to destroy you!’

And you know, what I do in that moment? I let the fool go from our services instantly, but not the one, who was marked as alleged traitor, the one who reported, who created this tension, bringing bad news, ruining good mood in the company.

We really don’t care, who sent those people originally! They can always change sides… if you are a good leader, if you use certain advanced psychological procedures on them, and this is, what we are able to do.”

“All such functions of spying… it doesn’t sound too legal,” Tereza smiled, but she didn’t seem so happy, hearing about so immense options of surveillance. “Unless you have the direct authority of the state… which you probably have, as they write in the media: ‘necessary privatization of the security apparatus for higher performance’, ‘enhancing security measures with new custom-built technology’… Big Data, connecting databases, saving costs, improving national security… ‘ultimate protection against omnipresent terrorist threat’, as Miroslav Kalousek from National Defence Commission always likes to say.”

The older woman smiled, when poor Kalousek was mentioned, and she liked the girl yet more.

“You know what, Tereza? You seem like an intelligent, fine young woman, and Wu Corporation can always make use of those. So, make a quick drink for me, before I will have to go! And you can tell me more about you, and your plans,” Ivona suggested then, and Tereza started to prepare the drink immediately, very pleased, that such a VIP has some interest in her.

Hoffmann-La Roche
Quarterly Summit
Hotel Marriott *****

“Dear friends,” a middle aged, slim and well-maintained man took the microphone with self-confidence, and all the chatter in the room quieted down.

“Welcome to our regular quarterly summit, which is very special this time, as today, after much of omnipresent secrecy, I am authorized to announce officially… that tomorrow, it will be a new day for our company,” he said with festivity, and all the crowd started applauding.

“So, friends… it’s final, fateful and public, you don’t have to hide and reject all the curious journalists any more,” the man said with smile and relief. “Exactly at midnight, it means in some six hours from this moment, we are merging with Chinese Wu Corporation, and whereas we will continue doing business in pharmaceuticals under our name, Wu will provide new financial resources for extended research, scientific personnel, and additional manufacturing capacity, so our launch of DIOXINE, planned this summer, will be successful, and it will become a real game-changer for our clients from Military and security services.

So, if this big change is real and it can’t be undone, I have a suggestion for you: let’s work today just a little bit longer, and then… let’s untie our ties, and go to a great club, to have a party, to celebrate, to be all together, when the fateful midnight will come, and all stars will start shining on the dark sky above us… yeah, let’s talk about the future, about past achievements, present feelings, and future challenges!

If you would ask me, how I feel… well, tired, like many of you, who worked days and nights to finalize the merger, as the Chinese demanded very thoroughful due diligence, they asked for many changes in the contract, probably to make us tired, exhausted and resignated, so we will sign them anything… and we did, eventually.”

All crowd started laughing, together with the man. But the true was, that both sides fought hard for their interests, and in the end, after hard work, backstage games, backstabbing, one accidental fatal car accident, one accidentally drowned executive, one kidnapped child by unknown culprits, after wide bribery and extortion, they found a mutually acceptable solution, and particularly price of the merger, which will remain classified forever, only speculations by the reporters of famous Forbes economic magazine will estimate its value in hundreds of billions of dollars in shares and cash, as DIOXINE was a real paradigm shift for the Military.

“It’s my pleasure to welcome our new friends between us,” the man continued. “Please, accept them with love and openness, as our future successes depend on all of us now, as a team, there is no place for sentiment and melancholy, dreaming about old way of doing things.”

An applause again, and all heads started turning, looking for unknown faces in the crowd, estimating, who those new corporate colleagues are, what it will be like, to work with them.

“I feel as appropriate, to invite a deputy of Wu Corporation to the stage now, so she will relieve me from my demanding duty, as public speeches are not my favorite part of job, you know that… so, will someone from Wu be so kind, and come between us?”

No one was coming, and people wondered, whether it’s a part of the show, or simply mishap, like a sign of bad luck, or utmost Chinese arrogance, to send a persuading message, that full submission is expected from their new corporate asset.

But then, she came… Ivona, dressed in her favorite business costume, simple, but high-qaulity and costly, with her shining long blonde hair and porcelain teeth of utmost whiteness.

She walked very nobly, even on high heels of her Prada shoes, smiling at all sides, but concentrated, balanced, radiating formidable energy from her, as a powerful social leader, a leading alpha-female.

“I love new days,” Selnikova said with enthusiasm and emotion. “You know, the new opportunities, maybe even fulfilled dreams… and we are in the big business together now, as my dear colleague said. We are one big team now, a big family, and although we will need to adjust many things, to provide the highest professional performance… today, this evening, which we live right now, the present moment, it’s the meantime, when we can contemplate and let go, to see the bigger picture of our business.

Some evil envious voices say, that pharmaceutical industry, it’s a filthy business with human suffering, offering allegedly miraculous substances to cure all diseases, but someone will rather fill their pockets in the end… well, let me assure you, that this was not the reason of our proposed transaction.

We didn’t acquire your company just to make money, just to make our portfolio of advanced defence products complete, to create a monopoly. We were well aware, that your ultimate pharmaceutical invention, the DIOXINE, is a critical measure to preserve national security of our country and whole free world, so our military forces will be able to face all upcoming challenges of ‘4th Generation Warfare’ and Assymetric Warfare, and victory in fight with any enemy will be yet more certain, so our freedom and way of life can be preserved… the mission, which we perceive as our utmost priority, regardless of costs and effort.

Many fools think, that human soldiers are outdated nowadays, and the future belongs to machines, from drones to robots with full AI, able to make decisions independently at the battlefield, without human supervision. But the world and technology is simply not that advanced yet, and it’s the most certain, that soldiers, it means humans, people like us, will be still a critical part of our defence capabilities for many years to come.

And DIOXINE, your miracle, will allow them to become yet more effective tools of warfare. After using this non-addictive drug, which is well sustained by most of the people, without any serious side effects, the operator’s senses, mental and physical capabilities are much improved, and he or she loses any fear of death or injury, whereas his or her basic survival instincts and rational thinking are preserved, so he or she won’t make some crazy sacrifice without higher sense.

DIOXINE is a fulfilled dream of all generals for creating a perfect soldier, which is able to fulfill his combat tasks with utmost efficiency, either alone, or in a team, for at least six hours since application, and in future, this period will be certainly yet prolonged, so even an extended combat situation can be successfully resolved… all that demanding, stressful urban firefights, which put the military personnel under extreme pressure, as the enemy can be waiting anywhere, to execute an ambush.

But with DIOXINE, all the lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan, which our dear American allies acquired for highest price, paying with lives and health of their military heroes, can be put into a new perspective, as any soldier, improved with the effect of DIOXINE, becomes fully able to meet all demaning challenges of modern counter-insurgency operations.

For example, if our soldiers will have to fight with hostile women, even children, as very special enemies. Imagine, that you will send your military men and women, professionals, with quality training, motivated, into a war zone, where the sturdy enemy uses women and children, after their men were successfully annihilated by your forces.

Let’s be honest: to face such kind of adversary, it will make your men and women not able to push the trigger, as it would go directly against their conscience, instincts, raising hesitation and fear in them, effectively lowering their combat capability. And if they do push the trigger, they will feel regret and pity, even hatred towards their own officers and generals, who sent them into this crazy war, forcing them to do such terrible things, because killing women and children can never be justified with any claims of ‘imminent security threat’ and ‘protecting comrades in arms from danger’. You will simply return home with blood on your hands, and only a few can live with this, not influenced, not having serious psychological problems.

But with DIOXINE in their blood system, our heroes are still able to work under set Rules of Engagement, bypassing their doubts, and the chemical assures them in right decision, when to push the trigger, to avert various threats properly.

In other way, DIOXINE doesn’t make killing machines from men and women. It only limits the influence of negative feelings, which are becoming obstacles, and the enemy can deliberarely use them against you, like sending very unexpected, special and extremely dangerous warriors, women and children.

Thus, it also protects the soldiers from PSTD, post traumatic stress disorder, which makes wrecks of them, as Iraqi and Afghani war experience showed. With this protection and altered perception of their combat actions, they can serve longer, maintain their effectiveness, and they will be able to return to civilian life, not in need of extensive health and psychological care, in the cost of billions.

With DIOXINE, our heroic military forces, defenders of peace, territorial integrity and freedom, can fulfill their pledge to the homeland, without their devotion undermined by such treacherous techniques, like sending women and children is… but such moves have to be expected, when facing the terrorist enemy.

One day, and soon, we all will be proud for our creation. Together, we will continue working, to make this miracle the most useful tool for a soldier, even more, than his assault rifle.”

Fashion Club

A loud music plays inside the club and expensive drinks are served, wheras Ivona and her entourage are enjoying the view from the roof of “Kotva” (=”The Anchor”) shopping mall, where the Fashion Club is located, at the top floor, providing immensely deep experience, when you see the ancient city of Prague from the vast terrace, all that countless towers, infidel churches, historical landmarks, admired by masses of tourists.

For today’s evening, the club is reserved, and miserable worthless fools from the street are kept outside, but certain VIPs are allowed to slip in, those who made a contract with Wu’s Showbiz Center in advance, that they will seem as social leaders, invited to even the most high-profile VIP parties, to reinforce their personal brand… and this party, although quite modest and not so loud, has utmost importance for many business, political and military affairs of Czechia.

Presence of VIPs, fashion models, celebrities, singers, is desirable, to make the corporate environment cool and sexy, not just enclosed in air-conditioned offices, far from common people, but mingling, active, open, shining… to attract yet more keen recruits for hungry Wu Corporation, a mill, changing fools and weak losers into devastating tools of corporate warfare.

Indeed, these Wu rats know something about perfect promotion of themselves, or others… they are not dependent on those fake celebrities, they can create them or destroy them, as they like, that’s why they have the Media Operations (MEDIAOPS) department, so they can make the celebs obliged to their present and future interests, just by giving them the privilege of invitation, under one condition: you won’t play your solo celebrity game, but to work for Wu’s interests, even if just smiling at the party, talking to people, entertaining them.

No, Wu Corp are not paying any money to anyone, although they could buy the whole miserable country.. but they simply believe, that money corrupts people, and it doesn’t create trustworthy assets, so Wu uses much different strategies for managing human resources, close to Sectarian procedures (CORPSEC).

However, on the surface, it all still looks like a mere good VIP party, where countless bottles of high-quality French champange are opened with exciting explosions, but corporate people are careful in drinking, to keep decency, to show, that they are responsible, not some foolish beginners, as in Wu Corporation, you are always watched.

The moderator of the evening, Leos Mares, whose media fame seriously declined in the last years, is really grateful, that Wu Corporation chose just him, and he can get a new chance, as after this evening, he will be presented as a steady star again, so he will have more work contracts… and his participation didn’t cost Wu a dime, although in the media, there will be deliberately inflated speculations, that Wu Corp paid him his “usual fee”, 10.000 USD for some three hours of his presence, as they appreciate his professional services so much, improving his personal brand desirably…

But Ivona doesn’t care about those tiny things, managed by her subordinates, her interest is in big picture. Whereas she is standing on the edge of the terrace, close to the handrail, and under her is the scary deep abyss, she seems to be thinking about something.

“Aren’t you afraid?” a familiar male voice behind her asks. “That you will fall… or that someone will push you over this quite low handrail? You must have many enemies… and it would be so easy to get rid of you! If I would be bribed by someone, for example… just one quick move, and you will fall five floors downstairs, your body will be crushed on the ground mercilessly… such a miserable end for such a woman of influence… and I will tell the Police, that you simply fell, leaning over the handrail carelessly, admiring the view, and I didn’t push you… maybe I would even avoid prison!”

“Such thing could happen indeed… maybe it would be much safer, to make the event on the safe ground, but not in a cellar, where I could drown in a quick flood, or if the roof would collapse,” Ivona replies with smile, without even turning towards the man, still enjoying the view.

“But there is no safe place in the world… and there is no risky place. Depends on your perception of the world, and life,” she says quite philosophically. “And I chose the light. I don’t want to know about any threats, and if you will talk about them, I won’t believe you, marking you as a fool. I want to be dumb and ignorant too. Then, you are happy in life…

Anyway, thank you for the speech today! It was positive, and people from Hoffmann-La Roche will certainly accept more easily, that Wu will be in control now. We talk about merger, but everybody knows, that it was simply buyout… but it’s good to give people illusions, so they digest the unpleasant truth more easily.

Moreover, why should they care too much? The sun will rise tomorrow again. Why to be bothered by everything, what happens in the world?”

The man, around fifty years of age, older than Ivona, but good looking, slim and well mantained, joins her, and they are watching the red roofs around, and deep abyss below them. Indeed, many people don’t last there for too long, rather stepping back, searching for safety, farther from the handrail, which divides their world.

“We all knew, that DIOXINE will change everything… and that in the end, we will hold the short end of the rope,” the man says with a sigh. “Too much interests, too much hungry wolves around… your company at the first place, buying everything with slightest value for defence industry.”

“You are the last person to complain,” Ivona said quite toughly. “And remember, that in mere two hours, you will become one of my countless subordinates, not a friend from a club, who can open his mouth freely, as he wants. So watch your tongue, and be loyal to your new masters. This is the first and last advice I am giving you, in my endless generosity.”

“I am a man, I make my own decisions, and for me, you are just a bitch, nothing more, an agressive sectarian fraudster slut, that’s what you are,” the man was not impressed with this open threat. “I know, from where you are coming from… Silesia, the forgotten, poor and miserable region, far from noble Prague, where everybody smells like coal, where everybody drinks the smuggled cheap alcohol from Poland, where you started with your primitive Ponzi schemes, together with Ales Buksa and Jiri Cernota, your famous trinity of fraudsters, brainwashing people, making them your slaves, as you read in some books about ‘advanced management of human resources’…

And you were nobody, just a few years ago, when you would only lick my shoes, you would suck my dick for a good corporate position, bitch… and then, a miracle happened, the Chinese came, they chose you, and they raised you to the dais… well, you made a fortune indeed, I tell you that… but don’t expect any respect from me.

I don’t know, what will happen tomorrow… whether I will be let go just in the morning… but I will simply not bend, like all that other fools, who do it from fear, for money… but once you bend, you bend your whole life.”

“A speech of a man,” Ivona acknowledged those powerful words calmly. “Let’s make it an open matter, what do you say? Tomorrow, maybe you will see things differently… including me, or maybe not, and I will destroy you so harshly, that you will take your family, and you will flee to Africa.

I will do it just for fun… not as a proper compensation for all that insults you said, maybe there was even some truth inside them… but who cares about the truth?

Look around you, what is the world we are living in! All is quick and superficial, including communication, emotions, love and sex… I just adapted, I made good choices, and escaped the poor region of coal miners, making big international career.

I like, how you watch me right now, with the eye of an eagle… how much you would like to throw me downstairs, to be a man, to prove it to me, and the world, your manly power and decisiveness, even for the highest price, that your children will grow up without father.

Imagine… if you would do it, you would become a part of history, which is full of assassins, who changed everything, just with a slight move of their hand, with mere push of a trigger… if there wouldn’t be some things, holding you back!

Just remember, your family… your young wife, a symbol of your new start, your second round, your big opportunity to be young again… and those cute curly children, so small, so innocent, so curious, so positive… living a VIP dream in a noble villa near Prague, with a big beautiful garden, built from light materials, rather wood than bricks, rather ZEN balance than flashy wealth, and you will send them into that modern and trendy ‘Waldorf’ school, where they will play with real wooden toys, like in the medieval ages, before all that electronic madness…

It’s true, that one day, and maybe soon, only miserable losers at the bottom of the society will be still connected, to forget their misery, to live their fake dreams, to escape from reality… yeah, instead of drinking or taking drugs, they will simply connect and remain there, as disconnecting and returning into the grey oppressing world would kill them… for those victims, there will be no way back, but you won’t feel any pity for them, will you?

‘They simply made bad choices, and they need to carry responsibility for them’, I hear you saying.

And I am really nobody, as you said. You are a corporate aristocracy, a blue blood, whereas I am a miserable bitch from Silesia, and I always will be, it’s my nature, my destiny, and no Prada dresses and Amwaj jewellery can change that. Maybe I have this female miracle between legs, which allows to open many doors for me… but otherwise, what remains? Just a dream.

Right now, maybe you have my fate in your manly hands, you have the power and control over the most powerful woman of the world, a very unique situation… that’s true, and certainly pleasant, you feel blessed, born on a lucky star…

Or under the sign of Allah, as your daughter would maybe say? I presume, that you know, which daughter I mean? That young bright woman from your first marriage, who is far away from here right now, and she will never return, from several most severe reasons. All doors are closed for her now, and forever.

Don’t you miss her? I wonder… she is really great, and still, you ignore her, you are so cold… why? Are you so cruel, so bad father, did she disappoint you so much, or is there someone else?”

“Like many things and relationships in life, it’s complicated,” the Papa said. “Normally, I wouldn’t reply at all, as we are professionals, and the last thing we should discuss, are the sensitive family matters… however, the truth is, that you are maybe the only person, who ever asked me about this affair with my daughter, although I am certain, that it didn’t happen just like that, from your sincere interest, you rather read it in some secret personal file, which you certainly possess about me, and everybody… and if I should really reply, because you would be my most trustworthy friend… than what I would say?

I certainly love Marketa… or Maryam. But she has something inside her, you know, what really disturbs me, and keeps me in distance from her… I never understood, what this problem is, but let me tell you this: when she is around, I feel not good, not relaxed, in tension… and why? I don’t know.

Like if I would be too scared of all that love and suppressed emotion she has in her heart towards me… that it will take my freedom, my clean mind, if I will let her to release it, that I will drown in it… like if she would want to become a weight on my neck, so I will carry her through life, she will only whisper into my ear, ‘Daddy, I love you’, but I will be choking… this is not the kind of life I want, and I will really pay any price for my freedom!

It’s true, that freedom was always so important for me. Maybe too much. And Marketa, her approach towards me since her childhood, she gave me no other choice. It was never about doubts. Sometimes, you simply know, what is right… you feel.

Of course, that I feel bad. I even didn’t tell her, what I feel, but how can I, if I am a man, who should be silent, and actions should speak for him, instead of words?

However, I know, that she thinks about it whole her life, why and what is happening? But a man can’t talk about things. I know, that I would say something dumb and bad, she would misunderstood… in the end, the best approach is simple silence.

She calls me, maybe she is stressed, she wants my good advice, she has the right for it, she is my daughter… and I don’t pick up. I watch the display, my hand and heart wants to pick up… but the mind, that self-preservation instinct, keeps me passive, because I know, that this is the best of all choices.

Or we meet. Before I meet her, I am fine, happy, content… she comes, and I can hardly breathe. I know, what she feels, that I betrayed her, I ran away from her, she lost father, who established a new family, like a traitor and a rat…

And her mother keeps saying this nasty tale to her all the time, pouring this poison into her ears, to have a lever against me, to fill her with hate, so she can also control her yet better… she is the winner in the end, sending all people against each other, whereas she is in the middle of all the alliances, a very beneficial situation for her, to micromanage people around her, to manipulate them, as she likes.

Anyway, if I want to be a man, to remain one, I simply have to let this affair be. And Marketa suffers… but what sense would it have, that I would suffer too?

You said, that she is a fine woman, and I agree, she really surpassed all my expectations, as a daughter… I met with her few days ago, but even with all that big international fame and shining aura around her, even with all that permanent Islamic talk, like, that Allah created us all and all destiny depends on His will… when she comes, when she is with me… she is still only the little girl again, you understand?

The only thing, which changed, as she is fully mature now, and able to think about things rationally, that she discovered a new possible option, how to breach my defenses… her own sexuality, feminity, its endless options, how to disarm even a superior enemy. But she only hurts herself… as I don’t react, she only lowers her self-confidence and self-esteem, feeling rejected.

This is, what really bothers me… that she is able to do just anything, to achieve what she wants, going much farther, than anyone else. Here, she wants a father… there, she wants to be some Islamic Princess, or what… but inside her, it’s all about something unhealthy, about madness, and it scares me, that her mother gave her this dark gift, and Marketa yet enhanced it, she combined it with apparent innocence and weakness, so you never suspect to be a player.

Her mother is obvious and direct, you know, what is happening, or at least you feel it, that she is a bitch, and so on. And I appreciate it, because this way of acting is easily understood and contained by my male nature. Maybe this is even the reason, why I fell in love with Ivana, several decades ago, as she impressed me in all senses. She seemed like that strong alpha-female, you know, who is not a burden, not a liability, not a weak link.

But Marketa is much different. She is much more insidious, never showing the truth, keeping all secrets to herself, hiding in shadows, apparently passively, until she strikes suddenly, but very slowly and inconspicuosly, and then she retreats immediately, back into darkness, like a serpent, so you never catch her, doing any clear move, any act at all…

And as a wise man, you know the basic rule, to stay away from such unpredictable women, which you can’t read, who never reveal who they are, so you can’t win, because such enemy can’t be defeated… she will always find a way, how to get the upper hand, without you noticing.

With her mother, you simply realize, that she played you, sooner or later… but never with Marketa. You can’t ever be sure about her. She is shapeless, like those Chinese of yours… no, I can’t afford to search for the truth inside my daughter. I would only get lost in her vast, sticky female world of endless emotions and sensitivity, she would drag me there softly, talking about love, which I owe to her… but once you get lost there, you can’t ever get away, as she will discover your weak spots, and she will play them with mastery… you become her real slave.

Again, if I compare Marketa with her mother… Ivana is rather brutal and direct, like a knight, but Marketa is soft, she never gets angry, she rather plays that victim, and it makes her most dangerous… and scaring.

No, seriously, I don’t remember even one single moment, when I would see her in anger, or in some real emotion, with her face red, losing control of herself, crying, shouting… you can’t read her, predict her, she is miraculously balanced, at least superficially, and it makes you uneasy.

She is out of any pattern, her tactics is superior, but you will never know, whether it’s just a coincidence, related to her soft feminine soul, or deliberate moves of a clever woman, who always masks herself and her real intentions well, who achieves, what she wants, sooner or later, and once she takes her aim towards you, the result is decided in advance.

Well, so much about my daughter… I wish her all the best, but in the name of my own survival and welfare, I stay away from her. It’s the best from all bad choices.”

“But aren’t you scared too, that she hates you, plotting some revenge against you, playing weak good daughter, still waiting for your deserved love, but willing to repay you all the disappointment with one brutal strike, once you become too soft and open the doors for her?” Ivona was curious.

“I don’t want to risk finding out the truth, whether she is a loving innocent daughter, or a real female monster, surpassing her mother thousand times,” the man presented his strict stance. “Now you understand, why I keep away from her? She really has a motive to hate me… and women are very patient and resourceful, when planning her revenge.

Sometimes, she calls me, and instead of thinking, that my poor daughter needs me, there is that red light, warning me: DANGER!

I know, it’s so terrible to speak about my little girl this way… but I learned to listen to my instincts in life… and what is between is? Only some illusion of alleged connection, which only she creates, using to lure me into spider’s nets…

Moreover, after she converted to Islam… all became yet more complicated, and very dangerous, that’s how I perceive her. If I couldn’t read her before… what remains now, when she has her mind full of Allah and Qur’an… it’s a pure fear on my side!

I would be a complete fool, to make just one step closer towards her… who is she, anyway? She says, ‘I am submitted only to Allah, He is my sole master’… so, in her life, there is no place for me anyway, we have nothing to discuss! She lives there, in the Emirates, an Islamic land, living Islam, she is not some local convert, corrupted by our infidel world and its endless seduction to sins…

But I am a man, and it’s in my nature, to control my territory… and she says, ‘I have a different ruler, who is the only one deity, unlike you, daddy, a mere worthless mortal, who will pass’… she has her Allah, so what does she wants from me? To satisfy her madness, that no one can resist her? Be it emir of Dubai, or her father?

Hey… thinking about it, I would like to have a beer with the Sheikh Al Maktoum, her husband, you know, to chat about Marketa… but he doesn’t drink, does he?”

“All right, but still… if you would get two options, either to be killed, or to fuck your daughter… you wouldn’t choose death, like a fool, I presume? You would simply fuck her… woman like woman, pussy like pussy. Maybe you would even like it… you know, final connection, to please your little girl, as she desires so much…” Ivona asked the most strange question, far from any common conversation.

“Woman… you are really sick, and unfair, as you give me no real option to choose my answer here. It’s complete nonsense, what you ask… a typical example of a female foul play, so typical for your sick gender,” Papa shook his head, not believing his own ears. “This wicked conversation is over, and I am going to join other colleagues, to have some real party and relax… I spent too much time with you, and your sick thoughts.”

“Sure, and don’t miss the midnight surprise!” Ivona said with merry voice.

When she was alone again, she took her smartphone, where some important file was opened, and her face became stone cold.

She will have to make an important decision… but she is enjoying it, as this affair goes far beyond the expected borders of the corporate world, it’s not boring and about mere numbers, there is more… love, obsession, passion, emotions, human sexuality, weakness, dreams… just as Ivona likes it, to create a magic mixture, as a perfect witch, controlling occult power.

And she will create the fate of this man. Maybe he should really throw her down from the roof, to prevent her from controlling his life… but he missed his chance, and now, she will throw him.

This is, how Wu Corporation breaks any resistance, changing proud men and self-confident women to corporate puppets. Nothing personal…

Wu Corporation
Internal Affairs (IA) department
Security File # 247174y510987h3df8709

Warning: This is a Code Orange File. Any person(s) found in possession of this highly sensitive material without adequate Level 6 Security Clearance or immediate reporting to the higher authority will be immediately prosecuted and extrajudicially punished under WU’s Special Order 43875.


Dear Mrs. Executive Director,

it’s my pleasure to inform you, that with effective help of our deployed moles (=internal agents of influence) inside Jerusalem branch of Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, and wiretapping Mossad comms via Bezeq International, our business asset, we were finally able to determine the mission of an elite female Israeli operative, currently located at Czech national territory, which was suspected to influence our Asset A102, codename SKINNY PUPPY, citizen name Marketa Korinkova Maryam, nowadays Maryam Al Maktoum, known also as Islamic Princess Maryam, located at United Arab Emirates.

This suspected connection is viable indeed, but the asset herself is not the target of the operation, at least directly: instead, her father is the object, codename PAPA BEAR, a highly positioned executive of Hoffmann-La Roche multinational pharamaceutical company, merging with Wu Corp recently. Therefore, important economic interests and even corporate espionage can’t be excluded.

However, as we were informed, this target was chosen by Mossad from a very strange reasons: as a revenge, payback or retribution for a similiar seduction operation, executed by a male operator of Czech Special Forces against an elite Israeli cultural and media asset, an A-class Hollywood actress, called Gal Gadot, causing great media uproar and humiliation of state of Israel, which the Jews are not willing to tolerate, or forget.

The female operative was sent to seduce PAPA BEAR, as he is the father of an elite Islamic asset, originally involved in a Czech-Israeli influence operation against highest royal structures of Middle East, Operation SKINNY PUPPY, where both Mossad and Czech Special Forces participated originally. It seems, that Israelis simply want to settle the open accounts, but additional tasks, regarding Asset A102, thus jeopardizing Wu’s key interests, can’t be excluded.

Available stats of the Israeli operative, originating from her Mossad personal file:

Citizen name: NATALY HAY
Education: University of Haifa, Arabic culture
Age: 29 Height: 164 cm Weight: 55 kg Body: Athletic/Curvy Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown
Special marks:
– a tattoo, a little David star, located at left left side of the pussy gap (hidden from a superficial body check, not to be seen during her shows, but to indicate her affiliation to the Jewry), size 2 cm
– shining white teeth of porcelain origin
– artificially enlarged breasts (the procedure was executed at GHC Clinic)
Cover: Belly Dancer
Military rank: IDF Captain
Honey Traps, Seduction Ops, Training of operatives
Known special skills:
martial arts (Krav Maga), handling assault weaponry, explosives, combat knives, strangling wires, poisons and toxins, witchcraft, tarot cards, fortune-telling and black magic, cryptography, basic espionage procedures, HUMINT through seduction, arts of love
Known weaknesses:
left knee, after sports injury, right wrist, a shrapnel wound damaged her nerve fibres, sustained during her obligatory military service in 2008, at Gaza strip, after a Palestinian rocket attack

After reviewing all possible Intelligence items and relations, we strongly suggest to prevent PRINCESS OF HAIFA from succeeding at her mission, as any infiltration of Hoffmann-La Roche corporate structures, just around present critical economic merger with Wu, can have most serious unforeseen consequences, regarding the DIOXINE drug, developed by the company, which WU wants to obtain for interests of military-industrial complex.

And there is one more thing: according to SKINNY PUPPY’s personal file and detailed psychological assessment, she has very strong affiliation to her father, even in sexual sense: as he denied her as daughter, left the family and broke contact, she developed very unhealthy emotional relationship towards him, including clear incestuous thoughts, as she hopes to use her mature female body to seduce him, if she failed to attach him as a child, to achieve a remedy at last, and to force him to finally accept her, so she can get close to him, as she dreamed since childhood, but never succeeded.

Thus, if this other woman will succed in this task instead of Maryam, particularly an Israeli Jewess, and the asset will get to know, SKINNY PUPPY will get cold in her feelings toward her father, as sleeping with a Jewess will be the most humiliating thing for the Muslim woman…

In other words, if we will allow this to happen, we can lose a very effective psychological lever against SKINNY PUPPY, as it was originally planned, to start working on PAPA BEAR, when we will obtain wider access to him, after the merger, and get him onto our side, as additional control entity of SKINNY PUPPY, except her sister, codename LUNAR SMILE: his influence on the Muslim asset is extreme, thus, his procurement would be most beneficial for WU’s general interests.

In conclusion, this potential sexual affair of PAPA BEAR and PRINCESS OF HAIFA can:

1) Limit our influence on SKINNY PUPPY, making us to lose control over her
2) Create an undesirable Israeli mole inside Hofmann-La Roche corporation
3) Send our potential VIP male collaborator and asset into foreign grasp

Therefore, we suggest:

1) to put both PAPA BEAR and PRINCESS OF HAIFA under closest surveillance immediately, including deploying of covert human assets of Wu
2) counter action against PRINCESS OF HAIFA, executed either under false flag of SKINNY PUPPY herself (“Muslim daughter defending her beloved father against a relationship with a Jewess”), or to involve Czech Muslim radicals (CCM Wahhabis from Teplice)
3) activating Wu’s elite media assets, particularly Asset A17, Pavel Novotny from Heavy Slander tabloid magazine, to create an attractive tale of a love conspiracy, for future use against PAPA BEAR, to get him to our side, against SKINNY PUPPY, to have a material to damage her, and against PRINCESS OF HAIFA in person, eventually also the Mossad agency – particularly connection with Jewish Militia SHALOM seems very viable…

Ivona didn’t need to read any more, she knew enough already, and her conversation with the man provided her additional insights, so without further hesitation, she wrote her reply and instructions:

1) APPROVED. Deploy SUKAs immediately, type B4 (=covert human helpers for subversive and supportive action, type B – female gender, level 4 – aged 21-28) for potential use during this night. Locations: Fashion Club, Marriott Hotel
2) HOLD ANY ACTION. Observe only. Important update below.
3) APPROVED. Inform the Media Ops department, that I want at least ten different media drafts of this affair, where an additional asset will be used: codename GOLDEN SPHINX. These drafts will be on my table at 6.00 in the morning, and Asset A17 present in my office personally, to choose the best one, so the morning web issue of Heavy Slander magazine can contain new explosive affair, and to hit all involved parties hard.


“Tereza, I am glad, that you joined us!” Ivona welcomed the fashion model, whom she met in the Bourbon Bar previously, when Selnikova’s subordinates informed her about Terezita’s arrival.

To Tereza’s utmost and pleasant surprise, the older woman embraced her, and kissed her on cheeks, like if they would be some old female friends. It was always a clear sign, that Ivona accepts you, and you are more than a pawn for her.

“Some fools believe in success, as a reward for all the hard work, but I would say, that it’s rather about being at the right place, at the right time… and this luck met you today, as you can be useful for us, during this big night,” Ivona said festively, when both women sat to a table, and their drinks were served. “In other words, I have an exciting mission for you… take it as a primary admittance test, where you can prove your complex capabilities to us. I remember, that you have been trained as a Police undercover operative to infiltrate the Islamic extremist structures, haven’t you? You can prove your skills to us today… take it as an entertaining challenge.

Now, let me tell yout about the package we can offer as repayment, if you will succeed in this mission. I am talking about instant and massive career, starting just tomorrow, when Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid media magazine in our possession, will hit the Internet, and second day, the news stands with its paper edition, where the whole affair will be yet enhanced and inflated. And you will be there, depicted as a shining successful young woman, a leader, a sexy cold witch… your personal brand will skyrocket in the matter of minutes.

You can become our new star, our new black horse, hitting international scene as a lightning… you know, that we can create such things instantly and effectively. You help us, and we will help you… you said, that you study the Islamic banking… so, what about an internship at the Middle East?

In some big bank, where you will make a good professional name, you will appreciate the Islamic system, that their way of finance is inspiring, when they take no filthy interest from the money, to avoid usury, a sin in Islam, ou will befriend will local business female elite, like Aysha Al Mudahka from Qatar… but don’t worry, you don’t have to convert to Islam, as our old good Maryam. You will be a balanced, cold female professional, just like you look… but no mingling with Muslims this time, no hijabs, rather infidel arrogance and distance, do you get my meaning?

That will be your personal brand, an aggressive, arrogant VIP Western bitch, having open disdain for Muslims, to provoke them into madness and anger, so they will start making mistakes and submit… who will become the best friend with Sara Al Madani, called Miss Middle East, wearing the royal title of Her Excellency… imagine that powerful duo of you sluts!

She, dark, mysterious, seductive, artistocratic, and you, bright, and cold, as an ice aristocratic queen, with real noble background, which we will create for you, faking all the historical records in the archives home and abroad, so everything will be the most persuasive… anyway, a perfect combination, you two women, two completely different types, a balance of nature, and perfect battering ram, when working in perfect synergy, apparently corrupting each other, so fools will think, that both of you still stand on the right side!

You will be beloved by infidels, who will appreciate, that even at that seducing Islamic culture, you remain an unbeliever, like them, not betraying them, as Maryam did, and Muslims will want to hunt you down, a elite dove, and to fuck you… and Sara, she will look like a modern Western woman, a future of Islam, so foolish Muslims will lift her to the dais of influence, and infidels will want to fuck her, not hating her… perfect!

Can you imagine all the options for media publicity here? You two will visit the best VIP parties of Dubai, shining there, like brightest stars, like two suns, you will have affairs with all the royals and VIPs of the Middle East, we will write, how Faris Al Kooheji from Bahrain fell in love with you, and Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, son of Bahraini president, with her… the most influential men will fight for your affection, like fools, like medieval knights, you will be two elite princesses, recreating the phenomenon of chivalry and male fight for elite brides, fools will compose poems for you… oh, how all women of the world will envy you, reading tales about you, wishing to be at your place…!

We simply improved the whole procedure of social infiltration into the VIP circles. No more conspiracies, no more fools from government, with their secrecy and murders! We will make a sexy reality show from it all, and you will be our star, as you are simply the right person!

Yeah, I see, that you want to know, what we want from you in exchange, if we are willing to give you such nice gifts… so, here it is:

Do you see that man over there? Standing in the center of that group of business people? Look there, but very inconspicuosly, like only we women we can do! He wears a blue shirt, just narrating something to some fools…

I want you to seduce him! At least superficially, to get into a ‘situation’ with him, it means to disappear into privacy with him, and staying there for a few hours, indicating a sexual affair… you don’t have to sleep with him, just offer him some intelligent conversation instead, drink some wine together… but it has to take place in a business suite of the Marriott Hotel, so he won’t go home, to his family, at least yet… and keep him close to the window, so we can make some nice pictures of you together, having good time in the decent privacy of a hotel room, so his wife will be certainly pleased, how interesting and colorful social life her beloved husband lives!

But this is the first problem, that he is not some cheap fool, who will succumb to your charm and magic easily. He is a top business executive, but also quite devoted and responsible family man, balanced, with male integrity, not obsessed to hunt for some young fashion models, and his young beautiful wife is something, a professor of Arts at the Charles University, no cheap slut, aging quickly and denying sex from him…

But don’t worry, we will help you, equipping you with our reputated assault chemicals, PHE-X, and we will provide wide support for you, overt and covert alike, as we will have full control over the scene. The night is just starting, and many moves can be made…

However, there is yet another problem. There is a foreign woman, sent here to seduce the man, and today, this same night. And I mean completely: not just games, like we want to do, the opposite side wants to have a real affair, real sex, real physical connection, real evidence.

This woman is not an amateur, but a top operative of an elite foreign Intelligence agency… her specialization is Female Warfare, and she comes from a country, where weakness can mean destruction of the homeland, so believe, that she is very devoted to her mission, and she will do just anything to succeed, and I don’t mean only innocent female games, how to overtake her competitors.

We could stop her easily, but we have reasons to leave her in the game, as your competitor. Not to test you yet more, she is not our pawn against you, she is real… but we want to defeat her in a fair fight… and you will be the one, who will steal all fame and success from her, so she will return home sad and destroyed, as she failed, and she can’t say with certainty, that we intervened.

You understand me well? It has to be all clean, so we can send a message.

Now, we need to arrange some innocent situation, where you three will be together, and you can defeat her directly, woman to woman, sister against sister, law of the stronger, to get to the resources, which this man represents… and you work in the Bourbon Bar, which is the most useful fact!

I need you to return to work, I will make some calls, I have friends in the management there… no questions will be asked, your colleague simply won’t feel well, it can happen, the PMS, premenstruation syndrome, her head is aching, so they will call you, as a reliable colleague, to be so kind, and to return to work from a VIP party, as there is no other substitute available… and the bar will be full of corporate people this night, who will go there, to a last drink, before going to sleep at the suites upstairs, around two o’clock.

Can you see, in what perfect situation you are? The Israelis will hardly suspect, that you are our asset, because you really work there, and you are not filed as an active asset in Wu databases, only an object of surveillance, one of thousands!

You will be a mere barmaid, who simply likes challenges, to steal interesting VIP men from their sexy female companions, just for fun… he will come with her, but you will be a black horse, smiling at him, distracting him… you know, what I mean.

We will let her to open her game, everything will go well her, she will think… but then… this will happen, an unpleasant surprise for your competitor: you!

Well, you know enough… it’s time to make your choice, which can influence many years to come, maybe your whole future life. So, are you in, with us, with me? Will you ride on your lucky star, which occured at the night sky just today, after all that misery and failures?”

“I really can’t believe my luck… and you will never hear ‘no’ from me,” Tereza said in utmost enthusiasm. “What you ask from me, is easy as a breeze… it will be a pleasure! We barmaids are bitches… and we are paid generously for it, that’s a part of job, which we love!

The money, the freedom, the power over guests… most of the time, you are cold, proud and distant to the guests, rejecting all courtship and miserable attempts of men, with deliberate arrogance, to provoke them to give you yet bigger tip, when they are drunk and feel so strong, while not demanding anything from you, as they see, that you are strong, and any action over the line will be punished instantly…

But one day, you suddenly do something different, becoming soft and tamed, apparently interested, playing with a man, not resisting to him, maybe to keep some balance in your nature… or maybe we are just humans too?

Any of us barmaids says loudly, that ‘never with a guest’, as it’s forbidden by the management anyway… but what is the practice? We all sleep with guests from time to time, as we meet so many people, that sooner or later, someone will come, disarming us, sending the cold bitch inside us home, at least temporarily…

But I want to ask you for a favor, which would further improve my skills, let’s say… I need 5.000 USD as an immediate ‘motivating bonus’, and I want the money now. You know, when those banknotes will be in my pocket, warming me there, I will be much more relaxed… and I need to be relaxed, to succeed, you see.”

Ivona didn’t say a thing, she didn’t wonder, object or negotiate, she simply called her female assistant, serving as a driver and bodyguard too, she whispered her something, and soon, she had the demanded money in her hand, as her team always carried plenty of cash, for cases of instant bribery needs, or to make an easy impression… or simply for shopping in famous Parizska street, full of luxury and shiny shops of the most reputated fashion brands of the world.

“Deal?” Ivona said with smile, giving the banknotes to Tereza, after she packed them into a Louis Vuitton scarf carefully, like a saleswoman at the LV boutique, to be stylish in any situation. “And keep the scarf, it’s a gift.”

“I am your girl, now and forever,” Terezita said with deepest affection… next day, she will pay all the bothering debts, she will be free… able to breath freely again, and to enjoy the great chance she was given, by an intervention of God, or pure luck maybe. But who cares? Grasp it, when the doors are open! Don’t hesitate! Don’t let your big chance to slip’ Don’t be a fool, finally, at least once in your life! This is the chance you were waiting for so long, girl!

“You won’t see me at bar, as the opposite side could become suspicious, and the man himself as well,” Ivona said goodbye to her new asset then, which will be designated as GOLDEN SPHINX since then. “Now I need to disappear completely, before the midnight show will start, but I will watch your progress… my female assistant will give you further instructions, so you will leave back to the bar together, at once.

See you in your new life, Tereza!”

“The woman, who is coming now, is the most reputated belly dancer of the Middle East,” Leos Mares announced the next cultural supplication of the party festively, so there will be some exciting action, some show, after Radka Fisarova, a VIP Czech singer, sang a song about love.

“Her name is Nataly Hay, and she comes from distant Israel, which is the most important country for Czechia, our principal military ally,” the presenter said with serious voice. “It’s only the state of Israel, which stands as a firm wall in the way of ever expanding Islamism, a mortal threat to our society, culture, government and way of life… it was the Islamic extremists, who kidnapped my beloved wife Monika Maresova, and forced her to convert to Islam in from of a camera, broadcasting their horrible crime into the whole world, so I started to see this matter very personally, becoming a devoted opponent of rising Islamism in Czechia, particularly in Teplice region, and it was Israel, our friend, who offered us to help with catching and punishing the culprits of this unprecedented crime, but the weak Czech government denied this offer, from the reasons hardly to be understood, as Israel has the perfect capacity for such counter-terrorist operations.

Nataly Hay is perceived as an ambassador of goodwill, and her importance far exceeds only her physical and artistic qualities, as she builds bridges of potential friendship and cooperation between us and Islamic world, by adapting the style and culture, related to Middle East and Arabia, showing us, how different cultures can inspire each other. The only question is, whether our Islamist archenemy is willing to accept anything else, than their propaganda, their feeling of superiority and everlasting need to conquer the world, so Islam can dominate?

It’s inside all of them, even if they play moderate Muslims, accepting us infidels, democracy and our way of life. But inside them, inside them all, there is still this obsession to conquer, to remove corrupted infidels, as they call us, from rule.

I don’t trust them, and you can call me a victim of stereotypes and xenophobia… but this is, what I have to say, not listening to criticism of Katerina Valachova, our Minister of Education, known to be an ally of Islam, who covertly tries to smuggle it into our schools, into the defenceless minds of our children, to corrupt them.

And I also want to mention that woman, admired by many Czech fools, Marketa Korinkova, or Maryam… she is a mortal threat for us, remember that, that she is not a friend.

I met her once, at the Christmas market on the Old Town square, where she was with her mother, to be seen by the public… she smiled, she pretended, that it’s all OK… but inside her heart and face, you could feel the distance, the hatred, the rejection, perceiving Christmas as the most serious sin in Islam, if we associate other deities with the God.

This fifth Islamic column inside our society is ever growing, and we should be vigilant… and we should learn from the Israeli experience, as Israel is the last hope for sustainable future of our continent, which is flooded by Islamic immigration, and those people, coming here in masses, because of our generosity and respect for human and religious rights, they don’t come here to adapt our values, and to integrate, they are bringing their wicked mindset with them, asserting it everywhere, demanding all the endless concessions, to slowly promote Sharia law here.

Thus, we should consider recent efforts of certain group of conspirators, led by Katerina Motovska, to change our principal military ally from Israel to China, as most dangerous and subversive threat, jeopardizing future of our country.

Speaking not only for myself, I am saying loudly: I believe in Israel, and I am a a supporter and sponsor of the Jewish Militia “SHALOM” of the Old Town Prague, which can guarantee our safety against terrorists.

Here she comes… Nataly Hay!”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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