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During the big party in Fashion Club Prague, where the famous economic merger between Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company and Chinese multinational Wu Corporation was being celebrated, a small group of Hoffmann-La Roche top male executives gathered together, enjoying last minutes of freedom, when they were controlling the rules, not the Chinese.

But since midnight, all will be different, and usually, such substantial changes were accompanied with very unpleasant action, executed by the new masters inevitably: so called restructuralization, saving costs, optimizing human resources, or translated into normal speech from this business newspeak: a massive lay off, not only because of money, but most importantly, to get rid of potential subversive elements, who could jeopardize the new management structure and methods, who seemed not reliable for the new masterminds, having suspicious connections with the business competition, politics, or other undesirable ties, which could become a liability, even a serious risk.

Yesterday, you were a favorite, a rising star: after midnight, you could be let go mercilessly, but they will smile at you, offering you a beneficial package for a new start in life, a shining brochure with smiling people, explaining, that it’s nothing personal, and similiar nice sentences, never telling you the truth… but you have that big choking mortgage on your house, you have a family to feed, and any such negative change in your professional life can be highly destructive for your career biography, called CV, where a new stain can occur, and you can’t ever erase it: there will be always a stigma on you, that you were not so good and clever at least once, not securing your position perfectly, to survive any potential earthquake in your company.

Only a fool would wait passively, what will happen tomorrow. The clever corporate rats made their moves, to be indispensable, at least they thought so, by stealing the databases of clients, contracts, accounting data and other valuable company information, related to business secrets, to possess a lever against the new masters: but Wu Corporation knew their job well, and since they started sniffing around Hoffmann-La Roche, the future producer of the miraculous DIOXINE drug, designed to improve abilities of soldiers dramatically, they put the whole company under closest surveillance of their feared Internal Affairs (IA) department, in fact a private Intelligence service, with unlimited potential of electronic spying and human participation, able to execute even direct action: from releasing a river of slanders in bribed tabloid media on their payroll, to regular assassination.

But Chinese, with their special mindset, they don’t see those unreliable people as future traitors, who need to be dealt with harshly, and to be let go immediately. Wu Corporation simply gathers the dirty laundry about anyone, and when needed, they will simply push you against the wall, having the most persuasive and sensitive materials against you, gathered patiently for whole years.

Indeed, they have a file about anybody, but not only a mere data: using their supercomputer capabilities, they execute precise analysis about your psychology, character and personality, life experiences, weak and strong points, to know, what approach towards you is the most efficient, how you will react to different measures.

Most people are best persuaded using money, and fear, but there is yet more: private obsessions, complexes from the childhood… an old lover, which still has control over you, as you feel so deep connection, not able to move on in your emotional life… a past traumatic experience, a hobby, a personal dream… who knows such information, has the ultimate power over you, as they can simply fulfill your dreams and needs, to make you obliged and submitted.

Still, there can be good old violence used against you too, called “executive action” in the newspeak of various conspirators. Initially, Hoffmann-La Roche was not willing to merge with Wu Corporation: but several horrible accidents was enough to persuade the management, that it will be more wise to bend, and to accept the fate, it means connecting with the Chinese, which were well known to buy just anything with slightest defence value, to have their wide portfolio of the most advanced defence products complete: from nuclear weapons (The Dark Sun), tanks (T-72 SURIKATA), armored carriers (Pandur II PSY-AA), poisons (ACE, Androkillin), deadly toxins (Weaponized Anthrax), plastic explosives (Semtex COLOR), assault weapons (M-82 high-caliber sniper rifle, Walther PPK), special ammunition, assault chemicals (PHE-X, a pheromone bioweapon), to simple pills… and DIOXINE was promising immense options of future profits, if using it will become a standard for all military forces of the world.

Anyway, just minutes are remaining now, and Hoffmann-La Roche, a pharmaceutical company, will soon start the new day, new future, new reality, under Chinese wings.

And what will you do? Will you choose stress and fear from this substantial change, as you are too conservative, liking regular and stable procedures in life… or will you choose enthusiastic expectations from the new tomorrow? You need to be positive!

But what if the incoming news are so disturbing?

“My friend works in an Austrian defence company, which I won’t rather name directly… but I will give you a hint, it manufactures ‘Pandur’ armored carriers,” one of the executives shared his knowledge. “And the same happened to them, it means business assimilation with Wu Corporation. They expected just anything, but the reality surpassed all their wildest expectations… in the morning, the first day, a female army of Wu personnel started to flood the whole company, from executives to assistants, all completely crazy, brainwashed, aggressive, smelling with best perfumes, dressed like queens, babbling about gender equality, ‘the end of male club’, ‘new improved order for sustainable future’, and so on.

Believe me, that even the most self-confident men started losing their courage… the bitches are using Gender Warfare and Sectarian Warfare procedures, to take control. And they tailor it for any person! Seriously, any man was targeted with bitches, who knew his personal file perfectly… anything he did, they said, ‘Of course you did this, because we know you so well. You can hardly surprise us, but you can try! Be a man!’

It was so terrifying! Women were ‘processed’ too, but different way. Wu Corp bitches simply offered them new future with their sisters, embracing each other passionately, kissing cheeks… soon, you couldn’t trust anybody there!

And there was this man, who was a real player. I mean, firm and balanced, silent, like a man should be. He simply ignored all this commotion, he continued doing his job, and he thought, that he will be safe.

He knew, that they need him, as he was working on the key projects of the company, and he thought, that he can win, if he will simply keep his integrity.

And do you know, what the bitches did? For them, there are no boundaries… they are able to do anything against you, using their army of slaves…

So, he got a new executive assistant, a female, as you maybe guessed, although he was rather a scientist, than manager, so he didn’t need such enhancement for his work. But he knew, that it makes no sense to complain against new measures, as any protest is a sign of weakness, which will be used against you.

The girl seemed very soft and nice the first day. She told him, ‘I am not like them’, and he believed her… the same tactics, as Police uses. One policeman is intimidating you, and the other plays your protector, to make you opened, so you will share secrets… which will be used against you in the end, of course.

She started to make him very open suggestions, that they should get to know each other better, to spend more time together, even after work, you know, social events, dinners, parties… she was sticking to him, like a cockroach…

‘I am your executive assistant, I am helping you’, she was saying, but she started to control his all life, I mean even private, calling him in the most unusual times, demanding his presence here and there with that sweet voice or her, allegedly in the name of highest company interests, introducing him to this and that people, all slaves and pawns of Wu Corp, to isolate him from his previous, independent social circles… dragging him into society, which was under tight Wu control. Simply perfect sectarian thing.

He knew, that he can either accept her pressure apparently passively, you know, to copy the Chinese tactics or shapelessness, and also the female approach, not fighting, only using soft power… or he can start to play his male game, like, that there are some boundaries between colleagues, which can’t be crossed, and so on… but this defence would only show his fear again.

So he let her! And I am telling you, that things got more and more serious, until the moment, when she confessed to him, that she is in love with him…

Now, it was his duty to report to his superiors, that there is a relationship in the company, a matter, which is generally discouraged everywhere, as you know. Usually, one of the lovers is reassigned elsewhere, into some other department, as love at work is not good… but again, he was in the position, that he would make an open move against her… she was working for WU, and his superiors too. He was between two pincers…

So the only solution he had, was to let it be, again, but risking, that he will be reprimanded. The stakes were simply getting higher. But still, he chose this way once, and he had to continue, even until a bitter end… you know, floating in the dark waters, just waiting, what will happen, what is her and their intention with him, and how to win over those rats.

Soon, as you can imagine, the Wu management approached him, ‘incidentally’, and they said with very serious voice: ‘We noticed, that there is something between you two. What can you tell us about it?’

Of course, that he could say, as you would expect, that it’s only her alleged affection, that he is not involved, and so on… but again and again, that would be a defensive posture, and his decision was clear: to avoid such approach, if he wants to have a chance to win.

So, imagine, what he did: although it was all nonsense, they never slept together or something, he told them: ‘It’s true, that I am in love with her. I know, what it means, and I am offering my resignation.’

‘No no’, they said. ‘You are important, we need you, and if love will help you to be a better employee, we will let you two to be together, we will tolerate it, as we like you. And you will get promoted!’

Well, I will make it short: he played his good clever game into such extremity, that when she proposed him one day, he had no other choice, than to accept. And you can imagine, how much power WU Corp had over him, when they smuggled her into his bed, flat and life! And he let them…

This is, what they do, men… fucking rats, that’s what they are… or another example:

A man knew, what is coming, so he simply came to them, just in the morning of the first day, asking to be released from their services, as he is not willing to work for them, he deliberately emphasized his alleged rebellious nature, his bad character, his previus sins against work morale… just to make them to sign the papers, and let him go.

But they said, ‘Sorry man, we need you, there is the obligatory two months period after a notice to leave job… maybe you will reconsider, what do you say? Let’s stay together a little bit longer!’

So, he started to make absences at work deliberately, arriving drunk, badly dressed, insulting colleagues, almost raping a secretary at the bathroom… fuck, do you know, what they did? Do you think, that they let him go?

They presented ‘utmost understanding’ for his ‘situation’, and they secured a professional counsellor for him, some witch, who started with black magic procedures on him, giving him ‘miraculous potions’… well, he is still working there, and he put himself together indeed, believe me!”

“Cut this crap already, you are ruining the goodbye party for us,” a middle-aged man in blue shirt said strictly. “Who knows, whether all these tales are true, or rather disseminated by Wu themselves… this is, what they do, Information Warfare, spreading intricate lies, to make you scared, like sheep! And you believe them, like a fool… babbling about conspiracies, like a woman!

Don’t you see, what their real strategy is? They want to effeminate you, so you adapt female thinking, becoming a passive element, always in defence, always reacting, never making your own move… always under pressure, always scared, always expecting the worst!, never able to relax, always overthinking, overanalyzing, like the bitches do!

This is only a test, men… this whole life! You should smile, and be positive. You can win, but only, if you change your mindset!”

The colleagues nodded in agreement, but they were hardly able to imagine, how to change these nice words into practice. Maybe to let it go for today, and to wait, what tomorrow will bring? Not to think about it in advance? Live in the present?

“You spoke to the main Wu bitch at the terrace,” someone asked. “What did she tell you?”

“Oh, nothing! Babbling about her Silesian origin mostly, expecting, that I will admire her, or what,” the executive lied, when he remembered the real content of the conversation… but he had to admit, that it was really disturbing, even scary. Those mind controlled slaves from Wu Corp were able to go far beyond any imaginable borders, as they were completely shapeless. For them, there was no rules, no conscience, no regrets.

The moderator of the evening, Leos Mares, husband of Monika Maresova, started to introduce the main guest of the party, some Israeli belly dancer, called Nataly Hay. And his speech was unexpectedly strong, he presented his strong affiliation to the state Israel, and he stood against changing the main Czech military ally from Israel to China.

The speech was clearly directed against the Chinese, represented in Czechia by Wu… the man watched the crowd around, if there is Wu’s Executive Director, Ivona Selnikova… but she was nowhere to be seen, so it was almost certain, that she disappeared deliberately, and the bold speech of Mares is just a charade, ordered by Wu, in their effort to control their enemies, a provocation, to motivate their opponents to show their heads, to be identified, after being encouraged by a Wu’s pawn… a classic strategy of Intelligence services.

“And here she comes… Nataly Hay!” Mares announced at the end, the lights dimmed, and a young beautiful woman started her seducing belly dance, accompanied by an Arabic music… strange combination, a Jewess, and Arabic voice?

From the first move she made with her well trained body, the executive simply stared in utmost surprise, and he was not alone… the Czech crowd, unaccustomed to such a show, coming from a distant culture, was really impressed, and although Nataly Hay wasn’t some fashion model, she was rather of average female height, all the viewers had to appreciate, what miracles she can do, and how much power and flexibility she has in her muscles, although the performance was packed into shining smile and sexy seducing moves.

The man wondered, how would it be like, to fuck her… she could show him something new indeed! But she is a Jewess… what does it mean, anyway? Some religion, or what… she has certainly some crazy rules to keep, like those dangerous Muslims… and he knew something about Muslims, as his own younger daughter from the first marriage was a Muslim.

Originally a top Czech fashion model, she converted to Islam in the United Arab Emirates, where she moved, to pursue her girlish dreams… but there was always a wall between them two, since her childhood, since he left the family.

And now, after her religious conversion, the distance grew yet stronger. He could hardly recognize her… a beautiful woman became from her, indeed, but for him, it was a foreign person, and rather a threat, stealing his good mood, so he kept away from her… he had a new family, new young wife, and little children, which needed his love and attention.

Maybe his daughter too… or maybe she wanted just revenge? He was not willing to find out.

Now, it’s Israeli show, anyway, and Czechs reject and hate Muslims, whereas appreciating Israel… the man remembered, how an business acquaintance of his, coming from Israel too, approached him some time ago, suggesting a lunch together, a top executive from Bezeq International, the main TELCO operators in Israel, named David Cohen.

They met in the Yellow Spa, a restaurant by the Vltava river, usually empty, perfect for private meetings… but the man didn’t like them, as he worked for an important company, and any sign of treason or negotiating with competition, or simply third party, could become a very big problem for his career, if someone reported… and someone always did.

On the other hand, his position in the company was so critical, that he simply had to meet with many people, including very shady figures. Indeed, he could send his assistants… but those people from the other side were not willing to negotiate with them, only with someone, who decided things, not some miserable middle men, as you never have a guarantee, that a fool will deliver the message unaltered, changing it to his or her benefit, by sending both parties against each other deliberately.

No no, such meetings had to be done on the highest level, directly. Moreover, the reputation of David Cohen was completely clean… sort of.

Everybody in the Czech business circles knew, that the man worked for Goldman Sachs, just around the fateful time, when the global economic crisis started in 2008, launched by this particular company, which started selling the toxic mortgage bonds, launching an avalanche, which hit the whole world later… but in the business environment, in corporate culture, with its values far distant from common folk, such questionable achievement was even appreciated, generating respect.

So, he met with David Cohen, a Jew from Israel, who was born in Prague, always emphasizing this connection, always playing his ‘I am one of you’ game… who forgot to inform Papa, that he is the main Mossad resident in Czechia, and Yellow Spa are secretly owned by Israelis, stuffed with covert surveillance cameras and sensitive microphones.

“There are rumors about a new drug, which your company is developing,” Cohen said just like that, when the men were finishing their food, a delicious lobster. “Allegedly very interesting for the defence industry.”

“We are a pharmaceutical company, we develop many things all the time, to attract investors, to keep our Public Relations running,” the Papa replied indifferently. “I don’t know details, and I am forbidden to know. It’s the company rule, not to possess such knowledge, so I can’t sell these secrets, and I am not tempted to give them to anybody, for money, perks, or for free, when seduced by some mysterious woman. Moreover, I am a manager, not a scientist. So don’t ask me for details: I don’t know.”

“People say, that this will be something special,” Cohen continued. “And the Chinese are encircling your company, like hawks, waiting, what will happen, to have full control, sending many corporate spies into your firm. Even honey traps can’t be excluded.”

“That’s possible… Hoffmann-La Roche, a key drug producer, is a company of interest: always was, always will be. But this happens everywhere… or what is your point? You work in TELCO segment anyway… how is it related to pharmaceuticals?” the Papa wanted to know Cohen’s exact intentions.

But the Jew never pushed things, never putting his cards on the table easily, never moving too quickly in the negotiation.

“Our two countries were always good friends and allies,” Cohen reminded unexpectedly. “We have deep historical ties in history. The Jews always lived here, and made the Czech society thriving, for example, during reign of Rudolph II, in 17th century. Even today, the Czech elites are connected to the Jewry, like Filip family.”

“If you say so… but I am a Czech atheist, not caring about religion,” the Papa reacted coldly. “And Filip family is very far from being perceived as some benefactors… they are players, concentrating much power in their hands, miraculously surviving all regimes, Nazis, Communists or democrats, always staying on top. And Lenny Filipova didn’t convert to Islam, as the newspapers wrote?”

“That’s true… but you have nothing to do with the Chinese, and still, you give them the whole country,” Cohen continued. Katerina Motovska, Ministry of Defence, is a Chinese pawn… Miroslav Kalousek, National Defence Commission… and many others, all Chinese pawns, pulling strings at defence capabilities of Czechia.”

“I don’t care about politics… if you invited me here, to give me valuable historical lessons, then thank you, but not interested,” the Papa finished his coffee, waving at a waiter, to pay the bill. “I am a business man… it’s true, we and Chinese were always distant, culturally and historically alike, but the world simply changed, all is messed up, open and connected… I am hardly responsible for such a change, and I don’t care.

The Chinese simply have the money, so they can buy this whole land now… but not us, the world gave them such power, using them as manufacturing plant for cheap goods, not understanding, that they feed the dragon, in the name of transient profits.

Our relationships with them are good, and do you know, why? Not because of money and bribery: they never betrayed us, like many, many others, including our own politicians, and so much times! So, why not to give them a chance?”

It was the effective end of the meeting, and Cohen never contacted Papa again. And now, this Jewess is here, dancing, sending her female message, inserting her female emotions into movement… but things changed, Wu Corporation owns the DIOXINE now, and this last party is everything, what remains of the old times.

Or, it was… the midnight just passed.

The King is dead… long live the King!

They are calling Papa to the stage, to greet Nataly Hay in person… to show, how Hoffmann-La Roche appreciates her arts… and the country she represents indirectly, Israel.

So he goes, meeting with the woman closely. She smiles at him, but her face and body is full of sweat, and she breathes heavily. The performance is indeed a demanding sports act, and Papa is astonished, to see a woman in such a state, not with perfected makeup, luxurious dress, playing her intricate female games. He must to admit, that she has his sympathy.

“Nataly, thank you for coming,” the Papa says with respect. “It was really beautiful, so exotic…”

The woman only smiles again.

“I just wonder… you are a Jewess, but still, you do this belly dance… it seems quite Arabic thing to me… and that Arabic song… strange combination! I thought that you Jews and Muslims don’t like each other?”

“Let’s talk… later,” the Israeli woman says, still smiling widely, as the audience is watching.

Leos Mares knows his job well, so he continues his show, whereas both the dancer and Papa leave the stage.

Half an hour later, when Papa is just opening the second bottle of champagne, as the Hoffmann-La Roche executives lost all constraints, standing at the bar, shouting like fools, admiring beauty of all women nearby, and loudly, the moderator approaches them, accompanied with the Israeli woman, who changed her dress into normal civilian apparel, even wearing glasses, so she hardly reminds that seductive dancer… only her well built body speaks about her profession.

“You did right thing today,” Leos Mares addresses Papa, “by inviting a Jewish artist here. This is exactly the kind of message we need to send to the Czech public. And Ms. Nataly was very pleased, to make her show here.”

The Papa wants to reply, that he personally didn’t invite her, that it was not his personal idea, the whole party was organized by his subordinates… but he signed the papers with the final budget and programme in the end, so in fact, he approved it.

And he is also willing to tolerate the insolence of Mares, who has absolutely no right to judge Papa’s actions, as he is only a miserable, fully replaceable fool, hired as a clown, although the Czech public perceives him as an utmost VIP. But it’s all just a charade.

“Will you join us, for a glass of wine?” the Papa is a good host, and Nataly accepts.

After another half an hour, the whole Hoffmann-La Roche groups moves back to the Marriott hotel, to have an after party, and to go to sleep then: many of the executives came from distant cities, so they are staying here for the night.

Except several other celebs, Leos Mares and Nataly Hay are going with them, although from different reasons: for Leos, it’s about building business connections, partying with elite, which is always useful. And the Israeli woman is still young, so she likes partying maybe… and in Prague, the magical city of hundred of towers?

Who could resist to such a seducing night?

The Bourbon Bar of Prague’s Marriott hotel is almost empty usually, at such a late hour… but not today.

It’s literally crowded here, but not only the executives: even many regular hotel guests, when they see the lively action and excitement at the bar, they change their mind, not going to sleep yet, so you can hear many lagnuages there, business people minglimg with tourists together, making new friendships and alliances, and alcohol greatly helps them to remove their social barriers.

Moreover, when you stay at a five star hotel… you can be hardly an isolated, shy loser, and certain kind of dress and behavior alike is expected from you.

Tereza Lipanova, once a top Czech fashion model, working part-time at the bar, is serving drinks to all present guests with professionality and effectivity, but never forgetting to add her reputated smile, which allowed her to make a great career in Germany, except her perfect seducing body, of course, with optimal measures 90-60-90 centimeters, with legs long, but well defined, looking very sporty, a star of all advertisements of sport goods, catalogues and such.

But she is back at school now, and she wanted to try something new, a new interesting job: so, she tried to be a barmaid, and she excells even here, inteligent and capable.

And Marriott, indeed, it’s a good place to meet VIP people, a good address… who knows? Maybe even your future love… or at least a benefactor, sponsor?

Tereza even makes a good publicity for her personal brand, working in Marriott, after she made a secret ‘barter’ deal with the management, and her victory in upcoming “Miss Czech Barmaid” contest definitely won’t hurt her professional career… unlike many other problems she had, which damaged her body, and she has to deploy great effort to mask a big dark stain on her forehead, which occured after failed Illuminati invocation, not willing to disappear. But it’s a new day now… new opportunities… and big fishes coming!

A big loud group just came, and others are making space for them at the bar. Their leader, a man around fifty years, immediately approaches Tereza, ordering champagne.

Tereza is a very busy barmaid, so she only nods… she plays that distant cold queen, to provoke the men, being unavailable, humiliating them, as these male VIPs usually get, what they want, and such clever female provocation forces them to ‘bribe’ Tereza with exaggerated tips, very helpful to cover her current debts…

But this man, he has some woman with him, they are talking, she is not so tall, she has long curly hair, looks rather exotic.

It’s still too loud here… but through time, as minutes pass, more and more people are leaving, the bar atmosphere becomes rather relaxed, and the music volume is lowered.

“It’s true, that I am a Jewess, adapting the Arabic cultural influences, it’s what I studied at the University of Haifa,” Nataly Hay has finally a good opportunity, to explain to Papa, why she chose this strange profession. “But there is many Arabs in Israel, you know. It’s not like that Israel is only Jews… some 30% of Israeli citizens have Arabic descent. So the cultures meet, inevitably… we are not only fighting with each other, not only killing terrorists in Gaza, although many Europeans think so. You should visit Jerusalem, to understand the issue better, maybe.

Anyway, for me, dancing is a passion, and this kind of dance allows me to insert exactly the emotional content I want… it’s about ultimate feminity, you see.

It’s also about an ancient woman from poor family, who has only her youth, beauty and flexible body… so she comes into a big city, to find a man, who would take care of her… but she needs to show him her qualities, to impress him, and dance is the way, how to enchant men, as they are passive, and you are active, I mean a woman… even the biggest rulers just sit and watch, and you can influence them… you have control.

If you will do it right, hardly any man can forget you… and you can choose from many suitors… you have a chance, to do something with your life, to become the elite, even if starting at lowly position.

When I dance, although I live in completely different world and conditions… still, I am thinking, that I am young and desperate, and I must be the most seducing, so the Prince, which I need, which I desire for, will see me, he will be captivated, and he will liberate me… giving me all, what I need, security, certainty, protection, fulfilling all my girlish dreams.

This is my style… simply feminine emotion. It’s not merely a sport for me, although as you saw, there is sweat, a lot… but you need to hide all the effort, so only your sexy dance remains.”

Some fool behind Papa just turned, running into him, so the Papa loses balance for a moment, touching Nataly slightly, getting closer to her, feeling her heavy sweet perfume.

Such a pity, that he is married and everything… it would be certainly so interesting to have an affair with such interesting, exotic woman… you are a man once, and it’s always inside you, the obsession to fuck everything moving, while you can.

It’s terrible… he is really considering it, as this woman is completely outside from his social circles, she seems trustworthy… she seems like a perfect accomplice for such a secret crime, and after that, she will disappear, hardly returning here… this could remain only between them.

Not that Papa needs love and sex… just… you know… the male nature! How could he let Nataly go, if she is so close, and doesn’t run away, making excuses about her waiting boyfriend?

And all she represents, that healthy kind of feminity, you know, balanced, not aggressive… it’s a pleasant change from that corporate bitches around Papa.

In the instant, the Papa sees Nataly differently, than before. His eyes speak… he is not sober anymore, not at all, and someone, watching him carefully, noticed.

“More wine, sir?” Tereza enters their conversation ruthlessly, adding her most seducing smile.

It’s 1.30 in the morning.

The Papa is surprised, that this tall pretty female barwoman changed her approach suddenly. Before, she didn’t even speak to him, but maybe she was so busy… now, she seems more relaxed, and quite pleasant. not speaking about her ultimate physical qualities, which all present men admire: some of them covertly, the cowards, the married… some trying to pick her up.

“Certainly,” the Papa responds firmly. “The same brand.”

When Nataly Hay leaves, to use the bathroom, Tereza doesn’t hesitate. She knows well, what has to be done: to take control.

So she moves in front of Papa, cleaning the glasses. He watches her, and she smiles at him: shortly, but sending a signal, which no man can refuse, that she is open for conversation.

“You look like a fashion model,” the Papa presents his impression. Why should he sit there in silence, in passivity, isolated, like a fool?

“Maybe I really am a fashion model,” Tereza smiles with decency, continuing to clean that endless pile of dirty glasses. But for a bartender, this is not unpleasant, bothering work: it’s good relaxation, after all the babbling you need to hear from guests. Only when you are washing glasses, they leave you alone. Almost all of them.

“I have a daughter… and she is a fashion model too,” Papa says, feeling, how his tongue becomes heavy: always a clear sign for him, that he needs to stop drinking, as he is gettting too much under influence already.

“In which agency?” Tereza asks without any apparent interest.

“She was in… Czechoslovak Models, I think… before she left, to pursue her career abroad,” the Papa remembers, what they said Maryam in the media, when the CM owner, Vaclav Dejcmar, was speaking about her. But it was long time ago, she is in the Emirates now, not working for some agency anymore, she is a freelance now, as Princesses like freedom.

“You don’t say… I am also from Czechoslovak models!” Tereza seems surprised. “And what is her name? Maybe I know her.”

Papa is not sure, whether to say the name. From several reasons… but he is drunk and this barwoman is so pretty.

“Her name was once Marketa Korinkova… now, her name is different, after she married… allegedly. She didn’t invite me for a wedding,” Papa says with apparent bitterness, like a proper disappointed father… in reality, he would never go there!

Tereza pretends to be very surprised. “You are her father, then?”

“It seems so,” Papa dodges with his eyes. “Not a good father… we meet once a year or something only. Many things changed… between us too.”

“I know Marketa,” Tereza confirmed. “Before she left into Emirates, we were quite close.”

“Oh, really?” Papa is full of interest. He never met a friend of his daughter. He doesn’t know anything about her… maybe it would be interesting to get to know something, how other people see her.

“Yes, she is my friend, and she is really good woman. You should meet her more often…”

“Only if it would be so easy…” Papa sighs, noticing, that Nataly Hay, his original female companion, returned.

And Israeli operative is not a beginner. She knows immediately, just seeing those two together, that Papa pays too much interest to the barwoman suddenly… how could it happen?

The barmaid seemed completely ignoring him before, so Nataly ignored her, underestimated her, not perceiving her as a potential threat, and now… she knows, that the barmaid plays her female game on him, it’s certain, as too much money and influence can be felt from him, and any woman, with her sixth sense, can recognize, who of male fools can provide resources for her. Maybe the barmaid wants to use him, to get some good corporate position, to leave the bar…

Anyway, from Nataly’s angle of view, it puts her into bad strategic position. If she will stay, she will look miserable, as she can hardly break the new connection, the barmaid will be ignoring her, but bothering him permanently, to show her superiority… but if Nataly will leave, like a proper queen, to provoke the man to puruse her, like she would usually do… she is risking, that he will let her be, as she is in fact a supplier of his company, and he is a corporate man, always seeing and keeping the borders.

She has to find out, what happened here, before making any judgement.

“It’s interesting coincidence… she knows my daughter,” Papa explained. “I mean, my younger daughter from the first marriage. The one, who is in the Emirates, who betrayed us all, converting to Islam.”

Nataly shows cordial interest, but inside her, she thinks: what is the probability, that this meeting is occasional, not arranged?

But in this country, no wonder, if everybody knows Maryam, his daughter: she has strong media presence, and the bar girl maybe even used the fact, to get closer to the man, pretending, that she is a good friend of his daughter… just an occasional bitch, who tries her chance, maybe even attracted more, when the man is there with a woman.

“There is a secret inside every family,” Nataly is careful, not to show any open interest, not to copy the barmaid’s behavior. A woman needs to be different, an original, if she should succeed in any big endeavor.

“What about going into the restaurant? Maybe I will tell you my secrets,” the Mossad operative lures Papa from the bar, from this dangerous adversary with bright hair and tall slim body, completely different type, in comparison with Nataly.

“Sure, let’s go! You must be so hungry… and I would also appreciate some snack,” the Papa reacts well, and Nataly doesn’t lose any time, reaching for her coat and handbag. Just to be away from here!

They are almost leaving, when Tereza literally lies down on the bar, so her breasts can be well seen under her barmaid’s white shirt, and the Papa can’t resist to look at those silicone improved goodies.

In the same moment, when Tereza made a move towards him, she stirred up the air, and Papa’s nasal sensors are hit with PHE-X, a bioweapon, which Wu Corporation is known to use in seduction operations. Activated in the armpits of a female operative, mixed with her sweat, to become airborne, this invention can force any man to submit… it’s an artificially manufactured female pheromone in devastating concentration.

When Papa has his last look at Tereza, watching her beautiful brown eyes, he is captivated suddenly… like if she would be his daughter, but much improved, without all that bad things and doubts and threats. In his eyes, she looks like an angel: tall and authoritative, firm and stable.

“Until which time are you open?” the Papa asks quickly, when Nataly is ahead of him already, and he has to follow her, like a proper gentleman.

“Non-stop… but my shift ends around 3.00,” Terezita says silently, giving very long and distinctive look to Papa.

“Maybe I will return yet… if you will have time for a chat,” he says, when walking away.

Tereza only nods, like if it wouldn’t matter for her, as she is busy, she keeps distant from guests… but inside her, everything boils.

Then, she remembers, what Ivona Selnikova, who gave her this mission, said: “We will have helpers around. So don’t worry!”

She called those covert helpers with a funny name, SUKAs… and Terezita learned Russian language in school. It means bitch, but here, an abbreviation of Executive Assistant For Subversive Covert Action… simply when you need fake witnesses, artificial crowds, various diversions…

They are around, deployed, and they help indeed: just when Papa and Nataly finish their meals in the Marriott restaurant, a band of merry girls approaches their table, and they greet Papa loudly, saying, that they know him, that he is that big executive from Hoffmann-La Roche, and they were in his company once, on internship, as they are students of elite Charles University…

“You had so nice speech to us, talking about necessity to think about our careers, our professional steps, how to build reputation,” one of the girls says with enthusiasm, and gratefulness. “And we really listened to your advice… we would like to repay the favor, by inviting you for a drink! You won’t reject us, will you, sir?”

And how can Papa reject them?

Nataly knows, that nothing can be done here. The girls will occupy him, they are young and completely reckless, they will simply ignore her… just for fun.

He looks at her, seeking her approval.

“I am staying at suite number 24, paid by your generous company,” Nataly says then, adding a modest smile. “I would be pleased, if you would visit me later. Too soon to go to sleep yet.”

And she leaves, like a queen. Even if the Papa wouldn’t came today, he owes her now, and she can succeed tomorrow. There is no time pressure for her… but she is almost certain, that the Papa will manage the sluts, and he will come.

Oh – she completely forgot about the dangerous barmaid!

Only on the stairs, she realizes her mistake. But it’s too late to return now… so she only sighs and continues walking towards the elevator.

The SUKAs are really professional, and ruthless, giving no chance for Papa to leave, flattering him, touching him with their soft curvy bodies, but speaking about careers, studying and corporate world… whereas they supervise, that Papa will pay attention to Tereza, who simply doesn’t move to another part of the bar anymore, she is staying close to Papa, washing glasses, so he can watch her, thinking, that she doesn’t know… but of course she knows.

If only he would have a daughter like this… they are about same age. How proud father he would be! He would accompany her to her passing exam, and to the altair…

But it all went terribly wrong…

“One more shot, Mr. Executive,” Papa hears a merry girlish voice behind him.

“No, sorry… I had enough,” he tries to reject, but the girls insist, and Tereza also agrees, serving another batch of drinks quickly.

Later, SUKAs suddenly change their style. And as there is more of them, it’s like group conciousness, which you will believe.

“Oh, Mr. Executive… you don’t look so well… can you walk? Help me, girls,” the Papa hears from distance.

“Let me check the guest,” he sees Tereza close to him, it’s suprising, to see her at the other side of the bar… she looks like an angel, and he believes her.

He remembers only partially, how Tereza was leading him through corridors of the hotel, calming him, like a baby, that he celebrated too much, so now, he has to relax… fortunately, Tereza has friends at reception, who let the hotel personnel to sleep in rooms sometimes, when needed… and it will be better for him, not to go home, in this state… he is the father of her good female friend, so why shouldn’t she help him, if it’s almost in the family???

After Papa visits the bathroom of the suite, cleaning his face with cold water, he feels much better, like a man again. He is even grateful to Terezita, that she saved him from shame, if this incident would be known publicly… but what can you do? A party is a party, people drink…

When he returns to the main room of the large business suite, Tereza is sitting on bed, saying nothing, just smiling at him, like a proper discreet barmaid… what happened in the bar, stays in the bar.

She offers him a glass of water, and he accepts, drinking quickly. He is so thirsty…

“Lie down,” she challenges him, arranging the pillows with care. “Just relax… and I will tell you a tale…”

And he obeys indeed, although not completely voluntarily:  he is knocked out immediately, by a slight dose of advanced intoxicant, ironically manufactured by Hoffmann-La Roche, his maternal company, designated for covert Intelligence operations, tasteless and odorless, perfect to be mixed with drinking water, and it leaves no traces in urine.

When Tereza makes sure, that Papa’s pulse and breath are stable, exactly as they instructed her, she doesn’t lose time, undressing herself, until black sexy underwear.

She lies down, collaterally to his body, revealing her round sexy ass and dimples of Venus, framed by tiny thongs, for creating a perfectly persuasive scene of apparent intimate activity.

She turns her head, checking the window: there is a big office building across the street, where a clear red dot can be seen, in one of the dark windows: the media team of Wu Corporation takes the incriminating pictures, using a professional camera with telescopic lens, and the red beam allows to focus even during worsened light condions.

“Leave the room,” Terezita receives a SMS message after a few minutes.

Opening the door, she meets with two men, dressed like businessmen, who don’t say a word, entering the suite, closing the door after her.

After checking the health status of Papa again, they prepare the equipment. It’s the most advanced technological invention, called The Device, able to influence human dreams, and even to make two people to share the same dream, if connected at the same time, regardless how physically distant from each other.

However, those two “objects” are not connected directly, but through Wu supercomputers, able to influence the dream in real time, in either direction, as it seems desirable for Wu interests, plus to become most intensive experience for particular personalities, tailored exactly for them… and you can’t imagine, what immensely advantageous options brings this unique and ultimate ability to process, influence and transfer human dreams, taking place in the unconscious state of people.

“Uplink active,” one of the men reports coldly, whereas the other is installing sensors on Papa’s half-naked body.

“Connection with Dubai is alive… the transmission is ready,” the technician speaks into microphone.

“We have the green light… starting transmission in… five, four, three, two, one…”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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