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There is no more sweeter feeling for any woman, than stealing a valuable man from her female competitor in love, bed, business or work.

Faris Al Kooheji, one of the most reputated playboys of the Middle East nowadays, immensely rich, recognized by his distinctive Lamborghini Aventador supersport vehicle, coming from a reputated Bahraini family, was once a devoted follower of Alexandra Pianka, a German fashion supermodel, once an archenemy and main competitor of Maryam Al Maktoum, once known as Marketa Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, in the Emirates… but many things changed since then, Alexandra rather disappeared from the Emirati scene, as her position became unsustainable, and Maryam took over many of her resources and contacts.

Originally, Maryam approached Faris with ingenious, but treacherous pretext, allegedly to settle old feuds and to restore good relationships with Alexandra, manipulating him into being a mediator between two women, apparently good tactical position of power, desirable for any man…

But it was Maryam, who quickly took control of this new asset, as she realized, how beneficial Faris can be for her personal purposes: he was that kind of modern Westernized Muslim, who lived in the Western infidel lands for too long, sent there to study an elite University, to become the new business elite of Persian Gulf, but it was for a high price, soaking with corrupted infidel ideas and concepts abroad, across the ocean, far from endless deserts of Arabia… on the other hand, he was a man of firm word, respecting Muslims and infidels alike, discreet and trustworthy, willing to help you, when you needed, regardless of religion, if he considered you as his friend, if you treated him with respect, as demanded by males.

Although it’s not permissible for a Muslim woman to have a non-related male friend, as it could provoke sins, like fornication, those were secret, covert connections of Maryam, very useful, even critical, when needed… it was about usefulness, not attractivity and desire, this is how she explained it to Allah, asking Him for understanding and forgiveness.

The main reason of this rather un-Islamic choice was, that Maryam perceived all women as competitors and potential traitors, rather keeping all her secrets from them, to prevent misusing sensitive information against her, as the betrayal of her best friend Zuzana Jandova learned her: but males were much more advantageous for this practical purpose, as they rather avoided slanders, babbling, backstabbing and backbiting, which could have the most serious consequences, as the tabloid media were circling around Maryam lately, hungry for any interesting piece of information about her, and it was enough to manipulate the male fools to play knights, appealing to their male chivalry, so they could become your most trusted allies, supporters and sponsors.

When Maryam found out, that Faris never slept with Alexandra Pianka, as she was not completely his physical type of dream woman, as she was too slim for him, as he claimed, Maryam did everything necessary, to attach him to her firmly, including provoking him to seduce her, and since then, they maintained quite regular contacts, but hidden from public view… but of course, that Maryam sent the message of her success in love to Alexandra, to show her superiority over her, to humiliate her.

In fact, Maryam was cultivating her male asset patiently: and now, the time has come, when she needed him, to use him, to help her in certain very complex and dangerous situation.

It was not the matter of cold calculating and playing intricate female games: for Maryam, it was very unpleasant time of utmost distress and pressure, crushing this shining young woman from all sides, and it all came too quickly, in the matter of days. How much she regretted doing business with treacherous, unreliable infidels!

After the critical technological convention in Dubai, where she had her famous speech, Maryam deliberately disappeared from the public scene, as such are the rules of effective media game: just when they all want to speak to you, you have to be unavailable, to provoke yet more interest, even obsession in the media, and then people, readers, audience.

Of course, she could use her momentum, being seen at more VIP social events, speaking more and more, about various issues, using her current highly elevated social position: but she was a Public Relations professional, it was her education, and she knew, that if you play for real power and influence, you need to make your public presentations rather rare and unique, but strong, to create value and respect, while not being too cheap, speaking with all fools, like some worthless B-class celebrity, who would even die, just to have articles about her, publicity…

Because without publicity, you are dead, at least in ruthless showbusiness, where very special rules are valid, and no one cares about any truth: only social impact is, what counts, and it doesn’t matter, how you achieve it, being good or bad, pure or filthy… anyway, many suicides of famous people were simply their last publicity stunt, as after death, all your arts became unique, more desired… all these “post-mortem” CD compilations of “best songs” are making a lot of money to somebody.

So, Maryam hid in her beloved residential suite on 102nd floor of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, she ignored all calls and requests for interview, making her own media survey, to see, what is written about her… but she noticed something very strange, and disturbing.

Wu Corporation, a Chinese multinational company with immense influence, which backed her, using their media, started simply to ignore her, not saying another word about her: instead, promoting Maryam’s current archenemy, Sara Al Madani, described as the future of the Emirates, citing her business success, work for the community, royal ancestry, inspiration for women, and so on.

At first, Maryam wanted to understand the reason, and she found out eventually: unlike her, Sara was simply that kind of modern Emirati Muslim woman, who never speaks about Islam, to be nice and acceptable even for infidels, it means much enlarged field of influence, and fame.

It seemed, that Wu Corporation simply switched their media strategy for Middle East, avoiding the Islamic topic at all costs suddenly, to promote new stars, who lack controversy in the eyes of infidels… unlike Maryam, who was the most important Islamic woman of the world, inspiring thousands to convert to Islam, including VIPs…

And she almost paid for this missionary work for Allah with her life, when a group of military renegades, ruthless Czech Special Forces assassins, considered eliminating her, to stop her systematic proliferating of Islam, perceived as mortal threat to the corrupted West, when she met them in a deserted forest near Prague, without any witnesses, who could help her… but Allah protected her, sending the most unexpected allies, who saved her.

Anyway, from media angle of view, Sara was definitely more advantageous asset for promotion, than Maryam, who was always rather a foreigner in the Emirates, an outsider, lacking Arabic and royal ancestry, thus never completely accepted, and many local Muslims were even scared of her, how devoted and loud Islamic follower she was, and they claimed, that it “damages business” with the infidel world, including tourism.

So, when Maryam became an apparently used-up asset, Wu simply turned away from her, with total indifference, like if they wouldn’t know her… and Sara was their new star, presented as an example of healthy, balanced and moderate Arabic woman, exactly as the world wanted to see the Middle East, it was completely obvious.

Of course, that Wu rats didn’t tell Maryam in advance, what their plans are… but she was not so naive, to believe them, to rely on them too much… she only didn’t understand, why the agony had to come so soon after the ecstasy, when she was at absolute top of her media fame, and they were the ones, who put her on the dais?

But what can you do, they are Chinese, unpredictable, ruthless, and you have to think as a player, not a passive element, who only accepts fate, created by others.

So, instead of asking thousands of futile questions, why this all was happening, and where it leads, what is the intention and purpose, Maryam tried different approach: not to wonder, not to be surprised, simply to accept it, take it as a fact, and to think about bigger picture, about possible moves.

Of course, that she regretted now, that she once shared her feelings towards Sara, it means envy, hatred and rejection, with Ivona Selnikova, Wu’s Executive Director… and they always used your weaknesses against you. The nightmares you had, it was not created by them, but by you.

On the other hand, Maryam felt, that they would make Sara their new star anyway, sooner or later, as she simply seemed more useful for their purposes, to spread the sticky omnipresent tentacles of their influence, and this way, Maryam could at least learn something about their strategy, how they gathered data and Intelligence, to play people, as their pawns, to understand their thinking, to be able to anticipate their moves, next time.

This all could be an exciting media game… and this is, how Maryam perceived it during the weekend, enjoying solitude, relax and peace, reading the news from all over the world, comparing articles in Wu controlled media, and others.

It seemed, that Wu would like to make the world forget about the whole WATC convention quickly, redirecting the attention elsewhere, probably to calm the unrest from Maryam’s speech, and through all articles about an unknown intoxicant, smuggled allegedly by terrorists into the VIP convention hall, by poisoning drinking water, to support the terror inside the minds of world IT elite, who were sent a most persuasive message, that Wu can find and influence them anywhere, they are not safe, nowhere, and they should rather submit, before being discredited and destroyed, together with their companies…

Only several percent of artificially lowered stock value could launch an avalanche, when investors lost trust towards your company, effectively leading you from business stars and shining success to quick bankruptcy and personal destruction… such was the rules of Economic Warfare, mastered by the Chinese, except others, like feared Cyber Warfare and Lawfare.

And regarding Emirates, the new Wu plan seemed very simple: Sara Al Madani, emerging as a new leader with global potential, digestible universally, beautiful, but moderate, not seducing anybody to Islam, rather playing a pleasant game of money, success, beauty and diamonds, which was very easy to understand across the whole world… Maryam had even a suspicion, that this new Wu media operation is sponsored by the office of Sheikh Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, to attract more tourists there… but only if “bothering” Islamic question will be suppressed, or at least made more decent, by presenting various corrupted Islamic apostates as “local standard”.

The WATC convention happened on Friday, and Saturday was peaceful for Maryam, as she remained quite cold and detached, balanced… she decided simply to enjoy her time off, and to wait patiently and unbiased, what will happen in the next days. But it was just quiet before the storm.

During Saturday night, she had this most strange dream, and she woke up on Sunday, covered with sweat, all was messed up inside her… suddently, she started to see her world and life with completely different eyes, than before… including her religion, values and life mission.

Just one dream! But it was enough for her, to completely lose the faith, as it was some kind of regression, like if she would return so many years back, into the time of innocence, when she could do something right, to rectify all that old mistakes and weaknesses, which shaped her life later, and not the way she liked… when she could solve many issues, bothering her for later years to come, by escaping into the world and mindset, when she still felt pure and clean.

In her dream, virginity became a symbol of this ultimate purity of body, but also purity of mind… awaking complete obsession in Maryam, to return back into this beautiful state, when she felt complete and free… unlike today.

Suddenly, she wanted to be nobody, just a nameless girl under the pleasant sun, like she once was… she wanted OUT, out of this madness, when she was not free, and many rats were influencing her fate…

She was not praying to Allah, she forgot Allah: she only wanted back, not understanding suddenly, what she is doing in the Emirates, far from her homeland? Far from the man she loves? Far from deep forests, full of cute squirrels?

When she realized, that she can’t return there, she felt completely crushed… what kind of horrible mistake she made? How could it happen, that she was so preposterous, to make this irreversible move… yes, she knows, she was obsessed to be somebody, to be a player, a winner, to show them all, that she is a VIP, an elite… this was her obsession, and she was willing to sacrifice just anything for this ultimate purpose.

But in the dream, she tasted completely different and much more pleasant feeling… there, she was in peace, that obsession was not there… she felt so happy in the dream, although she was just a girl, and she wanted to live this feeling, realizing, that exactly such her life should be!

What did all her achievements mean, in comparison with this feeling? Nothing!

And Allah, Islam? She still recognized Allah, as the only deity, but she was thinking, that she simply doesn’t belong here, into this world, she belongs somewhere else, into Europe… she wants to be nobody, like them, like those infidels… she wants to fuck, to drink, to reveal their body, like they do daily… was it the absolute fitnah, an ultimate test of Allah?

But Maryam didn’t speak to Allah, asking Him for permission, like always before. She was someone else suddenly, having very particular vision of her life and destiny, forgetting everything else. She didn’t want to suffer and struggle any more… she wanted just pleasure.

Why couldn’t she remain a Muslim, at least nominally, but to do all the pleasant things at the same time, although these are allegedly not permissible? Of course, that Allah won’t be pleased, but… her body simply wants it, she has this desire, and she resisted to it too long… and she is just a woman, not a saint!

How much she wants to be free… to walk in bikini swimsuit on the beach again, waving with her hips and ass… to fuck with any man… to drink until morning, having fun with friends, not being bothered by endless rules and bans of Islam… maybe being dumb, primitive, filthy, but contented… somewhere in Europe, in some nice country… close to the sea, which she loved… that would be a life!

Maryam spent whole Sunday contemplating about this seducing vision, and she loved it, she felt so happy, so positive and optimistic, like maybe never in her life… it was so strong and beautiful, when she saw herself, exactly whom she wants to be, finding real happiness… getting rid of all that bad things in her life, which made her a slave.

It was so unwise, she realized, to burn all the bridges, not keeping a back door open… ultimate achievement demands an ultimate price, but in the end, every dream will end, and you need to keep going to your real happiness… what all that fake transient fame means? Nothing!

Anyway, the whole beautiful dream became a nightmare, just during Monday morning, when the blue sky of Dubai was suddenly covered with heavy grey clouds, at least for Maryam.

They called her from Emirati Ministry of Foreign Affairs, informing her very seriously, that as she allegedly changed her name to Maryam Al Maktoum, as it was announced before her speech by female singer Beyonce, she needs to come to the ministry office at once, to ask for a new, updated passport… otherwise, the officials warned her, her current passport will be voided, on Friday this week, exactly at midnight, the automatic system will mark it as invalid, as it’s the rules: in seven days, you had to report any change, regarding your passport, and present clear proof of this change, like marriage certificate, etc.

Of course, that she could lie, she could blame Beyonce from very bad joke, denying any change of name, as it happened outside the Emirati territory anyway, to keep the passport… but Maryam felt, that there is more, than just a matter of allegedly changing her name, the Sheikh was probably highly angered, that she revealed their secret marriage publicly, or she allowed it to happen, not denying it, and as a revenge, he decided to get rid of her, once and forever, ruthlessly, quickly and efficiently…

Simply by letting the authorities to seize her passport, allegedly from lawful reasons, to “execute an investigation”, but never issuing her a new identification document… effectively voiding her Emirati citizenship.

Maybe the Sheikh used Maryam and her strong female ambitions as a cat’s pawn, to get rid of his dangerously influential junior wife, Princess Haya bint Hussein of Jordan… and since Saturday morning, when Haya left the Emirates, disappearing back to Jordan quickly, humiliated by Maryam’s move immensely, the young girl could become a used-up, expendable asset, which lost all value, and was to be removed…

In Maryam’s case, very easily, as with Haya, she lost her ultimate Emirati protector, although she wrongly considered her as competition, as threat, a pest… but only with Haya present in Sheikh’s bed, Maryam’s power in the Emirates could be real, as both women could work in synergy, creating perfect pincers… Maryam simply made a huge mistake in assessment of the situation, having her judgement clouded by lies and promises of treacherous Wu rats… but maybe this is exactly, what they wanted… what the Sheikh wanted!

He could make a side deal with them… to solve the situation with his wives!

First, they could recommend him to marry Maryam, smuggling her into his closest vicinity, so Haya will be under pressure, losing positions over Sheikh… and then, Wu could offer him complex solution of his fears, that he is losing power to Haya… simply by using Maryam, to make her leave, voluntarily, so she will never revenge to the Sheikh from her foreign exile, as other asset will make the offensive action against her, other woman: Maryam!

A perfect plan, indeed… and Maryam became a fool, losing all, what she had!

The convention was not a victory… it was the end of her Emirati fame!

Wu Corporation manipulated her very brutally to do the controversial speech, releasing a river of filth into the Czech tabloid media about her, just before the convention, to persuade her, that there is nowhere to go now, that she needs them, and she must obey, in her interest… and although they accused her of prostitution in the Emirates and faked conversion to Islam, her personal brand was not damaged, on the contrary, as infidels relaxed towards her, after reading and understanding, that she is simply a gold digger slut, not a dangerous Muslim fanatic, as they thought originally… the West even appreciated, how she fooled Muslims, just to get to wealth and fame!

So, in practice, that infamous Special Issue of “Heavy Slander” tabloid magaine, called Sex, Lies, Emirates: Marketa Maryam Korinkova” turned to be something completely different, than Maryam expected… like a dumb fool, like an amateur, she ran to the passport control of Veskrna Airport Prague, to disappear from Czechia as soon as possible, to avoid shame, and never to return… instead of embracing Zuzana Jandova, and thanking her, parting their ways in peace and love!

And where did all those mistakes get Maryam now? Wu threw her over board… and Sheikh probably too. Both used her. And now, she will be let go. Mercilessly.

Maryam clearly saw, how much her current life sucks… have a look! Dependent on favors on some filthy infidels, who manipulate her for their treacherous plans… dependent on some male fool, who can crush her and her Emirati life just with one phone call… is this freedom, is this happiness?


She wants OUT of here! Spiritually and physically alike!

Lying in bed, she closed her beautiful brown eyes, seeing herself in future, walking through the streets of some nice European city, free, smiling, happy… REALLY free! Out of reach of all these rats, simply ignoring them, and their fucking, sick games!

But then, Maryam starts to think practically: it’s Monday, and if she will lose the passport, either by automatic process, or after being seized by authorities… what will happen, then?

She still has that limited Czech expatriate passport, but it has one critical flaw: it’s valid only for 90 days, and visa requirements of many contries demand at least 90 days of validity… not speaking, that her lawyer Iveta Klimesova warned her, that if she will lose the Emirati citizenship, proved by passport, after she gave up her Czech citizenship… she will become a stateless person, with absolutely unforeseen, but most serious consequences.

When Maryam was planning her big move, she considered even this most disturbing negative scenario, of course. And she believed, that she knows, what to do, to solve this situation… but there is yet another, and most serious problem for her, meeting with others, just this dumb week!

It’s a variable, which she never considered as a part of her plans. But now, when she suddently wants OUT, it means completely… this becomes most important and most serious issue… which is far from all games, as it’s about her body.

She knows, what is right: if she should be free again, she has to terminate her pregnancy, as it was always a wrong thing, not caused by her, but those traitors… it was not her free choice anyway, it was them, who exchanged her contraceptive patches for an ineffective placebo covertly, as they wanted her to be pregnant with the Sheikh, to have an additional lever against him…

No, she doesn’t want to carry this child, the Sheikh means nothing to her, he was only a rope for her, a resource…. not a man of her life! Not speaking, that there are two possible fathers, as Maryam slept with her Czech lover too, at the same time, around the moment of conceiving involuntarily…

Moreover, under current circumstances, when she realized the truth, and her real dreams… she perceived the germ inside her rather as an undesirable alien in her body, a creation of treacherous rats around her, not her beloved child…

Yes, she wants to go to undergo an intervention, an abortion, a very serious sin in Islam… but what would such a life be like? If her relationship with the Sheikh is over, anyway… this is, what motherhood should look like? No, she won’t use the child against him… she simply leaves! Let him to keep all the fucking money and Za’beel palace… why should she care? The world is full of men, who have money, they are young and beautiful… unlike the Sheikh in his 60s, even smaller than Maryam, a tall female fashion model…

Of course, there can be severe complications, her reproductive system can be damaged by the intervention, and she won’t be able to have children again, it means permanently, forever… that’s a serious risk… plus, there could a psychological trauma for her… indeed, this solution will come for higher price… still, it’s hardly comparable with letting it all be, pretending, that everything is pefect and right… it isn’t!

In Czechia, with its 10 million inhabitants, there is 30.000 abortions a year, at least officially… so, what? She will be simply one of those women, who solve their problem, if they have to!

She want OUT, it means to interrupt all ties… to live by her own choices, not until today!

Fuck them all… fuck Wu rats, and fuck the Sheikh! Fuck the Emirates, money, gold, a ski slope in a shopping mall, and fuck Burj Khalifa, all this fake dream!

But this apparently beneficial solution brings new challenges: not only the interruption is forbidden in the Emirates, except only one place, which possesses a special exception, the local subsidiary of GHC Clinic, as the Chinese have their long fingers even in the Emirates… also, there is a question of time, as the operation can be made until reaching 12 weeks of pregnancy, it means 84 days, except cases of serious health risks, and Maryam is pregnant for 82 days already… not much time is left!

It also means, that she would have to undergo the procedure tomorrow, as the day after tomorrow, she has a critical appointment abroad, planned for long time already, which she wanted to use to extend her personal power, to create her new future… but does she want it yet, anyway? Now? She only wants to disappear, to cancel everything… but she could need this event abroad, this potential new powerful connection, to solve her personal situation, regarding passport!

It would mean, to visit the clinic tomorrow, and then, just a day after it, like if the procedure would be just a marginal thing, to take a plane, and to participate maybe at the most critical meeting of her life… but will she able to? She really doesn’t know, how this “thing” works… wouldn’t she need some rest, or something? Some medical supervision?

There is that most disturbing possibility, that she will start to bleed, just when on a plane, dying in skies, like an idiot, and Allah will allow it, to punish her for her horrible sin…

Thus, it would be much safer to stay at home, to avoid all demanding activities, including travelling, to be sure, that nothing bad will happen to her… but the critical appointment was planned in long advance, as the person, which she should meet, is an ultimate VIP, and even the Sheikh Al Maktoum, as the Emir of Dubai, Emirati Vice President, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, is only a fly in comparison…

If she will cancel it, in her present situation, when her personal brand is waning quickly… it’s possible, that this meeting will never happen again, and she will lose the ultimate opportunity of her life! She will never get another chance… so close to the absolute stars, yet so far away, hating herself to the end of her life, that she was too scared to take the risks!

She has only one shot here, that’s the most certain… but if she won’t make the procedure before the trip, her life will be sealed, no one will do the procedure for her, at least legally, not speaking about elevated health risks, and she will never be free again… no, this can’t happen! She can’t allow it! She must be responsible, this time!

She tries to think: if she won’t be able to travel on Wednesday… what to do, if she is inevitably losing her Emirati passport on Friday midnight? Who can help her? Is there yet another entity?

She can still leave the Emirates before the fateful moment of losing her passport, to escape conveniently, but it means, that she can hardly ever return there…

Shouldn’t she let things be, as they are? Maybe it all just seems bad, but everyting will be OK, if she will continue worshipping Allah, relying on Him, on His will and ultimate wisdom, that He knows, what is best for her…

But she wants OUT, understand? And she is ready to pay any price, even losing all what she has, what she achieved until now… but is it all of any real value, anyway?

It seems all so miserable and worthless… this old dream is over, and Maryam wants to live a new one, where she will be free, independent, doing, what she likes, what she loves, even succumbing to her vices and obsessions! Where she will be herself! Just to be far from this madness and slavery, humiliation!

OK, so what is the new plan? First things first…

Tomorrow, to go to the clinic… but as Karla Cizova, the GHC’s Executive Director, informed Maryam, the intervention needs to be approved by higher places of Wu Corporation, it means her “friend”, Ivona Selnikova herself… Maryam will be again under control of filthy infidels!

But there are other countries, and other clinics, where the intervention can still be made… so, Wu will probably understand, that it makes no sense to try to block Maryam in her intention… they will allow it, having immense media ammunition against her for the future… that she underwent an abortion!

In fact, the price for the operation will be this piece of information, which Wu will receive and save for future use… but Maryam doesn’t have to care, she doesn’t plan to continue with her media career, so it will become worthless, as she won’t be a person of interest no more!

Then, if possible, on Wednesday, to travel to that VIP meeting abroad, but to take it lightly, to be ready to cancel it, just in the name of health and survival… not to have any expecations, any pressure, as the other side would feel it, rejecting her more easily… Maryam simply needs to be ready to let this chance go, as only then, ironically, she can succeed… but she even doesn’t have any larger interest in the matter anymore. So it will probably fail anyway… but she doesn’t care, she will simply go there, to use her chances.

OK, then, it’s Thursday, when she will be able to travel again: either back to the Emirates, to wait until the matter with passport will be resolved, and if it will fail, she will use that Czech passport to get out, somewhere… or she will beg Wu rats to push on Sheikh and Emirati authorities, so they will give her that damned passport, whereas she will promise them, to disappear… or what they will want… again a slave of infidels!

Maybe she will just leave, not starting any more bothering affairs, not negotiating with anybody, not asking anybody for favors… but how to resolve the critical citizenship issue? Some states offer their passport, if you invest certain amount of money on their territory… this could be the way… but does Maryam have some one million EUR of demanded investment!

Or she can use her connections… money can do miracles, and close contact with aces like Faris Al Kooheji is the first step to consolidate the whole situation…

Still, Maryam asks… is there any place, where they could help her, even in her new, infidel-like life?

And Maryam knows, where to go, to make her last, final big move… was it Allah, who advised her? Should she thank Him? Should she remain submitted to Him, even if she will commit such serious sin agaist Islam tomorrow? But maybe Allah understands her reasons, and He wants her to be happy… maybe He will allow her to go, blessing her, not punishing her… maybe.

OK, so, the plan is clear now: on Thursday, to use the remaining validity of the passport, to travel, to try to find new powerful allies… and then, on Friday, either to return to Emirates, or simply burn all bridges here, never to return.

No, Maryam doesn’t feel any sentiment… it was all only a dream… a dream, which the others put into her mind… Israelis from Mossad, Czech military conspirators, and then those Wu corporate rats… she was once just a B-class fashion model, that was her destiny, her place… but the Devil came, offered her a trade… for a price, and she accepted, as she was young, hungry, foolish…

But the contract is over now. She needs to take full control of her life… for any price. She will only make a contract with herself this time, choosing the best option for her.

When she makes this plan and decision, she is that cold player again. She knows, that begging Faris for a favor would only distract him, turning him away… she needs to use her feminity and sexuality to assert her interests, to remain a Queen, although she is full of fear inside.

Soon, just tomorrow, she will allow some rats in white coats, to enter her body, her sacred temple, with cold steel tools… to remove something from her… maybe making her infertile forever…

But she wouldn’t be the first, or last woman without children… what can you do? She doesn’t feel any maternal instincts anyway… she wants to fuck and drink and enjoy life… she wants freedom, and a baby is hardly compatible with such values… moreover, the unwanted one!

Speaking of freedom… like if she would copy her father, whom she met in the dream. This fool was always obsessed with freedom, and it seems now, that Maryam inherited this quality… so close they are to each other, or does she simply adapt his behavior and mindset, as she was so obsessed with him?

In the last dream, she played a big role… but she was still submitted, and she wanted it that way. This damned father… she never managed to liberate from him… maybe it’s the fate?

Maybe in her new life, she will be able to resolve this issue somehow… she would like to. She loved him, that’s the true… only she was not persuasive enough, to force him to be her real father, to provide her love, which he now gives to his bastards, conceived with some bitch… maybe she should concentrate her attention on him… to force him, to repay all old debts she has towards him.

And there is still Maryam’s mother… but she doesn’t feel such deep connection with her. Still, some link between both women has to be there… it was her reflection, always present inside Maryam, teaching her, how to win in life… now, Maryam surpassed her… still, for this woman, she is, and will be, a little girl… how to change this situation?

But if Maryam will return to the roots, changing her mindset… maybe she will find cures even for all these problems! And then, she will be really free! Then, maybe that dream Prince will come… but she will have to tell him maybe, ‘I can’t have kids, I had an abortion… it’s my destiny’… will he love Maryam enough, to stay with her?

Or maybe she will let it be, remaining silent forever… she will deny it, it never happened… why should she blame herself all the time??? She will be just fucking men… not talking about these private female issues… not marrying anyone… just enjoying life! Staying young and travelling forever… regardless of all wrinkles!

This is her big plan… and she doesn’t ask Allah for permission this time. Either He will allow it, or not… but she won’t be begging. She wants to be free from all. It was enough of living for others, fulfilling their wishes… and the world is waiting for Maryam, with all its temptations, sins and decadence, but so enjoyable, if you are full of desire!

She swears, that if she will survive tomorrow, she will go, and buy a bottle of wine, and cigarettes… she is so tired of playing a good girl, and she missed drinking and smoking so much, so much!

When she was a child, she hated smoking, the smell, and her mother smoked… but when Maryam was seventeen, suddenly, it became so nice scent for her, she started craving to test it, to feel mature, to discover the sedutive beauty of smoking… and since the first cigarette of her life, she was hopelessly addicted, as she simply loved that feeling, when the poisonous, but tasty smoke entered her lungs, and she felt so good, so relaxed… it was so pleasant, to feel the addiction, to be a slave of pleasure…

And even in the Emirates, there are merchants, willing to sell alcohol to a Muslim, for the right price, five or even ten times higher, than official… but pleasure always has a price, and if you love it? You are willing to pay.

Maryam opens her wardrobe, looking for something… a tiny black bikini swimwear, which she wore… when…. a long time ago! She dresses it, watching herself in the mirror… well, her body is not as firm, what is used to be, but she will correct it, and soon… but before, she will taste some unhealthy, fat, junk fast food, full of salt, as the feeling is so intoxicating, when you eat a big hamburger, full of saturated fat… why should she deny such pleasant things from her anymore?

When they meet with Faris, at the Jumeirah beach, close to famous Burj Al-Arab Al-Jumeirah hotel, where Faris is staying during his frequent visits to Emirates, she simply uncovers her body, like if she would be no obedient Muslim, like yesterday, but a common infidel… of course, that Faris is surprised, but she doesn’t provide any explanation, she simply merges with the crowd of foreigners around, being like them, looking like them, she simply goes into the blue sea, she enjoys the water, feeling so alive, under the hot sun and blue sky… like being on a vacation, not struggling with so much rats in the Emirates.

“You are the only person, who can understand me,” Maryam says later, when they are lying on sunbeds, with her skin still wet from the bathing. “Something has happened to me, and it can’t be undone… what was sleeping inside me, it means true me, is now awoken… and I will follow my instincts, living according my rules, nothing else.

Allah is still the only God for me… but I want to live like them, the other, corrupted, half-Islamic Muslims, who aren’t obsessed with keeping the rules, like I once was… because what sense it makes, to deny, who I really am? I would only lie myself, and to Allah. Wouldn’t He rather appreciate sincerity, honesty? Maybe He will even forgive me… I hope so.”

“I am just surprised… how one dream can change you so much?” Faris couldn’t understand. “You seem like a different woman now… even your voice, your face expression is different.”

“I am a bitch, full of vices, Faris, that’s the pure truth,” Maryam sighed, but accepting herself. “It makes no sense, to blame my mother, life, fate, circumstances… it’s simply me, and if you would ask, how and when it happened… well, I always knew, who I am, I only suppressed it, because I didn’t want to be like her… I mean, my mother.

But now… when I realize all the feminine power inside me… I know, that I can be even better than her, just by releasing my true potential finally, and without any limits, set by people, or Allah. My mom is a small woman, a nobody… I am a Queen, and I know exactly, what I want: pleasure!

You see, before, I thought, that my life is about power, influence, success, respect, fame, wealth… but now… I don’t know, I don’t care about these things, high in the air, so unreal… I appreciate, what’s on the ground, because there, I feel much safer and better… while I was flying, it was always about fear, that you will be taken down… but how could anybody hurt you, when you will be safely walking on Earth, where you belong?

Maybe I was so close to be that ultimate VIP, to have dreams of others fulfilled… but the truth is, I wanted something else from my life… you know, lying on the beach, being nobody, but enjoying life, being free…

When I chose Islam, it was like necessity… you feel, that to achieve things, you need Allah, you need rules, you need to be a good Muslim… but when I let it go… why should I need Allah, if I have my instincts, sufficient to get a good life for me?

I hope, that I was a good Muslim, and I pleased Allah… but now, I am leaving, you see. No prayers anymore, not rules… I will only avoid pork, as it was nasty for me always, even before conversion. But otherwise… I won’t allow nobody and nothing to steal the pleasure from me!

And I don’t care, what the others think… you see that man, over there, with the camera? Probably a paparazzo, taking my pictures, that I am lying half-naked on the beach, no hijab… but I don’t care anymore, and it feels so great!

I don’t care about my citizenship problems anymore… I will get drunk soon, and I will forget… life must be fun! And I was tightened for too long!

I even think, that with this new mindset, I will make a perfect revenge to all my enemies, who expected me to be crushed… but look, the bitch is alive, well, happy and thriving! Fuck you all, rats!

And we two… we should stay together today, to go into the hotel together.. and I will let you to fuck me, to taste me, not like before, when you always had that doubt in your eyes… perceive me as a worhtless infidel bitch now, your female slave, who will be fucked and misused, who means nothing… be a man for me, Faris, and enjoy it!”

Few hours later, Maryam lies naked on a king size double bed, with her pussy full of Faris’ sperm, and she feels so good… this is, what she really wanted. Now she doesn’t feel regrets and fear of being punished by Allah anymore…

She feels so happy now, and all problems seem so far away… and this man will always stand on her side, as she controls him, using the most powerful weapon of human history: female sexuality.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova


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