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If you are one of those blessed VIPs, who are invited for a high-profile meeting with Amin H. Nasser, one of the most powerful men of the world, the President and CEO of Saudi Aramco corporation, the second most powerful business company of the world (after Chinese multinational Wu Corporation), managing immense oil and gas wealth of Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf…

Then you don’t have to worry about flight tickets, hotel reservations, securing transport, obligatory visa into Saudi Arabia, and so on. Simply come with a light suitcase, embark a private charter plane of Saudi Aramco, sent for you, and you will be taken care of in all possible senses, as you must be a person of high value, if the President himself is willing to meet you in person, not sending his deputies, advisors and subordinates to handle the matter, instead of him.

It’s really hard to calculate the overall wealth, influence and market value of Saudi Aramco… but those most impressive numbers have a lot of zeroes, and it’s definitely the largest sum of money you have ever seen… but what is certain, that Aramco provides immense power and influence for Saudi Arabia, where Islam originates, and which country never lowers its flag half-mast.

But even Saudi Arabia is being transformed and corrupted by the West nowadays, using women as subversive tools of promoting decadent, subversive ideas of social engineering and women empowerment, using corrupted Saudi royal VIPs, like Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel… the goal is clear, to allow the omnipresent Chinese conspirators to get their hands on immense Saudi oil wealth, as such is their universal, unstoppable effort for controlling all rare resources, to achieve global dominance, but there are Israelis too, who would like to limit the influence of their archenemy, source of “pure” Islam, called Wahhabism or Salafism, connected by corrupted Western media with Islamic radicalism and even violent terrorism.

Marketa Korinkova, originally a top Czech female fashion model, who converted to Islam in the Emirates, later accepting a new Islamic name Maryam, meaning “mother of Propher Isa (PBUH), and called as The Islamic Princess by Muslims and infidels alike, she managed to establish the high-profile connection with Amin H. Nasser through her immense personal reputation across the whole Middle East, her wide Islamic missionary activity, the da’wah, targeted at VIPs, but also through her creative and artistic skills, when she wrote a screenplay, which caught Nasser’s attention, and he contacted Maryam, asking her to explain her idea about solving the Al-Andalus issue, bothering the world Islamic community for 525 years already, using power of cinema, intended to provide “desirable Islamic entertainment and inspiration”.

But maybe this reason was just a pretext to get closer to Maryam, and to persuade her to come into Saudi Arabia, so the CEO himself could meet her in person, to make his direct, unbiased opinion about this beautiful and bright young woman, with perspective of using her for some unknown interests, as Saudi Aramco participated in the vast array of economic, social and cultural activities, even publishing their reputated magazine since 1949, called Aramco World

But Maryam was a personal advisor of emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in the very important branch of Female Affairs, so it seemed highly probable, that Nasser simply wants to establish such beneficial contact, as even extremely orthodox and conservative Saudi Arabia was under pressure of current Estrogen Conspiracy, when local women were seduced to start shouting loudly for alleged rights, creating subversion, disruption, division and sabotage in the society, weakening the whole Islamic community of 2 billion believers, the Ummah.

Maryam was dreaming about this moment for very long time, as it would only confirm her highly elevated VIP position of power and influence… but when it actually came, it was under different and most complicated personal circumstances of her, like living under a threat of becoming a stateless person, if her Emirati citizenship and diplomatic passport will be voided by her angered husband, mentioned Sheikh Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, Emirates Vice President, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, after it was announced publicly, that he secretly wed Maryam in Winter 2013, and the Sheikh couldn’t tolerate, that Maryam plays her own game for power, not being a submissive wife and silent mistress, as he maybe expected… but she was a devoted slave and servant of Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most Exalted, the only deity, submitted to His will only, not to some weak, transient mortal.

And there was also the most painful female matter for her: her totally unplanned pregnancy, caused by some treacherous foreign conspirators, probably of Israeli (Mossad Intelligence agency) or Czech (Special Forces) origin, who exchanged her reliable contraceptive patches for a mere placebo, to make her pregnant with the Sheikh, on purpose, to have an efficient lever against him… and her.

But after she had a very special dream several days ago, she saw her situation clearly: she wants to get out of this life of factual slavery and submission, when various rats played with her, as they liked.

She wanted to be free, for any price… it meant to get rid of the germ inside her, without any mercy, while she still could.

The problem was, that this decision of her came just at the end of the 12-weeks deadline, when the interruption can be made (legally)… she got under time pressure, and the intervention had to be made just a day before the long planned meeting with Amin H. Nasser in Dhahran, location of Aramco headquarters, so she was scared to travel so soon after the medical termination of her pregnancy, quite a serious intervention into her body.

But she had to take the risk, as this was an unique opportunity for her, and if she would cancel it, there will be no other chance to get so close to the real stars, when only blue sky and Allah are above you.

She had to be ruthless and decisive, not feeling any doubts or regrets: she wanted to create her new destiny, to live a life she wanted, free of all rules and submission, even relaxing her Islamic stances heavily, willing to leave the Emirates and Middle East forever, and to live completely normal infidel life somewhere in Europe, but being free finally, losing any importance for the covert rats and masterminds around her, who will leave her alone, when she will be of no use, she won’t be a woman of power and influence anymore.

From Dubai, where Maryam resided in her appartment at 102nd floor of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, it was just some 400 kilometers to get to Dhahran: after landing at King Fahd International Airport, she noticed, that the general level of security measures around was extreme, when the armored Mercedes S-class vehicle, where she was transported, together with members of the Aramco’s VIP Executive Protection security team, had to cede countless checks by heavily armed guards, allegedly to protect the Aramco assets against terrorists, before reaching her destiny: huge Saudi Aramco complex, its main headquarters building.

It was so long time ago, when Maryam visited such a corporate structure… yes, it was still in her original place of residence, Czechia, when she was studying Public Relations and Communications field of study at the elite Charles University, working not only as a top Czech fashion model at reputated Czechoslovak Models agency, also gathering professional experience in one of the most reputated PR agencies of Czechia, “Orca”, which was suspected of applying ruthless lobbyism in the Czech political environment, to promote interests of military-industrial complex… yes, she was that very active Western modern girl once, you know, always very busy, participating in many activities, coming home so tired, but happy, and dating some high-profile fool, letting him to fuck her, to fill her pussy with his sperm, to put her into submission.

But then, many things changed, she submitted to the will of Allah… her path to the VIP stars was long and exhausting, but now, she is here, she made it, and her personal mission seems almost complete, before she will retire and disappear from public interest, if Allah will permit, as there will be no more higher places to climb, only blue sky and Allah above her.

Wearing not only obligatory Islamic hijab and abaya, but also a full face veil, as such is the tradition for Saudi women, she only carries a luxurious Prada handbag with all the female necessities, and a big black book, but it’s not the Holy Qur’an, word of Allah Himself… this book is rather wide than tall, and pretty thick.

After the last security check, her body being scanned for possible hidden explosives, infectious agents of Biological Warfare or offensive weapons, she is allowed into the main hall of the building, wearing a visitor’s ID tag with a barcode on her dress, waiting for her final Islamic audience, whereas two other women are attached to her, guarding every step of her, as the security measures around Amin H. Nasser are the most extensive.

But Maryam is a sensitive, perceptive woman, and she rather pays attention to the decor of the interior, trying to understand the company style and culture, to soak it inside her, to become a part of it, to play exactly that game, which is needed, to assert her personal brand, even here, where the most elite brains of the whole world are gathering, to live their Aramco dream.

Then, she follows her guides through long corridors, full of offices, important meetings of executives, discussing critical economic matters, which can influence the world economy immediately, like oil price… but Maryam is superior to all of those corporate fools, walking on her immensely long slim legs of an elite fashion model, smiling, balanced and ready to make a proper presentation of her person, to shine, to succeed.

When she is introduced into the personal office of Nasser, she is not a subordinate, begging for a well-paid job and employee’s perks… she is a queen, with her head high, never showing her emotions, doubts or fear… she is a media and showbusiness professional, who walked on velvet catwalks of high-profile fashion shows so many times, not afraid to be shown in front of crowds, keeping her female integrity and charm under any circumstances, never presenting other expression, than positivity, energy and optimism, regardless how she feels inside.

There is a long table in the middle of the room, and on its sides, many chairs, where eight Saudi men and women are seated, probably personal advisors, staff of bodyguards of Nasser, but Maryam doesn’t care about them, she watches a chair in the front, where the CEO will be sitting, and she will play a show of her life on him, as he is still merely a man, and Maryam knows, how to use her female weapons against anybody… and no scanner or guard can prevent her to smuggle it with her, anywhere she goes.

“Brother Amin,” she stands, smiling pleasantly, putting her right palm on her heart, instead of a physical greeting, as unrelated men and women can’t touch in Islam: even a handshake, common in the corrupted West, is not permitted.

The President is hardly an impressive man physically, wearing glasses, not so tall… he looks rather as a peaceful accountant, but make no mistake, he must be truly a mastermind, having such extremely high position… but for Maryam, he is just a male pawn, and she will crush him with her feminity, immense power of her estrogen hormone.

Only, you need to start slowly, sensitively, flexibly, carefully, playing innocent and passive, at least at first, so the target won’t realize, that he is being played.

“Sister Maryam, welcome! Allah be praised! It’s nice to meet you,” Amin shows Maryam to sit down, and one of his aides offers a jug of cold water to Maryam, as the heat outside is immense: this is Persian Gulf, where the temperatures climb up to 50 degrees of celsius, during Summer months.

“It’s my pleasure,” Maryam smiles at Amin, showing her perfect white teeth, and her beautiful brown eyes with long lashes just shine, seducing Nasser to a sweet imagination, how it would be, to fuck this charming lass.

Now, she must remain passive, so the fool will think, that he has the control, that he is the active element… and he will also reveal her intentions with her.

“As I understand, you are probably the most profiled woman of Islam nowadays,” Amin says, watching Maryam closely. “They call you the future of the Emirates and Middle East… this is a status, which I can hardly ignore, so I invited you here, to get to know you, to make my personal, unbiased opinion about you… about a future, if Allah will permit.”

“Well, brother Amin… things are a little bit different, than they seem,” Maryam says with sincere, modest smile. “The truth is, that I am just a pawn with pretty face, created by a foul, but intricate media game, when hidden masterminds simply put you to the dais, so you can promote their covert key interests… I come from the PR, showbiz and media world, where distinctive rules are applied, hardly to be understood by common people, even the alleged elites.

So, you can perceive me as a part of immense conspiracy, which goals are too complex to define, where personal interests are mixed with ruthless war for territory and resources… they promise you heaven, so you participate, and when you are used-up, or you grow too tall, they will simply discard you, they don’t care.

This is my world, brother… it’s indeed wicked and sick, but important, where much of the world influence and power is distributed, regardless if people like it, or not… those rats have no official authorization, they were never elected by people’s votes, and still, they rule.

And make no mistake, brother Amin… all the thick walls and armored cars around can’t protect you and your company against those rats.

Only a series of disturbing articles, indicating, that the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia is becoming critically low, would be enough to put all this Saudi desert dream down, and to damage Islam massively… and this is merely an old Israeli concept, and Israelis are nothing, compared with the Chinese.

Anyway, I didn’t come to give you a lesson about the media games, you have certainly a perfect PR team for this purpose… but regarding your previous statement, I am retiring from public life just now, and meeting with you is probably the last one in the Middle East, as I am leaving soon… they discarded me, and I discarded them. I don’t need them anymore… I just want live a free, good life, it’s above all perks and money for me.

I have a feeling, that I reached the stars already, anyway… now, it’s time to stop living for others, and to live for myself. So I apologize to you, to all Muslims, and Allah, that my days of da’wah are over. Now, there will be only silence around me, and peace, I hope.

But if you want to know the future of women of Arabia, remember three names: Aysha Al Mudahka, Qatar. Sara Al Madani, Emirates. Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, Saudi Arabia. Watch them, and you will understand.”

“You seem to know much about these special issues indeed,” Amin appreciated Maryam’s insights. “But tell me: who you really are? Is it true, that you faked the conversion to Islam, to make a career in the Islamic world? And those other things, which the tabloid media wrote?”

“Truth is not important, brother,” Maryam lectured him, like a sexy but patient teacher. “No one cares about the truth, as it’s a highly relative value, rather an artificial, theoretic, worthless concept for fools and philosophers, as we all have our truth… but people generally want believe to something, so media are ‘helping’ them, and those filthy lies and slanders you mentioned, it’s nothing personal, it’s simply a part of the game, which would make only a fool angry.

But I understand, that you want to find the truth about me, so I will be glad to assist you.

You see, my dear brother, there was this old nice social custom in Czechia, before all that electronic madness and addiction, when people met physically, visited each other at their cozy homes, and your host showed you his or her albums with family photos, taken at vacations, with friends, children, lovers… indeed, there were no cell phones, computers, Internet, people had more time to spend time together, not distracted by all social media temptations, this obsession for communicating all the time, not being present, always living in some distant, fake virtual world, created by masterminds like Sergey Brin or Mark Zuckerberg.

But these ancient traditions… they are a remnant of a past world, which was much more healthy, than our times… I like to discover these treasures, to keep memories, to understand, who I am, so I brought my personal photo album, to tell you about me, and my family, although not only good memories are there…

I am fully aware, that pictures of living things are idolatry, forbidden in Islam, and I should really get rid of them… also from personal reasons, as keeping those pictures and watching them, it evokes bothering thoughts and painful memories… so, you will be the last person, who will ever see them.

If you would be so kind, brother Amin, and you would move closer to me, so I can show you the pictures… and send those other fools away, you don’t need them, to contain me… moreover, this will be very personal and private narration… just for you.”

(Make them come to you!)

“To tell you my tale, I need to start with my mother, as our parents are the basic factors of our lives, regardless if we want, or not… and my mom was really a questionable influence for me.

I would’t say, that she is plainly a bad woman… it would be too easy to judge her, so you judge her instead of me… moreover, as you can see, she is that example of real feminine power, a witch

She is about your age, brother Amin, and I guarantee you, that between your female peers, you can’t find a better body, than my mom has… she is a superior female in certain way, and her physical presence is simply devastating, provoking all men of all ages to complete madness, willing to give just anything to be allowed into her pussy, to squirt her with their sperm, to insert their legacy into her female organs, regardless that her fertility age probably passed already…

I can imagine well, that she could become your elite mistress, and believe me, you would understand feminity much more, seeing her in reality, enjoying her shining presence… not speaking about touching her, to feel all those special shapes!

She is now living a miserable love life, fucking with some miserable executive from Vaclav Veskrna Airport Prague, who has no style, who is no man to me, but she likes him, as he is fully submitted to her… but you, Amin, you would be much more suitable lover for her!

How royal pair would you two be! She would uplift you… she is that type of dark, mysterious witch, which will awake all sparks of youth inside you again…

And her profession is teacher at Grammar school, so she enjoys a position of superiority, authority, dominance, control… the state allowed her to influence the lives of children, so she has to be a model for them.

She could be so much of inspiration, even for you… you would forget all your four recent wives, and you would put her to the dais!

Not speaking about interesting tactical position for me, if my mom would be fucking with one of the most powerful men of the world… this is, my dear brother, how we women build our personal empires of power, and believe me, that the obsession for controlling territory and resources is inside us women too, it doesn’t belong only to men.

We only like to deceive the world, and you males, hiding many, many disturbing things from you, to make you calm and relaxed, inclined to deception.

Anyway, my relationship with my mother is complicated, very complicated. Maybe there is even an ongoing war between us… but she is losing, believe me! She was fooled by me… a master of deception deceived, a pupil overgrowing her teacher. Literally…

(my mother)

Seductive Beauty of Female Sucking
Do you realize, brother Amin, why many women are not comfortable, when eating or drinking in front of others, and particularly men?

The reason is, that we females really live in one big secrecy, hiding our filthy things and activities from the world, like menstruation, but also our secret pleasures… and accepting food or drinks reveals, how insatiable we are, how much obsessed with pleasures we are, missing any decency, which we like to pretend… falsely.

Do you see her face, her expression? How she enjoys it? This is, what we don’t want the world to know… but she is different, and imagine, how you would feel, when instead of that straw, she would have your dick in her mouth, drinking your ‘white juice’… every day, she would be filled with your sperm, and you would feel so strong, so dominant… and she would be so satisfied, because we women, we love to be filled with sperm!

It contains so called prostagladin, a hormone-based substance, which makes us very happy and relaxed. This is also the reason, why we risk with unprotected sex… just because the contact of this chemical with our body brings us the utmost satisfaction.

Also notice her posture, those crossed legs, like a lady… when my mother makes this position, favorite by females, she looks so good and seductive, because her legs are slim but well shaped, as you will see soon, and her slim, girlish feet are the most beautiful feet you have ever seen.

Female World Is Arts
Be very careful, brother, when a woman is enclosed with artistic creations, because that is her world, where she rules, where she is perfectly connected, as we females are highly sensitive, perceptive and emotional… there is an artist inside every woman, and whereas you men don’t understand the arts, as it’s not your nature to create arts, she will be so certain in such a world, and you will be only a guest there, in submitted position.

I believe, that men are born as warriors, and if they become poets or artists, it only makes them corrupted in our female eyes, effeminated, assimilated, tamed… but on the other hand, we love it, the feeling, how much control we have over you, male fools! So we let you to do arts, we even loudly support you, appreciate you, to assure you, how good move you do…

Again, do you see that crossed legs? How greatly it looks, when she is doing that? It’s not a coincidence, it’s about her superior body and energy… and imagine, that all these treasures would belong solely to you!

Shopping Grocery In Dubai

My mother is a woman of immense contrasts, like we all females. See that mature face, combined with those immensely slim and girlish feet? It’s so striking… and that firm slim body, which you desire to taste with your manly palms… but she is very serious here, maybe I surprised her, when taking the picture… but she looks so decent, she has a face of a queen, and you want only the best for you, brother… you need to own this ultimate dove!

Of course, that we women generally love shopping, but groceries, it’s deep in our nature, you know, cooking, kitchen, taking care of others… but also manipulation, grasping resources and social control, which we execute through such apparently innocent things, which you men even demand from us, although it makes us powerful, on your expense!

So, her face says something like: ‘This is my territory. I rule here. And you can never understand this world of securing supplies better, than me. I am the real queen here… not only here, but that’s what you are not entitled to know.’

Back To Innocence
My mother is a strong woman, even in physical sense… but as you can see, as all of us women, she is obsessed with arts and beauty. Why? It’s simply inside our female DNA, that we understand and appreciate these things, a world of beauty, aesthetics, peace, symmetry, shapes and perfection.

That dress she is wearing, that long rich black hair… it’s impersonated innocence of a young witch. Like if all that thousands of past nights, which she spent fucking with many men, would disappear, being erased, nullified… the world of arts allows us to become pure and innocent again, although we make many sins in our lives… and we fuck hard.

And do you see, how physical she is? We simply like to use all our senses, not like you male fools, who only use eyes, vision. But we are much more capable of using all of our abilities, gifts of Allah… and we can feel many things, many occult secrets of the world, hidden to you.

You should be scared, brother, and you should learn, you should stop to underestimate us… or to submit to us, as we are superior over you.

How We Use Manipulation and Rejection
I was describing my mother in so bright colors, but here, it comes to negative things. We were in Dubai, and I recommended her an Arabic drink… and do you see, how she doesn’t like it, and she makes no effort to hide it?

But maybe she likes it, she only wants to seem irritated and disappointed, to project power over me, to humiliate me, to hurt me, to make me bleeding from thousand tiny wounds, so she will have control over me, as if you control someone’s emotions and mood, you are the Queen.

And this bitch always deployed very straightforward measures of psychological manipulation towards me! In one moment, she is so warm and loving… in the next minute, like a summer thunderstorm, coming without warning or indication, she is cold and distant, to derail you, to keep you in permanent suspense and stress.

But you can take it as a test, brother… and you will learn much from my mother, oh yes!

Sometimes, it will come for a price, that’s true… but you will be captivated and enchanted, and many slaves are never able and even willing to leave their master, as they love being manipulated… but also to be an object of interest. This is, how religious and corporate sects are working, when recruiting new members, ‘love-bombing’ them, and then playing cold suddenly.

‘Feed a wolf, and then, let him starve… he will come to you, willing to submit.’

Filthy Infidel Christian Xmas Market, Old Town Square Prague
Not exactly my finest Islamic moment indeed, to participate in this terrible Christian sin, called Shirk, associating other alleged deities to Allah, who is the only deity, not speaking about a pagan celebration and idolatry… but these Xmas markets are simply a part of our Czech national customs, and my mother keeps those traditions, so how could I reject her, when visiting Prague city center during Xmas time, like during my childhood, when I loved it?

No, it’s not about committing sins and insulting Allah, together with those filthy unbelievers, it just reminds me, you know, that sweet time of innocence of childhood.

But look, it was so cold, that she even veiled herself, like a Muslim woman… not bad, not bad at all! And I am a fashion model, I have to smile, anytime, when being photographed, it’s a reflex… of course, that inside me, I hated and rejected all that filthy Xmas trees and so on… but those are infidel lands, their tradition, what can you do?

I like, how old and weak she looks here, in contrast with my young shining face. Perfect moment of my deserved superiority, don’t you think?

Like Two Sisters
Here, she looks much younger, a shocking contrast with previous picture indeed! Do you think, brother Amin, that I resemble her? No, I have a different face, with longer chin, and her face is rather round… and the eyes are so different.

In those moments, I understand, why she rejects and hates me, why I provoke anger inside her, why she tries to humiliate me, because I remind her my biological father… like if she would like to make a revenge to him, by destroying me… and ironically, my father rejected and left me as well, because of her… this slut really ruins my life, but here, she looks so positive and nice! Maybe it’s because of nice warm weather around… or she simply tries to manipulate the world, so we play that fake ‘mom and daughter are friends’ game for the public.

Also, as you can see, she positioned herself in front of me… and you can guess, why, to show her superior position… but maybe she just lives in illusions of her non-existing superiority over me.

Anyway, it’s interesting contrast, how she dressed white, like that she is innocent, and I am black… it’s completely different in reality.

So Close… and Yet So Far Away
Yes, dear brother Amin, you guessed it just right, she is absolutely naked under that bathrobe… like if she would be willing to show you her beauty, but only if you are a man enough, so her expression says something like ‘Show me, what you got, and then, maybe I will show you something’… and there is that naked wet pussy, so close, can you feel it?

She still hides it between her legs, she even covers it with her hands symbolically, but just one slight movement would be enough, so her female sexuality would hit the world around… and she would make you to lose your mind, with her arts of love!

But we females, we like to pretend to be unavailable and distant… it’s a part of our strategy, how to make fools from you men, how to lure you, how to attract you to hunt us, playing sexy doves, although we are often worthless fitlhy sluts in reality, fucked by the most lowly losers.

But you men love to be deceived… so you will get, what you will deserve, like defeat and submission to clever, capable females!

Anyway, just imagine, that you would put her on that bed behind her, she would release that pressure and defence of her essence, and her naked sexy body would be revealed, she would spread her legs widely, so you could enter inside her conveniently, like a King… it’s so sexy imagination, isn’t it?

I read this nice quote somewhere: ‘You won’t be my first… but you can be my last.’ Those Western women are real sluts…

Once a Teacher… Forever a Teacher
See, how she stands? It’s a position of dominance and authority… not only over me, also over her small pupils. This is her world, her job, her mindset… and she takes it very seriously, it seems… because there, she can fully realize her female potential, to maniplate people, to feel power and control over them…

No no, she is not a philantropist, loving children… she just loves to rule them, to become their big mommy… but children love her, as she is firm and stable, never weak, and only then, the little rascals are willing to respect you.

Maybe she is one of the best teachers in the whole Czechia, ironically… and she makes something good for the kids. But there is always certain controversy around all great, big people… and I am no exception, as you certainly noticed.

White Woman And Black Man
It’s true, that my mom is one of those European women, highly attracted to black men, and this mating choice is rooted deeply on biological level, this mixing of races, and improving your genes with foreign, exotic material.

See, how close she let him, some poor fool from Zanzibar, where we were on vacation together? And she is almost naked, only wearing swimsuit and that light robe… you can see her arousal on the picture… but she would fuck him only to humiliate you, to send you a message, that she has choices, and she can fuck with anyone she wants, including black men… who are highly beneficial to build her personal brand, and as a cat’s pawn against you, to awake madness inside you, so you will start doing mistakes, you will promies her heavens in your obsession, when she persuades you, that she is The One.

This is, how we manipulate you men… maybe she doesn’t care about black men, but she wanted it to look that way… brother Amin, a woman is one big deception! Remember that well!

Sweet And Young
Oh, isn’t she so sweet here? She looks rather like a girl, not a mature woman over fifty years of age… that slim body, that rich hair… I wouldn’t guess more, than some 35 years of age, myself!

Imagine, brother Amin, how young you would feel, having her close… she has many faces, like we all women, but she, she is ultimate, she would surprise you every day, every moment inspiring you with something new, and you can see a clear proof here.

It’s the most terrible, that when I see her here, she disarms all my hatred and rejection towards her, because she looks so innocent and positive, like if all those bad things she did and does would disappear… my mind remembers, but my hearts ignores… and she wins.

The Most Beautiful Woman In 50+ Category
I can see in your eyes, brother Amin, how totally captivated you are, when seeing my mother on this picture. And I completely understand it, because she looks SOOO fucking great here, denying her age totally, playing young and innocent, and you believe it, she seems so genuine, authentic and real… decent, positive, good, nice, beautiful…

But also sexy, when you can admire her perfect, well defined legs, and those girlish feet… she smiles at you, greeting you, maybe she is dreaming about you, she is waiting for you, she needs you… and you are a man, you want to own, possess and control such a beauty.

Indeed, this is maybe her most perfect picture, no doubt about it… that contrast between black hair of a witch, and that bright dress, that feminine skirt… and those naked legs, and you see that dark space between them, that shade, reflecting her horny pussy, desiring to be fucked by you, filled with your white sauce properly…

Maybe you are the man of her life, brother Amin, and I am telling you, maybe she is your destiny! You two belong together, I feel it… imagine, that she would fall in love with you, leaving her old corrupted infidel life, moving into Saudi Arabia, to be close to you… you would spend the autumn of your life together, living happily, fucking like rabbits… because she is so sexy!

Why shouldn’t she remarry? And why should she reject a MAN, like you? You can own all this beauty she has… nothing is impossible in this world of unlimited possibilities, if you have power… and I would accept you as my stepfather so happily… maybe letting you to fuck me too, secretly, our little dirty sexy secret… and fucking a mom and daugher together, it’s indeed a fulfilled male dream!

Importance Of The Cloth
Not only she looks so great here again, she also reveals her full, large breasts, which you would like to hold in your hands, brother Amin, as these are not some fake plastic tities, those are real feminine features, and believe me, she is well equipped in this sense, very very well, it isn’t about some stuffed bra, like many bitches are using.

She has really big breasts, I am telling you openly… maybe loose, hanging, but you would like to feel their weight, to suck their big nipples… she would make you a child again… and she is a teacher! You would feel like being caressed by your mother again… she would make you reborn, literally!

Now, I will tell you the most exciting secret: she really used the cloth to make her own dress! She could be a fashion designer at once… she really makes a lot of her own apparel, and so nice models! That orange skirt she is wearing… so simple, and so nice, and she made it, because she has so many talents!

She is a witch indeed, but also an artist… and you want to have such a creature close to you, brother!

Making a Careful Selection
She seems so happy here… so nice, so good… maybe she buys the cloth to make a great dress, so she can impress you, and you will fall in love with her instantly and forever… maybe her future is at the Middle East… maybe it’s the destiny for both of you!

Inside every woman, there is a dreamer, and she will never give up her dreams about a Prince on a white horse, who will come, and fulfill her life… only you have to make your big male move, and she will fall into your embrace!

I am telling you, brother… this is a high-quality female, and even I am nothing in comparison with her! It’s not easy to live under the shade of my mother… but why not to recognize her shining features? Should I lie, and deny them?

Dead Can’t Dance
If you will conquer her heart, maybe she will be bringing flowers to your grave, until the end of her days… how sad and touched she seems here, when visiting the tomb of her ancestors. She loved them… and they are gone, but she remembers.

But why should she mourn for some past fools, who are gone, and can’t dance no more? She is still alive, and she should use the gift of life… to fuck with you, to make you happy, for example! You should liberate from her miserable sentiment, using your male power!

But it’s very important, that you notice her right forearm, brother Amin! See that massive veins there? When I said, that she is a woman of massive sexual, spiritual and physical power, I didn’t exaggerate at all, and this is the proof!

Life Is a Theater
She seems to be contemplating, when sitting alone at the theater stage… maybe she dreams about being a main star? But she has that sports dress… interesting contrast again… can arts and acting be compatible with such activity, as sports? It’s just about combining all possible influences inside, to become a shining person… and my mom is really shining female, which every wise man would like to own, and fuck!

Yes, she has large acting skills, and she even directed the play of their school, can you imagine? She has so many talents…

The Bitch Wagon
I will tell you a secret, brother Amin: my mom admires and loves only one automobile brand, and it’s Mercedes, vehicle of kings and rulers… but also notice the posture of her legs, clearly confirming, how sporty she is.

She is living with that dumb airport executive, and this is his company car… but in the case of this fool, his car far exceeds his charm! But she doesn’t care, for her, it’s important, that she has control over him, that she feels like a Queen, sending a message to my distant Papa… who ignores it, fucking a young slut, even conceiving bastards with her, living in a shining house in a VIP suburbs near Prague!

You see, once, I had a female friend, the same type like my mom, you know, dark and so on, and she told me, watching her boyfriend, sitting close to us: ‘I love it so much… where I leave him, there I find him.’

Everybody loves certainty in life, and those beta fools are the source of it… unlike elite males, who leave you mercilessly, hurting you so much… my mom loves certainty, full control… and some men love female superiority, weak fools like to submit to feminine dominance.

Black Hair And Black Dog
In Islam, the dogs are unclean beasts, and black dogs are the worst of them, as Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, teaches us… but dogs are worshipped in the infidel lands, accepted, admired by many fools, and my mother is no exception.

Here, an interesting symmetry between the color of the filthy beast’s fur, and my mom’s hair: both black, and she is a witch… and they love each other. Does it mean, that my mother is an evil for me, a Muslim?

Well, let me tell you, brother, when I see this picture, my heart becomes cold and distant… because I can’t allow this infidel slut to influence, corrupt and ruin my life, and that is, what she is doing, but she won’t be allowed any more… ALLAHU AKBAR!

Having Fun
I don’t know, what is so funny about those shoes… but here, you can see, how physical she is… I mean, how many women 50+ are doing such moves? You can also see her perfect body, slim in waist, that she surpasses even young girls, not speaking about perfectly defined limbs.

Imagine, brother, that she would be in your life, she would amuse you… except many other things, which she could give you… only to you.

… And Fun Continues
She was trying some clothes here, in a fashion shop, and she made this funny ‘selfie’… covering her face with the phone, and you have to laugh, when you see it… but watch her forearms again, brother Amin… see, how well defined those are? She is really a woman of power, in all senses… how firmly she would hold your dick with her palm, when satisfying your endless male sexual desire!

Female Contemplation
It was an old tower… she wears that loose summer seducing dress, and she stopped on the stairs suddenly, sitting down, thinking about something… well, I don’t know, if I should reveal the truth, but… my mother is a real witch, she practices witchcraft secretly, particularly using tarot cards… and ‘The Tower’, a part of ‘Major Arcana’, is a very important tarot card.

It symbolizes change by destruction… the tower seems like a firm stable structure, but then, it’s hit by a lightning, it collapses, makes space for new life, new values, new mindset… and isn’t real love working the same way? If you want to experience real love, you must be ready to let your old life and world to be destroyed, replaced by new reality, and to accept it, that thing will be changed inevitably!

Maybe she dreams about love here, about big love, which you could give her… or maybe about some new witchcraft ritual, how to catch you into her female nets? Even she has dreams, she want to be loved and caressed, like a little girl… this is, how you deny aging, how you fight with fear of death, that all this colorful beautiful tall will end one day!

Islam would certainly liberate my mom… brother Amin, maybe you are chosen by Allah, to lead her to our Lord? She needs to be liberated from her infidel chains!

That Firm Little Sexy Ass
Brother Amin, I will be very serious now: I am claiming, that this is the best ass and legs you have ever seen in 50+ category, and it will be hardly surpassed by some other slut!

My mother is a physical queen, do you agree? See that ultimate ass? Do you understand, what kind of very special ass this is, combined with those long well defined legs, where calves rule?

Imagine, that you would fuck her from behind, in the doggy positon… it would be like fucking a girl… maybe even an underage girl… fuck, and she is 50+, and she has so many so different faces and shapes!

I am telling you, brother: you need to taste this peach! She is more precious and valuable, than all the oil under this Saudi ground!

She Is Touching a Young Man
Indeed, many young men are strongly attracted and attached to ultimate older women, like my mom is, searching for an alternative mother inside her… you know, that special kind of unconditional love, which only these women can provide, not demanding this, and that, like young sluts…

But when you see them together… would you guess, that she is so much older, than him? No no, she looks rather like his girlfriend, showing her perfect body proudly… maybe she sucks youth and energy from him, as a capable witch… maybe his sperm makes her younger!

Yes, brother Amin, she let this young man, a water scooter driver, to fuck her, without too many words… and she doesn’t use any protection, she never did, she hates that rubber, you know, that disgusting smell… it’s all real, sharp, unprotected sex, just as Allah intended it to be!

She is the ultimate lover, able to satisfy and satiate even endless desire of young men… and when she leaves them in the morning, disappearing after a sleepless night of utmost passion, they are marked forever, she stole a part of them, and they will never forget her… always looking for her.

Inside every man, there is desire to own and possess his mother… and to fuck her. When my mom comes, she is able to fulfill such an old dream… and men are grateful to her. It’s more than just sex, orgasm and ejaculation for them… it’s their return to innocence, to realize their primary sexual desire, directed towards their own mother.

Our Party Together
For us women, social life is a critical matter indeed… but it’s so funny, that only I am wearing a hijab, in the midst of all that corrupted sluts… free-mixing with men, and Allah doesn’t like it, you know that well, brother Amin!

Again, she looks so young here… my friends were very interested towards her, I mean, the mother of the Islamic Princess… it was fun, and she decorated the whole evening.

You see, sociopaths like her, they shine in every society, displaying so much love towards you, when others are watching… but at home, hidden behind the walls, they are completely different people.

My Mom And a Prada Handbag
After a modeling job I made for Prada brand, they are supplying me with all the new models of their handbags for free, to make a promotion for them in the media, when I am seen somewhere, wearing it… I could buy it, but you know, how it is, brother: what is for free, it simply pleases you more!

So, I have all these luxurious handbags with 1000 EUR price tags… and I give them to my family, to my mom and older sister.

Here, my mom with one of them… and they look so great together, don’t you agree? She is almost a fashion model here… not looking bad, not at all! I am telling you, she wouldn’t be lost even in the royal VIP society, where you would introduce her, brother Amin!

She is so noble… how she stands, you know, proudly… and a handbag is the ultimate decoration for any woman! Of course, that we carry a lot of stuff there… but we also send a social message, wearing a particular handbag. And did my mom succeed here? Absolutely… another of clear proof, how a royal woman she is.

The Queen Of Males
Yes, brother, we women are ruling you men… without you realizing it! How perfect and satisfied she seems, when he let her to drive, to have full control, standing aside, in lowered position, like her devoted servant, a slave!

All those muscles he has… worthless, except to serve her with them, to defend her, to protect her, to sacrifice for her pussy, like a fool!

Our female sexuality is indeed a weapon of mass destruction, but no international treaty forbids it… we are crushing you, and you worship us, instead of Allah… crazy fools!

On the other hand, how could a male fool resist to an ultimate female, like my mom is? She is shining, she is mature, powerful… and all weak fools want to follow a leader… and if she has also seductive body and eternally wet pussy, ready for quick exciting intercourse?

This is, how we promote matriarchy in this world, and you fools cooperate with us, in our final conquest!

Children: Sugar Of Female Life
So, we were on a trip in Oman, and suddenly, these four little children came, two boys, two girls… and mom is a teacher in a Grammar school, plus a mother of two girls… she is a ruler of all children, regardless of nationality, religion and race!

At first, those two little male Muslims were watching her with disdain, that she is not wearing hijab, that she is a filthy infidel, unbeliever… but after minutes, believe me, brother, she contained them, they forgot Allah, they only wanted to be close to this warm maternal energy!

Imagine, that as a teacher, she has to manage even some thirty kids in a class… and those were only four! It was a breeze for her… it was something like reflex… kids are here, so I rule them, I control them, playing their lecturer, but making them to submit too.

Does she love children, or does she see them as a perfect tool to satisfy her needs of power of control? Let’s be honest here…

The Girlish Dreams
She is a born fashion model, isn’t she? She has so many talents and skills, in all possible senses… when she wants, she is that woman leader, strong, authoritative… and then, suddenly, you see her like this, looking like twenty years of age, watching the night sky, the stars, being hopelessly romantic, dreaming about a big fateful love…

And see those legs? The funny thing is, that I do the same pose often, not sure, if I copied her, or she copied me… but there is certainly a connection between us, as you can see.

She also wears these dresses for young girls… she can afford it, her body is even better, than theirs… but she is also full of romance, like them.

Still, her love life is about control… another interesting controversy. What is her true face, anyway? But you will never find… again, woman is a deception, and any alleged truth is only your illusion, or lie.

Rule of Tree and Apple
This is my beloved Dubai car, giving me freedom of movement, a Mitsubishi Pajero, a massive offroad vehicle, but only 3-door, so it is short, and I can park it more easily… but it’s really funny, that it’s a symbol of superiority over other drivers, you know, sitting higher, having even devastating power, as this type of heavy offroad vehicle, equipped with hard frame as part of the chassis, like heavy trucks have, is rather a weapon, than a vehicle for transport…

Like if I would copy my mom’s strategy of life, you know, to have power, control, influence, by making this selection of a car… and in the end, two bitches get inside, and it’s like a pussy paradise… we understand each other, you know, we can erase differences and conflict between us, when we want, or as a matter of tactics.

She wanted to drive it too… you know, to taste the Dubai traffic, to prove her driving skills… and since the first meter, the bitch felt like home, making that face, like ‘I own this road, get off my way, fools’… so funny!

By the way, when I put the car for service check few weeks ago, they I found a surveillance bug at the chassis, can you believe it? Some GPS tracking device, and when I gave it for examination at a private Intelligence agency, they told me, that the transmitter was sending my position to an IP address, belonging under Czech Embassy at the Emirates… this is sick world!

More Than a Work
Imagine, that my mom teaches sports at school, like Physical Activity subject, she is a sports trainer… and she is not that kind of passive teacher, only giving orders… she joins her pupils, showing them everything, because she is in perfect physical shape, surpassing even their young bodies easily!

Brother Amin, tell me… how many women of any age do you know, able to make this posture below, like standing upside down on their arms? And how many of them are in 50+ category?

This body is simply something… it’s strong, but feminine, the ultimate combination… created by Allah with perfection.

Controlling The World With Feminity
After previous very sporty picture, comes this… like a young romantic girl, in front of an ancient tower… and those legs, so sexy, that dress, so light and seducing… she looks so young here, again.

I wonder, how I will look like, when old like her? Will I be still alive? But my life and future are only in the hands of Allah.

Our Big Mother

They call me a Princess, but I am nothing in comparison with this woman, regardless of religion. And when a woman touches male shoulders, like she is doing… you are simply disarmed.

She knows perfectly, how to handle the male body… not only for seduction, but also for control. When she touches you like this, you are submitted… the boy completely ignored me, an Islamic fashion model, his sister in Islam, can you believe it? You men are real fools… even Muslims, at least some of you.

Anyway, she perfectly proved her skills here. And she humiliated me… like so many times before… you now, that little things, which seem harmless at first, but later, when you see the pictures, you realize, what’s this about, a wave of anger and hatred comes through your body… but it’s too late, you lost the moment, when you could react somehow, to contain the bitch.

Two Luxurious VIP Bitches Have a Birthday Party
Well, again, not my most Islamic moment, when I allowed the infidel rats to make a birthday party for me, whereas we Muslims are forbidden to celebrate our birthday, or others… it’s an idolatry… but you know, I am a woman, a little bit corrupted… Allah, forgive me my weakness!

Anyway, we look so perfect here, both dressed so well, and so dark, for a perfect night party… in almost all pictures, she is wearing something bright, but not here… she is completely different kind of a sexy witch, black hair, black dress… yeah, she would seduce anybody… but she has so many faces, you know, she can be just anybody, a seducing witch, or innocent girl.. you can choose… or rather she will choose, what will be most effective against you.

You can also notice the contrast between my makeup, and her… she really doesn’t use it much, because only her hair makes her face very distinctive. I seem so fake, besides her… those exaggerated eyes and lips… but she is real, like Earth, she is not hiding anything under the makeup.

But the truth is, my brother Amin, that any woman has secrets, which you don’t want to know… like whom she fucked, while you were away…

Can she be faithful? It depends on you… not her. If you are a man… she is submitted. If you show weakness… she will let other man to take her. Simple rules!

The Czech Islamic Abaya Affair
This matter got even into highest levels of Czech politics, and it was even investigated by Czech Militarized Police, can you believe it? Just because she wore one of my abayas at school, in front of children, their parents complained, that she promotes Islam, perceived as a mortal threat to Western civilization.

But her female friend, Katerina Valachova, the Minister of Education, Schools and Youth, fully backed my mom… in the end, the enemies of Islam were only humiliated. We won! It was a perfect Islamic provocation… but my mom did it for her future political career, as higher places have very large interest in her.

This is, what my mom did for Islam, pleasing Allah… she is not completely corrupted infidel… she only needs more Islam, and you are the man, brother Amin, who can provide this liberation to her, as my influence over her is too limited… she will always see me as a little girl, having no respect towards me, I am afraid.

Tell Me Your Tale, Grandpa
During weekends, people in Czechia like to visit their elders at the countryside… this is the Grandpa of her current partner, you know, a common village man, living in harmony with nature… and he really likes her, telling his son, that he should marry her… but she doesn’t want to, as she would lose too much of her control and options.

She controls them both… and they let her, they don’t play their male game of power, they don’t even try… they are simply submitted to this queen.

But believe me, brother Amin, that when she is there, she doesn’t play that bitch from a big city, she likes to show them, how she loves nature, animals, how she respects older people… but it’s only a charade, to get power, by being as they want her to be.

Where The Body Power Lies
See that massive, muscular calf, and a slim knee joint? This is a leg of a sportswoman, who has much of physical power… but at the same time, she covers her pussy symbolically, playing a decent woman, who doesn’t unleash her female sexual power just like that.

But there are things you can hide, and others, which you can’t hide… she is a woman of power, and when it gets physical, everybody understands.

I have to admit, however, that my own body is much less equipped in this sense. I am rather slim, like my father… no wonder, that she still feels superior over me, as she simply has these physical gifts from Allah… why did He gave it to her? Does she use it for some good purpose? Oh, brother, she still awaits her real destiny, I think!

Near Burj Khalifa
She seems so strict here, and the dress she wears, it’s her own design… between all that filthy Western tourists, she is so different, so noble, so distant from their lowly world.

I can well imagine her, as a wife of some powerful man of the Middle East… I have this feelings, that maybe she belongs here, not me…

Dreaming About Happiness
This picture is a real emotional killer, isn’t it? That body posture, that free hair, flying in the wind, that look of her eyes… she is so beautiful here, again, looking so much younger, mature, but fresh, ready for new love adventures… she usually wears her hair tightened, and this is one of the great exceptions, when you see her so free… how could any man remain untouched?

You should be the one, who will fulfill and surpass all her female dreams, so she will dream only about you!

That Serious Beauty Queen
Oh, she looks so great here again… the expression, the posture, the dress, the legs, the feet, the handbag, all combined the way, which will leave any male fool completely breathless… she seems so distant, like any proper nobility…

I am telling you, brother Amin, this woman has blue blood in her veins, and she doesn’t belong into that miserable Czech life! She belongs here, into Dubai, into the royal world, where she fits so perfectly in all senses! Only here she could fully unleash her potential, being a spouse of a powerful man…

She is so serious here, like sending YOU a message: come and claim me for yourself! Liberate me from some foreign infidel fool!

The Bitter Kiss
Surely, she is fucking this fool now, and I don’t show you this picture to humiliate you, brother Amin, rather to understand, how precious female gem she is… see that hair, that neck, the ear ring, the way she touches the fool on his chest?

Don’t watch him, watch only her, as she is the main star here… and tomorrow, yet more passionately, she will kiss you, as she needs you so much, all what you impersonate, including Islam.

Connected To The Ground
See those perfect legs? So firm, so slim, so well defined… and see those feet? She is so well connected with the ground below her, with the world… she is like an ultimate Mother, the woman, who knows all the occult wisdoms… inevitably, only a witch can possess such knowledge.

Will you let this female miracle to slip away, brother Amin, if Allah wants you two connected?

A Night Jewel of Dubai
When you see all the pictures of her, you slowly start doubting, that it’s all one woman, one body… so many different forms it has! And here, who she is again? Some young bitch maybe, roaming the night megapolis, showing her perfect legs, but covering her shoulders with a Chanel scarf… a gift from me, as she would be never willing to pay so much money for a mere fashion accessory… also her handbag is well combined with her style… she has a great sense of fashion indeed, but we all women have! She only does it so naturally, you know, like, ‘I don’t care’… but the result is great.

A Beauty Is Shopping
Those hair, it looks like a horse tail… I am not completely sure, whether she doesn’t use a wiglet, as such hair, so rich, it seems even not natural… but she has this nice, decisive and firm posture, like, ‘I am taking care of those fools’, and even just shpping, she has style.

She eats very healthily, preferring raw food and fruit, avoiding all meat, except fish, as it’s full of chemicals… if she would be cooking for you, your health would flourish, brother Amin.

Hiding Her Wet Treasure
Do you notice that special posture, brother? How strongly she covers her pussy with those crossed arms? It’s so strange, as this is completely defensive posture… is the pussy the biggest weakness of her? Is she a nymphomaniac, horny all the time, or is she frigid? Is some defect there, maybe after giving birth.. maybe she hates me, as I destroyed her once beautiful pussy during my birth… but it’s so strange, isn’t it? So much defence there… and how she presses her legs together, so hard… why?

This is the weakest moment of my mom, which I ever caught on camera. Even she has flaws, as you can see… she is not a machine, but even her alleged imperfection makes her so human.

The Importance of Female Waist
See that slim waist? It’s rather girlish feature, isn’t it? Here you can see her from side, revealing, how great body she has, not speaking about those legs… and she is strong, she rules her world, not afraid to break some rules of fools, so if she wants a picture, she goes into the plants… she is ruthless, able to make decision, not afraid to carry responsibility… she is indeed a natural leader.

Memory Of Zanzibar Beach
Everybody likes beaches, and we two sluts are no exception! How free we feel, even connected, so we touch each other, so close… this was one of the moments, when she left me alone, you know, what I mean, not pressing me… she simply wanted to relax from her demanding life, when she has to influence so many people… I did the same, proliferating Islam, but I was bever so tired, serving to Allah…

I guess, that this was exactly that ‘mother-daughter’ moment of our lives…

Goodbye, Mom!
Any time I take her to the Dubai airport, knowing, that she is leaving… one part of my is happy, one part of me is sad. Strange… hard to say, whether she is good, or bad… like any woman, something between, an angel and a bitch in one body, fighting with each other… see, how I start to advocate her sins, her bad side, evil deeds? A typical behavior of a victim of child abuse… that’s what I am.

(my older sister, born 1984)

A Czech VIP Media Slut

This is my older sister, but her influence on my life is rather marginal, as our mother inserted a firm edge between us, rather sending us against each other, to have control over our mutual emotions, over our relationship…

Well, Iveta made quite a media career, as an actress, also working for the key Czech TV station, TV Nova, as a moderator… but she seems to be weak, so superficial, you know, that kind of dumb empty smile… she doesn’t seem as a ruler, as a Queen, rather as a common woman… strange, when our mom is so obsessed with control and influence.

But she is quite beatiful, no doubt about it… on this particular picture, she seems to be an impressive woman, but the reality is much more modest… the men she is fucking, the life she lives… all so dumb, small, limited and common. She is too modest maybe, or is it her perfect media strategy, to be likeable for the audience fools?

But she never became their idol…maybe she actively denies to become the same bitch, like her mother?

Smiling Dumb Infidel Slut

She has a pretty face, but for men, she is just another pile of meat with curves and pussy, nothing more… there is no fascination in their perception of her, and this is, how you build your media fame, if Allah blessed you with such physical gifts…. which she is not willing to use.

Why? Maybe her mother so much suppressed her personality? Again, the only cure for Iveta could be Islam.

The Treacherous Apple Slut

Sometimes, my female intuition tells me, that this slut is hiding something… and this picture clearly suggests her connection to Illuminati. Why? Because the apple is a symbol of knowledge, the logic, but also initial sin.

Have a look at those pretty eyes, brother Amin… could they lie?

Playing a Seductive Slut

She is not as pure, as she seems… from some reasons, she likes to be photographed in bed, lying, maybe luring some fools to admire her as a sexual monster… that under that innocent facade, she is full of filth and sin.

Come And Fuck Me

Men are very afraid of sluts, who start laughing in bed, because it seems, that they are laughing at them, to the size of their manhood, or their sexual performance. But she is holding that book on her chest… does it mean, that sex and knowledge are two female ways to power?

I am not sure, whether she is not a part of some sect… Gulenists particularly, or scientology, very active in the Czech realm, targeting just such weak doves, promising them personal growth, and so on.

Publicity Forever

Every slut from the media needs such photos for promotion of her personal brand, and here, she even inserts some dramatic message, as she is also an actress. But I don’t know, what to think, as she seems so strange to me… I don’t know her, I can’t trust her… my own sister! So sad, what happened between us, because of our mother, and her sick obsession for control!

Reader Of ‘My Psychology’ Magazine

When I indicated that possible sectarian connection, regarding my sister… well, there is not a better carrier of these subversive ideas, than ‘My Psychology’ magazine, allegedly full of good advices for women, you know, how to improve their life… but also offering various alternatives and shortcuts, like black magic rituals, and sects.

I read it once… it was a heavy load of total psychologic terror… although it should allegedly help you! But it gets you rather hooked, addicted on their advices… and who are those specialists? Not doctors, some shady sectarian figures. So, the result can be devastating for you… all those people would need rather Islam!

(it means Me, born 1988… obviously, huh huh)

Pussies Love Horses

We bitches love horses, and do you know why, brother Amin? Not only it’s so romantic animal from all that fairy tales, but riding it also stimulates our sexual organs… very, very pleasantly, believe me! Some of us are even able to have orgasm, when riding a horse… you are pressing his body with your thighs, like if he would be a lover, there is a connection… horses mean a lot for our sexual life, and our eternally hungry pussies!

I like to go outside the crazy Dubai, into the desert, into a Bedouin camp, taking a horse for a ride, enjoying the calm silent night… he can satisfy me better, than any lover, that’s true!

Place Of My Heart

Until the end of my days, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi will be the most special place for me, as I converted to Islam there, in front of the Imam and five witnesses, except Allah, of course…

That idiots from Czech tabloid media wrote about me, that I allegedly faked my conversion… obviously they don’t understand the concept of Islam… but whenever I return here, I am proud, that I pledged my allegiance to Allah, once and forever, at this most beautiful masjid

And when you are walking at this large courtyard, full of love to Allah, thanking Him for everything, looking forward to bow and prostrate in front of Him during a congregational prayer, He always gives me some good advice, about various issues.

Indeed, if there is a place in the world, where I alwas find peace: it’s here.

The Islamic Fashion Model

Once a fashion model, forever a fashion model… and even wearing an Islamic dress, and a hijab, you can present your feminity just perfectly. I am still a fashion model, only working for one master, for Allah, not for some agency… but they say, that my concept was revolutionary, I mean, to connect these two apparently distant worlds together, and so intensively.

If there will remain a message after my demise one day, I want it to be this one, so Islam can grow and get thousands of new converts, followers, symphatizers… we fashion models are simply social leaders, we have influence, and I only used it for Allah, not like all that other corrupted infidel sluts.

When I was Young And Beautiful Muslim

Taken ironically by my mother, an infidel, this is one of the most famous pictures of me, clearly indicating, how female beauty can be emphasized by Islamic clothing, if your body is well built, if you have long slim legs, like me.

Of course, that I want to retain my beauty forever… but such thing can be hardly possible. It’s painful to discover every new wrinkle, blemish and imperfection… those are the moments, when my faith is the weakest, when I forget Allah, when I connect to the transient world of dunya too much.

I also understand then, how much it destroys us, to take pictures of ourselves, against Allah’s advice and order. Not our aging and falling apart of our beauty is hurting us: we are hurting us, by not obeying Allah.

Love Always Prevails

They say, that ‘Love Conquers All’… so, I guess, that this is my artistic vision of such a quality! But I have to admit, that I neglected love in my life, before I discovered Allah… and only He has my ultimate love, not mortals, not men, not those weak fools.

Indeed, Allah learned me a lot about love, and for that, plus endless amount of other things, so I am immensely grateful to Him.

Me With Low Makeup

I look like thirteen years of age here, just because I don’t have the makeup on my eyes… funny, quite different look, isn’t it? Also my neck is revealed… sometimes, I am simply a half-Islamic, corrupted slut, and I just hope, that Allah has not only forgiveness, but also a sense of humor, seing me like this… no star, no fashion model, just some marginal dumb slut… but still a Muslim inside, still His servant and slave.

The Islamic Seduction

So, I hid half of my face in the shadows, to indicate, that I am a Muslim woman, full of secrets, and seductive beauty… and you, fools, need to discover my treasures!

I am lying on that velvet cushion, in soft luxury, convenience, in glamorous Dubai, whereas my brothers and sisters are suffering in Gaza, Palestine, JerusalemIraq, Afghanistan, Al-Andalus… but my private war and Jihad is here, in Dubai, I am a servant of Allah, like them, maybe I enjoy more luxury, but my Jihad has the same importance, like theirs… and even I suffer, believe me, even I make sacrifices… but there is nothing I wouldn’t give to Allah, including my life… because there will Paradise after that, I hope!

The Slut Desert Party

Filthy infidel sluts, those alleged friends of mine, not willing to wear a hijab… no wonder, that I sat away from them! Dumb worthless bitches… but Dubai is full of those, and the Sheikh tolerates it.. always advocating, that we need those infidels, and so on… but isn’t he rather eroding the faith?

I think, that we should apply more pressure on them… and when they wear revealing dresses like this, it’s pure insult of Islam and Allah, which shouldn’t be tolerated.

I think, that Dubai should change… there should be more of Islamic message… or it will be punished by Allah, like those corrupted ancient Muslims of mythical Al-Andalus, who mingled with filthy infidels too much, and they paid for it, losing Alhambra, the Islamic wonder… no, we all paid for their feebleness, mistakes and corruption.

Every one single infidel bitch, who is allowed to dress like this in the Emirates, is stealing power from Islam. This needs to be stopped… but my voice is too weak in the matter… what about you, brother Amin? You also don’t care, letting those foreigners, living in Aramco’s Residential Camp here in Dhahran, to practise their deviated religions and lifestyle?

Anyway, you certainly noticed my long legs, although a little bit dirty from the sand… this is my body, my temple, and it belongs solely to Allah… He gave me my beauty, and only to Him I owe.

The Sweaty Bitch Prize

Volleyball is certainly my most favorite sport, but this picture, apparently innocent, caused quite an earthquake, because I was given the prize after a match, and Dubai is hot, so I am simply sweaty… in my armpits, as clearly visible, and many male fools were fascinated, to see me like this, presenting their desire, to smell my sweat, as it’s allegedly full of female pheromone, to make it airborne…

Fortunately, my makeup survived, so I look quite good! One of my favorite pictures indeed!

Rules Of Female Friendship

We women have plenty of strange rules and rituals, brother Amin… for example, do you know, what is the basic rule, when choosing a female friend?

She shouldn’t be more pretty, than you, huh huh… of course, that I am a beautiful fashion model, with the permission of Allah… still, it pleases my corrupted soul, when I have the attention of all male fools, stealing it from my competitors… regardless, if called female friends.

I love this girl, as she is common and thick… you feel so well in her company, there is no pressure, you can relax… the slut thinks, how she improved her personal brand… but in fact, she helps to improve my social status.

Again, I present half-Islamic corruption, covering my neck obediently, but revealing my hair too much… the source of feminity, and you can’t help yourself, as a woman, you simply need to show it… although it’s bad for you, it provokes madness inside men, and you lose protection of Allah.

The Islamic Car Slut

So, you are stranded in a traffic jam of Dubai, sitting in your perfect car, a powerful Mitsu Pajero, made with a beautiful bright skin interior, because you are a rich Emirati bitch, young, sexy, successful, shining and beautiful, and corrupted by modern technological inventions… so, what you do?

Of course, you make a sin, you take your phone, you use your camera to make some pictures of yourself… usually, I am not using so much lipstick, but it looks so good, in contrast with the purely black dress… just adding a generous portiuon of red color to my lips is enough, to become a sex machine.

We women always find a way, how to display and emphasize our feminity… another matter, whether it’s a good thing.

Sometimes, I have such a day, you see… I simply apply much more makeup, than usually… I look like a slut then, but I need it, to release the feminine feelings inside me. Not to insult Allah! It’s just about my female nature… desire to be seen, to be noticed.

Fashion Model Expressions

We fashion models are very special women, not only in the terms of physical beauty… we are also great actresses, able to present thousand of different expressions, inserting so strong emotions into our presentation.

Here, it’s only a modest showcase of all my faces, which I made for fun… but you certainly realize, brother Amin, how much power is hidden in such ability… you never know the truth about us, we alway play… in photos and life alike, like ultimate women.

Surprisingly, not all fashion models I know have this ultimate ability… for their own good, as we, blessed or cursed with this, usually fall, as we become too sensitive… artistic expressions always come for a price.

I am also aware, that henna is permitted in Islam, as a temporary ‘tattoo’, but it’s not allowed to be shown to non-mahram men… another case of my corruption. Sorry, Allah! That estrogen inside me is so much fitnah

Un-Islamic Power of HDR And an Islamic Woman

As a Public Relations professional, I am able to manipulate the visual reality, as needed, and it gives me a lot of power… except my female beauty, of course.

I would say, that this thing is very un-Islamic, like lying… but you can’t help yourself, there are so attractive options of this modern sick world, and you are tempted to use them, although it means alteration of creations of Allah, like humans and animals… I am afraid, that we will be punished for using inventions like this, brought to us by corrupted infidels, who want to destroy us, of course… and we accept these corrupted un-Islamic gifts from them, like Trojan horses!

But you must agree, brother Amin, that this picture has a power, it makes me a superior female… a dream… and we women love dreams, we live in dreams… you men don’t? Not dreaming about fucking a beautiful woman… like me?

Why I Love Shadows

Maybe you will be very surprised here: although I am a beautiful woman, with the permission of Allah, I still love shadows, you know, to be partially covered and hidden, even for the price of not presenting my beauty so widely… but only in shadows, I am real me, not playing those cheap fashion model games, fake smiles, and so on.

In shadows, you would feel my real power… and you would get lost in my world.

The Car Show Slut

When I was an infidel slut, these cars shows were the most desirable contracts for us fashion models. Why? There was so many photographers, and the car manufacturers wanted plenty of pictures of their cars to be made… and your mission was to decorate the car, with your beauty.

See those pearls on my neck, my festive evening dress, the VIP hairstyle of some rich artistocratic bitch? I could persuade thousand of fools, that this car is sexy, to buy it… and how much money I made for the manufacturer? It could be millions…

But now, I use my beauty only for Allah, not for economic profit of some fools.

My Body Is My Temple

I understand, brother Amin, that you want to see my body, the shape the curves, which made many men obsessed… well, this is not the best picture, it was taken by an amateur fool, during Miss Charles University 2011 beauty contest, meaning the beginning of my rise to the media fame… but the fool doesn’t know, what such shots need to be taken from lowered positon, to make you taller, to prolong your legs… here, it looks, that my body is long, and legs short and fat… which is not true, of course!

It’s true, that my breasts are slightly improved, by those medical rats from GHC Clinic… but only one size more, as I was aware, that people would reject me, if my tits would be too large, as the people would realize, that it’s definitely fake… moreover, changing appearance of body permanently is a serious sin in Islam… but what can I do now? Maybe to have my implants removed?

You see, I hate them, I regret this decision… I don’t know… but to go under the knife again… risky… maybe I will let it simply be, if Allah will permit me so.

How To Connect To Competitors
In the demanding life of a fashion model, you fight with many female competitors, who are very diferrent: supermodels like Alexandra Pianka, or common sluts from the street, like in this case.

For me, it would be absolutely no problem to outshine her, to deny her, to crush her… but that is not a good approach, as people would hate you, that you are a brutal merciless queen… no no, you need rather to connect to her, like ‘I am your friend, helping you’, and they will all like you more… and you will crush her at the same time, of course, but it will be simply more sustabinable, she won’t hate you, desiring to revenge.

It’s quite ironic, that you need even to suppress your beauty and physical superiority sometimes, to gain many advantages… it pays off, to be not so obsessed with yourself, to see the bigger picture as well.

I help the slut today, by not crushing her, like a pest… but she is also helping me, she makes me more likeable.

The same tactics applies, when there is a serious competitor… you always need to be close to her, as there is this proverb, ‘Keep enemies closer than friuends’… you want to bother her with your shining presence, so she will lose self-confidence, and she will step from the lights.

My Most Famous Picture

It’s idolatry, it’s forbidden, but this most notorious picture of mine, it’s simply something striking, I have to admit.

It’s about those colors, how dark it is in general, and my pink skin, making a contrast… that symmetric face and emphasized eyebrows… and my innocent expression of a devoted, pure Muslim… plus some decent Photoshop manipulation, to remove the sharp edges, imperfections of skin, to make it all smooth and flowing… this is, how the world will always remember me, but only with blessing and allowance of Allah.

But I need to forget this picture… to please Allah, and not to be attached to the past too much.

A Girl Next Door

Here, I am completely civilian, I look like a common infidel girl, enjoying the snow, after all that immense heat in Dubai… is this my true face, a truth about a fashion model, or just another pose? You decide, brother Amin!

Anyway, you had the honor to be the last person to see those pictures, as I am finished with this life, with this sin… and this is, what I am going to do.”

To Nasser’s utmost surprise, Maryam started tearing the pages of the beautiful book, without any mercy or hesitation.

When her work was done, she sat on the chair, had a sip of water, and smiled at Nasser, like challenging him to say his feelings, so she can relax, after big exhausting presentation.

“I have heard and seen enough,” the Aramco President said then, with very serious, but also festive voice. “You are indeed a shining creature of Allah in all senses, and my opinion about you is most favorable, for your achievements, skills and mindset.

Thus, I will speak in the name of Saudi governement, as Aramco is 100% owned by them:

We want you to work for us. Not here, in Arabia, as we understand, that you want to leave the Middle East, from personal reasons, after all these demanding years… but even in Europe, you can be our asset, our ambassador, our cultural attache, to influence the infidel world the positive way, so Islam can flourish, as it extracts much of the power from our revenues, so new mosques can be built across the whole world, so more people can find Allah, and worship Him.

I don’t demand an immediate decision on your side, but think about it, sister Maryam… the work for us would be honorary, to maintain your freedom, however, we are willing to send one million USD for a charity causes of your choices, as a gesture of goodwill.

And there is my personal, or rather private request for a favor: if your mother is just a modest reflection of the qualities you presented to me, then I would definitely like to meet her, if Allah will permit so.”

“You will hear from me soon, with the permission of Allah, brother Amin,” Maryam replied. “And regarding our planned movie about Al-Andalus, I have a girl, who would be perfect for the main role: her name is Sandra El-Hussein, she is from Denmark.”

“She will be considered,” Nasser nodded, making a note into his papers. “Now, will you join me, and several top female Aramco executives, for a lunch? They will be glad to meet you too.”

“Certainly, with pleasure,” Maryam smiled.

When she leaves the building, leaving all her old life and family behind too, feeling so free, an old song plays in her mind:

The day is coming back, you say
The time is over, and nothing changed this

The night is deep in your face
Your clouds cover
The sunshine in my life

You’re out of my life
Out of my life
You’re out of my life
Out of my life

Don’t fear, don’t cry, please
I know the murmurs in your mind
The light is black in your eyes
I spent my time with you in the shadows

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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