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There was once a Swedish man, Alfred Nobel, who made immense fortune in arms manufacturing, by inventing the most destructive ordnance and explosives, known in the 19th century: so called dynamite became a real game changer both for military and civilian use, and when Nobel realized all possible and inevitable consequences of his questionable contribution to the human kind, he decided to balance his legacy with something positive, to use his vast wealth for creating an ultimate prize for scientific, academic and cultural advancements, including literature and world peace efforts.

So called Nobel Prize, established in 1895, connected with massive financinal bonuses, thus became the highest level of public appreciation, which any living person could receive, for more than one hundred years to come… but there was always a strong controversy around the prize, like pressure on Committee members, their doubtful nominations, disputed recipients, like former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009, plus influential historical figures, who never received the prize, although their contribution was immense, like Mahatma Gandhi.

And there was always loud complaints from radical feminist circles, very active in Sweden and Northern Europe, where all subversive ideas of social engineering were literally flourishing, that women received less prizes, than men, there was no gender balance, it was a gender-based discrimination

And this changed only in 21st century, when World Women United (WWU), an organization, established for effective promoting of female worldwide interests, even suspected from organizing so called Estrogen Conspiracy, generously backed by money from many private and corporate donors, plus by highly educated (wo)manpower, they announced their own special prize, directly competing with Nobel: their “Woman Of The Year” title became a fulfilled female dream, supporting their self-confidence and sense of unity immensely, when they had their leaders elected and promoted, to serve as an inspiration, motivating them to work yet harder in their fields of interest, to be elevated to the ultimate position of power, influence, support and protection.

Not only the money premium was higher, full one million EUR, but also the whole procedure was different, much more suitable for female thinking, perception and approach to the world. It was a female contest, for females, by females, and all the effort was made, not to support divisions, competition and hatred between them, on the contrary, yet closer unity.

For example, there was no public nominations, no official Committee, no discussions on public and academic level about possible recipients, no prior media hype, no festive evening with a banquet, where the prizes would be presented… the whole thing was very covert, indirect, and personal, inspiring all ambitious hungry females, that even such immense achievement can be possible for them, it was changing their general mindset towards a revolution from below, to establish worldwide matriarchy, rule of females.

Concurrently, this special approach brought immense power to WWU over the prize’s VIP female recipients, who were clearly manipulated into the position of submission, as you couldn’t choose to accept or deny the prize, there was no such option, there was no free will for you: WWU simply announced to you privately, that you were elected, not why and by whom, and they perceived it as clear fact, also inspiring their controlled media to write in such a way…

And after the prize was awarded, there was literally an intricated, complex and intensive media avalanche launched, which the recipient couldn’t stop or influence, as any protest and effort to present you in other way, than the female conspirators chose for you, without your permission and approval, would only make you a miserable fool, a traitor of the common female cause.

“This prize seems very personal, but it’s our female message to the world, so its importance far exceeds some personal interests,” the famous American singer Beyonce, one of the top WWU leaders, explained once. “If we are giving you the prize, it’s a reward, but also matter of responsibility: if we chose you, then we believe, that you can do much for us all, for all women, still under various forms of oppression. Thus, you can’t wonder, that we take your personal brand, and we use it for general welfare of females.”

Although WWU presented themselves as an independent organization of public interest, it was well known, who is backing them primarily: a Chinese multinational WU Corporation, very active in many business industries, including weapons developing and manufacturing, including so destructive arsenal, like development of nuclear armament and research of deadly toxins, like Weaponized Anthrax.

This highly controversial, feared, but also admired business company, allegedly the most powerful in the world, even surpassing Saudi Aramco from Saudi Arabia, backed by the highest Chinese Communist party ranks, became a tool of economic, political, cultural and social warfare for Chinese global dominance, just by gathering all the key assets systematically, to put them under firm Chinese control: from rare raw resources to human capital, the Chinese gathered all the pieces of the world control patiently, like a puzzle, removing corrupted and lost Americans from rule long time ago.

It was completely obvious to all fools, who will be ruling in the future, who is No. 1 superpower in the world: China, and no one will stand against them, no one will launch a war to stop them, their steady unstoppable expansion.

Not only this effort would be completely futile, but even many enemies appreciated, what only China could promise for sustainable future of the human kind: peace, harmony, the end of all wars, instability, violence, fear.

Even the elite Special Forces military units, established by Western and NATO states to research the possible ways, how to counter and defeat the Chinese and generally Asians, literally laid down their weapons, claiming, that no respectable soldier should stand against China, as only the wise and balanced Chinese can guarantee, that there will be a future for the human kind, where all the massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons and other most devastatiung ordnance, introduced in 20th century, able to exterminate all life on the planet in seconds, will rest without activation by various treacherous warmongers from East or West.

This way, not only people didn’t fight with omnipresent Chinese, they even supported them, being bribed, extorted, or simply believing the idea of Chinese world superiority… and WWU was only one of the thousand tentacles, used by clever Chinese to assert their interests in the global scale, promising bright future, for anyone… including women.

You can imagine, how women appreciated and loved WU Corporation, applying there for a job in thousands, as it was a unique employer, there was no discrimination of age, gender, skin color, education… if you had so called Special Skills, if you succeeded in their demanding Recruitment process, you could make an immense corporate career there, even if being a complete loser yesterday, rejected even from a miserable fast-food job… and although some evil voices said, that Wu Corp human management worked on dangerous Corporate Sectarianism principles, others appreciated the singular atmospehere of unity and loyalty, existing in Wu ranks globally.

For example, Larissa Thome was once an internationally recognized top female fashion model, who struggled with strong inner demons and mental instability, which could result even in suicide one day, like almost happened to Zuzana Jandova… but the Chinese literally saved her, they gave her the balance she needed, after decent brainwashing, made for her welfare… so she started working for them, directly for the Communist Party Of China (CPC), living in Beijing, with many high-profile modeling jobs in Shanghai and abroad, so her personal brand yet rose.

Now, she is standing near the arrivals of the Beijing Capital International Airport, waiting for someone, after a plane from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, just landed… tall, slim and beautiful, she can be hardly overlooked by the masses of Chinese around her, and when she meets with another young woman, tall and beautiful as well, but with body covered with loose Islamic dress, her hair and neck hidden under hijab, the Islamic scarf, both shining fashion models embrace with passion, although there is so wide abyss between them: in geographical, religious and professional sense.

They take a taxi into the Beijing city center, not talking much, as Larissa is only a companion, a support link, she won’t partipate in the following events, she will only provide necessary help for the Muslim woman, whose lungs are crushed by the omnipresent smog, disgusting filthy air, full of heavy automobile and industrial fumes, whose eyes suffer under the grey depressive clouds, far different from blue sky of Dubai, where you lived under the eternal sun… not speaking about vast cultural shock, moreover, all those people around, they are ultra-infidels for her, as they don’t belong between so called People of the Book, it means other, deviated religions from Islam, but mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

When the vehicle stops in front of a large modern building, their target, Larissa continues alone, back into her appartment, taking Maryam’s travel suitcase with her, so her foreign friend, once known as Marketa Korinkova, or Maryam, and later The Islamic Princess, will have free hands, only carrying her Prada handbag.

When Maryam introduces herself at the reception, she is instructed to wait, whereas a Chinese man of the same age as she, sitting in one of the offices upstairs, is informed about her arrival.

His name is Mei Yin Kang, and he is a man from interesting crossroads. Born in China, he moved into distant Czechia with his parents, when he was a child, settling there, educated in that distant European land, so different from Chinese culture… he mastered the local language, he ate the Czech food with plenty of protein, so he grown unusally tall, in comparison with an average Chinese man, almost 180 centimeters of height.

Accepting the Czech mindset, he became obsessed with business success, with money, wealth… not willing to work patiently and in small scale, like his countrymen, he was simply hungry, entering many questionable business projects, including various Ponzi schemes at the edge of legality, working for Century 21 realty company, known to use very questionable business methods…

Then, in the financial sector of grey financial services in the ranks of infamous Stratton Oakmont Inc., luring money from fools, who believed their sweet promises to get rich quickly… Mei Yin Kang succumbed to his lively dreams about luxury, villas, yachts and limousines so much, that he was willing to do literally anything to achieve them, and quickly, when young, still in his 20s.

Of course, that his knowledge of Chinese language, customs and culture was highly beneficial for all corporate and private clients, who wanted to make business with China, so he started working as their helper and mediator, but it also gave him immense personal power, as he was closely informed about various business ideas and deals, commercial secrets, which he could use for himself.

Still, all this apparently tempting business was only about collecting small pieces of sweet cakes, flowing between Europe and China, it was enough to make a decent living, but not sufficient to have his visions of success fulfilled.

In 2011, luck showed its favorable face to this eternal dreamer: the producers of a marginal Czech movie, “A Czech-Made Man”, were looking for an Asian actor, able to speak Chinese, for a role of a corrupted Chinese official, named “Wang”, as an important part of the movie took place in China.

And they found Mei Yin Kang, who was deeply inspired with the idea of his movie role, and although he originally rather rejected his Asian roots, adapting the Czech mindset, suddenly, he saw immense opportunities for him, if he will “return” to the loving embrace of the Chinese Communist party, offering them perfect knowledge of Czech environment, including business and social elites.

The Chinese trained him as an elite Intelligence operative, specialized at Czechia, as he could infiltrate the Czech society just perfectly, and as he rose in the ranks, they offered him a very attractive promotion: moving into the media world, as their key TV station, BCTV News Beijing, was expanding even into Europe, to provide “unbiased reports to our European comrades”, reflecting the stances of China, beneficial for the further expansion of Chinese elements, power and influence into the divided, weak Europe, inclined for conquest either by terrorists, or Chinese… or both.

So, Mei Yin Kang became the chief and the only employee of the Czech section of BCTV News, although he lacked any journalistic education or experience, and they gave him no subordinates, only a modest office in the main BCTV building in Beijing, so he will seem marginal, unimportant, lowly asset, and the other side will underestimate him: his role was rather social, as the Chinese had other assets, gathering the precise Intelligence data from Czechia, not only their wide Intelligence apparatus, like Ministry of State Security (MSS), also the feared Internal Affairs department of Wu Corporation, in fact a private Intelligence service…

And one of the key Wu’s European branches was Czechia, particularly the small city of Teplice, apparently marginal, but in practice, immensely important for future plans of Wu Corp, as their ultimate scientific invention, called TDE, or Time Displacement Equipment, was built there, in a massive underground bunker, powered by hydrogen fuse reactors, and protected by elite Special Forces of the Czech Army, as the business connection between both sides of infamous military-industrial complex just flourished: under leadership of Katerina Motovska, the upcoming Minister of Defence, the principal Czech military ally was switched from Israel to China.

And Mei Yin Kang’s mission was simple: to meet with different Czech people, and simply to talk to them, manipulating them, bribing them, extorting them, promising them heaven, sucking money from them, playing his favorite role of a corrupted Chinese official again, but under total plausible deniability, so the Chinese government and CPC can always put their hands away from him, if necessary…

If something should go wrong, he will be easily sacrificed as a scapegoat, that it was his private effort, that he is a corrupted renegade, not representing the stances of CPC… slowly and silently, using Kang’s wide contacts, the Chinese were building an army of their Czech assets, including highest social, economic, cultural and political levels, as BCTV’s importance was strongly on the rise, the government poured massive money into it, so the TV station will be able to influence the whole world, gaining the same position, as Arabic Al-Jazeera, with simply global reach.

Kang became something as a Chinese gate into Czechia… inconspicuous, using the principles of soft power, not using any apparent coercion, only talking about business, mutual interests, money, avoiding politics, not waving with red flag in front of them… and if some Czech fools asked him, if he can help them to “send a message” into the high ranks of Chinese Communist Party, to make friends there, he promised them even impossible, if they will bribe him sufficiently…

And this money would become a perfect proof in a case of a security breach, that he simply misused his position, betrayed China, played his private game for power, lying to people… no one could ever say, what is the real level of his connections, and that was the exact purpose, to cover the whole operation in fog. Was Kang just a marginal loser, or an elite Communist asset?

Thousands of men like him could be found in all possible levels of Chinese society, offering “business” to Western fools… risking public execution, as corruption was harshly punished in China, at least for the media… or was it a perfect, intricate game with foreigners?

It seemed, that Maryam understood Kang’s real influence well, contacting him directly, using an alternative communications channel, asking for rather private appointment in an urgent matter… of course, that the whole “transaction” was under close supervision of Chinese security apparatus in practice, and it had to be approved by higher places, not speaking about precise surveillance of the meeting.

On the other hand, why shouldn’t he meet her, just to talk about weather, similar cultural roots, and other innocent things? Why not to socialize?

And now, she is here, in his small office, after she was instructed by the reception, where to go, but only approximately, and no one was sent with her, the Chinese receptionists pretended to ignore the whole matter, and her person alike, they seemed very busy, avoiding her with their looks, although her appearance was most unusual… their indifferent approach should make it all private and covert, at least apparently… to make her open, revealing all cards she has.

Kang welcomed her without words, only with a friendly gesture, and a decent smile, serving green tea from a beautifully decorated kettle, originating from ancient Ming dynasty: he is known as a master of the Chinese tea ceremony.

“What are you doing here, so far from Dubai?” he asked her then, letting her to examine the office, and him, with her attentive, beautiful brown eyes, smiling at her, like all Chinese and Asians do: but it’s a different kind of smile, than Europeans do, it’s a mask.

This is simply another culture, and you need to understand its special laws, hard to understand for a laowai (=foreigner)… otherwise, you will fail terribly, you will insult the Chinese partners easily, and all doors will get closed for you, as Chinese are very sensitive to all kinds of disrespect.

“Well,” Maryam started slowly and carefully, admiring the shape and decoration of her tea cup. “My lawyer was some Iveta Klimesova, a Czech fashion model, like I once was, she lives here, in Hong Kong, working as a Special Military Advisor for the Chinese Army, and she said, if I would need something, then, you are a very reliable, trustworthy local contact, who can arrange many things, Mr. Kang.”

“We are a TV station, not a business company,” Kang smiled at her, playing dumb. “I am just a pawn here, as you can see, and people talk a lot… but if you need anything, try to ask. Maybe I will know, where to send you.”

“You see, Mr. Kang, I made some business deals with Wu Corporation recently, particularly their top management, it means Ivona Selnikova, the Executive Director, herself,” Maryam said very clearly. “Maybe you watched my famous speech in Dubai, hitting the world… but I am not willing to negotiate with them anymore, as they are only mediators, mere liaisons, playing their private games, having no respect to me… I want to get closer to the source of power, to a place, where decisions are really made… it means China, it means Chinese Communist Party, the masterminds.

Of course, that this land and culture is very strange to me. I come from the Islamic world, I don’t know anybody here… except mentioned Iveta Klimesova, plus another fashion model, called Larissa Thome, who has some interesting local contacts, but I don’t want her to get involved, so she would have control over my person and interests, you certainly understand… no no, if Allah will permit, I will only talk with big players… or I will leave, it means completely, retreating from all public life, having no use to anybody… except Allah.

And there is this last matter: Selnikova promised me, that I should become the Woman Of The Year. Not that I am so much interested in the prize, and maybe she lied, promising me blue sky, to motivate me, to so some ‘special favors’ for them, like lying and manipulating people, tolerating their worldly crimes… but in case, that she was telling the truth, I want to establish a new relationship with… let’s say, the other side, not these Wu rats, and that WWU rats, like Beyonce, as I don’t trust them.

So, I came here, Mr. Kang, to meet exactly you, feeling with my sixth female sense, that you are the right person, with only one favor to ask: simply send my message upstairs in the structures of power. No mediators and lies this time: I want someone, who can guarantee the direct connection with higher Chinese places… and it means not your person, with all respect.

As I told you, I would like to retire, Allah willing… on the other hand, if Woman Of The Year will become my reality, then I want to discuss, how our future cooperation should look like, how should I present myself, what I should say to the media, to please Allah, and you, Chinese infidels, who can provide many interesting perks and advantages for me.”

“Like… what?” Kang interrupted Maryam, as in any business deal, there are two critical parts: what the other side offers, and what they demand.

As her personal brand was still powerful, she started with demands: Maryam simply put a sheet of paper on Kang’s desk, so he could see the content.

He studied it without any apparent interest: it’s a part of Chinese culture, a feature of a real man, not to show any emotions. And it’s also good for a business negotiation, not to indicate to the other side, how good or bad is their offer, how much it pleases you, surprises you, shocks you, angers you, even insults you.

“How long are staying in Beijing?” he asked Maryam then, not saying a word about the paper, or her previous speech.

“One day only,” Maryam informed him. “I am a busy woman nowadays. Still, many things can be arranged in this limited time of my physical presence here… in every case, I want the rules of the game to be changed.”

“And why so much rush?” the Chinese manager was wondering. “Rushing is never good for business.”

“True,” Maryam acknowledged. “But after tomorrow, if there will be delay and hesitation on your side, it’s very likely, that the price of my… how to call it… ‘merchandise’, will go down dramatically, so there will be no business, no attractive gains for either side: your, and mine as well.

I am ready to lose everything, to became nobody, to disappear, to ignore all the media, used by Wu to force me to submission previously, but not anymore… and the question is, are you ready to lose me from your nets, your pampered pawn, a Princess, which can be useful?

And what I ask is not a reward: it’s rather a place, where Allah wants me to be… and where I can be useful to you too.

Remember, though, that I am submitted only towards Him, and I won’t repeat previous mistakes, like making some bad deals with treacherous infidels.

In other words: this is, what I offer and what I demand. You can make a counteroffer, or to send me away coldly… I came to you, but don’t perceive it as a sign of a weakness, too much of good will… if they call me a Princess once, I am obliged to behave that way.

Of course, that in the end, it won’t be you, or anyone else, who will decide the affair: it will be only Allah, as only He creates my destiny.”

“You must be hungry and tired, after the long flight here,” Kang said, when his telephone started ringing, and he checked the display. “There is a nice restaurant nearby, called ‘White Lotos’, you will like it… why not to go there, to have a proper meal? And where are you staying in Beijing?”

“At my friend Larissa’s place, not in a hotel,” Maryam explained. “We two girls have much to talk about, you know… and you are right, I need to relax, because I am so much tired… yesterday, Saudi Arabia, now, Beijing… and tomorrow, I don’t know, Allah will decide.

It was nice to meet you, Mr. Kang… and I will definitely stop in the restaurant, which you recommended.”

“I wish you pleasant stay in People’s Republic Of China, the future of the world,” he said instead of goodbye, returning to his original work, ignoring even a woman as beautiful, as Maryam.

The White Lotos restaurant is nice, but very crowded, all tables taken: it seems like that upscale trendy place in Beijing, where all the local elites are gathering, and Maryam quickly notices, how well dressed are the guests, they are wearing the best brands, but those fashion pieces are not fake replicas, as could be expected…

It’s the utmost irony, that Chinese are able and willing to copy just anything, and at the same time, they are the best customers of top fashion brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Amwaj Jewellery, and so on… the LV flag store in Paris even had to create a waiting list, as Chinese were buying so much of LV merchandise there, that it jeopardized the brand’s image of scarcity and limited luxury.

Maryam comes into the restaurant alone, unlike the locals, organized rather in groups, as there no place for solo players in the Chinese society, so she naturally raises much attention of all the folks around: and she is the only foreigner there.

The Chinese man, who manages reservations and introduces guests to the tables, like in any “better” restaurant, doesn’t seem to speak English, but he shows Maryam to follow him… indeed, like a miracle, there is one free table for her.

All that looks from people around at her are bothering… but she is a star, a celebrity, she is used ot it, rather ignoring it, studying the menu, and completely missing two other women, who came after her.

“Excuse me,” the younger one approaches and addresses Maryam. “Are those other places free? We came for a lunch, and we don’t have a reservation…”

They seem likeable, well-dressed, so Maryam agrees, as it looks strange and miserable, when you eat alone, anyway.

“Where are you from?” the younger woman, rather a girl, who seems really cute, asks Maryam, watching her Islamic scarf in surprise: she never saw anything like this.

“Emirates,” Maryam replies friendly. “This is called hijab, we Muslim women wear it, to present our modesty and obedience towards Allah, the only God.”

“That’s so interesting!” the girl seems fascinated, whereas the older woman, middle-aged, examines Maryam rather with detachment.

The Asians look all the same to Europeans, but Maryam has this feeling, that she saw her somewhere… maybe it’s about her Western hair style.

“You see, we both work at BCTV News, its headquarters are located nearby,” the girl explains. “And imagine, that our colleague called us, that he just had a very special visitor, a Muslim woman… I am wondering, wasn’t it you?”

“Most likely,” Maryam smiles sincerely, quite amused. “I presume, that you don’t meet a Muslim like me too often here.”

“BCTV News is a global TV station,” the young girl narrates passionately, presenting her utmost loyalty to her employer. “We broadcast even into Middle East, and we meet with all kinds of people, but rather in their countries, not here… so, may I ask, why did you visit China? And what do you think about China?”

“I am here for a business,” Maryam feels too tired for any complex explanation. “China is certainly very interesting country, but I am a Muslim, I belong into Islamic land, where mosques stand proudly, where calls to prayer are made from minarets, where you are between brothers and sisters, when you feel home.”

“Ah, it’s so interesting,” the young girl says again. “My name is Lea, by the way… and my colleague is Sun.”

“Maryam,” the Princess introduces herself, and both Chinese women shake hands with her. “Your names sounds rather European, or is it a coincidence?”

“We Westernized Chinese like to use Western names,” Lea explains. “To be easily accepted by our foreign friends, to be better integrated into our new lands.”

Or rather to infiltrate them through mass emigration, Maryam thinks, not knowing, that Lea Liao is an elite Chinese Intelligence operative, rumored to execute Chinese honey traps on Western men, living in Bratislava, Slovakia, not so far from Prague: Czech and Slovak republic once formed a joint state, until breakup in 1993.

“So, as I told you, Maryam, a colleague called us, that you visited him… and that you talked with him, about some interesting ideas,” Lea changes subject of conversation. “Like Woman Of The Year prize… indeed, it’s a public secret even here, in China, that you will be elected this year… and why not?

So much you have achieved, you became so great example for all women… and there is always a controversy, regarding any big personality… Islam and media slanders in your case, but this is exactly the perfect media strategy, to build a shining, influential personal brand, which is hard to forget, ever… and with such a title… you will become history. Are you ready for that?”

“With Allah, you are ready for anything in life,” Maryam replied firmly. “To rise to the stars, or to fall to the ground… apparently, as Allah always gives you an opportunity to earn a lot of credit, if you are truly a believer, if you worship Him in all circumstances, obeying Him as the only master, submitted to His will only, bowing and prostrating only in front of Him.

I don’t deny, that I was obsessed with success and fame once… but anything I have, anything I achieved until now, it was Allah, who gave it to me, and He knows, what is right for me. If He takes anything from me, I am still grateful… and some prize means nothing, in comparison with His love, His protection, the lessons He gives me every day, teaching me, what is right, and what is wrong.

But I admit, maybe there is still a little hungry girl inside me, who wants to have her miserable personal dreams fulfilled… but with Allah, the life itself is one beautiful dream, perfect adventure, and after that, there can be Paradise, if you worship Him in this transient physical world enough.

So, we Muslims try not to be attached to the worldly things, values, achievements… we worship Allah, such is the purpose of our creation, and there is a chance for any believer, to be admitted into Paradise.”

“Then we can hardly understand, what is the meaning of this,” Sun entered the conversation, and she put a sheet of paper in front of Maryam: the same paper, which Maryam gave to Kang some hour ago. “I don’t know much about Islam, but this seems very, very un-Islamic to me.”

There was only two sentences written on the paper:


The waiters interrupted the conversation, bringing drinks and food, although Maryam and the women made no order yet. But the Princess starts to understand.

“This is, where Allah is sending me, where He wants me to go,” Maryam stated then. “It’s His will… even for me it’s very hard to digest it… but He is known as the best of deceivers, and He certainly has an intricate plan with me, so I can serve for His glory, as all praise belongs only to Him… and as media professionals, you certainly realize, how immense publicity opportunities could arise from this affair.

“Maybe,” Sun took the paper back, hiding it into her handbag. “But what if there will be a price? That real people will die? What would you say then?”

“If they should die, it’s the will of Allah, their sole Creator,” Maryam said coldly. “Its their fate and destiny: some people die of cancer, some of car accidents, or from thousands of reasons, in all that endless wars, but it’s only Allah, who is deciding, when, where and how all mortals will pass away… and it’s not my mission to question Allah’s will, intentions and orders, only to obey them, so don’t expect any apology from me.”

Both women spoke in Chinese for a moment, discussing something.

“We also have some papers for you, a gift,” Sun says then, giving a stack of documents to Maryam. “You asked us for something, and this is what we ask from you.”

“And the Woman Of The Year issue?” Maryam wanted to know, before starting reading.

“I am not authorized to speak about it, sorry,” Sun apologized sincerely. “As a mere BCTV employee, I handle only media matters, not decisions of such kind.”

What Maryam reads, is really a heavy thing… she could make a perfect revenge to all her enemies, but the consequences could be immense and unforeseen… but what is certain, that there will a media avalanche, which the world hasn’t seen yet… and she will be in the middle of it.

But she is just a tool of Allah.

“I will do this,” Maryam announced her decision with firm voice. “In the name of Allah.”

She was not afraid of unpredictable consequences and plenty new powerful enemies, which will certainly arise against her: she feared only Allah.

Her name was Sun Meiying, and she was the most reputated reporter and presenter of BCTV News Beijing. Known to be a devoted Communist, her media voice meant immense power, and anything she said, had consequences: indeed, the most powerful players of the world were watching the BCTV News, when she was speaking, to understand, how their world, lives, careers and interests will be influenced by rising Eastern Dragon, China.

“Elite Romanian hackers were able to decipher the data inside a military-grade secured hard disk, which originally belonged to a Mossad operative, together with a laptop, before being stolen by unknown culprits in a crowded public bus in Bucharest, the Romanian capital,” she started a new block of Friday noon news, regarding Middle East and Islam, very favorite BCTV broadcast at the Persian Gulf, as the Chinese wasn’t bound with strict Islamic rules, and they made all effort to create a serious competition to main local players there, like ARC News, Al Jazeera and Al Arabyia.

“The data, which the cyber criminals published on the Internet, indicate, that Israel planned to damage Saudi Arabia, their archenemy, by publishing a series of malicious articles, suggesting, that Saudi oil supplies are becoming critically low, it means fall of Saudis from worldwide power.

This planned provocation caused strong diplomatic protest and condemnation by Saudi Arabia towards the state of Israel, and also Amin H. Nasser, the Saudi Aramco’s President and CEO, assured the world, that Saudi oil and gas sources are still plentiful, and there is enough oil for everybody, until alternative sources of power will be made mainstream, and Aramco actively supports this effort.”

“Spanish autonomous region of Andalusia, known as Al-Andalus, announced, that after wide public pressure, planned 2018 celebration of Conquest of Granada (La Toma De Granada), celebrated every year on 2nd January, on the anniversary of 1492 surrender of Granada, the last Islamic kingdom on Iberian peninsula, will be abolished, and this tradition will cease, as it insults Muslims and opens many undesirable questions of Spanish history, like expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain, forced conversions, breaching of agreements, seized property, torture, genocide and killings, which should be reminded in a planned blockbuster movie, where a Danish young actress, Sandra El-Hussein, should play the main female role.

This move of Andalusian authoritizes came after a dangerous rumor, that Lindsay Lohan, an A-class Hollywood actress and a high profile convert to Islam, is preparing to participate at protests against this ‘corrupted festivity’, and she plans to create a serious provocation there, declaring so called IRG, Islamic Republic Granada, a legal successor of fallen Emirate of Granada.”

“An Israeli belly dancer, Nataly Hay, reputated across whole Middle East, was revealed to be a Mossad operative, specialized in so called ‘honey traps’, seducing men for Intelligence purposes. ‘I was young and dumb, and I wanted to help my country,’ the beautiful young woman confessed, whereas her Muslim clients assured her, that their mutual business relationships will continue without interruption, as her seductive arts is above all religious conflicts, and many Muslim men even presented their desire, to become her target, as her love skills are legendary, and her last victim is allegedly a top executive of Hoffmann-La Roche multinational pharmaceutical company, a married man with young beautiful wife and children.”

“In order to better face the omnipresent terrorist threat of the present unstable world, the Qatari Military announced their transfer from U.S. made weaponry, too expensive and complex, too dependent on electricity, towards much more advantageous and simplified arsenal from Wu Corporation, a key Chinese multinational defence supplier. ‘This is for all of us a new day,’ the Wu’s Executive Director, Ivona Selnikova, commented the new business deal, reflecting respect of the world armies towards Chinese-produced ordnance.”

“Austria, the European land of tall mountains and furry Alpine Marmots, announced their change of foreign policy towards Turkey and possible Turkish admittance into the European Union, which they won’t oppose any more, after several of their key female politicians were allegedly seduced by alleged operatives of Turkish foreign Intelligence service, executing so called Love Jihad on the women.

There is a rumor, that another twenty Love Jihad operatives of Palestinian origin were smuggled into Europe, with their targets chosen carefully, mostly young daughters of VIP politicians, to influence the complex EU relationships towards Palestine and Gaza matter.”

“Bahraini royal family Al Khalifa published their statement towards alleged relationship of Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, son of Bahraini king, with Alexandra Pianka, a German fashion supermodel, known as The Princess of Dubai.

Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa himself confessed, that he has deep feelings towards Alexandra, and he would like to marry her, to accept her as his second wife, but this love can’t jeopardize the stability of Bahraini monarchy, which almost collapsed during 2011 unrest of so called Arab Spring.

Al Khalifa has also a competitor in love, a Bahraini reputated entrepreneur Faris Al Kooheji, who refused to comment the affair, as being too personal matter. However, both families are afraid of a full scale war, which could arise from this triangle, as there are many unresolved feuds between them.

The Bahraini public is deeply interested in the affair, whereas the security apparatus is on full alert, as further public unrest can’t be excluded, if Khalid will defeat his adversary in Alexandra’s heart and bed by some unfair way.”

“Israel announced, that Muslim squirrels of Jerusalem, the holy city of three religions, will be allowed to search for nuts and other goodies at the Jewish quarter, and the IDF Special Forces commandos will stop catching them into nets and returning them behind the borders, as animal rights activits complained.

The Israelis presented this move as ‘a gesture of good will and good relationships’, but squirrels will be searched for hidden explosives and deadly toxins of Biological Warfare, when entering the Jewish territory, to prevent potential misuse of these cute animals by ruthless terrorists.”

“Disturbing news just arrived from several world cities, like Jakarta, Ankara and Oslo, where the Czech Embassies were looted and burned down, their personnel assaulted by angry mobs, when the Ummah, the world Islamic community, found out about the most treacherous move against one of their sisters, Princess Maryam, who was deprived of her Czech citizenship, allegedly against her will.

‘I always loved my Czech homeland, although it’s ruled by infidels, at least temporarily, until Islam will win there, with the help of Allah. Recently, when I came to visit my family, two men from Czech CounterIntelligence Service BIS approached me, warning me, that either I sign the papers, that I give up my citizenship voluntarily, or my family in Czechia will be severely reprimanded, my beloved mom and sister will lose their jobs…

I asked those men, why? Just because I am a Muslim? But I live in the Emirates, I received Emirati citizenship… what bad did I do against Czechia? Moreover, if we have religious freedom, including proliferating the religion?

‘You are damaging the public image of Czechia, you jeopardize the Czech national security’, they said. ‘Sign it, or we will launch so much devastating campaign against you in the cruel tabloid media, that you won’t survive.’

What could I do? To fight with them, if fates of my innocent family were at stake? I trusted the Czech authorities, so I thought, that I am indeed helping my original country, which doesn’t want me no more, as I became Muslim, betraying those infidels… but they betrayed me too, just after I signed the papers, being forced, being extorted, when they launched a filthy media campaign against me, full of complete lies and fabrications, to make sure, that I won’t be ever able to return, even as a guest…’

The whole affair, regarding Princess Maryam, has much wider reach, even internationally, as she is rumored to become the upcoming Woman Of The Year, attaining the ultimate position for any female… but as she made her husband, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum very angry, when their secret marriage was announced during technological convention in Dubai several days ago, he allegedly threatens to deprive her of the Emirati citízenship, effectively making her a stateless person, after Czechia betrayed her first.

‘I still believe, that the common sense will win, and my beloved husband won’t hurt me,’ she said. ‘I don’t know, what I would do then… where would I go? How would I live, moreover, with the child growing inside me, which is his? For any woman, it’s important, that she is preparing to give birth in peace… why the emir of Dubai doesn’t respect his own baby, its health, and me, as its future mother, Allah willing?

Like hawks, they started attacking me, without any warning… and what did I do so bad? The whole world is a witness, that I made my da’wah, but peaceful, condemning those terrorists and violence… I never said anything bad about Czechia, or the Emirates, or the Sheikh… and now, both these parts, not only infidels, but also my brother in Islam, my husband, who promised to stand by my side at all times, a Muslim, a leader, they want to destroy me? I just don’t get it… but a woman must be strong, able to cope with any life situation.’

Singer Beyonce from WWU stated: ‘Have a look at those treacherous men! It’s not a problem of religion, but their malicious, aggressive gender… for all us women, Maryam becomes a symbol of male oppression, which can’t be tolerated no more, which needs to be stopped. And her bravery even under these difficult personal circumstances, when she fights with those powerful males and hostile authorities alone, like a lioness, expecting a baby, trying to protect it, is the utmost inspiration… she will be seriously considered for the Woman Of The Year prize, and she has support of all of us women.’

Also, three key women of the Middle East pledged support for Maryam openly: Aysha Al Mudahka, Sara Al Madani and Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, which condemned any attempt of the Emirati authorities to void Princess Maryam’s passport.

Tereza Lipanova, her Czech fashion model friend, representing the infidel support, promised to come to the Emirates, and ‘to ask the Sheikh for a private meeting, if he is a man enough, to face my female anger.’

Iveta Klimesova, Maryam’s lawyer, stated: ‘A pregnant woman is under elevated legal protection in all civilized countries and cultures, regardless of religion, as it’s the matter of respect to women, bringing future to nations, states and the human kind. Except unacceptable moral dimension of the crime, any offensive attempt of Emirati authorities to expel Maryam, in her special condition, will be met with a ruthless counter legal action.’

Maryam herself stated, that she is not returning into the Emirates, until the whole affair will be resolved, and the Sheikh will issue an official stance towards his junior wife, who seriously considers divorcing him, as she ‘can’t trust him anymore’.

The same announcement came from his another wife, Princess Haya Bint Hussein of Jordan, who stated, that she ‘doesn’t respect the Sheikh no more, as husband, and as a man… today, it’s Maryam, who is expelled and getting rid of, and tomorrow, it could be me, or any other wife.’

Regarding her next place of residence, she accepted an invitation by Albert II, Prince of Monaco, as ‘even Monaco needs more Islam, and I will continue in my da’wah there, Allah willing, as those poor lost gamblers need salvation of Allah too.

I will go to them, as the management of a local VIP casino, called Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs, offered me to execute my Islamic missionary activity right there, as I did in the Emirates, in Armani Prive lounge night club, so their guests can find, what they are looking for: either entertainment, or enlightenment’.

‘No one will expel Maryam from Monaco, ever, as long as I will be ruling there,’ Albert II said. ‘She is our guest, and we accept her, as she is, even with her religion, whose part is spreading the faith. We want to show the world, that we are living in the new times, being open to all influences, not closing door to anybody, and maybe she will help us to be liberated from corruption of all that money and wealth we have’.

For Maryam, the whole matter has also personal dimension. ‘My mother is a reputated witch in Czechia,’ she confesses. ‘Always playing games, always manipulating people, controlling their fates with alleged spiritual power of tarot cards, with her seductive beauty, with her physical superiority… but all this darkness means nothing in comparison with Allah.

Mom, this is my personal message to you… there is no other choice, convert to Islam, accept Allah as the only God, such is your destiny, set by Him. I love you, and I want only the best for you, I sacrificed so much for my love towards you… but I am not a little girl anymore, and you will be the one, who must submit.’

This is Sun Meiying, BCTV World News Beijing, reporting.”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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