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Gambling is a strictly forbidden activity for Muslims, it’s a very serious sin in Islam, but very widespread in the corrupted, filthy infidel Western society, soaked with Shaytan, inner demons and dirty obsessions, living like primitive animals in omnipresent slavery of thousands of various malicious and treacherous masterminds, corporate, political and military, with primary mission to satisfy their endless desires for transient physical pleasure…

And those dumb infidel fools of all ages are indeed addicted, those lost wandering unbelievers, succumbing to all vices, who deny the salvation and liberation of Allah, as the organizers of the intricate gambling seduction are the most capable, educated professionals, using the most advanced psychological techniques, how to hook and enslave people, even if it will lead to their destruction, life of lies, bankruptcy, even crime and prison.

And make no mistake: gambling is not present only in that dark gaming dens, full of hungry slot machines, and mindless human zombies, with their eyes red, feeding them with endless flow of coins, or in shining VIP casinos, which pretend to be innocent “social and cultural centers of entertainment”: but current massive advancements in technology allowed not only moving of gambling into the convenience and relative privacy of homes, although those fools are under precise mass surveillance, but the precise procedures of gambling psychology, working even on subliminal level, are used even in apprently innocent activities, like computer games for children, who like to play, who are curious, thus a perfect target for all subversive plans.

“Angry Birds”, once the most favorite game of millions of dumb brainwashed sheep across the whole globe, is the most infamous, totally un-Islamic example: all that sounds, colors, visual effects, it combines the most treacherous methods to keep people enslaved, addicted, playing again and again, every day, spending hours, staring at the screen in a state of altered sensory perception, and what is most terrible, that it’s directed deliberately at defenceless children, whose underdeveloped mental capabilities are the most suitable target of those gambling and IT criminals, to create new generations of hopelessly addicted slaves.

The children are indeed the most interesting group of devoted consumers of all corrupted infidel media trash, as they can be extremely easily influenced, and no age limit prevents them to “play” for virtual money in the aparetnly innocent games, allowed by their parents, to get rid of the bothering shouting rascals, only to switch to real currency and life savings later, when the desirable gambling reflexes are firmly created, and the brain is “prepared”, inclined to quick creation of serious addiction later.

Even in non-gambling computer games, so called “challenges” and “achievements” are the most dangerous psychological elements of corrupted infidel entertainment, as it creates obsession and burning desire inside the human soul, and you let the clever criminals to manipulate you, as they like, they watch your moves and actions very carefully, and these challenges never end, this big game has no ending…

You will be seduced to play much longer, than you planned, it means, that you have no control, you are addicted, and you can even become a mindless zombie, who behaves like complete idiot, when playing Pokemon Go… but it’s all just the beginning, as every day, the technological seduction becomes more and more irresistible for the sheep, who add more and more hours of staring into their smartphones.

But some fools still prefer “live” game, not just fake virtual world: and despite of all bad features, so called casinos, houses of miserable addiction and omnipresent psychological manipulation of visitors, even using advanced chemicals like PHE-CA to enslave them and put them into submission, they still have their firm place in the corrupted Western society, as their powerful, well-paid lobby of elite Public Relations specialists prevents all legal effort to eliminate them…

And those capable corporate PR rats even try to make casinos and gambling “trendy”. “sexy” and “chic”, bringing young beautiful shining people to come and play there, including fashion models, the social leaders of immense influence, who will be followed by millions of “inspired” sheep, and most importantly, the general perception of casinos will change, from seeing them as evil, to tolerance, even appreciation and “telling friends”.

This is the reason of all that VIP poker tournaments, where so called celebrities play, to be seen, to raise public interest, to attract wide media attention of bribed journalists, to present filthy gambling dens as “integral part” of infidel society, a place of “good sexy entertainment” and “meeting interesting people”.

Tereza Lipanova is the most infamous example of such treacherous approach, as she sold her beauty, granted by Allah, to the services of gambling criminals from BWIN, she actively lured others into gambling, when pursuing her career in Germany, as a Formula One “grid girl”, who wore a dress with BWIN logo, and in all promotion videos, she played with chips, seducing you with very deep look of her sexy brown eyes, to create emotion inside you, to connect gambling with sexy women, which you pursue tirelessly, as a right hunter, a real man

But in the end, you won’t be fucking with sexy Tereza, this rat will disappear from the scene, to some exotic Caribbean destination, to enjoy deserved vacation, and other man will fuck her responsibly, filling her pussy with his sperm daily… whereas the gambling vultures will take control of your life, and you will be robbed of all your money, as there is no such thing as “winning” in gambling… you win only when the masterminds want and need you to win, to awake yet more obsession inside you, to make you believe falsely, that you have luck, you are one of these blessed winners, you have a perfect secret gaming system, your magical rituals… but it’s all just fraud and charade, and you will pay for every alleged “prize” too dearly.

(for example, those fools from slot machines were watching attentively, how many coins were inserted into a machine already, believing, that when a machine is full, it needs to “start giving”, so they avoided playing on “empty” gaming devices… because those are allegedly the legal rules, that certain proportion of gambled money needs to be returned to the players. So, they are watching those “one-handed bandits” with fascination, letting some dumb machine and computer algorithms to influence their lives and destiny… and they lose anyway)

But there was yet more terrible woman, who became a lively symbol of this corrupted gambling world: Maria Petlickova found herself and her fortune in the gambling business indeed, after her failure as a fashion model, and she rose in the casino ranks quickly, moving from Las Vegas, Nevada, where she established her own company for casino operations, LASKA LLC, into Monte Carlo, Monaco, one of the world gambling capitals (like Macau in China) and definitely the most stylish one…

Where she was reassigned as a highly trustworthy, devoted gambling executive, although having no formal education, only the widest possible experience, as a croupier, manager and so called SUKAfrom a Russian word “bitch”, meaning a covert female employee of a casino, pretending to be a common guest, to make a false impression, that many beautiful women can be found in casinos, even love and sex, so you should visit really often…

And to seduce male gamblers for larger spending and longer staying in the venue, by provoking, teasing, questioning their manhood and making them drunk deliberately, so they lose all constraints, and they open wallets properly, to please the casino owners. There is a rule: longer the punters stay, more they spend, either at the playing tables, at bar, restaurant or hotel, always present at the site together, to keep full control over the gamblers, their day and night, their regime, food, sleep… even sexual life.

SUKAs were divided precisely, into several age groups, appropriate for any purpose: even 13 years old girls were present in the databases, for so called “special tasks”… and to obtain them was the most easy, as there was always many hungry girls, desiring for fashion modeling careers, willing to do just anything for media fame, even supported by their parents to “use a good opportunity for the future”

Indeed, those capable children and ambitious young women, who attested themselves in menial tasks, who proved their special skills, like complete detachment from the victims of their seduction and ultimate ruthlessness, were invited for more important roles, as there was always plenty of well-paid jobs for them, there was always something interesting to do, to visit new places, to meet new people, attain at high-profile social events, to have experiences… exactly the way of life of a successful fashion model, and for those SUKAs, it was not about committing crimes, it was about excitement, satisfaction of their needs, and playful learning about the world.

And their rise in the corporate ranks of Wu Corporation, an extremely powerful and omnipresent Chinese multinational company, participating in many business interests, was inevitable, accompanied by many interesting perks, highly satisfying and motivating the girls further, to become devoted corporate slaves, who had their dreams fulfilled, feeling appreciated and loved by their corporate masterminds, known to use advanced Corporate Sectarianism methods of management of human resources, raising wide interest of state CounterIntelligence agencies, even criminal investigations…

But there was no real proof ever found, and nobody was willing to say merely one bad word against intimidating Wu Corporation, to avoid their work contracts being terminated harshly, with serious consequences for the future, even with so called extreme prejudice (=assassination)… everybody understood, that they can send just anyone to hurt you, not only theif feared professional executive assets, like ex-Special Forces commandos: there will always be an army of devoted slaves, awaiting any order, motivated perfectly, never speaking to the sniffing Police, never cooperating with the authorities in any investigation… and Wu Corp, having very long fingers everywhere, was willing to appreciate loyalty very generously.

Maria Petlickova even helped the Chinese Intelligence operatives of Ministry of State Security (MSS) to get control over the gambling structures of Monaco, where many VIPs gather inevitably and regularly, and it’s thus the most suitable environment for corporate and industrial espionage: and having detailed knowledge about gambling addiction of the HUMINT (=Human Intelligence) targets can be the most useful, as you can easily extort them, bribe them, seduce them, using experienced and ruthless honey trap operatives, like reputated, but innocently looking Lea Liao was… as you can see, the overall interests in gambling industry far exceeded just making money from the fools and slaves, to create black funds, suitable for executing black military operations and Illuminati conspiracies of reputated Order of White Serpent and Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation.

When Maria Petlickova found out, that a new, very special and unexpected employee is coming into the casino, where she worked as a facility manager, the most reputated “Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs” in Monte Carlo, owned and operated by Wu Corporation, she was the most surprised: what could be a Muslim woman doing there? And why was she expressively allowed to execute her Islamic missionary activity, the da’wah, there? Wasn’t it even directly against the interests of the venue, leading punters from gambling to Islam?

But the top management explained to Petlickova, that it’s only about creating perfect balance, highly appraised in the Chinese culture, and in practice, this new Islamic element, if controlled appropriately, will only attract more of highly desirable attention, publicity, and new curious guests, who will understand, that this place is something really special, where you get a choice, where you will always find something fascinating… not speaking about acquiring relative protection against rising anger of Muslims from nearby highly Islamized French cities, like Nice, who were not willing to tolerate such places of gambling sin any more.

When they meet with the new woman in person, Petlickova tries to remain calm and balanced, she has the control here, she’s the boss, the facility manager, theoretically… but she is scared, that this shining ambassador of Islam, reputated across the whole world, she came to punish her for her sins, and she is a tool of Allah’s anger towards Petlickova.

They called this beautiful young woman The Islamic Princess, and she was once born in the same country as Petlickova, it means Czechia… both were fashion models, but Marketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam, moved into the Emirates, she converted to Islam there, becoming a real VIP in global scale, recognized by East and West alike, having her media picture built massively, from plenty of attractive gossip, so even many covert masterminds tried to use Maryam for their interests, not realizing, that she is not a mere pawn, she has perfect guidance and protection, Allah, who is also known as the best of all deceivers

But suddenly, Maryam is here, a VIP Muslim, who was rumored to obtain the most unique Woman Of The Year title, in fact a Nobel Prize for women, but she takes no vacation, no rest, she simply packs her suitcase, and she is coming boldly into this extremely corrupted world of wealth, extravagancy, luxury, consumerism, sins, addiction… Allah probably sent her as His warrior, right in the midst of the sinners, to subvert them from the inside, so they will collapse, they will discover Him, as the only way out of their eternal misery… indeed, He always finds a way, how to assert His will, as all people are His creations, and what they have, it’s only with His permission, and their destiny is set by Him.

Moreover, there was another reason for Petlickova’s unrest, even fear: an old personal issue between those two young beautiful women, as Petlickova, who never hesitated to use the most controversial and even illegal methods of obtaining money, like her suspected participation in mysterious disappearance and possible murder of Jan Motovsky, a wealthy Czech businessman, husband of Katerina Motovska, another suspect of crime… so, Maria once tried to extort Maryam, by threatening to inform the ruthless tabloid media about her alleged “real face” and “crimes against Islam”. But Maryam, protected by Allah, never accepted this foul game.

Petlickova never expected to see this Muslim woman again: but Allah has His intentions with all believers, and you need to go, where He wants you to be. Even into this corrupted, un-Islamic world… but even there are people, who need Allah, and you are His slave, you need to lead them to His light, so Maryam accepted this new mission without hesitation, supported by her new high-profile allies from highest ranks of Communist Party of China (CPC), and Chinese-controlled global media, like BCTV World News Beijing, very active even in the Middle Eastern region and Persian Gulf…

Moreover, from tactical reasons, it was the most desirable move for Maryam, to disappear from the Emirates temporarily, until the final conflict with her husband and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who was provoked to try to get rid of her, together with his prior wife, Princess Haya Bint Hussein of Jordan, will be resolved, and new structures of Emirati distribution of power established, where Maryam will be yet higher positioned…

Making her bold moves, Maryam acquired firm support from all sides in the “family” cause, where also an unborn baby, which she allegedly carried in her womb, was used as an offensive weapon against the Sheikh: Muslims, infidels, influential female clique of World Women United (WWU), and extremely powerful Chinese…

They all stood behind her, after the affair was publicized and deliberately inflated by Sun Meiying, the BCTV’s key reporter, to create more unrest and divisions at the West, even to provoke angry mobs to attack, and Maryam’s clear threat to divorce the Sheikh, after he allegedly tried to expel her from the Emirates, by threatening to void her Emirati diplomatic passport, literally shook the Emirati society, as the Emirati people were admiring and loving Maryam, not willing to lose her, just because of that old male fool, as she brought them new future, new reality, an inspiration, an example to follow for women, a balance between feminity, career, and Islam…

And the Sheikh was the one, who allowed Emirates to be corrupted by infidel tourists, letting them to break the Islamic rules, tolerating their crimes against the only perfected and complete religion, eroding the faith, letting the West to corrupt the Emirati Muslims.

But now, she is here, she is reality, created by Allah: wearing a simple black hijab, the Islamic scarf, and a loose black abaya without any decorations, to present her modesty and obedience towards Allah, she sits in a lavishly decorated and equipped “Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs” casino office, where the carpets are so thick, that you literally lose your feet inside their softness, and this is the deliberate purpose, to make you corrupted with utmost pleasure, so you will resign, and you will let your vices and desires to take control over your actions, and your wallet.

But Maryam is from another pastry indeed: she only thinks, that this nice carpet would be well used on the floor of a mosque, a house of Allah, where only He is worshipped, not in this corrupted place… but even here, many interesting achievements for Islam can be made, a lot of credit from Allah earned, and Maryam loves working for Him, as it has sense, it gives ultimate purpose to her life… and all the good deeds she makes, pleasing Allah, only increase her chance, to be admitted into Paradise one day, when this transient physical life will end, as decided by Allah, who created the destiny of all people, and not others can influence your fate: it’s only Allah, so don’t fear them, fear only Him.

“I need the list of VIP clients of the casino,” Maryam says instead of a greeting. Her voice is cold and detached, when dealing with Petlickova: they are not friends, and they will never be, unless they would become sisters in Islam, unless Petlickova will make repentance, finally submitting to the will of Allah, and all her sins would be forgiven, when she would become a Muslim, as His grace and mercy are limitless, and the best sinners are those, who repent.

And who is around Maryam, can hardly keep his or her infidel corrupted mindset for too long, as many VIP visitors of Armani Prive Lounge in Dubai, the most luxurious night club of the world, where Maryam worked as a VIP hostess previously, can confirm… she will lead you to God, sooner or later, any way.

There was a lot of intellectual infidel fools, who tried to engage heated discussions with Maryam, asking provoking questions, mocking God and faith, babbling about free will, morality, choices, all the Western corrupted values, trying to drag Maryam into their intricated nets of doubts and reckless loud denial of Allah… but they were isolated fools, full of fear, not understanding themselves, and she had Allah, knowing her sole purpose of existence: to worship Him, the only deity

In the end, when she split way with the fools, she appreciated and thanked Him, so much happy again, that He is the most important part of her life, and all praise and submission belongs solely to Him… whereas the infidel losers had to think about simplicity and power of her words, but it was rather Allah Himself speaking, as she was His devoted slave, servant, a tool to execute His will.

And now, she occurs here, in this land of evil, and she simply asks for the VIP list, which had immense value, hardly to be quantified by money… it was LCDA casino’s crown jewels, literally, well guarded as the most precious secrets in the deepest vault in the LCDA’s backoffice… money could be replaced, but not these VIP contacts.

The list wasn’t just about mere names, it was just a tip of iceberg of immense power over those VIPs… there were precise personal files behind them all, where all the data about these persons of interests were published, like: how many visits, when, why, how much they spent, what they asked for, where they spent most of the time, talking to who, having sex with who, using which drugs and how much, which vices they have, how they react to corruption and special offers, including honey traps, what are their weaknesses, suitable to use…

When Maryam received the list, as Petlickova was clearly instructed to give it to her, she reads it thoroughfully, making dots near some names.

“It’s the summer season, and the French Riviera will be full of VIPs… who will attend at the high-profile social event here, ‘The Mystery Game’, sponsored by Albert II, Prince of Monaco, my local ally… I will create the media and promotion strategy of the event personally, and these marked names are in my particular interest,” Maryam said decisively, as she was a media professional, she was an elite alumni of famous Charles University Prague, where she even received a honorary doctorate, and her field of study was Public Relations and Communications.

“This year, the event will be different: deliberately aimed at women, a meeting of high profile females, to lure new participants of Estrogen Conspiracy from VIP women, who will be offered new chance for personal growth and having a new life mission, a purpose,” Maryam said then, planning, like a general. “My elite WWU contacts like Beyonce, Shakira, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan, Claudia SchifferBridget Moynahan and Stephanie Sigman pledged to participate… this will be the European social event of the year, there will be plenty of controversy, scandals, alleged secret meeting of Estrogen Conspiracy revealed… and my persons of interests will be invited as potential collaborators, to get to know the new elites, to be introduced to new game rules.

The financial budget is unlimited… and you, Maria, you will take care of their men, that will be your responsibility. The Chinese will mobilize all their honey trap operatives and young seductive SUKAs… to keep the men entertained, to seduce them to sins, fornication, adultery, drinking, drugs, debts, to have a future munitions against them… whereas I will be working on women, and I will realize my personal agenda with those marked names… that’s the deal I made with the Chinese.

WWU expects you to join the common female cause… at least once you can do something positive in your life… and I also have a special role for you, regarding one of the names, putting you into the dais of the media fame… do you know Heavy Slander, the key Czech gossip magazine with international reach? They will send their elite reporters here, and there will be massive media coverage in all senses, the Chinese will take care of it.

But there is a price for this ultimate achievement, if you want to be a part of my big game, where I will use those WWU puppets for the welfare of Islam: I want you to acknowledge Allah as the only deity, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as His messenger.

You are also a part of the deal, which I made with the Chinese, Maria… you are so much lucky, that Muslims have your first name in deep respect… this is also my first name, ‘Maria’ and ‘Maryam’ mean the same, ‘Mother of Prophet Isa, peace be upon him, and if you want all your previous sins forgiven, here is your chance.

You can become a big star, as you always wanted, after all that cheap lies in the Czech media… but you must please Allah at first, as all the worldly achievements can be granted only by Him, with His permission and blessing.

Then, we won’t talk about it all again, never, it will be fully forgiven by Allah, and we will be sisters… there won’t be any bad blood between us.

You will become the first ‘victim’ of my da’wah here, that’s how you will be presented, for the upcoming intricate media game, which will hit the VIPs, like avalanche, organized by us… it will give you immense personal options, if you submit to Him.

So, Maria… what will it be? Serving in this corrupted place to Allah, like me, working for Him, or remaining desperate, as your girlish dreams slowly disappear?

Allah knows, who you are… He knows, that you are not a bad girl inside, you had that problems with your mom, a heavy drinker, a prostitute, a liar, who ruined your childhood… and all this pain can be healed by Allah, who will give you so much, that you can’t imagine, like He gave to me…

It’s only Him, who created this Princess, only Him, who has my endless gratitude… do you know, who I was before? A miserable, B-class fashion model, one of thousands, a nameless slut, sentenced to live a mediocre life like all losers… but now? Look at me, what Allah made from me, and He can help you as well!

Or who else is out there, willing to help you? Where are all the men who fucked you? Where are all the knights, the princes on white horses? You are just a curvy pile of meat with a pussy for them, a jar, to be filled with sperm, nothing more…

Oh, Maria… Allah is your destiny, and the way out to peace, freedom, destiny… can’t you feel, that He sent me here, to help you, to liberate you?

Do you start to realize already, how perfect He is, only He? And He will never leave you, or betray you, like all that weak mortal fools, who mean nothing, who will pass… but He takes care of all of us: me, you, and our another sister, Maria Kukucova, imprisoned by infidels in Al-Andalus illicitly.

You will use all your female gifts, granted by Him, for a good cause now: for Islam.”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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