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(from Heavy Slander, the paramount Czech tabloid magazine with massive social influence)

“Every year, during key summer season, the French Riviera and Monaco become the critical locations for all wealthy and powerful ones of the world, including A-class celebrities, who come in thousands, to confirm their position of fame and influence, accompanied by an army of ambitious and hungry ones, like fashion models, who need publicity, VIP prostitues, who need to get into VIP beds for money and future, and various vultures, who ‘come for business’, plus masses of curious turists and fools, who will pay all the local finery from their pockets.

It’s imperative for the general economic interests of the tiny Monaco Principality, to become the European center of excitement, to attract the attention of the whole world, to create an illusion of irrestible sexy place, with its own rules, so the local tourism industry can flourish, together with gambling, as casinos as the integral sources of local economic, social and even political power… thus, Albert II, Prince of Monaco, a wise modern ruler, does just anything, to keep the Monaco’s VIP and gambling machine running for eternal gains, stability and prosperity, including deployment of very advanced techniques of Public Relations and press propaganda, as advised by his team of counselors from Saatchi PR.

The rich people can buy just anything, including love, including health from top medical experts from Imprivata or GHC Clinic, or even eternal life from mysterious Order of White Serpent, so you need to provide special handling for this wealthy elite, analyzing and understanding their mindset, and asking a simple, but critical question: what are their needs, and how to satisfy them, so they will pleased, returning faithfully and regularly with pockets full of money, willing to spend a fortune at Monaco’s territory?

The naked truth is, that these VIPs are often bored, satiated from all the money, property, white villas at the beach, shiny cars, private jets and helicopters, golden bars in cellar, best vacation resorts, generous doses of drugs, fucking the most beautiful bitches, even flying into space for vacation, like poor fools fly into Croatia… so, what more to give them, what added value, to keep them attracted, fascinated, attached, hooked?

It’s the element of surprise, which moves even with rich people, as they can’t control it, thus, they are submitted, like those miserable losers from the bottom of the society, when someone starts playing endless games with them… this is the reason, why Monaco is literally soaked with the element of surprise during summer, to amuse the rich, and to show them something new and surprising, so they respect Monaco, returning every year, hungry for more, sharing with friends, even helping the Monaco PR masterminds to with their efforts, because nothing is more persuasive, than a proper recommendation of social leaders, who possess immense social influence… and the PR rats know this fundamental fact for effective spreading information through the society well.

‘The Mystery Game’ is running every year in Monaco, it’s deliberately not official, only the invited and ‘initiated’ know its details, to make it really mysterious, secretive and tempting, like some VIP conspiracy, inacessible to common poor folk, and there are no firm rules…

Even the most controversial events are happening during this special series of events, well covered with sniffing tabloid media, like sexual affairs between most unexpected participants, various excesses, bizarre stakes, contests and challenges between the VIPs, destroyed property, mad races in Monaco’s streets with supercars, parties all night long, where nakedness is nothing special, it’s a standard, whole pools of drunk, intoxicated bitches, who only laugh, like if it would be the last party before the end of the world, so it must be properly glamorous…

And they are young, they have sexy bodies, money, elite lovers, they think, that they will live forever, that this miracle and gift of youth and beauty will never end, they want to have fun, they don’t think about tomorrow, mortgages, paying bills, waking up at six, to stand behind McDonald’s counter, hating the whole world…

Part of these events are genuine, part of them phony and artificially created, not only to deepen the experience of the VIP visitors, but to attract the press attention further, so the celebs have the desirable publicity, which they need, in order to survive in all the competition, to have more top contracts in music, cinema, arts or business, and Monaco is promoted and confirmed as the only ultra-VIP location of the whole world.

This year, the Czech Republic has at least two key representatives in the game, who are expected to shake the whole event, to send the message home, that Czechia plays the big league… and although both these players are the most controversial personalities, the Czech fools simply love the feeling, when their representatives are seen by the curious world, and the lazy Czech beer miserable fools can be proud of their country once again, willing to ignore, that ‘their’ hockey and football players live abroad, moving even their tax residence out of Czechia, not paying a penny into hungry state budget, into eternally empty coffers of Ministry of Finance, and the sports rats keep their Czech passports rather from sentimental value…

Marketa Korinkova, originally a top Czech fashion model, later known as Maryam, who converted to Islam in the Emirates, even marrying into the VIP royal circles there, wedding with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Prime Minister, Vice President, Minister of Defence and Emir of Dubai, becoming his third, secret wife…

When she suddenly occured in Monaco, as a VIP employee of a local VIP casino, ‘Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs’, many were shocked by this totally unexpected move, as gambling is strictly forbidden in Islam… did she want to escape from the Emirates, where her personal situation became unsustainable, and she was under serious threat of losing her diplomatic Emirati passport, as she was known not only as Sheikh Al Maktoum’s junior wife and his personal advisor in Female Affairs, but also a very loud and distinctive ambassador of Islam, making her da’wah (Islamic missionary activity) everywhere?

It seems, that it was not an escape, it was a perfect strategic move, as she apparently continues to spread Islam in large, now in Monaco, the corrupted gambling lair of infidels, where no mosque is standing, and she came there under expressive permission of Albert II, as the Chinese global media BCTV News Beijing reported.

And the results are quickly to be seen: there are fresh rumors in the local VIP circles, that Maryam’s first local Monaco’s ‘victim’ is Maria Petlickova, also a former Czech fashion model and a B-class celebrity, who made a great career in gambling, even working as a top casino executive, both in Las Vegas and Monaco… but now, this former corrupted infidel, victim of lust and lies, using her body and pheromones as weapons, allegedly not afraid even of murder, to achieve her personal female goals, was apparently enlightened by Maryam’s shining Islamic presence in the den of sins, and she started to see many things very, very differently.

Now, her primary mission, which she announced loudly, is to get her alleged ex-lover and alleged father of her two alleged children back: and this figure is nobody else, than the famous magician David Copperfield, who likes to come into Monaco every summer, as he has many shows there, accompanied by his young beautiful fiancee, a former French supermodel Chloe Gosselin, also the mother of Copperfield’s beloved daughter, Sky Copperfield, his only ‘official’ child.

‘We belong together, David and me, and nothing can divide us,’ Petlickova stated. ‘He is the love of my life, and I am the woman, who understands him, accepts him, who can give him anything he needs…

Unlike that cheap French filthy slut, who is nothing, who will be removed from the scene, as he doesn’t love her, I am the most certain, she only enchanted him temporarily, spreading her legs, to catch him into her treacherous nets… but me and David, we are connected forever, by God, so it’s unbreakable, spiritual bond, and our children beg me daily to see their beloved father, who ignores them, who ignores me, as their mother, and this is, what I can’t allow…

I will fight for David, mercilessly, using all available means, as a lioness, to get him, where he belongs, to my hip, into my bed, to our dining table, taking care of our children, as any proper responsible father should.

I won’t tolerate such male crime no more, my children deserve love,’ Petlickova said to our elite foreign reporter, Nikola Dotkova, sent into Monaco, to provide complete coverage of ‘The Mystery Game’ and related social events for the hungry, curious Czech readers.

This strong proclamation has definitely a connection with Maryam’s present complicated personal situation, publicized lately: getting pregnant with the Emir of Dubai, he turned his back towards her, just when she needed him… and also, there is another problem, which Maryam has with men, originating from childhood, when she was rejected by her own biological father, developing very unhealthy, even incestuous feelings towards him, as our famous magazine informed in previous ‘Special Issue’, when we were able to record her secret dream, using state-of-the-art technology…

But Maryam has apparently many poweful allies in all levels, including Czech Ministry of Education, as Katerina Valachova, the Minister, provided official statement, quote: ‘What happened and is happening to Maryam, it’s only the sign and confirmation, how those treacherous men destroy us, our minds, our bodies, our lives, our children, conceived with love…

Maryam is clearly a victim of the most terrible child abuse, and her father should be deeply ashamed,’ Valachova said, supported massively by Czech feminists and World Women United (WWU) elite human assets, who publicly challenged Maryam’s father to make an immediate apology, and to change his behavior towards her once and forever, accepting her as a daughter, to rectify his past mistakes.

Although the man himself denied to comment the issue, allegedly from personal reasons, Maryam’s mother Ivana Korinkova was willing to talk to us, saying, quote: ‘He is just one big disappointment… I can’t forgive him, what he did to Marketa and Iveta, her older sister… and me… this eternal bitterness and pain…

I don’t say, that all men are the same, but this one… he is definitely a rat, who deserves no respect, who humiliates us daily, playing a good father of his new family and his new bastards from VIP quarter of Vonoklasy village… how can anyone wonder, that Marketka is so much destroyed by him?

I am even telling you openly, she converted to Islam to escape from him. this eternal shade of her young life… this is, what he made from her, a wandering wreck… she was so beautiful, she had good friends, good job, good future, studying good school, she was one of us, she had family… and now, she is a Muslim, a friend with those terrorists, our archenemies from GLA, IFLA and ISIS, who want to destroy our civilization… and she even tries to seduce me to Islam, sending me insulting messages, using Chinese media… but she is just a victim, it’s all his fault!’

The slight problem is, that mentioned man, Maryam’s father, is a highly positioned executive form Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company, extremely important for defence industry and interests of military-industrial complex, as they recently introduced DIOXINE, a very special and advanced drug, improving capabilities of soldiers tremendously, to create literal killing machines from them, which won’t be afraid to shoot even women and children in cold blood in another Iraq or Afghanistan.

Thus, Hoffmann-La Roche became a ‘company of interest of highest places’, including its management… and omnipresent Chinese conspirators, buying the world piece by piece, they didn’t hesitate, to take over the company, to own this jewel in their vast defence collection, as Wu Corporation, backed by top levels of Chinese Communist Party (CPC), is active in many business branches… but arms manufacturing is definitely their primary interest.

Now, when this affair hit one of their top executives, Wu Corp needed to react, to either sacrifice the man, or to defend him with full force, and they chose the second option, as Ivona Selnikova, the Wu’s Executive Director, clearly confirmed, when explaining to the media, that, quote: ‘Personal matters have nothing to do with business, and if our man will offer resignation, I won’t accept it… he is a great manager and leader, he made great deal of work here, and we are not willing to lose him, just because several women are complaining about his alleged male behavior…

And these women… let’s be open, they are no saints and model citizens: one is a feared witch, other is a suspected Illuminati, and the third is an Islamic radical with suspected Wahhabi ties from Saudi Arabia, smelling with oil money of Petro-Islam… it’s too easy to blame a poor male scapegoat for all your problems… and Maryam herself, with all respect, is very far from being a saint.’

This sharp statement indicates, that relationships between Maryam and Selnikova got very cold lately, from unknown reasons, and it’s even possible, that both reputated and influential women will stand against each other in the future, as mutual insults, sent via media, only get more intensive lately.

But this whole affair is yet more complicated, when it was revealed by us, that ‘Papa’ was involved not only one, but in TWO (!) love affairs recently: first, when he got drunk in Prague’s Marriott Hotel, after the company merger with the Chinese was celebrated, maybe to wash away his bitterness, and he ended in a business suite with Tereza Lipanova, an elite fashion model…

But this was only a one night stand, and there is also another woman, an Israeli citizen, belly dancer and rumored elite Mossad operative, named Nataly Hay, who confessed to her real mission in Czechia, as she allegedly ‘fell in love with the target of her honey trap operation, and she just wants to be with him, to live a normal life, normal relationship, out of public interest’.

Of course, that Israeli government denied publicly, that Hay was sent into Czechia with a clandestine mission: but Israel had long-lasting interest in DIOXINE, doing just anything to get the magical formula, including creating such ‘honey trap’, or seduction efforts, as women are often used as a perfect battering ram, to steal secrets, executing corporate and industrial espionage just perfectly…

Anyway, highly irritated Selnikova, perceiving Hay’s love effort as an offensive, aggresive act of a foreign state entity, she publicly challenged Czech government, to send a strong diplomatic protest to the Israeli embassy, as ‘such illegal intrusion, regarding a VIP Czech citizen and key business interests with utmost importance for future defence capabilities of Czechia shouldn’t be tolerated’…

And the Czech authorities really filed the complaint, thus marking the last dot over former wide Czech-Israeli military cooperation, as the Jewish state was once a principal military ally of Czechia, being connected with deep historical ties, at least since 16th century… until the ruthless Chinese came, and stole everything from the Jews, including power, influence and territory, so Israel is only a shade of its former fame nowadays.

In any case, ‘Papa Bear’ (allegedly his codename, given by Mossad planners) is under deep pressure from all sides, and it’s uncertain, how he will solve the situation, as he is married the second time, he has young wife and small children… but Nataly Hay seems very devoted to keep his attention… all the female vultures are over Papa now, and many women are inspired to do the same against the men of their lives, not leting men just to disappear and to be free again, including mentioned Maria Petlickova and Tereza Lipanova.

Particularly Maryam and Tereza Lipanova even got close together, as they feel connected with Papa, and Maryam publicly supported Lipanova’s future moving into the Emirates, where she should participate in a new big business project with a local female VIP, Sara Al Madani, who is called ‘Miss Middle East’, directed at ‘liberating Emirati women by creating more economic power for female gender at Persian Gulf countries’, while supported by Aysha Al Mudahka, a reputated businesswoman from Qatar, and Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, a Saudi royal VIP, it means women with similar interests, it means more rights for women.

Hearing about Petlickova’s plans with her fiance, Chloe Gosselin initially considered the whole affair as a mere media duck, concentrating on business affairs, even becoming a finalist of ‘CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund’, but later, she even asked Copperfield to change their plans, and to cancel the series of his shows in Monaco this year, allegedly for ‘welfare and stability of the family’.

Does it mean, that Chloe is afraid of her new powerful competitor, Petlickova? Or does she just want to avoid the media avalanche… but good for Copperfield and her personal brands, as she wants to become a reputated shoe designer, having her own ambitious brand of shoes, named ‘Chloe Gosselin’?

Petlickova has very dangerous ace in her sleeve, as she is rumored to practice witchcraft, like many women in Czechia, like famous Anie or Petronela Lorencova, not afraid to use even black magic rituals against her female competitors… will she enchant Copperfiled to leave Chloe, and to find his happiness with Petlickova?

Moreover, there is yet another rumor, that ‘World Women United’ are planning something very big in Monaco, together with female urban guerillas from EGPD, ‘Executive Group For Peace And Disarmament’, and this dangerous band of female conspirators can’t be underestimated, as they are even suspected of poisoning wells of drinking water with synthetic estrogen, to destroy male gender, so Police forces of Monaco were put on highest alert…

In any case, this summer in Monaco will be very hot, as you can see, fools, so stay tuned, our dear readers, for more interesting gossip. which will make you staring!

Pavel Novotny,
Chief Reporter and CEO”

Near the Monaco port, there is a luxurious Port Palace Hotel, providing an upscale restaurant with perfect sea view of long rows of white yachts, where all celebrities like to eat, to be seen, to show the most exclusive models of most famous fashion designers, which can be hardly bought in a common boutique… indeed, the general level of local guests is extremely high, but still, when a group of nine shining women is coming, to be sat at the best table of the venue, located just in the middle, in the center of all action, attention and power, everybody turns their head towards them.

Seven of them tall, slim and beautiful, certainly former or active fashion models, plus one, who is tall as well, but she looks rather sporty… and their leader, wearing a loose black Islamic dress and a hijab, she attracts the most of attention… many Monaco locals are wondering, what is happening, that she was even allowed here, to promiote Islam so openly and loudly, and some evil voices even perceive her arrival as official start of infiltration of Islam into this little Christian land with immense importance…

Usually, two decent waiters accompany the guests, to be seated properly… but this Muslim woman simply ignores them, leading the way, and when she reaches the table, with a silver ‘Reservation’ tag, she removes it with total nonchalance, even arrogance, like if she wouldn’t be a modest and obedient Muslim, coming from Emirati deserts and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, where she pledged allegiance to Allah, the only God, once and forever, and this move can’t be undone, as whoever reverts from Islam to another religion, who becomes an apostate, a renegade, denying uniqueness, oneness and superiority of Allah, may be punished even with death.

But this is, who you need to be, to get respect and attention here, in the extremely “chic” Monaco, where is no space for modest fools… or is she so corrupted? Anyway, many giuests are watching the group, as something interesting will certainly happen.

And when one of the women puts a portable recorder with clearly readable ‘Heavy Slander’ logo on the table, when two men with a professional camera and a microphone approach the group, the whole restaurant becomes silent, and even the most VIP celebrities start to listen, as they know, that this Muslim woman is one of the organizers of “The Mystery Game”, thus, she possesses the most valuable information, which is a perk for anyone, who shares it…

If you get it, you are one of the blessed, and no one cares, where and how you obtained it, whether for money, bribes, or for free… or just being at the right place at the right time, simply listening during a lunch attentively, the most important fact it, that you have it, and you can raise the level of your social respect, you can share secrets and hot gossip with your allies from media, to write about you favorably, that you are one of them, who know.

Indeed, in the end, even such apparently innocent lunch can have utmost consequences for many… and this is, what Maryam wants.

Suddenly, wíth the permission, blessing and help of Allah, she becomes a mastermind, changing sides, as before, she was rather a pawn, and too many rats could influence her life… maybe she was able to use their games for her welfare, but now, it’s her big game, she moves with people around, like her pawns, and she is decisive and ruthless, as she works for Islam, she loves Allah, she follows Prophet Muhammad, and her primary mission in life is to worship Him, and to spread His glory, everywhere she goes.

“This is Nikola Dotkova from ‘Heavy Slander’ gossip magazine, reporting from Monaco’s marina,” the youngest of women says proudly, after the waiters bring some drinks for initial refreshment. “Here, I am meeting with eight high-profile women, who came here apparently just for a lunch, but who will certainly influence many matters, both here, in Monaco, or in Czechia, or distant Emirates, and many perceive them as the new dawn, as the new female elite… and they all originate from Czechia, making many Czech fools, who spoiled their own big dreams with their eternal laziness, very proud.

They are Marketa Korinkova Maryam, Maria Petlickova, Zuzana Jandova, Katerina Motovska, Iveta Klimesova, Petra KvitovaKaterina Rihova, and Tereza Lipanova… all of them raised great controversy with literally worldwide reach, and now, they meet in Monaco, from unknown reasons, probably just to chat, as they know each others from VIP Czech social circles and Czechoslovak Models agency… or is there something more? Some big female conspiracy?

Terezita, I would like to start with you… what happened, that after your failed career in Germany and England, where you worked as a fashion model and Formula One ‘grid girl’, you are suddenly sitting on a black horse again, reaching the top? Who helped you, and for which price?”

“It was Marketa,” Tereza Lipanova confesses falsely, lying as a real media professional, ommitting a meeting with Ivona Selnkova in Prague’s Marriott Hotel, which was real reason of her rise, when she got her cricial mission, to seduce Maryam’s father. “Marketa always cared for me, when I was struggling abroad, she was helping me, when I was wandering in life desperately, almost marrying some worthless fool, but she directed me correctly…

It was her, who recommended me to go into the Emirates, who introduced me to Sara Al Madani, my new best friend, to provide another kind of inspiration to Emirati women, although I am not a Muslim, but I am a woman, who had to fight with many challenges and mistakes… and Maryam thinks, that my experience can be valuable for others.”

“Many Emiratis are speculating, that you will represent a new female power clique there,” Dotkova continued. “Also, you made interesting contact with the Sheikh Al Maktoum, who sent you a message through the media, that Maryam’s Emirati passport is still valid, and it was never considered to be voided, although he denied to acknowledge Maryam as his official wife, again… do you plan to do somethijng in this cause?”

“It’s between Marketa and him… it’s definitely the matter of Sheikh’s conscience, to recognize Marketa as his rightful wife, and to face his new challenges as a proper man, a good husband, a future father,” Tereza explained, that she doesn’t want to enter their personal affairs, at least openly. “I sincerely hope, that the Sheikh will simply do, what is right… and that’s all, what I can say.”

“Thank you,” Nikola turned her attention to a beautiful blonde besides Lipanova. “It’s quite surprising to see Katerina Rihova, a very wealthy Czech socialite and equestrian, an aristocrat, coming from one of the best Czech families with real blue blood, corporate elite with military-industrial complex connections, owner of a cute foxhound and good friend with Petra Minarova, currently active in the Austrian politics, even considered to become the mayor of Salzburg, as she owns dual Czech-Auatrian citizenshop in the company of all these women… so, Katerina, what are you doing here?”

“Actually, just meeting with the female friends, having fun, enjoying the sun, and not thinking about business,” Rihova replied. “This is a social event of the year, where you simply need to be present… those are the rules of our VIP circles, where we live, regardless if acquired by birth, hard work, by luck, or by coincidence.

Some consider it as a perk, others just envy… but for us, it’s simply a reality, even bothering sometimes… but how could you miss here, if so much interesting events is happening?”

“And you know Maryam from where?”

“Actually, I met her just here, as our social circles were very different, but our mutual friend, Iveta Klimesova, she introduced us, as she is a lawyer, like me,” Rihova said. “And I am must say, that she is really shining, inspiring woman… and I have great respect to her wide charity activities, as we rich people simply need to give something back to the community.”

“Did she tried to lead you to Islam? To seduce you, to become another slave and servant of ALLAH?”

“She doesn’t do it this way,” Rihova disagreed. “She simply talks about God, what He can do for you, and what you should do for Him, to deserve His Compassion and Mercy, as you need Him, but God doesn’t need you… she gives choices to people, good options, and you can remain an unbeliver, if you want… like me… yes, I am still an ubeliever, and still, she is very friendly and respectful to me, a good friend…

She is one of us modern women, using opportunities, fighting for something, regardless of religious differences… this is, why we appreciate her. In certain way, she unifies us… and we all need to be strong, as life of a modern woman is not so easy, as presented in that shiny female magazines.”

“And what about your political career in Austria? Many were surprised, that you moved abroad, inserted so much energy, effort and money there… why? Is Austria your new homeland?”

“This is an interesting question,” Rihova smiled. “Czechia and Austria are neighbours, we were even a part of the same state once… indeed, there are many bonds, and I hope, that I will be able to make the best of them… and to help the beautiful city of Salzburg to flourish.

Is Austria my new homeland, or am I only a politican, a professional? It’s up to you to decide… but I really feel as a citizen of both lands, and I think, that my certain distance from internal Austrian politics and environment will allow me to serve to all citizens of Salzburh well, as I am rather an outsider, seeing many matters independently… there are many things in Sazburg, which need to changed, which were neglected by previous leaders… so, maybe the citizens will elect me as a hired help, to make things right… it all depends on their will.”

“Thank you, and good luck in Austria,” Nikola moved further. “Here is amother asset from the political environment, a VIP Czech politician, feared by many… Katerina Motovska, a highly controversial figure of the Czech showbusiness, later rising to a quick and steep political power, backed massively by the Chinese, as all that evil voices say…

And indeed, she represent their interests, switching military connections of Czechia from Israel towards China, it means WU Corporation, their main defence supplier… and she is expected to become the next Minister of Defence, so many experts are expecting an earthquake in the Czech defence structures.

So, Katerina… are you a pawn of the Chinese?”

“I stated many times, and I will repeat it again, that I simply believe, that Chinese are useful for our sustainable future, which neither United States or Israel, weak and collapsing, can’t guarantee for us,” Motovska stated firmly. “They don’t pay me, they are not my friends, I judge them only in practical sense… and still, I can tell you many reasons, why we should keep close ties with the Asians, and I can present you many disturbing parallels with Czech history, full of foul play and trasons of politicians…

But the Chinese never betrayed us, like many other states, and they are extremely powerful nowadays…. will you repeat the same mistakes, givng trust to the same rats, who betrayed us, again and again?

No no, I am saying: let’s make a deal with the Chinese! They will protect us, they won’t drag us into another futile wars, like Americans did, so our soldiers were dying in Afghanistan and Iraq… many agree with me, that Chinese concept of harmony and peace is the most promising for us, and we should be inspired from it.

I am voting for the Chinese, and I challenge you to make your opinion, when you will go to the next general Czech Parliamentary elections.”

“It all sounds nice, but there is your very suspicious connection with Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, where you participate as Executive Director… can’t this be some conflict of interests? The foundaton is suspected from many controversial actions, like experimenting with human DNA, in cooperation with GHC Group, and even trying to revive the dead people, even to revive Jesus, in cooperation with Order of White Serpent?

And people say, that you gather black resources for black military operations of Special Forces of the Czech Army, both home and abroad…”

“I am very proud, that I can help the Czech state at Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, which provides many important welfare projects to the Czech defence apparatus, and it also allows Czech ciizens, to do something good for their country, by giving their property and heritage for good causes…

Our activities are very transparent, and I will continue in them, even if so called evil voices will try to drown me in the river of filthy slanders… I have no official authorization yet, but even as a mere private citizen, a woman, a mother, you can do something good for your country… and I am certain, that people notice and reognize, who is doing something, and who is just babbling about freedom and peace… there can be peace, only if we deserve it, and not by mere talk.

We need the nuclear armament, that’s true… and if the Chinese chose us to be the primary location for their TDE, or ‘Time Displacement Equipment’, we should be proud… I will provide them maximum support as a citizen, and as a politican, you can bet.”

“And you connection with Maryam?”

“Well, very personal… I am proud, that I inspired her to become a fashion model, when I met her completely incidentally, in 2004, working for Czechoslovak Models agency… she was sixteen, she was so beautiful… yes, I saw a fashion model and a celebrity in her, immediately, but she was more, so much more… as you can see.

If I became a part of her path, then yes, I am proud, and I always felt big responsibility for her, so I tried to do something good for her… I hope, that we are friends, and that would be perfectly sufficient reward for me.”

“Thanks for your explanation… now, Petra Kvitova, top female tennis player, a Wimbledon winner, who has the Monaco residence, to avoid harsh Czech taxes… Petra, aren’t you embarassed, that you don’t help poor impoverished Czech senior citizens, unemployed coal miners from Silesia, minorities from excluded neighbourhoods and starving children, with your millions, earned at tournaments? Isn’t it your duty, to help them, to return something to the Czech community?”

“You mean those poor people, who went to get money into my flat, assaulting me, robbing me, and injuring me with a knife, so my sports career is ruined, and future uncertain? Because they wanted me to be as miserable and poor, as them? After this cowardly and brutal attack, I feel nothing towards them… everybody creates his or her destiny… you want to blame me, that the Czech state coffers are always empty? Don’t be foolish.”

“After you met with Maryam in the Emirates, where you visited famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque together… do you believe in God since then? Aren’t you angry, that God allowed this incident to happen, just after you returned from the Emirates, instead of protecting you, maybe a new believer?”

“Yes, this was very interesting coincidence, and I must admit, that right after the robbery, I felt really angry… but Maryam explained to me patiently, that God always knows, what is the best for you… maybe even stopping your sports career, and persauding you to start doing something else… like training children, giving back to the community, as you said.

In the end, I thank God and Maryam, His great ambassador, a woman of Islam indeed… for the new direction of my life, realizing, what is really important… maybe God was really protecting me, because I survived, I can live further… the knife could end at very bad places, like in my kidneys, because those criminals, they have nothing to lose… but they are a part of our lives, a reality you have to accept…. so, I learned the hard way about life… and was it God, who taught me? Maybe.

Anyway, my friendship with Maryam has a very special place in my heart now… and when I will be back in the Emirates, I will return to the mosque, definitely, just as she recommended me. Now I realize, how special place it is, you know… you are closer to God there… you always get something from him… like advice, inspiration… or simply pleasant feeling.”

“Thank you, and now Zuzana Jandova… once the best friend of Maryam, later splitting ways for many years, and now, meeting in Monaco, together again. So, Zuzana… what happened? Did Maryam forgive you, that you slandered her in our magazine, spreading her intimate secrets into the public?”

“I hope, that she forgave me, but she says, that it’s Allah, whom I should ask for Grace and Mercy,” Jandova replied with shyness. “Indeed I did many bad things against my best friend… but she is above these miserable female games, she is noble and decent, you can’t hurt her, she is never angry at you…

Only Allah creates her destiny, not you, not your slanders and backstabbing… I really appreciate, that she accepts me, as I am, with my faults and mistakes… she says, that I am a perfect creation of God, and there is no one except Him, who can judge me. I am very grateful, that she invited me here, to participate at The Mystery Game, and I gladly accepted.”

“And what you plan for the future? There are rumors, that you want to retire from fashion modeling, working as a Public Relations professional, using your social contacts and reputation.”

“People like to meet each other, getting to know each other, and women like me can help to improve their social life. So, I see my future in helping people… there I feel very happy, after all that selfish years and obsession with fame, publicity, success… working for Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation as a PR Executive is a matter of honor for me, not a mere job.”

“And your infamous suicide attempt… was it a result of a secret Mind Control Illuminati test, as we wrote before?”

“It was God, who took me through many trials… and who saved me, who sent Maryam to provide inspiration for me. So, I thank God, and her.”

“And regarding the Foundation… is it true, that there is a war between your organization, and Tatana Kucharova‘s similiar foundation, ‘Beauty of Helping’, directed at senior citizens too?”

“Unlike her, we don’t steal money from people, using top lawyers,” Jandova said quite harshly, with deep condemnation in her voice. “We offer people a real remedy to their past sins, and every penny we get, is used for high-profile charity causes, which the donors choose themselves.

I don’t get any wage for my services there, and no one does… our offices at Venceslas Square are Katerina Motovska’s property, and she invested great deal of her personal wealth into the cause. Working for her, seeing, how she believes her mission, inspired all of us, to do more for others.”

“Thanks, Zuzana! And now, Maria Petlickova, who raised a lot of controversy in VIP social circles of Monaco, after her claim, that she will get David Copperfield’s love for any cost… so, Maria, is your love towards David really so deep, or do you want just to execute your female revenge, to steal this VIP man from your female competitor, so you can prove your value, to help your self-confidence? Is it about love, or a poisonous female game with hidden intentions? Will you be so brave, to confess?”

“You have only one real love of your life,” Petlickova said passionately. “For me, it’s David Copperfield, my fateful man… how could you command your heart? Of course, I could try to forget, to live a convenient life with some other man, who will be devoted and faithful to me… but my feelings really belong to someone particular. What can I do? In life, you need to fight for many things, including your love… she won’t come just like that, you have to deserve everything, with effort and determination.”

“And your affair with Jan Motovsky, who disappeared not far from here, in Nice, probably kidnapped and murdered? Was he your love too? You were lovers, you can’t deny it… and people suspect you from participating in the crime.”

“Jan, my beloved Jan… but he was rather my friend, who understood, that my emotions belong to someone else, once and forever, and he offered me his manly embrace, just to feel loved again… I would never do anything to hurt him, and every day, I rememeber him, how he took care of me… me and Katerina Motovska, we both forgave him, that he simply couldn’t control his male desire… he’s just another man, like others, obsessed with sex… so, why to wonder, why to revenge, if its in his male nature, it’s nothing personal? We women are really not like that… we are no fools.”

“But you realize, that it’s almost ten years now, since your alleged affair with Copperfield? And suddenly, you want him to return to you?”

“It was Maryam’s life tale, who inspired me to do, what is right… I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in tears, in doubts, whether it was right, to let him go, to disappear from my world, full of love… I sincerely hope, that I am the woman of his life, and we should be together. I don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow… I see only the present reality, and I see interests of my children…

That’s why I asked an international Human Rights court to issue an executive order against David, to sustain DNA tests at GHC Biogen lab, to prove or exclude his paternity once and forever, so all that nasty speculations, that I am just a gold-digger slut, will end…

Our love is real, and our two children, who call for their father every day, are a clear proof, so all that poisonous slanders inside the Czech showbusiness and VIP spheres, which claim falsely, that I never dated Copperfield, that I only created this alleged love tale for publicity, after I met him during a performance in Prague, will end.”

“So, are you still in love with him? Are you prepared to devote your life to him?”

“Absolutely… if he will do the same for me, and our kids. And no obstacle can stand in the way of our happiness.”

“Is it truth, that you plan to deploy a secret black magic ritual, to remove your competitor in love, Chloe Gosselin? Even to destroy her?”

“She stole my man from me, she even got pregnant with him deliberately, to assure her success in seduction… what does she expect from me now? Flowers, congratulations, kisses? No no, this is war… she will get, what she deserve, and I will win, with the help of God.”

“Thank you for your insights, Maria… now, Iveta Klimesova, who is the lawyer of Maryam, originally a top Czech fashion model from Czechoslovak Models, now working at very unusual place, as a Special Military Advisor for the Chinese Army in Hong Kong, regarding so called Lawfare, or using law and legal procedures for subversive purposes.

Iveta, you approached Maryam recently, and you offered your professional legal services to her, in order to help her in complicated situation, regarding her current citizenship problems, combined with pregnancy, whereas the Sheikh was marked as the father of her baby by her.

How exactly will you proceed in the cause? Can a legal action in the Emirates be expected? Or a lawsuit against Czechia, regarding forceful deprivation of Maryam’s Czech citizenship, allegedly orchestrated by rogue elements of Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS, and probably highest places of Ministry of Interior?”

“As a lawyer, I am obliged with silence, regarding my client’s interests,” Klimesova stated with seriousness in her voice. “But generally, my mission is to make sure, that all the rights of Maryam, and her future baby, will be protected, according to the valid Emirati law…

Maryam still hopes, that the whole affair will be resolved out of court, it means, that the Sheikh will recognize her as his official wife, so she will acquire all rights, connected with this position, and she also wants him to rectify his relationship toward Princess Haya Bint Hussein, who was oppressed by him, for so many years…

Both women don’t see each other as competitors, they understand, that they need to keep together, to eliminate the immense power of the Sheikh, who is not hesitating to use many dirty tricks against them, to get rid of them… probably to make space for another wife, and Sara Al Madani’s name occured in this context several times.

Otherwise, if the Sheikh won’t comply to our justified demands, if he will remain stubborn, offensive and negative… yes, there will be a big lawsuit, and Maryam will ask the Emirati authorities for divorce, a very shocking move in the Islamic culture, which would damage the Sheikh public image, as nothing else, if Princess Haya would file similar request, so he can be forced even to abdication by the Emirati citizens.

Regarding Czechia, Maryam considers their mutual relationships as finished, terminated and closed forever, it’s the past for her, and she doesn’t plan to return there, ever… as she says, there are so many places on Earth, and everywhere you go, East or West, you can find God.”

“And do you know, what was the content of their marriage contract from 2013? Because there is a copy, circulating in the VIP Emirati circles, indicating, that the Sheikh gave her more than generous financial and property compensation, as a part of mutual agreement… do you realize, that the Sheikh could use this document at court?”

“First of all, the used term ‘generous compensation’ is very relative, if the future of a baby is at stake,” Klimesova explained firmly. “Don’t forget, that we are talking about the richest man of the Emirates… in that case, the settlement is even too modest…

But Maryam is a modest girl, she was in love with him, so she signed it, as he gave her no time for legal counsel before the wedding… it was like ‘sign it, or leave it be’… what could she do? He got her under time pressure, and my legal opinion is, that this contract is not valid therefore, and a new contract, where the property matters will be approproately defined, must be made, and agreed by both sides. But Maryam doesn’t do it for money… she only wants to make sure, that the baby will be taken care of.”

“You work for the Chinese Army, for PLA… and I heard some experts in the Czech Intelligence and security community, claiming, that you are clearly committing high treason, giving secrets to the Chinese, which can jeopardize the defence capbilites of Czechia… what is your stance towards this serious issue? Aren’t you aftraid to be detained, to stand in front of a court, as a defendant?”

“I was never a carrier of any classified information, regarding Czech state secrets,” Klimesova denied these theories. “Indeed, I work for the Chinese, but Lawfare is very general concept… you can find it in many open source and public materials. The Chinese Army simply gathers all legal experts, to improve their combat skills.”

“And last thing: for long ten years, you are dating with Otakar Hajek, a top corporate lawyer… I heard, that your relationship is in serious decline, you even had an abortion, to get rid of his child, as you don’t love him anymore, and you can!t imagine bearing a child of a man, who is rather a stranger to you now, who became even physically disgusting for you… did this really happen? Because I have a testimony right here, from Beijing’s subsidiary of GHC Clinic, that you absolved an interruption there…”

“Well, discussing this highly sensitive and personal matter with the press is not exactly my cup of tea,” Klimesova said with detachment. “I understand, that by working for the Chinese, I became a person of interest, and such dirty moves can be expected… but if your readers want some juicy gossip, I will please them: our relationship is indeed in very deep crisis, after Otakar was unfaithful with a beautiful Chinese female law student, named Lea Liao, and the pressure on me was so extreme, that I almost collapsed, and I saw as the only option, to terminate the pregnancy… it was the matter of survival for me…

It simply felt so wrong, you see… you should be happy, when expecting… but if it all gets wrong, like in  my case, then, every day, it’s a darkness, and fear inside you is stronger… what do you do?

There is nobody to help you, you can’t drink, you can’t take pills, drugs, you can’t do this and that, to erase your mind, to get rid of the bad feelings, to escape… and there is only one way out, still remaining.

Was I weak? Should I hold? You always regret the second option, which you had to let go… but now, it’s too late. It simply happened, and it can’t be undone.”

“And are you aware, that Hajek is under official investigation of Czech Militarized Police, regarding his theft of certain military secrets, which he allegedly sold to the Chinese, and the Czech Foreign Intelligence UZSI revealed the covert meeting of both sides in Hong Kong? Will you stand behind him, if he will go down?”

“Otakar is not my husband… I have no such duty, I am a free person,” Klimesova said quite coldly. “If he truly did such a crime, I am not aware of that, I deny any connection with it… he must take responsibility for his actions, but I sincerely hope, that all will be explained, and he will be acquitted of all eventual charges. But I will definitely not defend him at the court… I am his girlfriend, a lover, not a lawyer.”

“Thanks, Iveta, I appreciate your honesty and openness… and now, Marketa Korinkova Maryam, a woman, who doesn’t have to be introduced… there are rumors, that soon, she should became a ‘Woman Of The Year’, the second most prestigious title in the world, in a secret ceremony, where many world VIPs will participate, not only women, also top men, supporting the female cause.

So, Marketa, how do you feel? Did they indicate to you, whether you will win the contest? And do you realize, how much your life will be changed?”

“Only Allah changes and influences my life, only He creates my destiny, only He can allow me into Paradise… not some worthless prize by mortals, by fitlhy infidels,” Maryam replied strictly. “But I certainly noticed, how people started to perceive me differently, they think, that I am some goddess, that I have divine powers, or what complete nonsense…

And they are so wrong, as there is only one God, He is supreme to all and He is eternal, unlike me, who is only His servant and slave, who will pass away one day, it’s inevitable… they should admire and worship only Him, as He made me, He created, what I am… they admire His creation.

But when I am still here, enjoying the gift of life, which He gave to me, in His endless generosity, I want to fulfill my destiny, set by Him: to live for worshipping Him, doing good deeds, to please Him… and there is so much to do… everywhere I go, there is an opportunity, to promote Allah and Islam.”

“And how do you feel in Monaco, where is no mosque? How do you participate in Friday congregational prayers, obligatory for any Muslim?”

“I feel really good here, as Allah is omnipresent, all lands belong to Him… look East or West, you can find the presence of Allah anywhere… and the Earth is one big mosque… on Fridays, I simply travel to Nice, where is a strong Islamic community, we all sisters meet, regardless if local or foreign, we worship Allah together, we have a good time, praising our Lord, having a lunch together, so you feel as a part of something big… between another Muslims, you feel the best, so Friday is the most festive day for me.”

“Still, you, working in a casino… just few days ago, I would consider it as the best joke of the year…”

“Things like this are His miracle, and another proof of His perfection… sometimes I even think, that Allah must have a great sense of humor, sending me right into this filthy, corrupted gambling nest of sins… but He is my witness, that I started cleaning there, bringing His salvation to all lost souls, which need Him!

He simply gave me antoher trial, a test… it was too easy for me, to work in the Emirates, in ‘Armani Prive Lounge’… here, I can prove my skills, and earn a lot of credit, as He knows, what you do, He sees and hears everything…

He will judge you, only He is allowed, but justly… do something for Allah and Islam every day, and you will be rewarded so much… every day, Allah will surprise you with new gifts, opportunities, perks, protection… all what you ever need, will be given to you by Allah, and much more, only by Allah…

Mortals are selfish and weak, but Allah? He, who created you with so much love, who wants only the best for you? Just return to Him, acknowledge Him as the only God, and the life will become a prelude to Paradise for you!”

“You seem very balanced and self-confident, like if all those troubles in the Emirates would disappear…”

“Yeah, I simply forgot it, because I concentrate on my work and mission, on worshipping Allah, thinking about Him, instead of thinking about some mortal fool, who means nothing, in comparison with Allah, whose I love the most, and I always will…

And I met so many good people here… I feel welcomed, and I am the most proud, that I can serve as an ambssador of Islam here, that Allah chose me for this unique ‘diplomatic’ mission.”

“So, are you doing your famous da’wah in the casino? Or do you have other work duties? Do you realize, that you work for gambling criminals? Is it even compatible with Islam?”

“Some people simply come into a casino, not to win money, but to find Islam, however ridiculously it may sound… thus, someone needs to be there, to introduce them to the only perfected and complete religion of peace… so, you came for sins… and you find Allah… isn’t it beautiful?

The Lord indeed knows, how to help His beloved creations… and His Grace and Mercy are limitless. So you gambled, you are a sinner… but Allah offers you a redemption: convert to Islam, testify, that He is the only God, and Muhammad is His messenger… and all previous sins will be forgiven to you! ALL, without any exception… you start with a new book!

I don’t judge those gamblers, addicts, criminals, celebrities and their vanity… I just know, that they need Allah, we all were sinners once, even me… and I am a tool of His will, He blessed me with His trust, to lead other people to Islam.

Regarding my other duties in Monaco… well, the summer in Monaco is very hectic, and I was challenged to participate at The Mystery Game, to make sure, that it’s fundamentally compliant with Islamic values… I appreciate, that Albert II understands, how beneficial is the Islamic angle of view, regarding everything in life, and I am certain, that Monaco leaders please Allah by their courtesy, by implementing Islamic values into their social activities.”

“Did you already meet with Albert II, the ruler of Monaco, your local ally, and his famous beautiful wife, Charlene, Princess of Monaco?”

“With the permission of Allah, I will meet with them soon, as my and theirs tight schedules will allow.”

“And do you have a final message for our Czech readers?”

“If you want to find finally, what you were always looking for… then love Allah, follow Muhammad… I send my greetings to Prague, the city of hundred towers! Such a pity, that I had to say goodbye… but maybe one day, there will be more wise rulers, Czech CounterIntelligence service will be cleansed from corrupted evil leaders, and with the permission of Allah, I will be allowed to visit my beloved city again… until then, I will keep it in my heart…”

“Thank you, Maryam… now, I will let all these great inspiring women to have their deserved lunch, and I will make a telephome call, to hear a testimony from a person, whose demanding official duties prevented her from physical participation here.

Katerina Valachova, the Czech Minister of Education, is known as a devoted supporter of Maryam, and introducting Islam into the Czech schools. Katerina, can you hear me?”

“Hello to Monaco, from Prague!”

“Great! So, Katerina… you backed Maryam’s mother recently, when she was accused of promoting Islam in the Grammar School, where she works as a teacher, when she wore an ‘abaya’, the Islamic dress, during a class…”

“Yes, I did, as it was simply a part of educational process, to show other cultures and religions to the kids… my Ministry even sent an independent Commission to investigate the incident, and they found no culpability. The case is dismissed, and Czech Militarized Police knows well, how bad their proofs are, so they even didn’t prosecute anybody.”

“But there was yet more allegations against you… like brainwashing children, using clandestine experiments on them, so called Augmentation, in the name of national security…”

“We simply need to protect our young, little and vulnerable ones against the terrorist threat, but not only as victims, also to prevent them to become potential culprits and terrorists themselves, as the subversive activities of terrorist propaganda are omnipresent, luring young people into their midst… these measures need to be done, and I take full responsibility for executing them.”

“You are also known as a devoted supporter of Maryam…”

“I thiuk, that she is the best woman, which this country ever had, who was ever born here, in Czechia… and I am saying this statement as the highest representative of the Ministry. You can sue me for these words… you are welcome.”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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