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(from Heavy Slander, the paramount Czech tabloid magazine)

“Earlier today, totally unexpectedly, to the deepest surprise of many experts from the Intelligence community, the highest places of Czech government assembled in a secret, top-tier security meeting at the Parliament, where a critically important affair was discussed, with possible vast and most serious consequences for Czech national security, but also for general representation of Czechia, and the world image of the country, as the situation in Monaco deteriorates quickly.

Led by Miroslav Kalousek from National Defence Commission himself, with direct participation of Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS, this high-profile meeting clearly confirmed, that the Czech security apparatus considers even an open intervention into the cause, to contain it, before it literally explodes, damaging Czechia in many senses, and following losses in export and tourism could be in many billions.

Some call it the most brutal love affair, which the world has ever seen, although it’s just started, and several Czech citizens are involved in this most terrible, destructive conspiracy against Czech foreign interests, hurting foreign image of Czechia more, than all terrorists and subversive elements… including one high political asset, and upcoming Minister of Defence, a woman of highest reputation, feared by many, nicknamed Princess of Swords, it means Katerina Motovska.

Many fools thought, that the apparently insignificant feud between two beautiful women, regarding the famous magician David Copperfield, is merely a media duck, an artificial, fake affair, created to attract crowds into the Monaco, during the summer season, when ‘The Mystery Game’ is running there, all VIPs and celebrities are gathering, attracting wide attention and publicity… but the latest events showed, that this is a full scale war for a man, where the most devastating weapons will be used, where no one will be spared… and that even little sparks can start massive forest fires.

Those fools, who laughed yesterday and considered it as an innocent media game, are now shocked by the terrible determination of one of the belligerents, who is a Czech citizen: Maria Petlickova, former fashion model and a B-class Czech celebrity, who claims to be Copperfield’s lover and mother of his two children, and she stated, as we informed you previously, that she will use all means, to get her love back…

Some fools even started to perceive it as an exciting sports match, and world bookmakers even started to accept bets, who will win in the cause: Petlickova, or Copperfield’s fiancee, French supermodel Chloe Gosselin, mother of his only official child, Sky Copperfield?

In the beginning, no one believed, that Petlickova can succeed, all thought, that she has absolutely no chance… but the world, and Chloe herself, indeed underestimated this highly determined woman, who is getting much respect from the general Czech public, who wish her success, as she is ‘one of us’… and she has very powerful allies, willing to support her in the cause, with their very special and dangerous skills.

Others are saying, that this all goes too far, and the reaction of the Czech governmental and security apparatus follows this opinion… after it was revealed during the morning press conference in Monte Carlo, that a group of female conspirators, led by Maria Petlickova, represented by her lawyer Iveta Klimesova, will sue Chloe Gosselin in all 19 world countries, where Gosselin’s designer shoes are sold.

‘The shoes, which Gosselin produces, are clearly and seriously damaging female health, literally breaking bones and muscle fibers in ankle and feet apart, even influencing internal organs, like ovaries and womb, as the medical experts from GHC Clinic confirmed, during complex tests, supervised by an independent committee of WHO, World Health Organization,’ Klimesova stated during the meeting with the journalists, when she showed a pair of Gosselin shoes, describing the negative forces they create for the female leg, as they are manufactured without any regards to ergonomy and preserving female health: only for striking appearance.

‘We can’t allow this horrible crime to continue, in the interest of all women, so the courts were asked for a preliminary executive action, to stop selling this dangerous, anti-female merchandise, with immediate validity,’ Klimesova announced strictly.

‘Also, we gathered several VIP wearers of the shoes, whose health was damaged already, and we are suing Gosselin for tens of millions of dollars in direct damages… she won’t survive this, she will go down, we can guarantee you, she will collapse, she will go into bankruptcy soon, and her miserable business empire, built on female suffering and pain, will fall…

We challenge all Gosselin’s customers to destroy her malicious, sick shoes publicly, to burn it in the streets of world capitals, to condemn her loudly, and to fill official complaints in their countries, and to ask for a generous financial compensation… we will help you with the legal procedure, so you can get appropriate money for personal use, from Gosselin’s stuffed coffers…

Malicious bitches like her, who hurt us, who destroy us, who provoke madness inside us, they have no place in business and society, and these pests must be removed from power… we want to send a message to all criminals like her, that this is not the way, how we wish to be treated, and I am speaking on behalf of all women, who believe in sustainable future, who understand, that their bodies are their temples, which are sacred, and it must be protected from all evil influences!

We also hope, that Mr. Copperfield will realize finally, that he was caressing a snake in female body, and he is the one, who plays a fool for her, as she uses him for her own malicious plans, she was unfaithful to him several times, as our witnesses reported and surveillance tapes proved… she is nothing else, than a slut, a filthy gold-digger, a mentally unstable criminal… and we are ready to prove these serious allegations at any court.

It must be reminded, that Klimesova is a well known top lawyer from Kenner, Bach & Ledeen multinational law firm, specialized in so called Corporate Lawfare, a feared Chinese concept of Unconventional Warfare, it means misusing law and legal system to defeat the enemies, using inconspicuous soft power… and it’s known, that she also works as a Special Military Advisor for the Chinese Army (PLA) in Hong Kong, so she was under close investigation of Czech security apparatus previously, suspected even of high treason, so it seems, that she started to get involved rather in female affairs now, to avoid any problems, and to ‘do something good for the sisters’.

Firstly, representing Marketa Korinkova, later known rather as Maryam Al Maktoum, the upcoming Woman Of The Year, who doesn’t have to be introduced further, in her feud against Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the emir of Dubai, who wedded Maryam in 2013 secretly, who impregnated her later, who tried to get rid of her, including deploying of such ruthless measures, as voiding her Emirati diplomatic passport…

And now, there is Petlickova and her affair, who has similar demands after Copperfield, regarding children and relationships, and Klimesova provides her special skills in this cause as well, probably to create immense professional reputation, to get to high-profile legal contracts, maybe to start her own law firm, to get rid of her old boyfriend Otakar Hajek, and to start a new, independent, successful life of female dreams…

Indeed, a powerful female group of Czech ancestry gathered in Monaco recently, as our local journalists asset, Nikola Dotkova, reported previously, even meeting with them during a lunch at Port Palace Hotel’s restaurant… and it seems, that at least a part of them is openly backing Petlickova’s effort to eliminate Gosselin, and to get her lover back.

The participation of Katerina Motovska can’t be excluded as well, as she is a woman, who is well known to be ruthless, who pursues her goals literally over dead bodies, who was suspected even of kidnapping and murder of her husband Jan Motovsky… together with Petlickova, his former lover, and the crime happened near Monaco, at the French Riviera, in nearby Nice. Is it merely a coincidence, or do the culprits like to return to the crime scenes, as all that detective novels are claiming?

Anyway, the original love affair becomes rather a terrible conspiracy thriller now, where one basic questions remains: Qui Bono? In whose interest?

Why is this all happening? Is Copperfield really so worthy trophy, or is there something else? Maybe the infamous Estrogen Conspiracy? Or even military-industrial complex, connected with omnipresent Chinese, like Motovska, who is known to be their devoted supporter, even announcing her plans, to switch the principal military ally from Israel towards China, including procurement of Chinese manufactured weaponry?

The ruler of Monaco, Albert II, made no official statement to the affair yet, but our inside sources at his office are reporting, that he is deeply concerned with the events, as this female war clearly damages the image of Monaco, as a peaceful gambling and VIP location, where a relaxed mood should please all visitors, celebrities and curious tourist alike…

Maybe it’s a coincidence, that Albert II’s wife, Princess Charlene of Monaco, asked Maryam for a meeting, as they wanted to meet in person anyway… could this be a part of initial effort, to calm the situation, by speaking with Maryam, the Islamic Princess, whose influence far exceeeds the Islamic world?

Maryam plays an important role in the affair, as she was named as a basic inspiration and friend of Petlickova… and both Princess Maryam and Princess Charlene acquired their royal titles by marriage with powerful men, so there is certain connection between them… or are they both just ambitious gold-digger sluts, who made their shining career through bed?

Still, Albert II can’t stay outside the affair for too long, as this is his land, and he needs to show as a ruler, who has control… maybe he sent his most trustworthy ambassador, his own VIP wife, to establish a link, so he can infleunce the cause somehow?

Anyway, again, Maryam will be located perfectly in the middle of all parties, concetrating immense power in her hands… not representing any side openly, she will be the winner of the affair in any case… as Charlene goes towards her, she puts herself into a submitted position.

Now, the most disturbing question occurs: couldn’t this all be orchestrated by Maryam, to get her closer to Albert II, to force him to accept her as a big local player?

Is her plan to seduce him, and to launch yet another war, when she will fight for him with Charlene, so she can repeat her succes from the Emirates, where she defeated Princess Haya Bint Hussein, emir’s junior wife, who was even forced to retreat back into Jordan, when accused of having Palestinian-Jewish ancestry by the media?

Or does Maryam just want to show and prove her power, so her acuqisition of the most desirable title of the world, ‘Woman Of The Year’, will be the most certain, inevitable?

Indeed, Maryam could provide many answers, but she just disappeared into the large halls and corridors of ‘Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs’ casino, where she makes her very special Islamic missionary activity now, another shocking move she made, leaving the Emirates, coming into this infidel land, infested with sins, to ‘make cleaning for Allah‘, as she stated openly…

And as you know, the first result of this action was persuading Petlickova to acknowledge Allah as the only God, and Muhammad as His messenger… it means conversion to Islam, but clever Maryam avoids this term deliberately, as it sounds too serious, too official… she only challenges people to say this simple sentence, to please Allah, to be rewarded by Him.

Anyway, the world admires Maryam yet more, as she seems to be always at the right place, where the most of the power is distributed, and many women would do anything to be like her, as she inspires them, how to win, how to create their personal empires of influence… but only in service for Allah.

It’s hard to quantify, how many women was inspired to convert to Islam, after Maryam’s example… it must be many thousands, including the VIPs, who made tbeir pledge to Allah secretly, becoming dangerous crypto-Muslims, out of radar of all secret services, a disturbing fifth-column in the rear of Western civilization.

But people still love Maryam, regardless of religious differences, as she always remained herself, modest and decent, even girlish, innocent, she won over all rats and vultures, who wanted to misuse her, she was able to break all the chains around her…

Her family, her mother, her father, her sister, all the dangerous, ruthless conspirators around her, be it Special Forces of the Czech Army, or Israeli Mossad, the feared Intelligence agency… be it Sheikh Al Maktoum, be it Princess Haya… be it corporate rats from Wu Corporation, who misused Maryam in Dubai, during the World Technology Convention, to get control over world IT elite, using the most treacherous means, like poisoned water with a special intoxicant…

And now, there is a new round, where stakes will be yet higher, and there is only one prize remaining for Maryam: the most unique Woman Of The Year title, which only one of billions of women can wear, not speaking about a massive financial bonus and eternal fame.

We just wonder… what will happen then, when there will be only blue sky and Allah above Maryam, when there will be no more big goals to achieve, no more ultimate victories to conquer? When she will add another, final, and the most valuable prize into her collection, after the Czech presidential state medal ‘For Merits’ and the honorary doctorate from Charles University, acquired earlier, when she represented her former homeland well… before the most ungrateful Czechia took the citizenship from Maryam, to get rid of this dangerous Islamic element, called ‘a threat to national security’?

But there is yet another reason, why people admire Maryam, and why they are attracted to Islam… because a Muslim is detached from all the worldly achievements and prizes, his or her primary mission is living for Allah, worshipping Him, serving Him… and Allah will always tell you, what you should do, as Maryam would certainly say.

The world loves her, and she loves Allah… she brought His light to millions. She is really a shining ambassador of Islam, and although she lost her Czech citizenship, after brutal pressure of rogue BIS elements, people in Czechia still have deep admiration towards her, agreeing with rather shocking opinion of Katerina Valachova, the Minister of Education, who stated openly and publicly, that Maryam is the greatest woman, who was ever born in Czechia… and seeing, what she achieved in just some six years, we can’t agree more.

Although as journalists, we should remain open-minded and unbiased… in Maryam’s case, we feel, that she simply deserves the Woman Of The Year prize, like no one else, ever, although she works for Islam, perceived as a mortal thrrat for the Western civiliation… but there is simply no woman, who would shine more, right now… in Czechia, or the world, and we are not alone with this clear opinion.

As you can see, the love affair of Maria Petlickova, it’s just a side event… not her is the main star here, during this hot Monaco summer… it’s Maryam, and the world feels it.

Even if she would orchestrate it all, moving people like pawns against each other… she will be only admired more, for her wit, skills and intelligence, combined with her immense beauty… but you know, what she always says: ‘I am, what Allah made from me, I have all gifts only with His permission. Don’t love me, love Him: He can give you all, what you ever wanted, to fulfill and surpass all your wishes, your desire for freedom, peace, purpose in life.’

Still, it has to be reminded, that since the classic ages, the strategy of ‘Divide and Conquer’ was widely and successfuly used by various masterminds, regarding conquest of new territory, or defence of their lands.

The principle is simple: when you want to defeat a poweful foreign state, instead of open invasion and provokong war, simply create internal divisions and strifes, sent all local rulers against each other, disseminate slanders, distrust and hatred between them, make them to disintegrate into small parts, drowning with eternal feuds, conspiring and plotting against each other, and then, you can conquer them easily, one by one, by supporting them selectively, so the endless war between them will exhaust them, and they will fall easily.

On the other hand, the same strategy can be used for defence purposes: if an invasion of a superior, aggressive enemy (like United States) is imminent, it makes no sense to sacrifice your forces in a bloody battle, which is decided in advance…

So, before your deliberate surrender as a tactical measure, divide your power into two parts: one will go into hiding, mingling with civilian population, becoming guerilla, and the second part will pretend to welcome the invaders and support them, receiving support, money, weapons and information from the aggressors…

Which will be passed to the guerilla part, launching ruthless insurgency, like in Iraq: no invader can last in this attrition warfare for too long, if subversive elements in his rear, like peace activists and other fifth column assets are supported properly, and if his soldiers will be returning to their weeping mothers in black body bags, or crippled, calling for peace… years will pass, and the war will still continue, and every day, when the enemy has to occupy your territory, your exhaiust his resources…

And why do we describe all these complicated wisdoms of war? Because there is one very substantial question: how mutual relationships between Maryam, backed by Allah, and ‘World Women United’ (WWU), a female clique of immense wordlwide influence, gathering thousands of VIP women, including celebrities, will be arranged?

It’s the WWU, who organizes the Woman Of The Year prize… but Maryam has her own Islamic agenda, not willing to become their puppet, she is submitted only to Allah… there are even highly disturbing rumors, that she is using them as her pawns, targeting the WWU critical leaders, one by one, making special deals with them, sending them against each other, to infiltrate and undermine the whole WWU structure, so it will fall into the grasp of Allah eventually…

If Maryam will receive the title… the consequences for both WWU and the world could be immense, as WWU concentrates the ultimate female and even male VIPs, critical social leaders, and if they will be influenced, Islam will spread yet faster in the world…

But it’s too late to stop Maryam, as her support is wide, omnipresent and stable, both from Islamic and infidel sides, and the last dark wave is coming, to take her to the absolute top, where she probably belongs… and we can only watch, because she plays a game far exceeding our imagination.

Whereas Maryam is about to touch the ultimate stars, about to land on Moon, we live our miserable, mediocre lives, full of spoiled dreams… but now, she comes, and offers the last chance for us, Islam, Allah, to have our dreams and lives fulfilled… how many will accept, how many will follow? Those numbers could be huge…

She is changing the world, and we all are her pawns, including our magazine… there was a time, when we had power and control over her, when we could create or destroy her, we could hurt her, as we liked… and it makes no sense to lie, we enjoyed it, particularly me…

But now, we work for Maryam, because anything we write, it only helps her… we wrote about her incestuous dreams, and it didn’t destroy her, as we expected, on the contrary, people started to see her as a victim of male oppression, as a human, not a distant goddess, not a cold female war machine, simply one of us…

I swear, that if Maryam will get the Woman Of The Year prize, I will go to the final retirement from the media, as my responsibility in creating the public image of this woman, all what she is, what she represents, what she brings to our world, can’t be denied…

Moreover, there will be hardly anybody, ever, more worthy to write about, than her… for me, she is something like the final artistic project, and then, there is nothing remaining to say, it’s time to leave.

As you can see, she managed to steal everything from me, she fooled me, always playing weak, innocent and passive, provoking me to invest yet more my energy and artistic skills into her… until I became her most prominent slave and helper, filling my mind only with her.

This is, how ultimate feminity works, and she is indeed a very special woman, I must admit.

No woman, ever, managed to occupy my mind for so long, like Maryam did… and I never fucked her, I never touched her seducing curvy body, her soft velvet skin… but I guess, that sooner or later, we all simply meet someone, who breaks us, who makes fools from us. 

Now, our dear readers… you and me, we all will enjoy the great finale, and I will be between you, a mere watcher, a very unusual position for me…

This is Pavel Novotny, CEO and Chief Reporter of Heavy Slander magazine, once the most reputated and feared tabloid journalist of Czechia, signing off.”

To be a fashion model, it’s not merely about beauty, it’s striking about presentation, about female superiority, about radiating mindset of the queen… and Maryam indeed learned much about social dynamics, not only at school, at the elite Charles University, where she studied Public Relations and Communications, becoming an elite graduate, but most importantly, outside, in the world, as a direct participant of many high profile events, where the correct way of presentation was crucial, not only for her, but also for her corporate clients, who hired her, to create proper impression, to promote their goods and services, using fashion models, as social leaders.

She knows well, that you have to move, you have to be active, to be seen all the time, in the center, to occupy the glare of stage of lights, not to wait for your opportunities passively, in a corner, like a fool, not to be overshadowed by your countless female competitors, as there can be only one queen, and it must be you, or you will be destroyed with envy, jealousy and lowered self-confidence.

When she started with da’wah, her famous Islamic missionary activity, where she applied all the advanced knowledge, how to influence people, she simply combined the features of her old job, it means flowing in the society, making friends, allies, mingling with them, always in the center of the crowd, with very simple Islamic propaganda, because Islam, unlike the corupted infidel world, is the most simple: here is Allah, love Him… here is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), follow him… and life will become simple and beautiful, before the gates of Paradise will open for you one day, maybe, with the permission of Allah, if you will worship the only God properly, pleasing Him with your good deeds.

What made her famous and so special, was simply being a fashion model in hijab, who knows very well, where to go, what to do, how to grasp power and influence in the society, and how to treat people, how to infiltrate their minds, so they won’t reject you easily, and you will make them thinking, because Allah offers immense rewards and perks for everybody… how could any fool reject such gifts?

But some social basic rules had to be preserved, to get closer to them… this is the reason, why her official work title was “VIP Hostess”, to remind her, that she needs to be smiling at people, even if they are infidels, and you curse them in your heart, knowing, who they really are, enemies of Islam, who deny Allah, whose military forces are killing Muslims…

But Maryam needs to play the social game properly, to disarm them, to break and remove their initial resistance to Islam, she must pretend to be rather a submissive waitress, than a strict priest… and in the end, thousands of Muslims can be saved, if only one important infidel will turn sides, and he or she will vote against another violence towards the Islamic world, another infidel military aggressions and incursions, more tons of high-explosive, incendiary and cluster bombs, falling from the infidel airplanes, particularly Israeli, directed at houses of peaceful Muslims…

Knowing, that she can help and protect her brothers and sisters, including cute little girls with ponytails, playing with dolls, hurting no one, not deserving to be killed by the Israeli ordance and the ruthless IDF assassins in Gaza… that keeps Maryam going, and her good deeds towards the Islamic community are pleasing Allah.

So, don’t be surprised, if you gamble in Monaco, and a beautiful woman in hijab goes around, smiling pleasantly, asking you questions like “How are you today, sir? Having a good time?”

You expected her to remind your sins, that she will be negative, offensive, judging, condemning… but you are wrong, she will show you the absolute, even maternal understanding for your worldly crimes, as Allah is willing to forgive you anything you committed, before conversion to Islam.

This is a very simple and straightforward way to salvation, what Maryam offers, so all your previous sins will become insignificant, she will allow you to continue in them, as your corrupted mind likes, but she will insert a message deeply into you, that there is a way out, that you have a perfect option… and she won’t force you to make the official conversion, she only wants you to acknoweledge Allah as the only deity, and Prophet Muhammad as His messenger…

And for this absolutely simple deed, merely one sentence, but stated from heart, she offers you immense rewards from Allah, with His permission, as she is one of His countless ambassadors, roaming through the world with a clear purpose, spreading the most beneficial message of Islam, directed towards anybody, regardless of race, gender, age, education, wealth… all the worldly values can be granted only by Allah, and He knows well, what you need, as He created you with love.

She offers you a simple, advantageous business: please Allah, recognize Him, and He will please you… what is there to lose??? It’s not Allah, stealing your freedom from you, it’s those wordly rats, who lie to you, who are obsessed to rule you, to control you through omnipresent surveillance

She could make a great saleswoman, and in fact, she once was selling dreams, like any fashion model, who wears dresses, to inspire others to follow, to buy, to become social leaders, like her, by wearing the right brands and merchandise… but later, she realized, that it only makes sense, to offer Islam, as there can’t be anything better in the world and life, than worshippng Allah and living Islam, as this was the sole purpose of your creation.

Only as a Muslim, you are a person of value… as an infidel, you are just a miserable slave of many fools, and you will be crushed… but with the ultimate protection of Allah, and His angels? Whom should you fear, then?

Many foolish people and “experts” predicted, that Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs, a reputated Chinese-owned casino in Monte Carlo, will lose many customers, allowing Maryam to work there, allowing a highly subversive Islamic element inside… but the completely opposite result happened, as she fits there well, however ridiculously it sounds…

She doesn’t distrupt the gambling operations, she just moves between the tables for blackjack or roulette, completely naturally, smoothly, smiling, dressed in simplistic black Islamic female dress, to impersonate a fascinating contrast between glamorous Monaco and a modest Islamic woman, her hair covered with hijab obediently, sending very simple message:

There is Allah, and He is the only God, who is willing to accept you, regardless of what you do, or what you are now, because there can be a new, much better future for you, in Islam, in submission to Allah… and if you came here, it was the will of Allah, for you to meet Islam, to return to the loving embrace of your Creator, who sent me, His devoted slave and servant, as His ambassador, carrier of the most important message for your life… can’t you see, how perfect only He is, taking care of you, protecting you, leading you to your destiny, which only He creates?

Maryam speaks to many people, she smiles, she never talks about bad things, only positively, she offers them help, support and good advice, with the permission and blessing of Allah… indeed, no one can resist her, and even completely new people are coming into the casino, just to see and admire this apparent contrast between gambling and Islam, after they read about this unbelievable phenomenon, it means an Islamic Princess, who cleans the lair of sins, she can’t be stopped, corrupted, and she fears not them, dangerous men with muscles and pistols in pockets, she fears only Allah

Even most ruthless infidel mafiosi with freshly spilled blood on their hands are moving from her way, as they know, that any offensive action against her would have very clear and very painful result for them, it means immense and destructive anger of 2 billion Islamic community, Ummah, all of Maryam’s brothers in Islam would be willing to die for her, for rightful defence of Islam, they are not afraid of courts and prisons… and she represents Islam, as the most shining ambassador of the only complete and perfected religion of peace, a gift from Allah to human kind.

And this is, what Chinese wanted: balance, combining white and black elements together, to create perfect, seducing harmony, because they don’t care about politics and religion, they only want the result: it means more power for them, to achieve global Chinese dominance.

Anyway, this is a casino, it’s still about money primarily: millions are flowing into the casino coffers daily, but now, many rich people are also asking Maryam openly, what good charity causes they should support, to relieve from their wordly sins, and she gives them very particular advices, how to please Allah with their wealth, she confirms to them, that Allah knows about all their deeds, and He can be pleased, if you give something back to the community, if you take care of your vicinity responsibly.

In fact, Maryam becomes an important tool of fund raising for Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, and Islamic education of young girls, which she chose as her personal cause, even financing establishment of such a school in the Emirates, but she didn’t want to be connected with the project openly, she wanted to remain a hidden donor, who doesn’t use his or her charity merits to build his or her public brand…

But she makes it easier for these infidels, inspiring them to donating vast money to Baroness Kessler Foundation, not for Islam directly: they would be scared, that CounterIntelligence services of their countries would mark them as an Islamic threat, even accusing them of financing terrorism maliciously… but Baroness Kessler is a purely infidel league, and Katerina Motovska, its executive director, is an infidel, like them.

It was Motovska, who was sent by Allah, to get Maryam into fashion modeling… Maryam was a sixteen years old virgin, when this ruthless woman with formidable and intimidating reputation met her, and invited her for an audition at reputated Czechoslovak Models agency, influencing fate of Maryam, marking the start of her new life… but of course, it was always Allah, creating Maryam’s destiny, not Motovska, not anyone else.

Still, there was a strong bond between both women established… Motovska never denied, that she feels ultimate responsibility for Maryam’s welfare and fate, as it was her, who introduced Maryam into the corrupted world of moldeling… but in 2004, many years ago, when they first met, both women could hardly know, what big intentions Allah has with them.

One of them became an internationally recognized fashion model and later the most reputated ambsassador of Islam, a celebrity, which the world hasn’t seen, introducing Islam to millions, with the permission of Allah… whereas the second one found ther destiny at highest places of Czech Ministry of Defence and NATO, working for the Chinese ultra-infidels, not belonging under People Of The Book, mentioned in the Holy Qur’an

Only later, Maryam realized, that it was probably Motovska and her wealth, her social influence, who helped her, who always backed her, although Motovska never told her openly, what she is doing for her, how many levers she pulls from the background… and if Maryam felt something as gratitude for her acheivements towards anybody, except Allah, it was towards Motovska, who became her older sister, a woman she could trust and rely on, so much different from her own family… a woman, who felt responsibility for her creation, like Allah did.

There was never a better human asset in Czechoslovak Models, than Maryam… all the other sluts like Zuzana Jandova or Tereza Lipanova were just nothing in comparison with her, and only having Maryam in the active CM porfolio, meant clear motivation for the new Russian owner, Valentin Zhukovskij, to buy the company from Milada Karasova, and to pay any demanded price… although the official owner was supposed to be Vaclav Dejcmar, with deep ties with Czech CounterIntelligence service, through his closest friend and business partner Karel Janecek, whose father introduced him into this shady world, being a former StB (Communist secret service) operative.

But it’s all past now, some old tales, and nobody cares, the world is dynamic, always in rush, running forward, like mad, there is no time to contemplate about the past, if the present brings so many opportunities and temptations… the main casino hall is full of people, it’s just another big gambling evening in the Monaco, and there are no windows, so you lose control of time and your spending…

You must breath the air, which the evil casino masterminds are supplying to you, and they add very malicious substance, PHE-CA into it, based on artificially manufactured female pheromone, originally a result of classified military research, in fact a bioweapon, to seduce you, to put you into submission…

Maryam breaths it as well, she knows, what is happening there, so she thinks about Allah yet more often, she praises Him, she doesn’t want to escape this cursed infidel place, full of poisons, because whenever you want to run away in life, the world becomes your prison, so she just wants to be a good servant of Allah, here or anywhere, and nothing can change, what she feels towards Allah…

And very special, carefully selected music plays in the casino, seducing, dynamic, mesmerizing, so you succumb to its sensual subliminal message, and the leading female voice, which lures you to all the vices of the world, to be weak, to be a slave, and to enjoy it:

And there he is, Mr. Chai, an older Chinese mastermind with grey hair, rather fat than slim, dressed in a badly fitting, cheap suit and terrible tie, but always accompanied with his large entourage, including armed bodyguards, playing for millions here, just for fun, coming twice a year into Monaco, like a clockwork, always with pockets and suitcases full of money of unknown origin… and Maryam watches him with her beautiful brown eyes attentively, like a hawk…

Because any proper fashion model is able to recognize a man of power immediately, regardless how badly dressed he is, how much physically unimpressive he seems… it’s how his colleagues are treating him, how much respect they have, when they speak to him, how they bow, when he speaks to them from the superior position… this is exactly the kind of man, which any fashion model can’t ignore, it’s simply an instinct, because you are young and pretty woman only once, and you need to grasp resources from social opportunities, and men…

Yesterday, Maryam ignored Mr. Chai, but she was walking around him deliberately, to get noticed… and today, she sends very clear signals of her body, like willingness to be addressed exactly by him, and no man can resist such a dove, like Maryam, if she seems to be accessible.

And he notices, waving at a male floor manager of the casino, standing nearby, dressed in a tuxedo, ready to fulfill any wish of Mr. Chai, a VIP guest and punter, whereas Mr. Chai’s favorite female croupier, Bella, is mastering the blackjack, where Mr. Chai is losing a lot of money, but his face remains the same, it means cold and balanced: he doesn’t care, it seems, and winning or loss are very relative terms for him.

“Mr. Chai would be pleased, if you would visit his table,” the floor manager approaches Maryam, and she nods.

She comes closer to the table, she bends her eyes, like if she would be submitted, a weak prey, and Mr. Chai watches her with curiosity.

“You are that Muslim,” Mr. Chai says, and Maryam nods again. She doesn’t speak, to create an intimidating presence of power.

“You seem like a pretty woman… why do you hide your beauty under that strange scarf?” he asks, but his face remains the same, he is examining her, and you can’t read any emotion in his facial expression.

When she explains, he says something to his colleagues in Chinese language, and they all start to laugh, all watching Maryam, apparently very amused.

It’s a test, and Maryam knows, what to do: she simply smiles too, still watching Mr. Chai, with very deep interest, connecting with him, ignoring the others, catching his soul into her nets, playing her female game just perfectly.

And Mr. Chai understands, that this woman is special, a serious adversary, an elite representative of her gender, but he needs to keep his face, to be strong and in control.

“Bring me a whiskey… single malt. On the rocks,” he orders to Maryam with very serious voice, stopping the floor manager, who wanted to call a waitress.

“You… bring me my drink. Now!” Mr. Chai repeats his order loudly, speaking like a master to his servant, pointing at Maryam, whereas the whole table freezes in surprise, and people around are turning, what is happening.

She nods, and leaves, whereas Mr. Chai seems very satisfied with her apparent obedience, laughing with his friends, how he humiliated Maryam, how he showed his male power to the world, and her.

But he celebrated his apparent victory too soon, as Maryam returns with a big jug of water, and a glass, pouring water, and offering the drink to Mr. Chai: except of justified cases of Taqiya, a Muslim can’t drink alcohol, but also he or she can’t serve alcohol to other person, to help him or her to get intoxicated, regardless of religion.

Everybody expects, that Mr. Chai will punish this insolence and disobedience, making him to lose face, indeed the worst humiliation for any Asian man… but to the surprise of all, Mr. Chai simply accepts the glass, and drinks, watching Maryam, while she is still watching him, she is literally hypnotizing him, provoking him.

And the crowd around, which noticed the scene, gets more dense, people are interested, how this stand-off between an older Chinese VIP and a young VIP Muslim woman will end, and what is her intention?

No one understands, why she chose just him, from all that shining VIPs around, young male French aristocrats, world celebrities, with sexy bodies and noble peerage… and she is a Princess, she should be with them, not with this aging Asian man… what is wrong here? Is it just an accidental  provocation, or an Islamic mastery? A big game?

Bella still deals the cards, but Mr. Chai plays rather automatically, whispering something with his aide, while still watching Maryam… and the aide talks to the floor manager, and he seems very agitated, very serious, probably not willing to tolerate the insult, which Maryam did to Mr. Chai in front of people.

This is, what Chinese do: never succumbing to their emotions, never shouting in anger, executing their revenge later, when you least expect it, but in full force, even brutally, literally crushing you, without you knowing, from whom the final blow came: the Chinese won’t attach their business cards.

And when the executive manager of the whole casino occurs in the crowd, everybody understands, that situation must be very serious, and all men are discussing something, whereas Mr. Chai losses any interests in the affair, returning to his game, and Maryam knows, that this is the right time to disappear from the scene too, to leave a lasting impression… to make them to go after her, to come to her, if the matter should be resolved anyhow.

But she doesn’t remain alone and isolated: making inconspicuous gestures, she calls several of nearby SUKAs to her, it means young women, who pretend to be regular guests of the casino, seducing gamblers to more spending, provoking them, challenging them… and those women admire her, as they are aspiring fashion models too, like she once was, and for them, she is a leader, an example they admire, willing to obey her, to follow her, to help her, in anything she needs.

Standing between them, in the center, she has a perfect shield, as the girls are laughing, relaxed, like if something really funny would just happen… this is, how females are defeating men and their power, simply by subversion and unexpected, treacherous moves… and female laughter is the most dangerous weapon of all.

“Mr. Chai demands an apology,” the casino manager approaches Maryam, and she nods again, returning to the table, but her smile is now literally poisonous.

She comes very close to Mr. Chai. “I apologize very deeply, sir,” she says, grasping the glass with water, and spilling the content into his face, to the utmost shock of the whole casino.

As a media professional, but not only in theoretical sense, gaining her vast experience at various VIP Parties, Maryam knows well, that the way to immense power is to create a scandal, to choose the strongest person around, and to provoke him, or her, to open war, so people start to respect you, and you create the most powerful personal brand.

But why did she choose this Chinese? Because she knows his thinking, and she can anticipate any move he will make. She knows, that Mr. Chai as a regular guest of the casino, he can’t solve the situation just by complaining, like the last miserable fool… no no, in the end, he will have to come to her, he will have to make an apology, and to acknowledge her as a queen… that will be the only way, to keep his face, to become her friend.

Indeed, Allah is the best of deceivers, and the best teacher of all: it’s Him, who gives good advices to Maryam, how to prevail in this world, because she works for Him, and any wordly success she achieve, serves only for the glory of Allah.

Mr. Chai throws several chips to Bella, as a tip, and without a word, he and whole Chinese group is leaving, whereas Maryam is smiling with utomost satisfaction… the fool lost, he let her to humiliate him, and now, her power is yet more massive, as she has chosen him, to show all the people around, who really rules here.

It takes just minutes, and the whole casino knows, what happened… rumors flow here and there, people add various juicy details, everybody is excited, and the casino management is very happy, because this is exactly the way, how to create an aura of magic, how to make their venue mystical, where literally anything can happen, to lure masses of people there… in the end, wasn’t this all just a charade, orchestrated by them, where both Maryam and Mr. Chai participated? You never know the truth here, in this infidel world of lies and advanced games.

What is important for Maryam, that she has momentum, that perfect status, when the world opens, like a shell, to give you all, what you want, because you simply knocked on the door strongly enough, not willing to be rejected… and Allah permitted all these gifts for you.

One of the SUKAs comes to Maryam, informing her, that there is a VIP visitor to see her.

When Maryam hears the name, she only sighs… O Allah, you are truly a mastermind, and I praise only You! How can it be, that You know all my secret wishes and desires?

“Send her to the bar,” Maryam orders, sitting there, in the middle, refreshing herself, because this incoming person… she was once a part of her girlish dreams, she represented a woman, who is ultimate… and look, what happened, with the help, blessing and permission of Allah, this ultra-VIP comes to see Maryam today, uninvited, unreported, a very big surprise, a gift from Allah…

O Allah… words can’t describe, what I feel towards You, Maryam thinks, and she has eyes full of tears, when she sees the person coming, when she materializes in front of her.

She is tall, even taller than Maryam… blonde, aristocratic… she was once the most reputated supermodel of the world, and even today, her personal brand is shining and strong, everybody recognizes her, she meets with the top people from the world fashion.

Her name is Claudia Schiffer… and now, she is here, to see Maryam, who is not a young girl anymore, watching Schiffer’s pictures in magazines, full of desire, to be like her…

Indeed, many things changed, and Allah chose Maryam for the most important tasks…. and this German woman, she is just a servant a slave of Allah, she is no queen… and Maryam is His ambassador, to execute His will.

She has control now… and she remembers well, what happened in 1994, how Schiffer insulted the Ummah, and she almost paid with her life for this very serious mistake of Karl Lagerfeld, who designed so called Satanic dresses, decorated with the exceptions of Qur’an, the Holy Book, the words of Allah himself, insulting Muslims, provoking their utmost anger.

Schiffer simply owes to Allah, and Muslims… and she has to repay her debts.

Today… such is the will of Allah.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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