Islamic Princess Maryam (57): Million Dollar Witch. Marketa Korinkova Muslim Allah Hijab Islam Dubai VIP Emirates UAE Abu Dhabi Amwaj Jewellery Fashion Model Elite Royal Beauty Celebrity Monaco Casino

It’s a classic casino gambling tradition, to establish so called “Salon Prive” for the most VIP punters, playing for the highest stakes, who wish not to be seen by the general visitors, either for purposes of elevated privacy, prestige, or building intimidating personal brand of immense power and influence…

But most of the players simply prefer company of other gamblers, to share their common addiction, feelings, emotions and experiences of eternal loss, but combined with massive adrenaline rush, so the Chinese-owned prestigious casino in Monaco, ‘Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs’, changed the room into a discreet place for high-profile meetings, where critical interests could be discussed in relative privacy, including corporate and industrial espionage

Naturally, there was many covert, very curious electronic eyes and ears present, extremely miniaturized, using the most advanced nanotechnology, unable to be discovered even by security professionals, never sleeping, provided by massive apparatus of Huawei‘s All Seeing Eye global surveillance for Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), a feared Intelligence arm of Communist Party of China (CPC), together with People’s Liberation Army (PLA), an iron fist of Beijing, because Chinese were known as very patient and systematic gatherers of all possible Intelligence data, even apparently insignificant, about simply everybody, for covering present or future special needs…

It’s always useful, to possess detailed dirty laundry, both about VIPs and common fools alike: you never know, which marginal pawn of today will become a master tomorrow, and you want to be ready for any development of his of her personal affairs, to acquire the magical and most useful ability, to move him or her on the chessboard of the big ruthless world game for power and rare resources, where all the assets have to be used properly.

But when a new VIP employee of the casino arrived here, it means Marketa Korinkova, originally a top Czech fashion model, later known as Maryam Al Maktoum, after her conversion to Islam in the Emirates and her secret marriage with the emir of Dubai, becoming a new part of royal elite of the Middle East, acquiring the aristocratic title of Princess, the room was given to her, to serve as her private, highly stylish office, decorated with the most expensive paintings of the most reputated artists, but not covered with a protective glass, like in museum…

This art was made lively, deliberately, serving a tool for Chinese purposes fo achieving global dominance, and you could hardly abstain from deep emotions, respect and even fascination, when seeing the most striking cultural legacy of Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso, Renoir, Vermeer or Cezanne, hanging silently on the walls, apparently passively, but provoking madness inside you, the utmost and burning desire, to be a part of this all, to have VIP perks and advantages…

To be a friend of the most powerful Chinese players, who replaced weak crumbling Americans at the position of No. 1 superpower, and they promised peace and harmony to the world, not endless war with “terrorism”, which the Americans created themselves, so their infamous military-industrial complex could flourish, because only endless war brings the highest profits, so it’s in your interest to make it to continue further, even supporting your own alleged enemies, so they can last longer…

But for Maryam, these famous artists are nothing, they are infidels, unbelievers, they are not her friends, or idols… she worships only one God, it’s Allah, she loves only Him, she follows His Prophet Muhammad, and she works for Islam, executing her reputated da’wah, Islamic missionary activity, either in the distant Emirates, or here, in this corrupted infidel land of immense wealth and endless consumerism, which needs to be liberated by Allah, so all wandering, lost souls can find eternal peace, freedom and destiny.

Still, when Maryam sits here, behing a large table, made from very precious dark ebony wood, decorated with intricate Asian flower theme, she looks like a real VIP, who rules, who is not another sheep and loser, who is not a mere follower, who influences things… but she would strongly disagree with this statement, as only Allah creates the destiny for all, including her, and everything, what happens in the world, or your life, is solely the matter of His will, His permission, regardless if you acknowledge Him as your Lord, or not.

And she would add, that Allah sent her into the corrupted Monaco, the land of gambling, He instructed her to come exactly here, to sit behind this table, like a real noble lady… only He provided this perk to her, not those infidels from East or West, because Allah is anywhere, and He knows everything, He sees everything, He hears everything, what you do: indeed, nothing can be hidden from Him.

And He always listens to you: several years ago, Maryam asked Him to fulfill her girlish dreams, but Allah is the Most Generous, so He surpassed all her sweetest imaginations and expectations thousand of times… now, she lives the life, which could be called a dream, but this physical world, dunya, your temporaty and transient existence here, has only one purpose: to worship Allah, your Creator, your only Master, to please Him, to deserve admittance into the Paradise one day, when He will call you back to Him, to face Him, and His justly judgement of your worldly deeds.

Indeed, it was not always easy… so many merciless powerful rats were around Maryam, trying to use her for their malicious purposes in the endless game for power, or even to destroy her, when she slipped from their treacherous grasp… but she was protected and blessed by Allah and His angels, so with His permission, she used the dark energy of the world for rising to the stars, literally, serving for glory of Allah, transmitting His message of salvation, as a VIP ambassador of Islam… and soon, there will be only blue sky and Allah above her, as she will be coronated as Woman Of The Year, if He will allow it, and there is not a higher worldly title, which any female can achieve in her life.

It’s even more precious achievement, than famous Nobel Prize, as there are many recipients of Nobel every year… but only one, a single woman can be The One, one of billions, her fame and rule will be eternal, at least in infidel terms, as Muslims are taught to be detached from all worldly values, achievements and prizes, understanding, that those mean nothing: only Allah and Islam are the ultimate victory for any believer.

But it’s too soon to celebrate: there are still things to do, to enjoy gifts of Allah, as anything you get in this world, be it your healthy body, beauty, success, money, love, it’s all granted only by Allah, given to you with His permission, so don’t thank them, those mortals, including your parents, thank only Him, praise only Him, and worship only Him, not those fake idols, called celebrities.

Maryam is an Islamic celebrity, which the world hasn’t seen yet, she presents a new quality of a Muslim woman, who is changing the world, indeed a great creation of Allah in physical or intellectual sense alike, as her immense feminine beauty is combined with resourceful wit, even certain dark powers of a female witch, who can enchant and seduce men, to make them her servants and followers… but she is still a human, a woman, fragile, sensitive, emotional, doubting sometimes, not able to resist to endless temptation, fitnah, which Allah creates, to test His believers… but at the same time, He gives you a chance to earn a lot of credit.

And He is also known as the Best of Deceivers… that’s why He ordered Maryam, His devoted servant and slave, to travel here and there, to the Emirates, to Saudi Arabia, to China, connect with those Chinese ultra-infidels from Communist Party of China (CPC), who don’t belong between People Of The Book, it means other, deviated religions from Islam, but mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, the unaltered words of Allah Himself…

Now, Maryam sits in this lavish office, and the world bends in front of her, but she bows only in front of Allah: a modest praying rug in the corner, directed at Kaaba, located at Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the spiritual and geological centre of Earth, clearly confirms her affiliation, not speaking about her modest Islamic dress, which she wears here, in Monaco: her beautiful, long brown hair, hidden obediently under a black hijab, and her seducing slim body of a fashion model, all these attractive curves, hidden in a loose abaya.

Only her shoes and handbag are of luxurious Prada brand, because this is Monaco, and if you want to be the most persuasive ambassador of Islam, you need to make an impression, to suggest to infidels, that you are not so distant from them, to lure them closer, to remove their fear of Islam, although only Allan can truly liberate them… indeed, Allah knows, how to deliver His message to anybody, regardless if you want, or not.

And not these luxurious trinkets are the most valuable possession of Maryam: it’s a Qur’an, lying on the table, which she likes to read every day, in Arabic, as only the original language edition can be perceived as exact and unaltered by humans… and you want to be as close to Him, as possible, to hear and understand, what He says to you, to orientate in life well.

In the most striking contrast with that holy book of Islam in front of Maryam, there is another woman, sitting in the room, facing Maryam: she is tall, blonde, aristocratic and beautiful, although rather fifty than forty years old already, but she was a supermodel once, maybe even the most famous fashion model of the world history…

Claudia Schiffer from Germany, who still remains at the top, like if all these miraculous beauty and anti-aging products, which she promotes in countless advertisements, could indeed bring an eternal youth to any woman… but it’s rather about medical interventions of experienced plastic surgeons from reputated GHC Clinic, who can make miracles, using state-of-the-art technology, which is far from any concept of natural beauty, which Schiffer likes to impersonate…

And with the permission of Allah, this ultimate female sits in front of Maryam now… she came uninvited, so she definitely wants and needs something, indeed a very beneficial position for any negotiation, and Allah will listen to her carefully, whereas Maryam will become a tool to execute His will towards Schiffer.

Still, Maryam can hardly resist to deep emotion, when she realizes, how generous was Allah towards her, how He allowed Maryam to overgrow even such female elite, like Schiffer, which Maryam once watched in glossy fashion magazines with fascination, dreaming about standing on the dais of world fame, being recognized as a celebrity, being admired, accepted, after her father rejected her, and her mother started to play nasty games with her…

It was an escape route for Maryam, these fashion catwalks, publicity, attention of the crowds and horny men, but in the end, she realized, that only Allah can truly liberate her from all oppression and burdens, from all rats and their sick sociopathic games, all those sticky nets around you, where you can get stuck easily, having your life energy sucked by those vampires.

Maryam is silent, just watching Schiffer, her symmetric Nordic face, her blue mesmerizing eyes, which make many fools to submit… but not Maryam, she has only one master, it’s Allah, and He will allow no one to enslave her, to force her into any submission.

Even those merciless military assassins from Czech Special Forces, who tried to neutralize Maryam, when they got an unexpected chance, were not able to force Maryam to submit, to recognize their superiority over her, although in such cases, when life of a believer is jeopardized, when a danger of persecution or death is imminent, he or she can apply Taqiya, it means to deny his or her Islamic faith, to step aside from Islamic duties and rules, in order to preserve life…

Everything is allowed then, including purposeful lies, slandering and cursing Muhammad, worshipping idols, shirk (denying oneness and uniquness of Allah, otherwise the most serious sin Islam, even more, than murder), consummation of forbidden alcohol, pork, or animal blood…

But Maryam made no single step from her faith, even in this critical situation, when she met those dangerous men in a deserted wood near Prague, and Allah sent the most unexpected army to save Maryam from peril, which even those perfectly trained assassins were not able to counter…

It was a miracle of Allah, when all squirrels of the forest gathered around Maryam, not only as attentive witnesses of a potential crime, also protecting her with their tiny bodies against those heavily armed murderers, dressed in camouflaged fabric, serving allegedly for higher interests of the state, where a human life is only an item, which can be disposed by those violent criminals, who have no mercy, once they get an order from higher places, to achieve alleged greater goals.

However, all those, who fall on the path of Islamic Jihad, in which any Muslim must participate, it’s his and her basic duty, they have the admittance into Paradise guaranteed by Allah… but it was His decision and will, that Maryam will live further, as her time hasn’t come yet, and there is still much to do for Allah.

This is her personal Jihad… just walking through the world, infiltrating the VIP social structures, sending the message of Islam, and no one can stop her, except Allah: not those infidel fools, who serve to evil infidel masters, paid with Devil’s gold.

But it’s more complicated with Schiffer, and Maryam is still not completely sure, how to perceive her.

In January 1994, it was the will and masterful plan of Allah, that Schiffer, together with a famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, created an immense controversy, when Lagerfeld designed a new collection of Chanel’s haute couture dresses, decorated with verses of Qur’an, allegedly incidentally, as Lagerfeld allegedly didn’t realize their utmost religious significance, and Schiffer raised immense anger of all Muslims of the world, when presenting the dress on her body, thus insulting Islam…

They threatened her with death, even a fatwa of Islamic scholars from Saudi Arabia against Schiffer and Lagerfeld was considered, until the affair was miraculously resolved, whern Schiffer was persuaded to visit the Grand Mosque of Paris, coming alone, leaving her bodyguards outside, to ask Allah for forgiveness, as His Grace and Mercy are limitless, and the best sinners are those, who repent.

Indeed, Allah is wise, He knew well, how to make Schiffer to come to Him… and now, she is back again, coming to Maryam, who is one of two billions of servants and slaves of Allah, but she is special, as Allah gave her special mission and authority in VIP affairs, she is His spike in these hardly accessible high social spheres, spreading the truth, the word of Allah, the message of Islam… and Schiffer will become just another tool of Allah, regardless what her intentions are.

“I came to ask you for a favor, Maryam,” the blonde supermodel interrupts the silence, as her time is expensive, and she is restless, full of tension, hunger and expectations. “You are playing a big game here in Monaco, as everybody knows, you are the center of all action, the source of all local power now, and I want to be a part of it, having some substantial role, not to be just another watcher, a passive element, a loser… to keep my personal brand shining, to confirm my superior position at the world fashion scene…

In exchange, I offer you full unlimited access there, as I will mark you to be my inspiration publicly, it means massive media influence, social networks… you can convert them all to Islam, the world most influential VIPs, as fashion is connected with business, even with politics… I will give you all the information about them, their weaknesses… imagine all the options…

You help me… and I will help you, as I have great respect to Islam and Allah… I should be dead long time already, I was so scared back in 1994, when the Ummah wanted to punish me for my sins, with death… and look, Allah allowed me to continue living… this is, what I can do for Islam, to pay off my debts somehow.

I am certain, that as a former fashion model, you understand me, why I am doing all that… once you get used to the ultimate fame, you can hardly stop, you can hardly become nobody, an aging marginal slut, who lives in the past, who means nothing in the present, because the world changed so much, and new generations came, with their skin fresh and soft…

I asked Allah for help back then, and I am asking Him now… I know, when I am speaking to you, I am speaking with Him too… just consider it, Maryam, that’s all I am asking.

I just feel, that I belong here, right now, being a star in the present… and I want to be close to you, as you represent ultimate power, you represent Allah.”

“That’s very excessive claim,” Maryam replied modestly, her face remaining serious. “I am just His servant, and you don’t need me to speak to Him, just please Him with good deeds, share all your wishes and needs with Him, and you will be rewarded, you will get, what you really need… simple rules of the only complete and perfected religion of peace.

Anyway, I perceive you as my sister, Claudia, as you are indeed different than those filthy infidels, who deny Allah… and remember, it was Allah, who kept you at the top all those years, so thank Him right now, praise only Him, not some fashion fools… you need to realize, that your success happens only with His permission, and you can serve Allah in any age, in any position well.

And if you came here… then He sent you, sister, He has an intention with you, and if you ask for a favor, then it should be endorsed, with His permission.

As you said, it’s possible, that I will be granted my ultimate ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ soon, if Allah will allow it… and you surely realize, that this very limited time window of absolute worldly power for my person must be used well, to make proper moves, as there will be hardly any other perfect opportunity like this in my life…

But it’s not only a positive achievement: in certain way, the ‘Woman Of The Year’ title destroys you, it takes many choices from you, even your freedom of actions, it builds a glass wall over you, to become isolated from the common, lowly and miserable world…

Those treacherous bitches from WWU, ‘World Women United’, that masterminds of Estrogen Conspiracy, who organize this charade, they don’t give you gifts just like that, on the contrary… and when that slut Beyonce talks about high responsibility for the wearer of the tile, she means a lot of darkness, a lot of crushing burden, believe me!

You see, I was curious, and I checked the curent situation of all prior wearers of the title: and except Ivona Selnikova from 2014 year, who represents WWU’s main sponsor, it means Chinese WU Corporation, all women had to retire from their careers eventually, from very obvious reasons: envy, resentment and poisonous slanders around them became too strong, probably stirred by WWU themselves, to get you on short leash, and you can’t reject the title, you can’t throw it into the trash bin, you can’t deny it, to be free again…

Once you get it, you are marked forever, you become the ultimate elite, but cursed at the same time, all that mortals feel so much distance from you, not willing to follow such a powerful, superior leader, on the contrary, you provoke them to attempt to destroy you, you become a tempting target for all evil minds, who search for a mission in life, a direction, where they could release all their negative emotions…

It’s like winning a ‘Miss’ title in a national beauty contest, you are a star, allegedly, your face is smiling at fools from everywhere, but you lose freedom, masterminds moving you here and there, you are a slave…

And make no mistake, sister: these rules are valid for both infidel and Islamic worlds… even now, the distance between me and common Muslim women is vast, as they realize, how weak and corrupted they are, I am showing them a very painful mirror, how mediocre and miserable lives they live, how little they are doing for Islam, how selfish they are, how much obsessed with Western lifestyle, how much corrupted…

And they reject me, they even want to get rid of me, because I am destroying their good mood and faith in Allah, I disrupt the unity of Ummah allegedly, they say in anger… the Lord took me too far on the Straight Path, and people prefer close things, similar things, which are easy to understand and control…

The Muslims even blame me from creating forbidden idolatry, many evil voices claiming, that I want to become a new prophet allegedly, outshining Muhammad himself, using all that media power, which The Prophet didn’t have, unlike me!

And those Arab women feel superior over me in all ways, they never accepted me completely, for them, I am just a filthy foreigner, not a Muslim by birth, which should be removed from scene, because I am humiliating them… how is it possible, they ask, that not one of them got so far in favors of Allah, but me, a convert from an infidel land, a bitch, who once showed her naked body publicly, who fucked with men without marriage, who ate pork and drank alcohol in the past?

In the end, you fear your own people, you fear Muslims… you would expect, that in a mosque, when we pray in congregation, they all will desire to stand by my sides, to be close to me, to protect me from evil unbelievers, to support me in my demanding tasks, which I do for Islam, just by touching my hips and shoulders, just by making slight human contact between sisters in Islam… but they rather avoid me now, slanders and lies are spread more and more in the Ummah, like an infection, every day… I am not like them, in many senses, so they reject me, simple as that… they call for a new, better leader, who is an Arab, who is one of them.

The Ummah is weak and divided, sister Claudia… if I am the fitnah for them, created by Allah, they are failing miserably… and slowly, the anger of those Muslims turns from infidels towards me, I am becoming their new archenemy, and if I will get the highest infidel title, how could I expect, that they will accept me more, that they will appreciate my worldly achievements, which I collect also for my brothers and sisters?

I can repeat thousand times, I am a Muslim, I work for Islam, but they will say: ‘Bitch, you work only for yourself, playing friends with those filthy infidels, letting them to create an idol from you…’

My position seems firm on the surface, but in practice, it’s very unstable and fragile… not the outside enemy will crush you, not the infidels, it will be your own people… it’s a law of nature, that those, who are too extraordinary, too protruding from the grey crowd, will be punished, expelled, even destroyed.

Considering all these disturbing facts, sister Claudia… I would like to retire, to disappear, so much… but Allah has another critical assignment for me, and it’s so big and important, that it even scares me…

But I am not sure, whether I want to accept this ultimate mission… because this never ends, you see a mountain on the horizon, you go there, thinking, that this is the top of the world… you climb upstairs, arriving so exhausted, only to see another, yet taller hill in the distance, and the game continues… you get weary and tired, and suddenly, instead accepting new challenges, you just want to sleep, to be out of all endless struggle…

At first, I thought, that my marriage with the Emir of Dubai is the grand finale… no… then, the technological convention of Dubai… no… then, Saudi Aramco, when I got so close to the ultimate power… then, here, in Monaco… no, it’s all just the beginning, the prelude, and the tests of Allah are getting so much harder, and I am alone, no one is there to help me anymore, on the contrary, people turn they backs from me… how could I have a real friend, who accepts me, who understands me, who is not full of envy and jealousy?

Why I can’t be a completely average person, just a Muslim, one of millíons, unknown, overlooked, ignored, left in peace? Why Allah chose just me?

I was a nobody once… I was just another Czech slut… and look at me now… what happened? Why? Was I so clever, so capable, or was it all the game of Allah? Or was it luck? Was it all just my dream? Will I wake up soon, my body full of sweat, back in my convenient misery of past infidel life?

No, I don’t live in peace… that’s true, sister Claudia, real peace was never inside my mind, there was always an obsession, to climb yet higher, that eternal madness, to be somebody, to escape from my family, from all bad feelings… and Allah fulfilled my dreams, but these extreme heights are dangerous, where He is sending me, and the world sends me a clear message, that I am testing the limits of worldly tolerance…

So, should I continue in this game, make yet higher stakes, or to walk away, while I still can, leaving all my excessive dreams once and forever, as those were nonsense anyway, all these extremely high, insatiable ambitions?

Should I throw a white towel into the boxing ring, before this all will become a nightmare, and stones will start crushing me from all sides?

My faith is weak in these days, I have to admit to you, sister… on the surface, I am cold, balanced, concentrated and effective, playing the big Monaco game, still a war machine of Allah… but then, when I am alone, I want just to cry… my past is haunting me, my mistakes, endless thoughts, what I could do differently, what I could have, instead of this life… that I shouldn’t be so hungry, I should be more careful, more modest, for my own welfare and protection, I should know, when to stop… then, I just want to wake up from this sick dream, which was created maybe by me, not Allah!

You know, to be back in Prague, in bed, lying beside my miserable worthless infidel boyfriend and his two filthy dogs, who always licked my face in the morning, telling me, that they need to go outside, for a walk, and I never rejected them, those beasts, who always amused me, who made me smile, we were friends… I did something good in my old life too!

Is it all real, that Allah is calling exactly me to His ultimate task, where I could really influence the whole world… for Allah? For myself?

How much fame is enough for me?

And who am I? A big player, or a common girl, who succumbed to darkness and temptation too much? Is Allah rewarding me, or punishing me, dragging me into this eternal hell slowly?

You see, there was once a girl, called Marketa… ‘Marketa’… so beautiful name, which I appreciate only now, when I lost it forever… and that was me, not Maryam, this creature of dark forces inside me… and the real price to pay for my sins comes now…”

In that moment, like sent from Allah, the heavy wooden door open, and when Maryam notices smiling Beyonce, together with two other high-profile assets from WWU, Bridget Moynahan and Ino Menegaki, she knows, what is happening… or, what happened… or, what is going to happen.

“It’s time, sister Maryam,” Beyonce announces festively, but there is an order in her voice. From now on, they take control of Maryam.

“Give me five minutes… to prepare,” Maryam says coldly, not realizing yet, that this is really happening, it’s the reality, it’s real.

SHE will be proclaimed WOMAN OF THE YEAR.

“We will wait outside… don’t be late,” Beyonce says with wide friendly smile, and the VIP female delegation disappears.

Now, Maryam has the last few minutes remaining… and even this time needs to be used well.

She approaches Claudia, very closely, embracing her, pushing her face on the chest of the German supermodel, like if she would like to hide in her embrace, like if she would search for ultimate maternal love and protection.

“My name is Marketa,” she says, her beautiful brown eyes full of tears. “I will give you, what you want, Claudia… I will make you a part of my fifteen minutes of fame… but you will help me to keep this girl alive… the girl I once was… the girl I still am… inside me.”

“But how?” Claudia wonders, but Maryam remains silent.

After a minute or two, she stands up, her face is clear, concentrated again.

“Go, Claudia… see you at the other side,” she sends the other woman away, to have a time for herself.

She corrects her makeup with experience… and her eyes are cold now, she becomes detached, it’s her secret meditation, to become still, to make her mind clean, empty of all expectations, doubts, ambitions, desires, thoughts, calculations, plans.

Last check of her looks… she is ready.

Even Allah disappeared from her mind… she is free. She has the options. She can change the world… with His permission.

She walks outside her office, noticing, that the casino halls and corridors became unusually empty… it’s like she would be alone there, like if everybody would leave somewhere… and she should follow, as you are a social creature, being anxious of isolation, of losing the contact with spirit of time, with human knowledge.

The uniformed male porters open the main casino door for Maryam, bowing, when she comes around them, like if saying goodbye.

Outside, there is the blue sky, and sun is smiling at Maryam… together with a large crowd of people at the other side of the street, standing between a cordon of Monaco policemen and sharp private guards, dressed in business suits.

There is no traffic, all the cars disappeared… and in the middle of the street, there is a ring of WWU women, the most influential female VIPs of the world, and inside them, there is a free space, where Maryam belongs, where she is expected.

She goes there, and the ring closes behind her. With Maryam in their midst, alone and exposed, but shining, distinctive, they all start walking slowly and festively, whereas thousand of Monaco residents and tourists alike are watching them with fascination, taking thousands of pictures, which will hit the whole world soon.

It was a long journey of Maryam’s life… and now, just several hundred meters is all, what is remaining, to get to the Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo, where the coronation will take place.

No one speaks around Maryam, all faces very serious, sending intimidating message to the world, that women can’t be underestimated no more, and their power is rising, if they possess such powerful masterminds and leaders, as Maryam.

This must be a dream, Maryam thinks… she is not sure, if she wants to wake up yet, being so close… and she wonders: ‘How did I get here? What I am doing here? How could this all happen?’

Just some blurred memories occur in her mind… Prague… Italy… Emirates… Burj Khalifa… Dhahran… Beijing… Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque… Armani Prive Lounge… Vonoklasy village… Podoli swimming pool… Yellow Spa restaurant… Riccione… Prague Airport… Airbus A380 airplane… her mother… her father… David Cohen… Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum… Princess Haya Bint Hussein… Ivona Selnikova… Alexandra Pianka… Ramy Ayach… Hakim Bin Hamad Al Thani… Josef Polasek… Michal Hrdlicka… Faris Al Kooheji… Amin H. Nasser… Vonoklasy forest, full of squirrels… Karlstejn castle… Dubai Convention center…

And now, seeing all that world celebrities around her, which she once admired in the magazines… all those famous female faces… but she will become the most famous of them, Allah willing.

But this all is not the end: it’s just the beginning again. Only yet another part of a girl called Marketa will disappear, becoming Maryam, a woman, a servant of Allah.

In the Metropol hotel, which was closed for all public, where the festivity will take place, Marketa notices many TV cameras, many other celebrities, but the WWU women are isolating her from the vicinity perfectly, allowing no one to come to Maryam, to ask any questions, to provide support for her, to disrupt the process of coronation, which has very strictly set rules: and first rule is, that the Queen must be kept alone, to determine, whether she deserves her upcoming title.

With every further step, Maryam comes closer to the ultimate dais, where no Muslim woman ever stood, and soon, she will taste the stars, far beyond imagination of all the human kind… but she will be tested by Allah, and by WWU masterminds, who lead her through a very narrow path now, allegedly in the highest interests of the female gender.

There is so many of those WWU rats around her, perfectly organized, connected with group thinking and shared conciousness, working in total unity and association, like a dangerous, ruthless sect… and she is alone between them, only with Allah, who never leaves her, who chose her to become His ultimate tool, to change the world, nothing smaller, nothing modest…

Such is His will, and she must obey, there is no other option for her, she can’t choose, what she wants, she can’t escape, she can’t hesitate, she can’t just walk away, as submission to the will of Allah must be total and absolute for any believer, if you want to please your Lord.

There is a balcony, overlooking the main courtyard of the hotel, a beautiful garden, full of flowers… but she belongs upstairs, to the dais, to the stars.

Suddenly, she finds herself standing alone on the balcony, all the crowd below her becomes silent, all eyes are directed at her, waiting, what she will do: will she confirm her elite status, or will she fail, humiliating herself in front of the whole world?

There is no speaker before her, who would introduce her, who would prepare the audience for her… it won’t be Beyonce this time, offering her a helping hand, as she stands behind Maryam, silent, like all others.

And it’s very important moment, as millions of people from all over the planet are watching her right now, and many of them need Allah, His salvation… but His message needs to be indirect and clever, to hit the world properly.

Her fifteen minutes of absolute fame is just starting: and as Maryam knows, this time must be used well… for Allah.

It’s time for a new female leader, the new Queen, to take the reign.

“There was once a girl,” Maryam starts quite silently, to force the crowd to remain silent, captivated and submitted. “She was, like all the other girls from East and West, and she had the same dreams, like the rest of them, like you: she desired to be loved, appreciated, accepted… she wanted to be happy.

She was not always good and innocent, as the world around her seduced her to many bad things… she lied, she played games, she committed many sins… and neither you are innocent, and many of you had to make many bad things, to be allowed to stand here today, to feel like the real human elite, to belong, where you belong, to get, where you wanted to be.

But now, from some strange reason, call it luck, coincidence, mistake, miracle, God’s will, as you like… that girl is standing here, and you all are below her, either admiring her, loving her, or rejecting her, hating her… or maybe you are just curious, who she is, and what her moves will be, whether she deserves, what was offered to her, it means the title, which only one woman of the world can wear at a time?

You see a mature woman, standing here, but there is still a girl inside her… or I want to believe it… like all girls, I would like to stay young and beautiful forever, always shining, always happy, always successful… and maybe some nice memories will remain, when I will be old and tired, reconciled with life, when I will stop hating all those young and fresh women, like I once was, all the new generations, coming after me inevitably and mercilessly, to take everything from me: favor of men, for example.”

The people below smile, as everybody understands this cruel law of life, and particularly women: you are young and beautiful only once, and what comes after it… well, it’s much less glamorous, than youth, in all senses.

“As you can see, there is not so much difference, between the person here, upstairs, and the rest of you… only some dark wave got me here, let’s say, it’s only temporary and transient, like life itself… but I, together with you, we will all have some interesting moments to remember,” Maryam resumes her most important speech.

“Now, what is happening? WWU is a global organization, associating all women, to promote their righteous interests… and it seems, that they see me as a leader… me, a common girl… and a Muslim, worshipping the same God, as many of you, People Of The Book, present here.

Let’s remember and praise our Lord together… only to Him we should be grateful, for everything we have, including the privilege, to be present at this place, at this time, which will enter the history, together with all of us.

There is still many unresolved conflicts between us, you know that, blood is spilled in the streets, while you are drinking your champagne, smiling, laughing, enjoying your wealth and success… it keeps us all distracted, full of resentment, whereas the force, coming from the Far East, is taking everything from all of us, from the whole world, peacefully, silently, without any fighting, only supporting the endless strifes between us, and giving us trinkets, manufactured in their factories.

We are losing, and the Chinese, standing behind all this fame, are winning… how I could appreciate and enjoy, what they offered me, if I know, that this alleged victory will only serve for their interests?

If I am elected as the Woman Of The Year… whom do I represent in reality? Women, or omnipresent Chinese masterminds, standing behind WWU covertly?

Still, I am not rejecting the prize… as many of you, I can’t resist the tempting feeling, that Chinese are better, than us, they are peaceful, preferring harmony over conflict… they are promising us eternal peace and sustainable future of the human kind, just as we wanted, as WWU stated in their Declaration.

Indeed, we women try to be responsible, thinking beyond our personal interest… so, when I was granted with special authority, in the name of all humans, thirsty for peace, harmony and stability… should I accept the Chinese? Should I even cooperate with them, believing them, although they don’t believe in the same God, as we do?

Should all the human kind, regardless of religion, find a way to each other, how to eliminate war and conflict from the world… by following the Chinese, their mindset, their value, their culture?

But what about those masterminds from military-industrial complex, who live from eternal war, manufacturing yet more devastating weapons, their scientists working yet harder to create the most destructive arsenal, which will kill our children in the end? Will they allow this peace?

What can a single woman do, even with some alleged ultimate title? Who is a friend, who is an enemy?

Choosing sides is the most questionable move in this extremely complicated world, whereas we humans prefer simple solutions… but as a woman, you think too much, you want to find the truth, you want to do something good.

Anyway, to follow the old paths, to enter the eternal struggle on whatever side… it would be just loss of time and energy, if the future of the world is shaped elsewhere, anyway: in Asia.

From this reason, to use the prize well, including related financial bonus of one million Euros, I made following decision, which should contribute to the welfare of human kind in the end.

It’s a tradition in this contest, to dedicate the money for charitable causes, and I won’t be an exception. The resources, granted to me by God, are to be divided this way, with His permission:

First, 100.000 EUR for an Emirati school for talented girls, to give them the proper Islamic education, so the Islamic culture and tradition can be preserved and protected from corrupted outside influences, as women are the real carriers of such valuable heritage. I was glad to support this interest for long time, and I will continue further, although my return to the Emirates is unlikely for now, as I have important duties elsewhere.

Next, 400.000 EUR for ‘Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation’, managed by my dearest friend Katerina Motovska, a female Czech Parliament deputy: a woman, which has my full trust, a woman, who always stood behind me, when all others betrayed… together with my complete support of her upcoming candidacy for the position of Czech Minister of Defence, and her membership at National Defence Commission.

These resources are to be used solely for supporting wide cultural exchange between Czechia and China, so Czech people can better understand and judge, whether China is a blessing and help, or a threat for them, so they can make a qualified decision in the end, whether to follow the Chinese, including change of principal Czech military ally from Israel to China, as Katerina suggests, including change to Chinese-made military armament… or to do something else, so the future of Czechia will be created correctly

Moreover, as some of you VIPs probably now, any amount of donation to this foundation, exceeding some 370.000 EUR, grants total amnesty for the donor, regarding the Czech law… this is the way, how I want to have my relationship with my old homeland concluded, so my family in Czechia will be left alone, not punished by the Czech authorities for my alleged sins, instead of me.

Exactly 99.999 EUR are to be given to an animal rescue station near Prague, specialized at squirrels… because it was the squirrels, who once rescued my life, believe it or not… and it’s my turn to return the favor. But let me keep all details of this event just between me… and them.

Another 400.000 EUR for building a large mosque in China, near Beijing, where I would like to serve as a female Imam, God willing, after receiving necessary Islamic education at Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, becoming the first female student there, as Allah demands the high Islamic education open even for us sisters…

Whereas Saudi Aramco, the second most powerful corporation of the world, will provide the rest of the necessary funds for construction and operation of the masjid, and the Chinese government will provide the construction grounds, for free, as there is large demand for a proper house of Allah near the capital of China.

I can reveal, that brother Amin H. Nasser, Aramco’s President and CEO, is not only my dear friend, but also my future stepfather, God willing, as he just announced his engagement to my mother, after brief, but passionate courtship, deciding to accept her as his forth wife, to spend the autumn of their lives together, in love and mutual support, with blessing of the Lord.

And now, the best mathematicians between you are maybe asking, what I plan to do with the last remaining coin, it means the generous amount of 1 EUR?

Nothing smaller, than to keep my legacy of a girl named Marketa alive… this single coin is my symbolic contribution for establishing a new international modeling agency, called ‘Marketa Models’, which will be administered by my dear friend, German supermodel Claudia Schiffer, and open for girls with all possible religious backgrounds, with one single goal: to help them in fulfilling their girlish dreams. To get a chance to succeed, like I succeeded…

Now, I want to thank the ruler of Monaco, Albert II, and his wife, Charlene, for their kind acceptance of me here, for the quickly issued Monaco residence permit and general support, during my complicated situation with my Emirati passport, which is fortunately still valid, as I can inform you… I felt really great here… such a pity, that I can’t stay longer, that my new duties sends me far from here, but I hope to meet the royal pair during the banquet, where I should meet them in person.

It’s also a tradition of this contest, to mention another woman, whom I can imagine as a proper wearer of the title in the future: my choice is Sevda Alizadeh from Islamic Republic of Iran, a singer, using her artistic name Sevdaliza… for me, she represents the ultimate feminity, the absolute estrogen quality, which the world hasn’t seen yet, combining female and male essences together just perfectly… and which will rule the world one day, like a Woman Of The Year rules.

Meet me in China, where I will travel just after the banquet, not to postpone my new critical assignment, God willing… there is much to do there, and Islam belongs there, if the future is to be shaped there… and I belong there too… such is the will of God, my master… my best friend, my ultimate love.

(from Chinese BCTV World News global TV station, a report by Sun Meiying, the key female reporter):

“In her passionate and sincere coronation speech, the new Woman Of The Year announced her cordial support for People’s Republic Of China, Chinese government and Chinese foreign policy, as the only guarantee for the fully sustainable future of the world, accepting invitation of Chinese government, to become the first female Imam in China, to extend the level of cooperation between Asia and Islamic world, which she represents, by the will of majority of Muslims, for new social, cultural, economic, even security and military exchange and cooperation, serving for creating peace and harmony of the world, if we will all cooperate together.

Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and President of the People’s Republic of China, pledged complete support for Maryam’s religious activities in the Beijing region, to satisfy the needs of plentiful local Islamic community, be it Chinese citizens, or foreigners, coming into Beijing for unimited career opportunities.

‘Islam is a firm part of the Chinese culture,’ the comrade President stated, sending his personal congratulations to the new Queen. ‘We will be honored, to welcome a woman with such high personal and professional reputation, as the new female leader has, to work for the Chinese Islamic community, and particularly for women, whose special needs, abilities and qualities are often overlooked in general.

We appreciate her respect towards China, and if my tight work schedule will allow it, I will personally attain at laying the foundation stone of the new mosque at the Chinese territory, to send clear message to the world: in China, all religions and peoples live in peace and harmony together.’

This is for all of us a new day.”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova


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