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“They say, that behind every conspiracy, there is a woman,” a middle-aged female reporter of highly influential global TV station, BCTV News Beijing, representing the stances of CPC, Communist Party of China, stated with very excited voice. “But it’s hard to imagine, that a single woman, never elected by will of people, just using her skills, God’s blessings and suspected Illuminati links, is able to influence history as much, as current Woman Of The Year is showing us repeatedly…

With her bold intricate moves, she fully confirms, that her ultimate title, in fact a Nobel Prize for women, is more than well deserved, and even as a female, coming from a normal family, not born with a golden spoon in your mouth, you still can gain immense power, you can achieve unbelievable success, touching the VIP stars, and you can literally change the world, using all special gifts, which you were granted by God: physical beauty, intelligence, creativity and talent, but also patience and determination…”

The evening session of BCTV News just started, highly anticipated across the whole world, as mighty China had to be taken most seriously, rising to ultimate position of No. 1 superpower, replacing weakened United States, crumbling after lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Chinese stances were the most critical for all VIP persons, who wanted to understand the current events well, to be inspired, how to use the Zeitgeist, spirit of times, to their personal advantage…

Because this was the Information Age, and only those clever fools, possessing valuable data, able to use them properly, efficiently and quickly, could prevail with certainty, to survive and flourish in quickly changing conditions of ultimately complex postmodern world, to defeat all their hungry competitors and enemies…

The sad truth was, that 10% of people were the leaders, the shepherds, setting trends, persons of power, and the rest, full 90% of population, only submitted sheep, followers, who always suffer, who always complain, that circumstances are against them, and their bold dreams about money, success, big villas, shiny cars and top bitches are spoiled…

And who could advise you more usefully, than China, an example of success? Why not to allow the Asians to influence you with their propaganda… either they will brainwash you, or your own corrupted government, who will steal from you, demanding more and more taxes, unlike the Chinese, who offer you cheap goods, which you love so much, as shopping and consumerism can heal your soul, full of emptiness… it was easy to like the Chinese indeed, and to condemn that treacherous rats of your own country, who lost your trust long time ago, those smiling rats, promising heaven before any general elections, but delivering hell.

So, why not to make a new pleasant ritual, and to watch some real news, which won’t make you angry and disappointed, like those from your home, but giving you sweet feeling, that you are an integral part of a big world conspiracy, a big player, who understands well, what is going on, and where it leads, and who can support China only by watching, consuming their “unbiased” news with devotion? That you are not angered by those Western journalistic rats, but inspired, as China promotes harmony and balance?

So, every evening, the number of BCTV watchers increased more and more, and soon, there was no real competition for them, either in the West, or at the Middle East… and largest attention of the curious world audience was paid to so called News Of The Day, perceived by the Chinese journalists as the most critical event, so they promoted it generously, to stir worldwide unrest and wide social interest, as all the instability in the world served well for Chinese righteous ambitions for global dominance, bringing peace, prosperity, balance and harmony to the planet.

The Chinese, well informed by feared MSS, Ministry of State Security, they spared no one, bringing the most juicy news you could imagine, hardly to be compared even to the most ruthless tabloid media… and they feared no one, there was nobody to arrest them, and their key female reporter, Sun Meiying, was untouchable even by the most un-democratic governments, which never even thought about preventing her from making her famous reports from all possible places at East or West… maybe the Chinese only showed mirror to the collapsing Western civilization, and what they presented, was simple truth… only beneficial for their big plans.

“In a completely unprecedented move in cinema history, full 68 world countries, both Islamic and infidel, announced in advance, that they are banning an innocent work of art, which the current female Queen created: a planned romantic movie for teenage audience, called ‘Forbidden Love in Al-Andalus’… and ironically, it didn’t take too much time, when the ‘forbidden’ part of the name became the most urgent reality, even yet before the first shots of the movie were made, even before the casting for actors was completed…

This ambitious and highly controversial project, backed by vast oil Wahhabi money of Saudi Aramco, the largest oil and gas exporter of the world, and the second most powerful world corporation, managing vast wealth of Saudi Arabia, caused wide disturbance across the world, as except innocent love between two young Muslims, it covers very explosive topics, it means the Al-Andalus issue, considered highly sensitive by many historians, Islamic scholars and Western security experts, and also Islamic Jihad, often connected with terrorists

It was reported by several Intelligence services, that the screenplay contains the most advanced non-violent Jihad techniques, described in so much detail, like never before in movie and media history, making many governments across the whole world very concerned, that described guerilla strategies will be used for subversive purposes in their own countries by various adversaries, not only Islamic radicals, as suggested methods of Legal Jihad, or Lawfare, an Unconventional Warfare concept, coming from mighty China, have universal validity, and unlike common terrorism, these methods are much more covert, much more harder to contain, as fully legal, and thus, extremely dangerous in national security sense.

The first country to ban the movie was naturally Spain, as the whole affair takes place on their territory, and except innocent relationship between a young Muslim boy and girl from the city of Algeciras, it covers the dangerous separatist efforts against territorial integrity and Constitution of Spanish kingdom, regarding declaration of so called Islamic Republic Granada (IRG), an alleged legal successor of fallen Emirate of Granada, the last Muslim kingdom on Iberian peninsula, conquered by Spanish armies in 1492, completing so called Reconquista, eliminating Muslims from Europe, after 800 years of presence.

The principal problem is, that the Spanish government and security apparatus is afraid, that the described events will also happen in reality, as the described IFLA, ‘Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus’, marked as a terrorist organization by governments of Spain, Morocco, EU and United States, really exists, as latest insider reports confirm, and their plan to declare the IRG on 2nd January 2018 is also emphasized in the movie…

And mentioned date is not set incidentally, it’s the 526th anniversary of entering of Spanish forces into Granada, the capital of ancient Al-Andalus… indeed, it’s the most painful date for Islamic world, who never forgot this humiliation, as soon after the conquest, Muslims of Granada were forced to convert to Christianity, or to be expelled, tortured and killed.

All these allegedly fictious events create justified suspicion of Spanish authorities, that this is not merely a work of art, but a very particular Jihadi plan, to reconquer the lost territory of Al-Andalus, simply by declaring an independent republic there, as some never previously published documents allegedly exist, where the last Sultan of the Emirate transferred his powers to the “people of Granada”, changing the regime from kingdom to the rule of people, it means republic, just one day before signing the surrender, it means Treaty of Granada… and the symphatizers of IRG want to use this extremely substantial evidence, to get their republic recognized by United Nations, ending Spanish dominance there.

Mentioned author of the screenplay, Maryam Al Maktoum, is a reputated Islamic celebrity, a former top fashion model from Europe, once called Marketa Korinkova, who converted to Islam in the Emirates, who married Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, lately living in China, supervising construction of ‘Grand Mosque of Beijing’, which she helped to finance from one million dollar money prize of Woman Of The Year contest, and where she should serve as a female Imam, upon completion.

Maryam claims, that she just combined an innocent love tale with fresh rumors, circulating between Muslims, to describe the dreams and desires of them, to make the screenplay more emotional, to open some wider discussion about lasting issues of Ummah, the world Islamic community…

And this modest, honest claim is in the strict contrast with ruthless statements of the Spanish government, which announced, that they will suppress ‘the terrorist uprising’, using ‘any means necessary’, it means executive forces of ‘Policia Nacional’, even heavily armed Special Forces of the Spanish Military, not willing to recognize the sovereignity of IRG, as the IRG founders never presčnted the mentioned evidence to Spanish authorities, only claiming, that Spain occupies the Granada territory illegally, and thus, there will be no negotiation, and only United Nations will be called to decide in the matter.

It must be reminded, that Maryam is a stepdaughter of the CEO and President of Saudi Aramco, Amin H. Nasser, after her mother Ivana Korinkova married him, allegedly after her daughter persuaded Nasser about very special female qualities of her mother, both in physical and spiritual sense, as she is even reported as a reputated witch… and as withcraft is strictly forbidden in Islam, many Muslims, particularly extremists and jihadists, condemned Nasser… and his support of this controversial media project provokes yet more denial, as any work of fiction is forbidden in conservative, orthodox Islam, considering it as unacceptable lying.

Another disturbing matter is the suggested participation of Iveta Klimesova, an elite corporate lawyer from Kenner Bach & Ledeen multinational law company, a Lawfare specialist, working as a Special Military Advisor for PLA, the Chinese Army, who allegedly created the IRG’s ‘Declaration of Independence’ and Constitution, as she was allegedly hired by IFLA, or forced to cooperate with rebels somehow, and she should also represent IRG during high-profile negotiations at the United Nations headquarters in New York, to secure IRG’s full international recognition as a state entity…

It’s unclear, why Klimesova is implemented in the movie directly, even as one of main female roles, either to make a great advertisement for her reputated legal services, as she could make a secret deal with Maryam, that she will be promoted in the media as a legal ace… or she could be pushed against the wall, as some very dirty personal secret is allegedly known about Klimesova, and she could be exploited by the Muslims, who needed a high-profile legal asset, to execute their bold plans, regarding desirable reconquest of Andalusian territory…

Unfortunately, Klimesova is unavailable at the moment, to make a statement, and she was last seen at Prague-Kbely military airport in Czechia, boarding a C-130 military transport plane, heading towards Middle East, together with an element of Czech Special Forces, allegedly for a top secret conbat deployment, in company of Katerina Motovska, the Czech Minister of Defence herself… the destination is allegedly Bahrain, and the plane was supposed to make a stopover in Turkey, at Incirlik Air Base in Adana…

And there is a disturbing connection with another artistic work of Maryam, where Klimesova was also depicted, called Royal War For Alexandra Pianka, later a blockbuster movie, directed by Roman Polanski, which takes place in Bahrain, and it concerns highest Bahraini royal circles, not speaking about Alexandra Pianka, an Emirati supermodel… there are rumors, that Bahraini successor of throne, Prince Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, holds a Czech female citizen in his glamorous palace, called ‘Bahraini Alhambra’… whereas original Alhambra palace is the dominant historical building of Granada, Al-Andalus.

Is this all just a coincidence, or immense international conspiracy? And what are the Czech elite soldiers planning to do in Bahrain? Is it a military exercise… or a rescue operation?

Regarding the casting of actors of the Andalusian movie, at this moment, there is still strict secrecy from the staff, no details were released, only two names are known: young and cute fashion model Sandra El-Hussein from Denmark, currently living in the Emirates, should play the lead female role of Rashida, and Lindsay Lohan, an A-class Hollywood actress and a convert to Islam, is rumored to participate in the movie as well, although it’s still unknown, whether she will occur only in a cameo, or in a support role.

Sandra El-Hussein Actress Denmark VIP Star Celebrity Fashion Model Elite VIP Royal Aristocracy Jordan Egypt Muslim Woman UAE Emirates Movie Film - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

Sandra El-Hussein commented her upcoming role as ‘a great acting challenge’, insisting, that she is only a love interest of the main male counterpart, not interested in Al-Andalus conspiracy, even deterring her lover from participation in such risky activity, as in the movie, IFLA leaders will be soon executed by American drones and Special Forces commandos, without court, course, as the Americans like to do, after their CIA marks someone a terrorist, and his or her ‘extraordinary rendition’ (understand, kidnapping), for purposes of ‘enhanced interrogation’ (understand, torture), is still a relatively good ending.

‘I was surprised, that Maryam chose exactly me, as I am a Westernized Muslim woman, not veiling herself,’ El-Hussein stated. ‘But she explained to me, that this project is a challenge for all of us, and we will have to see our roles in society and life in new relations… and I am young, curious about the world… I am grateful for such an opportunity, to learn about my Islamic heritage, and also, about interests of my community.

I want to show an example to other young Islamic girls, to make good decisions in life, because we are the future of Islam… whether I will do good steps in movie, or mistakes, it will be up to audience to decide. But after reading a screenplay, I really saw myself there… I won’t be acting, I can be completely natural… and such artistic work is the most fulfilling.’

Anyway, it was Lohan, who promised full public, media and material support for IRG, even promising to participate at its festive declaration in person, so any armed invervention of the Spanish security forces would become most controversial, if she would be hit by tear gas grenades, as she is always accompanied by curious American tabloid media.

The experts are estimating, that if Lohan will be active in the affair, she can make it all real, changing a movie screenplay into a reality indeed… because she has deep talent for media games, as she proved countless times. She can even make a reality-show from it, and no wonder, that Spanish government considers banning Lohan from entering Spanish territory, allegedly for ‘security reasons’…

The Islamic world in not unanimous, regarding the movie. Various Islamic scholars generally condemn the idea, at least publicly, but unoficially, they admit, that it’s still better, if young Muslims will be influenced by an art, originating from the Islamic background, instead of corrupted Western entertainment…

Here is the list of countries, which either banned the movie, or made their statements regarding the project:

Spain: banned, for ‘jeopardizing territorial integrity and national security’
United States: banned, also for ‘jeopardizing national security’ and ‘threatening foreign Intelligence operations of United States’
Germany: banned for public screening, rated as 18+ in advance, even without seening the movie, as it allegedly supports Islamic extremism
Morocco: banned, the movie allegedly contain un-Islamic references, but most likely, the Moroccan government denies to be connected with IFLA’s efforts on Spanish territory, as IFLA members are mostly of Moroccan origin, descendants of Andalusian refugees, so called Moriscos (Muslims, forced to convert to Islam after Reconquista)
Nigeria: banned, could jepardize Nigerian national security
Italy: banned, for ‘containing sensitive religious topics’
Somalia, Indonesia: banned, contains un-Islamic references and ‘unacceptable behavior of women’
United Arab Emirates: banned for ‘damaging the pure face of Islam’, except in Dubai, as Sheikh Al Maktoum, the ruler, is the husband of Maryam, so the decision was postponed until completion of the movie
Bahrain: as Maryam is on their artistic black-list, because of mentioned another project, ‘Royal War For Alexandra Pianka’, the movie is banned automatically.
Iran: partially banned, public screenings are forbidden, but private watching tolerated ‘for study purposes’
North Korea: promised to offer North Korean data centers to distribute the movie worldwide, as the DPRK wants to revenge for ‘The Interview’ movie (2014)
China: the Chinese President himself, Xi Jinping, stated, that ‘the decision will be made, after the movie will be completed, and it will be possible to estimate its artistic quality’. However, Xi Jinping denied allegations, that China is supporting IFLA anyhow, using Klimesova as their operative.
Saudi Arabia: banned to be screened on SA territory, allegedly because the lead woman ‘is a corrupted half-Muslim, not veiling herself properly’
Australia: banned, ‘to prevent radicalization of Muslim youth, particularly betwen refugees’
Qatar: banned, including even mere mentioning in the media, to ‘protect young Qataris from corrupted entertainment and false depiction of Islam’
Israel: banned, ‘not to inspire 30% of Israeli population to unlawful steps’

Austria: public screening banned, ‘to protect healthy development of young people’
Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile: banned, to prevent discussion about country’s colonial past, submission to the Spanish and exploitation
Turkey, Lebanon, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland: banned, allegedly to prevent Islamic radicalism
Canada, Great Britain, Portugal: banned, as it allegedly contains ‘detailed procedures of illegal activities, which could be useful for criminals’
Iraq, Libya: banned, ‘not to support Saudi Aramco oil competitors’

The Saudi Aramco, sponsoring the movie, claims, that this project is not made for money and for profit, but for the most high interests of Islamic community, and they are willing to realize it, even without option of invested funds being returned.

‘We anticipated heated discussion, regarding the movie, and it’s good, that people are presenting their opinions not only about the movie itself, but also about Islamic faith, about Al-Andalus, and situation of Muslim youth,’ Amin H. Nasser commented the issue. ‘Only God will judge us for this action… I am standing behind Maryam fully, she has my deepest respect as a person and a Muslim, she is an example for us all, and I will make anything possible, so her artistic vision can become real…

I am publicly challenging the Spanish government, not to be cowardly, and to issue demanded permissions for filming in Algeciras and Granada, as there will be great interest of tourists for these places, supporting the Spanish economy greatly.’

The experts in movie industry don’t remember such wide controversy, regarding any movie, as Saudi Aramco allegedly paid zero money for media publicity, so all this commotion should be fully organic… and the whole world is full of expectations now.

There is a latest, but unconfirmed rumor, that the Spanish king himself, Felipe VI, asked Maram for a private meeting, to ‘prevent futile bloodshed’ and ‘find a solution of the situation in Andalusia’… only confirming, how high league this bold girl plays now, able to influence even high-profile world events.

This is Sun Meiying, BCTV News Beijing, reporting from our European desk.”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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