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“Princess Maryam Al Maktoum,” the main court marshal introduces the beautiful female fashion model, but covered with hijab, to Felipe VI, the King, awaiting her in his study of royal Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, decorated with the most precious pieces of art, to make the right impression of nobility, where he accepts all high-profile visits, including heads of states.

“Let her in,” the ruler gives an order.

When Maryam faces the King of Spain, quite handsome man in his very late 40s, only with grey hair and beard, to Maryam’s surprise, he is not alone: his royal wife, Letizia, is with him, sitting on a luxurious sofa, very conveniently, and this fact creates large interest in younger woman, that she even forgets to examine the King.

Letizia is much smaller than Maryam, even unhealthily thin, much older, 45 years of age already, a former TV presenter, but her face is getting old, and although she tries to look shining, her fashion stylist is not doing a good job. The fashion she wears is rather mediocre, or she wants to look modest, the girl thinks. Maybe it’s her clever game with the Spanish public?

Now, Maryam connects all her enhanced female senses to the other woman, her competitor in certain sense, to find an answer for a simple question: should she ask the King to send Letizia away, or will be her presence even beneficial for Maryam’s plans?

Whe she finds an answer, the young Princess greets the older woman with a nod and a mild, rather arrogant smile of a female aristocrat… and both women acquired their royal titles by marriage. Letizia can be hardly superior to Maryam, called the Islamic Princess

The King challenges Maryam to sit to a round table, near the fireplace, at the same chair, where the Pope sat recently… this is the kind of league, which Maryam plays now, with God’s blessing and permission!

“Señora… your reputation precedes you,” the King watches Maryam with something between curiosity and covert animosity, because the current situation in Spanish Kingdom is the most serious, even a Constitutional crisis is pending, regarding the Catalan independence… and Granada can’t be lost, because many brave men fell, to conquer it for Christian world… and this woman is one of those, who want to steal it from Christians.

“Thank you, Your Royal Majesty,” Maryam plays an innocent dove, who doesn’t realize, how much power is in her hands.

“If you don’t mind, my dear wife will be present during our talk, as I have no secrets in front of her,” the King asks.

“Certainly… she lives here, after all,” Maryam jokes, she avoids looking at the Queen deliberately, she ignores her, and there is a warning in that short sentence, a message, that there can be only one Queen, and Maryam won’t allow anyone to outshine her, be it a common girl, or a royal wife.

“So, tell me, how did you come to that Al-Andalus matter, señora,” the King checks his wrist watch, as he is a very busy man. “You were born far from here, and I presume, that few years ago, you didn’t even know, what this word means… still, nowadays, you are very active in the matter.”

“You are completely right, Your Royal Majesty… few years ago, when my name was still Marketa Korinkova… how long it seems to me, how strange it sounds for me… I would never guess, that whole Spain and Portugal was once an Islamic territory,” the Princess admits honestly. “They didn’t teach us in school about this, as this matter was probably too geographically distant… but I heard that word, ‘Moor’, somewhere, although I didn’t realize, what it means… no one told me, that it’s a Muslim, who conquered whole Iberian peninsula once…

I thought, that it’s some black warrior, with that curved sabre… who comes to Europe, just to pillage… not to establish a flourishing civilization, which lasted centuries, which enlightened whole Europe, who brought this continent closer to Renaissance!

When I was a school girl, it was before 9/11, when we had no interest in Muslims, we knew nothing about Islam, and we didn’t care… but after that September event, the media were full of Islam suddenly.

I converted much later, because Islam was still too distant for me, some Iraq, Afghanistan, which I never visited, rather going into Greece, Italy, or America… I was a common Czech girl, I had another interests, than religion…

My mother had a Christian background, but she never led us to the faith… we lived in a different world, but in her youth, faith was something like rebellion against Communists, who tried to suppress all faith from their lands.

And still, imagine: there were churches everywhere in Czechia, and Catholic faith was real, we celebrated Christmas, with that decorated trees, festive dinner, gifts… and every Czech child loved Christmas the most from whole year… except summer holidays, of course.

I was born in 1988, so I hardly remember the Communist times, as the regime fell in November 1989… but my sister Iveta is five years older, and she liked to talk about it, about neverending fairy tales in television, about falling snow, about festive atmosphere on December 24th, when it was still not so much about consumerism and buying expensive gifts, to gain acceptance and love from others…

But I was an atheist, I didn’t feel God during Christmas, I was just glad, that they give us a week of holidays frpm school, and whole country is somehow more in peace, that eternal war for power and territory stops, at least temporarily, even media stop with their endless flow of disturbing events, to keep disturbed sheep in eternal fear… during Christmas, everybody was somehow touched, behaving better to others.

So, yes, I come from a completely Christianized country… there was no Muslims, no mosques, and for us, the only religion existing, was Christianity… but we had our money, our trinkets, our hobbies, we had no reasons to search for God in life… there was some peers of mine, who were going into church and so, but we perceived them just as harmless fools, like someone collects post stamps… they never inspired us to follow them into religion.

Now, I will move fast forward… when I became a Muslim, seduced by Dubai… everything seemed so perfect!

You had complete guidance for life… any bothering uncertainty, stealing inner peace from you, simply disappeared from your life. Everything became simple and easy! The people around you, those rats, vampires, vultures… God helped you to be protected against them, learning you to be detached from the worldly pleasures and obsessions, weakness and corruption…

But like everywhere, deeper you get, you start discovering even bad things: like those bad, corrupted Muslims, who drink, who don’t pray, who make many sins, thinking, that God doesn’t see them, although He is All-hearing, All-Seeing, and you don’t understand them, you condemn them… suddenly, you discover many dark stains, and doubts come into your mind.

And then, one day, inevitably, you read about Al-Andalus, and you can’t believe, that such humiliation to Islam could happen… and more you read, more disturbing chapters you discover… more surprised and disgusted you are, asking only one question: how could they, my brothers and sisters in Islam, allow it?

You find why, and soon: because they were weak, corrupted and feeble, so God punished them, allowing Christians to win!

But these Muslims lost something, which belonged to all of us… so, their loss, is now my loss too! You carry a burden, which you didn’t cause, but the world doesn’t care! It belongs to the faith… it’s a heritage of the past.

If I would be a Christian, I would celeberate fall of Granada with you, Your Royal Majesty, how we defeated those Muslims, who don’t belong into Europe anyway, as many locals like to say… I would climb with you to the highest tower of Alhambra’s Alcazaba, the citadel, overseeing Granada, ringing that big bell there, which Isabela I ordered to be installed, to announce our big victory, making whole Europe only Christian, as it should be…

But God, the same God, which you worship, sent me to the other side… I became a traitor of your world, where also my mother and sisters are living, where my home once was, where I felt warmth.

And in spite of that reasons, I became a Muslim… still, there were moments, when I was asking myself: why didn’t I just go with the crowd, to have a convenient and simple life?

Why did I want to be different? Why didn’t I become the same, like my neighbours? Celebrating Christmas, going to Midnight Mass into a church, making a crucifix gesture over me, in a time of distress… maybe not being an active Christian, but keeping traditions, maintaining them, giving them to my children one day, like my parents gave them to me…?

You know, when the whole family gathers at the Christmas tree, you are toghether, there is festive silence, suspense, the streets become empty, as everybody is home, with their loved ones, and you feel loved, you feel like a part of something…

You eat that special Christmas sweets, you watch the best movies in television… there is no school… you feel so happy…. and Christianity gave you all those miracles!

Surely, I could explain my apparent treason with God’s will, and we have the same God, you and me, Your Royal Majesty… maybe people wondered, including myself: why?

Why this escape from my home? Because of my mother, a sociopath, a manipulator? Because of my father, who left us? Or was I simply too hungry and obsessed, and only glamorous Dubai and Islam promised me to fulfill my corrupted dreams about fame and luxury?

You know, sometimes, I feel like back there… not carrying any religious burden, just being one of them, those Czech people… but after all that years in foreign lands, what became from me? I have hardly any home, and Czechia is rather a memory, it’s gone for me… but was my home in Prague a happy place, even during Christmas?

No, it was not, I am afraid. i wanted something else, even for a price of burning bridges.

So, I converted. I became a Muslim, because it was my destiny, and it was so easy, and we people like easy things.

Only later, this Al-Andalus issue occured… and I have to admit, that it was so desctructive for my faith, like nothing else! This Al-Andalus madness was like a poison for me, leading me from faith, from God… I wanted to do something good for Islam, and of course, I was selfish, I wanted to please God, to get His rewards… so I started thinking, what can be done? How to get Al-Andalus back for Islam?

But I am a woman, not a conqueror, not a warrior… and ‘There is No Victor except Allah’, as the motto of Emirate of Granada says…

Still, I couldn’t ignore it… and more I read about it, more I was becoming obsessed by it, asking a question: can something be done, to return this mythical, lost Al-Andalus? So my heart can be in peace, that Islam showed its superiority again?

I was never an activist, always too selfish, a materially orientated person.. but this Al-Andalus… when you imagine those Christians, who destroyed this flourishing civilization, an Islamic civilization, who humiliated us, not only in war, but in peace alike, and this kind of peace, living under Christian rule, was rather a nightmare… how can you tolerate and accept it? How can you just swallow so big portion of bitterness?

If you would only conquer it, like you conquered Sicily or Malta!

But you converted Muslims to Christianity en masse, using force, you destroyed their mosques, replaced them with churches, you stole their rights, you didn’t even let them leave, you made them your slaves, you burned their books, you punished with death anyone, saying Shahadah loudly, you forbad even Arabic language and names later, you forced them to eat pigs and drink wine, to prove their loyalty to you… this is, why we can’t ever forgive you!

The defeat of the Granada Emirate, it was certainly our mistake, our weakness, why we lost the Granada war… there was so much treason in our own ranks, including the Sultan himself, who became a bitch of Castile voluntarily, revolting against his own father, so civil war will weaken the Emirate yet more… but what followed, all the crimes of your Catholic Inquisition… it was your crimes! You broke the Treaty of Granada! Maybe it was your plan from the beginning, to boil a frog slowly!

Who knows? You were always a treacherous enemy, you, infidels…

This is, what raises anger in all Muslims… some just condemn and curse your predecessors, the Catholic Monarchs, some come here, to flood Spain with Islamic immigrants… some raise arms, becoming terrorists, some are activists… and I just wrote a screenplay, even without seeing the noble towers of Alhambra palace, the Islamic wonder of the world!

However, I realize, that the matter is much more complicated… that our people were obliged to emigrate, you gave them several years, and they didn’t, disobeying clear orders of God…

They claimed, that they need to stay as a ‘fifth column’, to support future reconquest from Christians, but in the end, it only created a bigh fitnah and humiliation for them, and us… they were corrupted, too attached to their homes and worldly values, they were scared to start somewhere else, because in Morocco, it was no Islamic paradise, bandits ambushed and robbed these emigrants systematically, there was not enough work or housing, when hundreds of thousand of people from Andalusia started to come…

I am aware, which mistakes those ancient Muslims made, and it’s very shameful memory.

In the end, you simply start thinking practically: what can be done, to get Al-Andalus back? And who can help in this effort?

I simply can’t let it be, I am too reponsible Muslim… I don’t know, if it’s good or wrong, but I want to please God… and does God like this situation? No, I don’t think so… on the other hand, I should thank Him, that He is giving me a chance to earn a lot of credit here… where all Muslims failed!

Eventually, we Muslims returned to this land, in 20th century, you even allowed new mosques to be built, even in Granada, so close to Alhambra palace, as the EU orders you to provide full religious freedom for people… but how can be 525 years of humiliation, theft, murder, terror, destruction, broken promises, broken laws, extortion, unlawful occupation, expulsion and even genocide, just forgotten?

Much more has to be done in Al-Andalus, to please God… so, I started dreaming, I allowed my creativity to flow… and of course, I tried to make a good ending, that Granada will once again belong to Islam!

You are still winners, and we are losers, at least for now… when I see a Spanish flag, that sad small pomegranate here, reminding us eternally, what happened, what we lost… how can I be in peace? And God can allow such situation to change!

You celebrated your victory too soon.. you flooded Granada wih churches, but we believe, like those ancient Muslims, that it’s only temporary… and now, the time comes, when our dreams about Al-Andalus will become real!

And you can’t stop it, you can’t prevent it… regardless how many policemen and soldiers you will send into Granada… something changed, and we have most persuasive arguments in our hands, except our devotion to the cause, and help of God!

I am not alone in this affair, but unlike those Muslims from IFLA, I am not paying with my life… I am not killed by American commandos and CIA’s drones without a court, I am not dragged into Guantanamo prison, to be held there indefinitely, without any charges, just because someone said, that IFLA are terrorists, because Islamic State operatives infiltrated their ranks, bringing violence with them…

The date is set, 2nd January 2018… and it will become a date of great victory of Islam, God willing!”

“And those old documents, which you Muslims allegedly possess, which you use as a reason, why Granada is still an Islamic territory, and it never ceased to be, and its integrating into Spanish Kingdom is not legally valid… those really exists?” the King remained to be practical.

“I haven’t seen them, but I was told, that they are most real indeed,” Maryam replied. “I know, that it sounds, like a fraud… but they were allegedly found in Granada, in Alhambra, in the Hall of Ambassadors, hidden there for 525 years.”

“By mere coincidence? Some incidental tourist, visiting the Nasrid palaces, simply stepped on them?” the King was wondering.

“No, they were allegedly discovered under the floor, made from cobblestones,” Maryam explained. “By one of the restauraters, who gave them to Muslims… maybe for money, or because of conscience… or was it a crypto-Muslim? Who knows…”

“It seems like a nice fairy tale,” the King doubted. “And you didn’t allow our authorities to examine those papers… we have serious reasons to believe, that this is merely a great fraud, and from this reason, IRG’s claims can’t be recognized by us… and we will have to suppress this criminal uprising, using any means necessary, to protect territorial integrity of Spain and our Constitution. How can you wonder?”

“Just do it, Your Royal Majesty… because using force is exactly, what those IFLA want… they want violence from your side, they want to have martyrs… they will kiss your hands for such a gift, if you will start shooting at them!

You see, these Jihadists think differently, than you, Westerners… they are not scared of death, they welcome it, if it’s on the path of sacred Jihad, the defense of Islam… and what can be a more noble cause to die for, than liberating Al-Andalus, the lost Islamic land, which must belong to Muslims again?

In the end, those documents are only secondary… if Lindsay Lohan will be a director of this affair… no one will care about truth anymore!

From IFLA’s angle of view, they can’t lose… they will gladly provoke you, to use violence, but in the end, it will be all turned against you, and the whole world will condemn you. Maybe even your reign will end!

There was a similar case in Czech Republic: I heard, that the Muslims bribed a high-ranked police officer, to launch that controversial Raid Against Czech Mosques, to provoke general anger against Czech state, government and police… and those CCM radicals from Teplice even complained, that no one was shot during the assault, because it would certainly cost the Minister of Interior his chair! Even without this violence, he survived in his office so so, becoming a tamed pawn of Muslims, even calling off the police dogs!

You will lose Granada, one way or another, Your Royal Majesty… because there are wide separatist tendencies in whole Andalusia, for decades already… maybe in the end, Muslims and Christians of Andalusia will make a deal!

And those people, standing behind IRG… you see them as poor little rats, who can be easily contained, easily to be dispersed by tear gas grenades of heavily armed Policia Nacional… but much larger force is sponsoring them, and you can’t defeat this entity by any police raids!”

“So, that rumors, that China is behind all of this…” the King indicated.

“Those rumors are completely true, Your Royal Majesty,” Maryam insisted. “IFLA are just pawns, and although your infidel security forces killed or detained most of them already, their leader, well pampered by Chinese, became a legend… a ghost, which is nowhere to be found, but who inspires others to struggle, subversion and sabotage, like no one else!

He is a new Aben Humeya, only five hundred times more influential, and dangerous! And no one can catch him, no ‘Hellfire’ rocket from your ‘Predator’ drones can hit him, no ‘Delta Force’ armed commando of assassins can kill him, to get rid of him, to cut the head of medusa conveniently, to put down the forest fire easily!

No mass electronic surveillance can track him! No experienced honey trap operative can seduce him! No infiltrator from your Intelligence services, regardless how persuasive, can get close to him!

I heard some talk about him, which is hard to believe… but any day, when you still can’t destroy him, when his legend still lives, more Muslims are joining the cause, and more people from both sides believe, that IRG will become the inevitable reality… it’s like an infection, when a mere thought slowly materializes in their minds into real thing! And through time, they start to believe, that it’s all real!

I can imagine a slowly walking column of sad crying Christians, dressed in black, like going to a funeral, holding their crosses in palms desperately, who will be leaving Granada, on misty morning of 2nd January 2018, carrying only small backpacks…

Like our Muslim people did, as you forbad them to take any gold or property with them, they even had to pay a large sum of money for passage, and we could force your people to march into a distant port, in an impossibly short time, to be allowed to depart, like you forced Muslims… like you did simply everything, to make their emigration harder, even impossible, to humiliate them, robbing them, killing them, raping their women on the way, by your drunk Castilian soldiers, never punished by their officers!

Now, the sides would be turned, and you could experience a shameful humiliation, like we did… maybe my dear friend Lindsay Lohan will organize such nice show, using some paid actors… your media, and all Spanish people, will love it… don’t underestimate this clever bitch! She knows very well, how to play games… even I am just a beginner in comparison, although unlike her, I have an University education in Public Relations!”

“You mean Hakim Al-Hamri,” the King reminded with utmost interest. “Last reported to be seen more than six months ago… and then, he suddenly disappeared, without a trace, never contacting his fiancee, Rashida Al-Maghribi, or his family, never seen by our advanced surveillance again, not surfacing in any other country…

We presume, that someone ‘eliminated’ him… but Americans and Mossad deny such executive action… it could be merely a criminal matter, or an accident… during swimming in the sea, perhaps, so the body still wasn’t recovered… but I agree, it’s not a good situation for us, because it creates large distrust between our Intelligence services… everybody points their fingers at others… not good for cooperation, to hunt down all those terrorists out there.”

“No, it wasn’t anybody of you infidels, or an accident,” Maryam disagreed. “He fell on noble path of Jihad, and here, in Al-Andalus, but under most unusual circumstances… and this fact makes him an eternal legend!

If you want, Your Royal Majesty, I will tell you, what allegedly happened… you can consider it as a fairy tale for good night sleep… I must warn you, though… when you will hear this tale, you will start questioning your own sanity, because you will touch limits of your mind… and you will also realize, why Granada is lost, and how those mysterious key documents got into hands of Muslims, changing the situation dramatically… it was a cute little conspiracy indeed… or maybe not so small… quite big, I would say!”

“Sounds intriguing!” the Spanish King seemed very interested, resisting to any emotions, whereas listening CNI operatives, hidden behind the wall, using bugs and laser microphones, heightened their attention yet more. “Go on, señora!”

“So, this is, what happened with Hakim Al-Hamri, a hero of Al-Andalus and your infidel nightmare, Your Royal Majesty,” Maryam said then, inhaling deeply, to have enough of air for long narration.

“When I was writing my screenplay, I described him as a big player, an ace, but the reality was much more modest,” Maryam admitted. “He was just a pawn, too young, and he cared more for Rashida’s pussy, than Al-Andalus… ask your Spanish secret service CNI, what file they had about him… he was just a marginal fool, and still, God chose him for the most important mission, because God is known as The Best of All Deceivers…

The CNI had him under close surveillance, and still, someone managed to snatch him… it was a perfect, clean work, without leaving any evidence… and the place, where he was taken, was the most unexpected… it was not some CIA’s black site for interrogating and torturing the poor innocent detainees, it was not a filthy warehouse, where Israeli Mossad operatives, masked as Islamic radicals, would try to play their intricate games on him…

When he woke up, he thought, that he is in Paradise already… and still, as he found very soon, he had to die yet, to deserve God’s rewards in the hereafter…”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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