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Every year on October 28, the day of establishing the independent Czech state in 1918, the Czech national elite gathers at glamorous Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle, where the highest state medals are awarded, during a posh ceremony, by the President himself.

There is always wide social, political and media controversy about recipients, when people from all segments of the society complain angrily, that this or that person definitely shouldn’t be decorated, because of connection with criminal Communist regime or other heavy sins in the past, and vice versa, that he or she definitely must be rewarded for their great services for the state…

In 2012, when the second presidential term of President Vaclav Klaus was coming to an end, it could be expected, that the man will enjoy the perks of his office more than properly, “remembering” all his old friends and allies, to show his gratitude by state medals, without any accountability: just in several months, his presidency will be the history anyway, and only academic discussions about his past reign will remain… (indeed, in the end, in January 2013, he gave a very questionable “goodbye gift” to the Czech state indeed: an amnesty for many high profile criminals, so countless terrible crimes of the “wild 1990’s” disappeared without punishment)

Anyway, some of the possible recipients are considered literally at the last moment: and one of them, as she finds from an urgent letter with official Presidential seal, sent to her permanent address in Prague, is Marketa Korinkova (*1988), a top Czech fashion model, who made a great name for Czechia, winning a reputated international beauty contest, Miss Motors 2012 in Italy, defeating over forty other participants.

There was also some exciting controversy, as she represented Moravia, a historical land of Czechia, indicating her possible separatist tendencies, or simply great talent for media games, as she studied Public Relations and Communications at famous Charles University Prague… in the future, there will be many rumors about her place of birth, whether it’s Prague, as she claimed officially, or Silesia?

Anyway, this contest and related controversy made a great wave of publicity in the Czech media… Marketa has the momentum now, and all the big players are coming to her, to show her respect, to get to know her, to assess her possible usefulness for the big plans and conspiracies of various masterminds… and Vaclav Klaus can hardly overlook such rising social star, not speaking about her immense physical beauty.

But those fashion models, they are always on the move, not waiting in a corner for their chance… so, soon after her return to Prague, Marketa packed her suitcases again, to take a big fateful journey, into the United Arab Emirates, into glamorous Dubai, where her Israeli business connections promised her a great new career, having their own covert goals, reaching even Saudi Arabia

So, when her mother Ivana opens the Presidential letter in distant Prague, her daughter is in a different world already, which changes her forever… Czechia seemed so small and insignificant, in comparison with Dubai, full of gold and opportunities, ladders to the media stardom!

Not speaking about Islam, which enchanted Marketa so much, so much! She felt, that this is exactly the complete and perfected religion for her! That this is her destiny… that she belongs there… in all senses!

So, when Marketa receives the news, that exactly in fourteen days, she is obliged to come into the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle, dressed in a gala evening dress, allowed to take two other persons as an escort with her… she is not so happy, as one would expect.

She simply lives in a different world now, even strongly considering conversion to Islam, to do it, once and forever… because why to postpone it, if you feel, that such is your destiny, and great rewards are awaiting you, given by God, if you will submit to Him, only to Him, worshipping Him properly, loving Him?

All her past dreams, which she had and lived in Czechia, seem so marginal and meaningless now… for Marketa, only Islam and Allah are important now… plus immense opportunities, which she has in the Emirates!

On the other hand, a momentum, achieved by hard work and many sacrifices, plus covert Israeli support, has to be used… once she will be decorated with a state medal, her biography will shine yet more, and it’s forever… how many persons you know, fools, who carry such a decoration?

Yes, she needs to go to Prague… but not as an infidel anymore. Not submitted to the Czech flag… only to Allah!

Just few days before her departure back to Czechia, Marketa visits the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, overcoming her last doubts, converting to Islam there, in front of an Imam and five witnesses, accepting the new Islamic name Maryam, meaning Mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus), covering her beauty and sexy body with loose, long Islamic dresses, her hair and neck with a hijab, the Islamic scarf… and her new name will hit the world one day, very soon, and repeatedly.

She didn’t tell anybody, yet… but she feels so differently. Many things are forbidden or disliked for her now… still, it’s fresh, so it’s yet relatively easy, to undress her hijab, to pretend, that she is an infidel, like them… like her mother, and like her best friend, another fashion model and Miss Czech 2008, Zuzana Jandova, who accompany Marketa to the ceremony, indeed a great companions: everybody knows Zuzana, the Miss, once the most beautiful girl of the country, and Ivana, although around fifty years old already, is radiating her immense mature female beauty, both in physical and spiritual sense.

And the ceremony is festive indeed… but Marketa, or Maryam, is not one of them anymore. She belongs somewhere else… to someone else… to Allah.

She chose a really shining dress for this very special occasion… it was reputated Christian Dior, who supplied her with robes for the critical Italian beauty contest, and this one, made from blue satin, was not used… but it was perfectly suitable for the festive evening, together with elegant shoes with high heels and a mini purse, all created for perfect striking combination, worn by a real lady, born for the stars.

No, you can’t find a more shining woman in the whole audience, sitting in the hall of Prague Castle, awaiting their fateful moment… Marketa is a professional fashion model, she is never serious and introspective, always smiling, always positive, to attract attention, when her white teeth are shining into the darkness…

And many people recognize her in the hall, understanding, that she simply couldn’t miss here today, she is leaving her mark in the world, and she will be important for the history of the country… she will be, in the end, but very differently, that those dumb infidel Czech pork heads are expecting… she will bring them more Islam, more liberation by Allah!

When her moment comes, and Marketa hears her name from the loudspeakers, followed by great applause… she remains sitting just several seconds more, to raise the tension, to create suspense, as everybody will be searching for her in the crowd, and she will keep them distracted, thinking only about her… they will fill their minds only with her, so she will have control over them.

She is still just an University student of Public Relations, but she knows exactly, what to do, she has this natural media instincts for creating publicity inside her… she was born for this, for this big game, she feels that… but not to achieve victories only for herself, not for those VIP fools around, not for the President… for Allah…

“O Allah, thank your for giving me the gifts and achievements… all I have, my life, my body, my beauty, it’s all only with your permission… All praise belongs to Allah,” she says silently, when she finally stands up, and the stage lights catch her into the middle of attention.

She walks to the podium, where the President and his entourage are awaiting her, to decorate her… she has tears in her eyes, because no woman can remain detached, when she will be rewarded this way, seen by the whole state, being one of the two dozens of ultimate Czech elites of the year… any modern woman wants to become a VIP, a celebrity… and Marketa’s high social status will be confirmed now… and it’s no pity, that she has gone into Emirates, because scarcity and absence creates value…

Where are all her fashion modeling competitors now? Nobody, nothing! Just losers! Because Marketa is more, much more, than all of them, with permission and blessing of Allah… and with Allah, she will be allowed to reach the stars, which she couldn’t even imagine, in her wildest girlish dreams…

“This great young woman attracted the attention of the whole world towards Czechia, making a great advertisement for our country in all senses,” Marketa hears the voice of the President Vaclav Klaus, she smiles at him,  not trying to hide her tears and emotions… because even those are perfect female weapons, to conquer the world.

“You made all of us proud of our national flag again, Marketa… we were there with you, we felt your sweat under all that smiles and Dior dress, how much energy and effort you needed to deploy, how much obstacles you had to overcome, to defeat all the other girls… I wish you to continue in this good work, and remember, we all are working for our homeland, we all can make difference, women or men,” the President says.

“I will do my best, Mr. President,” Marketa smiles and promises modestly… but she remembers only Allah. Her name is Maryam.

“A state medal ‘For Merits’, III. class… Marketa Korinkova!” the hall explodes in one last wave of applause. It’s the extasy and agony of Marketa’s old life… because Allah has control now.

Still, it’s not so easy to forget, who you once were, your old dreams, old life, old infidel curse…

But next time, the Czech elites won’t be applauding to her… they will want to destroy her… when they will see her in hijab, symbol of modesty and obedience of all Muslim women!

During the banquet, which follows the ceremony, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. It’s a party, last big presidential party, so you need to enjoy it properly… but Marketa knows, that she has to leave quite soon, not to seem cheap and accessible, on the contrary, distant, like a proper celebrity, even arrogant…

Also, she needs to use the perfect opportunity, to talk to important people, to make valuable contacts, to make lasting impression, whereas Zuzana Jandova and her mother are backing her pefectly, both reputated sociopaths, who feel the best in the middle of a large crowd, where they can play their perfect social games… indeed, these three women are a perfect trinity, helping each other to extend their social influence yet more.

Later, when Marketa feels, that it’s slowly the right time to leave, she approaches the President, who is the center of attention naturally, thanking him for everything, and introducing both her mother and Zuzana Jandova to him.

To her surprise, the President is not willing to let her go just like that, inviting her for a coffee into the private quarters of the Castle, and he makes this invitation not privately, but very loudly, so everybody can hear, that she is invited to a very unique perk… is this some presidential game?

Anyway, only a fool would reject the president. So, Marketa says goodbye to her female companions, who found a lot of VIP male admirers there, enjoying the party very much, and she follows an assistant of the President, a girl around her age, but with very official face, through the long corridors of the Prague Castle, deserted and silent now, as all offices are closed, all the Castle employees left.

When they reach a large presidential study with a big national flag, where the most critical events in all Czech history took place, including most shameful decisions, to open borders for aggressors and enemies, not to defend against violent incursions… Marketa is instructed to wait.

Of course, it’s hard not admire the splendid decoration of the room, all that gold… and she sees the presidential working table, understanding, that she was blessed by Allah, to visit this very special place, where real worldly power can be felt, as it originates from here…

“I don’t try to pretend, that I don’t like meeting young beautiful women,” President Vaclav Klaus comes, finally, whereas his female subordinate serves coffee and some delicious snacks, and leaves.

“You know, Marketa, I had to use you a little bit… my enemies are suspecting me from sodomy, so it’s imperative, to show with an alleged mistress, from time to time… that’s why I invited you into my private quarters so loudly and conspicuously… after two blonde flight attendants, here is a brunette, a beauty Queen, like in some South American soap opera… the media will have something to write tomorrow, indeed… and you will be the main star! Take it as a special perk, which I am happy to give you,” Vaclav Klaus spoke very openly with the girl.

“I fully understand your reasons, Mr. President,” Marketa was pleased. “Such close contact with you will only allow to develop my personal brand yet more, and I won’t provide any clear answers for the media deliberately, provoking them to speculations, interest… although my personal interests are in the Emirates now.

Anyway, imagine the news headlines tomorrow: ‘Beauty Queen Marketa, Dressed In Dior Robe, Slept In Castle Chambers…’ and witnesses, seeing me leaving the Castle in the morning, trying to avoid the press by going through a small secret gate, like a proper royal mistress… that will be a nice romantic tale about a modern Princess! All women will envy me, and men will envy you!”

“I am glad, that you are on my side,” the President appreciated the girl’s insight and ideas, how to develop the affair for best effect. “You are not only beautiful, but also a very bright girl indeed… is there anything more I can do for you, when I am still sitting on the throne?”

“Thank you, sir… actually, there is something,” Marketa didn’t hesitate to use her chance. “You see, my mom Ivana, you met with her today… she admires and loves you so much, so many years, and she has her own dream, she would like to become your Royal Mistress… I mean, the real one… she is not young, like me, and like my blonde predecessors, but people would believe you more, that it’s a genuine relationship, not a media game…

Imagine, what media wave it would make… because some young blonde flight attendant, it seems fake, not natural, and people are not so dumb, they need to be ‘persuaded about the truth’… but my mom, and you… think about it, sir! There could be much publicity opportunities for you, to be still in the media attention, even if your reign will end!

And she is also a reputated witch… she can help you with many things! She operates with dark spiritual power, able to destroy your enemies in her black magic rituals, using her tarot cards for exact predictions of the future…”

“Your mother is a very pretty and interesting woman indeed,” the President expressed his respect. “The only problem is my wife, Livia: she doesn’t accept those young blonde bitches as serious competition, she knows, that I only use them… but your mom… she is a dangerous player from the first sight, just her black hair of a witch… that could create a lot of problems at my home, and I can’t affort to lose my wife, as she generates much of my power.

But there could be interesting media tale, as you said… this triangle… you know what, Marketa? I will meet with your mother again, I will talk to her, and we will see. Maybe she can be useful for me…. and I can be useful for her.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. President!” Marketa was really grateful, embracing the man swiftly, ignoring the royal protocol, which orders distance and dignity, but sexy young girls can afford many forbidden moves, and no man gets angry. “You won’t be disappointed, I promise! My mom is really something, in all senses, you will like her… you are a real man for her, and she will be your Queen!

Now, about our night together… where will the act happen?”

“Right there… on that beautiful Renaissance sofa, an original from Emperor Rudolph II’s times, estimated at four million dollars of value at Sotheby’s auction company,” the President showed with hand.

“I hope it’s comfortable, for that money,” Marketa yawned, sitting down on the historical sofa with immense financial value. “I like to sleep naked, Mr. President… could you get some blanket for me? Because I am so tired, after long flight from Dubai… and of course, you are the ruler here, the King, The Emperor, so I will make a space for you… please, lie here, just next to me!

I won’t play an unaccessible Princess of Disks this time… that is my personal tarot card, you see! Tonight, I belong to you, Mr. President… you bought me with a medal, and many valuable perks, you were nice to me… a woman knows, when to spread legs, if there is a man of power, who is worth it, who can give her, what she needs, what she wants… like you!”

“Good night, Mr. President,” Marketa closed her beautiful brown eyes, and she embraced the man, to feel safe and secure, as her own father left her many times ago, betraying her, leaving little innocent girl Marketa alone and vulnerable in this world, without manly protection, without figure of authority, control, dominance… but she found a way, how to take care of herself, using men of power as shield and battering ram alike…

But God is above all of them, they are mere mortals, full of fear and vices… and now, with His permission, Marketa discovered Him, His light.

He will become much more for her, than just a father, which she was looking for so long… He created her, and He prepared a destiny for her.

She will be much surprised, and others too, finding, what intentions He has with her.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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