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It was Almighty Allah, who created an elite Czech female fashion model, Marketa Korinkova, later known as Islamic Princess Maryam, with purpose. She found her destiny in Islam indeed, and not only Allah fulfilled all her girlish dreams to be somebody, to be a VIP, these visions were thousand times surpassed, as Allah is the most powerful, and only He can give you everything you need, as He always listens, and encourages you to speak to Him, to be closer to your Creator, who controls your fate, destiny and all your affairs, who has full control over you, as you are submitted to Him, whether you want or not, whether you are a Muslim or a disbeliever.

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It was Him, who led Marketa Maryam Korinkova to United Arab Emirates (UAE), to make the most fascinating professional career there, achieving places so high, that she effectively became one of the few hundreds most powerful women in the world, however boldly or even ridiculously it sounds. But Allah is powerful, and another pawns helped Marketa to get so high, that above you, there is only blue sky, and your Creator, so you can’t climb higher, and you finally find peace and contentment, being so close to Him, and heaven.

sheikh-mohammed-bin-rashid-al-maktoum-united-arab-emirates-uae-middle-east-persian-gulf-islam-muslim-allah-wife-princess-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsOriginally, it was a joint operation of an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, and feared Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad, who had their own intentions with Marketa, to use her as a battering ram into closest vicinity of  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and vicepresident of UAE. The treacherous infidel fools thought, that they can play their foul games with this pure innocent dove, the creation of Allah Himself, not realizing, that they not only underestimated her terribly, but with the protection of Allah, she was to prevail, and escape from their grasp, while using their wide support well, but for the interests of Allah, and her own.

mecca-saudi-arabia-kaaba-qibla-spiritual-centre-islam-muslim-allah-prophet-muhammad-quran-faith-religion-hajj-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsHow malicious plans they had with her! To force her to seduce the Sheikh, even using assult chemicals and their elite Female Warfare operative against her, to conceive a child with the Sheikh, and then, the waiting vultures would launch devastating media affair across the whole Middle East, using corrupted tabloid media, to force the Sheikh to resign, as this affair could serve as a primer to launch a new wave of Islamic revolutions, like questionable “Arab Spring 2011” was, starting in the UAE, with hope, that this avalanche will reach even Saudi Arabia, the old archenemy of Israel, supported by spreading highly explosive rumor, that Saudi oil supplies are becoming critically low… and that would mean possible collapse of the whole Islamic axis of power in the world, to secure sustainable future of the Jewish state, badly pushed out from its former strong geopolitical positions by steadily expanding, unstoppable China.

The Czech military conspirators misused classified Intelligence files about Marketa, finding perfect psychological features for the particular operation, allowing her to play a lost vulnerable “daughter” of Sheikh, who will “find her”, adopting her tenderly, completely disarmed by her unique combination of hard surface, professional smiles, walking on fashion catwalks with shining utmost self-confidence of her 177 cm tall body outside, and on the other side, soft inner world, making her melancholic and lonely, so he will feel chosen to give her, what she missed, a powerful paternal figure, but also powerful ruler, as she desired to be submitted, to fulfill her female destiny, but she met only loser in her life, not worth it.

princess-haya-bint-al-hussein-uae-emirates-sheikh-al-maktoum-ruler-wife-jordan-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsConcurrently, the girl had many things to offer to the Sheikh: he found through time, when he discovered many of her special qualities in social and even political sense, that only her can be a proper, effective counterweight to his two wives, particularly highly ambitious Princess Haya bint Hussein of Jordan, who seemed to have her own secret agenda in the UAE, promoting dangeous, corrupted ideas of Western social engineering there, like women empowerment, threatenting to disrupt the whole traditional Arabic society, while she influenced even the Emirates Counterintelligence to her favor, in certain sense weakening, even jeopardizing the Sheikh’s position of power from all sides slowly, having her own, unknown interests in The Maryam Affair.

But all the human secret plans mean nothing with the might of Allah. In the end, everything happened exactly, as He intended, and all people got into the places, where they should be, according to His will, including Marketa Maryam Korinkova, who used all the various interests of other players to ride high, so high, that if infidel losers back home would know, they would be really, really astonished… but what happened there, in the Za’beel Palace, in adjacent small mosque, it had to remain secret.

So, when Marketa returned back to Prague after several months, in Summer 2013, to visit her Czech family, she was not recognized as a public figure by the Czech people in the streets too much, because plebs forgets its media stars quickly, if you don’t create more and more of publicity, to stay on the top, to be seen, to remain in the minds of the audience.

Once, she was famous here indeed, as it was a key part of original Israeli plan, to create a powerful personal brand for Marketa, so she could prevail in the highly competitive Emirates, but too much time passed, moreover, rather a hijab she wore all the time, as a devoted Muslim, attracted the attention of Czech infidels, unfriendly towards Islam.

In comparison with shiny, glamorous and wealthy Emirates with everlasting sun on the blue sky, the grey, depressing and negative Prague was rather a cultural shock for Marketa. She was expecting it, she remembered local bad weather and mood well, but the truth really surpassed her wildest imaginations. How grateful was she to Allah, that He was so Compassionate, so Merciful towards her, taking her out of this shitty, cursed place, ruled still by atheism, living in filth, sins and decadence, where forbidden, unclean pork and alcohol were widely consumed, adultery committed daily, and even with utmost pleasure of that decadent Czech infidels!

Marketa’s current life mission was so called Da’wah, spreading the word about immense beauty and advantages of Islam to the whole world, particularly into infidel VIP circles. Thousands listened to her inspiring and powerful voice, followed her shining example, accepting Islam, and discovering the only complete and perfected religion themselves… she was a good servant of Allah indeed, she was chosen to achieve great things, even to change the world, and she was fulfilling this demanding task to the last dot, as such was the will of her only master, who has no partners, Allah.

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsBut now, she was in completely different world, where the local Islamic community was still weak and divided, swarming with internal conflicts and half-Islamic apostates, like Romana Cervenkova, disrupting unity of Ummah, and only slow changes of this sad situation were on the horizon, happening in the Czech Islamic city of Teplice, where upcoming Islamic female asset, young female from Yemen, Eman Ghaleb, the future mayor of the city, was growing to maturity, and her own destiny.

As Maryam was walking on her long slim legs in those still familiar streets of Prague, she could only say “Alhamdulillah” repeatedly, to remind herself, that it’s Allah who gave her everything she has, be it physical body, mind, abilities, property, achievements, success, love… simply everything. And it was completely right to be grateful towards Him every minute of her life, keeping Him in her mind all the time, particularly here, in this decadent, atheist land, to keep your faith strong, when you saw no mosques, and no muezzins were calling to prayer.

concerned-czech-muslims-ccm-islam-allah-muslim-prague-czech-republic-teplice-middle-east-persian-gulf-saudi-arabia-kuwait-qatar-oman-emirates-uae-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut this unacceptable situation will change one day, if Allah will permit, and Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM) will rise in Teplice, backed allegedly by Saudi Arabia, transforming the former infidel land into an empire of Allah, building an impressive new mosque with two minarets there, to show the Czechs, who rules here, that Bohemia belongs to Allah, and no further insults of Muslims, like the shameful name of former Club Mecca in Prague, which angered Islamic community worldwide, will be tolerated without proper counter-action, marking the beginning of Rise of Czech Islam.

Still, Allah likes to test the depth of faith of its believers, putting them into various challenges, to show them the real world, allowing Muslims to realize, what Islam means, and why it’s so important, to keep the faith strong, not to make any compromises and concessions, like those weak infidels, full of doubts and uncertainty. And without knowing it, today, in this Czech world of non-Islamic filth, Marketa will understand fully, what it means to be a Muslim, that it’s not only about covering your beautiful long brown hair with a hijab, to present modesty and obedience, which the Lord likes about females.

It was her infidel male friend, Jakub Vindis, a promising Czech young actor, who invited her, to meet him and Martina Vacikova, her colleague from elite Charles University studies, for a friendly meeting, as they haven’t seen each other long time, and Marketa’s infidel friends presented their cordial desire to see their lost companion again.

Marketa accepted, although she was not completely sure, whether it’s the right step. Firstly, as a female Muslim, she was discouraged from meeting unrelated men too closely. And moreover, she was already so far from these people… she lived in different world, in many senses, not only in regards of religion, personal, social and professional achievements, but also the shining Emirates could hardly find a competition in quite small and not so impressive Prague.

No, she didn’t need those people anymore. In the “old times”, they were important for her, as she was one of the countless female sociopaths of the West, and she needed such persons, to shine between them, deliberately choosing weak losers as her friends, so she could feel as a princess.

Now, she was real Princess of the Emirates… who were these small losers in comparison with her? Absolutely nothing indeed.

Still, she went to meet them. She felt, that such is the will of Allah, and she learned not to try to oppose it, because there is always a hidden reward, even in such apparently unpleasant, useless experiences.

“Allahu Akbar,” Marketa said to Allah, to confirm her personal Islamic values, and gratitude, when she entered the lively interior of Café-Café, quite a VIP place, located in Rytirska street in the Prague city center, where both her infidel old friends were expecting her already.

How long it seemed, when she met here with the fashion model friend, Zuzana Jandova, just prior to boarding an A380 plane to the Emirates, to find her destiny! She shared her disturbing thoughts with Zuzana, having many doubts… but as a Muslim, she didn’t know this word anymore.

In Islam, there are no doubts, if you are submitted to the will of Allah, executing His will obediently. Just follow simple rules, worship Him, praise Him, love Him, do good deeds to please Him, and you will be always sure, about everything, any situation, life becomes enjoyable and your mind clean, saved from eternal thinking and overanalyzing, in preposterous, futile effort to “figure the world out” with your weak mind, ruled by fragile ego, giving you very bad advices. But this Western disease of mind can be cured by Islam very well, another reason to thank Allah.

Indeed, entering there, into this reputated café, you were always noticed, even scanned by the present countless VIPs and pseudo-VIPs of Prague, shady businessmen, female gold diggers and golden youth, fashion models, actors, media celebrities… and Marketa attracted very high attention immediately, not only because her hijab and abaya, but also her immense beauty, which could be hardly concealed even with Islamic dress.

“Marketa, so nice to see you again,” Jakub Vindis stood up, to welcome her, even offering his hand to shake, a local custom. But Marketa only put her right palm on her heart, rejecting to touch an unrelated male. Such were her Islamic reflexes already, and no exceptions were possible.

But Jakub was quite a liberal person, and he undestood, that Marketa’s Islamic religion simply changes her behavior in various ways, so he was not offended, or surprised. So he only smiled to apologize, while Martina Vacikova, a female, was allowed to embrace her Muslim friend.

“We were really wishing you success there, girl,” Martina kissed Maryam’s cheeks with affection, feeling her heavy Arabic, exotic and mysterious parfum. “You made us so proud!”

“It’s great to be back with you,” Maryam said, sitting down, putting her luxurious Prada handbag on a free chair. “I was thinking about you often, you are my good friends…”

She wanted to add “… although you are infidels”, but she realized, that it will be better to be silent. But Islam soaks into you so deeply, that you can’t forget it, it directs your life in all senses, all the time. You can’t escape Islam.

Strange… so simple rules, but these are able to cover the whole life, and all situations! If you have Allah deep inside you, loving Him endlessly, bowing only in front of Him, and you follow Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the messenger and slave of Allah, his great example to all Muslims, then, there is peace and clarity in your life, only then.

“So tell us, Marketa… how is the Emirates? Your new life there?” her Czech friends wanted to know, whereas Jakub waved at a waiter, to bring them menu, but they couldn’t stop watching Maryam’s Islamic shining dress, an abaya, decorated with gold and silk, and the rest of the guests too. Indeed, many of them will change their opinion about Islam this day, only meeting a real Muslim leader, like Marketa was.

“It’s different indeed,” Marketa sighed, telling pure truth. “But every place is nice, if you…

(… ‘have Allah’, she wanted to say at first… ‘find peace inside you’, she wanted to say then, but it was also not good right here, she was not in Armani Prive lounge, where she used to explain endless advantages of Islam to VIPs anymore!)

… have so good friends, like you are,” Marketa found a good, cordial answer, but she lied, as they were infidels, and there was very big abyss between them now, even without regards of Marketa’s impressive achievements.

“Of course, girl… and we are so pleased, that you found yourself there, in the Emirates,” Martina commented with affection. “We just hope, that you won’t stop meeting us, just because of the religion… there is so many negative talks about it.”

Maryam looked at her friend with her beautiful brown eyes, she felt the fabric of hijab on her forehead, reminding her, who she is. And she was not able to say a word, so she only nodded.

“Yeah, and what will we drink, and most importantly, eat?” Jakub interrupted the moment, he was always hungry, loving to cook himself, to feel like a modern Western man, going with the questionable style of the present time epoch, so called gastrosexualism (=men cook instead of women, because corrupted Western magazines persuaded them, that it’s sexy, and they can allegedly recover a little bit of their lost male strength doing it, even being more attractive to demanding Western women, but in fact, this is the way how to destroy their manhood yet more, by inspiring them to adopt female patterns of behavior, and females secretly despise them for this unhealthy submission), and both women had to laugh, they knew about this obsession of their friend.

“I will have a cappuccino and this local delicatesse,” Martina decided, showing a nice sponge cake with tempting red strawberry cover.

“Me too,” Marketa joined her friend. Previously, when she lived in this decadent alleged paradise of infidel freedom and consumerism, she had nasty allergy for milk, but Allah and Islam cured her, when she left this world of faithless darkness, finding a better place for her, where she also found her destiny, becoming fully balanced, feeling, that she has a mission in life, that she is created by Allah for a purpose. Indeed, many health problems are just of psychological origin, and if your mind suffers, your physical body will follow, beginning to disintegrate.

“Hmmm… I am thinking about this ‘Black Label’… yeah, I will taste it today. And one ‘Heineken’ beer, please,” Jakub ordered, showing some unknown item in the menu to the waiter.

Marketa’s beautiful face changed into strict, disturbed expression. How she could agree, that her alleged friend will drink alcohol, a creation of Devil himself, a vicious means, to lead you far from the God, creating an animal from you? But in this land, where the beer was flowing like a river of sin, where local people were drowning voluntarily, it would make no sense to try to explain to these infidel fools, how alcohol is hurting them, not speaking about other negative consequences of its consumption, it was simply their decadent lifestyle, and they were not willing to change it. Again, it was better to be silent here. No one wanted to know the truth, and they could get hostile easily, obsessed with drinking, to cure their infidel misery. Indeed, they had to drink, they had a very strong reason: missing God in their failed, empty lives, where only mindless consumerism could bring them some relief, and pleasure, although temporary and relative.

“Well, let me tell you some interesting knews from our famous City of Hundred Towers,” Jakub had long draught of beer, when the waiter brought the drinks, so Marketa rather paid attention to adding sugar into her coffee.

For a few precious moments, it was like in the old times, laughing together, smiling faces in this great café, where you feel so relaxed, sitting with good friends, chatting, enjoying your time.

Then, a hipster male waiter with a large tattoo on his forearm, also a present fashion, started bringing their food. And it was revealed, that “Black Label”, ordered by Jakub as a specialty of the venue, was in fact a common hot-dog, but somehow altered, improved for those strange fools, loving all “vintage” things, hipsters.

“We just started a very interesting theatrical project, it’s about presenting different expressions of the body,” Jakub narrated with passion, whereas he took the hotdog, and carried it to his mouth, biting the protruding sausage with taste.

Maryam became frozen, like a statue, when she watched this move, how he used his teeth to remove piece of pork meat, and swallowed it with enjoyment.

She wanted to vomit immediately, seeing this.

But after a moment of nausea, it was replaced with deep disgust, even anger and hatred:

Filthy infidel pig, eating pork!

How can he dare to insult her, a devoted Muslim, by ordering such nasty, unclean food in front of her? Where is some respect towards her religion, why couldn’t he order a chicken, at least this time, when she is here, and she can’t leave her faith behind the door, like a bike? He is calling her friend… but how can there be a friendship, if there is no respect?

Did he want to humiliate her deliberately, like a proper infidel, indicating, that this is his land, his rules, and pork will be consumed, without regards of anybody? Or is he simply dumb and ignorant, like all infidels?

Maryam remembered, that a mere year ago, this infidel fool wanted to kiss her. When she imagined, that he would kiss her right now, with his filthy mouth full of that filthy unclean shit… she wanted to vomit again, running to the toilet immediately, while her friends thought, that the allergy hit Maryam again, feeling regret for her, they didn’t realize, what happened really, and that exactly they, their questionable disrespectful behavior, are the cause of her present nausea, that it’s all their blame and guilt.

Those infidels always say: “We don’t oppress Muslims. Why should they execute their jihad against us?” wondering, like fools. But aren’t insults like this a part of oppression, and the reason for righteous anger of Muslims?

Having a private place for herself again, free of all nasty infidel things, Maryam relaxed there again, breathing deeply, watching her pretty symmetric face in a mirror, hearing the chatter and music from the distance, protected from the filthy infidel world with doors.

“I am a Muslim,” she thought, seeing her hijab, like a confirmation. “Some things are not acceptable for me now, not only to do them directly, but also to allow them to happen in front of me. I can’t tolerate such behavior, I can’t make compromises, being liberal like them, those infidels, whose civilization is crumbling, because their decadence and alleged unlimited freedom without any rules took them just this far.

I can’t respect their world, their lifestyle… indeed, they are not my friends, they can’t be, as Islam prohibits me from choosing disbelievers as friends. But behind me, the whole Ummah is standing, I can feel the shoulders and hips of other women, millions of them, touching me during congregational prayers in Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, when we stand, bow and prostrate in front of Allah in perfect rows. Those are my sisters and brothers, there I belong. Not here.

Oh Allah, thank you for this liberation, that with Your ultimate guidance, I found a place, where nobody oppresses me, where I have real respect, both from women and men!

And here… oh, Allah, with your permission, things will change. Filthy pork and alcohol will disappear, and people will accept Islam, for their own welfare and discovering real freedom.

Islam is superior over them, and it has full right to dominate them.”

Balanced again, the Islamic Princess Maryam returned to the table, where the infidels were sitting.

“Feeling better?” Jakub asked with sensitivity, whereas he was finishing his hot-dog with pleasure.

“Much better, thank you,” Maryam smiled, now completely immune to the scene.

“And you are not pregnant, girl?” Martina asked curiously, smiling secretively.

Maryam said nothing, just watching them both coldly, with distance.

She needs to leave, to go back to the streets. They are not necessary bad, those people here, those infidels, they just haven’t awoken. And it’s her duty to show them Islam, to introduce them the new, better world, where they can find peace, truth, freedom, morality, purity, protection, destiny.

Indeed, one day, with the permission of Allah and chosen people like Maryam, with their special skills, granted by Allah, this land will be liberated, and many others too, the whole world, if a way, how to counter the omnipresent, mighty and capable Eastern dragon, China, will be found, not only for plentiful Muslims, but for Jews, lacking massive numbers of human mass, too.

“Fucking terrorist,” Maryam heard a clear, angered female voice behind her then. “They should kick her out from here, before she will blow us up to pieces! They all belong to the Islamic State anyway… fucking terrorist slut! The bitches are stealing Europe from us, and the fucking politicians only invite more of them here!”

“Hold on,” Jakub heard it, standing up to intervene immediately, to defend Maryam, his friend, like a real man, a brave knight, a crusader, speaking boldly, addressing the foreign woman directly. “Be careful for your tongue, friend! This woman is here with me, and I won’t allow you to insult her, you understand? You don’t know anything about her anyway, so shut up, and return to discussing the fashion trends!”

In the end, he was a friend indeed. Or rather another pawn of the Islamic Princess, who rewarded his boldness with shining smile of her white teeth, but she felt, that Allah is just saying to her: “Punish that insolent disbeliever for me! Don’t hesitate to use your hand as a tool of my revenge! Slap her in the face! Defend yourself, don’t allow the disbelievers to attack you, my good name and the whole Islam, without proper response! Violence as a measure of defence is allowed!”

Maryam watched her hands with curiosity. So, this meant to be a Muslim. Your hands, your body, everything, it was a tool of Allah, how to realize His goals. It was not yours, rather His. And if you were submitted, you had to listen, what He told you in Qur’an.

Then, Maryam turned to the woman, there was three of them, some local B-class fashion models, who were coming into Café-Café in masses daily, to be “seen” and hopefully even noticed by local tabloid media assets, and she said calmly, smiling friendly:

“I was once like you, and one day, you will be like me, sister. I see it in your eyes. So don’t fight with your destiny any more, travel to some Islamic country to meet your fate, like I did.”

“Aren’t you… Marketa Korinkova?” another of the three recognized Maryam almost immediately, when they saw her face.

“Yes, it’s me,” the woman from Emirates acknowledged, and the other fashion models were astonished. They knew very well, what she achieved, making it the farthest from the all. They were around the same age, like her, but absolutely nothing in comparison with her. And if they would know the full truth about Maryam, not only the limited data from tabloid media!

But indeed, once, she was like them, walking in these streets, with her head full of bold girlish dreams. And who gave it to her all? It was Allah, while the three infidels had their hands empty, not worshipping Him.

All three of them were watching her, realizing now, what Islam really is. That it gives you immense power, and even wealth and success, if such is your desire, and Allah decides to give it to you.

Wouldn’t it worth a try?

And how greatly she looked in that hijab and abaya! Not only that, she was fully protected. No one will dare to touch her, as the revenge of Allah and whole Islamic community would be devastating and merciless… whereas they, infidel women, walking half-naked around, to sell themselves, through their physical qualities, like some sluts, were always in aim of male aggression, which they provoked themselves, that was the irony, and another proof of sickness of the infidel world.

Maryam, when she became a Muslim, officially accepted into Islamic community by reciting Shahadah in front of the imam of Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and several witnesses, stopped to use these questionable female weapons, veiling her beauty forever. And what happened?

She shined even more now, and people were even scared of her, when they saw her eyes, her firm and calm look, because a Muslim fears only Allah, no one else, and the Western society works on fear, it’s even known as a culture of fear, so words like cancer, disease, loss, aging and death are everywhere around, to remind infidels all the time, how the world is dangerous, and you need to buy, buy, buy, to feel saved and safe, not speaking about allowing further mass surveillance and militarization of the police, walking in the streets with military-grade assault rifles, faces hidden under balaclavas, to look intimidating… but terrorists are still laughing to those commandos, while you don’t want to be in their aim, marked as a guerilla yourself, because some enemy of yours could want to destroy you, using the Police as their advantageous cat’s pawn.

“I apologize,” the insolent woman said in the end with sincerity. “I didn’t know, that it’s you, Marketa. I didn’t mean that… but the media… you know…”

“It’s forgiven, no problem,” Maryam accepted. “But take it as a sign, what you should do, sister. And one day, thank Allah for meeting me here, because maybe your life will be changed the good ways. Such was simply His will, so we met. Every woman needs Islam.”

And Maryam fully understood now, why Allah sent her here, to make another Da’wah, to give a new chance of His to these three poor girls, who didn’t do anything wrong,  or bad, they just didn’t see any other option in their life, than what they saw around them, the decadent infidel world without faith, and hope.

But next time, Maryam won’t make a compromise any more, ever. This is, what she learned here today. NO COMPROMISE!, as Soldiers of Allah say!

Only Islam is the truth. All that infidel allegedly wise books, philosophy, ideas, concepts, they are nothing in comparison with Islam. Islam is superior, and thus, it dominates above everything else.

So, making compromises is quite an apostasy for any Muslim. Infidels make them, and look, what happened to them: their whole civilization is collapsing, being replaced with the empire of Allah, much better arrangement for the human kind.

Muslims are proud, as they are chosen, and blessed, to lead human kind to eternal peace, freedom and truth. That is the most noble mission, given by Allah to those, which He chose to lead to His light, and on Him depends the end of all affairs.

Marketa meets her friends up to this day, when she visits Prague… but they never order beer or pork in front of her any more.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Fashion Model Czech Dubai UAE Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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