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(from Heavy Slander, the paramount Czech tabloid magazine)

Marketa Korinkova: Surprise Of The Year
by Pavel Novotny, Chief Reporter

October 29, 2012

Yesterday, during usual corrupted festivity of Czech independence, which takes place at the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle on each October 28, when many state medals are awarded to many very questionable recipients by the President Vaclav Klaus, one young woman caused literally wide disturbance at the ceremony, and also afterwards, during the evening banquet, as she was really hard to be overlooked even in the dense crowd of highest state VIPs: a professional female fashion model, reputated in Czechia and abroad alike, beautiful, slim and tall, seducing and sexy, positive and smiling, noble and aristocratic, dressed in an extravagant Christian Dior blue satin robe with estimated 10.000 USD price tag, overshadowing all other guests inevitably, male or female, young or old, rich or poor…

And although the medal she received, “For Merits, III. Class”, seems rather modest in comparison with all that cultural or scientific big shots, she was the real winner of the evening, humiliating all present big female brains in terms of beauty and feminine magic, even getting the most desirable and precious perk of them all: a night with the President, in his private chambers, awarded with the additional title of The Royal Mistress.

The President himself invited her for an “afterparty” at his private quarters, as several direct witnesses reported… and when our journalistic team heard about this unprecedented scandal, when noble celebration of independent Czech state was followed by a night of fornication, adultery, sins and debauchery, regarding the highest echelons of the Czech state, we blocked all the exits from the Castle, to make sure, that the new Presidential Mistress will be intercepted successfully, when leaving the area in the morning, and the crime she committed with the President, will be well monitored and confirmed with devastating evidence.

One year ago, no one knew her name, except limited social circle of her student colleagues at Charles University, where she studies… but this puppy started to grow very quickly, and now, after she won an international beauty contest in Italy, gaining worldwide respect and attention, many perceive her as a rising, unstoppable star of the Czech showbusiness…

This shining individual, called Marketa Korinkova, 24 years old, is really a woman with high personal potential, who proves to us, that she simply can’t be ignored by VIP social circles of Prague and Czechia, and the deserved celebrity status can’t be denied from her.

It’s not only about her immense physical beauty and undisputed female superiority: anywhere she comes, she attracts recognition, success and envy, as all powerful men are strongly allured to her, to her ultimate charm and magic, losing sanity, forgetting all their “beloved” bitches and previous promises… like Vojtech Dyk, the famous Czech singer, or Miroslav Simunek, the famous and highly handsome Czech actor… and even the President Vaclav Klaus couldn’t resist this extreme female temptation, angering his righteous wife, Livia Klausova, as he humiliated her, like never before, simply leaving the guests of the banquet, just to spend time with his new elite Royal Mistress in privacy.

It seems, that the current Czech Man No. 1 hunted Marketa very seriously, luring her to the royal Castle, and the state medal seems just as a pretext, how to get closer to her, how to seduce her to sins, how to taste her young sexy body, covered with soft velvet skin… and she, an young innocent dove, could hardly deny his insisting and intricate game, as he is the man of ultimate power, who influenced the fate of Czechia in last twenty years, like no one else…

Now, his political career probably ends, he can’t be re-elected for the third time, as the President… and for him, there is nowhere higher to climb anyway, as he was a Minister of Treasure, Prime Minister, and the President…

Now, it seems, that he wants to confirm his ultimate position of life achievements, by obtaining a proper elite royal Mistress, a woman, who is not just a common village bitch, gifted with some beauty, dumb and naive, who comes into a big city, sucking sperm and perks from powerful men… this particular woman the President chose, she seems like an upcoming player, a big ace, who will shake the Czech media showbusiness very strongly…

When he is leaving, she is coming… doesn’t he consider her as something like a protege, a successor on the throne? Isn’t there more, than sex, in this very special connection?

Believe my instincts of a media veteran, fools: she has it in her eyes, you know, that big upcoming victories, which will come to her inevitably, and her recent moving into the Emirates only confirms, how highly she aims, because Dubai, it’s a treacherous bitch, who seems friendly, if you come as a common tourist, to spend money there… but try to make your career there, and you will taste much different flavor of this corrupted megapolis, as the competition is simply crushing there, and extremely ruthless.

Indeed, Marketa Korinkova is a new star, a new generation celebrity, well connected to this new world and its unlimited opportunities, thinking and acting globally, not afraid to leave the convenient Czech pond, using her momentum with crushing effectivity… I have to admit, that in my media career, I have never seen anyone, like her, moving with such perfected flow, who is natural and effective at the same time…

I made a small inquiry, regarding Marketa Korinkova, to find out, who she really is, what is the secret of her magic, who is backing her success, and all I got, was words of admiration and appreciation from all sides, be it collaborators, acquaintances or (ex)lovers…  indeed, it’s so easy to succumb to her magic, which can originate even in witchcraft, as the evil voices are saying about her…

And where could she get such ultimate capabilities? They say, that ‘An apple doesn’t fall too far from a tree’… and in Marketa Korinkova’s case, that can be truth easily, as her mother, Ivana Korinkova, is a reputated witch, who gained recognition in highest spiritual occultist circles of Czechia, allegedly even invited for the most desirable Illuminati membership by Baron Von Strachowitz from key German Munich lodge himself… Ivana, a good friend of famous Anie card reader, she doesn’t make her living from magic and tarot, as you could expect, but by honest way, as a teacher at a Grammar school, preparing children for life… anyway, her special skills can’t be denied, and she is known as ‘Queen of Wands’… not speaking about her feminine charm and seducing dark beauty… she has natural black hair, very uncommon phenomenon in Slavic Czechia, full of brunettes, fake blondes and fake tits.

Although there are rumors, that the mutual relationship between Marketa and Ivana is far from perfect, and this conflict is related to Ivana’s former husband and Marketa’s father, who betrayed and left them many years ago, when Marketa was still only a little child, it seems, that although the daughter and mother deny and maybe even hate each other, they are simply too similar, or perfectly opposite, always meeting in life, world, thoughts and plans, sooner or later, like two parts of a magnet… there is a firm bond between them, regardless how they try to break it.

Maybe Marketa moved into the Emirates, some six thousand kilometers from Czechia, not because of her insatiable thirst for professional success, but simply to escape from the reach of her mother, who is a powerful female leader, controlling her vicinity firmly… this is also the reason, why many people understand and support Marketa on her path, instead of being jealous, trying to damage her, as you could expect… they understand, that she is not fighting with the world, with them… only with her mother, who always had too much control over her.

And look, what happened now: the little Princess Marketa has grown up, her hips, ass and breasts became round, she changed into a young woman, occupying the bed of the most VIP man, the President… why? Maybe he is a father for her, a fatherly figure, which she missed so much in life… The Emperor, a strong man of control, authority, dominance, superiority, decisiveness, certainty, determination, physical power, even violence, so the little girl can be even scared of him… but distinctive female psychology considers even such controversial traits as attractive.

No one suspects Marketa Korinkova, that she is a gold digger bitch, sleeping with the President for money and well paid job, as her future is in the Emirates anyway, she doesn’t need any more media fame and reputation here… he is just a part of her ticket of out her homeland, far from her painful memories. He gives her, what she lacks, what she needs… and it’s not money, it’s a fatherly figure.

People simply understand her motivations and background, her life challenges, they clear her way, they even help her, like Josef Polasek, a Czech billionaire, who chose her as ‘Miss Million 2012’… who of us wasn’t influenced by problems in his or her family? Marketa and Josef share this fate indeed… and as he confessed to us, she rejected the main prize of his contest, it means 50.000 USD in cash and a brand new Skoda Fabia car, challenging Josef, to give it to some good charity cause!

Marketa carries a trauma with her, like many of us, even me maybe, even you, and she can only hope, like many of us, that a worldly success, fulfilling ambitions, dreams, desires and obsessions, can be sufficient cure for it.

“We all want to survive in this compicated, even evil world,” a top Czech psychological advisor states. “What people like Marketa Korinkova are doing, it’s just their effort to live happy life, even if there was some troubles in their childhood, which persists until this day. And these problems can’t be cured by Prada handbags and golden coins easily… only love and acceptance, denied by their parents, can change something.”

But finding love and acceptance, if your own father rejected you, isn’t so easy… but instead of listening to fake male promises, covering merely a desire for her sexy body, Marketa simply started her journey, which goal is simple: to find inner peace. And this motivation gives her immense power.

“She is special,” her best friend Zuzana Jandova, Miss Czech 2008, claims firmly. “She is more, than just a fashion odel, which walks on a catwalk, wiggling her hips. She is wise, and sensitive… a real woman.”

“She is the best fashion model, which the reputated Czechoslovak Models agency ever had,” Vaclav Dejcmar claims as the current owner of the company, and Katerina Motovska, once a model and his executive assistant, later becoming a VIP widow, a Parliamentary deputy and Czech Minister of Defence, who allegedly discovered Marketa as a “scout” in 2004, when she was sixteen, confirms.

The Czech subsidiary of Christian Dior expressed their utmost satisfaction with the representation of their luxury apparel by Marketa Korinkova. The spokeswoman of the brand states, that the blue satin robe was manufactured specially for Marketa, and they made a deal with Marketa today, that the dress, together with mini purse and shoes with high heels, will be sold in a charity auction during next Prague Fashion Week, to support education of Czech children, to overcome poverty in socially excluded neighbourhoods.

It seems, that the President made a very good choice of his royal mistress, taking the best woman available… and some Czech citizens, rather libertarians, appreciate his good taste and perfect choice… if to commit such a sin, then only with a royal, noble, high-quality doe!

“He should divorce that old witch Livia, and marry Marketa,” you can hear in the Prague streets today. “She would represent the Czech state very well, like that Princess Charlene of Monaco… that would be some ultimate ambassador! I can imagine her well… in Monaco, shining, making great advertisement for Czechia! Better than those football and hockey fools… or obsolete Livia, who lost contact with present times!”

It seems, and our quick street survey confirms, that the new Royal Mistress has wide support even of the Czech public, from low and high spheres of the society alike, and instead of criticizing the president, people appreciate, that he helps the girl, this modern Cinderella, to get, what she was denied: respect, love, acceptance.

We tracked her biological father, a highly positioned corporate executive, who rejected speaking with us, as he has a new family, a new young wife, a new life… but we simply can’t stop wondering: what kind of a male fool can deny such a cute sweet firl, talented and blessed, like Marketa?

“His official version is, that Marketa was born in the most complicated and stressing time in his life, just before the fall of Communism, when pieces of sweet cake were distributed, and every clever rat needed to be close to the source, to the new elite of the state… so he allegedly wanted to protect her, not to transmit this crushing pressure on her,” a family friend says, but this explanation seems rather like a white lie.

Anyway, it seems, that Marketa chose the kind of life, bringing welfare for all of us, participating in many charity causes of Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation… maybe she believes, that with helping people, she will help herself as well?

Maybe she even slept with the President, to help him, to seem as a big man, a ruler… maybe it was not an act of fornication and seduction, but matter of mercy and charity, committed by a female Angel?

As you can see, Marketa is a very special woman indeed, which this country haven’t seen yet: she is not fighting, shouting, provoking unrest, instability and hatred in the society, she just flows towards her unknown goals, silently, slowly, but firmly, like a water stream.

Why not to wish her luck? Why to be that ruthless media vultures, like we are all other times?

So, when we saw her in the morning, leaving the Prague Castle in a Presidential Audi A8 armored limousine, we made free way for her, not pursuing her, like we usually would. Because we like her, and we are only glad, that she is with us, in the same Universe.

If she left for the Emirates… she will certainly make a good name for Czechia there, and we will be happy for any success she will achieve there, as she is one of us, the best of us.

Marketa, good luck in the endless hot deserts of Arabia! Just be careful of that Islam and Muslims… they are dangerous, even suspected to execute so called Love Jihad on Western women!

But you are one of us, an atheist and unbeliever like us… who would care about some God anyway, if current postmodern society of endless mindless consumerism offers so much trinkets and fun!

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