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Once the intricate Chinese gained advantageous momentum over whole Islamic world, opening the most sensitive and painful question of Islamic history on their key global TV channel, BCTV News Beijing, representing stances of CPC, Communist Party of China, aiming at Chinese global dominance, it was the right time, to give a hope for weeping and angered Muslims, who couldn’t forget Al-Andalus, their long lost mythical land, stolen from them by Christians and their own feebleness.

And there was no better qualified person for manipulating them, and all others citizens of the world, than Sun Meiying, the key BCTV reporter with immense reputation, her voice full of honey, seduction, deception and even poison, feared by highest echelons of all governments, as she was a true woman of power, able to influence whole world, only by making a “unbiased” report about any critical issue… the purpose of BCTV media activities was not to provide mere news, but to persuade and influence.

To enhance the devastating strength of Sun’s voice yet further, the Chinese even deployed their special weapon of mass persuasion, called USP-PSYOPS, or Universal Social Platform For Targeted Psychological Influencing, developed by Wu Corporation, the most powerful corporation of the contemporary world, previously used in the music industry by those Illuminati masterminds, to make the voices of aces like Rihanna or Beyonce more seducing, so more sheep will like and buy their music records, making their souls yet more empty, only to be cured by mindless consumerism and worshipping these Illuminati puppets…

This weaponized sound enhancement was allegedly deployed in Dubai, during controversial World Annual Technology Convention the same year, where all big shots of IT industry were present, including kings like Sergey Brin (Google) or Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and there was even an official investigation, to determine, whether omnipresent terrorists poisoned water with some kind of chemical, making all these VIP people prone to brainwashing, using female voice of a Muslim woman, who will be yet mentioned…

And the Chinese yet improved this treacherous measure later, so the minds of all watchers of BCTV will be hit on unconscious level of their mind, becoming devoted puppets of Red China, which promised to bring peace, balance, harmony and prosperity to the world.

And more the foolish foreign governments tried to suppress and to ban BCTV broadcast in their countries, more they tried to criminalize mere listening to these Chinese news, claiming security reasons and protecting national security, more the citizens believed the Chinese, and the circle was closed desirably for rising Asians.

Regardless of your education, religion, opinions or background, hearing Sun Meiying’s improved voice, it was like being overwhelmed by maternal warmth, receiving simple message: “OBEY. This is your figure of control, authority and dominance.”

“Indeed, the Al-Andalus issue is the biggest fitnah in the world Islamic community, Ummah, for long 525 years already,” Sun Meiyng started her presentation with apparent compassion, to become a trusworthy information source for Muslims. “Almost the whole territory of Iberian peninsula, nowadays occupied by Spain and Portugal, was once a part of Dar al-Islam, called Al-Andalus, and Islamic presence there lasted almost 800 years, creating a flourishing Moorish civilization, much more advanced, than dark medieval Europe…

Where all religions lived in peace, where science, arts, culture, education and medicine flourished, where massive international trade allowed great inspiring exchange between Europe and Africa, and Cordoba, the capital of Iberian emirate, was the most advanced city of the whole Europe, where all scholars, hungry for best knowledge, were coming to study.

But already in the beginning of their invasion into Europe between 711-718, Muslims made a great mistake, leaving a little land unoccupied on the North, and instead of fully securing their rear, they continued in their conquest towards France, through Pyrenees mountains, where their expansion was stopped, whereas in their back, so called Kingdom of Asturias, ruled by Christians, was established: and this apparently small mistake meant most fateful consequences for the future.

Through time, the Muslim territory, full of internal divisions and feuds, particularly because of conflicts between Arabs and Berbers from North Africa, which converted to Islam just recently, was becoming constantly shrunk, and Christians, supported by whole Europe, including Vatican, steadily increasing their influence and rule… they called this crusade against Muslim lands ‘Reconquista’.

In 1236, after a long siege, Cordoba fell, shocking whole Islamic world, and only the southern coast of Spain, so called Emirate of Granada, remained, as a tributary, humiliated state… still, postponing the final agony for another 255 years, as even Christians were not united, they fought between each other for power and superiority, organized in kingdoms of Portugal, Galicia, Leon, Castile, Navara, Aragon and Catalania, of which Castile became dominant through time, later ruling the whole territory of present Spain… unfortunately for the last remaining European Emirate, in 1469, the fateful marriage between Isabel I (of Castile) and Ferdinand II (of Aragon) created a dangerous union.

During the final conquest of Muslim territory by Christians, in so called Granada War, which result was decided in advance, the Islamic world provided absolutely no support to the lonely and isolated Granada Emirate, Egypt even becoming an ally of Castile, receiving gifts from them… Granada opened its gates to Christian invaders on 2nd January 1492, betrayed by all Muslims of the world, and Castile even made two incursions into North Africa, seizing city of Ceuta in 1494, which they acquired without any fight, as the citizens fled cowardly in advance, and Melilla in 1497, humiliating whole Maghreb, which belonged to Islam.

After the Reconquista was completed in 1492, it was a huge gain for Castile, who sponsored the final Granada War. Immense property fell into Christian hands, as the last Emirate was immensely rich… Isabel I. of Castile, a devoted Christian, agreed with sponsoring voyage of Christopher Columbus towards India, to spread the religion, to obtain bew trade routes…

Instead, Columbus reached America, starting its big Christian conquest, detroying two ancient civilizations there, Aztec and Inca, using military force, treacherous negotiations to suport local civil wars, and particularly Biological Warfare, as the natives had no immunity or medicine to cure commoin European diseases, fatal for them: full 25 million deaths occured in America only in 16th century.

Also, the Christian religion became dominant in Central and South America, as natives either forcefully or voluntarily converted: 500 million people of the world have native Spanish language to this day.

Efforts of Muslims to reconquest Al-Andalus occured mostly since the end of 20th century, when human rights were emphasized, using immigration and peaceful Demograpic Jihad in Spain, having wide historical ties with Morocco… nonetheless, even violent means of terrorism were used by Islamic extremists, claiming, that Al-Andalus belongs to Islam once and forever.

Still, the Spanish kingdom retained their control of Andalusian territory and their North African exclaves, using their massive security apparatus to contain and suppress all sepratist tendencies.

The most substantial threat for territorial integrity of Spanish kingdom came in 2017, when Catalonia chose its independence, and Muslim activists, descendants of Andalusian refugees, Moriscos, organized in IFLA, Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus, established allegedly with covert Chinese support, launched their Alhambra Conspiracy, and announced to proclaim so called Islamic Republic Granada (IRG), a direct legal successor of fallen Granada Emirate, allegedly using top legal services of an elite lawyer, Iveta Klimesova

It was reported, that a new critical evidence occured, as the Muslims allegedly discovered some critical historical documents, confirming, that before the surrendering Treaty of Granada was signed on 25th November 1491, the last Sultan of Granada signed a stack of papers, transferring all the power to the people of Granada, effectively changing the regime from kingdom to republic.

Thus, IFLA claimed, that the surrender treaty never came into effect, as in the moment of signature, the last Sultan, Mohammed XII, had no executive powers to represent Granada anymore… and with the Treaty of Granada invalid, and new republic established there, IFLA perceived Spanish presence in Granada as illegal.

It was up to United Nations to decide, whether this bold claim is viable, as IFLA denied to negotiate with Spanish government, regarding the issue.

The Spanish authorities warned the Muslims very seriously, that they will quell the uprising, as they classified this separatist effort, using any means necessary, just as they suppressed Muslim revolts in 1499 (after which they abolished Treaty of Granada, granting religious freedoms to Muslims) and another in 1568, led by Aben Humeya.

For this purpose, both Policia Nacional and Special Forces of Spanish military increased their presence in Granada region, including Alpujarras mountains, suitable for Guerilla Warfare, where both mentioned uprisings took place, declaring full combat readiness, to protect the Constitution of Spanish Kingdom: the Spanish Police executed many raids against homes and mosques with suspected presence of IFLA leaders, and Spanish CounterIntelligence service CNI increased the mass surveillance over the whole Spain substantially.

However, all this commotion has the most unexpected background: it seems, that all the alleged high-profile conspiracy is merely an artistic concept, a part of a movie screenplay, which is recently realized into a movie, called Forbidden Love In Al-Andalus, written by Maryam Al Maktoum, called The Islamic Princess, perceived as the ultimate Islamic celebrity…

Originally a top European fashion model, called Marketa Korinkova, she moved into the Emirates, converting to Islam there, marrying the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, luring world VIPs to Islam, influencing many high-profile events, even coronated as current Woman Of The Year, who later moved into Monaco, and after obtaining the ultimate female title, into China, to supervise construction of a new mosque there, where she should become the female Imam, after obtaining proper Islamic education in Saudi Arabia.

They say, that everything begins with a thought… but with direct participation of Lindsay Lohan, a controversial A-class Hollywood actress and a convert to Islam, who publicly promised full support for IRG, even announcing her personal presence during its festive declaration on 2nd January 2018, the 526th anniversary of fall of Granada Emirate, it seemed, that arts and reality can mingle, with most serious consequences.

And when an explosive rumor leaked, that the Spanish king himself, Felipe VI, invited Maryam for a private meeting in his royal palace in Madrid, perceiving her as a leading figure in the matter, it seems, that a single woman can influence the world history… again.

Will she bring peace between Muslims and Christians? Will Granada remain a part of Spanish Kingdom, will its coat of arms implement a pomegranate further? The fate of Spain and peace seems to be in Maryam’s hands in certain extent, and BCTV will watch upcoming development closely.

This is Sun Meiying, BCTV News Beijing, reporting from Madrid, Spain.”

Far from hot endless deserts of Arabic peninsula, where she discovered God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, who became the ultimate fatherly figure for her, a beautiful young woman, covered obediently in hijab and loose Islamic dress, is sitting on a bench, in a beautiful park, where all flowers flourish, as the Summer just begins in South America.

From Bolivia, where she made a critically acclaimed speech at world men’s conference, talking about issues and challenges of present manhood, badly devastated by effeminacy and superiority of women and their Estrogen Conspiracy, she moved into Santiago, Chile, as this country has a minor Islamic community, but still, extremely marginal, in comparison with totally dominating Christianity… a lasting remnant of Castilian conquest.

She visited local mosques, she spoke to many Muslims, who explained the local situation to her, that Islam has really only limited presence here, number of local converts is almost zero, and there is absolutely no hope, that numbers of Islamic believers could rise substantially, except incoming expats from Islamic countries, particularly Lebanon.

“This is so shameful situation… this is, how you work for God, who orders us to spread our religion, to liberate more souls, by leading them to Straigh Path?” Maryam can’t stop wondering, when hearing those feeble Muslims, who don’t believe, that Islam could even win in these lands.

“Islam has no tradition here… only Christianity,” the Muslims explained to her, embarassed.

And what was the worst: all this situation became with defeat at distant Al-Andalus. Not only the important Islamic territory was lost, not only Islam was humiliated, like never in history… instead of Islam, Christianity expanded into this continent, making almost no room for the only complete and perfected religon.

To calm her disappointment, Maryam leaves the Muslims, to be alone, to contemplate… how much she condemns those weak ancient Muslims of Al-Andalus, who caused all this terrible loss with their ignorance and feebleness, with their succumbing to worldly pleasures, with their disobeying the commands of God, prohibiting them from taking infidels as friends and allies!

And indeed they did commit such sins, like their submitted bitches, they worked for Christians, they supported Christian conquest and their own destruction… they sold Al-Andalus and their own souls for wealth, sex and Devil’s gold.

Now, 525 years later, blessed by God and chosen by Him, Maryam, once a common girl, has an unique chance to do something in this shameful cause, perceived as lost by many Muslims… but how can be Al-Andalus, the Golden Islamic heritage, ever forgotten? How can it be left for infidels to rule there, just like that?

God gave her with unique opportunity, to make a change in this matter. And as she sits on that bench, being watched by curious Chileans nearby, as even her Islamic veil can’t suppress her immense female beauty, tall and slim body of a fashion model, she knows suddenly, what needs to be done… she has to use the upcoming meeting with Spanish king as much, as possible.

She must enter the cause in large, influencing the top echelon of Spain… so Al-Andalus can be liberated, God willing.

The Spanish king is still only a man, and Maryam plays her game with men well… she is not perfect, she is not a warrior… but never underestimate a woman, as her apparent weakness and loss can be a perfect deception.

She can’t remain cold and detached, only when she sees the Spanish national flag, where the Granada coat of arms can be found at the bottom, like if its suppression by infidels would be indicated… still, can a single woman, who has her doubts, who is not strong all the time, change the 525 years old history?

All those poweful Muslim men, brave warriors, who fell in the cause, achieving nothing… all that weak Muslim losers, who let them be humiliated by Christians, even converting to Christianity, to be allowed to stay in Andalusia… allegedly to support the invading armies of Ottoman Empire, Turkey… but this invasion never came, and only humiliation remained, so when the final expulsion of Muslims was ordered in 1609, it was rather a liberation…

But Al-Andalus was an Islamic territory once, and it can’t be simply forgotten… it’s a nightmare, haunting all Muslims, who lose their devotion and faith, just remembering this shame, caused by their own people… and God permitted it, seeing, how corrupted the Muslims became, exchanging Paradise for worldly pleasures, fighting alongside the Christians against other Muslims, betraying Islam…

If such people were a part of Ummah, if they were allowed to rule and to lose… how can you be completely proud, of being a Muslim?

But now, Maryam has a chance to strike back, using her feminity as a means, to succeed, where all others failed… she is emotional, instable, sensitive, exactly that kind of weapon, able to disarm any man… but Spanish king is not a loser from the street, or a bar, trying to get into her panties… for him, and many others, this old Al-Andalus tale is only a history, which means nothing… why should she lose time here?

Because God ordered her so.

And when she thinks about it deeper… wasn’t it all God’s masterful plan, all this recent commotion, regarding Al-Andalus, merely a smoke screen in reality, so she can get close to the Spanish King? Under normal circumstances, he would never meet her… only, when situation in Granada became apparently critical, he decided to extract secrets from her, not realizing, that she can have her own plans.

And the situation couldn’t be more beneficial for her: she still owns her diplomatic Emirati passport, so she can’t be detained by EU or any authorities, she has full support of Amin H. Nasser, the CEO and President of Saudi Aramco, the second most powerful corporation of the world, who is her stepfather, after he married her mother Ivana, being one of ten most powerful men of the world, as Saudi Aramco manages vast oil wealth of Saudi Arabia… and she has full protection of CPC, Communist Party of China, where she lives, following God’s orders.

Indeed, she is a woman of great power now… there is no question about it, but all these perks must be used for higher interests, as God granted it all to her, for a purpose… she can succeed, where all the Muslims failed, whole generations, maybe millions of them… but exactly she was chosen by God to change the world history, and there is no time to think, whether she is authorized, qualified, if God wants her to execute His will.

She thought, that she is retired… and look, another big challenge by God comes, giving her a chance to earn a lot of credit, if she would please her only master, the only entity she worships, the only entity she fears.

Will this demanding path ever end? But after the Spanish King, only one man will remain, and after that, only blue sky and God will be above her. There will be nowhere higher to go… maybe only then, she will be allowed by God to retire?

But another big show starts right now.

Oh, those fooliush Spanish! They let her to travel into Spain on a standard flight, so when Maryam reaches the arrivals hall of the Barajas airport in Madrid, she is surrounded by a crowd of aggressive journalists, barely protecting her personal space… fortunately, when several Muslim taxi drivers notice the situation, they rush to provide assistance for the Islamic Princess, to create an improvised perimeter.

Once she has control again, she lets all the cameras and photograpers to make shots of her, as she will be number one topic in today’s news, and not only in Spain.

The media rats are shouting their questions, but Maryam remains silent, just watching the crowd, where Sun Meiying is present, but also Omar Bin Ghazali for Qatari ARC news, the main Al Jazeera competitor at the Persian Gulf and Middle East.

“Do you have an authorization by Muslims, Maryam? What do you want to suggest to the King?” someone asks near her.

“I want to thank all of you, that you came, preparing such a nice welcome for me,” she ignores the question apparently, smiling pleasantly, like a Queen. “I had a pleasant flight here, thank you for asking.”

After another moment of silence, she surprises everybody, as her friendly smile disappears from her beautiful face.

“First of all, I want to be addressed as Princess Maryam, and when speaking to me, as Your Royal Highness,” Maryam says with utmost arrogance, to send the mesage to the world, that she is not some Silesian Cinderella, who was invited by the King to the royal palace, to clean dishes there, or to provide him sensual massage, being a worhtless replaceable loser with pretty face, who is here by some coincidence, or luck.

“Secondly, there can be hardly a single ambassador for two billion people of world Islamic community… but God is my witness, that I met with many of the Muslims, well informed about the issue, both about history and present, and I asked them all, what they think, that should be done.

However, I will also preswent my opinions and suggestions, regarding the Al-Andalus issue, using my female instincts, and also primary desire for peace.

I didn’t come to Madrid to fight, with the King, or Spanish authorities, or Christians… but some matters from the pasts need to be rectified. There was much violence and destruction from both sides, and many souls are still damaged. I came here, to negotiate final and eternal peace between us, God willing.”

“Your Royal Higness… will you ask for citizenship for all Morisco descendants, like the Jews were granted?”

“I don’t plan to make any demands,” Maryam replied firmly. “Other Muslims already asked for this remedy, as far as I know.”

“Your Royal Highness… Are you connected with IRG and IFLA anyhow?”

“No, I am not, I only described their efforts in my artistic work,” the Princess said firmly. “Those groups have local interests, and I came to represent general Muslim community, not them. I am a private person, a Muslim, submitted to God only, executing His will, not a member or symphatizer of any worldly organization.”

“You live in China now, Your Royal Highness,” Omar Bin Ghazali asked. “And there are all those rumors, that it was China, standing behind this IRG conspiracy, even sponsoring the Catalan independence covertly… aren’t you representing Chinese interests here, after the Islamic world disappointed you, and you were practically expelled from the Emirates?”

“I am in no contact with Chinese authorities, I am not their puppet, or slave, brother,” Maryam smiled at Bin Ghazali, who lowered his gaze, being an obedient Muslims, forbidden even from looking at an unrelated woman for too long. “God sent me into China, to spread the only complete and perfected religion there, as such is duty of all Muslims. I appreciate, that China is open to this influence… but I didn’t make any pledge to the Chinese. I am completely loyal only to God, and God forbids me from taking infidels as friends, or allies, as you know.

I don’t care about Chinese interests here or there, only about worshipping God and following Muhammad, prophet of God and our great example, peace be upon him… last question?”

“You have a reputation of a seducing woman, Your Royal Highness,” Sun Meiying asked boldly. “Do you plan to use these special female qualities to influence the King, after you seduced the Sheikh of Dubai?”

“Definitely, if God was so generous towards me… I have to break the King, somehow, and if my intellect and charm won’t be sufficient…” Maryam couldn’t stop laughing, walking towards the exit, accepting the offer of friendly Muslim taxi drivers, to transport her into roal Zarzuela palace on the outskirts of Madrid, where the meeting takes place, this afternoon.

Of course, that it would be much convenient for Maryam, to arrive one day earlier, to have enough time to prepare for the meeting, to relax after long flight from Chile… but she believes in momentum, in flow, in permanent movement, because motion creates emotion, and she knows, that if she would be here too soon, like if waiting for something passively, it would damage her personal brand….

No no, she must look very busy, going from one high-profile meeting to another, not able to afford any rest, because big things are happening, there is no time to lose time, and this appointment, it’s just an episode of God’s masterful plan, which she, His devoted servant and slave, fulfills into the last dot…

All such details can influence, how the Spanish king will perceive her, how intimidating she will seem, how much respect she will gain, even before entering his chambers… and she has no doubt, that Spanish secret service is watching her every step now, reporting to the ruler directly.

After countless security checks, even surpassing those in Dhahran, Saudi Aramco headquarters, as the terrorist threat is imminent in Europe, when she is escorted to the entrance of royal palace, whose architecture doesn’t make too deep impression on her, she feels superior, like a winner, who came for an easy victory… God willing.

Still… it will cost her a lot of effort, skill and sweat, well hidden behind her smile.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova

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