Islamic Religious Community And Internal Social Control


It’s the same in Islam and all religions: you can worship God alone, pray alone, and no one can change this personal relationship, or enter into it, you can become a Muslim even right now, at this moment, you don’t need any help for it, just by reciting The Shahadah from the heart, acknowledging, that Allah is the only deity, and Muhammad is His messenger… but things get quite complicated, even unpleasant, once you make that fateful step into a mosque.

The people there, they won’t let you be, just like that, they will try to “help” you, and very actively, even in distubing, bothering and oppressive way… but from many reasons, like “protecting the community against extremism” etc., simply speaking about that nasty “higher interests” of all, which are more important, than your person, and your personal interests.

Just come there: at first, they will examine you, then, while smiling at you, they will start asking apparently innocent questions, introducing other brothers or sisters to you, you are one family, aren’t you, so there will be more people to project pressure on you, you will be small and weak against many…

And you are under very thorough examination now, don’t believe those smiles and invitations to go out together, to spend a good time, and the community will try to answer these critical questions, like, who are you, what use can you have for the community, what are your weaknesses, whether you have conservative / orthodox (=extremist) religious views, whether you are a threat in all senses, whether you belong to the media or state security community, trying to infiltrate the Ummah… indeed, they will test you, very easily and very thoroughly.

The typical example: you will go out with a brother(s)/sister(s) in Islam, and he or she will order alcohol to drink, saying shitty reasons like “Allah doesn’t see it” or “it’s a medicine for low blood pressure”, or treacherous questions / passive aggressive claims like “You are not some obsessed Wahhabi extremist, are you?”.

Now, what will ou do?

1) You will be a good Muslim, devoted to Allah, and you will not tolerate it, you will condemn such behavior, speaking loudly against it, even walking away = you can be easily labeled as an extremist, a Wahhabi, A Salafi, a potential terrorist, who needs to be put under community surveillance, who needs to be reported to “higher places” both in the religious community and worldly government, so the community gets their thirty filthy golden coins…
2) you will smile, tolerate, agree, maybe you could also order a drink, get drunk properly, like those filthy mindless infidels… but you will be marked as a good “moderate” brother/sister, you make no problems, you won’t jeopardize the community… welcome, our beloved brother, into our land of moderate apostasy, so the infidels will be pleased, how good and weak the local Muslims are, dodging from their faith, becoming corrupted… like them!

But there is no “moderate” Islam or EuroIslam… there is only one Islam.

It’s the most terrible, but sometimes, you need to deploy Taqiya even against your alleged brothers or sisters, who can be in fact corrupted, working not for God, but against Him, bribed by infidels to be an “anti-terrorist watch”, allegedly for “public order”

It’s true, that European Islam is full of various half-Islamic traitors and scared apostates, who play evil police dogs “for the community interest”, because they are afraid of losing favor of infidels, that their temples would be maybe closed, if there would be alleged “problems” with “extremists”…

Those people simply want to do compromises, it’s in their corrupted nature, and it makes them corrupted, it makes faith to erode, like The Oran Fatwa did to poor Moriscos, who became rather sheep and victims, because the fools tried to make “good decisions”, making deals with infidels, living under their treacherous rule voluntarily… there is even a common opinion in the Islamic community of Maghreb, that it was the treacherous infidels, and their bribed pawn, who issued this fatwa, to “soften” their Islamic enemy… and those Morisco fools accepted it as a gift… instructions to break their faith! The same fools, who built Christian churches in Al-Andalus, using their master Islamic craft!

And an infidel is not a friend, it’s very often an oppressive enemy, it’s in his nature, to speak about freedom and human rights, whereas to bomb and to invade Muslim countries, because he will always find a pretext… people from Gaza and Palestine could narrate many terrible tales about it, and poor Moriscos from lost Al-Andalus, the direct witnesses of maybe greatest humiliation of Islam and the most painful punishment of Allah, too.

The Czech Islam, full of divisions and apostasy, is a typical example… but, what is the proper answer? To stay away from the community?

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The problem is, that without Ummah, the Islamic community, you alone live only half-Islam. Only as a part of community, it means to pray between brothers and sisters, to attend all the events, you can enjoy all the massive advantages.

Moreover, there is another challenge: it’s marriage. In Islam, it’s not permissible just to date and fuck someone, like infidels do (fornication). Almost all people have the need to live in pairs, they have sexual desire, so they naturally more or less look for a partner for mating.

And the community can get you a partner very easily, BUT: again, it means, that you will be under community control, and your spouse will become a perfect tool of such control.

Not speaking about a case, if this particular spouse led you into the community, and he or she became a “crow”… then, you can take as certainty, that his or her sexuality will be used as offensive weapon against you – so called Jehova Witnesses religious deviants are reputated in perfect using of this elaborate strategy, how to get not only new members, but also vast money from their wealthy parents… and they are using their own daughters as crows.

So, religion is a little bit complicated, than it would seem, and before you will come into a religious place, you should be very reasonable and balanced.

Anyway, don’t try to make friends by being “good devoted Muslim”… you will achieve complete contrary, and they will start to deter you, they will try to “educate you” and teach you “good healthy moderate Islam”… but who gives those fools any right to explain you, who is Allah, what is Islam?

And what should you do? To leave, even to establish your own mosque, if you could? To make the Ummah fragmented yet more in this big fitnah? Or to accept their rules… but who are they?

In Czech Republic, for example… they allowed the a Militarized Police commando to assault their mosques during a Friday prayer, to be desecrated by filthy assault dogs, they allowed the masked police aggressors to point assault weapons loaded with dum-dum ammunition at them…


They never asserted official state recognition for the Islamic community by the state, they even didn’t assert minarets for their mosques… what are doing there, anyway, in that mosques, all the days and months and years? This is shame, and weakness! And the pretext for the Police raid, a book of marginal influence, by Bilal Philips… why do they need some book, other than Qur’an?

And if someone comes, like Imam Samer Shehadeh, and he says a word of protest, warning the fools, that they really shouldn’t participate at a Christian mass… he is immediately labeled as extremist and effectively ostracized from the community… and he can hardly do anything.

There is no one, issuing fatwas, fools are participating at Christian shirk, allegedly to “say no to Islamic State terrorism”, alleged Islamic elite Eman Ghaleb writes crazy letters to ISIS, that even Czech enemies of Islam have to explain the basics of the Islamic faith to her… a daughter of a Yemeni Muslim!


No wonder, that many people are avoiding Czech mosques, and the negative circle closes, as these remain under control of those corrupted fools… where is all that money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates? Why didn’t Saudis send rather scholars, than a few coins, which disappear in someone’s coffers? Where is a massive Legal Jihad (=Lawfare), to promote that minarets finally?

And can you believe, that each of these “jealous” local cells considers others as competitors, stealing Saudi money from them? For example, Prague and Brno Islamic communities made hard pressure against their Teplice (CCM) “competitors”, marking them as extremists, Jihadists, so the Police will intervene and Czech CounterIntelligence will deploy massive surveillance to “protect the Constitution”

Anyway, where is some wisdom inside this?

1) As a Muslim, you have a duty to emigrate to an Islamic country, if you have hardship to execute your faith openly and safely… and a corrupted local Islamic community could be perceived as such negative factor

2) How to solve that “alcohol” puzzle, that is a question… but remember, that Allah is the best of all deceivers. Ask Him for advice, as He always listens, and there will be some answer, any answer.

3) If you don’t like control in your life, social or religious, then, there is one golden rule: SILENTIUM EST AUREUM (Silence is gold)

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