Islamic Spain, Al-Andalus, Emirate of Granada: Fall 1492, Revival 2018: Islamic Republic Granada (IRG)

Islamic Tales of Al-Andalus, it’s about lost territory of Muslims on Iberian peninsula, which lasted almost 800 years, from 711 to 1492. So impressive Islamic civilization was risen there, allegedly the most advanced in whole Europe, in the whole medieval world, when speaking about Cordoba, the capital of the Caliphate…

But there was much of internal strifes inside the Ummah (Islamic community) there, many rebellions and endless fight for power, civil wars, brother against brother… maybe Iberian Muslims were too corrupted by immense wealth they gathered, or by the Christian conquerors, pushing steadily in their “Reconquista” from the North, who bribed and helped them against each other, to get Spain back from Muslims, or Moors

Alhambra Granada decoration - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSo, after many military losses, mistakes and betrayals, being punished by Allah for their feebleness, apostasy, arrogance and ignorance, the Islamic presence in Iberia came to an end after 800 years of flourishing, when only the last city remained: Granada, the capital of former mighty Emirate of Granada, in 1491, and massive Army of Christians came, to put Granada under final siege, to end this war, to get final victory.

But the most serious weapon the infidel Christians had, it was not artillery, the latest military advancement in that time: it was expressively treason, bribery, insigating Muslim son against father, and sweet promises, that if Muslims will surrender, under quite generous terms (Treaty of Granada), their religious freedom will be preserved… but the infidels lied, like always.

The work is divided into two parts: Part 1, taking place at the past, around the time, when Granada was besieged in April 1491 and later fell in January 1492, causing immense consequences, terrible humiliation and deep pain of Muslims and Islam, for centuries to come… and Part 2, which is from the present (2018), when Muslims succeed to get Granada back from infidels, to restore, what was apparently lost 500 years ago.


“In the beginning of the siege, the people of Emirate of Granada still don’t realize fully, what is happening, how extremely serious is the situation. They still believe, that the world Ummah doesn’t forget them, that a massive relief Army will be coming from Maghreb, like so many times ago…

But no reinforcements will arrive, as Northern Africa is exhausted with countless bloody clashes between tribes and nations, so there is literally not enough young men to become soldiers and raise swords, not speaking about helping another state, who is considered even as economic competition of jealous kingdoms of Maghreb, who want more profits from the naval trade…

Even those Maghreb Muslims at the other side of the Mediterranean sea don’t understand correctly, how grave is the situation for the whole Ummah, and Ottoman Turks, who caused immense victory for Islam, after conquering Christian Constantinople in 1453, have their own geopolitical reasons, why not to help to Granada, why to ignore its desperate pleas for help…

Javier de Agust’n

Sultan Muhammad XII

Not to speak about treacherous ruler of Emirate of Granada, Sultan Muhammad XII, who caused the whole misfortune for Granada and its citizens, as he became a puppet of the Catholic monarchs voluntarily, their obedient filthy dog, working for them against the Ummah, his brothers and sisters in Islam, like a Christian pawn, a rat, betraying his family and people, rebelling against his own father and uncle, as the infidels wanted…

Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon Alhambra Emirate Granada conquest Fall 1492 treason - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy (2)

Nightmare of Muslims

This dumb corrupted rat and disgusting traitor thought, that Christians, his new “friends”, will let him rule in Granada again, to be their vassal, if he will help him to remove his family from scene, from power… but he was wrong, again, as Christians, and particularly Queen Isabella I. of Castile, were determinded to end the Muslim presence in Iberia once and forever, and this final Granada War (1482-1492) became even religious, Christianity against Islam…

Christians Granada 1492 Conquest queen king - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Christian priests in Granada

Too late he realized, that naive dumb fool, that the Catholic monarchs only used him as useful pawn, to disintegrate Muslim resistance and ability to defend to final invasion, by creating subversive feuds and divisions, whereas the aggressors stood unified, in one firm block, their aggressive effort was blessed by highest levels of Catholic church, to remove Islam from Europe completely, including all poor Muslims, who will be either forcibly converted, killed, enslaved or expelled.

Surrender Granada 1492 Fall Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon Sultan Muhammad XII January - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs S2

The Surrender

So, the last fight, deciding the future of Islam not only in Iberia, is decided in advance… and when this last ruler, Abu Abdullah, is called by Christians to hand over the city, only Allah can help, but Allah has forsaken Granada, as those Muslims became corrupted, intricating against each other, succumbing to temptations of worldly life, too much mingling with Christians and Jews, too liberal, too indifferent…

Alhambra Al-Hamra Palace Complex Granada Al-Andalus Alcazaba Fortress Islamic Spain 1492 Emirate Morisco Albayzin -Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy S

Islamic wonder: Alhambra

Indeed, Allah decided to punish Granada, but it will be the whole Ummah, who will suffer after this bitter defeat, humiliation, blow and loss of magical Alhambra palace, perceived as an Islamic wonder of the world… for next more than five hundred years, marvellous Alhambra will be occupied by infidels, until a miraculous chance to get Al-Andalus back, and liberate the famous Red Fortress, will occur, as a gift from Allah.”


On 2nd January of 2018, exactly on 526th anniversary of fall of Granada, several impoverished Muslims from Morocco, descendants of poor Moriscos, who were firstly forcefully converted to Christianity and then expelled from Spain, robbed from all property, they establish a marginal activist group, called nobly Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus, or IFLA.

CNI Centro Nacional De Inteligencia Spain Intelligence Service North Africa Maghreb Operative Spy Conspiracy Terrorism - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThey want to use peaceful means to achieve it, to get their Spanish citizenship and family money back, through street protests, public Islamic prayers, Public Relations pressure on Spanish politicians, but their effort isn’t liked neither by Spanish government and Spanish CounterIntelligence, CNI, Centro Nacional de Inteligencia, as such effort goes against the territorial integrity of Spanish Kingdom, nor their Moroccan counterparts, as these subversive efforts could worsen the general relations between both countries, which are tightened, as Spain still occupies two enclaves at Moroccan territory, Ceuta and Melilla.

IFLA Islamic Front Of Liberating Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Alhambra Initiative Morocco Spain Group Organization S2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military ConspiracySo, what happens next, is inevitable: after provoking an alleged terrorist incident by Spanish CounterIntelligence CNI, and indicating alleged IFLA connections with terrorists from Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and GLA (Global Liberation Army), the IFLA is designated as a terrorist organization by Spain, EU, and then United States, a big hunt for its alleged leaders, conspirators, criminals and terrorists begins, and heavily armed commandos from all sides of the West are dispatched to catch them, to get them dead or alive, like rabbits, and no one cares about their explanations, that they are just a bunch of innocent peaceful activists, as the West always needs an alleged terrorist enemy to fight with, to keep their massive war machine going and spending more of taxpayers money in infamous military-industrial complex.

Meanwile, in small distant Czechia, at a secret SPECOPS (Special Forces) military base near Teplice, there is the first working prototype of so called Time Displacement Equipment, or TDE, built by Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, a key defence supplier worldwide, together with Czech nuclear armament, called The Dark Sun.

But as soon as the first mission into the past is launched, the bunker, where The Device is build and hidden, is ambushed by a strong military element of unknown origin, forcing the Czech SFC (Special Forces Command), to start the self-destruction sequence at The Facility, so the ultimate invention, the world’s first time tactical weapon, won’t get into enemy hands.

But clever Chinese from Wu Corporation anticipated such development, so they built several so called black sites, and one of them, located at Sunda Islands, near Indonesia, established at a site of former Japanese World War 2 bunker, is reactivated… but a North Korean commando arrives there, seizing the site, and forcing the present personnel from Wu Corp, to make the device operational for DPRK interests, under direct orders of Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of DPRK.

Kim Jong Un is Joyful - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsAfter the North Koreans turn the result of Korean War, by sending a team into the past, masked as South Korean generals, they start addressing many insurgent, rebel and guerilla groups from all over the world, offering them to use The Device, so the Western civilization can be undermined, and eventually destroyed, so Korea, soon to be unified, will prevail. And between those chosen groups is also IFLA…

The Muslims, or rather the remaining handful of IFLA, they consider, whether to use the unique opportunity to get Al-Andalus back, using this ultimate scientific invention… but the question remains, how to achieve it exactly, if they don’t have an Army, nor a big assault team with modern armament, or even nuclear weapons, which could turn the result of the medieval Granada war, where thousands of soldiers were fighting?

Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon Alhambra Emirate Granada conquest Fall 1492 treason - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military ConspiracySome Islamic scholars from Egypt are suggesting, to simply assassinate the Catholic monarchs of Reconquista, Queen Isabella I of Castile and/or King Ferdinand II of Aragon, as their marriage in 1469 unified Spanish Christian kingdoms against Muslims, marking the final fall of Al-Andalus… indeed, if one of them would be eliminated, the Christian coalition against Muslims at Iberia would fall apart, there would be big fight for succession of throne(s) of Castile and/or Aragon, and Granada could be saved, at least temporarily… the inner conflicts between Christian kingdoms saved it for 250 years already, from 1236, when Cordoba fell.

But such a plan would demand complex execution, experienced team of ruthless assassins, and its success is more than uncertain… moreover, The Device, powered by a hydrogen fuse reactor and demanding immensely large power supply, has only limited operational durability, allowing the presence in the past only approximately for three hours at maximum, and the power source needs to recharge after use, having strictly set cool-down time.

So, there is another option suggested, and much straightforward: to assassinate the ruler Muhammad XII, as he is a traitor of Muslims anyway, and to prevent either his rebellion against father and uncle, or his signing of the shameful surrender treaty… but again, it’s complicated, and uncertain, as Christians hold his son Ahmed as a hostage, so they could make Ahmed a successor and ruler deliberately, in order to get that capitulation signature, transferring the sovereignty of Granada to them…

Then, some Muslims, who reject violence and another bloodshed, they suggest another approach: to make the Treaty of Granada invalid, using purely legal means, or legal jihad, as they call it, copying classic Chinese strategy of Lawfare. In other words, to impeach the validity of the treaty at Spanish court, but in the present (2018)! This way, the 500 years of humiliating history can be effectively erased, in an ultimate revisionist, irredentist move…

Islamic Spain Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Kingdom IRG Islamic Republic Granada 1492 fall 2018 revival Islam Muslim Morisco Alhambra Kingdom - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 6So, the night before November 25th, 1491, before the treaty was signed by the Sultan, the team manages to get into Granada, into Alhambra, the ruler’s palace, and after they explain the situation to him, they persuade Muhammad XII to write a stack of critical papers, in which he surrenders the throne voluntarily, passing his executive and legislative power to people of Granada, creating so called Moorish Republic Granada (older name), or IRG, Islamic Republic Granada (modern name), handing the rule to citizens of Granada, and dated November 24, 1491: it means, with immediate validity and effectivity, and there is exactly stated, that certain Muslims, or their descendants (=members of IFLA with proven Morisco origin), will create the executive and legislative apparatus of the new republic.

Islamic Spain Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Kingdom IRG Islamic Republic Granada 1492 fall 2018 revival Islam Muslim Morisco Alhambra Kingdom - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 5This new state entity lies in the current borders of still legally existing and sovereign Emirate, still under the factual control of its military forces: it means just the territory of city of Granada, and particularly Alhambra palace. The effort is clear: there has to be legal cleanliness, the papers need to be valid in all senses, not to be questioned by a Spanish court 500 years later, and only the territory of Granada is enough, to insert an Islamic dagger into the modern Spanish state, and this other state entity will have to be recognized by a court, and then internationally… effectively not only saving the Emirate of Granada from being incorporated into Spain, but making it to continue, by creating a clear legal continuity.

Islamic Spain Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Kingdom IRG Islamic Republic Granada 1492 fall 2018 revival Islam Muslim Morisco Alhambra Kingdom - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 3This way, the Emirate won’t be defeated, it doesn’t have to be reconquered by Muslims… by law, there will be total and provable continuity from 1491/1492 into present day, as it never ceased to exist, from legal angle of view… it only changed the form, and it’s very important to become a republic, so there will be no dispute about succession on the throne.

So, the next day, when the Sultan submits to Christians and signs the surrender treaty, it’s not valid, as 1) he is not a ruler anymore, and 2) as Emirate of Granada ceased to exist the day before, replaced by IRG… so, there is also no successor, because the Moors of Granada are in rule now…

Islamic Spain Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Kingdom IRG Islamic Republic Granada 1492 fall 2018 revival Islam Muslim Morisco Alhambra Kingdom - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military ConspiracyAnd after 526 years, a committee of Muslims comes to the main court of Granada, Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía, Ceuta y Melilla, carrying one copy of the documents, which was hidden in the roof of Alhambra, waiting for centuries patiently, to be extracted in the present, to assure, that all chemical tests of the paper will prove, that it’s really 526 years old, it’s absolutely genuine and real, not speaking about Sultan’s preserved DNA on it (easily comparable with Sultan’s personal possessions, preserved in Spanish Museums, like the sword, and the shoes)… and this event will dramatically change Islamic, Spanish and European history, bringing new dawn to Muslims of Iberia, and rectifying old wrongdoings.

Motto of the Republic is the same, like Emirate of Granada (Nasrid dynasty) used:
(La Ghalib Illa Allah)

Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain): Emirate of Granada Revival
Emirate of Granada Al-Andalus Islamic Spain Muslim Islam Allah Morisco Emirate Nasrid dynasty Morisco Iberia Spanish Reconquista Stronghold Alhambra Albayzin - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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