Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus): Spanish Andalusia Belongs To Allah. Emirate of Granada Revival: Islamic Republic Granada (IRG). Morisco Alhambra Territory Ancient Mythical Muslim Andalusi

“… and expel them from wherever they have expelled you.”
Surah Al-Baqarah (2:191), the holy Quran

The territory of Spain, particularly Southern part (Andalusia), was once Islamic: for almost 800 years, called Al-Andalus. Now, it’s the will of Allah, to become Islamic again, to be recoquered from Christians, who stole the land in 1492, after last Islamic stronghold, Granada, fell to Christian invaders, following treason and internal feuds between Muslim leaders, and rejected support from Islamic allies.

Message from Yusuf: Islam Must Dominate. Men Be Warriors

Dream of Liberating Al-Andalus

Hit List of A-Andalus: Revenge of Muslims

Truth About Granada: City of Corruption

Main sponsor of the struggle: Faris Al Kooheji from Bahrain

Crimes of Christians in Al-Andalus: forced conversions, seizing property, inquisition, expulsion, breaking Treaty of Granada
Michelle Jenner: The Little Catholic Queen Slut
Michelle Jenner Spanish Spain Al-Andalus Isabel Queen Castile Granada Emirate Fall 1492 Alhambra Reconquista - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy (2)
 Isabel TV Series, insulting Muslims, provoking religious hatred
Michelle Jenner isabel Queen Castile 1492 Alhambra Granada Occupation Catholic Christian Fall Muslim Islam Al-Andalus Reconquista - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 3
The Surrender (La Rendicion): The Most Terrible Scene of Islamic History

Alhambra Palace: Islamic Wonder of the  World

City of Granada
Alhambra Palace Generalife Granada Emirate Kingdom Nasrid 1492 IRG Islamic Republic Isabel Isabella Sultan Muslim Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 4
Mosques of Al-Andalus
Grand Mosque of Granada

Hotel Alhambra Palace
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Fifth Islamic Column Mag
Cordoba Mosque Issue
Violent Incident in Cordoba Mosque 2010
The Alhambra Conspiracy

Demands of Muslims: citizenship, Cordoba mosque, return of seized property
Emirate of Granada, Alhambra, Alcazaba
Motto of the Emirate and IRG
La Ghalib Illa Allah No Victor Conqueror Except Allah Motto Emirate of Granada Alhambra Nasrid Al-Andalus Islamic Republic IRG - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs
Fall of Granada 1492
Preventing The Fall
IFLA (Islamic Front Of Liberating Al-Andalus)
IFLA Islamic Front Of Liberating Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Alhambra Initiative Morocco Spain Group Organization S2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy
… established Islamic Republic Granada (IRG)
Islamic Republic Granada IRG Emirate Kingdom Revival Spain Al-Andalus Alhambra Liberation Revisionism - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy
Recent Islamic centers of Al-Andalus – Granada, Albayzín
Maria Kukucova Must Be Released From Prison
Reasons of defeat: treason, ignored pleas to help in other Islamic countries
Related: Fall of Constantinople
Oran Fatwa
Fate and oppression of Moriscos, the most terrible word of Islamic history, reminding slavery of Muslims by Christian criminals and oppressors
Republic of Sale

Emirate of Granada, coat of arms (until 1492)
“There Is No Victor Except ALLAH.”
Emirate of Granada Al-Andalus Spain 1492 nasrid dynasty Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs
Islamic Republic Granada (IRG), established 2018 as a revival of fallen Emirate of Granada
Islamic Spain Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Kingdom IRG Islamic Republic Granada 1492 fall 2018 revival Islam Muslim Morisco Alhambra Kingdom - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 6

Salt (Catalonia) – 40% of Muslims, Sharia Law
Futile effort of Spanish government to place Muslims out of Al-Andalus, into distant Catalonia, out of Muslim rule 711-1492, to prevent reconquest
Palma De Mallorca, Pere Garau district, Calle Joan Mestre: no female traffic cops allowed around (no-go zone)
+ 150 angry local Muslims protests in front of police station against incursion of police into mosque, in pursuit of alleged criminal of North African ancestry, detaining three (incl. mosque caretaker and President of the Moslem Defence League, saying that sanctuary of the mosque must be preserved (compare with 2014 Police Raid against Czech Mosques)
Marbella – King Abdul Aziz Mosque adhan

Lleida (25% of Muslims) – poisoning of 12-14 dogs in one day, probably as revenge for shutdown of the mosque in the city, Friday prayers causing troubles for the city. Before the poisoning, Muslims suggested banning dogs (unclean animals) from public spaces and public transport
Allegedly there is over 100 Wahhabi mosques in Spain
Two Wahhabi Islamic TV channels from the Middle East Spain broadcast
Catalonia: key territory for Islamic conquest

Muslim immigration massive, whereas native Spanish disappearing. Low birth rate, not enough for replacement minimum.
Plenty of young educated Spaniards leaving the country to avoid 50 percent unemployment rate for 20-30 age category.
On the other hand, Muslim birthrate is two times in comparison with native birthrate. Mass of Muslims expanded ten times in previous 19 years.

Tarragona (Mediterranean coast) – Zoning law or “kebab law”, limiting Islamic shops and preferring “traditional Spanish shops” with pork and wine in city’s historic quarter, to “prevent establishing a ghetto”
Allegations of support of Islamic State militants through “hawala” informal money transfer untraceable – hundreds of small Islamic shops across Spain (Internet cafés, “dollar shops”

Fall of Alhambra (1492) is still celebrated every year by the City Council of Granada – DETAILS??? Shameful, it should be stopped

Patron saint of Spain: Santiago, aka “Matamoros”, or Moor Slayer (=Slayer of Muslims) – unacceptable

Towns of Granada war: Zalhama, Alhama, Loja, Axarquía, Lucena, Ronda, Marbella, Malaga, Baza
Algeciras siege

Protests against supermarkets: Mercadona (publicly exposed big pork hams, pork leg with bone, literally a piece of a pig, an unclean animal, bothering and insulting Muslims) and Supersol (cutting hams with the same machine/knives, used for cutting pork ham and smoked meat), thus contaminating the ware with unclean pork (fluids, remnants)

Radical Muslims call for the establishment of an Islamic state in Catalonia.
Badalona (anglomeration of Barcelona): Fridays occupation by Muslims, all public spaces. So many, not enough mosques for them. Not an isolated case. At least thirty places in the Catalonia region: 400,000 Muslims.

From 30,000 to 400,000 in 30 years. Muslims is up to 20% in many Catalan towns. They are from Morocco, Algeria and Pakistan. 101 Islamic communities, 202 mosques, places for prayer, plus 16 madrasses.

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